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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  July 7, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the other side and not make eye contact? well that is a person just like you. the question is can you do this? i didn't really give him his due there. that's former marine donald gould who fell on hard times since his return from service. he can play everything from bach to stix. millions of people have seen it. the only one he wants to see it his estranged son. everyone has value, homeless or not. remember that. >> maybe his son will hear this and reconnect. let's turnover to the "newsroom." >> "newsroom" starts now. happening now in the newsroom cosby and quaaludes. >> complete validation across the board from all of us complete validation. >> a bombshell admission revealed in the middle of the
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ongoing sexual assault scandal. she meets me backstage, he says. i give her quaaludes. we then have sex. what newly released documents are telling us about those drugs and what cosby says he wanted to do with them. also the confederate flag has been flying at south carolina's state capital since 1961. now, it could be hours from coming down. but will lawmakers vote to remove it? plus shocking video, another football player gets violent off the field. and it's all caught on camera. what his lawyer is saying about the incident. let's talk in the cnn "newsroom." good morning and thanks for being here. i'm ana cabrera in for carol costello. we are following several big stories this morning. the deadline extended yet again
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in the iran nuclear talks. they now have ood fridayuntil friday. plus greece under pressure. can the country come up with a plan to avoid economic meltdown? we're watching the latest over there and how markets are reacting here. first, thoseref lags refulation -- revelations that everyone is talking about this morning. bill cosby, once known as america's favorite tv dad, now admitting under oath that he acquired drugged to give to women with whom he wanted to have sex. but he didn't actually admit to drugging any of them. this is all coming from court documents from ten years ago when comedian was facing a civil lawsuit for sexual assault. since then more than 25 women have accused the 77-year-old of assault or rape and have come forward publicly. but the median has never faced criminal charges. he has strongly and repeatedly
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denied all of the allegations. so far cosby and his attorneys are not commenting on these new revelations. but some of his accusers are. former supermodel beverly johnson spoke to cnn just hast hour last hour with her reaction. >> i think it's a time that the healing can begin and also forgiveness, but also a message of women using their voice. >> yeah. >> when it's necessary. >> let's bring in sarah ganim now with more on the details of this case. i know you've read through a lot of these documents. >> yeah. this is really fascinating. this is first of all his first version of the story that he's told. but in many of the cases of the women who have accused him they didn't just accuse him of sexual assault. they also said they believed they were drugged. they remember cosby making them a drink, giving it to them
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before they felt they were incapacitated. after years of him denying everything this is the first time we're hearing him admit to anything. a bombshell in the ongoing cosby sexual assault controversy shockingly revealed in his own words. the admission surfacing in newly unsealed court documents. the embattled comedian testifying under oath that in 2005 he had obtained seven prescriptions of quaaludes, a powerful hypnotic and sedative. admitting his intent to drug young women he wanted to have sex with. his confession testimony from a civil lawsuit filed by andrea constand a former erer erer temple university employee that was settled in 2006. in the deposition the plaintiff's attorney questioning the now 77-year-old cosby. question when you got the quaaludes, was it in your minds that you were going to use these quaaludes for young women that you wanted to have sex with? cosby answering, yes.
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you gave them to other people? yes. when the attorney goes on to ask him did you ever give any of those women quaaludes without their knowledge, cosby's lawyer objects, telling him not to answer the question. the woman in that case accusing cosby of drugging and molesting her, giving her threw blue pills. the documents also includes cosby's recollection of a '70s encount we are a woman in las vegas. she meets me backstage, he says. i give her quaaludes, we then have sex. according to the newly released court documents cosby's lawyers insisting that two of the accusers were aware that they were taking quaaludes from the comedian. over the past 40 years more than 25 women have publicly alleged that cosby raped or assaulted them. >> it was very powerful. it came on very quickly. the room started to spin. at that point, i knew he had drugged me. >> but cosby, who starred as the
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lovable dr. cliff huxtabl on the cosby show has denied molesting these women and has never criminally been charged. one of the accusers calls the revelations a game changer. >> i think we're going to be heard now. and i think this is just the beginning. >> now, bill cosby thought the release of these court documents. he said they would be embarrassing to him. his attorney of course not commenting this morning. but, you know, ana, the associated press fought this. they said they should be released. they were part of actually motions that had chunks of this deposition in it. part of the reason that the judge released them was because he's been fighting back so much. he's been saying no i'm being defamed, right? and the judge said look if you're going to defend yourself this should be released.
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now, the other part of that is what comes next. it's very unlikely that as shocking as this is that this could lead to criminal charges or other kind of civil litigation. the statute has run out in many of these cases, almost all of them. but there are women who are fighting back in a more creative way. they are suing him for definition for denying that he did this. >> thanks so much sarah ganim. later this hour i'll speak with gloria alred who's representing more than a dozen of cosby's accusers. and one of the accusers is going to join us to discuss these latest revelations. the u.s. doubling down and preparing for a lounge haul. in a rare visual it to the pentagon president obama warned that the fight against this terror group is going on the an ongoing campaign. >> this will not be quick.
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this is a long-term campaign. isil is opportunitystic and it is nimble. it's dug in among innocent populations. it will take time to root them out. and doing so must be the job of local forces on the ground with training and air support from our coalition. >> despite some admitted set backs there, the president says coalition forces continue to target the heart of isis going after the group's money and its leaders in both syria and iraq and now we're learning in other places as well. we are expected the pentagon chiefs to reiterate the message in front of senate lawmakers. we'll be listening for anything new from them. but right now i want to bring in barbara star with more.
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>> good morning. the president was very clear in his view in the view of his military commanders it will be a very long campaign to deal with isis in syria, in iraq in newly emerging areas in north africa like tunz yaisia and libya. we have seen a pick up in the air strikes over area in recent days. on july 4th alone some 18 air strikes concentrated around raqqa, a city in northern syrias that isis's self-declared capital, if you will the real heart land of isis's strength. very unusual to go after that with such a heavy bombardment. the u.s. making that effort. it really goes to the question of what is coming next in syria. it's one of the things the president talked about here at the pentagon. >> in syria, the only way the civil war will end and in a way so that the syrian people can
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unite against isil is an inclusive political transition to a new government without bashar al assad. >> very difficult if they could gets a assad out of power, could it unite against the isis strongholds in syria, that would be a key step on the ground to getting isis out of syria and really pushing them back. but admittedly a very difficult proposition. >> barbara star thank you so much. so as the u.s. ramped up this fight against isis, some lawmakers are slamming the president's strategy. listen. >> i sense more resolve from him, a more realistic view but i'm concerned that he doesn't have a strategy. he talked about some tactics, but in a topical way. but i didn't sense that he had really rock solid strategy on
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how to deal with this and defeat it nostt just in iraq but across the globe. >> joining me now to discuss all of this former homeland security secretary tom ridge. you just heard from congressman. what's your assessment of how the u.s. strategy is working against isis? >> first of all, i think we have to go back a year plus and remember that the president with great disdain said this is just a jv team and we shouldn't be worried about them. then i think it was last august the president said well we need a strategy. and a couple of weeks ago he said we that need a comprehensive strategy. i think we're all waiting to figure out what the strategy is. the fact of the matter is the president is somewhat condemned by his own word. this jv team has 50% of the territory in syria.
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we saw the at tros teeroscityies in syria and in tunisia. i think it's pretty clear there is no strategy in this whack a mole approach clearly is not working. by their owned a mission they're expanded their reach. and we continue to do the same thing over and over again with air strikes. >> it does seem like the coalition has made some progress. more than 5,000 air strikes have happened. they've taken out thousands of positions, military equipment as well. they've been able to kill some of isis's leadership. in your mind what does success actually look like? >> first of all, i think we are kind of seeing some motion in
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terms of air strikes. but at the end of the day, i don't believe too many military commanders, even his team over in the pentagon who i think also recommended that we keep forces in iraq rather than withdraw them to prevent the rise of isil. but i don't think there are too many military commanders in this country or elsewhere who think you're going to destroy isil without ground troops. experienced, well trained, well equipped ground troops. so you can celebrate successful air strikes knocking out tanks, vehicles, et cetera. but you really have not done much to limit their capability. you've done absolutely nothing to destroy their reach as they expand globally. i think the president has to be much more assertive. and he talks about a coalition. other than coalition around air strikes there doesn't appear to be much on the ground. you see some really significant
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mel tearar military capability in egypt, jordan -- a pretty significant list. why the president has not engaged them to be a part of the on the ground effort in their neighborhood is a mystery to me. i think that's one of the areas that hopefully will be probed today during these congressional hearings. why are we not leading a coalition that includes troops and equipment from the neighborhood? that because that's where the instability is and the chaos is. and they have to contribute to the defeat of isil. how concerned ed >> how concerned should americans be here at home? because the president addressed the issue of lone wolves. >> we've made it harder for terrorists to carry out large scale attacks like 9/11 here at home. but the threat of lone wolves or small cells of terrorists is
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harder to detect and harder to prevent. >> we know just since the beginning of this year at least 49 people have been arrested for suspected ties to isis right here in america. how concerned should we be? >> i think on this matter the president's assessment is accurate. i do think it's encouplekumcouple -- incumbent to work -- we were worried about americans and westerners going to syria and iraq and being trained and bringing that training back here to the united states. but we've seen with the incriminate attacks, it lends itself to that lone wolf about which the president speaks. that's the reason the fbi has become much more aggressive over the past couple of months trying
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to identify these individuals. that's why it's very important on the neighbors of these individuals and the muslim community in the united states and elsewhere to keep their ear to the ground and if they detect the possibility of attack they must immediately give local law enforcement or the fbi some notice. >> thank you so much. we appreciate your expertise. >> good talking with you. be sure to stay with us. we are expecting that senate hearing with defense secretary ash carter and martin dempsey to begin in less than 30 minutes. we'll continue to monitor that. still to come it's not over. so much for another deadline. iran nuke talks will continue for a few more days. are we really any closer to a deal? if you misplaced your discover card you can now use freeze it to prevent new purchases on your account in seconds. and once you find it you can switch it right on again. you're back! freeze it, only from discover. get it at
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the u.s. iran and five other world powers have been racing to try to secure a final agreement. but continued disputes over arms embargoes in iran's ballistic missile program -- nick robertson is joining us live in vienna austria with the latest. >> reporter: we're getting a few more details. there have been a lot of high level meetings between the foreign ministers of russia china, britain, france and germany. and of course john kerry in there as well. we're beginning to get a read out from these meetings. a senior advisor has said they are making progress on every issue, but these remain highly technical issue. that the state department is nor interested in the quality of the deal than the clock at the moment. that's why there's an extra couple of days being added on
6:22 am
until friday to get this deal. the u.n. foreign policy chief described how they are touching on tough issues. >> we always knew it was going to be difficult. but we are continuing to work to finalize the agreement. so i'm saying in the next hours, couple of days that's what we're doing, using the time we have in a flexible way, knowing that we have to do it in this -- i came here sunday saying the time is now. still the time is now. it's a window that we are using at the maximum, but we are not closing the window and opening another window at another time. we are using the time now. >> reporter: just before he left, the russian foreign minister briefed russian jernl journalists. they quote him as saying there were eight issues that still require to be polished.
6:23 am
so it does appear that the russian foreign minister stepping away from the talks for a while. the french foreign minister left. he said he will be back. but it does seem from the russian super speckperspective as many as eight issues still on the table. still to come trump taking heat from his own party for the comments he's made on mexicans. think he's backing down? think again. this allergy season, will you be a sound sleeper, or a mouth breather. well, put on a breathe right strip and instantly open your nose up to 38% more than allergy medicines alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and sleep right. breathe right.
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. the third and final vote in the senate to remove the confederate flag from south carolina's state house grounds gets underway in at an hour from now. and in monday's preliminary vote on the second reading, state senators voted overwhelmingly to
6:28 am
permanently remove the flag. it was 37-3. a two-thirds majority is needed in both the senate and the house to get the vote on governor nikki haley's desk. she's been calling for the removal since join. thank you so much for joining us. i know you originally voted against a debate on this issue. the senate could pass the bill today sending it to the house. how do you plan to vote? >> i plan to vote to support the flag. there are also some potential options that you know may allow me to vote for the bill. we'll see. there is some talk about possibility replacing the flag with a different battle flag from south carolina's history. i certainly think it's entirely appropriate to keep a confederate battle flag of some form here on the state house grounds. it's important that we remember our state's history. it's important that we remember all the lessons that can be learned about the value of life
6:29 am
from this tragic time in our state and our nation's history. we see that flag flying right behind you next to the confederate war memorial that's also on the grounds. why not remove the flag, put knitit in a museum as this particular bill calls for and you still have that monument that memorial that's there on state house grounds? couldn't that be enough? >> well you know if that were all that we were being asked to do then you know maybe we could do that and move on and put this to rest. the issue is we dealt with this about 15 years ago. and there was a compromise reached. it was a compromise that was reached in good faith. i personally feel that general lee's battle flag which is currently flying -- it's not the navy jack bars and stars that was flying.
6:30 am
this is a square flag with a white border. slightly different. this is the flag that the regiments would have fought under under general lee. you know i think that it is appropriate and that it's a very important that we remember our state's history precisely because there's much to learn about the value of life both from how slaves were treated as well as all the unnecessary lives that were lost in the war. >> what do you tell those constituent who is you represent who feel so strongly that that flag should be removed because they are so strongly offended by it? >> i have heard from some folks like that. i always try and listen carefully. i do try to empathize with -- and remember that i personally don't have the same background.
6:31 am
i'm 30 years old. i did not grow up during the civil rights era. i had one lady tell me you do not know what it's like to have crosses burned on your front yard. she's right. i don't know what that's like. however i also reminded those folks that this is a period of time in our state's history where much was done that should be offensive to everyone both white and black. and i would think those folks would not want those wrongs to be forgotten. i don't think that taking a flag down off of a memorial is going to help our state move forward. if anything i'm concerned that it would be part of a long trend of taking down monuments and flags and artifacts from that time in our nation's history. and the result of that would be that we would begin to forget history and somewhere down the road begin to repeat some of the same mistakes that were made. >> state representative jonathan hill we do appreciate your time.
6:32 am
i know that it would be a symbolic gesture to say that those believesfbeliefs from that time are not representative of the state from today. that's also what we heard from nikki haley when she made her announcement and call for removal. good luck and we will watch for that vote. thank you so much. now the man accused in the shooting death of a 32-year-old woman at a san francisco pier has been charged with murder. juan francisco lopez-sanchez is expected to be arraigned today. he says it was an accident after a gun he found went off as he picked it up. he had a felony record and had been deported to mexico five times. this really ramped up the debate over immigration. the family remains focused on healing and an attempt to find something positive in this tragedy. here's what her best friend told
6:33 am
cnn's don lemon. >> her family is struggling. they are devastated by the tragedy. but her dad has talked a lot about the kate effect and trying to take this horrific horrific tragedy and create something positive. kate when you met her she left a lasting impression on you. she saw things in such a positive way. she lavughed,she lived life moment by moment. now we want to try to creat something positive out of her legacy. >> donald trump has used this tragedy to defend some of his remarks that caused some of his 2016 rivals to try to distance himself. now in a new lengthy statement trump continues to defend his comments. he writes in part what could be simpler or more accurately stated. the mexican document is trying to force their people into the
6:34 am
united states and it was evidenced this week. this is merely one of thousands of similar incidents throughout the united states. i want to bring in cnn's political reporter sarah murray. trump is now facing some more criticism, this time for a tweet. he retweeted a post that read quote, donald trump, jeb bush has to like the mexican illegals because of his wife end quote. of course he is married to acolumba. is deleting this tweet an admission that maybe things have gotten a little out of hand for the trump campaign? >> it was maybe not the best idea to retweet that sentiment. even if he didn't write it himself, it obviously doesn't send a very good message about how families involved in this campaign should be treated. the fact that it was deleted
6:35 am
gives you a sense that they share that same sentiment that this goes too far, even if they weren't donald trump's words. one republican donor has now called on the party to block trump from the first debate in august saying a petition should be started and saying if trump appears other candidates won't. do you think that this is even a possibility that he perhaps couldn't make it into the debates if he's in that top tier? >> i think the only reason he wouldn't make it into the debates is if he either dropped out of the race, doesn't go through the disclosures that he needs to do or drops in the polls. i think the republican national committee is giving the sense that you don't want the rnc decideing who makes it on the debate stage. one official at the rnc told me it becomes a problem when washington decides who the candidates are, who makes it onto that stage. and it would further embolden
6:36 am
donald trump. i think how the other candidates handle it is a different question. we've seen other candidates take a more aggressive approach towards donald trump. >> it will make for an interesting desbatbalt iftedebate. let's take you to wall street. the opening bell happened just a few minutes ago. so far the market is pretty flat this morning. you can see the dow is down about 30 points as the world reacted to greece's no vote. but the decline, not really as sharp as expetctexpected. today greece is presenting a new aid deal at an emergency summit. more news right after the break.
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. more reaction now to our top story on bill cosby, 77-year-old comedian under renewed skrit knee this morning after newly released court documents show he admits to obtaining drugs which he planned to give to women with whom he wanted to have sex. reaction has been swift. this revelation has bought a collective i told you so from the accusers. gloria gloria alred joins me. cosby has not admitted to drugging any of his accusers but he admits that was his intention. is this vindication? >> i understand he admits to using quaaludes with one woman and obtaining seven prescriptions for quaaludes with the intention of using it to have sex with other women. this is a very very important
6:42 am
admission. this is the kind of admission he lab attempting to hide from the public for many many years. i do have a lawsuit in which i represent judy huth against bill cosby. she alleged she was 15 years old when she was -- unfortunately mr. cosby's attorneys filed a petition with the california supreme court. so now we are awaiting the decision by the california supreme court because mr. cosby is attempting to have our case dismissed. and he has lost on that issue at the lower court, at the california court of appeals. we're hopeful we're going to be able to proceed and use this latest admission to question him in the deposition that we plan to take hopefully very soon in this case. >> and we're talking about the admission from ten years ago,
6:43 am
from 2005 and was part of a deposition in another civil suit. so gloria am i hearing you say that this really could be a game changer legally for you today? >> well i think it's very important, because there had been many allegations that he used quaaludes to drug women and then his words are to have sex with them. i would say if he's using this as a plan which is what is so startling about what he said that he actually had a plan to do this with a number of women. if he's doing that then that -- and then he has sex with them afterwards that is rape that is sexual assault. if a woman didn't know she was being given a quaalude or if she knew but didn't consent, that's the way it would be used that is rape. that is wrong. and that is why it's important for our client to have her day in court. and so many people are looking to this lawsuit, because so many women are barred by the statute
6:44 am
of limitations, the arbitrary time period set by law from proceeding either in a criminal case or a civil case. and that is why we want the right to proceed and question him about this. >> what is your goal for these women who you represent? as you mentioned the statute of limitations has passed. >> well the women for whom the statute of limitations has expired can still speak out in the court of public opinion. they refuse to suffer in silence. i'm very proud of their courage. i'm very proud of them that they have chosen to speak out. but for my client judy huth we want our day in court. that is very important. and mr. cosby now, for those who doubt whether he did it not, just look to what he said under oath in this deposition in this civil lawsuit. are you going to now believe mr. cosby? he said that he did it. what more do you need? >> one last question gloria. one of the women who has been on our air since these revelations
6:45 am
came to be has said that cosby is a rapist. she accused him of being a rapist and says that a rapist's greatest weapon is silence. what do you think cosby's next move will be? >> well i think cosby's next move is to try to block each and other lawsuit that had been filed against him. that's what he's trying to do with ours. he's trying to have it dismissed. he filed a petition. and we'll see what the california supreme court decides. he was unsuccessful in blocking the associated press from - getting this deposition from this lawsuit which was settled. if not for the courage of this judge who decided that this deposition must be released the public wouldn't know what he testified to under oath. so we just want the truth to come out. i do expect him to fight hard in all of the cases throughout the
6:46 am
country. but we're going to fight equally hard to make sure that everybody has a chance to testify under oath. and let's let a jury decide this matter. >> all right. gloria alred, good to see you. thanks for being here. >> thank you. at the top of the hour i'll speak with a woman who has accused bill cosby of sexual assault dating back to 1965. coaches wasting no time after this shocking video surfaces. they dismissed the athlete involved. now the charges the former quarterback could face and what his lawyer is saying this morning.
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bring your gift to any sleep train and help a foster child start the school year right. not everyone can be a foster parent but anyone can help a foster child. checking some top stories, it's one of the worst crashes in tour de france history. more than 20 cyclists colliding,
6:51 am
a brutal pileup there throwing some of the riders completely off their bikes and sending others skidding across the asphalt. it was so massive the race had to temporarily be halted. at least five cyclists were forced to pull out of the tour de france. the u.s. women's soccer team back at home this morning, and they're celebrating, not only a record breaking win but also record-breaking ratings. according to fox sports which aired this final match, the u.s. win was the most watched soccer game in the u.s. on a single network. this match drawing an astounding 22.8 million viewers. florida state quarterback de'andre johnson has been kicked off the team after some shocking video surfaced of him punching a woman. now, here is how this tape starts. you see johnson arguing with a woman at the crowded bar, and within seconds she's raising her fist. johnson then grabs her arm and she attempts to his him. that's when he punches her right in the face. this incident happened just a
6:52 am
couple weeks ago. this is in tallahassee. johnson turned himself into police. he's now facing charges, a misdemeanor battery charge. sports correspondent coy wire is joining us from atlanta following the story. also with us paige pate. coy, i want to start with you. johnson's lawyer is speaking out this morning. what's he saying? >> good morning, ana. johnson has hired high-powered attorney jose baes.z. he represented casey anthony. he released a statement in part saying while it is clear from the video de'andre johnson was not the initial aggressor, his family wants to take the lead in helping him learn and grow from this experience. de'andre is extremely embarrassed and would like to express his heartfelt apologies to everyone. he was a highly touted quarterback coming out of florida. he wasn't expected to play for the knowles much if at all this
6:53 am
year being he's just a freshman. now he's off the team and will definitely not be playing for them. johnson is now facing a misdemeanor battery charge which in florida can get someone up to a year in jail. ana? >> and paige, i guess he's apologized through his lawyer and he says he's entered this faith-based program focused on battered women. he's essentially admitting to guilt, is he not? >> i think he is but i think that's the smart move in this case. some d.a.'s could have charged him with a felony offense, so in many ways i think he's lucky to just get the misdemeanor charge. so if he addresses it proactively, if he goes and does a class, if he does some community work volunteer work all of that can help him when it comes time to face the judge and get a fair sentence in the case. >> you take a look at that video, and you can't help but think, gosh another athlete involved in all of this coy. and i want to talk about some findings from a recent espn "outside the lines"
6:54 am
investigation. between 2009 and 2014 about 70% of men's basketball and football players from florida state university and the university of florida who were named as suspects in police documents, they were able to avoid criminal charges. coy, this report found these players fared far better than their nonathlete counterparts. is this a broader university problem do you think? >> great question ana. from that graphic it appears there appears to be a lot of bad apples. one would assume the tree which bears those fruit, the university should be partially responsible. there seems to be a disturbing trend there at florida state where athletes involved in criminal cases either have charges dropped or they're simply not charged at all. remember former florida state heisman trophy winning quarterback jameis winston. last year's number one overall draft pick. he was involved in a sexual assault case where he allegedly assaulted a classmate there at florida state. he was never charged. he was also involved in that
6:55 am
crab leg stealing incident. you also had former running back carlos williams a star of the team of that undefeated run they were making. he never missed time but he was involved in an alleged domestic assault case as well. never charged there. anna? >> and, page johnson's lawyer said johnson was, quote, not the initial aggressive. we saw the video. it looks like the woman takes a swing at him first. was that a valid legal argument, that he was provoked bied woman? >> i don't think so. while he said he was not the initial aggressor, he did not argue this was done in self-defense. what's different in this case than jameis winston and some of the other athletes is we actually have video of the offense taking place and i think had we not seen that video, if that had not been made public there may have been a different outcome here. perhaps this would have been swept under the rug like so many incidents like this. >> it does seem to make a difference that video. you can't help but think of the
6:56 am
ray rice video that really exploded that whole situation and created changes within the nfl, in fact. coy wire page pate, thanks so much to both of you. it was good to have you here. the next hour of "newsroom" begins after a break. are you moving forward fast enough? everywhere you look, it strategy is now business strategy. and a partnership with hp can help you accelerate down a path created by people, technology and ideas.
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