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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  July 10, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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immediately turn around. you wanted to make sure that firefighters in front of you washes a-okay. tremendous work you do and thanks for coming on. >> thank you. well that does it to me. i'm brooke baldwin in new york. have wonderful weekends but stay right here. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. \s. this afternoon the fbi admitted a huge failure, one that seems to have allowed a racist killer with a criminal record to get a gun. i'm jake tapper this is "the lead." breaking news in the national lead. three weeks plus after the massacre in charleston south carolina the fbi this afternoon admitting it missed a red flag one that would have denied the shooter he used to murder nine innocent people. also in national news. for years they ignored the many warnings and initially did not tell the truth about the scope of the biggest data breach in u.s. government history. 22 million people hacked potentially blackmailable
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workers, that is enough to cost the person in charge her job. and the world lead. pope francis telling a crowd of a million or so that the aggressive pursuit of money is the dunkg of the devil. his words, not mine. how will that message resonate when his holiness comes to washington? good afternoon, welcome to "the lead." we're going to begin with a shocking story. an embarrassing mea culpa for a screwup with tragic consequences. the fbi admitting this afternoon that the shooter, dylann roof should have never been able to buy the gun. it essentially comes down to a paperwork mix-up. he wanted to start a race war. pamela brown joins me know.
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what are you learning about this shocking news? >> the bottom line jake is this is a huge breakdown in the background check system which is run by the fbi. it's very troubling. james comey admitting today that a series of errors enabled dylann roof to buy the gun he allegedly used to kill those church-goers. the man who confessed to gunning down nine people should never have been able to buy the 45-caliber gun he used to kill them. that coming from james comey who told reporters in a closed session, a mistake he calls a heartbreaking importance that rips all of our hearts out. >> i think it's a major deal and a huge tragedy. it just shows how a bureaucratic mistake can cost human life. >> director comey says the fbi examiner doing roof's background check didn't discovered he had previously admitted to illegally
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possessing drugs in late february. that would have prevented him from passing the background check. comey says the fbi examiner failed to make contact with the columbia police department which arrested roof on the felony drug charge in part because of a clerical error in the system. after the three-day waiting period the south carolina gun shot legally used its discretion to sell roof the again, even though his status was still pending. >> the bottom line is there's a regulation that says if he was a drug user he shouldn't have got a gun. there was abundant information for the fib to have had that information. had they had it no gun sale and possibly no shooting here. >> reporter: the victims' families still grieving a loss of their loved ones. met with the officials who explained the terrible mistake and promised to work on fixing the system. >> the fbi's revelation contradicts earlier assertions that the background check was
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done properly. director comey said he concluded after reviewing the latest information that a mistake had indeed been made. he essentially said the examiner didn't do due diligence to contact the correct police department because of a confusion with the paperwork, and because the wrong department was loyed in the system. >> it's just awful. joining muss is todd-- me today is todd rutherford. also armstrong williams who is a cousin and was a friend of ref rend pinkney, also a conservative talk show hot to sirius radio. mr. rutherford might those nine individuals have been alive? would they be alive today, you think? >> you know it's hard to tell but it is still just infuriating that the system that we set up that we put in place, that we rely on simply did not work.
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it could have stopped this young man from possessing a firearm, to going to kill nine people with it. it's not supposed to let people that are admitted users of drugs possess a weapon. we did in this case and look what happened. >> armstrong, i would love to know what you think, in addition to your brother serving, you are a third cousin on one side, a fourth cousin on the other side of the late reverend pinkney. what's your response to the shocking news? >> of course it's disheartening, and just a terrible lapse by the fib. and i think, jake what is important going forward is that no one else through lapses of the fbi -- any other law enforcement agency don't allow something like this to slip through the cracks again, so other families don't have to suffer the consequences like our families and the eight other families who have lost their lives. you can have the best system in
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place, and as the fbi director has shown us james comey, things can happen. they don't happen intentionally. you think you have the best people but things slip through the cracks. ultimately he committed a domestic terrorism act. the only sure i would have is their refusal to call this terrorism. you mentioned something earlier, the fact that he had intenses of inciting a race riot a war. it was politically motivated. that is a clear legal definition of what domestic terrorism is in this country. >> and thankfully not only was he not successful in that almost the opposite happened. we saw a lot of racial harmony, and leader rutherford i would love to know your reaction to seeing the flag come down today. i know it's been a lot time coming for a lot of people? >> jake as you stated he had the exact opposite reaction. not only did no race war break
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out, but actually the confederate flag came dour and we are no longer putting our past in front of you, but in a museum where it belongs, so our future is much brighter where we go out and not bear of burden of having a flag of division a flag of hate on the statehouse grounds. the pole is no longer there. we want to do make sure the pole was gone. the only thing that's left is concrete. that will soon be gone. the only thing that will be there is a patch of grass. i would love to know what you think when he said the fbi failure to classify it a terrorism. >> i agree with armstrong. i struggle to see where the fbi sees any difference between sitting in a church and praying with people then killing all nine and any other terrorist act. i struggle to see where anybody
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could differentiate between what dylann roof did and terrorism. he is in fact a domestic terrorist and should be labeled as such. >> we're fortunate enough to have you here. tell us something about reverend pinkney you would like people to know and remember. >> you know jake often we struggle through this what the senator just mentioned, and my brother also served in the senate alongside senator pinkney for 11 years. ands he came from my hometown of marion, and he was taking care of his -- some constituency issue, because they feel because you're a senator you have power in every area of the state, so when it came to that jurisdiction he called on my
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brother ken. if i had one criticism, you know -- i know people talk about my cousin but if i had one criticism of him, my brothers often said there's an argument why preachers should not be in the legislature, because preachers will always prioritize the church over the legislate term. it was the same with our is it brother klemm. if it came down to a critical vote or being in the pull mitt the church always won out. had el believed in the church he believed in the a.m.e. and nothing came between him and that church. so this is a question i ask -- el certainly would not want to die, even if i knew what would be the results, but you ask yourself about klemm, and i wrestle with this with my brother and family -- is this something that klemm would have felt was worth while dying for. know him as he grew up as a
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preacher, fervent belief in god, serving the poor there's no other place he would probably want to die other than teaching people about the word and what he believed about most. he's probably one of the few people that i would say would probably have been at peace dying this ways. he's the guy after walter scott was gunned down led the charge for body cameras. he got a lot of criticism for it and he was also a strong proponent for the flag coming down. one of the few people i believe if they would come back and look over his life he would have said his life meant something, particularly the national dialogue that we created, to have this deal discussion on race. the fact that someone looks like me could actually lose their life in the church in the most sacred moments of our lives, because of the hue of our skin.
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>> it is but it does sound like a life well lived. thank you both so much for your time and your memories. world of this failed background check came out of south carolina brought down that controversial flag. the gunman used it as a symbol of his hate anger, bigotry that led him to kill nine people. that sound you're hearing is a thunderous cheer from the crowds surrounding the statehouse in columbia as an honor guard pulled down that battle flag. nick today's news from the fbi of course has many people asking whether this tragedy could have been prevented. >> reporter: they are angry, frustrated disappointed. i spode to one person earlier, who has -- part of the take it down demonstrators, being one of
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the most vocal, and he talked about us -- he found out about the news on cnn. we caught up with him for his reaction. >> if there's a law in place and it's not working, something is really wrong. we need to enforce the laws on the books and it looks like we didn't. i'm not happy about that. >> it is obvious that people wish this tragedy did not have to happen but they are overjoyed that the flag did finally come down. i was in the crowd surrounded by hundreds of people spent the moment watching it with two confederate flag supporters. they say even though they're disappointed the flag came down they thought the ceremony was handled with great honor and with respect. as far as to what happens to the flag next. i talk to the director of the museum a few blocks away from here. the funnels will all make its
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way to the museum. under the joint resolution agreed upon by the senate and lawmakers here they have until january 1st to figure out how they're going to display it and go about with their exhibit in that museum. >> quite a thing warptching that flag furled. a major resignationcentsignationresignation, will covert agents be blackmailed or work? that story is next. snee leave early go roam sleep in sleep out star gaze dream big wander more care less
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♪ ♪ fresher dentures, for those breathless moments. hug loud, live loud, polident. ♪ ♪ e financial noise financial noise financial noise financial noise . welcome back to "the lead." in the national lead after the biggest cyber attack in u.s. government history, the obama political appointee for failed
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too protect the personal information of tens of millions including spies and those in the military she is out of a job. this afternoon the white house announced amid st. arising chorus of calls for her firing the president accepted the recentition nation of catherine archuleta. after warnings dating back eight years over how vulnerable the cybersecurity was to hackers, also after charges she may have misled the bub and congress about just how deep this massive hack really went. we now know the actual number of soldiers diplomats, cia operatives fbi agents and other federal employees ensnared in this sprawling hack exceeds 21.5 million. let's bring in republican congressman for utah jason chaffetz cho chairs the house oversight committee, thank you
1:19 pm
for being here. i know you call for her to be fired when director archuleta appeared before your committee, you want 32 million people had had their information stolen. the information we have now is about 22 million. is opm still not disclosing everything? >> director archuleta testified in february they had the records for 32 million people. if the number is only 22 million, count our blessings, but that's still an unbelievable amount of people who are affected. >> do you think what she said in front of your committee constitutes lying? >> i don't think she was competent to hold that job. she was shallow at best in how this works and i don't think she was full and complete in answering how pervasive this problem might have been but, look the president did the right thing. he obviously made a change there, but she should have never been in that position to start
1:20 pm
with. >> had you heard of anyone trying to use this information? because the hack took place last year right? so there could be people trying to do identity theft or even worse, of course trying to blackmail people? the thing we are really concerned about is the intelligence ramifications. if they've had this information for a long period of time and they can start to create the map of who is doing what who has been working on covered type of activities that is the biggest concern. you wouldn't necessarily seal that. it's not like they're trying to go in and use your credit card to get some sort of product at best buy or something. no the intelligence part of this equation is what is most concerning. >> looking at the incidents in the last few years, which do you think compromise u.s. intelligence assets more? bradley manning, now chelsea manning's leak of information? edward snowden's leak of information? or this hack.
1:21 pm
>> this may be in the number one spot, because you're talking about individuals going back to 1985 people who had filled out application, may not have even been hired, but people who were hired. when you have million of people who have been in our system you have intelligence agencies that might be able to go back and map something. i worry about those families and then they have to live with this. people who have done this time of work for the united states they're going to have to live with this for the rest of their lives, wondering what do these other people know about me? >> when you talk about these other people are we 100% sure it's the china sees? >> i can't talk about that at this point. i think they're still trying to decipher and figure that out, but you don't know whose hands it may or may not have gotten into. we really don't know. >> i notice we're talking about the worst-cse scenario somebody who works undercover an intelligence operative, and
1:22 pm
let's say their personnel file discloses mental health issues a gambling problem, any sort of information that might be able to be used. what kinds of other scenarios? >> there's more than a million people that were just neighbors and friends so biometric data. one of the deep concerning problems is they still haven't fixed it. we're still pouring information into the system that is not safe and secure. this is a 1960s system cobol operating system without encryption encryption. they don't have one that's fixed the problem today. so moving forward, we're still in the same mess. >> unbelievable. congressman, thank you for your time. >> thank you. coming up in the politics
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welcome back to "the lead." it's time for our politics lead. if you've been watching television this week you probably have heard 2k07b8d trump opine on well any number of subjects. while the billionaire is busy noisily being as donald trump-y as he can be, jeb bush has been quietly making all sorts of trips to the bank. jeff zeleny joins me now. when you look at the amount of cash that he's been able to put away you wonder if donald trump will want to compete in that arena. >> he has enough money, of course but jeb bush and the
1:28 pm
super- super- super-pac, it's probably pocket change to donnell trumped, but it puts the bush team head and shoulders above their rivals. this week at least it's bush's money against trump's mouth. >> i'll be the greatest jobs president that god ever created. >> reporter: he may be sucking up the oxygen -- >> we are going to make our country great again. >> -- but jeb bush is sweeping up the cash much. the presidential republican primary seems suddenly like a sideshow. expecting big crowds to hear his shard words on immigration. they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists, and some i assume are good people. >> he's moving a saturday rally from the biltmore hotel to the phoenix convince center because of high demand.
1:29 pm
>> bush is weak on immigration. >> it's even getting personal. >> if he loves his wife and i know he does i hear she's a lovely woman, by the way. so if he loves his wife and she's from mexico i think it probably has an influence on him, yeah. >> that was enough for bush to start pushing back gently appealing to voters to ignore his outspoken rival. >> maybe you could talk to donald trump about that. >> exactly. >> i don't have his number but i can find it for you. >> bush who is leading in the polls said this week he and his allies have raised $114 million in the first half of the year. trump says he's nod beholden to donors. >> i'm using my own money. >> jeb bush is walking a fine line between elevating the conversation and not getting steamrolled on television by trump trump. >> you see can love the mexican
1:30 pm
consult slur love your mexican wife and also. want to control the borders. >> leadership matters. chris christie is trying to get back into the conversation through a half million advertising campaign, aimed at new hampshire voters. >> if we're going to lead we have to stop worries about being loved and start worrying about being respected again. >> the republican feed field is expanding more next week when scott waller officially jumps into the race on monday perhaps giving donald trump a fresh rival to go after. >> jeff zeleny thank you so much. another deadline has come and gone in the iran nuclear negotiations but is each delay making iran's position stronger? the obama administration weighs in, next. what to do when you're stranded in a city and you need a last minute hotel? a priceline tonight only deal!
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the world lead now, the intricate negotiations to try to keep a nik l.a. bomb out of the hands of the iranian regime. today we learned negotiations will drag on even longer at least through monday. for weeks now, the u.s. and five other countries have sat at a table trying to negotiate limits on iran's nuclear program. today eu's top foreign policy official called this morning's meeting constructive but if no deal can be reached, will monday be the end of discussion? secretary of state john kerry insists talks will not go on forever. >> if the tough decisions don't get made we are absolutely prepared to call an end to this process. >> joining miss senator tom cotton a members of the armed services committee and senate intelligence committee, also a veteran of the armed forces as well. what is your understanding of where talks stand right now? >> we've had another forward
1:36 pm
extension. i think we're continuing to teach iran a bad lesson that the window for diplomacy never closes. they can continue to get extensions and concessions i do know they tensioned extensions are teaching iran a very bad lesson why is that a bad lesson? >> because every time we've had one of these extensions we've seen iran walk back from the previous concessions or demand new concessions from the united states. for instance three months ago they walked back from their previous commitment or to close their underground fortified bunker. now they are demanding we live the conventional arms embargo, not nuclear related, but conventional arms embargo at the same time they're going to be getting millions of if.
1:37 pm
>> you and i have talked before about the view that the military option should be on the table. i want to play sound from your fellow senator lindsey graham. i asked him what he would do when it came to dealing with iran in negotiations. take a listen. >> president of the united states and they want to break out -- a nuclear breakout. we're not just going after your facilities but after your offensive capability. we're going to sink your navy and shoot your air force down. if that's what you want that's what you're going to get. >> you have talked about taking out the nuclear facilities but i don't think i've heard you say anything about gf after the navy or army or air force, as senator graham says what do you think of that? >> military action isn't the preferred, shouldn't be the first nor would it be. >> a military action would not simply target iran's nuclear facilities. it would in fact have to target the command and control
1:38 pm
facilities the coastal defense systems. i'm confidence the united states military has the capability toss do so. in fact just this week at a hearing for the senate armed services committee, i asked marine general joe dunford, who will be the next chairman of the joint chiefs if the united states has ha capability and he said yes, it does. >> lastly i guess a lot of people would look at your position and say, at the end of the day we don't want to go to war in the middle east and president obama is pushing for a peaceful resolution to iran getting nuclear weapons. why wouldn't you at least favor the diplomatic effort more so than another mideast war. >> unfortunately the president's two goals of stopping proliferation and stabilizing the middle east are undermined by the course of action he's taken. you can see that by what's happened in syria and iraq but also see it in the reaction of our gulf partners who are more anxious than ever an building up their own defenses because they realize that a nuclear iran is a grave threat not only to the
1:39 pm
united states but also to the regional stability. >> senator tom cotton thanks for being here, and congratulations again on your baby boy. >> thank you. let's now bring in john kirby, spokesman for the u.s. state department. thanks for joining us. you heard senator cotton. he says these continued extensions are teaching the wrong lessons, allowing them to walk back from the previous consessions or demand new concessions. what was your response? >> my response is what it's doing is allows negotiators to stay in the room and building on the problem that'sing made in the last couple weeks. it will be foothardy, foolish to simply walk away. that said and secretary kerry said this. it's not an open-ended commitment. if we can't get a deal he will walk away. >> is it true though that every time one of these extensions happens, as senator cotton says iran goes back on something they had already agreed to such as previously
1:40 pm
they said they would ship uranium out of the country, they would close down an underground bunker now they're saying they want the convention an arms embargo lifted. is that how this is workic? >> i don't want to get into what's being discussed inside the negotiating room. i would say there still remains, and secretary kerry said this too, there remains key issues that need to be resolved. as for the agreement itself always said it's going to be in compliance with the april agreement in luzons those programs are still the parameters that our negotiations are working towards. >> senator cotton and others feel the so-called signing bonus that iran will get, billions of dollars that iran will get when sanctions are lifted theoretically, that that money could end up one way or another in the hands of terrorists. is there any way this deal could
1:41 pm
include provisions to prevent that? >> look we're not unmindful of the fact that iran as a state may continue to spend money, whether it's additional money or money they have now, on state sponsorship of terror and other destabilizing activities. we're not blind to the other things that iran does on a daily basis that is causing tensions to rise in the middle east and not decrease. so we're mindful of that but we have mechanisms to monitor, and there will still be sanctions in place, even if a deal is reachedings jake sanctioning will be in place to deal with conventional arms and other activities that iran continues to pursue. >> john as long as i have you here, i want to ask about another world threat. the nominee to be chairman of the joint chiefs general joseph dunford, he said in his view russia poses the greatest threat. does secretary of state kerry
1:42 pm
agree with that? >> no he has great regard and respect for general dunford, and certainly understands general dunford has the obligation to offer his best advice but secretary kerry's view is russia is not the greatest threat. there are many threats and challenges we're dealing with. russia poses a security challenge on the european continent to be sure but we cooperate with them on many things frankly the secretary views the greater threat as the growth of violent extremism around the world. >> john kirby, thank you so much. have a good weekend. >> thank you. a buried lead a billion dollars over budget? and of course veterans waiting for much needed and earned care. a special report on the mess surrounding construction of a new v.a. hospital. that story next. plus he's the pope who once insisted on driving his '84 ford
1:43 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." no the buried lead, stories we think are not getting enough attention. six years ago the department of veterans affairs started building a hospital in colorado to take care of the more than 400,000 veterans a great state of the art facilities multiple buildings, 184 beds a research center. it was supposed to be finished a year and a half ago. it wasn't. and it's more than a billion over budget. and it's the latest story in our series called "why won't washington work?" they're building a sprawling state of the art veterans affairs hospitals near denver colorado. it was supposed to cost $328 million, and like lie these models by february of 2014 that's last year but the project is not only 17 months
1:48 pm
past deadline but the v.a. has projected it will cost more than five times the original estimate. $1.7 billion. perhaps even more upsetting, the warning signs date back to before a single shovel hit earth. how did this happen? >> this is shocking. everything that could go work with government did. >> senators have called for an investigation. congress has already approved two budget extensions this year. the latest one only keeping the project aflowed to september. e-mails obtained by cnn show a contract sperktist aall rightedment of financial trouble. . 500 million dwlars where is this economy are you going to find the money? that specialist said his was not
1:49 pm
only ignored, but fired for refusing to work on contracts with vague cost projections. a 2013 report by the government accountable office found stunning incompetent, including mistakes on basket measurements and site significances. >> iron the seize of the rooms have to be upgraded because you didn't know the size of the equipment that was going in there. >> there was an underground spring that drove up costs, asbestos abatement. it's insane. >> the anecdotal stories we hear from the subcontractors are countless. people who talk about elevators that were wrong, that were rear sized. >> as often happens with the federal government there has been little accountable. tect tear sloan gibson argues that those responsible for the boondoggle are no longer at the v.a. >> you won't find a senior legal
1:50 pm
leader still at the department. anyone that had anything of consequence to do with this project. >> that's true but two high-level officialsty center of the scandal have been able to retire with benefits and without punishment. >> somebody wants to resign or retire and they're eligible then you can't keep them from doing it last monday the arm corps of engineers was sfas giving control, but here's where the incompetent gets ugly. while robert mcdonald acknowledges that the delays are inexcusable, his proposed solutions to solving the problem are either to cut $625 million from the v.a. budget across the board, or to delay progress on more than 100 other facility and maintenance projects to meet costs. the v.a. says both scenarios will mean any thif consequences for veterans or v.a.'s ability
1:51 pm
to carry out its mission, in march senator guardier and mike kauffman proposed using the $360 million set aside for v.a. bon uses bonuses to help defrayed the cost. >> it's embarrassing our veterans have had to suffer this long. >> why won't washington worked? incompetent, lack of oversight, zero accountability and at the end of the day you pay for it and vet advance suffering. >> to reduce costs, the v.a. has cut the construction of two of the hospitals facilities small things like the nursing home and post-traumatic stress clinic things that don't seem all that posh are important, right? still no final word on when the doors will open to welcome patients. pope francis comes out swinging on his swing through latin america, he called greed the dung of the devil and called world leaders cowards. next a live report from his
1:52 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." in other world news today, pope francis, il papa in the last leg of his latin america tour. 78-year-old argentinian pontiff said masses for millions in ecuador and bolivia. he blessed the disabled and visited one of latin america's most dangerous prisons better leaving bolivia. he's also continued to speak his mind in a way that few popes have before him. errora flores is in santa cruz bolivia. rosa? >> reporter: hey, jake you know pope francis usually make headlines when he speaks off the cuff. this time he was scripted he stuck to the script and still
1:57 pm
sent waves of controversy around the world. at almost every turn in pope francis' trip to south america, his message -- the world needs to pay attention to the poor. all leading up to this bombshell in bolivia. >> translator: an unfettered pursuit of money rules, that is the dung of the devil. >> the unbridle capitalism is the dung of the devil. as he spoke to a group of grassroots organization. >> the pope is not afraid to use strong language. he needs to get people's attention as jesus did in a world full of noise and confusion. >> reporter: also talking about new colonialism, the
1:58 pm
capitalistic world of trade agreements that take from the poor to give to corporations. >> reporter: the message here well received eye specially by those countries who have been governed by dictatorships in recent history. >> reporter: the response from the united states? unclear, as for conservative republicans, with the back lash from the pope's recent less on the environment, presidential hopefuls won't get back. >> i don't get economic policy from mice bishops, my cardinals or my pope. >> now, pope francis also asked for forgiveness on behalf of the church for what he called the sins the ills that the church committed against native-americans. >> what has been the response so far to this strong language from the pope in latin america? >> reporter: you know here in latin america, people really praised it. in some of the people when he
1:59 pm
was delivering it people even stood up giving a standing ovation while he was delivering all of these words, but you also have to keep in mind that in modern history, in some latin-american countries, people still remember being governed under dictatorships. so some words from the pope calling for freedom, for independence calling faith a new revolution calling eadvantagelization a new revolution hits the heart and souls of some of the people here in latin america. >> rosa flores thank you so much. in our sports lead today, it was a beautiful day for a ticker tape parade in new york city. the u.s. women's soccer team which trounced japan to win the world cup sunday paraded down the canyon of heroes. presidents sports teams, war heroes have all been honored here but it's the first time a female sports team has been
2:00 pm
honored. it reportedly cost about $2 million. congratulations to the women's team. make sure to follow me on twitter, and also. that's it for "the lead." i'm turning you over to brianna keilar who is filling in for wolf blitzer in "the situation room." have a great weekend. \s. happening now, gun check failure on the day the confederate flag comes down the fbi add mitts making a mistake that allowed the charleston church gunman to purchase the weapon. we'll be speaking with nikki haley. terror pilots? a chilling report suggests two pilots may have become radicalized. the terror group has captured planes. is it now looking for trained pilots to fly them? >> dang are you allyian, a top u.s. general calls russia the greatest threat to america, that