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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  July 9, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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do. this guy was a guy i couldn't catch on "america's most wanted". i profiled him eight times. >> does it just eat at you? >> it eats at me. having a child is a privilege. it's the toughest job you will ever have in your life it's the most rewarding. i cannot fathom how anyone can kill a chil especially your own children. this guy probably hol lested his own daughter. they went to the police. he got them to recant. he arranged marriages for them in egypt. he had dual citizenship. i think he may have fled to egypt but before i really hang my spurs up and i'm loving doing "the hunt," we solved five cases last year a wonderful way to catch bad guys before i hang up my spurs, i want to see this girt dag brought back and if he is in egypt, and he will show his face in egypt egypt needs lot of helps from the united
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states. the arab spring didn't work. if the egyptian police catch this guy and extradite them to the united states that would be a good thing for them to do. >> we hope our viewers can help solve that crime. so watch this season's episode of "the hunt." premieres this sunday night at 9:00 right here on cnn, and also want to mention that today i know you're doing a facebook chat, john walsh at noon eastern. make sure you log on. there will be a link on for that. thank you so much for coming on and making a difference in the world. >> thank you for having me. i'm loving being on cnn. >> we appreciate it. the next hour of "newsroom" starts right now. if we amend this bill we are telling the people of charleston we don't care. >> an impassioned plea by state representative jenny horn just moments before a historic vote
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in south carolina. house members approving the removal of the confederate flag from the state house grounds. the bill now in the hands of the governor. i would bomb the hell out of those oil fields. i wouldn't send many troops because you wouldn't need them by the time i got finished. >> the donald's comments getting him in trouble with the gop. the party telling trump to tone it down. in his comments on mexican immigrants. but it's not really doing any good. and the markets are rebounding. right now up more than 200 points this morning. 24 hours after a technical glitch stalled trading and send the dow on a downward spiral yesterday. we go live to the market floor just ahead in the cnn "newsroom." good morning. it's great to have you with me. i'm ana cabrera in for carol costello. thanks for being here. we begin in south carolina. the confederate flag will no
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longer fly above the state's house grounds. governor nikki haley is expected to sign the bill into law at any moment that would take down the symbol as early as tomorrow. a remarkable move when you consider all that's happened in the past three weeks since nine people were killed at an african-american church in charleston south carolina. lawmakers are overcome with emotion this morning. >> it took a tragedy to bring this body to this decision. we have met tragedy with triumph and defeat with purpose. >> undeniably the most emotional and impassioned plea last night came from that woman you just saw who joined us a few minutes ago. republican representative jenny horne, and cnn's nick valencia is in columbia this morning following the latest developments. nick? >> reporter: a monumental day
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here in south carolina ana, after an exhaustive debate 13 hours with the final vote coming in the state house just after 1:00 a.m. lawmakers voting to permanently remove the confederate flag from state grounds, a flag you can see behind me that has been on the state grounds since 1961 about 15 years ago another contentious debate brought that flag in front -- really in the front of the public's eye by the confederate memory yapial. that flag after tomorrow it will no longer be there. it is something that's a huge victor for those who have wanted to see this flag taken down. governor nikki haley is expected to sign the bill sometime this afternoon. the governor's office has not made an official announcement just yet, but the time that we're hearing for guidance is around 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. the governor has five days to sign this bill but part of the senate proposal ana s that this flag will come down within 24 hours of her signing this legislation. >> nick valencia doing a great
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job out there in columbia, south carolina. thank you so much. during her impassioned speech jenny horne started naming her friends who are directly offended by the flag. one of those named friends was democratic representative john king who you will see in this picture. you see he was also emotional last night, and he's joining me live to discuss that moment. sir, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me. let's go back to that moment when jenny horne called your name during her speech. what was going through your mind? >> i was taken aback when i heard jenny, representative horne, mention my name because she understood the passion that we had as not only african-american people in south carolina but as her friends who cared about bringing down the flag and bringing peace to south carolina but not only to south carolina but to our country and what it meant for us here in
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south carolina. >> i spoke with jenny horne about a half an hour ago. if she was listening right now to this interview, what would you tell her? >> i'm proud of jenny. i'm so proud of her. had it not been for jenny and what she did last night, i don't know if we would be sitting here today talking about how the flag would be taken down by tomorrow. i'm understanding that our governor will sign this bill into law around 4:00 today which means that 4:00 tomorrow they will start removing what you see now as the confederate flag there on the state house grounds. and it's a proud moment. not only for south carolinians but for all americans because now we are beginning to do what's right for people of all races here in this country. >> it strikes me that you thought that maybe her speech was pivotal in getting this bill passed. it did end up passing with more than two-thirds majority but it
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was a bit of a fight with some 68 amendments that were proposed. does this now set the stage to say, you know, we're united more than divided and perhaps could influence others on a national level? >> well i think representative horne showed that people can cross aisles to do what's right for not only just one segment of the community but for all people and i'm just so proud of my colleague. i'm at a loss for words because this day is major for us here in south carolina. i have been elected for over 15 years, and this is one of the most proudest moments that i can say of my elected career and so i am extremely excited about what south carolina has done. i spoke last night being ashame ofashamed of being a south carolinian
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because of the amendment and today i wake up proud to be a south carolinian. >> covering this story this morning has given me goose bumps a few times, especially when you said it is one of your proudest moments in service. thank you state representative john king for joining us and keep us posted as the future unfolds. >> thank you so very much. defiant, unapologetic and in it to win it republican presidential hopeful donald trump doubling down on controversial comments about mexico and illegal immigration in this one-on-one interview with our anderson cooper. among the many issues discussed how trump would deal with illegal border crossings, listen. >> number one, i wouldn't think about anything until i built a wall impenetrable. there would be nobody coming into this country illegally. that's number one. number two, i would get the ones that are criminals, drug dealers, and the people that are forced in by mexico and you
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know exactly what i'm talking about because mexico is smarter and sharper and more cunning and, frankly, have much better negotiators than we have. >> all right. let's discuss all of this with cnn's anderson cooper. you must be going on a couple cups of coffee by now after no sleep last night, but what an interview. were you surprised by how defiant he still is? >> not really. this is donald trump. it's classic donald trump. i think the interesting thing about obviously talking to him is that, you know you can present him with all the facts and figures and studies you want regardless he very closely sticks to his message. he sort of pivots very quickly, and on this issue he really wants to -- he clearly wants to keep the attention on this issue. he feels this is an issue he has made great strides with. this is an issue he feels very strongly about, and he feels he has set the debate for the entire gop right now. >> but at the same time it's no secret that the republicans need
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hispanics to vote for them if they are to win a general election. >> president obama got 71% of the hispanic vote the last election. he claims, donald trump is tlaer claiming he can get the latino vote. you doesn't make it clear how. he says by bringing jobs to america he will get people to vote for him. you know obviously there has been a huge outrage among many quarters in the united states particularly among latino pop layings populations. and we understand now the head of the rnc in a call asked donald trump to tone things down. we'll see if he does this. look among voters in new hampshire and elsewhere, he is number two in the polls right now and is doing very well. he's very happy with where he is. >> i know you also mentioned to him this "washington post" report about illegal immigrants working for him on this hotel in washington, d.c. let's play a clip of that.
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>> isn't it hypocritical for you saying that illegal immigration is killing this country to be employing illegal immigrants. >> i read the story, and by the way, that story does not name any names. i'd love if they could give us the names. they said they spoke to one or two but they don't name them. >> what they say is several of the men who hail mostly from hahn dour ras and guatemala have earned u.s. zin or legal status through immigration programs. others quietly acknowledge they remain in the country illegally. >> they have to give us the names because we have -- >> but they're not going to give you names. >> they have to give us the names and i have to say this we believe so strongly -- i hired a very big contractor, one of the most prestigious, the best in the world to build a building. it's their responsibility to make sure. >> doesn't the buck stop with you? >> yes, it does. >> you're paying their salaries. >> oh absolutely. we have gone out of our way to make sure everybody that that building is legal and we do have some that were -- that became legal, and wait a minute. we have some many i think, that
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became frankly, me you, everybody. ultimately we're all sort of in the group of immigrant, right? but we have done that to the absolute letter of the law. they haven't shown us anything. i wish they would give us some names. we'd get them out -- >> you must have a guy on the job site. >> we have more than one guy and we check it probably more carefully than any job ever built. you have anywhere from 11 million to 34 million illegal immigrants in this country. they're all over the place. nobody knows even where they come from. >> can you guarantee you don't have illegal or undocumented workers working for new hotel projects or various -- >> i can't guarantee it. how can anyone? we have 34 million in the country. i used to hear 11 now it's 34 million. i can't guarantee anything but i can say this we work very hard to make sure everybody is legal as opposed to illegal. >> so there's sort of a hit pock ra si here right?
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>> clearly his critics will say that. donald trump is saying we check, we do all we can to check. he says the buck stops with him but he also says look he hire a contract who it's tlar responsibility to check for this sort of thing. he seems to kind of want to have it both ways. i think what would be interesting to see is a, are any other cases brought up of illegal immigrants working on any trump projects. he says he can't guarantee they are. they do everything they can to try to prevent that. will the other gap candidates try to use this against donald trump. we saw it happen against mitt romney in an incident where he allegedly had some illegal immigrants working for him on his yard at home that were hired by another contractor. will trump be held to that standard? >> as you said he's driving the conversation right now. >> without a doubt. >> he's making other candidates talk about things they don't want to talk about. >> that is clearly the case. >> he's more effective than us, the media. >> i think this will be
7:14 am
interesting, once he's on a debate stage, how do they handle him? attack him, try to ignore him? it will be particularly fascinating. >> i do want to just read this tweet again because he's still talking this morning. he fired off a tweet after we discussed the whole rnc conversation with trump last night and it says here you can see, totally false reporting on my call with reince priebus. he called me ten minutes, said i hit a nerve. doing well end. he still believes or at least is posturing he still has the support of the gop party as a whole. >> right. well he's certainly got -- he's come under fire from some of his gop challengers, ted cruz has supported some of the things he has said about immigration. he believes ben carson supports him somewhat as well. but we've had some very firm statements from jeb bush marco rubio, and others. so again, i'm fascinated to wait for the debates. >> i'm curious to see the rest of your interview which will air
7:15 am
tonight on "anderson cooper 360" which means here at 8:00 on cnn. thanks for coming in this morning and getting up early for us. still to come the deadline for the iran nuclear deal extended again. why even the president doesn't think this is a good sign. [alarms blaring] ohhhhh... whoa whoa whoa! who's responsible for this?!? if something goes wrong, you find a scapegoat. ...rick. it's what you do. ahhhhhhhh! what'd you say? uh-oh! kelly! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. rick. don't walk away from me. ahhhhhhhh! when i started at the shelter, i noticed benny right away. i just had to adopt him. he's older so he needs my help all day. when my back pain flared up
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as crunch time approaches for a deal with iran on its nuclear program, president obama is dramatically now downplaying the expectations. as the talks continue the president now says the chances of a deal are less than 50/50. let's get the latest from elise labott in washington.
7:20 am
elise, this is some new language. all along we've been hearing more optimistic tone from the president. >> reporter: well ana, i think, you know we always talk about high stakes diplomacy, but i think in this case this really is high stakes diplomacy. you know the u.s. was very optimistic about a deal and really pushing, but then i think what's happened is the iranians thought that the u.s. would make more concessions and be more vulnerable to giving things to the iranians closer to the deadline. now that the administration has passed the deadline i think they've shown the iranians that they're ready to stick and make sure that they get a good deal and they're not going to buckle under pressure. that said there are about-- they are about 95% there i am told but the 5% of really thorny issues are the hardest. listen to a senior adviser from the state department talking to cnn last night. >> when you get such a
7:21 am
complicated technical agreement, every single piece has to colonel together at the end, and we always knew at the end of these talks these would be the toughest issues that's sort of how these negotiations work that the toughest issues often come down until the very end. >> reporter: and so they are at the very end now, and those tough issues remain. the duration of a deal how long the iranians would have to succumb to some of the eliminations. they're talking about a u.n. security council resolution. they want a full lifting of the u.n. arms embargoes. these are sum of the toughest issues. the iranians are holding out, but the president has made clear he's not going to give in on some of the tough issues and he's willing to walk away but i think they're continuing to make progress, ana. >> we know there's that pseudodeadline tomorrow. but we've heard it's not a hard deadline if they're still in the process of making progress they may continue their negotiations but what happens if the u.s. and
7:22 am
the rest of the countries, five other countries that are negotiating in this deal what if we walk away? >> reporter: well there are a couple scenarios they're discussing. if they're not ready for a deal by tomorrow they could keep talking for a few extra days or through the weekend. they could decide to go home and regroup and meet in another couple weeks and try to get a deal sometime this summer or if they feel the iranians are being totally intransigent and not budging, they could say to the iranians call us when you're serious. until then we're going to go home. but i think in the meantime the interim agreement that's going on right now, which places some limits on iran's nuclear program and some sanctions relief would remain in effect. i don't think anybody is talking about an end of the process entirely some kind of doomsday scenario because there's really no alternative to a deal. they have made so much progress. if there's not a deal this week i think they might take a little bit of pause, but i think those talks will continue ultimately ana.
7:23 am
>> elise labott in washington for us. our thanks to you. still to come nearly 24 hours after a technical glitch halted trading at the stock exchange for hours, the dow now rebounding up about 160 points this morning. we'll take you there live next. plus big cuts from the pentagon. soldiers and civilian jobs on the chopping block. where those cuts could come from. and, of course the pope continuing his visit in south america. huge crowds right now in santa cruz bolivia. pope francis is celebrating mass in front of an estimated crowd of 2 million people there. the leader of the roman catholic church is in the middle of a three-nation tour of his home continent of south america focusing on the poor around the environment. stay with us. ♪ ♪ fresher dentures, for the best first impression. love loud, live loud, polident.
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we have some breaking news just into cnn regarding the south carolina confederate flag. as we mentioned early this morning, house lawmakers voted to remove the flag sending the bill to the governor's desk and now we know governor nikki haley will hold a bill signing ceremony of sorts. that's going to happen at 4:00 eastern time today. this is the bill now labeled s-897 and the confederate flag will fly no more on statehouse grounds. investors are breathing a little sigh of relief this morning. major rebound on wall street. at one point we saw the dow surge more than 200 points since the opening bell nearly making up for all the losses yesterday. alison kosik is live on the floor of the new york stock exchange. we ripple effect you're feeling after the shut down yesterday? >> reporter: let me address the elephant in the room ana.
7:29 am
i want to tell you about the irony this morning. a fund with the ticker hack hack that rang the opening bell today. that was a day after a massive glitch bright down the nyse. it's a fund that invests in cyber security company. while it wasn't a cyber security issue to blame, there were questions yesterday. the fact that h.-a-c-k rang the opening bell. to answer your question, smooth start to the opening bell. smooth start to the trading day so far. traders that i have talked to say they're cautiously opt stick that trading will go okay after the shut down yesterday. late yesterday the president of the new york stock exchange said they found out what was wrong and that they fixed it. they put out a statement saying the problem was a configuration issue. translation, the settings weren't correct before some new software was launched the previous night. and we've actually learned, ana, it was the president of the new york stock exchange who made the
7:30 am
decision to stop trading yesterday when some trades weren't going through. so it wasn't an issue where the computers just shut off. it was his decision to say let's shut off the machines ana. >> and the timing was just so coincidental then because of the united problems they were having with their computers, "the wall street journal" having issues around the same time. good to see everything bouncing back there on the new york stock exchange. alison kosik, our thanks to you. still to come gop leadership wants donald trump to tone it down but he is sticking to his comments on immigration. could that hurt the republicans as a whole in 2016? ♪ ♪
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7:35 am
says the company is scrambling to get all the systems back to full working order and employees may encounter some problems today. right now the airline plans to operate as many flights as possible but 20 flights have already been cancelled in an effort to quote, help with the recovery process. we'll keep an eye on that. it's no secret real estate mogul and presidential hopeful donald trump has his eye on the prize. if elected president, trump says his immigration policy would be tough. his strategy against isis even tougher. but what if he doesn't win the nomination? cnn's anderson cooper asked trump about that on his wednesday interview with us and the question whether he would consider a vice presidential spot. >> would you accept a vice presidential position -- >> no. >> if it didn't work out? you're doing great right now. >> it's not that i wouldn't. it's a phenomenal position. i think it's a very powerful position. it's not for me.
7:36 am
i love what i'm doing. i'd rather be doing this. i have buildings all over the world. i'm not doing this to be president. i'm doing this to make america great again. >> as for whether he would consider running as an independent maybe or a third party candidate, trump says the best way to beat hillary clinton, who he believes will be the democratic nominee, is to run as a republican. so let's bring in cnn political analyst and editor in chief for the daily beast john avlon and also joined by cnn political commentator ross doubt, a columnist for "the new york times." john agree with trump or not on these issues he is soaking up a lot of attention from the other gop candidates. so what do you think about his strategy? >> well i think he's soaking up attention because the media keeps feeding it. let's be real here. what you have here is a reality show car crash candidacy where the one candidate says the most irresponsible things and, therefore, gets a lot of attention and anyone who is try
7:37 am
trying totry trying to responsibly run for president can't compete with a carnival barker which donald trump is. we end up feed the best. this is far more about bluster and a guy who is marketing himself to the head of the pack because he's shameless than anyone who is seriously running for president. >> ross how do you think the other candidates are going to handle trump on the debate stage because right now he is going to be one of those ten candidates if the polls stay the same. >> i mean i think that for some of the candidates particularly jeb bush the trump fa none nonem none is the best thing that could have happened in the sense that if you're running as sort of the establishment candidate, you're seen as the moderate candidate, a safe consensus choice you want to have donald trump soaking up energy as the populist rabble rouser. if i'm jeb bush i would much rather have trump on that stage and sort of taking attention away from a ted cruz even a ben
7:38 am
carson frankly. i think if you're jeb you would rather run against trump than carson. you'd rather run against trump than cruz and so on. i think the big challenge is for candidates in the more sort of conservative populace niche, cruz in particular i would say, to figure out how do you deal with 9 factthe fact that trump has claimed your space. i agree with john he's claimed it as a carnival barker basically but he is sitting there needing to be dealt with. >> he's definitely making some big waves in his own party. i want to ask you both about the rnc phone call we learned about last night. a source telling cnn that reince priebus told trump to tone it down when it comes to his immigration remarks. a short time ago, trump fired back again retweeting or tweeting this totally false reporting on my call with reince priebus. he called me ten minutes, said i hit a nerve. doing well end. so john do you think trump is going to tone it down? >> no. that's not his m.o. he's living in a trump centric
7:39 am
universe in which there is no way -- that would defeat his whole process. of course it's going to give reince priebus and the responsible republicans heartburn because he's torpedoing any chance of them making real inroads into the latino vote the longer he stays on the stage, but to ross' earlier point, this really also becomes a gut check for the republican party. when you have a conservative populace who gravitate to a guy like donald trump and these appeals, that's also a problem in the party. while jeb may benefit from saying look i'm not dangerously crazy like that guy, that's also not a positive winning message. it creates a crisis of conscience for the republican party on how to deal with trump. >> one of the reasons he's getting so much attention is because he's not like the other candidates. he tells it like he sees it or how he feels. isn't that maybe some of his appeal to the supporters he has, he speaks frankly. he's not being your typical politician. >> sure. i think it's important not to take too much of what trump says
7:40 am
at face value and sort of to look for what he really believes. this is a guy whose positions 10 or 15 years ago were pretty liberal on most issues. i don't think what you're hearing from him on an issue like immigration are the words of a man who deeply believes every single thing he's saying. it's a man who is literally trying to strike a nerve and will say whatever seems to make sense to strike it. >> you think he's still playing politics. >> of course he's playing politics just a different kind of political game than the other candidates. >> yes. >> but i think you're right though that what people respond to in trump is the fact that, you know look his message is basically things aren't working in america, and he says we don't win wars anymore. he can't control our border and so on. and that's a message that people understandably respond to. we just went through yesterday obviously everyone saying all the outages at the stock exchange and everywhere else are just accidents and so on and maybe they are, but there's a sense in the united states right now, i think a fairly reasonable
7:41 am
sense, that our institutions aren't working that well and when you get a guy like trump who isn't implicated in our politics he's implicated in other things coming out and basically just saying that flat out, it's not surprising that people are attracted to it. >> all right. ross and john thank you. sorry, i know john you have more to say. there's certainly more to discuss. we have to leave it there to now. we'll come back to you another day. talk to you soon thanks. the army announcing its plan to reduce its ranks. a defense official says this army is going to cut 40,000 soldiers over the next two years and an additional 17,000 civilians are going to lose their jobs. let's bring in cnn's barbara starr at the pentagon this morning. barbara, do we know exactly where the cuts are going to come from? >> reporter: good morning, ana. the army expected to make the announcement in the coming hours, where are the cuts coming from? what army bases? what communities across the country will be affected? they're at 490,000 troops right
7:42 am
now. they're going to come down to about 450,000. most of it we're told is going to be through what you call attrition. essentiallies a people leave the army these positions will basically be filtered out of the force structure, but, look that doesn't make it any easier for the families that are going to be impacted. the communities, the local businesses where there will be less military personnel, less customers for those local businesses outside base gate. so there is an impact. why is the army doing this? this has been on the books actually for some time. there's a couple of things going on here. there have been those so-called mandatory budget cuts known as sequestration by congress. you're not going to see likely huge controversy from some parts of capitol hill. congress knows they bear some responsibility for all of this. deeper than that the wars in afghanistan and iraq the years of heavy combat certainly over
7:43 am
and winding down. you just don't need the pentagon will tell you, the number of forces we've had since the big surge years after the 9/11 attacks. but, again, you know, it doesn't make it any easier for the families and there are some fundamental questions out there, how low, how small should the u.s. army be in the face of the threats from isis and other threats? just how many troops do you really need? ana? >> barbara starr, thanks so much for that update. we appreciate it and we know you'll stay on top of it as the announcement is made official and we learn more about what it means for our own security. we want to remind you, south carolina governor nikki haley announcing they will sign the bill to remove the confederate flag at the south carolina capitol happening at 4:00 this afternoon. we'll bring it to you live here on cnn. still to come this hour riots following the death of freddie gray and a crime surge costing baltimore's police commissioner
7:44 am
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there's a new top cop in baltimore this morning. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake has fired police commissioner anthony betts. he faced widespread criticism to his response to the riots. baltimore is also dealing with a huge spike in homicides right now. in fact they reached a 25-year high in may. deputy commissioner kevin davis shown here during a news conference with the mayor yesterday is taking over as interim police commissioner. let's bring in suzanne malveaux. she's in baltimore for us this morning. i know suzanne, you talked to
7:49 am
the attorney for freddie gray's family. what are they saying in reaction to this? >> reporter: now that commissioner batts is out. there's a lot of focus on the mayor. she's come under fire as well for the handling of the riots here in baltimore in april. so i have talked to a lot of people. we know the fraternal order of police have put out a statement and said they are willing now, they see it as a hopeful sign to work with the community here that they want to bring about healing. i spoke with a couple activists. one woman lost her 26-year-old god son in the shootings that happened over the summer. she says she believes it's a hopeful sign. i also talked to billy murphy. he's the attorney representing the family of freddie gray. he has been critical of the mayor in the past but he believes that this is a good move forward for the family and he also has some advice for the mayor. >> this problem has to be solved
7:50 am
immediately before there are any more freddie grays. it has to be solved immediately so the has rarrassment of black citizens stops once and for all. it has to result in a legitimate police force that's a partner with the black community instead of what we've had for the past 300 years. i think the feds have to come in now and take over this department. nothing short of that will solve the problem. it's so dysfunctional, so at war with itself so racist in its continuing attitude towards blacks. >> so ana, you can hear the skepticism from billy murphy as well as other people in the community who believe that in some ways this was a band-aid fix, but at least it is a beginning. they have to remind our audience as well there is a u.s. justice department investigation of the baltimore police department whether or not they engaged in a pattern of practice of violating civil rights and abusing
7:51 am
citizens that is something still out in the open and being investigated. in all fairness we should let you know the commissioner put out a statement. he said i have been honored to serve the citizens and residents of baltimore. aye been proud to be a police officer for this city, but a lot of people recognizing today it is time for new leadership and it's got to go beyond the police department. ana? >> suzanne malveaux in baltimore for us. thanks so much. i want to bring in former new york city police commissioner bernard kerik. i want to get your reaction to this move by the mayor removing commissioner batts in baltimore. is that the right move? >> honestly it may be the right move in that he didn't do his job when he should have in protecting the citizens of the city of baltimore, but, you know you have to look at this and think there's some hypocrisy here. he didn't do what he didn't do because she told him not to do it. if you'll recall she ordered
7:52 am
him, the police department to back off and give the protesters room to destroy. that was her words. he followed her orders which was a mistake, and now he's being terminated fired, because he followed those orders. and then -- >> he is the police commissioner and when it comes to law enforcement public safety he's supposed to be the expert. >> he's supposed to be the expert. he should have protected the citizens of the city. he didn't do that. what he did is followed her orders. there were millions upon millions of dollars of damage looting, lawlessness, and that was at the order of the mayor so you have to question her authority at the time what she is doing today, the fact that she's now placed a deputy commissioner in charge he is a part of that administration. he was still a part of the command staff. so putting him in charge today is probably not the answer.
7:53 am
>> and what i'm hearing you say then is that leadership is still going to be an issue within this department in the rank and file. i know this also came of course right after there was this report released about the response to the rights and it was pretty scathing. it said the officers did not have the proper equipment, the training or the leadership, and on top of this report this also follows a month in which homicides were way up. the deadliest month since 1972. 42 homicides in may. what does the city need to do to get back on track? >> here is the problem. leadership starts at the top. starts with the mayor. the mayor should have seen this problem coming. the mayor should have given the cops the resources they needed to do the job. they should have supported them. any mayor in a city like baltimore, just like new york city you have to give the cops the benefit of the doubt when they're doing their job. this mayor did not. she threw them under the bus immediately under the freddie
7:54 am
gray incident and when you look at this you have to question her ability to govern the city of baltimore. >> so what is the solution? >> first of all, i think you've got to revamp the upper echelon of the police department. putting in the number two guy in command right now is probably not the answer. as he was a part of the problem in the beginning. the mayor also has to and the le leaders, they have to look at the mayor. the mayor has to be called to account for what she directed them to do. these were her orders. she said it -- it was international news when she put out that order for them to back off. >> to have restraint. >> right. you can't give thugs and protesters the ability to riot to burn down a city to cause millions if not billions of dollars worth of damage. that was by her order. >> we'll have to wait and see what happens next in this ongoing situation. bernard kerik, thank you so much for being with us and offering your expertise. we'll be right back.
7:55 am
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a quick check of top stories. the southwest flight forced to abandon takeoff overnight after an engine reportedly caught fire. this is video posted on twitter showing the starkspark from under the plane's wings. no one was hurt. the 143 passengers were moved to another flight. scary moments though. the washington redskins will not be allowed to trademark their name or logo. a federal judge ruling that the logo may be disparaging to native americans. the redskins are adamant the name is not racist and the team president says he will appeal the decision. tom selleck in some hot water. a water district in the drought-stricken ventura, california area is suing the actor claiming he stole truckloads of water from a
8:00 am
public hydrant for his 60-acre ranch. the district says a truck was spotted filling up on the hydrant on four separate days in march. the sheriff's department said it was investigated and it was unable to determine if anything illegal happened. that's going to do it for us today. thanks for being here. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts right now. it will fly no more. history in south carolina. the legislature votes to remove the confederate flag from the capitol grounds. we will speak with someone who was in the room the moment that vote happened. tone it down? absolutely not. donald trump flatly denying reports the head of the republican national committee asked him to essentially bring it down a notch when talking about immigration. the latest on the war of words. and do you know this girl? the mystery of baby doe. millions have joined the effort to identify this little girl whose remains wer


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