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tv   New Day  CNN  July 9, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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alisyn camerota and michaela pereira. >> it is thursday july 9th 8:00 in the east. the confederate flag is about to come down. lawmakers approving a bill to remove a symbol of the state's racist past. >> the voting coming after 13 hours of debate. the decision marks a stunning reversal for the state three weeks after nine people were killed at that african american church in charleston. nick valencia is live in charleston south carolina with all of the breaking details. tell us what's new at this hour nick. >> reporter: good morning. it is a monumental day here in south carolina. the expectation is that this flag -- that's been up there since 1961. tomorrow the expectation is it will be permanently removed and moved to a museum just about a
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block away. lawmakers taking hours to come to this conclusion a decisive margin and a huge victory for those who want to see this flag come down. the vote coming just after 1:00 a.m. >> ladies and gentlemen, if i could get your attention. >> reporter: more than 12 hours after passionate and oftentimes contentious debate -- >> it isn't part of our future. it's part of our past. >> it is my sincere desire that this bill does not pass. >> reporter: members overwhelming approving a bill to remove the confederate flag from the state house grounds. this after nine people were gunned down by a white supremacist at a biblbible study.
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tempers fraying into the night, an impassioned plea from jenny horne to fellow members of her party. >> i cannot believe that we do not have the heart in this body to do something meaningful such as take a symbol of hate off these grounds on friday. and if any of you vote to amid you are ensuring that this flag will fly beyond friday. ad for the widow of senator pinckney and his two young daughters, that would be adding insult to injury. and i will not be a part of it. >> reporter: a black flag draped over pinckney's chair as debate came to head. >> let's come to order, please.
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>> reporter: the final vote, overwhelmingly in favor of the flag's removal. it has flown at the state house for half a century. >> i am a descendant of jefferson davis, okay? but that does not matter. it's not about jenny horne. it's about the people of south carolina who have demanded that this symbol of hate come off of the state house grounds. >> reporter: the bill now headed to the desk of south carolina governor nikki haley who praised lawmakers. it is a new day in south carolina, a day we can all be proud of, a day that truly brings us all together as we continue to heal as one people and one state. under the proposal governor nikki haley will sign this bill and this flag will come down.
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24 hours after she's expected to do that sometime today. >> amazing how fast things can happen. later this hour we will speak with south carolina senator and presidential candidate lindsey graham about this historic vote to bring down the flag. >> the chairman of the rnc is asking donald trump to tone it down when it comes to his remarks about mexican immigrants. but a candid and defiant trump stood by those derogatory remarks with our man anderson cooper in a one on one sit down with trump. this was quite the challenge you had on your hands. >> it's always interesting talking to donald trump. we sat down in the trump tower. he's clearly sticking by his remarks. he's not apologetic really for anything he said even a tweet that was deleted -- a retweet about jeb bush and his wife. but on immigration he is essentially doubling down saying some people took his
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remarks out of context but he stands by what he said. i pressed him a lot on the illegal immigration issue. take a look. more people have been deported under obama than any other president previously. >> and more people are coming in under obama by far than any president ever. there's never been an entrance like this. and they're walking right past our patrols. >> but the patrols have gone up significantly. >> i can just say this. more people are in this country right now illegally than ever before. i will build a better wall and i will build it cheaper and mexico will pay. >> how? come on. >> they are ripping us left and right. >> i love the mexican people. many work for me. they purchase things for me like apartments et cetera. i have great relationships with mexico and the -- i love their spirit.
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>> you said they're not sending their best. they're sending people with lots problems. they're bringing drugs and crime. >> you said when mexico sends its people. >> i'm talking about the government. >> what evidence do you have that the government sends -- >> everybody knows it. this man or this animal that shot the wonderful -- that beautiful woman in san francisco, this guy was pushed out by mexico. we bring them back and they push them out. mexico pushes back people across the border that are criminals, that are drug dealers. >> so if the article that you're basing this on this fusion article that you've cited. >> that's just one of many articles. that talks about 80% rapes. just look at homeland security reports. >> you talk about reports. i've got to look at a bunch of studies here that say there's actually no correlation between illegal immigration and crime. >> oh come on.
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>> and immigrants actually commit crimes at a lower number. >> anderson you're not a baby. illegals coming in are causing the tremendous problems in terms of murder rape and lots of other things. >> a study by the "washington post" says there's essentially no correlation between -- the crime rate among first generation immigrants significantly lower than the overall crime rate in that of the second generation. >> if somebody's an illegal immigrant they shouldn't be here at all. they're not supposed to be in our country. i don't believe the studies. even if the studies were correct i'm not talking about correlation. when you have illegal immigrants coming in if they commit krielscrimes they're not supposed to be here. you are putting things -- >> talk to me. >> read the article.
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>> i did i pulled up the article. >> that article was written by fusion. you know who owns fusion? >> univision. >> you know who i'm suing? univision. they have a big problem. univision comes out like i'm some bad person. univision is being sued by me . they own fusion. they're talking about 80% rapes. i didn't make that up. >> they said it's corrupt officials, gangs -- >> it's called rape. it is rape and it's happening and it's a shame and it's horrible. >> so you stand by your comments? >> i stand by whatever i read from univision. univision did it. i didn't do it. >> the original comments were saying that people coming across the border for rapists. what the article was saying was that these rains were occurring actually inside mexico by traffickers, by officials by others. usually on central american
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women who are coming up through mexico. >> that's different than his point. >> we also talked about illegal immigrants actually working for donald trump, something the "washington post" has raced about an ongoing project in washington, d.c. and the daily beast has raised. i talked to him about that. >> the "washington post" says that some of the workers building this beautiful hotel that you're building down in washington, d.c. are illegal. they talked to 15 workers. they said a number of those 15 came here illegally through asylum they're now legal. but a number of them did say they're illegal. isn't it hypocritical for you saying that illegal immigration is killing this country to be employing illegal immigrants. >> that story does not name my names. they said they spoke to one or two but they don't name them and they don't even know it's true. >> what say said is that several of the men have earned legal
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citizenship. others quietly acknowledge they remain in the country illegally. >> they have to give us the names. i have to say this. we believe so strongly -- i hired a very big contractor one of the most prestigious, one of the best in the world to build the building. it's their responsibility to make sure they have done -- absolutely. we have gone out of our way to make sure that everybody in that building is legal. and we do have some that were -- that became legal. wait a minute. we have some, many i think that became frankly me you, everybody, i mean ultimately we were all sort of in the group of immigrants. but we have done that to the absolute letter of the law. >> this isn't the first time this has been an issue. daily beast today, the headline says -- they're talking about the building we're sitting in right now. they're saying trump tower was
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built on undocumented immigrant backs. >> how long ago was this? >> 35 years ago. >> this was a court case 200 illegal immigrants. >> i hire a contractor. the contractor then hires the subcontractor. they have people. i don't know. i don't remember. that was so many years ago. 35 years ago they said -- >> this was a court case settled in 1999. you settled with them. >> okay. that's fine. i remember the case. frankly i remember it very well. we hired the contractors. they go out and hire subcontractors. sometimes the subcontractors will have people working, but you know it's pretty far down the line. >> this was 200 polish workers working out hard hads!ts, pretty noticeable on a union job. >> anderson you have given us a lot to work with this morning.
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stick around if you would. >> okay. >> i want to bring in jay lee and ana navarro. ladies thanks so much for being here. i want to start with you. what jumped out at you from anderson's one on one with trump? >> that he's really hard to follow and that he says things that are crazy. >> such as? >> 34 million undocumented immigrants when the number that every study cites is 11 million. such as that he takes no responsibility. he says oh you know okay there could be illegal immigrants working for me at any construction sites but i hire contractors and they hire subcontractors. you tell me is that the guy you want fixing the problems at the veterans administration? he's relishing in this publicity. i think he's saying some things that are certainly striking a chord with some people. most americans find his tone
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tenor, words to be misinformed and offensive. and you can count me in that number. >> but number two in the new hampshire polling. certainly middle of the pack almost in the first tier in the national polling. it's more than just some. he must be tapping into something or is it just celebrity and bluster. >> i think a lot of it is celebrity and bluster. donald trump is not going to tone its done. you mentioned that the head of the rnc had a phone call with trump and said you need to watch your tone this is not looking good for the party. when he made the comments initially he doubled down. when the sponsors continued to pull their business deals with trump, he said you know you guys are the suckers. i'm gaining money from all this. >> north carolina poll has him at number one this morning. >> that's going to be interesting when the debates begin. when the debates begin and you have donald trump on a stage with other candidates saying these things let's bomb the oil
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fields of iraq let's send in the oil companies, we'll take the oil, how do the other candidates respond? do they take it on directly? do they ignore him? i'm not sure what the strategy is. >> initially i would have told him to ignore them. but it's been over three weeks now. this has become too big an issue. i think it provides an opportunity for other republicans on that stage to differentiate themselves from trump and to look like states people to like statesmen who offer solutions, who offer civility agenda and a vision as opposed to a man who spews venom and offers nothing. >> i think it's a short-term headache and harm for the republican party. it definitely never helps when somebody that's identified as a republican who by the way was a democrat as you pointed out to him -- >> also an independent. >> right.
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he's been everything right? he's now unfortunately chosen to run as a republican. he also is somebody that has donated extensively to democrats including hillary clinton, who has donated in the five figures to the clinton foundation. he's somebody who had hillary clinton at his wedding at the front pew. but he is running as a republican now and it's not good for the republican party to have our brand associated with these offensive comments . there are many others in the republican party rick perry, lindsey graham marco rubio who have stood against these comments. i think it's inaccurate and unfair to paint the republican party with the same brush. >> the question is going to become what does this do the trump effect to the rest of the field? heading into this debate that's just a few weeks away what is this going to mean? he's certainly going to be there. >> i think the big losers from trump being on the debate stage
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are the middle tier candidates who are serious and well known but really need to have this boost of energy to get their candidacy really on the national stage. i mean folks like bobby jindal or chris christie. we're not talking about him. i think all these candidates who really needed to sort of have the sport erer er-- how do they get past that. >> he pitched himself as the straight talk guy, telling it like it is. it's hard to do that in truchmp's shadow. >> hise is immune to fact. because it worked really well for me. i don't think i've ever heard that from somebody running for offense before. >> i think it's interesting.
5:17 am
he said this is the business i'm in this is the city. this is how it's run. >> then he criticized some of the elected officials saying all they do is cater to the special interests. many let me give you the memo. you are a special interest. you do have lobbyists. you are part of the washington establishment. it really boggles the mind that the billionaire is the one who is supposedly talking truth to power and the one who is somehow in touch with the common person. give me a break, folks. this guy is part of the establishment and we're falling for his trick. >> you pointed out to him, was it to curry favor? and he's unabashed in admitting some of these things. >> he'll say, everybody loves me. >> which by the way tells you the man lives in a parallel universe. he also said yesterday he would win the latino vote. i hate to tell you, you wouldn't
5:18 am
even win the vote of the latinos who work on your construction site. >> you can catch part two of anderson's sit down with donald trump. it's going to air tonight at 8:00 p.m. >> for all the latest political news go to cnn publics. >> . voters in iowa are seeing a whole lot of the presidential candidates lately. what impression are they leaving on voters? our john berman spoke with some of them. that's ahead. did you know that meeting your daily protein needs actually helps to support your muscle health? boost® high protein nutritional drink can help you get the protein you need. each serving has 15 grams of protein to help maintain muscle, plus 26 vitamins and minerals including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones. boost® high protein is the #1 selling high protein complete nutritional drink and it has a great taste-guaranteed! help
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big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern.
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well the 2016 presidential field is certainly filled with a variety of candidates. what are voters thinking and what do they have to say? john berman got some answers in the state where all political eyes are focused. >> the caucuses are just about six months away. it's pretty soon for them. they are paying attention and checking out these candidates one by one and putting them through the motions. you hear a guy like donald trump get up and say things on immigration that make it sound so easy. basically build a wall on the border he says. he says the people coming over
5:23 am
are rapists and criminals and murders murders. when you hear a candidte use words like that does it make you stand up and listen or does it make your shake your head? >> it makes me shake my head. i think to myself this man has all this money and he is on this platform spewing such ignorance. i believe that he is saying what a lot of people are too afraid to say. it's not a pc thing to say. that doesn't mean that he's saying a fact and that doesn't mean that those people are believing what is true. >> think that his comments reflect a cultural insensitivity that the diversity movement for the last 25 years have been trying to reverse. >> could anyone at this table under any circumstances see themselves voting for donald trump? >> yes. >> why? >> he's a very shrewd businessman. i think he would be able to at least guide congress in a little bit better way to maybe perhaps pay down the $18 trillion debt
5:24 am
that we're incurring. >> you've met him? >> i've met several of the candidates and i'm holding all judgment on all of them. it's way too early. >> are you listening to what he says? >> of course. i listen to all of them. i would be very closed minded not to listen to every single one on both sides. >> people need to be responsible their comments and actions. we cannot say you can say whatever you want in a free country and say nothing is going to happen to you. >> there's repercussions. >> i think the problem with trump is he has zero credibility now in the world that. >> let's talk about hillary. six in ten voters say they're not sure where they trust her. hillary said people should and do trust me. is she right? >> i think in iowa people generally trust hillary clinton because she has a record in
5:25 am
court, in connection with what's happened with last several years. in terms of education, in terms of being critical of the foreign wars. so i think they do. >> she's someone that i have always respected and trusted all along. so i think she's done a great job as secretary of state when she was secretary of state. i think iowans between they can trust her now. >> bernie sanders? >> i think he has a lot of great proposals for people that are coming of age and going to college. that's something that i really respect. >> is he for real? >> i think he will do what whips do in political elections. they push the other candidates to be clearer. >> you're an independent. he's pretty far left. this is a guy that's actually a self-identified social list. >> right. you know i'm glad he's in there because he's putting ideas in
5:26 am
people's heads about what they should be expecting from other candidates. i kind of feel like he's an agitator. i would love to see him go far. >> you guys have a couple dozen people. what do you make of the field? >> i think it's great. it's absolutely great. we get to talk a lot of dimptd issues. at the end of day it's going to come down to a strong leader for me. >> what i want to add to that is that we have a large number of republican candidates of diversity. and in my lifetime at 62 we haven't had that diversity. >> african american brain surge. >> absolutely. from detroit. what's exciting about that is they will be able to have conversations about things like race that are important to people of color. i'm interesting in having those conversations when i've been in elections in my life when no one
5:27 am
ever discussed race. you're right, it's too early to tell but it's going to be exciting to hear. >> you're a self-described social conservative. you've got a lot of them running in the field right now. >> we do. my top kapdscandidates would be ted cruz. rick sanatoriumtorum is kind of on my radar. >> scott walker jeb bush donald trump, marco rubio is up there. rand paul is up there. there are five guy who is you say you're not considering. why not? >> they haven't necessarily backed up -- rubio supported amnesty without building a wall or doing anything else. and jeb bush he's a complete and total moderate. >> you're a democrat. but you say you're considering jeb bush. >> well jeb definitely has an appeal for latinos.
5:28 am
if i was republican i would say it would be stupid for the republican party not to go after jeb bush. he's the only one that's going to get the independent votes. all the other ones are too far right to get anybody in the middle. >> i think it's going to be really important to them as a republican candidate who speak to their issues. cultural competency and also representation. i think jeb bush in the strongest republican in that way. and although i have voted democratic all my life i would give him a vote of fantastic. >> so you wouldn't actually vote for him, but you'd pat him on the vote. >> you know what he'd say to that? thanks a lot. it was interesting to see. not many of the republicans are going to even consider a democrat. not many democrats are going to consider a republican. but they're each looking at their own parties and they're
5:29 am
tick taking the measure of the candidates. and so many of them have met the candidates. >> you did a good job. you really helped these people come out and express what's going to motivate them with the debates right around the corner for the gop. >> i love iowa. >> you are from there? >> no. the boston part of iowa. the confederate flag now as little as a day from coming down in south carolina. lawmakers passing a bill to remove the rebel flag from capital grounds. we have south carolina senator and presidential candidate lindsey graham. he's going to tell us about why this happened with the flag and what does he think about the trump frump. steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead.
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here we go with five things you need to know. number one lawmakers voting to remove the confederate flag from the ground of the state house in south carolina. governor nikki haley calls it a new day. the flag could come down as soon as tomorrow. markets are looking to rebound today following that
5:34 am
technical glitch that froze the new york stock exchange for hours yesterday. the outage adding to jitters already building over the market melt down in china and the ongoing crisis in greece. rnc asking donald trump to tone down his comments about immigrants. trump not backing down telling anderson cooper the president is to blame for an influx of undocumented immigrants. baltimore's police chief is out of a job. the mayor firing anthony batts. about two million people are expected at a mass with pope francis in santa cruz bollivia. it is the second leg of his south american tour. for more on the five things be sure to criticize it cnn new for the latest. so the confederate flag has flown in his home state since he was a toddler. how does lindsey graham feel about it coming down and what
5:35 am
about trump elbowing people like him almost out of the race? his answers ahead. you pay your car insurance premium like clockwork. month after month. year after year. then one night, you hydroplane into a ditch. yeah... surprise... your insurance company tells you to pay up again. why pay for insurance if you have to pay even more for using it? if you have liberty mutual deductible fund™ you could pay no deductible at all. sign up to immediately lower your deductible by $100. and keep lowering it $100 annually, until it's gone.
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big things going on. the confederate rebel battle flag coming down in south carolina druch makeonald trump making all this noise. guess who's in the middle of all of it? senator lindsey graham. thank you for joining us. let's start with the news that matters. >> i'm sorry i lost you there. >> can you hear me now? >> i hear you now. >> beautiful. let's start with the headline the flag is coming down. >> lost you again. sorry, chris. i can't hear you. >> let me keep trying. you know what we're going to do. we're going to take a quick break and get the senator on because this conversation is much better with two sides.
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i liked it. did we just start looking for a house? it looks pretty good yeah, all right. oh, did you see that listing on zillow i sent you? yup.
5:43 am
you see that bathroom? oh well i think that's the one. me too. ok. did we just decide to buy a house? i think so. yay. find your way home zillow. senator lindsey graham from south carolina joins us now on the show. can you hear me? >> yes, i can. >> no more of this trick pretending you can't hear me. >> who are you? >> so the news of the flag coming down in south carolina what does it mean to you? >> it means we can move forward. it would be impossible i think to keep the flag up after the shooting. representative horne's statement on the floor i think summed up why we had to move it. it gives us a new start, sort of
5:44 am
a fresh start. let's take advantage of it. >> let's listen to representative jenny horne. >> could you ever have imagined this happening ten years ago, five years ago, six months ago? >> no. the flag had been flying my whole entire life. and if you would have asked me last year if we would ever remove the flag from the state house grounds in my lifetime, i would have said there's no way. >> now, you are a very seasoned man and politician. to what do you attribute how quickly you and others changed their minds about the battle flag? >> after the shooting the flag became a symbol of this hateful young man and the families of the victims made this possible, the way they embraced the man who killed their loved ones with love and forgiveness. and reverend pinckney had been
5:45 am
asking to remove the flag for quite a while. it made it impossible for my state and me not to embrace that request because it did become a roadblock to us moving forwards after the shooting. the day before the shooting republicans and democrats were okay with a compromise after the shooting nobody was okay with a compromise. and after the families embraced the shooter and demonstrated a kindness and love that i can't even imagine representing my state better than i could ever hope to the flag had to come down. and thank god it has. >> hopefully this move is a step in a direction that has many more steps to come. >> yes. >> so we go from tolerance and an expression of it to intolerance expressed in the form of donald trump. do you stand by and listen to what he says with any idea of belief and acceptance. do you take any of what he says as truth? >> no. i think it's just out of sheer
5:46 am
ignorance the comments he's making. here's what i say, the 11-plus million illegal immigrants come here mostly to work. they come from poor and corrupt countries. the majority are decent people trying to find a better life for them and their families. he's got it absolutely wrong. this wave of immigrants is just like every other group that came. they came here to do jobs that other people wouldn't do. they were looked down on and talked bad about. when donald trump says these things i want to let people know that i've been trying to fix illegal immigration for daekd now and that's not my view of the 11 million. we need to fix this problem, but the 11 million are not made up of rapists and drug dealers. >> is donald trump the price that politicians like you must now pay for not getting anything done on immigration because he
5:47 am
gives voice to the outrage if nothing else? >> yeah. i think he expresses frustration. but frustration doesn't cut it with me. remember when president obama ran in 2008 that he promised to fix immigration in the first year of his presidency? he never lifted a finger. we did obamacare, stimulus. president obama failed miserably when 60 democratic senators a democratic controlled house, so the democratic party is to blame too. but my party has quite frankly not risen to the occasion. and donald trump is digging a hole with dishanhispanics. it needs to be fixed starting with the border. >> segue to going from that international situation to what we're dealing with with isis on
5:48 am
the war. let's use trump as the segue. he mentioned your views on foreign policy. listen. >> yeah. >> lindsey graham just today tweeted why would any group vote for a party if it embraces that view. >> i think he's always been very nice to me. but he wants to bomb everybody. all i know is he wants to bomb everybody. lindsey graham has his views. i'm very very strong on the border. we have to create a country. we have a country. you don't have a country if you don't have a border. >> forget about the definition of a state there at the end. but lindsey graham wants to bomb everybody. this is a nod toward your feeling that we should have more troops in there, more american presence on the ground which you know is unpopular with the american public. >> yeah. i don't think it's unpopular with the american public to stop radical islam from coming back
5:49 am
to our shores. isil is not being degraded and destroyed. we've trained 60 people from the free syrian army to go and fight isil. president obama's strategy to degrade and destroy isil is not working. and i think radical islam wants to hit us here at home and syria is a great launching pad. if i were president of the united states we would have more troops inside iraq to destroy isil. and we've go in on the ground in syria and we'd have to be part of that regional army to destroy the califate. there's no way i know to defend america without some of us going back over there to do the fighting. >> the problem is clear. but you want to give a nod to the complexity of the solution. president obama wanted to bomb syria. you guys held him off on that remember? >> no. >> putting boots on the ground
5:50 am
there, we did that for a lot of years but it didn't fix the problem. >> right. >> is that the same direction to go again? >> the surge did work. i've been to iraq and afghanistan 35 times. i know exactly what works and what doesn't. we didn't have the right security foot print after we took saddam down. that was a mistake. i share blame for that. but the surge in 2008 and 2009 did work. in 2011 president obama was told to leave 10,000 troops beendshind. political progress was moving forward in baghdad. when we pulled all of our troops out, iraq deteriorated like i and others predicted. you've got to stabilize iraq. but if you don't get syria right you'll never fix iraq. and we have no plan when it comes to syria. that's where we're most likely to get attacked from is syria. we have no game plan in syria. >> we're going to see whats with
5:51 am
the iran negotiation. i welcome you back to discuss the outcome there. please come back. >> thank you. we're going to turn to california here. arnold schwarzenegger taking heat for helping a murder victim's son. ♪ ♪ when you're living with diabetes steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead.
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. i'm going to take you back to 2008. 22-year-old louise santos was stabbed by nunez. he pleaded guilty in exchange for a 16 year prison term. but in early 2011 outgoing california governor arld schwarzenegger commuted the sentence to just seven years. he happens to be the son of the former assembly speaker and political ally of schwarzenegger. first of all, mr. santos i know it's been some time but that pain never goes away. i'm so sorry for the loss of your son. >> thank you. thank you for having me on the show. >> i know it's probably a hard thing to talk about. we had a legal set back to your case in june. the sacramento superior court found that the judge said quote, we are compelled to conclude that while
5:56 am
schwarzenegger's conduct could be seen as deserving of censure amid groes and grossly unjust it was not illegal. >> yes. it was very disappointing decision for us. and it is more disappointing because they were really basing the decision on a single word definition or their definition of a single word of what proceeding means the to me proceeding means that certain actions were taken and that the governor took certain actions and that is a proceeding. but according to the judges that is not a proceeding. >> i'll goat youet you to explain what he means by this proceeding. it all comes down to marcy's law, which is also known as the victims rights bill. >> it's been our contention ever since that it was a complete violation of a constitutional
5:57 am
right to the victims to be heard before there's any change in sentencing. what mr. santos was referring to is the court is hanging their hat on that the word -- and it's our contention that the appellate court was wrong and we're on our way to the california supreme court to prove our point. >> it's interesting because very soon of that back in 2011 mr. santos the california legislature changed -- passed a law actually saying that they require the d.a. to be given at least ten days notice that a communation has been filed. would that have made a difference to you, sir, the ten days notice that he was going to commute the sentence of your son's killer would it have changed your loss at all?
5:58 am
>> it's hard to tell. at least it would have given us a chance to plea our case with the governor to try to convince him not to issue the commutation. but we were never given the chance. >> is it true that then governor schwarzenegger reached out to you to apologize? >> he did write us a letter after the media started making inquiries and after we started complaining that we have never heard a single word from the governor's office. then a token letter was written to my family. >> and that diplomatdn't sit well with you, did it sir? >> no it did not. he claimed to understand how i felt. and i don't think he is capable of feeling how my family feels when our son is murdered and a politician does a favor to his friend by reducing the sentence of the son's murder. >> and that's your big complaint
5:59 am
in this. you say this is dirty politics this is crohny . >> the appeal was dropped within two months prior to the commutation. there's never an appeal dropped by an inmate unless all of a sudden bewe now have a commutation. >> thank you so much for talking about this. we know it's something you're taking very seriously. and mr. santos we send our best to you and your wife. >> and thank you for having us. >> we reached out to former governor schwarzenegger. we did not hear back. we also invited edd mr. nunez but
6:00 am
he was unavailable. >> good morning to you. the "newsroom" starts now. >> happening now in the "newsroom" a historic morning south carolina. >> if we amend this bill we are telling the people of charleston we don't care. >> lawmakers voting after a marathon session to bring down the confederate flag. when it will stop flying on capital grounds and move to a relic room. just 30 minutes from opening bell after yesterday's software melt down. >> there was a lot of skepticism whether or not the exchange was going to be able to get things up and running. >> the markets didn't panic, but with all eyes on greece and china how will your stocks do when trading start this is


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