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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  July 4, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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watching today. >> happy fourth of july to you. there is much more ahead in the next hour of the "cnn newsroom." we turn it over now to fredricka whitfield. >> good to see you guys. happy fourth. i like the red, white, and blue. are fireworks in your forecast? >> no. i have a barbecue. i have to be in bed early. >> i do. >> since when has that stopped you? >> alison we know how it is right? >> i'm taking a nap. >> nap for the fourth. fireworks later on. good to see you guys. have a great fourth. appreciate it. it is 11 eastern. i'm fredricka whitfield. "newsroom" starts right now. happy fourth. americans here and around the world are celebrating independence day. and with this the fbi and department of homeland security
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warning authorities across the nation to be extra vigilant saying that big holiday evends could be targets of terror threats. along with heavy police presence authorities have set up counter terrorism measures snipers in strategic places and spotters in large crowds. even though in diplomatic posts around the world are being asked to double-check their security measures all which comes as isis continues to call on its supporters to carry out the attack. they also said the current holiday of ramadan is a time when jihad is most important. cnn correspondent, sunlen serfaty is at the national mall in washington. boris sanchez is in new york and michael daley has more information on terror cell arrests right here in the u.s. let's begin with sunlen serfaty. >> reporter: ramped up security across the nation on this holiday. in washington, check points for those watching the fireworks
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with more than 18,000 feet offensing in place to protect the national mall. special procontrols at washington landmarks and a heavy police presence in those seen and unseen ways. >> we prepare for worst case scenarios and we have contingencies in place should they occur but we don't anticipate they will. >> reporter: much of the anxiety stems from a bulletin issued by the fbi and department of homeland security warning of potential attacks by isis this holiday weekend. u.s. officials say there is no intelligence about specific or credible plots but there has been an uptick of chatter from isis encouraging their followers to attack during this time. the dominant concern, home grown violent extremeist it's supporters of isis within the u.s. who may be inspired to carry out their call to action. >> in the e.r.a. ofra of social media
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unlike al qaeda, there won't necessarily be a commanding control relationship between somebody who instigates an instance and isil as an organization. they are self-rat calradicalized people. >> reporter: they are much harder to pick up ahead of time. not just in washington. police forces across the nation including new york philadelphia and los angeles are on high alert, not just in the streets or online. >> there are people assigned monitoring social media and known websites though. >> looking for any specifics. >> that's right. any kind of watch words. so it is constantly being monitored. >> law enforcement in new york city is also being specially vigilant this weekend. calling the city a top target for terrorists. boris sanchez is at penn station
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in new york. >> according to aaa, about 42 million will be traveling this holiday weekend. officials are giving extra attention to travel hubs of all type including here at penn station in new york. governor andrew cuomo announced he is beefing up patrols and staff at the emergency operations center. that aside from law enforcement telling us they have snipers and spotters in key strategic locations watching crowds for anything that seems out of place. they have scanned for explosives and radioactive devices at land sea and from the air as well. there are 7,000 cameras watching crowds here at new york city for anything that looks suspicious or out of place. officials tell us they are prepared for any kind of attack. some people tell us they are happy to see the increased law enforcement presence. >> i have noticed more of a police presence which makes me feel safer. like i said i was born and raised in new york.
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pre9/11 and stuff like that we need to take security -- we have to for the safety of everyone. we need our police presence and i think it makes people feel more secure when we do have police presence. >> the governor is also asking new yorkers to be vigilant to look for anything suspicious and report it to law enforcement immediately. clearly, a very busy weekend for officers. >> thanks so much boris and sunlen at the top of the hour. how real is this security threat? i want to bring in michael daily. he es a special correspondent for "the daily beast." you have been reporting those individuals making the measure cooker bombs similar to the boston marathon bombs used. >> i am told fbi headquarters and the white house made a
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decision to roll up two suspected small groups of suspected isis supporters. one was up in the boston area. the more serious one was down in new york. that included one individual they trapped online and saw that he was actively researching the building of pressure cooker bombs as well as electrical circuit circuitry to detonate such a bomb. there was a second individual that was recorded with knowledge that he had been discussing with the first individual building a pressure cooker bomb. one added bit of worry is that the one gentleman, the one with the pressure cooker bomb suggested in a discussion with an informant that he was receiving orders from isis officials. >> this is a 20-year-old that you write about who apparently referred to isis as dala arabic for state, when communicating with confidential informant? >> right.
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you have a 20-year-old college kid from queens new york going to an aeronautics school near laguardia airport. you would think, and the pictures of him showing him in his graduation cap. he looks like the all american boy. the fbi has recordings of an online posting that suggested this was a guy that was actively looking to mount an attack. is. >> you also write because you have had a lot of sources that have given you lots of information to paint a disturbing scenario as we are in the holiday weekend. you are right that the other cell that worried officials as the holiday approached was comprised of two men from boston and a third from rhode island. the three allegedly plotting at one point to be ahead of the anti-muslim agitator in new york. >> that's what the fbi says and
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the boston police concur. these gentlemen ordered knives very similar to the one that the isis guy used to behead an american journalist and hostage and they have changed some of those knives. they initially according to the criminal complaint, were discussing going to new york and beheading pamela geller. one of the gentlemen was recorded saying he couldn't wait that long. he decided he was going to go after the boys in blue is what he was saying. a few hours after that recordeded phone conversation the fbi and boston police approached this gentleman. he went after them with one of the knives that he had ordered and was shot to death. subsequently, the other was arrested. hopefully, they are no longer a threat. >> everyone is still being asked to be very vigilant this
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weekend. thank you so much. good to see you. also coming up one of the busiest beach weekends of the summer. after 11 reported shark attacks in one region alone, will people be staying out of the water. nick valencia is live for us in wrightsville beach. i'm nick valencia in wrightsville, north carolina. ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪
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11 shark attacks along the
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carolina coast in recent weeks has a lot of beach-goers on edge. north carolina's governor is asking experts to try to find patterns in the shark attacks. it is not only a safety issue but for the state, a concern overtureism and the money it generates. the latest person to be attacked a former boston editor who was rushed to the hospital after a shark pulled him under the water and bit his rib cage hip, leg and hands. the attack happened off the north carolina coast. our nick valencia is in north carolina. what are you learning about the 68-year-old andrew costello's condition? >> reporter: he was airlifted and now in fair condition. certainly, concerning where these attacks have been concentrated off the coast in south carolina. we are talking to people who are going in the water. some people say they have some healthy fear and others saying
8:14 am
it is not a concern at all. we'll give you a sense of what this beach looks like. you see lots of people out here enjoying the water. we spoke to a couple people earlier who say they have mixed feelings about what's going on here off the coast of the carolinas. >> it is a very rare occurrence. there is more this year. it is such a rare thing. there are so many other problems we are going to have on july fourth. this sunthouldn't be something we are all that concerned about. they are very scary but not all that concerning. >> we hope to not get bit. >> are you scared at all? >> like a little not that much. >> yeah. a healthy fear. >> reporter: so you see a mixed reaction there. the likelihood of being bitten is 1 in 11.5 million. the chances are more likely you would be struck by lightning or
8:15 am
be president of the united states. expert scientists say, if you are going to swim swim in groups and avoid swims at dusk and dawn when sharks are the most active. >> while you do have a lot of people behind you, when we have the shot of people in the water, there weren't that many people. i realize some folks were talking about the healthy fear like the little girl there. have there also been conversations about whether the beaches should have been closed this holida weekend at all. >> sure. there are so many beach-goers that think it is better off not to stick around these waters or venture into the waters and some more critical of the local government saying they should have shut down the beach. national park service has the jurisdiction up until the shoreline. coast guard is the only one that can tell people to stay out of water. there is not really a choice to be able to tell people to stay out of the water if they want to go in. the beach today, on this bessy fourth of july it is open and ready for business, fred. >> i know beach-goers are very happy it is open. are there more choppers in the
8:16 am
air? more lifeguards posted with binoculars to see or look for any particular activity of sharks? >> reporter: that's a great question. in fact just sort of a cursory search here and looking around. we have seen public work sanitation workers here lots of public safety. we have seen that presence. whether or not it is an increased presence, that's anyone's guess. right now, pretty great day. very sunny. a lot of people out here enjoying the sunny weather here in wrightsville is beach. >> share the word on the beach there. nick valencia, we'll see you soon. thanks so much. let's check out more about the weather for the beach-goers. they are out there in full force. ivan cabrera, you and i both wish we were there z it looks fantastic out there. >> talk to us about how the weather and the water conditions
8:17 am
really do, i guess, they can be an enticement for shark activity or does it not impact things? >> we have to be vigilant. it is their habitat, obviously, and just use common sense. some of the things that may have contributed to this earlier than unusual shark bite season. the warmer the normal ocean temperatures could have gotten this started a little bit earlier here. we also have some theories of water salinity going up. less fresh water going into the ocean. that may be a factor. a decreased food source from overfishing. these are some theories. we do know that for the carolinas, generally, five to seven shark bites this the entire year. so far, we have had 11. no question about it? >> it is an unusual year and it is certainly higher than what we normally get. we are just at the beginning of beach season here. >> the dos, swim near lifeguard. swim in groups be vigilant
8:18 am
dress in dull colors. don't swit near piers, don't swim at night. don't wear shiny jewelry. i got attacked by a barracuda. they also like that. keep the bling at home. don't bring to the beach and don't pee in the water. they are attracted to that. a soggy southeast. we had a big race. it was rained out. that's going to continue for today. in the northwest scorching in the triple digit. as far as the forecast for boston 65 degrees, mostly cloudy. it is going to be fantastic out there, looking good always a bit timely with the 1812 overture. 69 new york postally cloudymostly cloudy skies. >> that's good. i'm partial. that is the best place to see fear works hands down. thanks so much ivan cabrera.
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# a fireworks shell exploded in its tube and landed in the crowd instead of firing into the sky. >> whoa! >> whoa! low-lying one. >> holy [ bleep ]. >> all nine people were treated for minor abrasion burns at the show and then released. an investigation was launched immediately after the incident massachusetts police are asking for help in identifying a toddler whose body washed ashore along the boston harbor last week. officials have released computer generated sketches of the girl and say she was about four years old and had brown eyes and hair. they add that her body which was found in a zebra striped blanket inside of a trash can showed no obvious signs of trauma. so far, thousands of tips but
8:24 am
still they have not been able to identify this little girl. a texas man has died in an alligator attack. witnesses say the man took off his shoes and shirt after someone warned him not to swim in the water. a nearby sign said no swimming alligators. the man jumped in anyway and was immediately attacked. a state game warden on the job for 22 years says it is the first fatal alligator attack he can recall a source directly involved in the nuclear talks with iran tells cnn hair has been some movement on the issues of sanctions relief. the tentative agreement would allow both sides to declare sanctions lifted but would lift them over time as iran meets various obligations. however, the source adds there is a lot of work to do including getting approval from the foreign ministers of those involved in the talks. >> atms are running out of money. even supplies of food and
8:25 am
medicine are starting to run low. this picture saying it all. a 77-year-old retiree turned away from four separate banks trying to withdraw that picture right there, a pension on behalf of his wife breaking down in tears. tomorrow voters will hit the polls to decide how greece should proceed. massive rallies continue for each side as polls show voters are evenly divided on the bailout issue. our richard quest is with us now from athens, dprooesgreece. what is the latest richard? >> it is a quiet day this saturday. campaigning drifts off. a day of reflection before the voting actually begins on sunday. you are absolutely right. the nation is split. it is well-within the last polls that we saw. the last polls are well within the margin of error. there are said to be at least 10% or 12% of the population undecided. both sides are fighting for what
8:26 am
they believe is the heart and soul of greece in the future. the political future the economic future whether it is a no vote and they fight harder with the europeans, whether it is a yes vote and they agree to more austerity. having the banks closed for a week has been so devastating that whatever happens, the greek people are in line for some very difficult negotiations and more austerity. >> what is it at the core of the issue of whether local currency or the euro could save this economy? >> reporter: well we're a long way from the drakma coming back. it doesn't exist. it went a long time ago. tomorrow's referendum vote is not about bringing back the dram drakma. the yes campaign says eventually, if no wins the dramma will be the inevitable
8:27 am
vote. the yes campaign says that's not the case. you can still vote no. both sides have ratcheted up the fear level. on the one hand they say, don't vote for us and you'll end up with the new currency. the other side says don't vote for us and you'll end up with more poverty. this is the level of depth of fear that they are playing on each side with each other. it just shows how serious the situation is in greece economically and politically tonight. >> the vote coming tomorrow. thank you so much richard quest. still ahead, security ramped up across this country for this fourth of july due to concerns about terrorist threats. the former assistant director of the fbi weighing in next.
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the fbi and department of homeland security are warning authorities to be extra vigilant saying some of the country's biggest events could be targets of a terror threat. police have responded with heavy presence and counterterrorism measures. even u.s. embassies and consulates around the world are being asked to double-check their security measures. i want to bring in tom fuentes. he is a former analyst and fbi director. good to see you. we have had terror threats before on holiday weekends. what was it about any recent chatter or is it just long-standing chatter that has led to this increase of security? >> actually, fredricka, it is long-standing, a steady constant drumbeat of orders to the disciples of ice sis. go kill all over the world. this year a couple of weeksing a, they issued statements online
8:32 am
telling their followers if you kill during ramadan, you will get extra bonus points in heaven for doing it. ramadan started a couple of weeks ago and continues until july 17th. after issues that order, we had the three attacks a week ago friday in leone, france the beheading, the tunisia mosque attack and an attack in kuwait. it is a steady drumbeat. keep doing it. it is not in particular because of the fourth of july at least from ramadan headquarters if you will or at least their media centers. here the authorities are worried that because it is the fourth of july because there will be hundreds of thousands of people at various events around the country that it does present an enticing target to followers of isis that if you want to kill somebody you will get maximum media coverage plus the extra
8:33 am
bonus points in heaven if you do it now. >> i spoke with a journalist michael daley, about 30 minutes ago. he talked about a possible terror cell in new york that is of particular interest. i heard the members were allegedly researching how to make pressure cooker bombs. what do you think after hearing that conversation? >> i heard that interview. that was a case that had been going for a while with the fbi. two cases, the one in boston involving usama rahim. the attack he was going to do and he was later shot that day was intercepted on an fbi wiretap when rahim called his partner, david wright and said, i can't wait to go out of state to do the beheading, which they later found out was pamela geller. i want to attack the boys in blue today. as he left his house as quick as the fbi and boston p.d. get
8:34 am
to them, he did. he pulled out the giant hunting knife he had just purchased and they shot him dead. that had nothing to do with fourth of july. it only had to do with rahim in his head deciding that was the day he wanted to attack. the other plot in new york was also taken down a week or so ago. it was similar to that. these were not related to fourth of july. this he were not related to soft targets that will be out there today and tomorrow at various events. >> talk to us about the soft target. what does that mean for today and tomorrow? how can protections be put in place when we are talking about large crowds? >> the reason we call them soft there are no real protections that go beyond vigilant police officers and vigilant public. once you go through a security checkpoint and they have run the security wand up and down your body or you have gone through the magnatometr machine, that
8:35 am
becomes a more hardened target. it is harder for them to get a bomb inside the fencing. as you are approaching, riding the metros, a bus or a taxi or any other public transportation in a public place. it is soft because no one has gone through a security check at the place you are. you are vulnerable if somebody deseeds decides to do an attack and pull a knife and come after you. there has been no checkpoint they have gone through up to that point. everybody that has gone to any event any time or going to work any other day of the week is basically a soft target because they are wide open. the public has not been checked for any kind of weapon. >> all the more reason law enforcement is saying be extra vigilant. if you see a bag just laying around that's something that needs to be addressed. tom fuentes, thanks so much.
8:36 am
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authorities are learning brazen details about the escaped fugitives including a letter that the deceased fugitive sent his daughter.
8:40 am
it read, quote, i always promised i would see you on the outside. i am a man of my word. investigators believe matt's daughter didn't know about the plan. she received the letter three days after the inmates broke out. the other escapee, david sweat, told investigators his relationship with matt went sour saying he was irked that matt was drinking and too out of shape to keep up. as these details are coming out, we are getting a better picture of corruption inside the clinton county correctional facility allegations of sex contraband oil paints for favor. reports of heroin use by inmates and employees involved in trading for drugs. the risprison has a new warden and as many as 12 staffers are on paid leave. joining me now, former prison directions officer, gary cornelius, licensed psychologist gary fisher and eric jenson a former inmate of
8:41 am
the clinton county correctional facility that knew the two escapees. gary you first. how does this kind of corruption go on behind bars in your view? >> well i think i would like to say that the majority of correctional officers are good, professional people well-trained highly motivated but, like in any profession you have a couple of bad apples. i think that corruption can start when there are three air crass that the correctional officer has trouble handling. the first is power. we see allegations and convictions at times of excessive force. pressure. they are pressured and manipulated by the inmates. as we all are finding out about the new york escape these manipulations can go over time. they can be very subtle. they can pray on the weaknesses or perceived weaknesses of the
8:42 am
correctional staff, both sworn and civilian. the third area is responsibility. the correctional officer forgets or doesn't want to remember that they have a responsibility to their profession their fellow officers and the tax payers. they don't cope maturely with life's problems. could be a sense of greed. sometimes the environment itself the honor block system so to speak, can lead the correctional officer to mistakenly believe, well these guys are in the honor block, so everything must be okay. their guard gets let down a little bit. >> okay. so gary that's your point of view as a former corrections officer. eric fisher as a psychologist here, how much of this resonates with how you see the culture, perhaps, of the prison system. he was talking about those three areas of power, pressure
8:43 am
responsibility that all those things could be influential. >> right, right. those are definitely influences. we have to look at in psychology there is a famous experiment in the '70s run by philip zimbardo. where he took some college students and put them in a prisoner and college guard experiment and showed ho quickly these power dynamics did get from the guards and the prisoners experiencing some effects that inmates often do. in this situation, you also have a situation where people still want to be liked. in a work place where your coworkers are in one position but you are also in a lot of interaction with inmates, it leaves you potentially open to manipulation. inmates that are extremely psych path opathic are in the position of manipulating people and people in position of guards think they
8:44 am
are exempt. a lot think they are in charge but the minute they start doing favors for the inmates is the minute that they can start to slip down that slope into what becomes what ultimately happened with these escaped convicts. >> so then eric formerly as an inmate at the clinton correctional facility what you just heard from eric here is that something that you see playing out, that kind of battle of manipulation and some win, some don't. >> oh definitely. >> even when they think they are the ones in control? >> i totally agree with what eric is saying. i have seen it many times whether it be something as small as a cigarette or something even smaller like asking for a pass to go to another block to go talk to your friends over there. in clinton, this was common practice. it wasn't anything special for these officers to let you run around. they used to bring in venison,
8:45 am
deer meat pictures of their hunting, camping trips. >> is this common practice because this is survival or is there something else behind this kind of cat and mouse game that it becomes? >> well the level of frat ter any zation there is the highest i have seen at any other facility. i have been in a couple and in clinton, things were ran totally different there. it was like an unspoken rule there. you could ask an officer for a favor and nine times out of ten, if it wasn't something too extreme, they would do it for you. if an officer is doing ten years, 15 years with the same inmates, that he builds a relationship with them. >> yeah. so gary as a former correctional officer, talk to us more about that relationship that almost sounds as eric was sounding inevitable if you are talking about a long time. did you ever find yourself in a situation where relationships just naturally happen simply because of the familiarity with an inmate who is there and so
8:46 am
are you as a working officer? >> in my 27 years, i got to know many inmates but i was very careful when i started writing about this subject and teaching it is whatnot to tell them. you can talk about things like movies things on tv. you can talk about very innocent things but the minute you open up and you say, i'm having some problems at home. another thing is inmates, i think, will look for people what i call out on a limb. they are away from their fellow officers. we have to much wa out for each other. supervisors have to get around. if they see correctional officers talking too much time to inmates, serious conversations, that supervisor and the fellow c.o.s have to pull them aside and what are you talking to them about? you are spending a lot of time
8:47 am
down there. it is easier said than done. like the gentleman says both gentlemen are saying these things are very subtle. they happen over time. psychopathic inmates have no conscious. if these guys escape they are not going to lie in bed at night tears on the pillow. they are going to go for the next target they can obtain. >> eric fisher this is some serious psychological warfare going on here. >> it is. it is all about power. that game never stops. while they say familiarity breeds contempt sometimes it breeds an attracts. i think attracts. some of these things become a bro bromance. you have guards and prisoners that want power. you can't necessarily predict who is going to be somebody who is going to be susceptible by psychological tests beforehand. sometimes, people just fall into that.
8:48 am
we have to all be accountable for ourselves and make sure we ask for help. there is a reason that those policies and procedures are so rigid and put in place. >> are you talking about correctional officers have to be able to ask for help? >> exactly. they have to be able to let themselves know when they are starting to slip down that slope. those procedures are there in place to make sure inappropriate boundaries don't get crossed. that's critical. >> one comment in if i may. this applies to sworn and not sworn. the training has to begin the first day they report for duty or work at the institution. >> we'll leave it right there. gary cornelius and eric fisher and eric jenson. the women's world cup final. it is set. guess what? go us. a. usa in it against jap. it is a rematch of 2011's final. coy wire is covering us for us
8:49 am
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8:53 am
night, but today the sporting world is buzzing over the latest development in a major league baseball hacking scandal. a front office executive has been fired, and the feds are now recommending charges be brought against at least one st. louis cardinals employees. our cory whier is in vancouver for the world cup, but let's talk about this scandal. who got the ax. >> reporter: the cardinals said they fired the director of scouting. it's not clear what role he played if any. his lawyer says his hasn't done anything illegal. we know the federal investigators have recommended charges be brought against one employees, it's just not clear. whether senior officials with the cardinals were aware of the spies, fred.
8:54 am
>> oh, my goodness. let's talk about the reason why you are in vancouver, because it's all on the line for the u.s. women. tomorrow night a win and perhaps a win over japan, this may be payback, because it was japan who beat the usa in the 2011 world cup final what are the chances that history will be made in favor of the u.s. team this time around? >> i would say chances are good. germany was considered to be the most formidable foe for the u.s. and they have already taken them town. there is a slight chance they could overlook japan, but remember there are 13 players on the u.s. team who were part of that team that lost to japan in 2011, and they haven't forgotten it abby wambach certainly won't let her teammates take it too lightly.
8:55 am
she says the loss still hands her, but the team can't focus on revenge alone. >> heartbreak never goes away but now we have an opportunity. it's not about revenge or avenging that loss. we don't overlook japan. >> a good team indeed action kicks off tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. aaron, in what many are calling a virtual home game for the u.s. fred there's a lot of red, white and blue in vancouver, i can tell you. happy fourth of july. >> happy fourth and go team usa! fantastic. cory i appreciate it. we'll be right back. big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift?
8:56 am
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all right. happening right now in the "newsroom," ramped up security across the nation. concerns of terrorist threats have police on alert and extra patrols in place. plus fireworks out of control. several people are injured when shells fly into the crowd. carolina beaches on alert this weekend after a string of shark attacks. you're live in the "cnn newsroom."
9:00 am
ce day and the fbi and the department of homeland security are warning authorities across the nation to be extra vigilant saying that big holiday events could be targets of a terror threat. authorities have set up counter-terror measures including spotters in large crowds even diplomatic posts around the world are being asked to double check their security measures measures all of this as isis continues to call on its supporters to carry out attacks. the group also said the current holiday of ramadan is a time when jihad is most important. we have full coverage for you we are at the national mall in


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