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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  July 12, 2015 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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before a crowd of thousands donald trump keeps hammering on the issue of immigration. but he's not stopping there, calling some american leaders stupid. can this path lead him to the white house? developing at this hour a massive manhunt for a notorious drug kingpin from mexico joaquin guzman, better known as "el chapo." now on the lose after escaping from a maximum security prison. hundreds of thousands of people waiting in the rain for pope francis. this is the final stop of his south american tour. we hope sunday's been good to you so far. thank you for sharing your time with us. we're starting with donald trump, a defiant trump. 2016 presidential candidate, of course. >> he addressed thousands during his speech at the phoenix convention center.
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during this event he cast himself as more than just a reality mogul and a reality tv star. he spoke about rallying a new silent majority who are frustrated with the direction of the country. and he continued his rhetoric on immigration as well. >> we have to stop illegal immigration. we have to. we have to. we have a situation that's absolutely out of control. we have incompetent politicians, not only the president. >> we have more on the big rally. how are the gop reacting not just to what he said but to the crowds that showed up? >> reporter: this really was a defiant donald yesterday after a
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barrage of criticism and after that plea from the republican party chairman to tone it down. well, last night in phoenix, not a hint whatsoever that he will back it down. trump seemed to be almost capit capitalizing on those comments and was rel liishing in the cro. outside the event there were some protesters who clashed with some trump supporters and even inside that rally a group of protesters, they unfurled a banner and disrupted the speech in the middle of it. i want to show you the moment when trump responded to it. >> i wonder if the mexico government sent them over here. i think so. because i'm telling you i tell
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about the bad deals that this country is making. mexico, i respect the country. they're taking our jobs. they're taking our manufacturing. they're taking our money. they're taking everything and they're killing us on the board. and mexico does not like it. remember this, don't worry we'll take our country back very soon. very soon. >> reporter: and trump went on in his speech to promise to fine mexico $1,000 for every person crossing the border illegally. >> how are you going to charge mexico $100,000 for every illegal immigrant? you can't do that. let's have a deeper
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conversation about the 2016 race. bringing in mark preston. and condition political commentator errol lewis. even people who are drinking the cool aid, candidastanding there skro crowd they have to think how is that going work? >> i'm not so sure i'd agree with you that they'd have to think. trump is not entirely rational, not entirely logical, is not entirely anything like what we usually see in a presidential campaign. the fact that he speaks extemporaneously in effect -- he's not reading speeches. he's kind of talking off the top of his head. he's ad libbing. and he's trying to tap into something that is other than thoughtful conversation about a very complicated topic. >> he's using references --
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obviously the nixon era reference silent majority. >> well, what he's trying to do is that he's not running a real thoughtful presidential campaign. what he's trying to do is plug into this anger and frustration that a lot of people have about illegal immigration and the border, our porous border and how do you get a handle on it. even in the republican party, l there's an understanding that something needs to be done about the border all across the country. but when you have donald trump out there calling our leaders stupid, saying very angry, awful things about our friends to the south. you know, that really does tap into a segment of the population that will eat it up, but it's not going to get him to the republican nomination. >> let's take a look at other candidates in the field.
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scott walker scheduled to jump into the race officially tomorrow. let's take a look at the latest cnn national poll here. he's dropped ten points since may, now fall into the middle of the pack here with just 6% support in the latest poll from cnn. then you compare that to the latest poll in iowa where he's at 18% in the top of the heap there. how does he get back to that top three or four? >> well, it's going to be very difficult to see how he does it. i mean mike huckabee won iowa. he did not become president. you've got candidates like rick santorum. does very well on iowa. jimmy carter in 1976 starts his
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long march to the presidency and sort of got renewed with obama. we're going to have to see what walker can do in south carolina. we're going to see where his polling numbers end up in swing states like florida to see if he really does have national appeal. we know he is appreciated by the evangelical base, which is really what you see in the iowa republican party. but if that's as far as it goes, you can ask rick santorum what it's good for. >> what are we expecting from the governor tomorrow, mark? >> his poll numbers have dropped but we expect he will get a bounce in the days following his announcement tomorrow. he'll go on a tour of the early states. he'll be in nav nevada, new hampshire, iowa, south carolina. what's interesting is he's also going to go to georgia this week. that just shows what he's trying to do and i think we're seeing from the other candidates right
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now, they're looking long-term gain. this race won't be over by the end of february, as a lot of republican leaders hoped it would. this is going to extend on and extend on into the south. we'll see walker not only going to georgia this week, but down to tennessee later this month and illinois. this is a race for the republican presidential nomination that is going to continue on and on and on i believe, late into the spring. >> is everybody who's getting on this ride, is everybody now set who's going to launch a campaign after tomorrow? >> no, no, no. can you imagine that we're not set at this point? we expect john casic to announce. it looks like we will have 17 by probably the beginning of august, if you could imagine that. >> wow. thank you both. and of course talking about the race for the white house on the democratic side, front runner hillary clinton scored a
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union endorsement from the american federation of teachers. the union backed clinton in 2007 in her battle in the primary against now president barack obama. it is the first national union to endorse a candidate in the 2016 democrat primary. on the run, a notorious mexican drug lord has escaped again. could he be heading to the united states. and time is running out for greece. it's not looking good for a bailout package. talks are happening as we speak. we're going to have a live report for you. plus, a blast so powerful it knocked a woman off her chair at the beach. and investigators are struggling to figure out what it was. ] when you're serious about fighting wrinkles, turn to roc® retinol correxion®. one week, fine lines appear to fade. one month, deep wrinkles look smoother. after one year, skin looks ageless.
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developing right now the manhunt for one of the most powerful drug cartels. he's escaped from prison again. joaquin guzman better known as "el chapo" has escaped. "el chapo" also escaped prison back in 2001. he was captured last year when authorities found him at a mexican beach resort. cnn law enforcement analyst tom fuentes joins us now for more, former assistant director of the fbi. he escaped prison by hiding in a laundry cart last time. any indication this time of how he got out? >> i don't think there was any
4:14 am
indication. we have a different situation with drug cartel leaders in mexico. and they get a little more cooperation in their attempts to escape from prison corrections officers or other employees. and the reason is that they threaten them with beheading their children, pouring them in vats of acid, skinning them alive. and they do it. they do it just enough to convince the authorities and a select group of people that they mean it, they'll do it, and that's going to happen to their families. so the sheer terror that they're able to command is what helps them when it comes to the trafficking of drugs in the first place, the murders they commit, but also how to get out of prison once they're in prison. >> and the money doesn't hurt. he's been listed by forbes as one of the most powerful people in the world. i wonder what what you know about the porousness of the prison system in mexico and the
4:15 am
level of corruption. >> well, as i said, there's a huge level of corruption in law enforcement in mexico. but from my experience, much of that comes from the sheer terror of the threats made to members of law enforcement and what will happen to their children and their families. so not every corrupt mexican official is greedy and wants to get their hands on money, something like what we see in the movies. some of it is just sheer terror. and the idea behind it for these organized crime figures is they do it often enough to indicate it's not a bluff. they will do that. and family members have been killed and tortured horribly by them in the past. so that helps them get a little more cooperation from prison officials or police officials than you might normally expect. it's not so much like matt and sweat here in the u.s. where they had to seduce and convince,
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you know, people and employees in the prison to help them and hide hacksaws and that is all. they don't have to resort to psychological. it's just sheer terror on their part. >> and beyond the money and the power, this is a man who has songs that are written about him. immortalized in many ways in mexico. put some meat on the character here of "el chapo" for us. >> the problem is that happens with every major gangster in the world. and we have that with organized crime figures in this country going back to the roaring '20s. when they become celebrities by the sheer nature of their business, it attracts fan clubs. no matter how terrible the things they do, in some ways the more terrible it is, the more some people like it and like them for doing it. >> last time around he was found at a mexico beach resort, which
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is interesting. what's likely happening now in the search for him? >> i think probably similar. i don't think rumors that he might come to the united states are pretty absurd. if he comes here he won't have the reach that he has, the power that he has in mexico. if he gets locked up nth t. and he's wanted on a huge number of drug related charges and racketeering charges. he could be looking at life without parole if captured and sentenced in the united states. if in a federal prison, he will stay in that prison. he will not be getting out or escaping. my guess is he would definitely want to stay in mexico and figures he'll live the large life he's used to living. and if he gets captured again, he'll escape again. >> "el chapo" on the run again. developing out of the
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brussels this morning, there's been a sudden shift in the high stakes talk to help bail out greece. intense negotiations are going on as we speak here. richard quest is there. richard, i heard the that the greek debt deal is impossible today. i know you spoke with some of the eurozone finance ministers as they were leaving. did they give you any indication what's happened in the last 24 hours to move from the hopeful tone of yesterday to this impossibility of today? >> reporter: i don't think there was ever any realistic possibility of a deal as such. the amount of money we're talking about, 50 or $60 billion over multiple years, it was never going to be i's dotted and, theand t's crossed. what they hoped for was a strong basis to move forward. in other words they could do a deal and negotiations could
4:19 am
begin. even that seems to have evapora evaporated. it has evaporated because of trust. it's not pleasant to say it. it's undiplomatic in many ways the way it's put. but they simply don't trust the greek government either has the ability or the willingness to make the changes that they say they're going to do. listen to what the austrian finance minister told me about the difficulties they are facing. are you confident today? >> i'm always optimistic but it's very very difficult negotiations because there are many points we have not agreed in between the euro group and in between with greece. >> reporter: and so what they've agreed to as best they can is get rid of the last meeting of the day which brought forward
4:20 am
all of the european union. instead it's going to be the finance leaders who are just going to do whatever they can. what this means for the people of greece tomorrow, tuesday, into next week, i am not at all confident that the taps will be turned on and the money will be flowing. >> richard, we appreciate it so much. thank you. there's in mysterious blast that investigators are wondering about in rhode island on a beach there. this was so big, so powerful it knocked a woman out of her chair. just blew her right off the beach. and now investigators are combing through the sand to try to find out who or what caused it. and pope francis waving good-bye to south america soon, but not without a special meal there. thousands of people waiting in the rain for the pope, that's ahead.
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24 minutes past the hour. new this morning, this mysterious blast that shut down a beach and sent a woman to the hospital. it happened yesterday. an apparent explosion occurred at salty brine beach here in rhode island. witnesses described it as sounding as though it were an m 80 boom. officials don't have any idea who or what caused the blast.
4:25 am
salty brine beach is expected to reopen this morning but the investigation will go on. rhode island authority versus removed sand from the area looking for clues after a small explosion and an injury of a 50-year-old woman. but the exact cause is a mystery. >> explosion is a word that came during the initial reports. i can tell you from personally witnessing the site that there appears to have been some ground disturbance there. >> the woman was sitting in a chair at the tide line. witnesses reported a boom. the force pushed her up against nearby rocks and then he fell into the sand. >> there are fractures in this wet sand, the gaps like you would see when lightning hits a beach. there's definitely something that happened there. >> the state bomb squad and the fire marshals office are investigating this morning. >> we have no indication there was anything beyond some type of noise and some type of energy transfer. we have no evidence or indication that there was a
4:26 am
device. this the could be natural or man made. >> the beach was declared off limits for the rest of the day. >> i literally just stood up and walked away from there. but it blew her right out of the chair. i mean i've never heard of anything like that and we're at the beach all the time. >> and we hope to hear something some time today. stay with "new day" all morning. 26 minutes after the hour. let's take a look at other stories making headline this is morning. we're starting with the confederate flag flying once again at a government complex in ocala, florida. after the original was removed during a protest saturday. we first reported this story yesterday during this program. and the county commission voted to raise the flag. that's why we were reporting it. less than two weeks after removed in the wake of the charleston church shooting. after our report, authorities say someone took it down. the protester said it fell down.
4:27 am
then it was put back up. the flag is actually a confederate national flag, not the same as the confederate battle flag that was removed from the south carolina state house grounds. the naacp has ended its 15-year boycott of south carolina during an emergency resolution saturday, one day after the confederate flag came down from the ground there in the south carolina. you see it here. the naacp says the removal of the flag will not solve discrimination, but it does symbolize an end to the hatred that has divided the country. odd, but not that big of a deal, that's what baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings blake is saying after a woman threw water in her face. this happened at a festival in the city yesterday. still, police charged the woman with second degree assault. it's not clear if the attack had anything to do with the protest against the death of freddie gray. in fact, there are no indicators
4:28 am
that it did. well, it is one final stop for pope francis. taking you to a live picture here from paraguay. the pope is going to have a meal with a special woman. we'll tell you what's going on. also, heading the wrong direction on a winding l.a. road and it's caught on camera. look at this. police say they need your help to find out who this brazen driver is. well, we have 30 years of customer records. our cloud can keep them safe and accessible anywhere. my drivers don't have time to fill out forms. tablets. keep them all digital. we're looking to double our deliveries. our fleet apps will find the fastest route. oh, and your boysenberyy apple scones smell about done. ahh, you're good. i like to bake. with at&t get up to $400 dollars in total savings on tools to manage your business. nothing fits, huh? not surprising...
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yeah, you heard there donald trump whispering to get the crowd to chant usa, usa. thousands of people there in phoenix. during the event trump took aim as expected at his critics and his opponents. continued to hammer on immigration. also talked about rallying a new silent majority, frustrated with the direction of the country. >> the fate of greece's financial future is hanging by a thread this morning. eurozone leaders deciding whether they're going to give the country that third bailout. the banks have already been closed for two weeks and so far we're not hearing there is a deal anywhere in sight. pope francis is visiting a poor neighborhood, then will head to a sports field to
4:33 am
celebrate mass where hundreds of thousands are expected to attend. rosa flores joins us live. i understand that people are there despite the rain and are exciting for the pontiff's arrival. >> reporter: good morning, victor. you're absolutely right. if you take a look around, you'll see people have umbrellas, ponchos, rubber bo d boots. if you look at the cloud cover, you can see that it's moving in. people here are hoping that it moves out because they're hoping to celebrate holy mass with the pontiff. there's people from paraguay and argenti argentina. the pope arrive there s there i half an hour. this woman is known as grandma
4:34 am
in the neighborhood of paraguay's capital. the 78-year-old welcomes just about anyone into her home, never thinking pope francis would come knocking on her door one day. you feel an emotion inside. the vatican chose three people from this humble neighborhood with a one on one visit with francis, according to organizes. what are you going to ask the pope for? she's hoping to ask the pope for peace, for tranquility for her family. to prepare for her special guest, she says her son gave her home a fresh coat of paint and her daughter plans to help her cook for the pope. she has an open kitchen with a dirt floor and a corrugated metal roof. now, this is her stove. this is where she plans to cook for pope francis. you can see it's open flame. and this is the dining table where she hopes to share a meal
4:35 am
with the pontiff. on the menu, a tip paraguayan soup and a traditional tea. we're joking about how her -- this is probably really good and the pope is going to enjoy it. everyone on her block had been pitching in to prepare for the pope's visit, dressing her with the colors of the vatican and messages from some of its children, asking pope francis end to corruption and bring peace. then a question, asking him why god allows street children to suffer. the last time a child asked the holy father a similar question, he hugged the girl, dropped his scripted message and spoke from the heart. she is also expecting to visit with the pope and sing for him. she and others in the neighborhood wonder why the
4:36 am
leader of the catholic church would want to visit their humble homes and the tiny chapel with they pray. during his tour through south america, pope francis has made one thing very clear, the worries of the poor are a cross everyone should bear. as we take another live look here, you can see that the crowd keeps growing. they're coming from every corner of paraguay and neighboring countries including argentina. 1.5 million argentinians could be here in paraguay to give their pontiff a warm welcome. bringing us so much texture and context there. thank you so much. let's bring in father edward beck here. i'm wondering after that incredible report and the thousands of people you see who are going to see the pope today, i'm wondering when he's talking about this message of peace and
4:37 am
helping the poor, how much of what he is advocating do you think in the long-term will linger with those people? >> these have been the strongest comments yet critiquing the world economic order and unfettered capitalism. and the poor need to hear that message because they feel like they're forgotten. pope francis said the excesses of global capitalism are the dung of the devil. these are the strongest comment he is's made yet. and of course they haven't been well received by everybody. according to pope francis they are of the gospel. care of the poor is essential for all christians and all people who live according to the teaching of jesus. for them to hear that message that he is with them, that he's on their side, the side of the poor, it's a real reassuring one. >> it's reassuring for them. do you think it will move people to change and do the things that
4:38 am
he's advocating? >> well, again, greed is something very hard to overcome. and i think the message needs to be repeated again and again. what pope francis is calling for is the poor themselves to kind of rise up, to not accept their conditions. again, that's rather revolutionary kind of kma commandment if you will. if enough people come together to see the wisdom of that and the gospel mandate of that, then i think perhaps change can happen. he'll certainly be talking about it again here in the united states. >> i wanted to ask you about that. how do you see his visit here in september and will he be focusing on the same things? and what do you see in terms of how the reaction will be to him? will as many people be coming out here as we've seen there. >> i see maybe even many people coming out here. this is the center of unbridaled
4:39 am
capitalism and free markets. certainly you'll be hearing him speak about that again. i think you'll see pope francis challenging politicians with their legislation. he'll be challenging all of us how do we care for the least among us? is greed and wealth our god or can we accept something else? he said that for christians the responsibility is even greater. it's a commandment. it's not only a moral obligation. father beck, always so good to have your voice in the conversation. time running low now for iran and the rest of the world. i wonder if they will now reach this deal as it relates to nuclear arms there. and if secretary kerry is going to come home on the other hand possibly empty handed. we'll talk about that. also an update now to a story developing this morning that we're following, this
4:40 am
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secretary of state john kerry sounding pretty positive this morning about getting a deal with iran on its nuclear program secured. he talked to reporters as he left his hotel in vienna for another marathon round of talks there. yes, he's still on crutches, still recovering from that bicycle injury. we want to get more on what kerry said from nick robinson. nick is in vienna.
4:44 am
i understand the french foreign minister spoke as well. >> reporter: been in paris working on the greece issue. he said he hopes they're in the last phase of the talks at the moment. he hopes they can get the result that everyone wants to get. this is the tone we've been getting and certainly something we heard from secretary kerry this morning as he left his hotel to go to church. yesterday he said that quite simply tough choices remain. now he's talking as if there's some hope that a final deal could be in the works. this is what he said. >> very positive. think we're getting to some real decisions. we have a few tough things to do. i remain hopeful. hopeful. >> reporter: with all the deadlines that have come and done, 30th of june, 7th of july,
4:45 am
now 13th of july tomorrow. the feeling is here are they really going to make a deadline? are they really going to come up with something by then. the sense is it is about everyone being convinced that a deadline is a real deadline. we've blown through so many. you do get the sense that whatever happens in the talks today, that there will be something tomorrow. whether or not it's a full agreement or some partial and the ball gets kicked down the road again. that's not clear. >> we understand too that the israeli prime minister is slamming these talks. what is he saying? >> reporter: yeah. he has all along. what we've heard from netanyahu is in essence that the longer secretary kerry has stayed here, the implication is that it's had to concede to iran's demands. the israeli prime minister believes that iran cannot be trusted.
4:46 am
supporters point to demonstrations just yesterday in tehran where american and israeli flags were being burned. he thinks it means that he's conceded that it is not a good deal, not a good deal for the united states and not a good deal for the israelis either. >> iran had this new demand that the embargo be lifted. is that still one of the sticking points here? >> reporter: as far as we can tell, it is. you know, we don't get a detailed read out of what happens inside the meetings. i spoke with an iranian official who told me it is only political decisions in the way of getting an agreement. therefore, a lot of the technical details have been hammered out. that is essentially a political agreement. we know for a fact that president putin, the russian side, the chinese as well support iran on getting these --
4:47 am
all sanctions including the arms embargo lifted. after all russia does sell weapons and will likely sell more weapons to iran if there is a deal here. so you know, when you look at the p five pl5+1 he's trying toa united position. but when you hear things like that from the russian president sayi saying that he believes all sanctions should be lifted and fundamentally he believed the arms embargo should be lifts. you've got to see this video if you haven't yet. i mean, it's in the so much that this guy is driving the wrong way down this busy street in los angeles because he's gone the right direction. it's just backwards. trunk first. narrowly missing several cars, a pedestrian there, all caught on cell phone video.
4:48 am
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4:52 am
our cnn affiliate kcal reports. >> reporter: you're looking at what the lapd is calling some of the most reckless driving investigators have ever seen. >> wow, dude. >> reporter: cell phone video showing a car going backwards, all the way down laurel canyon boulevard. listen to reaction from a stunned witness who recorded what he could barely believe was happening. >> this guy's going backwards. on oncoming traffic. amazing. >> reporter: the driver of the audi staying in reverse for several minutes, and along windy turns. >> unbelievable! >> reporter: at one point the car appears to almost hit a pedestrian. several times the audi crosses the double yellow lines. narrowly missing oncoming traffic. >> only in l.a. >> reporter: watch what happens when the car eventually approaches busy hollywood boulevard. >> wow! look what he's doing. look what he's doing. >> reporter: still in reverse the driver moves around other vehicles, and into the left turn
4:53 am
lane. >> definitely was a shocker for me. >> reporter: kevin recorded the video on his cell phone. the realtor says he first noticed the audi around 4:45 thursday afternoon, near mulholland. he says there were two people in the car. a man behind the wheel, and a woman in the passenger seat. >> it was definitely like a movie, and i just think that either this individual had an argument or a fight or something, or possibly just want to be a cool guy. >> reporter: we showed the video to lapd investigators, who say the driver could be arrested for numerous charges. >> reckless driving. unsafe speed. crossing double yellow lines. failing to drive on the right half of the roadway. >> reporter: and given the numerous close calls, police say it's incredible no one was hurt. >> imagine if your family member is being struck by someone doing something irresponsible. >> hmm. our thanks to peter duff of cnn affiliate kcal for that report. bell, donald trump taking his stance on immigration to arizona where the presidential candidate gave a speech to
4:54 am
thousands of people. i mean the lines snaked around the corners of buildings in downtown. and some of them didn't even get in. we're going to talk about how the gop maybe reacting to this pretty significant turnout. stay close. vo: today's the day. more and more people with type 2 diabetes are learning about long-acting levemir®. as my diabetes changed, it got harder to control my blood sugar. today, i'm asking about levemir®. vo: levemir® is an injectable insulin that can give you blood sugar
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4:56 am
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4:57 am
well, it is number one versus number two in an epic wimbledon men's final. >> but is this the greatest rivalry in sports? >> coy wire. >> we asked our friends and they have spoken. this is a cool backdrop. >> seven-time wimbledon champ roger federer will take on
4:58 am
defending champ novak djokovic on centre court starting at 9:00 eastern. if federer wins he will hold two records, most wimbledon titles, and the oldest to hold the title. he's 33 years old. djokovic is the favorite to win. looking for his ninth grand slam title. this is their 40th meeting. federer is up 20-19. now these two have become formidable foes and epic rivalry so last hour we asked you what's the greatest sports rivalry of all time? answers came pouring in. marcel says joker versus roger federer, tennis. this is it. okay. the next one, how about ali and foreman rumble in the jungle. 1974. yankees versus red sox. i'm wearing red sox today, by the way. >> even though we know the boys in blue are the best, here's some more jeremy, this is this may be the favorite, harlem globe trotters versus the washington generals. thanks so much for your participation. you came with answers today. now howard, toledo, do you
4:59 am
remember your rivalries? >> bowling green. >> hampton. >> hampton? >> yeah. >> they were heated. although i would say that baltimore versus the pittsburgh steelers. i mean, they're -- >> well, that's -- see the browns versus -- >> oh, yeah, that's true. that's true. >> i do have to give a shout-out bob tweeted stanford cal. and that is heated. remember the band scene. and having been a stanford cardinal guy that resonated with me. >> oh, yeah. >> thank you. that was fun. >> my pleasure. >> always good to see you, coy. >> sure. >> thank you so much for starting your morning with us. >> your "new day" continues right now. in front of this crowd of thousands, donald trump keeps hammering the illegal immigration issue, but he's not stopping there. calling american leaders, some of them, stupid. will this lead him to the white house? developing at this hour, a massive manhunt for a notorious drug kingpin from mexico.
5:00 am
joaquin guzman better known as el chapo now on the loose after escaping from a maximum security prison. it's always so good to have your company. thank you for being here, i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. good to start a sunday morning with you. >> developing this hour. one of the world's most powerful drug lords has done what mexican authorities promised would not happen again. >> yeah, he escaped prison and is on the run a second time. there's this massive manhunt under way for joaquin guzman, better known as el chapo. he was last seen saturday night near the prison showers and guards later discovered he was missing from his cell. el chapo, you may remember, escaped prison back in two,000 one and then was captured just last year. authorities found him at a mexican beach resort. cnn global affairs analyst lieutenant colonel james reese joins me now. first let's take a look at el chapo's background with cnn's gary tuchman. he filed this report after the escape. >> this is one of the m


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