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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  July 4, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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ce day and the fbi and the department of homeland security are warning authorities across the nation to be extra vigilant saying that big holiday events could be targets of a terror threat. authorities have set up counter-terror measures including spotters in large crowds even diplomatic posts around the world are being asked to double check their security measures measures all of this as isis continues to call on its supporters to carry out attacks. the group also said the current holiday of ramadan is a time when jihad is most important. we have full coverage for you we are at the national mall in washington.
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cnn's bora sanchez is at the foot of the brooklyn bridge and former special agent jonathan gillian joins us with es. how is security being handled when so many crowd the maul there? >> reporter: that's right, so many crowds fred. hundreds of thousands are expected down here on the national mall but this sort of major security presence isn't necessarily ned for washington but authorities do tell us they are taking the threats coming from the intelligence officials ver ver. >> we -- here's what he had to saw. sorry about that. we don't have that sound
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available, but basically this is so no distinct changes rlier, talking about soft targets, before people get into hard target areas, like saying the national it's places like the metro as it pertains to washington that would be of grave concern.
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l mall nine checkpoints, this being one of them, but there's extra patrols after some of those soft targets, authorities emphasizing they haven't necessarily boosted security this year on the fourth of july. this is always a symbolic holiday, always vulnerable to attacks, but certainly they are paying attention though authorities say there's no specific credible threat just an increase of chatter on the part of isis. >> sunlen ser fat yfaty thank you. governor cuomo warning his state is a top target for a terrorist attack. people st., incredible fireworks, exactly what are
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authorities warning or encouraging people to do? >> reporter: ahead, fredricka. millions of people are gathering, so law enforcement is focusing not only on travel hubbs, but places like there, where people go to enjoy thenselves. governor andrew cuomo saying he was beefing up staff and patrols at the emergency operation centers in the city. placing snipers and spotters at key strategic location. they have also scanned for explosives and radioactive devices, not only on land and sea, but also from the air. they also have 7,000 cameras scanning crowds, looking for anything that nay be out of place. officers say they are ready for any kind of attack. we spoke with a traveler earlier at penn station, saying she was happy to see that added law enforcement presence. >> i've noticed more of a police
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presence which makes me feel safer, you know. like i said i was born and raised in new york and, you know pre-9/11 stuff like that and yeah we need to take security you know -- we have to for the safety of everyone we need our police presence and, um i think it makes people more secure when we do have a police presence. >> reporter: the governor also asking new yorkers to remain vigilant. report it to law enforcement right away. moontime here at the brooklyn bridge park not too much of a presence. some roads are blocked off, but the fireworks show kicks off at 9:00 so we expect things to ramp up later in the day. boris sanchez, thank you so much. let's bring in jonathan gilliam gilliam. so we've had terror threats on
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holiday weekend before. what in your view is divot this go-around. >> well right off the fred and happy independence day. what is really different now is the group that is targeting us. before, you know a lot of the times tiffs groups that were like al qaeda looking for big dramatic attacks to get worldwide press. they thought they had to crash planes into buildings, but as we've been warning for years and year there could be a shift, and now that shift has happened where they figure out that it doesn't take a plane into a building. you can simply go in like happened in tunisia a week ago, onto a beach and kill over 30 people with a gun, one guy. imagine if that happens tonight, and imagine if it happens in two cities they'll get the worldwide media attention, which they've been getting all around the world doing these different
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hits. as you with see that's the biggest threat in and out. they actually go to mahler easier attacks in order to put out more and more terror. >> and then jonathan we heard boris' live shot there, and he said some some nances did may not be that apparent but just because you don't necessarily see law enforcement, how do you assure them there are eyes everywhere? and technology is helping in large part so you ma i not see a uniformed officer, but places - are being watched. >> absolutely. you know fred you can see right behind me thus columbus circle. there is a subway stop right back here if you look right now, it's not that big of a deal not a lot of people coming out of there. however, later on tonight, that would be a very critical area and very critical time so there are cameras all over this city,
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law enforcement all over the city but more importantly than even all that there are people all over the city. they are the eyes and ears for law enforcement. that's why we keep say, if you see something, say something, because law enforcement does have a presence. they have undercover uniformed officers cameras dogs and all these things but the reality is you're eyes. >> you're talking about citizens visitors. >> anybody. anybody that has two eyes can see that something is wrong. even if you're not from new york you know it's not normal for somebody to set a bag down and walk away. that's not normal. look. enjoy yourself just be aware like you are at night, and you lay your head on your pillow. you're not afraid. do the same thing here tonight or wherever you are in the united states and you'll be safe. >> jonathan thank you so much. and yes, i agree, happy fourth.
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donald trump is responding to his critics. he spoke out on fox news this morning. >> i know pataki well. he is a sad figure. he was a terrible governor in new york. if he would have run again, he wouldn't have gotten anything. he was a failed governor. as far as rubio, he's very weak on immigration. i've been saying that for a long time. i respect ted cruz for the view he's got. he was really out there and strong on it and i shouldn't say this because i assume he's
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an opponent but the fact is he was very brave in coming out. when i look at somebody like perry, who was the governor for a long period of time he could have done something a bit -- maybe a lot more in terms of protecting people because again the crime is rampant. this isn't a mexico thing. i have great relations with mexico and i love the spirit of the mexican people. these are people just pouring across the border and it involves more than just border. it involves trade. everything we do in this country is just off. our trade deals are terrible or border protection is terrible. you look at what isis is doing to us they're laughing at you will. you know do we have victories anymore in the country? and the answer is really know. mj lee is in in that-where five candidates are stumping today. mj what is being said about donald trump's latest comments and whether overall is he
9:14 am
becoming a distraction to the republican party? >> reporter: fredricka, it does seem like wherever the 2016 candidates go they're being asked constantly about donald trump. i think this is a tricky line for a lot of the candidates to walk. on the one hand donald trump is an important donor, obviously now a candidate, and i think a lot of candidates feel hesitant to go full out attacking donald trump, but on the other hand this was obviously comments that were very offensive to a lot of latinos and minority groups and i think that as the party has worked so hard to try to court minority voters the konlds that donald trump made certainly doesn't help the cause. >> and then m.j. some of the other fellow republican candidates are avoiding speaking colorfully about what donald trump said, he did make reference in that interview that
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ted cruz he believed ted cruz offend some support. it was ted cruz who said you know donald is bold and brash, however, i'm not interested in republican on republican violence. i salute donald trump on the need to address illegal immigration. perhaps he may -- he may have said some things that donald trump is welcoming while other candidates are not being as verbose about it. why not? >> reporter: right. look at the end of the day donald trump has said he was not trying to make comments that were racist or offensive. he simply was trying to make a point about the fact that the country has an illegal immigration problem. and look the reality is there's a sliver of the rep parties and conservatives who do feel it is a serious problem and who are going to be happy to hear donald trump say the things he's saying at least about addressing the problem of and i
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think the rest of the republican field gets that. >> what are some of the other candidates doing today. >> reporter: july 4th as you know this weekend is an important tradition for a lot of the presidential candidates to get out there, especially in states lie new hampshire and iowa to mingle with nim. i'm hearing gore in new hampshire on the northern town of this it state where hillary clinton is on her way now. she will be participating in a parade behind millennium. we have several other candidates who are also spending time in new hampshire. in fact jeb bush and rick perry had a ren day view at amherst, and i think jeb bush talked earlier about the importance of campaigning in a state like new hampshire. let's listen. >> this style of campaigning for me is perfect. new hampshire voters are discerning they're educated and it gives me a chance to tell the jeb story and talk about ideas that i think are
9:17 am
important. >> reporter: so i think we'll be seeing more candidates bumping into each other, and we'll bring those interactions as we get them. >> and we also hear that marco rubio will be at mitt romney ease lakehouse. what do we know about that meeting and what it means? >> reporter: many of the 2016 republican candidates consider mitt romney to be an important leader of the party now. in fact as you mentioned chris christie and marco rubio, they had a sleep sloefr at mitt romney's house, and jeb bush earlier today told cnn this would be important for whomever to get the endorsement from mitt romney because of hi stature and role in this process. he has previously said he will probably not make an endorsement in the primaries, but we'll see if he means it when he says he doesn't mean to wade into this process. >> m.j. lee, thank you so much.
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all right. still ahead, a 10-month-old baby drifting out to sea for half a mile before her parents even notice she's gone? the shocking details about what happened next. ♪ i'm the biggest threat your business
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all right. checking our top stories the faa and ntsb are investigating
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the crash of a mel helicopter moments after takeoff. witnesses describe seeing the relatively new helicopter spinning before it crashed. the pilot was killed. two other crew members are hospitalized. shocking video of a 10-month-old baby girl drifting out to sea by-her of her parents page forgot they placed her in a floating crip. they weren't even aware of daughter had reportedly drifted half a mile away from the turkish coast. the coast guard was able to rescue the child and return her to the parents. stunned beach-goers erupted in applause when the baby was safely in the mother ace arms. we're also learning much more about the two convicted killers who broke out of a new york state prison and on the run for nearly three weeks. david swelled has been talking to police since his capture last
9:23 am
sunday detailing how law enforcement came very close. and herring more about his fellow escapee richard matt who was shot and killed. matt reached out to his daughter in a letter. cnn national correspondent deborah feyerick has details. >> reporter: killer richard matt was so competent he would elude -- after breaking out, he sent his daughter a letter. law enforcement sources tell "the buffalo news" matt wrote -- i always promised i would see you on the outside. i'm a man of my word. the daughter reportedly received the letter three deaf after his escape from clinton correctional facility about 350 miles across state. there's no indication she knew in advance of her father's plans. matt spent 20 days on the run before a border patrol special operations team found him alone behind a tree. he was shot three times in the head after apparently aiming a
9:24 am
20-gauge shotgun at an officer. matt's body has been taken to the buffalo area after the family had a change of heart and decided to claim the body. the funeral home says there would be no public or private services. david sweat is listed in fair conditions. he continues to heal from two gunshot wounds he sustained during the capture. police put out the photo of the type of back pack he was carrying just two miles from the canadian border. they believe inmates took it from a campground and asking the owners to come forward, possibly to escape the escapees' route. the department of corrections has been criticized for failing on torrid a lockdown following a fight in the yard a week before the escape. a corrections officials tells cnn only a partial lockdown was necessary, because the may lay lasted less than a minute involved no weapons and only one injury. security measures have been tightened to ensure daily random
9:25 am
cell checks and weekly security inspections. deborah feyerick cnn, new york. still to come. beach-goers nerves are frazzled after 11 shark attacks. nick valencia is in wrightsville beach in north carolina. >> reporter: a very busy weekend. coming up after the break, we'll tell you how people are reacting to this seemingly busy shark attack season.
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gnc. hello again. happy fourth. thanks so much for joining me. i'm fredricka whitfield. millions of americans are spending the weekend at the beach, but 11 shark attacks along the carolina coast in recent weeks are rattling nerve.
9:29 am
north carolina's governor is asking experts to try to find patterns in the attack. it's not only a safety issue, but for the state, a concern over tour itch. the latest person to be attacked a former boston newspaper editor who was rushed to the hospital after a shark pulled him under water, and, the attack happened over the north carolina coast. nick valencia is a wrightsville beach, so what are you learning about andrew costello's condition? >> mr. costello is in fair condition. he was airlifted after being one of the 11 people who have suffered shark bites in recent weeks who have a lot of people very neverous. today we're seeing a much different tone or attitude maybe it's because of the fourth of july weekend, but weft to give you a sense of what is going on. people are in the water. we've spoke to surfers, locals
9:30 am
tourists everybody out here trying to enjoy the holiday weekend. some more anxious than others. >> it's a very rare occurrence. i know there's more this week but it's such a rare thing. there's so many other problems you're going to have on july 4th this shouldn't be something they're concerned about. i know they're very scary. they're just not that concerning to me. >> we're hoping we don't get bit. >> are you scared at all? >> just like a little. >> yeah, a healthy fear. [ laughter ] >> reporter: you heard it there from that little girl. i was owl with some locals l.a. night, and we were talking about it. it certainly was a topic of conversation. while it is seemingly on everyone's mind there are those who say they're not that concerned. there haven't been that many attacks reported here none of those 11 attacks happened on
9:31 am
this beach. they happy just north or south of us. >> are people changing their habits in there are a lot of people behind you, but most of them are in the sand. are there many in the water? changing the way they enjoy and get out in the water? >> you would think so but not so much. people go in the water for a quick dip, come back out. it seems like a typical beach day. >> but science 'tises are awar of the threat but if they are going into the water, swim in groups don't swim at dusk or dawn that seems to be the points where sharks are most active. there's a lot of factors. it is turtle season. sharks love turtles, apparently. people have been attacked close to the pier the shoreline. some drought conditions some scientists believe could be leading to this but some of the
9:32 am
tourists though a bit different on their attitude. >> nick valencia thanks so much wrightsville beach, a very fun beach. >> reporter: you bet. >> i appreciate it. for more i want to bring in jeff corwin the host of "ocean mysteries" and author of a new e-book called "sharks." why are there so many mortgage? up by a few numbers, but they're saying this is the most in probably 15 years. what's going on? >> there must be something happening along that coastline that's contributing to this unusual cluster in shark attacks, but it's important to remember your odds or chances of being attacked by a shark are much less than actually winning the lottery. every year statistically you have about a 1 in an 11 million chance of having a negative encounter with a shark, but i think there's a number of things
9:33 am
happening in this beach where basically we're sharing the ecosystem with sharks. this is their domain. right now this is the time of year in spring and early summer where multiple species, five or six shark species like about you will harricks and others come into these waters to reproduce. they also come into these waters to feed. this is also the time where there's lots of prey items, babe sea turtles, baby birds, fish and this comes telling in a way we have put ourselves in the middle of the shark's buffet. >> then what do we need to tell beach-goers? it's a reminder we're the visitors as you put it this is their domain their home. how do we coexist safely? >> that's the first point you mentioned. we are out of our element into the world of sharks. better there are some common
9:34 am
sense things you can do to dramatically reduce that already rare chance. stay away from a lot of glisery shiny julie, watches or necklaces, things that may look like a shiny flickering fish in the water. as a reporter said before don't be in the water at dusk or dawn where the clarity is low and the visibility is low. state out of the water during turbulence and rain seasons. be out of the water when people are fishing and cutting bait. that brings in sharks. these are some simple things we all can do to give ourselves a bit of peace of mind. the most important thing to remember is there are always sharks there. you are often never more than 100 yards away from a shark? saltwater, which to me is unsettling but it also tell us yes, they are there, but most of the time they're just going about their business. also in the end, fred the
9:35 am
biggest thing we need to remember is that sharks are in a lot more trouble from us than we are from them. >> that's a good point. >> is it the case that sharks oftentimes when they bite humans we're not necessarily the prey they just think we might be? very sell do you remember are we talking about people being consumed. we're kind of boney, maybe not as appetizing as i've heard some shark experts put it. >> that's a good point. a lot of times when people are bitten by shark, she receive what is called a test bite. they are testing and tasting what's going on. also with their skin they have they incredibly heaper sensitive pits aaron their face to detect electric roe movement and stimulation in the water, but they do these things called test bites. that gentleman, the editor from the herald he was taken on by a six-foot shark, i think a bull shark. if that shark was determined to
9:36 am
consume her, it would have taken away of up to five pounds of pleasure per bite. it's a way for the shocked to figure out if you're food or not food. it's not pleasant but it's certainly worse than the alternative, which is actually being consumed which is incredibly rare. >> that is the half glass full point of view we're looking for for you. >> we just don't taste good. >> i don't even want to be test bitten. >> always remember you can never outswim a shark, you can always out-swim the slow it's swimmer. >> a good point. happy fourth. >> you too, fred. it's a picture that captures just hose desperate the situation in greece this older man breaking down in tears, as he and other await news to see whether the economically saved. latest on that dire situation, next.
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stuffy or runny nose and sore throat, and headache. for help lowering your blood sugar talk to your doctor about januvia today. all right. greece's economy is on the brink of collapse and its atm it's are running out of money. even supplies of food and medicine are starting to run low. a 77-year-old retiree turned away from four separate banking trying to withdraw a pension on behalf of his wife breaking down in tears. tomorrow voters will hit the polls to decide how greece should proceed.
9:41 am
massive rallies continue for each side as polls show voters are evenly divided on the 3w5i8out issue. iismt sa -- isa soare s join us. >> reporter: we were not expecting to hear from 308 tick from prime minister ssip. people trying to go about their daily business. people are still undecided. this is a country that's polarized in terms of which way they are going to go. you were messageses talking about the latest polls. only 1% difference fredricka really stands between a yes and no amp camp.
9:42 am
the yes has 44% according to latest polls, 43% for noes. 12% still undecided. that paints a picture of how divided this country is. >> is there a feeling, isa, that people are simply running out of money? >> reporter: it's not just a feeling. i think that is exactly what's happening. yesterday just to give you an idea yesterday a lot of people couldn't get the 60 euros, because they have run out of the 20 euro notes. i called one of my sortses yesterday to find out exactly how much money was left in the banking is that and this person said there was 1.5 billion euros, so i said what about the 5.5 billion that greece has to pay the rest of the creditors, and, you know, government minute terr says we don't have funding, so money is running out. this is really the deep freeze here. that i think is why it's so worrying. if there is no agreement, if it
9:43 am
goes the way of the no vote alexi tsipras says it may meat the negotiations easier. europe doesn't see it that way. >> oh, my goodness. isa soares keep us posted. supply and demand determines what we pay for everything but what if they're manipulated? that's what justice officials think airlines might be doing. details are next. i have type 2 diabetes. i started with pills. and now i take a long-acting insulin at night. i take mine in the morning. i was trying to eat right, stay active. but i wasn't reaching my a1c goal anymore. man: my doctor says diabetes changes over time. it gets harder to control blood sugar spikes after i eat and get to goal. my doctor added novolog® at mealtime for additional control. now i know. novolog® is a fast-acting, injectable insulin
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the department of justice has sent subpoenas to the four major airlines in the united states. they are determining if american airlines southwest, united and deltaud coal colludeed. >> investigators say they are looking at if comments by analysts so let's bring in our guys. averill freeman, good to see you. >> hi fredricka. >> richard herman who we will not see but hear. joining us from vancouver this weekend on the phone. so richard, can we hear you?
9:48 am
>> hi everyone. i can hear you. >> there he is. >> there he is i6r789s so avery, you first. how does the government doj go about trying to discern whether these airlines coluded. >> consumers are complaining about not enough seats, and yet the airline industry is setting records with a $30 billion profit. so it looks kind of strange. the antitrust department and those are lawyers serious as a heart dpattack looking into this kind of problem. you have four major carriers delta, american, southwest and
9:49 am
you've got united that's 0 percent of domestic flights. consumers are saying there should be more excess. the industry is saying we're employs what is called capacity discipline. that's what the investigation is all about. >> so then you know richard, at the root of this does it have something to do with the consolidation of airlines as well? as avery pointed out, you have four carriers that represent 80% of the market? >> well fred you know it's one thing to sit and cry wolf here but the doj created this by approving all the mergers. so basically as avery said there are four major airlines controls the u.s. domestic market. i think the inquiry is this -- you can call one week for a tick and they tell you $250 and you call two weeks later for the same flight and they tell you $1300. the questions is are the
9:50 am
airlines in collusion to limit the capacity. when you get a civil investigative demand that's like being called a person of interest. what could happen if doj determines yes, they were in collusion, are we talking about a penalty? does it mean refunds? to millions of flyers? >> this problem will be years and years and commonly they're recalled. the last time the justice department caught them doing this they settled it. there was some monetary piece of it an unjunction against it but the fact is it at a time a lot of time. whether it gets to the question
9:51 am
remains to be seen, but there's a long long way to go. >> fred it is monetary. it would crush the airlines if they are able to determine this. the problem is without a smoking gun, it seems and all the experts are saying there's little or no chance for this investigation to be fruitful at all and are you going to check out a little soccer or other stuff? >> okay. nice nice alaska and maybe on the way, maybe you'll get lucky enough to get a ticket or two for the game tomorrow night. i know you can pull some strings. >> absolutely. >> avery friedman happy fourth of july. >> happy fourth of july to everybody. >> fantastic. thanks guys. we'll be right back.
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>> who put a handprint on the declaration of independence? [ echoing ] ♪ >> the declaration of independence is one of the nation's most beloved documents. at some point in history someone put their handprint on it and never fessed up. >> we started at the conservation lab at the u.s. national archives. i have no idea what i'm doing. >> during the revolutionary war period it traveled with congress as they moved from town to town along the east coast. >> we're talking with the curator and conservator to try to help us find clues. do we know how it got there? >> in 1888 the declaration was in philadelphia being reframed in a frame shop.
9:57 am
the story goes that the person involved doing the framing had printer's ink on his hand. >> you're one of the only living people who has handled the declaration of independence. >> that is correct, i suspect. >> was it up? >> it was not me. i would feel very sad if it were me. >> i saw a documentary about "the national treasure" about when this was stolen. do you think nicolas cage might have done it? >> well i know he has really supernatural powers i don't think they extend that far. >> so that document year "national treasure" is a lie? >> yes. >> i knew it. so off we went to the old patent office now the national portrait gallery. maybe we could find clues inside. >> the one point this space was the largest room in america. this is where the declaration of
9:58 am
independence was displayed. >> how did it get here? >> after 1776 it's amazing that it wasn't destroyed. it moved with the congress whenever the capitol moving and it kind of traveled with charles thompson the secretary of the continental congress. >> do you have any idea what it was like here? >> tough terrible. they rolled it up all the time which you're not supposed to do. it was exposed to light, exposed to smoke. >> who put their handprint on the declaration of independence? >> i have no idea. >> the most anonymous of the founders did he put his hand on it we he signed -- >> you know what would make this better? street cello music. behind me is the library of congress where the document was before and after world war ii.
9:59 am
was it here where the handprint was put on the declaration of independence? we'll never know because they won't let us in. nothing. what are you trying to tell us thomas jefferson? could it be the answer to our question has been in our pants this entire time? was it this guy? george washington benjamin franquelis thomas edison. is it you, samius adams? >> after our investigation, we've come up with one conclusion. >> couldn't have been you, ben franklin franklin? ♪ it all goes back to that documentary. thank you so much chris moody, for making us laugh a bit. we have so much more straight ahead in noiism noiism--
10:00 am
"newsroom," and it starts right now. \s. happening right now, ramped up secure across the nation this fourth of july concerns of terrorist threats have police on alert and extra patrols in place. plus fireworks out of control. several people are injured when shells fly into the crowd. >> carolina beaches on alert this weekend after a string of shark attacks. you're live in the "cnn newsroom." hello again, everyone. happy fourth independence day celebrations are under way. the fbi and homeland security are warning to be extra vigilant saying that big holiday events could be possible targets, along with heavy police presence authorities have said up


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