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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  July 9, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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decade. while we have deplored violence we've not done much about it. perhaps this is because confronting the problem of violence forces us to confront the most serious defects in our society. the confederate flag is coming off the grounds of the south carolina state house. >> lawmakers in the u.s. join forces to take down a divisive symbol. the fbi reveals it foiled terror plots linked to the fourth of july holiday. and greece makes a last-minute proposal to the eurozone. from cnn world headquarters here in atlanta, i'm george howell. this is cnn newsroom. >> good day to you. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the
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world. we begin this hour in the u.s. state of south carolina. history is being made there. lawmakers decided that the confederate flag on the state house grounds will now be coming down. that flag will be removed in just about nine hours time. then moved to the state's relic room. on thursday, something many people thought they would never see in their lifetime the state's governor nikki haley signed the bill until to law that authorized that flag's removal. >> we heard about the true honor of heritage and tradition. we heard about the true pain that many had felt. and we took the time to understand it. i saw passions get hot. i saw passions get low. but i saw commitment never ending. >> right. >> and so what we saw was another action. and that action is that the confederate flag is coming off the grounds of the south carolina state house. [ applause ]
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>> the confederate flag is seen by many as a reminder of slavery and racism in the united states. it's been a subject of con teng in south carolina for years. some consider it a matter of national -- of heritage rather. it gained attention after a tragedy last month. a massacre inside of a church in charleston south carolina nine black worshipers were shot and killed during a bible study session. police say the white suspect, who had posed with pictures with that flag wanted to start a race war. earlier, i spoke to brady brown, a state lawmaker who voted to take down the flag and he says even though he had ancestors who served in the confederacy this was the right thing to do. >> proceedings will start around 10:00 a.m. in the morning. of course we hope it will be peaceful and i know it will be. it has been a big week. since all of this has happened a couple of weeks ago.
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south carolina has been very nice. the fact we have -- all of our people have been so calm and collected and i'm happy to be a part of the process here in south carolina to bring the flag down and do what is best for her people for our people and for the great state of south carolina. it's been my pleasure to represent my district, district 50 for the past 31 years and this is something i'm looking forward to being part of and hopefully tomorrow morn ing it will get done and it will be placed in the confederate relic room which will be the resting place for the confederate flag. >> talk to me about what it was like -- because it would take -- it took an overwhelming amount of support among your fellow legislators to bring this flag down. we saw this 12-hour debate play out about whether it should come down. what was it like for you to be in that hall and see that debate happen?
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>> well, you know for me with the amount of confederate heritage i have i have a great daddy that took his oath to support the union. i knew the best thing for me to do to was to vote in the affirmative to bring the flag down. there were a lot of house members that felt that way from the beginning. others had different opinions and there are a lot of constituents calling, e-mailing and telling legislators do not bother my flag. what's happened tonight, as we approach tomorrow morning, 10:00 on the 10th of july will be what is best for her people that is south carolina and our state. i'm looking forward to this being a peaceful resolution to an issue that's really been boiling for quite sometime. >> your governor nikki haley signing this bill in to law. basically bringing that flag down. what does it mean for the people of charleston? what does it mean for the victims' families of the emanuel nine? >> well i think the legislature
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by passing the resolution yesterday afternoon or the bill last night, really told charleston that we feel your pain. we understand what's been going on, and south carolina and the general assembly -- the senate did it in three days. the house did it in four days and i really believe we have done what's best for our state. again, the governor asked to bring it down. the senate went along with it so candidly and quietly and the house has done the same. with much more debate than the senate had because you have 46 senators and 124 house members. so you had three times as many opinions when it comes to the flag and the issues that surround it. >> one other quick question. the president of the naacp telling cnn that given that flag is coming down we could see -- we will see the boycott of your state lifted. that boycott has certainly cost
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the state business. what do you expect as this boycott is lifted? what does it mean for your state? >> i was just telling someone tonight, the ncaa athletics they have told us from the very beginning, as long as the flag flies we will not hold events in south carolina. the naacp holds their con venges out of their state. i know this will be a tremendous boom to our local economy and it will be good for everybody concerned. i know that the governor the senate the house and all of its members who supported these issues will be proud of the fact when that flag comes down tomorrow morning. >> and the confederate flag at this point set to come down at 10:00 a.m. here in the united states. now to the state of missouri and a new law there that caps how much money local governments can collect from traffic tickets. it comes after a u.s. justice department report that found officers were excessively ticketing drivers, especially african-americans, to generate
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revenue in the town of ferguson missouri. the state's governor called the bill the most sweeping municipal court bill in missouri's history. the sponsor of the bill also weighed in. >> for the cities that are out there that are viewing their citizens as nothing more than atms reform is coming. for the people of the state, and for the people who live in these communities who have lived in many ways under the fear that they are going to be pulled over and harassed because that city needs money, that's going to change. that's the significance of this bill. >> you'll recall the federal investigation of the traffic tickets came after the police shooting of michael brown in ferguson last august. his death sparked allegations of excessive police force and bias against african-americans. the british government is warning its citizens not to travel to tunisia unless it is absolutely necessary and it is asking people already in that
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country to leave. >> since the attack the intelligence and threat picture developed considerably leading us to a view that a further terrorist attack is likely. we have now completed an ak a assess of the security measures in tourist areas and while we are working with the tunisian authorities to further strengthen those measures we judge that more work is needed to effectively protect tourists from the terrorist threat. >> that warning comes nearly weeks after that breach attack that killed 38 people. most were british tourists. tunisia's president has declared a 30-day state of emergency. that gives police and military more power to fight terrorism. back to the united states where americans are learning they had several close calls leading up top the fourth of july holiday. potential terror attacks inspired by the group isis. cnn's jim sciutto reports.
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>> reporter: u.s. law enforcement thwarted several terror plots in the last four weeks, including plots tied to the fourth of july weekend u.s. officials tell cnn. director james comey said the fbi has made more than ten isis related arrests in the last month. some tied to the holiday. >> they stopped the stuff trying to come at us for july 4th and now it is july 7th and 8th and they are on to the same thing. >> it included targets coast to coast and were unsophisticated with plans that included guns knives and other weapons, fitting isis' public calls to supporters to attack in any way possible. investigators believe that isis members overseas enabled the plots, recruiting and encouraging americans to carry out attacks on u.s. soil. even selecting possible targets. comey calls it crowd sources terrorists. senator james rich telling cnn on wednesday that time was
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critical. >> some were quite imminent. >> within days. >> within days. there was even one within hours or minutes. >> the foiled plots come as the fbi continues to warn that terror suspects have gone dark in cyberspace. increasingly communicating through encrypted messages that is widely available but impossible for the intelligence community to monitor. july 4th weekend may have pass but u.s. officials tell cnn the risk of terror attacks remains very high. >> based on very recent past trends isis has been willing to and able to push out information to american s and a small number of been willing to try to act based on that. >> cnn's jim sciutto reporting there. a top american general says despite the threats from terror groups russia poses the greatest danger to the united states. joseph dunford is the next nominee to be the next joint chief of staff chairman.
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he met with the senate armed services committee on thursday. >> my assessment today, senator, is that russia presents the greatest threat to our national security. in russia we have have a nuclear power. one that not only has the capability to violate the sovereignty of our allies and to do things that are inconsistent with the national interest but in the process of doing so. so if you want to talk about a nation that could pose a threat to the united states i'd have to point to russia. >> dunford said he favors sending more advanced weapons to ukraine to defend against russian aggression there. recent data breach of the u.s. government is much worse than previously thought. investigators now believe hackers stole the personal information of more than 21 million people both inside and outside of the government. those exposed included 19.7 billion people who applied for security clearances with the office of personnel management. plus roughly 2 million non applicants. mostly spouse s and partners of
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applicants. it was initially estimated that 4 million people were impacted. director of national intelligence john clapper said that china is the leading suspect in that hack. greeks rally outside of the parliament building as the government reveals the latest plan to save the country from bankruptcy. plus, donald trump responds to rivals who have been slamming his remarks on immigration. ♪ how's it progressing with the prisoner? he'll tell us everything he knows very shortly, sir. as you were... where were we? 13 serving 14! service! if your boss stops by, you act like you're working. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do.
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welcome back to cnn newsroom. the greek parliament will spend this day debating the government's new plan to save the country from bankruptcy. reuters quotes the ruling party spokesman, who says there will be certainly -- this will be a big deal today. huge crowds of demonstrators gathered outside of the building in athens on thursday. the government is hoping to get a third bailout loan from european creditors. in exchange it is purportedly imposing tax hiekts on restaurants, hotels and tv
10:17 pm
advertising. changes to public employee pensions such as raising the retirement age and phasing out tax breaks for greek islands. many in europe say the reform plan won't do much good unless greece's creditors agree to restructure its debt. some call it a hair cut. european council president donald tusk said it sun affordable. angela merkel german chancellor disagrees though. >> the realistic proposal from greece will have to be met by an equally realistic proposal on debt sustainability from the creditors. only then will we have a win-win situation. >> we are not dealing with debt sustainability for the first time. i've said that a classic hair cut is out of the question for me and that hasn't changed between yesterday and today. >> cnn's richard quest talked about the issue with the chief economist for the international
10:18 pm
monetary fund. >> to the extent that we decrease what we are asking of the greeks, that comes with a need for extra financing and some debt relief. so when we do the math we conclude that indeed there has to be policies offered by the greeks but has to be some form of debt relief on the other side. otherwise the plan makes no sense. >> in this sort of chicken and egg situation, which comes first? because the greeks continually say they can't sign up to bailout conditionality unless they know what the debt relief component is. it's a strong argument. >> no absolutely. it cannot be a chicken and egg. it has to be two chickens or two eggs. they basically at the same time the greeks have to offer something and then the other side has to say, well given
10:19 pm
this this is the debt relief we are willing to do. there has to be commitments on both sides. at this time doesn't have to be done, overnight but credible commitments on both sides. you can't have one side say, show me what you are going to do and we eel think. whichever side it is. both have to come to the table and say, if you do this i'll do that and they have to be explicit about it. >> eurozone finance ministers will meet on saturday to discuss the greek debt crisis. an eu emergency summit is scheduled for sunday. we are just hours away from now the third deadline set for negotiators to reach an iran nuclear agreement. u.s. secretary of state john kerry said on thursday that progress is being made but added the west is willing to walk away from these talks. >> this is not open ended. president obama made it very clear to me last night, you can't wait forever for the decision to be made. we know that. if the tough decisions don't get
10:20 pm
made we are absolutely prepared to call an end to this process. >> earlier this week a top democrat quoted president obama saying the chances of a deal now are less than 50/50. an agreement would require teheran to curb its nuclear program in exchange for the easing of economic sanctions. saudi arabia's former foreign minister has died. for four decades, the prince served as the kingdom's top diplomate. you can see him meeting with then u.s. secretary hillary clinton back in 2009. he was appointed to the position in 1975 and was the world's longest serving foreign minister when he retired in april of this year. he was 75 years old. now to the u.s. presidential campaign and republican candidate jeb bush who's already amassing an impressive war chest for the race ahead. mr. bush and his political
10:21 pm
action committee safe they have raised about $114 million in campaign contributions. that puts him well ahead of the other republican contenders in the race. in fact -- presidential hopeful donald trump has taken a different take on reports that the chairman of the republican national committee is concerned about the billionaire stance on the issue of immigration. trump admits reince priebus asked him to tone down his remarks but said that priebus congratulated him on his surge in the polls. priebus declined to comment on trump's version of events. before that call trump sat down with our anderson cooper for a one-on-one interview. here's what he had to say about his opponents when it comes to that issue, immigration.
10:22 pm
>> let me read you what your fellow republicans have said. bush said trump is wrong. he is doing this to inflate and draw attention. >> so look. bush is weak on immigration. forget about his stance on common core which is a total disaster. he's very weak on immigration and that's his prerogative if that is what he wants to be but he doesn't get. >> it marco rubio, trumps comments are defensive and inaccurate and divisive. >> marco rubio is extremely weak on immigration. he toughens his stance because his poll numbers went down. if he ever got elected you would have people flowing across the boarder. >> rick perry i was offended by his remarks. he will have to to defend those remarks. i will stand up and say they are. >> i could be more offensive to rick perry. he was the governor of texas. the border is a disaster. he could have done more to make the border strong. >> lindsey graham tweeted why would any group vote for a party
10:23 pm
if it embraces that view? i sure as hell wouldn't. >> lindsey graham has been nice to me but he wants to bomb everybody. every time i watch he wants to bomb everybody. >> carly. >> -- viciously fired, she then ran for senator. >> did she do a good job? >> no. you don't generally lose your job when. >> she is nice. she ran for the senate in california against barbara boxer and got killed. got killed in a landslide and now she is running for president. >> ted cruz. >> i have great respect for the fact that he had the courage to back me up and to say that what i'm saying is right. all i'm saying and all he is saying is we have to stop illegal immigration. it's causing tremendous problems
10:24 pm
including crime. i have great respect for the fact that he was willing to stick up. and carson he stuck up too. he came out the other day strongly. i have great respect for them. >> trump made the number two in recent polls but according to analysis from pivot, the presidential candidate only has a 1% chance of winning the republican nomination. now to the pope. pope francis who's on an eight-day tour of south america. in a speech thursday in bolivia, he criticized capitalism. a reoccurring theme of his papalcy and focused on the new colonialism of austerity measures and free trade deals in the world today and apologized for past offenses committed by the catholic church in latin america. >> when the pope speaks of colonialism, he overlooks certain actions of the church.
10:25 pm
i say this to you with regret, for many grave sins were committed against the native peoples of america in the name of god. [ applause ] >> later today pope francis will visit one of bolivia's most notorious maximum security prisons. it is located in santa cruz bolivia's largest city. it is about 500 kilometers or 300 miles from the capital city of la paz. it houses a third of the country's prisoner and resembles a small city. criminals, many of them convicted on violent crimes, live side by side as neighbors. even young children are permitted to live on the grounds with parent. police patrol the perimeters of the complex, but inmates are essentially in control of what happens inside of its walls. police in bangladesh say a rush to receive donated clothes resulted in a stampede killing
10:26 pm
at least 20 people and injuring dozens more. you are looking at pictures of the aftermath. authorities fear the death toll may rise. a stampede took place outside of the gates of a tobacco factory. china's markets are close -- close in a few howevers and after weeks of losses investors are hoping for a second rally. plus, we'll meet the man behind one business that's still thriving in the greek financial crisis. you are watching cnn newsroom. so you're a small business expert from at&t? yeah, give me a problem and i've got the solution. well, we have 30 years of customer records. our cloud can keep them safe and accessible anywhere. my drivers don't have time to fill out forms. tablets. keep them all digital. we're looking to double our deliveries. our fleet apps will find the fastest route.
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welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around the world with.
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you are watching cnn newsroom. good to have you with us. i'm george howell. the headlines this hour greece is hoping to secure another european bailout with a reform plan of tax hikes and privatization. the government wants to raise taxes on hotels restaurants and shipping companies. parliament will debate the plan today before it goes to european creditors. south carolina governor nikki haley, signed a bill in though law to take down the confederate battle flag from the state house grounds. it will be removed 10:00 a.m. local time and moved to a museum. the flag gained national attention last month after a white gunman killed nine african-americans seen in pictures with that flag. hours from now pope francis will visit what is considered bolivia's most violent prison. he will meet with inmates and their children at the max security complex in santa cruz. the catholic leader is visiting -- it is part of his eight-day tour of south america
10:31 pm
as the remnants of typhoon ninfa move away there is a new threat for shanghai as another typhoon barrels toward eastern china. let's go to derek van dam with more on that. >> think residents in hong kong are probably going what typhoon. the skies cleared quickly. it moved across the region 12 to 24 hours ago disapoited and no longer a threat. this is the scene in the guangdong province. the typhoon making landfall there. it battered motorists and neighborhoods with strong winds and rain. toll toppling trees as you can see on your tv screen damaging power utilities. kicking up the surf. it closed airports some railways and schools. in fact the hong kong international airport was closed for a period of time overnight last night with wind gusts in excess of 40 to 50 kilometers an
10:32 pm
hour and of course the heavy rainfall grounding some of those flights. now we focus our attention from linfa and look to chan-hom. this is a significant typhoon that is splitting the difference between okinawa and taiwan but it has a general west to northwesterly path that will make landfall in the east cohen coast of china in the next 24 hours. look at what is in the path of the storm, shanghai. population 24 million. we have the possibility of stronger winds, even though it will be a weakened phase. the storm will significantly impact that region with heavy rainfall and certainly gusty winds. this is the current stats on the storm. 220 kilometers an hour just below super typhoon status. we will watch for this storm carefully here at the cnn world weather center going forward. you can see the population density across the east coast of
10:33 pm
china, very compact. forecast is going to get worse from here. if you are in shanghai consider checking your flights for this weekend. switching gears quickly, we had a volcano that's been slowly erupting in the indonesian island of east java. this is the location of meth --. the volcanic ash is spewing four to six kilometers in to the atmosphere. it brought the smoke across bali. the airport there was closed and still is closed thanks to volcanic ash that continues to float across the region. george we all know -- we have covered this several times, you and i together that volcanic ash and jetliners do not mix well. >> no they don't. >> for sure. >> busy man. a lot happening in the world right now. thank you very much. china's markets are looking to rebound for a second day after weeks of sdef stating
10:34 pm
losses. a chinese government securities agency is offering billions of dollars in loans to brokerage firms to buy stocks. cnn asia pacific editor andrew stevens is joining me from hong kong. good to have you with us. two consecutive days of rallies. are we to believe -- the way it is, the new trend or is there still pessimism about what is happening? >> it is a good question george. the best way of answering it is to say it is too early to call whether this is in fact the bottom of this stock market rout are, the measures we have been reporting from beijing have now working. they have been gaining traction. without a doubt we saw think big jump yesterday followed been aan equally impressive rebound today. stocks are off their bottom. if you look at the performance of the market, over the past three to four weeks it's been a jagged performance up and down
10:35 pm
up and down. but the general direction the momentum if you like has been down. this is also a market that doesn't really bear a lot of resemblance to reality at the moment given the fact that so many companies suspended shares from trade thaeng government is basically buy ing anyone who is selling at the moment. that's with we are. the big question or one of the other big questions, of course is how damaging is this beyond the stock market? is there going to be a ripple through the world's second bill biggest economy. my colleague put that question the significance of the stock market slump in china to the chief economist of the international monetary faund few hours ago. listen to what he had to say. >> china, i think, is largely a side show for the time being. the stock market in china is very much a side show. it could have some affect on spending but probably not much. no i have an optimistic view as
10:36 pm
to where we are. we are obsessed by greece and china but when you go away from these events in china and the greek discussion i think things are more or less on schedule. it is not a great recovery but it is there. >> so basically, george olivier down playing the global significance of what is happening in china. two days on another strong rally. you have to say that there's a growing likelihood we may have actually seen the bottom here >> to reiterate the efforts the government has been taking to essentially hold the line is there a mood that those efforts are work something. >> i think so. i think that's definitely the case. this is a market that was in the grip of panic as the -- actually beijing itself admitted with sort of irrational trading going on. so when you get that sort of
10:37 pm
situation all sort of logic goes out the window. not to say this wasn't a bubble to begin with but no one looking at whether these markets were actually getting toward fair value but getting everything out of the market. beijing pro-ayingeijing introduced these measures to soak up the sales. the companies took the decision on their own volition and it does distort the market completely. as these companies coming back to trading from suspension, it will be interesting to see if we get a ten or 15% rebound whether or not people are going to want to sell in to that rising market or think, as beijing certainly hopes they'll think that the worst is over, beijing's backing us. so we can even start to buy again or at least not sell again. that's what we will be watching out for the next week. >> we'll have to see what the
10:38 pm
next few days bring. andrew stevens in hong kong thank you for your reporting there. the highs and lows in china are similar to what happened on wall street in 1929. cnn's claire sebastian reports. ♪ >> reporter: the roaring '20s. a time of short skirts short-term trade -- and a long, steep decline. 86 years later and some say it is happening again in china. the shanghai composite up more than 80% in the past year has lost almost a third of its value in the past four weeks. compare that to the dow in 1929 and the graphs look eerily similar. in the post-war euphoria of the 1920s, people borrowed money to buy stocks. a practice known as margin trading. strategists see history repeating in china. >> the levels of margin left handing in china are historically unprecedented.
10:39 pm
at the peak it was 12% of the total market float. >> that was the boom and when it comes to handling the bust, the parallels continue. on october 24th 1929. otherwise known as black thursday a dproup of top american bankers met in this building 23 wall street. then the headquarters of jpmorgan. they agreed to pull their resources to prop up stock prices. now almost nine decades later, 21 chinese brokerage firms are doing almost exactly the same thing. in china's case the government enlisted its brokers to buy stock to support prices. in 1929 the market crashed again four days later. what happens next in china is open to debate. and leeanne lee is the author of who the u.s. can learn from china. she says in this case the reverse maybe true. >> certainly the china are studying the history there as well with. it is possible it will work in
10:40 pm
their case because they are going to probably be even more aggressive. >> reporter: not everyone is optimistic. >> that's wa we saw in 1929 as well. which is the market was not at a sustainable level and all of the attempts all the kings horses and men couldn't put humpty together again and that's wa we are seeing now. >> the global depression lasted almost a decade. most believe china's bear market will be contained to china. each bubble and each bust is different. each difficult to manage. a hard lesson learned on wall street. clare sebastian, cnn, new york. now back to the financial crisis in greece. it touches every aspect of life in that country. the banks are closed. businesses are suffering and people are losing their jobs but one man is doing his best to weather this storm. here's cnn's richard quest.
10:41 pm
>> reporter: this is the world with of sandals and feet. all styles all types. and in this world -- rules as emperor. they have been turning the best greekleter in to quality foot ware for three generations. they have created sandals to the stars. >> i made for vara jessic parker for the wife of the vice president of the united states. and recently for a famous model. >> reporter: i have come with my own bit of greek tradition and my choice is plentiful as the legends themselves. >> who knew sandals could be so difficult? plato, hermes and more. perhaps manage more modern.
10:42 pm
>> the john lennon. >> i settle on the -- warning sign of trouble and appropriately in business greece is in crisis. but here is the exception. the fame of this man has spread far. the shop is always crowded. >> business for us is good because we are making something that is hand made and people like -- still like hand made things. >> reporter: even with such riches life is getting more difficult, leather the basic raw material of the trade is harder to obtain and the lack of cash is spreading havoc in an economy that runs on notes and coins. >> in hard times, and old-fashioned society, like the greek society, it is nice to see something real in their hands. they need to see cash. this is how they understand the concept of money. they want to know they have whatever points in a bank account. they want to see real things like real tomato real
10:43 pm
watermelon, real money. >> reporter: pantelis the poet has been working on my sandals for 20 minutes, hard work for a product that he still sells at only $38 a pair. when you asked him why he doesn't charge more he just shrugs. all in all, everything's snug. perhaps the greek government and the euro zone could learn a thing or two from the poet sandal maker where everything here seems to be a perfect fit. richard quest, cnn, athens. >> basically benefitting from the fact it is hand made there. just ahead here on cnn newsroom the remains of a little girl found in a trash bag on the boston shoreline. the desperate search to find out who she is. why are you deleting these photos? because my teeth are yellow. why don't you use a whitening toothpaste? i'm afraid it's bad for my teeth. try crest 3d white. crest 3d white diamond strong
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welcome back to cnn newsroom. i'm george howell. in the u.s. state of massachusetts, authorities are hoping the public can help them to solve a gruesome and heart-breaking mystery. the body of a young girl possibly 4 years old, was found nearly two weeks ago in a trash bag along a rocky shoreline. cnn's alexander field has more. >> i think we can all agree she is precious and deserves the dignity of a funeral and burial under her own name. >> reporter: her own name because right now to the authorities she doesn't have one. police call her only doe. a computer generated picture shows what she may have looked like a 4-year-old with big brown eyes, long brown hair and wearing polka dot leggings and this zebra striped blanket found with her. authorities are released images of both hoping someone may recognize them. her body discovered discarded in
10:48 pm
a trash bag along the shore of deer island massachusetts, a place where waste water is treated just east of boston's logan airport. >> we appeal to the caregivers the parents, step forward, clear your conscience. no person deserves to be discarded like. this at the same time i do worry there may be other children in the home that need our attention and protection. >> reporter: on-line, tens of millions are sharing her story. sharing their grief and searching for answers. an early flood of tips suggested that she could be a 3-year-old who went missing from west virginia in 2011. police have since ruled that out. the national center for missing and exploited children is pouring over the databases, looking for a match. >> lots of people are calling in with tips and leads and we want them to continue. we are checking on the welfare of a lot of children 24 welfare
10:49 pm
checks on children who resembled baby doe. >> police say they are not sure when baby doe died. toxicology tests will show if she was poisoned or given drugs. there were no visible signs of trauma to her small body. baby doe 3 1/2 feet tall weighing just 30 pounds. along with the hundreds of tips that poured in there have been offers of help from funeral homes and individuals, even churches who are offering to provide burial services for the child but investigators are focused on who is finding out who's responsible for this little girl and what happened to her. in new york, alexandra field, cnn. >> we'll be right back after this. passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business...
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clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead. let's turn our attention to wimbledon. sere rein that williams is headed to the women's final again after she beat sharapova. cristina mcfarland has the details. >> reporter: the women's finals are set here at wimbledon. 20-time grand slam champion serena williams will take on mug gs uruza of spain. serena survived three tough
10:54 pm
matches to breeze through the semi final against long time rival sharapova. she will be competing in her eighth wimbledon final and a chance to keep on track for the potentially historic calendar grand slams. however, mugginguruza caused an upset on saturday shem put williams out of the french open a year ago. today she played the match of her life against the player from poland. she is through to her first ever grand slam final and first spanish player to come this far since 19 years ago. cnn, wimbledon. >> when a u.s. robotics company challenged a japanese firm to a duel of giant robots japan said
10:55 pm
bring it on. and now the asian team is getting ready for a clash of epic proportions. our jonathan mann has the story. >> we have a giant robot. you have a giant robot. you know what needs to happen. we challenge you to a duel. >> reporter: fighting talk from u.s. robotics company mega bots. with a challenge to the japanese rival. >> in one year we fight. >> reporter: both companies make giant robots big enough to ride in. team u.s. has the six-ton mark two mega bot. and for the japanese a one man robot which is commercially available. kuratas seems confident about its odds. >> we can't let another country win this. giant robots are japanese culture. yes, i'll fight. absolutely. >> reporter: there's one
10:56 pm
condition, kuratas says building something and sticking giant guns on it is super american and what they need is melee combat, hand to hand. watch out for that sometime next year. jonathan mann cnn. >> which rebot will win? we'll have to see. thank you for watching this hour of cnn newsroom. i'm george howell at the cnn center in atlanta. another hour of news is straight ahead with my colleague natalie allen. you are watching cnn, the world's news leader. when you do business everywhere, the challenges of keeping everyone working together can quickly become the only thing you think about. that's where at&t can help. at&t has the tools and the network you need to make working as one easier than ever. virtually anywhere. leaving you free to focus on what matters most.
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in a matter he of hours, this confederate flag will come down from the state capitol grounds in south carolina. greek submits a new proposal to the euro group as thousands rally outside of parliament. and to a standing ovation, pope francis makes an apology to the people of south america. hello, i'm natalie allen, welcome it our viewers around the world and in the united states. this is cnn newsroom.


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