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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  July 6, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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it in. to do it all in the first 15 or so minutes, pretty amazing. coy wire thank you for joining us and we hope you get some rest too. the next hour of cnn "newsroom" begins right now. happening now in the "newsroom" -- >> i'm angry. i'm frustrated. and i'm frustrated and angry that we're here again talking about another senseless murder. >> a 7-year-old killed by mistake during a violent holiday weekend in chicago. >> i wish this on nobody. i wish this upon nobody heavenly father. >> even with more police patrolling the streets, dozens hurt another seven killed in shootings across the city. plus -- the confederate flag will it stay or will it go? heritage or hate? questions lawmakers in south carolina will begin debating today as they decide whether to remove the divisive symbol from in front of the state house.
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and critics say the clintons keep the media at arm's length, but using a rope to keep them away? really? let's talk in the cnn "newsroom." good monday morning. i'm ana cabrera in for carol costello. thanks so much for being with us. glad to have you here. and a string of violent shootings sweeping through the streets of chicago leaving seven people dead dozens more injured, and now this community is demanding answers after a 7-year-old boy was accidentally gunned down awaiting to watch fireworks. police say the bullet that struck and killed that little boy, amar'e brown, was intended to target his father a ranking gang member with more than 40 arrests on his record. now, over the weekend police ramped up patrols. officials say since friday they have recovered one illegal gun every hour and the city's top cop now calling for a fix to
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the, quote, broken system. >> we need some help here, folks. we have to fix this broken system. if you think putting more cops on the street would make a difference then take a look at the fact that we put a third more man power on the street for this weekend. what's the result? we're getting more guns. well that's great. it's not stopping the violence and it's not going to stop the violence until criminals are held accountable and something is done to stem the flow of these guns into our city. >> let's bring in cnn's ryan young from chicago. such a heartbreaking story here ryan. >> reporter: a heartbreaking story. people are still reacting to it. we just had a woman stop by our live shot. when we told her the numbers she had that reaction when is this going to stop? that's the question so many people are asking. we have to focus on the 7-year-old. amari brown. getting ready for the fireworks, but sadly and unfortunately he was shot in the chest and he was
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killed. now everyone here is starting to talk about the violence that seems to happen all the time not just during this holiday weekend but throughout the weeks here in chicago where violent gun violence is something people talk about. the fact that every hour since friday they have been able to get an illegal gun off the street shows the hard work of the police department but even the police department is saying they need more help from the community because obviously just getting the guns off the street and arresting people is not doing enough when you have gang violence spread throughout the city and, of course it's something the superintendent talked about very passionately just yesterday. >> last night 7-year-old amari brown was the unintended victim of a bullet that was meant for his father. his father is a ranking gang member with 45 previous arrests who is not cooperating with this investigation. he has had numerous and frequent encounters with the police, and as i said at this point he is not cooperating.
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>> reporter: so we've talked to people in the community who are very upset about this. reverends who walked out there and trying to help change things here. but you think about this 161 people killed in 151 days. people are pointing to the gun violence and asking for help and asking when this will end. >> wow. ryan young, thanks so much for joining us. now on sunday amari brown's family held a vigil and called on the boy's killer to turn themselves into police. listen. >> you might as well turn yourself in because this 7-year-old our family member did nothing to you. >> all of you all will be back out here next week on another corner filming the same thing from somebody else saying exactly what i'm saying. so i'm tired of doing news conferences and tired of listening to them and tired of talking about them. until we make a better decision as a community and as a city this is all that's going to happen. >> i want to bring in someone who knows this community well. pastor corey brooks of the new
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begins church of chicago. thanks so much for being with us pastor. have you had a chance to talk to a a amari brown's family? >> no, i have not. i have talked to some of the pastors trying to minister to that family but in the city of chicago there are a lot of families just like that going through the same issues today. >> we heard from that family friend in the last sound bite we played saying this is just going to continue to happen. it's already happened too many times. what is your take on how the community ended up in such a state? >> well we've had too many killings. there have been a lot of young people a lot of children who have been shot and killed and that's very unfortunate. one of the reasons why we're going through so much violence is consistently we keep telling people over and over we need options and opportunities in the inner cities of chicago, not just the inner cities of chicago but across america. we need options and opportunity. we need to have a better educational system for our young boys. we also need to have mentoring
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programs like project hood and steve harvey that offers mentoring programs. we have to do a better job of taking responsibility for our own neighborhoods. we can't continue to look for people to come in and save us. there's no superman to save the day and we have to take responsibility and start doing it ourselves. >> some have suggested, including the police superintendent that tougher mandatory sentencing for illegal gun possession might help curb the violence stiffer penalties might be a deterrent. others said that could unfairly end up targeting african-american communities. what do you think? >> well chicago has some of the toughest gun laws in america, and i think tougher gun laws are not the wherewithal to save all -- deliver us from all the issues we're facing. i think we have to have a better economic base. we have to have a better educational base. we have to do more in our communities to help these young black men before they reach the ages of 17 and 18. we've got to do a lot more investing into their lives and hopefully we can turn things
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around. i'm one of those who believes things can get better that they don't have to get worse, and that we can do a better job in investing in our young people. >> reverend corey brooks you're bringing some optimism to what seems like a dire situation. thank you for your time. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> good luck to you and the others working hard in that community. the so-called deadline for a final deal on iran's nuclear program is now just one day away. the u.s. and it's western allies are there trying for a plan that would prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. but after all these talks have been going on and with time running out, the secretary of state john kerry just told reporters in vienna that a deal or no deal could still go either way. >> if we don't have a deal if there's absolute intransigence, if there's an unwillingness to move on the things that are important, president obama has always said we'll be prepared to walk away. it's not what anybody wants. we want to get an agreement. >> there's obviously a lot at stake in this situation.
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elise labott is joining us from washington. elise, what's the latest you're hearing? >> ana, the talks are continuing. the ministers that had left for the weekend have started to trickle back in and now they're all meeting together not with iran but i think trying to get their bottom lines and their negotiating positions together. really it's been secretary of state john kerry with the iranian foreign minister zarif doing most of the negotiating, but as the talks reach their end game the new self-imposed deadline is tomorrow. it's very possible that they could make some progress now that all the ministers are there, but you have seen over the last couple of days that they're kind of cheating the deadline and saying that that's not really a deadline. we could work a little past that. >> right. we're hearing that in their view it's an artificial deadline sort of more of a goal but not the hard deadline. elise, we also hear officials are hinting that maybe if they get a deal here on the nuclear
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program, they might be able to find some kind of a deal or compromise on other issues like syria. >> reporter: well, the iranian deputy foreign minister spoke exclusively with fred pleitgen and said if we see a positive attitude from the united states from other countries at the table, it could help with further developments in the region. he wasn't clear on what that meant but you have seen officials from the iranian side hint this over the last couple weeks, that the iranians hope that a new deal will help a new spirit in the region and help cooperation, but i think it's really important to note that even though these officials are saying it the supreme leader, who really has the ultimate say on iranian foreign policy has made pretty clear over the last several months that he doesn't see it that way, that this is a nuclear deal and then they will start to talk about other things in the region. so i kind of thing this is a little bit of posturing by the
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iranian side. they want to gain some leverage and say if you make a deal this could help in the other region, but the state department has put out a few reports in the last couple of weeks on human rights on terror. it's pretty clear that they think iranian activity on a whole bunch of things in the region has not changed as a result of any of this engagement for the west over the nuclear negotiations. >> just quickly, elise, any word on when we might know something more? >> reporter: i think you'll hear something in the next 24 to 36 hours about whether they think a deal will be necessary at this time. you do see secretary kerry, the iranians and the europeans say that it's not the end -- it's not the end of the world if they miss that congressional deadline on thursday and start negotiating for another couple of days. i think it's more important to get a good deal than rush to get a deal just by the deadline ana. >> all right elise labott monitoring the talks from washington. our thanks to you. coming up later in the show, we'll talk with general spider marks about whether any deal is
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better than no deal at all. this hour lawmakers in south carolina are debating whether it's time to take down the confederate battle flag from the capitol grounds. a discussion that would have been unthinkable perhaps before the tragedy in charleston, but will a few politicians stand in the way of removing this flag? we'll discuss next.
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it's a big day in south carolina because as we speak lawmakers began debating the fate of the confederate flag that still stands on the state capitol grounds. this is the bill that could change history, calling for the flag to be taken down and essentially put in a museum. large rallies, both for and
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against the flag have drawn hundreds of people. this was over the weekend across the south, specifically protests in arkansas is what you're seeing here but south carolina as you know has been ground zero on this issue. will the flag that flies in front of the capitol come down? and this week we could find out the answer. cnn's nick valencia is live at the state capitol and is going to join us now to fill us in on what's happening right now. >> reporter: good morning, ana. the session has yet to get under way. we expected it to start about 10:00 a.m. but officially it has not started. what we expect to happen today is state lawmakers here at the capitol in south carolina will begin debate on whether or not to permanently remove this confederate si battle flag that's been flying here for 15 qulers. years. it was moved 50 or so yards in front of the front steps of the capitol. we're told by a former representative that what we expect to happen today, the senate will debate the merits of
7:17 am
the bill while the house may wait for that senate bill to come to them and perhaps engage in debate of whether or not there will be testimony about this bill or if it will go straight to the floor. now, what needs to happen in order for the flag to be removed, it needs a two-thirds majority vote in both chambers of the state's general assembly. a survey taken by "the post and courier" last week suggested there were enough votes for it to happen. today it's anyone's guess. no doubt this has been a polarizing issue, without question. some people see the flag as a representation of southern heritage. others simply see it as a sign and symbol of racism and hatred. ana? >> nick valencia reporting in columbia south carolina. our thanks to you. here is what carolina state senator marlon kimpson told us last year in regards to his fellow lawmakers receiving death threats. >> i have not received any death threats.
7:18 am
most of the e-mails and the calls i have gotten are in support of the removal of the battle flag from in front of the state house, but i have been involved that they are credible physical violent threats and death threats and our appropriate law enforcement authorities are investigating them. >> bakari sellers is joining me a cnn contributor and former state representative. thank for being with us. first, your reaction to the alleged death threats. are you hearing from other lawmakers on this? >> well i am. i have been hearing from fellow lawmakers, but we're in good hands with chief mark hill. they're investigating each and every one of those threats thoroughly. i'm asking the lawmakers on both sides to be prayerful and be as safe as possible. >> are the threats coming from supporters of keeping the flag or removing the flag? >> well, from what i understand i mean the tension is high in regards to taking this flag
7:19 am
down. the animus is building and july 18th right here behind me you're going to have a rally of the kkk. so this debate is turning ugly. what i hope my fellow former colleagues are able to do in there is become centered and remain prayerful, of course and let's vote to take this flag down. we have to remember this week some lawmakers will lose their jobs. this vote will take fortitude. it will take courage. there are going to be some that go home to their district after they vote to take this flag down and they may not be coming back after their next republican primary. >> what's your sense? is this going to pass? >> well i am a child of the civil rights movement and we've been fighting for changes throughout the south for a long period of time and so i remain cautiously optimistic. one thing that cannot happen one thing we do not want to see happen is that south carolina tells the world that the confederate flag is going to come down and then when the votes come in it's not enough
7:20 am
to do so. that will be a sad day in our state's history. again, this is not the end of any journey, it's just the beginning, so we'll literally have to sit back and watch, wait and see. >> i know this weekend you told cnn that you will breathe a sigh of relief when the flag is removed, but that really is not the end of anything. actually could be the beginning of a long journey. explain. >> well in south carolina we have what's known as a corridor of shame. it's along the i-95 corridor where kids go to school where heating and air conditioning don't work the infrastructure is falling apart. the schools trap many kids of color, and they don't get the same opportunities for success simply because of their zip code. we have to begin to have that dialogue. we have places in south carolina where if you have a heart attack that is a death sentence because you don't have access to quality health care. many of these places are where persons of color live. we have a stroke belt where you're predisposed to preventable diseases such as strokes and cardiovascular diseases and sufficient.
7:21 am
so so we have to talk with each other with a level of empathy and compassion. hopefully we can begin to have honest dialogue about how to move our state forward into the 21st century. this flag represents a lot. to some of us hate to some of us heritage but at the end of the day it's a larger discussion about race we have to have not only in south carolina but in the united states of america. >> as you mention the flag is a symbol that means different things to different people. i wonder what your take is on this new cnn/orc poll that came out the end of last week that essentially show that is the majority of americans still see the flag as representing southern pride rather than racism. 57% to 33%. what do you think about that? >> well, when i see the confederate flag i remember that this war was fought so that my ancestors would still be in shackles today. we just can't forget that slavery happened in this country. when i see this flag behind me, i remember that it went up in 1961. it went up as a result of some revolt to the civil rights progress and the progress we were making for equal rights in
7:22 am
the south. so i know why that flag is there. for me and many people like myself dylann roof did not shoot people with that flag per se but it gives him a banner under which to justify his actions. there's a big ground swell of support. there's many groups who want this to come down and now nascar. so we see this ground swell of support. the momentum is building and we'll just have to see if the economics, the momentum, the grassroots efforts all pay off layer this week. >> we'll be watching. bakari sellers, thank you so much. republicans hoped their outreach to minorities would pay dividends for 2016 but one candidate may be single handedly torpedoing those hopes. and the love/hate relationship between hillary clinton and reporters might just be hitting a new low after some were corralled literally at a parade over the weekend.
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markets a little rattled this morning by greece's no vote. u.s. stocks are down about 70 points. european stocks falling as well after greece rejected the bailout offer that was offered, and this happened last night. so what exactly does it mean for you and your money. chief business correspondent christine romans is following the story for us this morning. should americans be worried? >> reporter: you know anytime you have a modern economy where you can't go to the bank and get money or there are limits to your money or your atm card doesn't work or your credit cards are shut down that's just a terrible thing for greek citizens and it's not really good for anybody. when you look at the stock market you can see that right
7:28 am
there next to you, down 65 points. it could have been a lot worse. europe pen european markets were down much more than that. u.s. markets have limited exposure to greek debt. the exposure comes if the eurozone becomes unglued and greece leaves the eurozone. that would be a really big problem and the markets are telling us they don't think that is going to happen quite yet. the second way it matters to your money, ana, quite frankly if you're an american traveler to europe everything is getting cheaper because the dollar is strong and the euro is weak. as the euro comes unglued, it's making the dollar stronger. the third way it could effect your money is if all this turmoil with the eurozone, america's largest trading partner, by the way, if turmoil
7:29 am
in greece spreads throug the eurozone, the euro gets crushed the dollar is strong and the federal reserve decides to delay raising interest rates. you wouldn't see a rate hike this fall. those are the ways that for americans the three ways for americans that they really feel what's happening in greece. >> since greece is so weak seemingly, if it were to leave the eurozone couldn't that have a positive effect on the euro by chance? >> well, you know the big concern -- you're right that greece is very weak and in a terrible position. it needs money to pay its bills. 50% of greek families all of their income comes from a check from the government. so greece is literally supporting half of its population. if greece were to leave the eurozone eurozone, what would happen to some of the other weak partners, they call them the peripheral countries, other countries with a lot of debt italy and spain and portugal. would they want to leave the eurozone? they have taken harsh medicine with their bailouts. would it further destabilize
7:30 am
europe and what would happen? that uncertainty is something none of the leaders in europe want to see play out. >> christine romans, thanks for making it simplified for us. >> i hope it helped. hello as we roll into the back half of the hour. i'm ana cabrera into for carol costello. thanks for being here. we turn to the race for the white house in 2016. it's getting more and more interesting. donald trump, the man who everyone is talking about these days especially because of the recent comments on immigration is number two in the recent cnn/orc poll this despite what he has said about mexicans using words like rapists and murderers. and now jeb bush, who is leading the pack says trump does not reflect the views of republicans. take a listen. >> this is a guy who was a democrat for most of the last decade. i don't think he represents the republican party, and his views are way out of the mainstream of
7:31 am
what republicans think. no one suggests that we shouldn't control our borders. i mean everybody has a belief we should control our borders, but to make these extraordinarily ugly kind of comments is not reflective of the republican party. trump is wrong on this. >> all right. let's bring in sally combs, cnn political commentator and ron christie the former special assistance to george w. bush. ron, we have heard from ted cruz rick santorum coming to trump's defense saying he has a point. then you have jeb bush speaking strongly against some of those comments that trump has made. are we seeing a big rift now happening with the gop? >> i don't think so ana. i think what you see here is one individual trump, who is number two in some of the polls, who represents a certain element of people who are tired of the business as usual politicians. i think what governor bush had to say was exactly right. not all mexicans are racist. not all mexicans are here illegally. not all mexicans are out to do bad things and so to suggest, as trump has, that you can sort
7:32 am
of paint an entire wide brush of one people one way i think is wrong. and i think more republicans should stand up and say that's wrong. >> we are starting to see a few more republicans come out, but it's taken a while sally, for people to come out on this issue of immigration and this is at a time when we know minorities are a key voting bloc. >> look i mean while i appreciate ron's attempts to paint this as a minor position within both the republican candidates and republican voters look you can see from the poll there's no doubt this reflects a current within the republican party, and it is a dangerous and destructive one vis-a-vis actually trying to engage the majority of the american people as an electorate and also vis-a-vis trying to engage common decency, rationality, and fact. it's troubling we have major parties, major candidates that are resorting to such anti-immigrant bigotry in 2015. >> not just anti-immigrant but in some respects anti-mexican
7:33 am
like the comments that trump made. >> but that was trump. i think the real problem is we have an incoherent united states immigration policy. the united states for a dozen years or more we've let a lot of people in from some countries where they can come here legally. we've restricted some from others. i think what the united states needs is a strategic coherent national security immigration policy reform and i think that sally, is where a lot of americans are coming from. >> that's a great perspective. in fact we had a very comprehensive bipartisan proposal for immigration reform supported by many of the republican candidates who then backtracked on it to play to the anti-immigrant xenophobic wing of the party. there was a plan the president supported it. before that george w. bush supported it and republicans have walked away from sensible immigration reform which would secure the borders, yes, but also make it safe for immigrants to be part of our economy and also speak up when there is crime. right now 47% of latino immigrants report they're afraid to report possible criminal activity to the police because
7:34 am
they fear repercussions for their own immigration status. we had a plan republicans backed away from it in order to play to xenophobia on the spring of their party for votes. that is the problem. >> i want to move on to another issue since we have a short segment here. it's not just republicans who are taking criticism this weekend. also hillary clinton after what she did in new hampshire, her camp did in setting up this rope to keep the media at a distance from hillary clinton, and, of course this sort of feeds into the dialogue and the reputation that the clintons have of trying to isolate themselves not answering questions. sally, you're cringing. >> this is awful. it's just awful. it was like the optics of it i mean it took press wrangling to a whole new level, right? there's a sort of rhetoric in campaigns of you wrangle the press,s you corral the press. did no one think in this day and age in a world that is visual
7:35 am
where snapchat and instagram and all these things these things can go immediately -- not to mention these people are actually obviously holding television cameras, that this would be a metaphorical and visual and literal nate mare. it is a problem. i'm not a big fan of the hillary campaign nor hillary clinton as a candidate per se and i think that this is -- but they also are their own worst enemies. let yourself -- she is a seasoned politician. she should be able to defend herself to the press. >> and to her defense, her camp has come out and said it wasn't against -- nothing against the media, it was more to make sure that voters could get in front of clinton and have interaction. >> this is something my friend and i total agree on. there is no excuse. they clearly weren't thinking. you probably had some press advance aides saying let's keep the press away from her. no if you want to be open and accessible this is new hampshire where people are used to retail politicians coming in shaking hands, interacting, it made her look aloof, made her look detached arrogant made
7:36 am
her look bad. >> sally, what does she need to do to fix this? >> start giving interviews. start being available. you could -- you know the press are generally well behaved people i find and respectful and sort of appreciate. say, all right, for the first 20 minutes, she's available and then let's respect the ability for her to be around the voters and interact with the voters and whatever. we see this -- politicians march in parades all the time. we find that balance. i'm sure the campaign if they tried could find it. >> sally kohn ron christie thank you so much. a bad deal with iran better than no deal at all and what if the u.s. can't seal the deal? what's next? we'll talk about it ahead. when account lead craig wilson books at he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can settle in and practice his big pitch. and when craig gets his pitch down pat, do you know what he becomes? great proposal! let's talk more over golf!
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for over 60,000 california foster children, having necessary school supplies can mean the difference between success and failure. the day i start, i'm already behind. i never know what i'm gonna need. new school new classes, new kids. it's hard starting over. to help, sleep train is collecting school supplies for local foster children. bring your gift to any sleep train and help a foster child start the school year right. not everyone can be a foster parent but anyone can help a foster child. this morning with the clock
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ticking toward that deadline for a nuclear deal with iran, secretary of state john kerry and his iran foreign minister counterpart have been negotiating but some major points of this deal like u.n. sanctions on iran's ballistic missile program, still haven't been resolved. let's bring in major general james "spider" marks. in your opinion is any deal better than no deal? >> well, ana, good morning. no it's not, absolutely not. when we've seen this in the past let's use north korea as an example, back in ape 9'94 the clinton administration struck a deal and it took less than 20 meals and north korea broke out. they are now a muk lar power and they are aggressively pursuing missile development technology so they can deliver the nukes elsewhere. that's the evidence. many proclaim that was a good deal because it delayed the amount of time it took for north
7:42 am
korea. a nuclear north korea is not a good deal. a nuclear iran under these circumstances where we feel rushed is not a goods deal and there are no sanctions relative to their missile technology. weaver in the same boat and we should use that as an example and be cautious. >> benjamin netanyahu is not a fan of the deal period and his latest comment this morning says quote, this deal will pave iran's path to a nuclear arsenal. is that a legitimate worry? >> oh absolutely. there's no reason to believe that what he is saying is not within the realm of possibility. clearly the only reason any type of a regime a nuclear regime, works with iran is if there's total transparency which means inspections, routine inspections, specific deliverables and time lines. ana, you have to have time lines where you can routinely walk in there, iran has to deliver the goods, there has to be some
7:43 am
inspections. you can't allow to have a deal struck and then have kind of a breakout period that allows iran to develop in some degree of secrecy its capabilities. that's the concern and there's no reason not to believe that, you know certainly israel has the most to lose but there's certainly no reason not to believe that that's a legitimate concern. >> critics of the negotiations say that iran just can't be trusted. do you think iran is going to stick to its side of the deal assuming a deal does go through? >> well, you know most nations -- all nations exercise and work in their national interests, so there's not a lot of self limitation there. so iran feels like it is in a position where it can expand itself its influence is great. it's working aggressively through proxies in the region. that's the big concern for the middle east right now. we focus like a demon on the islamic state and we should different topic, but behind all
7:44 am
of that and all the attention the world is paying to the islamic state, iran is working feverishly on trying to create this nuclear capability and there's no reason because we don't have a history of being able to influence those actions that there's going to be anything other than self interest being maintained from tehran. >> and very quickly, last question you know, what happens if there is no deal? what's next? is there going to be military action of some kind? >> oh no. we're at the status quo right now. what that means is we continue to do very very solid intelligence work with partners in the region with international partners to ensure that absent a deal that allows us to get that information openly and transparently, we can get it through intelligence means to maintain a very clear picture and in our estimate a very clear picture of what that looks like. would that lead to military action? i'm not certain. there could be an inevitability but what we have to do is maintain a very strong intelligence collection posture against iran. >> all right. general james "spider" marks,
7:45 am
our thanks to you. we appreciate your time. >> thanks ana. david sweat spent more than three weeks evading police in rural new york. in his new home the escaped killer will only get one hour outside a very small cell. we'll talk about where he is now and why police are keeping an extra close eye on him. that's amazing. it's amazing. this is amazing. that's amazing! real people are discovering surprising things at chevy. we're sold. it's so pretty. they're good-looking cars.
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one month after he escaped from prison convicted murderer david sweat is now out of the hospital and back behind bars. he is on suicide watch at a maximum security facility some 250 miles now from the clinton correctional facility where he escaped. police shot and wounded sweat near the canadian border last sunday and he spent a whole week in the hospital. boris sanchez is joining me with more on what's next for this convicted killer. >> reporter: good morning, ana. after 22 days on the run, david
7:50 am
sweat was captured last sunday. yesterday at 3:00 a.m. he was transferred from an albany hospital to the five points correctional facility in romulus, new york. as you mentioned, that's about 250 miles from the clinton correctional facility. it's a much newer prison built in 2000. clinton correctional was built 170 years ago. it's a maximum security prison housing almost 1,300 inmates with a staff of about 511 people. now, after sweat passes that suicide watch that you mentioned, he's going to be moved to a special housing unit inside the prison. solitary confinement essentially where all he will have in his cell is a bed, a toilet a sink a table to write on and a facility controlled shower. he'll also be under surveillance confined to that cell 23 hours a day. tough to imagine he will plot another escape under those conditions. >> and to think the life that he was living before his escape and how better it was. >> right. on the honor block where he can
7:51 am
cook for himself and go about seemingly almost as he pleased. >> and now solitary confinement. thank you so much. now checking some of our other top stories this morning. pope francis is continuing his tour of ecuador. it's part of an eight-day tour of south america, and after ecuador he's expected to visit bolivia and paraguay. he's from argentina but no plans to stop there. walmart employees in brill bristol, oklahoma are stunned. $75,000 just disappeared before their eyes. the man seen here convinced employees that he was simply there to collect the store's bank deposit and the employees believed him and turned it over. he didn't even threaten them with a weapon or anything like that. the fbi is searching for the suspect. in england all the attention back on the royal family. several thousand royal watchers turning out for the christening of princess charlotte. inside the church it was just a small private service attended by the duke and duchess of
7:52 am
cambridge, prince george and only a handful of close friends and family. princess charlotte by the way is now fourth in line to the throne. and take a look at this you're looking at images of white humpback whales, some of the rarest whales in the world. they were spotted off the coast of new zealand during the conservation department's annual whale survey. it could be a sign the white hump backs are finally recovering after nearly being wiped off the planet. well it was no doubt a night to remember for usa women's national soccer team and by the end there was no question about the game's mvp. stay with us. [alarms blaring] ohhhhh... whoa whoa whoa! who's responsible for this?!? if something goes wrong, you find a scapegoat. ...rick.
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they've given us the tools that we need to become more efficient and bottom line save more money. together, we're building a better california. it's official team usa is the best in the world. the usa women's soccer team is now bringing home the world cup,
7:57 am
capping off last night's historic win back-to-back, record-breaking moments. for starters no other country in history has ever won three women's world cup titles and now team usa can say it has. but the last time it did it was in 1999. so this is also kind of a big deal because it's been so long. cnn correspondent coy wire is in vancouver. coy, what a game. >> reporter: what a game indeed. good morning ana. american soccer has a new household name carli lloyd. we can put her name besides the names of abbey wambaugh. she scored a hat trick. three goals in one game against japan who only allowed three goals the entire tournament up to that point. a true inspiration, carli lloyd.
7:58 am
>> i have put my head down gone to work work hard. i do all the right things on and off the field and just want to be a good role model to all the young kids and boys out there as well just to teach them the importance of doing all the right things in order to accomplish your dreams. >> reporter: now, the u.s. fans were ecstatic including president obama who tweeted a shout out to the world cup champs. he said what a win for team usa. great game carli lloyd, your country is so proud of all of you. come visit the white house with the world cup soon. how about that tweet, ana? the u.s. team also having a blast last night. check out this tweet from their official twitter account. they're now lobbying the federal reserve it appears. they want carli lloyd and hope solo's faces on the $10 and $1 bills rightfully so because those two were money all tournament long. the passion was palpable.
7:59 am
i tell you, it's going to continue for quite some time. certainly through tuesday when team usa is going to celebrate their championship with fans at a rally in los angeles. truly an incredible time in u.s. sports history. ana? >> great for u.s. soccer great for women's sports all this attention on such an exciting game. and coy, i know the other big headline today is the williams sisters duking it out again at wimbledon, and they just wrapped up their match. who came out on top? >> reporter: yes, and you mentioned a great moment in women's sports. we'd be remiss if we didn't mention how incredible the story of these two sisters is. coming into the match, the williams' sisters had met 25 times over the course of their illustrious careers and statistically they have been each other's most formidable foes. venus won the last meeting back in august but it was serena who reigned victorious in wimbledon in straight sets 6-4, 6-3. that's won both grand slam tournaments this year and she's on her way to attaining that
8:00 am
elusive calendar grand slam ana. >> we hope we don't jinx if for her, coy wire thank you so much for joining us. and thanks to all of you for being here today on this monday. i'm anna cabrera, great to have you with us. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts right now. a little boy shot and killed while celebrating the fourth of july. one of seven people murdered dozens injured in a gruesome weekend in just one city. this morning there's a fresh round of finger pointing as to who is to blame. the confederate flag, will they bring it down or keep it flying? south carolina lawmakers are debating the issue right now about removing the flag from capitol grounds. and then fears of chaos in the world markets. greek voters tell europe to take their bailout and shove it. so what does that mean for your wallet and your 401(k)?


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