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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  July 5, 2015 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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we've got much more ahead on the next hour of "new day." it starts right now. jeb bush now saying donald trump is just plain wrong for comments he made calling mexican illegal immigrants rapists. but trump says bush is out of touch and that is not all. relief this morning. no terror attacks reported anywhere in the u.s., but there is still reason to be concerned, that this threat is not over. and hundreds turn out in south carolina to protest the confederate flag. with lawmakers debating its future this week, is there anyway that supporters will be able to keep that flag flying? >> good morning. i'm alison kosik in for christi paul. >> jeb bush is now offering his
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most aggressive comments yet on his rival donald trump. >> meantime trump is wasting no time in firing back at the former florida governor, this comes more than a week after trump made headlines calling immigrai immigrants from latin america rapists. >> the controversial comments continues to dominate so much of the dialogue on the republican campaign trail. many of the candidates renounced trump's comments and tried to distance themselves from it. but it does team as many of the candidated now are really stepping up their criticism. very sharp words coming from jeb bush yesterday. he says he take these comments personally given that his wife is a mexican and called trump's words extraordinarily ugly. >> i don't assume that he thinks that every mexican crossing the border is a rapist.
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he's doing this to inflame and incite and draw attention, which seems to be the organizing principle of his campaign. it doesn't represent the republican party or its values. >> trump has been doubling down and continuing to defend his remarks. he painted the finger right back at jeb bush saying in a statement, quote, i never said that all mexicans crossing the border are rapists. jeb is mischaracterizing my statements only to inflame. all of this back and forth comes of course at a time when republicanings as are eager to inroads with hispanic voters. mitt romney also argued this weekend it's only hurting the gop's chances with this very important group of voters. >> let's talk with stephen colinson. the feud with jeb bush and trump
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and other candidates, how do you think this is being received by gop voters? >> it's very interesting, because all along the more established candidates have been trying not to get pull sbinto a public dual with trump. it only damages them with a wider reelect rate. it's true that trump is speaking for a minority of the reason primary electorate. he's going to have to consider whether these flashy headlines he's making are actually detracting from the points he wants to make. it makes the prospect of the republican debates a little bit more interesting. we could see one on one clashes between jeb bush and trump and that could be interesting. >> we've got this response from
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jeb bush on fourth of july in new hampshire. but it's been 17 days since donald trump said that. any indications of why it took two and a half weeks for a strong response to come from jeb bush? >> they don't really want to get ahead of donald trump, give him more publicity than he's getting already. it is quite sensitive. there is a dilemma for the republican candidates. on the one hand they want to attract the hispanic elect raor. you're seeing strength in numbers. a number of candidates have come out condemning donald trump. the way jeb bush did it was artful. he came across as defending his wife as much as anything else and didn't take on the underlying political issue. it's very interesting how long it's taken. i think now donald trump is
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fairly isolated on this issue. >> but still number two in many polls including the latest cnn orc poll. the networks are backing away. companies are backing away. macy's backing away. how does he sustain this level of support? >> that's very interesting. i mean, if you think about it, the first primary is seven months away. it doesn't seem possible that he could sustain this type of campaign during all those months. chris christie said something interesting this week when he was asked about donald trump. he said if donald trump wants to be a serious candidate, he can be a serious candidate. i think possibly mr. trump is going to look at the he wants to have a serious candidate or a side show. the way he started it suggests he doesn't want to be a circus act or a side show and suggests he wants to be taken seriously. thank you so much.
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>> thanks. some of the other presidential candidates are busy this week, as you would expect. around a dozen declared candidates were in new hampshire and iowa for the fourth of july holiday. some arriving to a lot of fanfare. others getting mixed results from their visits. chris christie announced his run earlier this week. what does he need to do in new hampshire or iowa to boost his position in the polls? >> i think new hampshire is absolutely vital for christie. it's almost a one and done state for him. he doesn't have the profile of a candidate who's attractive to evangelical voters in iowa. he has to defy expectations that
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his campaign is not really going to go anywhere. the good thing this christie's favor is that new hampshire prizes the kind of up close, frank campaigning that he's very good at. he's done hundreds of town hall meetings during his time as the new jersey governor. that is exactly the kind of event you have to do in new hampshire to get your message across . so it's a pretty steep climb for christie in this campaign right now. once he was seen as a front runner. that's no longer the case but he does have the political tools that you do need to make a good impression in new hampshire. and the state is going to be very vital to his campaign. >> let's hop to the democrats. hillary clinton has been criticized for not speaking as often with reporters or answering reporters' questions as some would like. a pretty awkward moment during her stop in new hampshire in which reporters were roped off.
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campaign aides brought the rope out because they were worried they would block the view of the parade, not because they did not want interaction between clinton and reporters. >> antics like this aren't very good for the clinton campaign. they've been fighting all along that clinton doesn't want scrutiny from the press. this just play into this narrative. on the other hand, there's always going to be tension with reporters who want access to the candidate and the need of the campaign. hundreds of people showed up to this parade to see hillary clinton. they're trying to put across the impression she's not this famous person that goes nararound in a bubble of camera men and secret service agents. you can't have journalist just in front of her. it plays into this technical between the press and the candidate. it's not just the legacy of this campaign. it happened in her 2008 campaign.
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and when she was first lady. i think in retrospect herding the press like farm animals probably didn't help. you're not just going to see this through the rest of the campaign but in the white house. in the current administration there's a great deal of tension between the press and the white house staff on access. this is something we're going to see continue in the years to come. >> yeah. not an easy balance to strike and often does not get better after a candidate is elected. thank you so much. >> thanks. . and be sure to catch state of the union with jack tke tapp this morning. live beginning at 9:00 a.m. eastern right here on cnn. and after all the warnings, relief across the u.s. that no terror attacks were reported on july 4th. but the warning remaining in
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effect. plus two people are dead, several missing after a pontoon boat overturns. the latest on the search for survivors ahead. ♪virgin islands nice ♪so nice ♪so nice, so nice book five nights today and get one free. plus $350 towards shopping, dining or other fun activities. now that's virgin islands nice. ♪so nice, so nice
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an increased terror threat forced u.s. leaders to increase security ahead of the fourth of july holiday. >> this morning it seems like the extra measures taken proved successful. celebrations across the country like the annual fireworks show in new york city happened with no terror related problems. in washington, d.c. weather was the fbiggest factor of the day. last night celebrations went off as planned. president obama spoke minutes before the july 4th fireworks. >> on this day we thank everyone who does so much each and every
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day to defend our country, to defend our freedom. we are grateful to our armed services. we are grateful to our military families. we are grateful to our veterans. without you we could not enjoy the incredible blessings that we do in this greatest country on earth. so now what? what about the terror threat moving forward? tom, we have to strike the balance between vigilance and preparation and a breathless anticipation of crisis. and that may be difficult to strike. >> i like your characterization, breathless anticipation. i think there have been a lot of people hype ventilating over the last couple of weeks. i don't think tin creased police presence had anything to do with
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the fact that we weren't attacked. many of these isis follows want to kill plolice officers. so that only increased the odds of finding a police officer to kill. and the number of crowds that were coming, the people while they're on their way to a secure location, if they're kore ee're at the mall in washington d.c., people have to get to that event. they take someone way traiubway drive, they walk. the fact that some crazy isis follower chose not to grab a butcher knife and go out and attack somebody is not because of the measures that were taken. the security measures are designed to contain an attack, minimize it, but really are going to be in response to attack. the police are there to stifle it so that no further at ftack
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made. people are still vulnerable up to that point. we're going to be talking about this next year on july 4th and the year after that and the year after that. because we can't contain the message isis puts out and the ability of people to track that message on the internet and the ability in their crazy brains to follow it. >> there is probably more concern now than any time since september 11th. why do you think there's this culmination of concern about a possibly event happening? >> well, the concern isn't that we're going to have another 9/11-style attack. most authorities will tell you it's going to be almost impossible to pull something like that off because of the amount of the command and control, the financing involved. all of the measures to pull off on attack like that would make them vulnerable to being
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intercepted in communications or their finances being intercepted. somebody can take a butcher knife from their kitchen, go out the door and kill somebody and call it an isis attack. or in this country the ready availability of guns, the fact that it's easy to obtain a firearm or a butcher knife, makes it -- that you can't stop if you don't know they're going to do it. the ability to know about an attack in advance is greatly reduced when the only person that knows about it is the person that's going to identity. >> yeah. with the shift from these large scale al qaeda style attacks to these individuals who are inspired by isis. it eliminates a lot of the chatter. so again that see something, say something we've talked about all weekend. thank you so much. let's talk about what's going on in greece now.
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the voters are going to the polls right now. will this be another bailout they're supporting to solve the debt crisis there. this is a shakeup that could extend from the prime minister's office to your 401(k). plus billy joel taking the plunge again. who he's marrying next. first, having a child born with a fatal genetic disease is heard bre heartbreaking. a georgia couple is sharing their story to spare other couples from the suffering they have faced. >> which paper do you want? >> the golds may look like a typical family. but look closer.
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seven-year-old eden can't walk, talk or do anything a girl her age should be doing. this is a relatively rare genetic disorder but it is more common among -- her develop stopped at 18 months. doctors say she'll be blind by 12 and will probable not live into adulthood. the golds thought they had been properly screened for genetic diseases. >> my doctor tested me for a total of 12 diseases. >> the couple didn't want over families to suffer. so they started an online screening for genetic diseases which are common. online screening tests are mailed out and a genetic
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23 minutes after the hour. it's time to take a look at other stories making headline this is morning. we're starting with this fire at
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a chemical plant in houston that's under investigation. >> it broke out late last night. 12 fire departments and a hazmat cry respo crew responded to the scene. residents were advised to seal up doors and stay indoors. three people missing in the ohio river. the pontoon boat full of people celebrating the fourth of july capsized. the boat was pinned against a work barge. still no word on why the boat flipped. in north carolina 14 people were injured when the deck they were taking a photo on collapsed. no word yet on what caused the collapse. >> wedding bells for the piano man on saturday.
4:25 am
at their annual fourth of july party billy joel and girlfriend alexis roderick surprised ghosts by exchanging vows. they are expecting their first child this summer. this is the fourth marriage for joel . the debt crisis coming to a head today in greece. will voters choose to accept a bailout to make debt payments? a live report next. this allergy season,
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happening now, greek voters are lining up at the polls deciding the financial future of their country. greece is on the brink of
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financial collapse and being offered an emergency bailout by the imf. but that comes with extremely tough terms. today voters are deciding whether or not they will accept those terms. a yes vote will allow greece to continue negotiating for the money. and a no vote will let greece reject the terms. we see these huge yes vote and no vote rallies. are there still some voters who are persuadable, who can be convinced to go from one side of the argument to another? >> reporter: well, that's what the last exit polls suggest. about 10% of the voters were undecided the day before yesterday when the last exit polls came out. the real thing here is that the voters we do know about seem to be neck and neck. we seem to have about the same
4:30 am
number of people voting yes and the same number of people vote nothing. the confusing part is the actual question which is not a very clear question. those voting no are voting no to a bailout and they're voting no to more austerity. let's take a listen to what a couple of voters had to say. >> translator: i believe yes should prevail. there is no other salvation. i hope things will improve. the situation right now is dramatic. >> translator: no matter what the outcome is, the measures will be harsh. we should try something different anyway. we've already tried one option. so let's try the other option now and let's see what happens. >> reporter: and so really people here are very polarized in terms of which way they're likely to vote. they're turning out in polling centers like this in large
4:31 am
numbers simply because what is at stake is really immense. they're trying to decide on greece's future in the eurozone and greece's political stance. there's going to be a lot of pressure on the government and the prime minister to do the same. if the vote wins, the government will go back to brussels and try to negotiate a better bailout for greece. but after months of negotiations it's difficult to see what that better deal would be likely to entail and how far they'd be able to get with the creditors. and of course this is all at a time when credibility between the country and it creditors is at the absolute lowest point we've seen in a very long time and the time that the banks have been shut for a week. what's going to happen with the banking sector and will banks will able to open any time soon?
4:32 am
>> even a yes vote and a deal doesn't guarantee solvency. >> for more on greece, an international relations expert and state department consultant on greece related issues. these polls really appear to be split at this point on this yes or no. it's unsure at this point, unclear which way this referendum is going to go. what do you think? which decision do you think is best for greece? >> well, on a personal level it seems that you've got a choice between bad and worse. but the bad one is the yes vote. to give greece opportunity and hope for some type of a viable future within the eurozone that would be predicated on hopefully the creditors offering massive debt relief to greece in exchange for deep massive structural reforms in the greek
4:33 am
dm economy. if you have a no vote, you really have an area of such profound mistrust between the creditors and the greek government. this has portrayed the german finance minister as a vampire literally sucking the blood from the necks of the greek voters for the last five years. there's been very little real debate in greece over the last week. it's a very polarized environment. even in the referendum itself the language is unclear and people aren't really sure what they're voting for or against. this is a very uncertain day with the neck and neck polling. >> and that vote of no could very well happen and the greek exit from the euro could become a real option here. if that happens, does greece return -- >> the european union is
4:34 am
america's fourth largest trading partner in the world. so if you have greece slipping out of the eurozone you have considerable viability of the euro as a currency. if that pushes the u.s. into a recession, it will hamper our ability to continue with whatever recovery we've had over the last five years. greece is the only country that borders on the middle east and africa where we're seeing all of these crises in recent months. if they revert, we see the possibility of a failed state in europe with tremendous poverty, misery, extraordinarily difficult chanllenges to overcome. and if we don't have structural reform in greece going forward, really a yes or a no vote will have very little difference in the future of the country.
4:35 am
ideal conditions are a yes vote and agreement for strong reforms in exchange for strong debt relief. >> thanks for your perspective. it's going to be interesting to see how this referendum turns out. >> thanks for having me. fighting over the flag. this week lawmakers will decide whether or not to remove the confederate symbol from state house grounds. could supporters convince them to keep the rebel flag waving? . about long-acting levemir®. as my diabetes changed, it got harder to control my blood sugar. today, i'm asking about levemir®. vo: levemir® is an injectable insulin that can give you blood sugar control for up to 24 hours. and levemir® helps lower your a1c. levemir® lasts 42 days without refrigeration. that's 50% longer than lantus®, which lasts 28 days. levemir® comes in flextouch, the latest in insulin pen technology from novo nordisk.
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. the fight against the confederate flag is raging on on
4:39 am
this fourth of july holiday weekend in south carolina. ahead of this week's vote on the future of the controversial flag, hundreds rallied at the state capital calling for its removal. ♪ and the rockets red glare ♪ the bombs bursting -- >> reporter: on the anniversary of america's independence, this large crowd faced one flag. >> i think this is marvelous. this is what true independence is all about. >> reporter: while crying for this one to be taken down. >> it's been a long time coming. this flag belongs in a museum. >> reporter: for opponents of the confederate flag, one that's flown on the south carolina state house grounds for decade, the division comes from a difference of opinion. members of the naacp once again made their case on what the bars and stars represent. >> it's kind of a stain on our state. the only thing it really
4:40 am
symbolizes is racism. >> it was put up to represent segregation. >> reporter: supporters have said it's a symbol of southern heritage. that's a viewpoint many here said they don't accept. >> to honor the dead who fought under that banner, to honor the terms of surrender, it compels one to fly the flag forever. >> reporter: the connection to dylann roof, the man charged with gunning down and killing nine people at the emanuel ame church. will south carolina lawmakers finally take action in the coming days? >> i'm coming here a lot. i'm driving by her a lot. i feel awful. i really would like to see it come down this week. that would be great. >> reporter: a feeling shared on this fourth of july. ♪ take it down, south carolina ♪ take it down, it's got to go
4:41 am
>> well, this weekend i spoke with contributor bacari sellers. we spoke about this con goiongo effort to take down the confederate flag. >> this has become a very tense debate. many legislators including the governor herself have been receiving threats throughout the country, throughout the south. many of my colleagues are ready for this debate to come and this flag to come down. we anticipate a day where we can finally lower the flag and place it in a museum where it belongs. that flag coming down is not the end of anything. it's the beginning of a long journey we have in south carolina for healing, reconciliation and moving our state forward. >> let's go to florida, dayton that beach. nascar is holding a voluntary flag exchange program. fans can swap their confederate
4:42 am
flag or any flag they choose for an american flag. but there are some who are vowing to bring the confederate flags no matter what. you see on friday the rebel flags waved high before a practice run at the daytona international speed way. a detention center now at the center of a federal investigation. but it's not the prison where two escaped killers broke out and remained on the run for weeks. coming up how a gained control of a baltimore city jail. rly go roam sleep in sleep out star gaze dream big wander more care less beat sunrise chase sunset do it all. on us. get your first month's payment plus five years wear and tear coverage. make the most of summer... with volvo.
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as former escapee david sweat recovkofcovers from his g wounds investigators are left to sort out what kind of relationship he and fellow escapee richard matt had with joyce mitchell. it appears that relationships even sexual ones between officers and inmates can and do happen behind bars. randi kaye has a disturbing story of sex drugs and major corruption at the baltimore city jail. >> reporter: before a sweeping investigation into the baltimore city detention center, the inmates seemed to be running the place. a deadly gang called the black gorilla family lorded over drugs and contraband at the baltimore city jail all over their leader.
4:47 am
so how was white and his gang able to gain such a strangle hold on the entire system? largely through seducing his female correctional officers into sexual relationships. according to the government, white even fathered five children with four different officers, all while behind bars. >> the sexual dynamic of the corruption was really important. and what the fbi thinks is that that was a way to establish power over these women, to build these relationships. they really had a playbook for how to use sex to ensure their dominance. >> reporter: this is one of those guards. tiffany linder seen here eight month into her pregnancy got into an argument with another guard who was also pregnant with white's baby. according to court documents she said did he tell you we were
4:48 am
having a son? the other guard responded don't give a [ bleep ] about that baby. that's your baby, not mine. we having one too. so what? up until this scandal broke wide open back in 2013, 75% of the jail's 650 corrections officers were women. and according to one inmate who was a witness for the government, up to three quarters of those female guard were involved in contraband smuggling and/or having sexual relationships with inmates. that all began to unravel when the fbi and other law enforcement began to investigate. >> they were able to tap the contraband cell phones that the gang members. >> reporter: -- were using. and build that case that way. >> reporter: the head of maryland's corrections department accepted responsibility when charges were first brought. and said people will be held
4:49 am
accountable according to the "washington post." more than 40 people were charged with racketeering including tavon white. and this past february he was sentenced to 12 years in prison. 24 correction officers were also found guilty including tiffany linder and three other women who were allegedly impregnated by white. >> for more on this, i want to bring in hln legal analyst and criminal defense attorney joey jackson. what the heck was going on inside that jail? how could this happen? how could this continue for so long without any of these officials finding out? >> sure. so say it's problematic is really an understatement. in my other life as a defense attorney i represent correction officers. and there are strict rules and guidelines administratively
4:50 am
concerning what they call undue familiarity with inmates. that has to that has to do with the communication with inmates whether you're inside the facility or outside the facility. no texting. no phone calls. nothing that could even be perceived as untoward or inappropriate. and the reason they have that is because oftentimes, and too much, it leads to this. to bigger things. where there's full-blown relationships that are established. where there's introduction of contraband into a facility. which are things that don't belong there. and ultimately the worst case scenario as you see there, pregnancy. so how it can happen, obviously people are asleep at the switch when it does happen. but there are rules in place to guard against it, nonetheless. >> okay. and here we go with the lawsuits. because multiple inplates and corrections officers were charged in this investigation. could there be civil suits from family members of the women who got pregnant by these inmates? >> you know, it's very difficult, i think, allison, to
4:51 am
make that claim. obviously if there were any civil suits it wouldn't be against the inmates. if you're working at the facility, then what do you do, sue your employer? again, there are so many guidelines here. and regulations concerning speaking to inmates. the nature of communication. texting. phone calling. dealing with family members. dealing with their friends. that i think institutions protect themselves so that you could say, look, you as an employee were on notice that you should not engage in this relationship so i think certainly while there could be suits against the actual, you know, facility, by these women who were impregnated, i think those suits are very difficult to overcome based an their participation and something that they know is inappropriate, improper, and presumably, illegal. >> and randi, of course, just reporting on baltimore. there were these alleged relationships going on between joyce mitchell and inmates richard matt and david sweat. knowing that jail corruption has
4:52 am
become a much bigger problem than maybe everybody realizes, how do you keep this from growing? >> sure. and you know, i think even in baltimore, what they ended up doing was they put together a task force, which included, of course, local officials, state officials, federal officials. and they went inside that jail. and it's about changing the culture of it. and you could relate baltimore and you could look at what was going on in dannemora, new york, relating to sweat, you know, and his escape, and inmate matt's escape and it's about changing the culture, the environment. how were these inmates supervised? who were they being supervised by? how many times are they being checked on? who is supervising the supervisors of the inmates? and so i think based upon, you know, a prison escape, based upon pregnancy, based upon drugs and other things inside the facility, i think authorities are watching and cracking down on this to prevent the worst of all possible scenarios. >> yes, i think eyes are really open now. joey jackson, thanks so much for coming on today. >> a pleasure, great to see you.
4:53 am
another combination in this war of words between two top presidential candidates on the gop side. jeb bush challenging donald trump on comments made about illegal immigrants. bush says that he's just plane wrong. trump calls out bush for being out of touch and more. you'll hear that at the top of the hour. plus, it's a big day for u.s. women's soccer. can they pull off their first world cup title in 16 years? we'll talk about it going live to vancouver, next. so this beauty can be yours and 10% financing.ment oh larry, lawrence. thanks to the tools and help at, i know i have a 798 fico score. [score alert text sound] [score alert text sound] oh. that's the sound of my interest rate going down. according to this score alert, my fico score just went up to 816. 816. 816! 816! fico scores are used in 90% of credit decisions. so get your credit swagger on. go to, become a member of experian credit tracker, and take charge of your score.
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the super bowl of women's soccer just hours away. and team usa is looking for payback against the team that beat them four years ago. >> yeah, but there are some people who are going just for a good time. they're just there for the party. coy wire, i dent know on which side of the line he sits there. if he's there for the game, if he's there for the party. or the match, rather. coy, a lot of excitement. >> a lot of excitement, guys. look vancouver is usually a 2 hour, 45 minute drive north of seattle. it took me and my producer over 5 hours to get here. thousands of fans have made the trip to see if team usa can win the women's world cup final for the first time since '99 and do what no other country has done, win a third women's world cup title. the americans are the favorites heading into tonight's match.
4:58 am
team usa has been on a mission. they've only given up one dwoel the entire tournament and they're peaking at just the right time. confidence is high on team usa. it's because they know what's on the line. listen. >> we've prepared our whole life to play in a world cup final. so, we're extremely excited, and i think what's so special about this team is that we've trusted each other. we've trusted our coaching staff the whole time. for me personally, i think it's an amazing opportunity for two great teams. and again, i don't look back. it's the opportunity for these players to have their legacy and write history. i think for both teams they want that. >> chance to make that history, guys. in just over 11 hours from now, kickoff is at 7:00 p.m. eastern. guys? >> so what do you think this is almost like a home game for americans? but how excited are people in vancouver, knowing this? >> people are pumped. including me. if i was only happier there would be two of me. it's a sea of red, white and blue here.
4:59 am
i checked out the fan zone yesterday. a lot of the fans we saw there, only two of them were wearing japan jerseys. such good energy and spirit for team usa. there were games, live music, food trucks. i even asked some of the fans to show me their best gold celebration and we had some good ones, including this fellow who channeled his inner brandi chastain. it was so much fun, guys. i hope they score lots of goals so we can see more celebrations like these. tickets for tonight's game sold out months ago. but there are some going on the secondary market. stubhub this morning a ticket of a face value of $165 was going for almost five grand. guys? >> wow, those fans are excited. >> yeah. >> and willing to pay. >> coy wire, thanks. we've got more news coming up next hour. >> yeah, it's starting in just a few moments. first as we head into the next hour, a look at july fourth fireworks from across the country. ♪
5:00 am
♪ good morning i'm alison kosik in for christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell always a pleasure to be with you. we're starting with this war of words this morning. >> between two gop presidential candidates. jeb bush is now offering his most aggressive comments yet on rival donald trump. mean time, trump is wasting no time in firing back at the former florida governor. this comes after trump made headlines calling immigrants from mexico racists. let's bring in


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