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tv   New Day  CNN  July 9, 2015 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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passionate and oftentimes contentious debate -- >> it is a part of our future it is part of our past. >> and it is my sincere desire that this bill does not pass. >> reporter: members of the south carolina statehouse overwhelmingly approving a bill to remove the cop fed rat flag from the capitol grounds. this just weeks after nine black church members including state senator and pastor clementa pinckney were gowned down at a bible study in a charleston church. a group of lawmakers mounting opposition to the flag's removal proposing dozens of amendments in an attempt to block the momentum of debate. be backed by a group of bipartisan legislators, tempers spring into the night with a passion plea from a republican representative jenny horne to fellow members of her party. >> i cannot believe that we do not have the heart in this body to do something meaningful such
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as take a symbol of hate off these grounds on friday! and if any of you vote to amend, you are insuring that this flag will fly beyond friday. and for the widow of senator pinckney and his two young daughters, that would be adding insult to injury. and i will not be a part of it! >> reporter: a black flag draped over pinckney's chair as debate came to head. the final vote overwhelmingly in favor of the flag's removal. the move to take down the controversial banner a stunning reversal in a state that was the sight of the first shots in the civil war and has flown at the statehouse for half a century. >> i am a descendant of jefferson davis, okay?
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but that does not matter. it's not about jenny horne! it's about the people of south carolina who have demanded that this symbol of hate come off of the statehouse grounds. >> reporter: the bill now headed to the desk of south carolina governor nikki haley who said it's a new day in south carolina a day we can all be proud of. a day that truly brings us all together as we continue to heal as one people and one state. under the senate proposal the flag will come down 24 hours after governor nikki haley signs the bill. she has five days to get it done. alyson? >> nick thank you for the update. in a few minutes we'll speak live to jenny horne who made the emotional plea. and the head of the rnc with a plea to donald trump. reince priebus asking trump to watch his tone speaking about
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immigrants hoping to tone it down. here's now more of anderson cooper's interview with donald trump. >> first of all, hillary clinton gave her first interview yesterday in a long long time. the first national interview to cnn. you give interviews all the time you're out there all the time why do you think hillary clinton is not talking? >> anderson she's got a lot to hide. she gets a subpoena on e-mails and from the united states congress she gets rid of the e-mails and her server and everything. >> she said yesterday she didn't get a subpoena. >> they said they issued a subpoena but you're right. she handled it like, what is going on? how can you do that? she has a lot to hide. she doesn't want to talk to the press. look she's the worst secondretary of state in the history of the united states. >> you gave a lot of money to her over the years. >> sure. i was a businessman. i guess i still am but i was a
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businessman. everybody loved me. when i called them they always treated me well and that's part of the game. and that's part of what is wrong with this country. because as a businessman i could have gotten anything from anybody. and that is part of the problem. lobbyists, donors special interests. >> is that why you were donating money? because you donated to democrats in 2006 you gave $20,000 to the democratic congressional campaign fund. you gave a thousand to the republicans senatorial campaign. >> i have given millions to everybody. >> so do you give based on principles or who is going to do things for you politically? >> they all love me. let's put it that way. they all love me. i did very nicely in life. and frankly, you give -- and it's part of the problem, and i talk about it all the time part of the problem -- i'm saying this they won't necessarily do what's right for the country.
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they will do what is right for their special interests, their donors their lobbyists, et cetera. not good for the country. >> but you know when you've been on the stage during the debates and your republican challengers are going to say, you are all over the place politically. you're a conservative republican but you gave money to harry reid and nancy pelosi. >> i gave money to all the people. that's part of the problem in the country. >> so you were giving money based on courting a favor, like many people do. >> people love me. i have been successful. everybody loves me. >> politically, they are going to say you're a flip-flopper politically. you say you're a conservative republican. smoking gun goes back to '87 with your registration record. you were republican independent, then democrat for eight years, then unaffiliated and republican. >> look at what ronald reagan did. >> he switched around too. somebody says look you're the guy who says you're a stand-up guy and a decision maker. you seem indecisive.
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>> you have to understand i'm in new york city. if you look at democrats to republican it is virtually impossible. as a businessman in new york city and all over the world, as a businessman i have to get along with democrats. if i don't get along with democrats, i'm out of business. >> were you a democrat when you said you were a democrat? >> i was a democrat for a period of time early on and then i was also an independent and then became a republican. >> you have been very vocal in the media and were on twitter. there was a re-tweet about jeb bush's wife. >> yeah. >> the the originoriginal tweet said jeb bush has to like the mexican illegals because of his wife. did you authorize that? >> no i did not authorize that. it was a re-tweet. it wasn't me. if you look carefully, it was a re-tweet of a very good and fair story, a strong story and good story. but do i regret it?
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no i don't regret it. i wouldn't say that he would. if my wife were from mexico i think i would have a soft spot for people from mexico. i can understand. >> you think that influences his position on illegal immigration. >> i think it could and it should. if he loves his wife and i know he does. i hear she's a lovely woman, by the way. if he loves his wife and she's from mexico i think it probably has an impact, yes. i can understand that. >> that makes one of us. we'll discuss the cnn political reporter here and we have another cnn analyst. ryan the fact that hillary clinton was subpoenaed about the e-mails, did she get that wrong or the misconduct of the question? >> i think what she was trying to say, she was trying to defend her handling of her e-mail
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server on some very sort of technical legalistic grounds saying there was no law against the secretary of state having her own server using that private e-mail address, although we do know that later on and while she was secretary of state the official guidance from the state department was that they did not want high level officials to do that. it reminded me of al gore years and years ago when he said no controlling legal authority prevented him from raising money at that buddhist temple. he was making a very technical, legalistic argument saying she was not prevented from doing that. so i think she was a lot more defensive about it this time around than for instance back at the u.n. press conference when she first addressed it and sort of conceded that it was not the best thing to do. in this latest interview with cnn, she was much more aggressive in saying i didn't do anything wrong.
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>> we'll see if that continues to resonate with voters. and one test of what people will be talking about, it is exactly four weeks from tonight, the first republican debate will happen. it will happen on fox. and the way fox has decided who will be on stage is that they are going to crunch together the numbers of the top five major polls. and see who the top ten candidates are and those are the candidates who will be on stage. so today, i'll show you the ten candidates who would be on the stage today. we have number one, bush, then walker carson rubio, paul. and the next five are huckabee trump, cruz perry, christie. so what do you think of this pool here sarah? because it cuts out -- while we are at it who will not be on stage? santorum fiorina, kasich graham jindal pataki. what do you think of how they are doing this next debate? >> well, i think there are
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certainly many candidate who is are very disappointed by how this is being structured. part of this is a reality of television and also just a reality of good debating. there's no way you can have all of these candidates on stage at the same time and actually have any one make any kind of point. there's just not enough time to do it. but i do think there are plenty of people who will be disappointed that you won't see the broader, more diverse republican field all on stage together. by cutting out carly fiorina and bobby jindal you don't sort of see the spectrum of republicans running. and that's a disappointment to a lot of republicans including a lot of republicans, and to the republican national committee. >> ryan do they end up getting that spectrum of thought because you'll are the trump effect at play on that stage. and he harnesses so much more of the extreme views. >> sarah made a great point. this is a big diverse field for -- the most diverse field the republicans ever had and you are cutting out a prominent
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female and endindian-american bobby jindal long time governor of louisiana. you're cutting out john kasich long-time congressman in successful government in ohio. if you just do it on polls, you have the loudest person in the field right now as donald trump or the most famous person who will definitely make it on the stage as a low-key governor who might have a successful career and is an incredible candidate won't be out there because they have not been in the news and not registering in the polls, which frankly are who you have heard about, name recognition. that's why bush and trump are the two most famous names on top. but in defense of fox and cnn who have to run the debates, you have to have some criteria right? and someone is always going to be disappointed by what the criteria is. >> especially when you have 14 people. >> exactly. >> is there a better way to do it? is carly fiorina suggesting a different way to do it sarah?
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>> i think there are a lot of candidates who suggested alternative ways to do this. and i have talked to a lot of sort of republican strategists who said why not put everyone's name in a hat and draw seven and seven? whoever they are matched up with they are matched up with. a lot of people want to see the top tier candidates on stage together because they want to see if marquiseco rubio has a great moment against jeb bush. but the problem for a lot of the candidates is they say, look our performance in the debate should drive the polls. the polls shouldn't drive whether we are allowed on the debate stage. >> i think part of it is the rnc's fault. they don't want a lot of debate and the way to solve this problem is just to have more debates with a different group of contenders in each debate especially when it is this early and people are just getting to know the candidates. so the tension here is that the rnc doesn't want a lot of debates because in 2012 they didn't believe a lot of debates were a good thing for the party.
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and then the network trying to figure out how to set up a fair system. >> but it's so true. why not just do the seven versus seven? i think they make a great point. this is how voters learn about the candidates. and so they are being cut-out from the opportunity. they don't need to see marco rubio and jeb bush against each other yet. we are so far out. wouldn't that serve the voters? they have an argument to make to serve the voters better for everybody. >> i do think it puts candidates lower in the polling in a tough position. the way you move up is you punch up and have that big moment in the debate against jeb bush against scott walker and a frontrunner. by putting them only the stage by themselves which is what cnn does in a separate forum, they miss this big breakout moment that they could have had and that propelled a lot of people to the polls in the past. >> nothing is perfect. you know what i mean? nothing will make everybody happy as we have been saying. i think that fiorina has logic
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to other decisions of doing this but she's the the only woman on that side of the field and is probably all that matters. but it certainly does matter. >> it would make an interesting debate. nothing is perfect but that's a good solution. >> not to mention she was the top of the major corporation. >> sarah, ryan thank you. great to talk to you. and a lot of wattage under the donald trump interview because of how he says things and what he represents. anderson cooper will join us next hour to talk about that interview. and if you are following the election get all the latest political news by going to the markets are looking to rebound following the technical glitch that froze the new york stock exchange for hours yesterday. and this could not come at a worse time with china and greece thrusted into economic turmoil. business correspondent christine romans is here to break it down today. >> the futures are higher soing willing today as if there's going to be a rebund from a
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really bad day yesterday. the dow found 260 points. the market actually opens in a couple hours. so let's talk about what happened with an embarrassing glitch at the new york stocks exchange exchange for four hour. they had a technical problem, a configuration problem that shut it down. they tell us they will be opening on time as usual this morning at 9:30 eastern time two hours, 14 minutes. what's going on in world markets so important that everything is up and running. right now we're having a rebound around the world, but in china, in china there's been a stock market crash. look at this. down 30% over three weeks. a very big story there. the government in china, the chinese government is trying to stop a bubble from bursting and not having great success. the market bouncing back after a child day in china. it is important to watch that and greece. these are the last moments for greece to get its act together
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with the european authorities and figure out how to reform and restructure the economy so it can stay in the euro. if this falls out of the euro it will happen very soon and will matter to you. here's why. you could see the dollar rise sharply. the euro false sharply as the eurozone -- we are watching this closely, guys. fbi director james comey says isis and other terror groups are using encrypted programs to communicate possible recruits in the u.s. and this makes it very hard for our authorities to track possible terrorists before they strike. comey says companies that make the programs have trouble getting in and he wants them to guarantee a way to access the data if they are given a search
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warrant. funeral services will be held for the young woman killed on a san francisco pier allegedly by an undocumented immigrant. 32-year-old cate steinley will be laid to rest today. and terrifying moments for a family nearly swept away by a rip current off nantucket. erin johns is holding on to a camera when a current catches her. her father tries to help when he tries to help his wife in the same rip current. as you can see, lifeguards and beach goers rushed to bring them both back to safety. look at that. they are now safely onshore. we are told derek's oxygen levels were so low he only had 20 seconds of breathing left. >> we often underestimate the
4:18 am
rip currents. the water is calm but you don't know what is going on underneath the surface. >> i remember when sam champion went into a rip current and he got sucked right out. even though he was taught what to do he still couldn't -- it is so hard and you're panicked and taken farther and farther. >> are you supposed to swim parallel? >> you are not supposed to swim. let it take you because it will spiral out and then try. obviously, fighting it is not futile but exhausts your oxygen. >> total counter intuitive to what you are used to. baltimore's police chief is forced out by the city's mayor. she's the one who should be on the hook after the riots for freddie gray's death. is that the question? we are talking to a baltimore councilmember with unique insight into what happened. cut the rates on personal income taxes. we enacted the lowest corporate tax rate since 1968. we eliminated the income tax on manufacturers altogether.
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a tragic mystery captivates the country. a little girl was found along the shore line in the boston harbor two weeks ago. authorities posted this computer generated image of the little one in the hopes that someone will recognize her. the number of views online is soaring. some 47 million-plus. so far, no luck identifying this little girl who has become simply known as baby doe. robert lowry jr. is the vice president of the missing children division at the national center for missing and exploited children. you do god's work as far as i'm concerned, sir. thank you for joining us today. i think all of us are captivated. i know i was when you see a little one like this found.
4:23 am
we should point out that this image that we're looking at bob, is a composite image, obviously. how identical do you believe these have gotten? i know technology has come a long way. >> yes, it has come a long way. thank you for having us on. this picture was generated from photographs of the child in postrecovery. obviously, those pictures wouldn't be appropriate, so our staff artist at the national center actually took time they use their talents to provide this composite to the public in hopes of someone out there to recognize who she is. in fact we have many years of experience in doing this but i think it is important to say it is not an exact photograph. it's the likeness of the child. >> that's an important point to remember because our goal in doing this segment is to spread the word right? we want people to take a look at this image and keep it up as much as we can on the screen. maybe it will jar a memory maybe it will jar a recollection.
4:24 am
here's what we know, you help me with this as well, a 4-year-old little girl with long brown hair brown eyes just 3 1/2 feet tall. that's all investigators have at this point, krengtcorrect? >> yes, she was wearing white leggings with black polka dots. but you bring up a good point, we need to stay pubicallylicly engaged and this is getting millions and millions of views and had captured the hearts of many people. >> why do you think that is? because she represents the innocence of a little one like that and it breaks our hearts to think someone would just abandon a child and dispose of her like a rag doll? >> it's a terribly tragic case. and the age of the child, i think, has a lot to do with it. the fact of the way she was found. i think that has captured our attention. and i think we are all very focused on trying to find out her name because we certainly want to find out what happened to her. >> give us up-to-date
4:25 am
information without compromising the information that you're doing right now. we are going to look through missing persons records and talk to any families who have had their children go missing. what else is being done? >> the fact we are getting so much attention in this case isover wellis overwhelming at times. we want that to continue. with that information, we are going out there to check on the welfare of many children. we are doing 24 actual welfare checks on people who resembled baby doe and others out there. at the national center we are sifting through our reports of missing children and so far there are no matches. but it is important that the public if they think they know who the child is we can use the dna science to confirm or not confirm who this child is. so we need the public ice's help. and we are against the vacation
4:26 am
season where a lot of people are gone and we don't know until we find the child. >> you cannot make assumptions. this baby could be latina and be from overseas. the family involved could be undocumented. you have to explore literally every possibility. >> absolutely. and the fact that we have really saturated the new england states with information about baby doe. when in fact you're absolutely right. she could be from a different region in the country altogether if not hispanic and from mexico or possibly canada. all the possibilities are out there, so we don't want to close our minds to what we think may be our assumptions. again, and the other assumption could be with our caretakers involved when, in fact the caretaker could be missing themselves. so we have to keep those things in mind. >> and they don't know much because they are worth a lot of visible injuries to her body. one quick last thought and don't
4:27 am
want to consider this but what if nobody comes forward, where does the investigation come then? >> we are going to continue to work until we find out who the child is. this is an unusual case. we have 650 similar cases at the national center to work on each day of unidentified children. some take us a while, but in the case of this we have new information and are hopeful to get her name very soon and continue working hard with the mississippi state police until that happens. >> all right, america, we need you. find out who this little one is and give her the proper dignity and burial. bob, thank you for joining us. appreciate it. if you have any information, here are the numbers on your screen. baby doe, let's find out who she is. call the suffolk county state police detective unit. the massachusetts state police communications section and the winthrop police tip line. the numbers are on the screen. the baltimore police chief forced out by the city's mayor, but is she the one who should be
4:28 am
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lawmakers making history in south carolina. the legislator approving the removal of the confederate flag from the capitol after an emotional debate that lasted 13 hours. governor nikki haley calls it quote, a new day in south carolina. she plans to sign it into law three weeks after the charleston church massacre. donald trump holding nothing back when it comes to his 2016 rivals. the gop candidate telling our anderson cooper hillary clinton is the worst secretary of state in the history of the u.s. trump also saying jeb bush's position on illegal immigration is a likely influence from his mexican-american wife. more bill cosby bombshells could be coming. the woman behind the lawsuit a decade ago has come to light exposing cosby admitting he got sedatives to get women. that woman is just filing a motion asking for the entire deposition to be released.
4:33 am
according to her lawyer 9 of the 13 witnesses contacted in the case say, they too, want the documents released. big news that the chief of the baltimore police is out. mayor stephanie raw lynnslins handed him his papers. let's discuss this with nick molby to represent the district where freddie gray was killed and his wife is the baltimore city state's attorney. she's prosecuting the officers in this case. councilman good to see you, as always. why did the chief have to go? was this the right moment? >> well, at the end of the day, the chief of police is a very tough job. i would like to thank anthony bass for his service to the city of baltimore. however, it is just one variable in a complex equation to solve urban violence. so i think that it's a good turn in the right direction because
4:34 am
it's a fresh start, but now it's time for folks to collaborate and come together from the mayor's office to the city council to the rank in file to the community. it's critically important we all get on the same page and develop a real plan. i think that that is what was missing, chris. we never really had a plan to articulate to the citizens on how to really fight crime this particular summer. you know a lot of churn has been in the mayor's office of grill justice. so it's just been a lot of fractured parts this particular summer and is time for us all to get on the same page. >> does the mayor have a plan or is this her plan? and does that make bass a scapegoat? >> i hope we have a plan. no i don't think we have necessarily seen a plan yet. and i just think it's completely ridiculous to know the complexity of places like baltimore that it all falls on the shoulders of one person. leadership is a critical variable in that equation. however, there are so many other things. just replacing him with someone else is not necessarily going to
4:35 am
impact the changes that we need in the city of baltimore. >> what has to happen? >> again, we have to come together. i think there's a lot of fractured pieces from the mayor's office to the council to the police department. one thing that i've been constantly talking about is the critical importance for us to get the body cameras on police officers. you know it better protects the officers and better provides the community with the transparency that they need associated with the stops. it's a win/win situation across the board. i know the administration is looking to roll it out and fully deploy it by 2019. that's just too far out. we have to get to that as soon as possible. >> i hear you on the body cameras, but what does that have to do with the homicide rate? the mayor says she's moving on batts because of the drug rate. batts said the drugs on the street heightened a lot of gang activity. you have a union that weighed in to say they were upset about the police leadership telling them not to engage with people during the riot.
4:36 am
but the word is that the word came from the mayor. so what really caused this spike in homicide? what really is the accountable that you need there? >> there's really no silver bullet to say what caused the spike. there are so many different variables. coming out of the up rest knowing we are going into a summer having the folks who are kind of developing the crime with the mayor's office and the department of criminal justice not being there. there are so many facets of this that again, that's when it's time to come together to develop a real plan. obviously, there's not a plan. a plan hasn't been articulated to the citizens of baltimore. that's why it is critically important we have leadership in place to do so. >> what are you hearing from your con stitch whenstituents that batts is out? >> some say it was time for him to be out, and others don't feel
4:37 am
that way. i think him out on the street was a main course of why to ultimately let him go. there's been people calling for his resignation for the last three months. there's been a lot of chatter in my colleagues that have done so since then. the straw that broke the camel's back yesterday was the organization bill that represents over 20,000 members in the city of baltimore was calling for his resignation today on the cusp of the release of the fop report yesterday. so i don't think it was a secret to many folks in the city of baltimore. we kind of saw it coming and many people thought it would happen sooner. for us to rely on the change of the administration from the police department perspective to solve our problems is definitely the wrong path to take at this time chris. >> the question becomes what is the right path? where is that plan? the mayor is responsible for that city and what happens in it. this is one step. we'll see what the next one is. nick mosby, good luck to you and your wife going forward. >> always a pleasure. thank you for having me on.
4:38 am
well, chris, an emotional plea to bring down a symbol of the confederacy. we'll hear the passionate words of state representative jenny horne that helped bring down the confederate flag.
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welcome back to "new day." while you were sleeping south carolina legislators voting to remove the copnfederate flag from capitol grounds. the contentious debate took hours and it got very emotional for lawmakers. one of them was state representative jenny horne. her passionate plea on the statehouse floor has generated a lot of buzz overnight. here it is. >> i attended the funeral of senator clementa pinckney. and the people of charleston deserve immediate and swift removal of that flag from this grounds. we can say for another day where this flag needs to go. where -- which flag needs to fly or where it needs to fly or what
4:43 am
museum it needs to be in. this flag offends my friend miam mccloud my friend john king my friend reverend neil. i cannot believe that we do not have the heart in this body to do something meaningful such as take a symbol of hate off these grounds on friday! and if any of you vote to amend, you are insuring that this flag will fly beyond friday. and for the widow of senator pinckney and his two young daughters, that would be adding insult to injury.
4:44 am
and i will not be a part of it! and for all of these reasons, i will not vote to amend this bill today. we may visit this another session, another year but if we amend this bill we are telling the people of charleston weapon don't care about you. we do not care that someone used this symbol of hate to slay eight innocent people who were worshipping their god. i'm sorry, i have heard enough. >> that was south carolina state representative last night on the floor, and that representative jenny horne journins us now. >> good morning. >> how are you feeling this
4:45 am
morning? >> i'm feeling great. >> i bet you are. we have been playing your passioned plea to your colleagues and fellow lawmaker last night. just tell us what drove you to be so emotional last night? >> well, this morning in south carolina i feel like we have a new day. and we have a new day because my colleagues in the house did the right thing. and last evening when i gave my speech about we needed to take down the confederate flag from the battle house grounds, i was thinking from experience and a lifelong carolinian. we want what is best for south carolina. and we cannot move forward if we
4:46 am
do not remove a symbol of hatred from a public building that is owned by the people. and my cleepgsolleagues in the house, they really -- they rose to the occasion. and they got beyond all the rhetoric. and they did the right thing. and i am so proud to be a south carolinian and proud to be a member of the house of representatives today. >> it is amazing to see your emotion and so tee the flag flying over your left shoulder. as we talk to you, when will the flag come down? >> i believe it will come down tomorrow tomorrow. i know that the governor is working to get this bill signed as quickly as possible. she has assured as the house republicans talk that the flag will come down in a very
4:47 am
dignified manner. and it will come down in a -- in a ceremonial manner. and the south carolina general assembly will provide for the removal of the flag to the south carolina state museum. >> representative horne, it took 13 hours, we understand of this contentious debate. and it seemed like at times, i'm sure you can speak to this it was not going to happen. when you got up there and made your plea did you feel like your cause of bringing it down was lost? >> well, i'll admit, i felt like we were losing the battle. it was -- it was a time of great reflection and a great
4:48 am
introspection. and i felt like it needed -- someone needed to change the course of the debate. because no one had mentioned the victims of the charleston nine. and we're here because of the violence and terrorism. and we owe it to the citizens of charleston and the victims of mother emanuel ame church to act and come together for all the citizens in north carolina. >> do you feel your speech tipped the scales tipped the balance last night? >> you know i don't feel -- i don't know what it did. i would like to think my remarks helped to change the course of the debate. to focus on the reason why we were here in the first place, no
4:49 am
one mentioned the victims up until that point. and i was determined to keep us focused on the issue at hand and that is how can we remove the symbol of hatred from the statehouse grounds in the most impossible -- so we do not have to -- i would like to add last week was the three-week massacre that happened in charleston. and it was noted last night on the floor in my remarks. i have to tell you, it's the least that we can do as a body to react and to honor the sacrifice that these families have by removing the symbol of hatred and placing it in a maw seam. >> can you believe what has happened in your state in those three painful weeks? could you ever have imagined
4:50 am
this happening ten years ago, five years ago, six months ago? no. the flag has been flying my whole entire life. and if you would have asked me last year if we would ever remove the flag from the state house grounds in my lifetime i would have said there's no way. and, you know it's bittersweet because it took a tragedy to bring this body to this decision. but if there is a silver cloud to the dark lining of the tragedy, we have met tragedy with triumph and defeat with purpose. and i am so proud to be a south
4:51 am
carolina and proud of what south carolina has done to move this state forward so we can become the progressive state that we are. >> and representative i mean it's so -- you're not the only person who's emotional about this. we also understand that one of your colleagues a republican a descendent of confederate soldiers that he helped lead the large. how do you explain that people with that proud history in their families came around to seeing it your way? >> well you know i have to commend representative rick quinn who is a friend of mine. he was instrumental in working on the compromise that got us to where we are today. and of course that came hours after my speech and hours into the morning this morning. and i just want to thank
4:52 am
representative rick quinn for his leadership and his foresight and understanding that we needed to move this state forward. and certainly i look forward to working with him in placing the confederate flag in a place of honor so that we can honor our heritage and our history, but we can also respect the feelings and the emotions of the people of south carolina who find the symbol offensive. >> representative jenny horchne we know it was a late night for you. thank you for sharing your thoughts that you believe that flag behind you may be down by tomorrow. we follow what is going on in charleston and colombialom bee columbia.
4:53 am
>> it's my honor to be here. on the other end of the political spectrum we have donald trump who is pushing intolerance about immigration. anderson is going to take us through the interview. stay with us. quality, clinically proven nutrition isn't easy so at gnc, why do we do it? why do we include key ingredients found in fruits and vegetables to create the world's best multivitamin programs? why do we do over 150 quality checks before putting them on the shelf? well, here's why... ♪ ♪ celebrating 80 years of quality life and quality products. and we're just getting started. gnc.
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the confederate flag is coming down. >> it is my sincere desire that this bill does not pass. >> take a symbol of hate off these grounds on friday! >> tradeing came to a stop on the new york stock exchange. >> the music just stopped. it just stopped. >> panic for investors around the world. >> as a businessman i could have gotten anything from anybody. >> can you guarantee that you don't have illegal or undocumented workers working for you? >> i can't guarantee it. how can anyone? >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo, alisyn camerota and
5:00 am
michaela pereira. >> it is thursday july 9th 8:00 in the east. the confederate flag is about to come down. lawmakers approving a bill to remove a symbol of the state's racist past. >> the voting coming after 13 hours of debate. the decision marks a stunning reversal for the state three weeks after nine people were killed at that african american church in charleston. nick valencia is live in charleston south carolina with all of the breaking details. tell us what's new at this hour nick. >> reporter: good morning. it is a monumental day here in south carolina. the expectation is that this flag -- that's been up there since 1961. tomorrow the expectation is it will be permanently


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