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tv   The Hunt With John Walsh  CNN  July 12, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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a crime against any of us is a crime against all of us. that's what the law says. that's what i believe. that's why i spent 30 years working to bring fugitives back to justice. here are the juj ffugitives pro on "the hunt" whose run is finally stopped. two viewers called our hotline to help the marshalls track down charles mazder in new york city. >> one of the officers identified him. he was alone inside the smoke shop where members of the task force enterers, the shooting began. >> the coward opened fire with a
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handgun, wounding all three of them. he was killed this the shootout that followed. thank god the brave officers survived. soon after the episode on dr. genevieve kelly accused of abducting her daughter for ten years, kelly surrendered to authorities in new hampshire. in june 2015 kelly pleaded guilty to misdemeanor custodian interference and was sentenced to ten months in prison. the hunt for alleged family killer shane miller ended 15 months after his crime when his body was found on a river bank in california. he had died of gunshot wounds. then when a family dog in austin, texas, came home with a skull in its jaws, dna tests con if i we -- confirmed it was the skull of convicted sex offender kevin stoser. in march of 2013, victor ber
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thard, accused of maintaining a house full of young women to serve his sexual needs was captured in brazil. he's awaiting extradition to the united states. that leaves seven fugitives from our first season still out therement escaping justice, laughing about it. so i would like to add their names to the list of the apprehended. with your help, we can do that. ♪
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it all started out pretty innocently. three buddies get together, fun night out. it ended with the death of william angel syst. >> he's a guy that's just so warm and welcoming. >> they played pool. they had laughs. they decided to call it a night. they all piled into william's mustang for what should have been an uneventful ride home. >> we were coming up to the merge. i saw headlights. i remember veering to the right and i heard both william and robert scream.
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before i matthew knew it, i was through the windshield. >> there is a pretty large signal 4 . >> 10-4. >> what we surmise occurred is the driver of the ford entered the wrong wit ramp coming the wrong way and collided head on with the mustang. >> when i opened my eyes i was laying face down on the engine. i could hear the ambulance, a helicopter. i could see the lights from the ambulance. the paramedics said, he didn't make it. that was the first time i heard that i had lost my best friend. >> i know that feeling. i have been there. somebody tears your hareart out but you don't die. you are heartbroken and devastated. we want justice.
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we want our day this court. >> we identified what became known as the wrong way driver as christopher ponce. in a case like this, that's so egregious it was clear early on that alcohol most likely played a role. he had a previous dui arrest. his license was suspended numerous times for various reasons. >> without a doubt this is not an accident. this was a deadly, troubled, alcoholic time bomb waiting to blow up. >> our investigators arrived at the hospital when we knew christopher ponce would be released when his treatment concluded. >> he had a broken ankle from the accident which seems minute compared to everything we went through. >> ponce was taken to hilsbor are o county jail booked and charged with reckless driving, vehicular homicide and dui manslaughter. then the judge said what everybody was thinking.
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>> i i think you were drunk. i think you are lucky you didn't have a girlfriend in the car that didn't die. >> unbelievably, ponce was allowed to go home fitted with an ankle monitor while they waetedded for the toxicology results. >> see, i don't understand that you kill somebody with a gun, you're not allowed out on bail. you kill somebody with a car -- i mean , he still killed him. so why is he given the privilege of being home? >> the toxicology results show ponce was driving with nearly twice the legal limit of blood alcohol. but a new judge let him remain on bail anyway. that's when he planned he is ru. >> may 9, 2013. i had received a call that christopher ponce had removed
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his ankle bracelet. so the ability to track him was now gone. we didn't know where he was. >> it's one thing when somebody was in our custody and is now on the lam somewhere. it's another when they were in their own home. capable of headacmaking arrange we don't know about. i don't know a lot of 22-year-olds that will successfully pull off going off the grid without help. that's what he's done. thus far. >> somebody knows where he's at. this is a kid who makes messes and somebody else has to clean them up. somebody knows where he's at. >> chris ponce has brown hair and brown i eyes. he speaks spanish fluently and may be living in a spanish-speaking country. if you have seen chris ponce or have any information as to his whereabouts call 866-the-hunt or go online at
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you can remain anonymous. we'll pass you ar tip on to the authorities and, if requested, will not reveal your name. >> there are so many cold cases. but it is one of the most horrible. it's time that bastard pays. ♪ if you want a paint that's tough enough to protect from the elements. if you want a paint flexible enough to survive the subtle cracking of time. if you want a paint that gives you a lifetime warranty... only this can. aura exterior from benjamin moore. paint like no other. i am rich. on the grounds of my estate, i hob nob with the glitterati and play equestrian sports.
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♪ on march 2, 1976, a ranger
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in the woods in north carolina investigating a possible wildfire came upon a smoldering pit that held a gruesome scene. >> i was seeing a leg sticking out, an arm, shoes. it was human beings in this hole. we took the first two bodies off. there was another body. we removed the third body and then there was another body. how many bodies can be in this hole? finally after the fifth one we found the bottom of the hole, thank god. no one knew who these people were. >> working on the only real clue they had, a price tag on a
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shovel, detectives backtracked, working town by town up to the d.c. area. that's where they received a tip about a family that had vanished. >> the neighbors said they hadn't seen the family in a week. the papers and mail were backing up. normally the family would tell the neighbors they were going somewhere. >> police went to check out the house which belonged to state department employee brad bishop and his family. nobody was prepared for what they found. brad bishop was a career officer in the foreign service. he certainly had the experience of traveling the world. >> he was posted to italy. after that, to africa, to be the number two in the embassy. it's an up or out subpoenystem. if the you are you are not promoted to a certain grade within a certain number of years
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you are let go. we take ta seriously this the foreign ser ves. brad bishop took it more seriously than the rest of us did. >> on march 1, 1976, bishop got the news his promotion had not gone through. that's when he put his plan into action. >> approximately 6 can p.m. he was spotted in a sears department store where he purchased a two and a half pound sledge hammer. >> and used it to bludgeon to death his wife first. then you go upstairs and see where the 14-year-old son was murdered. blood everywhere. >> the rampage continued when bishop bludgeoned his other sons to death in their bunk bed. then he turned his rage on his mother. >> same thing with the hammer
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blow to the head. he then collected the bodies of all of his family members and he put them in the station wagon. he drove 275 a miles south. >> then to a state road then to a rural road and the logging road wasn't even on the map s. >> dug a shallow grave and placed all of the bodies of his family members in the shallow grave.
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>> why he burned the bodies, i don't know. he could have buried them deeper and covered them up. who thouknows if they ever woul have been found. >> it doesn't count unless somebody sees it. he's making the statement. i, william bradford bishop, am in control. these are my family members. i did it. screw you. bye. >> his training with the state department really would have provideded him the ability to know where to eyhide, how to hi. he spoke six different languages. >> nobody knows where he went. nobody knows. >> over the years there have been three credible sightings of brad bishop. one in sweden, one in switzerland and one in italy. if you have seen brad
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beneficiary sop or have any information as to his whereabouts call 866-the-hunt or go online to we'll pass your tip on to the proper authorities and, if requested, will not reveal your name. imagine being inside like that and not being able to do anything. >> somewhere after that stop in kingsville their rail car became a coffin.
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♪ an innocent town in the heart of corn country. the grain elevators are working nonstop to fill train cars ta go all over the country. on one of those days a grisly discovery was made.
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workers found the remains of 11 people. >> today probably entereded the car on their own free will. somebody closed a latch and locked it so it couldn't be opened. >> this is a case of illegal immigrants where the traffickers, the coyotes, are directly responsible for their horrible deaths. >> to smugglers, people are goods. te these were 11 human beings. somebody was responsibler for the 11 people who had died. >> to find out who the smugglers were, authorities had to identify the victims. it was a concerned relative who provided the very first clue.
5:23 pm
>> we received a phone call prosecute a person in new york. he told us he was afraid one of the bodies was going to be his brother. his younger brother called him to tell him he was in south texas. he needed money to pay the smugglers. >> i said to him, don't put yourself in danger. i would rather you be caught than anything happen to you. he told me to send $300 because he ran out of money. that's what they wanted to move him to houston. >> a few days later he got a call from a man named memo who claimed he had forthing to do with his death except memo knew that there were four women and seven men this the death car. >> the information was invaluable to us. we now know this memo was
5:24 pm
guillermo balasteros, one of the main operators of this operation. he was bringing people to the united states are from mexico. there aren't many roads leading from the borderarrder communiti along the rio grande to the metropolitan areas. the government has checkpoints where traffic has to be inspected. a double check, the if you will. a safe guard. if people being smuggled want to get anywhere beyond any of the checkpoints they're going to need either to walk through the desert in blazing heat or enlist the assistance of people smugglers, a coyote, to get them through the checkpoint or get through on oh the train. >> so 37 desperate people docho
5:25 pm
the train. they were taken to the rail yard under the cover of darkness. >> the people were loaded into two different railroad railroad cars. 26 in one. when capacity was reached there, 111 in another nearby car. >> they were fed the line that it's not going to be that long. you don't need water because you will be let out in an hour or so, which was a lie. >> that might the train was stopped and searched by border patrol. >> the coyotes have are spotters that drive parallel to the train in cars. when the border patrol inspected this train they bailed out. they uncovered the group of 26 but the denison 11 were still undetected. >> the train stopped again in the kingsville area.
5:26 pm
this is where i am sure they thought, okay, we have made it. the longer they sat in there, the doubts had to have taken place. >> i suspect that at one point when these individuals realized no one was going to open the rail car for them that they were desperately trying to find an escape route. >> you know the heat in texas and all those days, imagine being inside like that, not able to do anything. >> somewhere after that stop in kingsville their rail car became a coffin. >> the causes of death of all 11 individuals were hypertherm i can'ter or el vated body temperature, and dehydration.
5:27 pm
>> you see your friends dying this fo in front of you, knowing you're next. >> even though his fingerprint ares may not be on the hatch of the train, police say he's alleged to have been an accessory, a payer juror part of the murder of these 11 people and those families cannot even begin to heal until he's in handcuffs. if you have seen guillermo ballesteros or have information call 866-the-hunt or go to hunt. you can remain anonymous. we'll pass your tip on to the proper authorities and, if requested, will not reveal your name. >> who would want to kill syd, you know? how is this possible? >> this guy is dirty and he's going to run.
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>> thayne smika was the new
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person in our lives, so we didn't know him very well. samuels and his brother syd were sharing an apartment in boulder, colorado, in 1983. they thought thayne might be a good fit. >> they found after he did the move this he was noter very sociable. i think he was having trouble coming up with the rent money. >> at about 12:26 in the afternoon the boulder police communications center got a report of a man not breathing. >> 911 emergency. >> yes. this is samuels over at the towers. looks like my brother is laying here dead. i don't know what happened. >> is he breathing at all is this. >> no. >> walked in on that.
5:33 pm
still have a hard time with it today. is. >> to be the horribly unlucky person to find a loved one murdered is a scene or a snapshot that you will never be able to forget. >> police and fire officials were met by samuels at the elevator. sam took them to the apartment. on the living room floor they found sydney wells dead of an apparent gunshot wound to the head. >> they didn't see a sign that there was an obvious burglary, robbery or assault in this apartment. that leads investigators to think that they should be looking at roommates, friends, relatives, people with access to the apartment. >> naturally police questioned sam but he was kwekly ruled out as a suspect. that left one big question for
5:34 pm
the investigation. >> who would want to kill syd? you know? how is this possible? >> my initial involvement in the case was being assigned to the crime scene. there was very little blood spatter but there was some. >> they used a substance called luminol to look for the presence of blood at a crime scene. >> we got quite a bit of reaction. somebody with something with blood on it had been moving around the apartment. >> the trail in the apartment went into thayne's bedroom. on the coffee table next to where syd's body was, we found a note and an envelope. the envelope had the number $300 written on it. august 1 was rent the day. thayne was due to pay syd $300 he was going to take to his hother. we didn't find anything in that
5:35 pm
envelope. >> what was interesting to the police was there were a number of small spots of blood found underneath the note thayne wrote. >> it appeared the note from thayne to syd and sam and the envelope had been placed there after mr. wells was shot. [ gunshot ] >> the note from thayne said he was going to visit his family in akron, colorado. the police drove two hours to question him. >> he didn't appear to be particularly nervous. didn't appear to be too surprised the detectives were there. certainly wasn't surprised to learn that his roommate had been killed e killed. police returned with aer warrant and found a 20-gauge shotgun in the back of a closet, the same type of weapon that killed syd. >> i remember feeling at the time we probably had our man. >> we heard thayne had been
5:36 pm
rest resteded. we were going to find out what happened to syd. >> i had a feeling of relief that we had solved the case. but within the next few days the d.a.'s office who had approved the arrest warrant came back and said they felt there was not enough evidence. as a result they wouldn't file murder charges against him. within a few days he was released. >> shock. absolute complete mystification. grief turned into anger that day. >> it represented to me at the time an under mining of the system. that's not the way the system is supposed to work. >> we appreciated dave hayes so much. he has never given up on syd's case. >> it is so uncommon for a dedicated detective to never give up on a 30-year-old case and to get the main suspect reindicted years later.
5:37 pm
>> in the summer of 2009, dave hayes showed up on our door accept with boxes and boxes of the investigative file into the murder of syd well s. in december of 2010, 27 years after syd wells was murdered, the d.a. signed off on an arrest warrant accusing thayne of murder in the first degree. at that time thayne smika is out living in society >> shortly after the warrant was issued, that's pretty much the last we have heard of thayne smika. >> not a day goes by that i don't think about it. i would love to see thayne smika arrest ared, charged. it would make me happy. i would probably be the happiest guy alive.
5:38 pm
>> if you have seen thayne smika or have information as to his whereabouts call 866-the-hunt or go online at you can remain anonymous. we'll pass your tip on to the proper authorities and, if requested, will not reveal your name. >> jehovah's witness are are a close knit community. here comes rick mclean. he destroyed that. >> they are the vampires of the children that live amongst us. ♪ color is a beautiful thing, i know, oh yes i know... ♪ ♪color is the i ching ching, for sure ding dang... ♪
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by all appearances rick mclean was an upstanding member of the jehovah witness community. loving family, loving wife. why wouldn't you trust him? >> we started doing family things with them after their daughter was born. >> he always wanted to do stuff with the kids whether it be like, do you want to play gapes at the arcade? do you want to go get ice cream? he was definitely respected in
5:43 pm
the church. i feel like everyone got along with him. he was definitely trusted, well liked. >> but rick mclean was up to something far more sinister. >> he would always have my brothers and i. do you want to spend the night? we would spend the night frequently. as time went on that's when he started molesting me. basically right in front of my brothers but they didn't even know it. i mean, lights were off. no one knew what was going on. this started probably around 8. it went on for about, i would say until i was about 13. i didn't really though what to
5:44 pm
do. so i just didn't say anything. >> pedophiles have a compulsion they can't deal with. they will risk family, fortune, reputation to satisfy that narcissistic desire. >> the first step in his process would be to gain the trust of the parents of the young girls he intended to victimize. he would leverage how close knit a jehovah witness community is. he would build on that to get parents to bring children to him. finally the spring of 2004 the first victim confronted him and said point blank you molested me. he admitted it in front of her, in front of the adults and in front of his wife. that was the dam busting moment
5:45 pm
and the flood gates opened from then. >> nancy mclean called me and told me someone had come forward and told him she had been molested by rick. she said you need to talk to your daughter. i called her up to my bedroom. as soon as i said it, i knew it had happened to her. i could tell by the look on her face. and then i said, did anything happen to you. she said yes, and she started crying. >> it's something i tiried to forget about for so long. i had suppressed it. you block out so much. >> more victims started coming forward through summer of 2004.
5:46 pm
>> at this point mclean's been charged with 16 counts of sexual assault on four children. >> instead of sticking around to face the accusations and likely prison time, rick mclean decided to disappear. >> i figured they would find rick. i didn't think it would be ten years later we are still wondering where is he, are we going to find him. we don't know how many kids he's molested over the last however many years. >> the hardest part about the case is i though thknow this gu there. his use for the church was access to victims. there are several other churches and organizations in the country that would take him in and give him similar access to victims. >> i'm sure rick mclean is out there. i'm sure he's got children in his cross hairs. he's not going to stop. he's out there trying to con since you to let him have your
5:47 pm
children so he can rape them. if you have seen him or have information as to rick mclean's whereabouts, please call 866-the-hunt or go online at you can remain anonymous. we'll pass your tip on to the proper authorities and, if requested, will not reveal your name. hae had told people he was going down in a ball of flame and glory. >> i was looking down the barrel of his gun. then i asaw the gun go off.
5:48 pm
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montana is stunningly beautiful, full of rugged people who want to make it their own. david burgert was one such person until a bunch of run-ins with the law and a big chip on his shoulder turned that idealism into paranoia. >> mr. burgert didn't fit well in nor hall society. but one place he did fit in was with one of montana's anti-government militias, a group that became known as project 7.
5:52 pm
project 7 believed that if big brother or big government becomes too the oppressive they were going to fight back. >> nobody surrender your weapons to nobody. i don't care what color the uniform isment do not surrender your weapons. >> wanting to stop trouble before it started the government decideded to bust burgert and anybody involved with project 7. >> project 7 had a huge stockpile of weapons and ammunition. some of them were machine guns that it was not legal for them to possess. additionally, we found evidence that they were compiling a list of people they felt needed to be assassinated in local government. >> david and the other members of the group were brought to federal court and charged with weapons violations. >> several members were found guilty including burgert who was sent away for seven years.
5:53 pm
>> when he got out of prison things were not better for david burgert. in spring of 20 # 11, david rerehoved himself from society more or less and was living in a campaign outside of lolo,. >> burgert set the stage. >> he was leaving, runs the stop sign. gets on the highway, runs it up to 85. he was on federal and state probation. >> i have information he's violent toward law enforcement. >> at that point he slowed quickly and made aer hard right turn on the jeep trail that goes by the power lines. this is bad. he's taking us into the wilterness, trying to isolate us. this wasn't going to end well. >> burgert veered off the road, drove to the top of the hill and
5:54 pm
jumped out of his vehicle. >> he had a gun pointeded at me. i was looking down the barrel of the gun. then i saw the gun go off. he shot directly at me. i fired all five rounds. i assumed we had hit him or he was hiding behind the jeep. we worked up the hill. when we got to the point we could see behind the vehicle, he wasn't there. burgert was gone. >> the montana back country is vast, verier forbidden place. is david burgert hiding out there somewhere? >> there are a lot of where is dave theories, has he met up with militia groups plotting and planning other things? he's out there somewhere. he needs to be found >> if you have seen david
5:55 pm
burgerburge burgert or have information, call 866-the-hunt or go online at you can remain anonymous. we'll pass your tip on to the proper authorities and, if requested, will not reveal your name. i think one of the tough things for americans to grasp is that a predator can be anywhere. a crime can happen to anyone at any time. >> betty and i have four children. our oldest daughter is amy. jacob was next. trevor ander carmen. >> jacob was our first born son. ♪ >> hi fame is jacob. my favorite food is steak. my favorite color is blue. hi best friend is aaron.
5:56 pm
>> on the day of october 22, a allegedly after 5:30 or 6:00 patty and i went to a dinner party at some friends' 20, 25 minutes 'way. >> we weren't going to be long. they were just going to stay home. >> but the boys, squa cob, trevor and a friend aaron wanted to ride to the store. they called their parents at the party to ask permission. >> there's thothing between us and the store. it's farm field mostly and a few houses. but it was starting to get dark and i said no. find spg to do. we have plenty to do. trevor said, let me talk to dad. >> my thinking is, this is safe country. my only concern is on this one fairly long stretch of road is car traffic. in my mind they covered those base s with a flashlight. i said, okay, but go down and come straight home.
5:57 pm
it must have been about 45 minutes, give or take. the phone rang and they called for me to come and take this call. it was our next door neighbor merle who called and said, jerry, you have to leave ta party right now and come home. >> he came back to the table and said we've got to go. i said, you know? what? are aren't the kids back yet? he said -- somebody took jacob. >> you're talking to the sheriff's office. give me anything you can recall about this male party that approached you guys, okay? >> yeah. he had like a nylon thing and a
5:58 pm
mask. >> what color? >> black. >> a guy in a mask came out. tekd see his handgun. this guy told them to get off their bikes and lay down in the ditch or he would shoot. after that, he had trevor and aaron, one by one run off into the nearby woods. as aaron was taking off, he saw the man grab jacob's arm. >> when he caught up to trevor and they felt safe to turn around and look back they were just gone. >> so we started to search the immediate area of the abduction. started to fan out from there. everybody thought within a few hours we would get it taken care of. >> in the beginning, there is this initial surge. the media is fascinated.
5:59 pm
strangers you never met try to help. police are on top of the case. but then the reality sets in. if your child is missing for a certain period of time, couple weeks, now your child drops from being the hottest case, the top of the news to just another poster of a missing child. >> we cannot leave our house without driving past here. it took me a long time. i would come here and say a little prayer. every teem i walk by. i'd talk to jacob. it was -- it's been really a hard thing. i want to know who took jacob. i want to know what happened. >> if you have any information relating to this crime, please call 866-the-hunt or go online at
6:00 pm
you can remain anonymous. we'll pass your tip on to the proper authorities and, if requested, will not reveal your name. . back in 1981, i had the american dream. the beautiful wife, the house in the suburbs and a beautiful 6-year-old son. one day i went to work, kissed my son good-bye and never saw him again. in two weeks i became the parent of a murdered child. i will always be the parent of a murdered child. i still have the heartache. i still have the rage. i waited years for justice. i t i know what it's like to be there waiting for answers. in those years i learned to do something well. that's how to catch these bastards and bring them back to justice. i have


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