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tv   New Day  CNN  July 13, 2015 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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't do it perhaps they have to do a government reshuffle or a broader coalition. now greece is waking up in a state of shock. they want to know what happens to the banks because, as you know banks have been closed for two weeks now. capital controls have been in place. everyone looking at the ecb, the european central bank, whether they will open. time is of the essence. we are not there by any means. now, greece has the hard work to do. alisyn, back to you. >> thank you so much for that background. it is also deadline day, again, to reach a nuclear deal with iran. negotiators say they might make it this morning. reportedly on the verge of sealing a deal after jumping through major hurdles this weekend. they are working to hammer out the fine print. cnns senior national correspondent is live in vienna with the latest. what is happening at this hour nic? >> you know alisyn it
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continues to move here. i feel the excitement level, if you will is stepping up. the expectation that something is going to be achieved is growing. i was talking to the diplomat and he feels it's getting more likely rather than less likely. we have heard from all in the past 24 hours saying it's a couple issues outstanding. the spokesman tweeted saying that it's just going to take a little more political will but no one is looking for an extension. this today, is now the fourth deadline in the past few weeks. we have had this morning a meeting here of what's known as the p5 plus one with secretary of state john kerry along with the chinese, russian prime ministers. in that meeting, everyone looking very very stoney faced. the impression that is being created is a deal is close, but it's not there yet. interestingly, the chinese
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foreign minister said any future negotiations cannot be and should not be prolonged. that is the first thing we have heard from a foreign minister talking at these talks here indicating that perhaps the deal cannot be totally wrapped up today and perhaps more details to be hammered out. the expectation is something is going to come and today is the day. chris? >> nic, keep us up to date. we will check back in a bit. let's go to the hunt for guzman the drug lord nicknamed the stocky one. he broke out of a prison through a mile long tunnel. mexico's president vowing to recapture el chapo. not the first time but second time el chapo has done this. >> reporter: you know what chris, guzman's escape is truly hard to believe. we are going to break it doun for you in a few seconds.
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what's happening here on the ground outside the mexican town you can see police have been on patrol around the prison perimeter itself. we know a partial perimeter has been set up around the town itself. at this point, chris, just over 30 hours into the search and no sign for this ruthless cartel kingpin. this morning, a massive international manhunt for one of the world's most powerful kingpins is under way. el chapo is a major supplier of cocaine and marijuana in the united states. it's citizen second escape. this time he busted out of a maximum security prison outside mexico city. they said guards performs a routine check and noticed he was missing saturday evening. at 5'6" mexican authorities believe el chapo spanish for
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shorty fit through a hole in the shower of his cell. beyond that a vertical passage with stairs leading to a tunnel stretching near a mile. the escape infuriated u.s. law enforcement officials. they cited fears of corruption and questions the ability of mexican officials to keep him behind bars. >> he may have murdered or ordered the murders of 10,000 people. this is not somebody playing with prison officials. he controls what he wants to do and they go along with it and look the other way to keep their families alive. >> reporter: he got out by way of an elaborate underground tunnel. investigators swarmed a half built house at the other end, but guzman was nowhere in site. he broke out of prison in a
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laundry cart in 2001. on the lamb more than a decade. investigators discovered seven houses connected by an intricate web. that search continues outside of mexico city. at this hour i can tell you there's a real concern that guzman may have fled to his native state, a place that he would eventually hide in. as for the working theory on how this could have happened alisyn he may have had help possibly from the inside. at least 18 prison guards were transferred from mexico city and they are being questioned at this hour. back to you. >> with a mile long tunnel it seems like he had help somewhere. polo thank you for that. after weeks of controversy, a new miss usa crowned last night. the competition coming under the cloud of donald trump derogatory
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comments. he was a no show for the pageant, but did his absence prevent him from being a distraction? what did the contest look like last night? >> good morning, alisyn. there was no mention of donald trump during the pageant. i asked the winner olivia jordan after the win, if the controversy surrounding his remarks about mexican immigrants overshadowed. she said it came together but she was glad the cable channel reelz swept in and saved the sash allowing the show to go on. trump skipped the event. he's part owner of the pageant. he sent out a tweet saying he was going to miss the event because he was campaigning in phoenix. i spoke with trump's campaign. he had no official events on sunday. the show aired on cable channel
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reelz after nbc pulled out in protest over trump's remarks. miss texas, a 22-year-old mexican american who grew up on the texas/mexico border came in second place. today, one more republican throws his hat into the ring. governor scott walker of wisconsin saying on twitter, i'm in. he makes his presidential announcement later today. chris? >> thank you very much. climate change causing delays at london heathrow's airport. demonstratored chained themselves to the gates. they are members of plane stupid. operations at the airport resumed with delays. two illinois police officers recovered after being ambushed and shot in a chicago suburb. a man with a shotgun walked up and opened fire. a shootout ensued.
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the suspect was shot and killed. police found a man shot inside the home police were called to. both officers will be okay. the confederate flag is down in south carolina. the symbolic flight is far from over. over the weekend in florida, thousands rallied in support of the flag many wearing t-shirts donning the phrase heritage not hate. today is nathan bedford forest day, a confederate general. last week they voted to remove his remains and statue from a city owned park. let's get back to the iran negotiations. all signs point to a deal this morning, but obstacles stand in the way in the top and the halls of congress. let's bring in peter, an associate professor at the city university of new york. great to see you this morning. >> nice to see you. >> the latest deadline is tonight at midnight.
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we have just crossing the wires, the iranian foreign ministers does not support an extension this time. something has to happen today. he doesn't want to extend it beyond. what do you think is going to happen here? >> i think the signs suggest there is likely to be a deal today. i don't think the deadline matters all that much. what i have heard is even yesterday, they have pretty much reached agreement on most of the issues. they are trying to make sure when they come out with a joint statement both the iranians and americans are saying the same thing. with the framework deal, the irany irani's had one interpretation and the americans had another. >> one sticky point is inspections inspections. they didn't want the access the u.s. was asking for. do we know what they will have agreed to? >> we don't know. it will be built around the additional protocol which is a kind of higher level of
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inspection access for the international atomic agency inspectors that allow them to inspect sites on short notice. you have to give some notice. >> sanctions, will they be lifted immediately? >> depends on what you mean immediately. they will be lifted on day one, but that doesn't happen for six months which is to say they are going to have the clock is really only going to start down the road about six months after some other things are done then u.s. sanctions will be moved. if there is a deal today, it still has to come back here and pass through the u.s. congress and that is another big sticking point, in fact. speaker of the house, john boehner said he doesn't like it. listen to what he said about the deal. >> from everything that's leaked from the negotiations the administration backed away from
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almost all the guidelines they set out for themselves. i don't want to see a bad deal. if in fact there's no agreement, the sanctions are going to go back in place. >> has the u.s. backed away from all the things they originally wanted? >> no not all the things. the u.s. backed away from some statements that were made especially by the bush administration. what is the alternative? it's true iran is not completely capitulated. it is not because we don't have leverage over them. we don't have good options. the alternative of walking away and putting on new sanctions, the problem is even if the u.s. puts on new sanctions, it's likely they might, from other countries, unravel. the compression on iran goes down not up. i think the debate when it takes place in washington is going to have to be what does the deal look like compared to the real world alternative, not
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what america might like. >> after all the contortions that john kerry has gone through, all the deadlines and extensions this deal still might die in u.s. congress? >> yes, but it's not likely. if you think about it if congress passes a resolution aimed at stopping the deal obama can veto that and only needs one-third, one house of congress to sustain the veto. he doesn't need the republicans as long as he keeps a significant chunk of democrats on board, his veto will be sustained and the deal will go forward. >> does that mean a new era? a new relationship between the u.s. and iran? >> that's premature. they had a death to america rally in iran this weekend. there's a lot of hostility. at least a dialogue has begun. in the best case scenario that dialogue can bear some kind of fruit in syria and afghanistan where you need the u.s. and iran at the table if you are going to
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have a peace agreement. >> peter, always great to get your insight. thanks so much. chris? donald trump, victim of the straight talk people crave or a demagogue who is stoking anger, rational and irrational. a top adviser live on "new day" will lay out the case for trump. we will test it and you decide. ♪ color is a beautiful thing, i know, i know... ♪ ♪ color is a beautiful thing, i know, oh yes i know... ♪ ♪color is the i ching ching for sure ding dang... ♪ ♪ color is a beautiful thing, i know, i know. ♪ if you feel it, you can find it. all new color by behr. exclusively at the home depot.
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i think he's hijacked the debate. i think he's a wrecking ball for the republican community and we need to push back. >> all right. you have heard lindsey graham. you have heard people criticize trump. you have heard them criticize back. who is right? what about the latest it ration about mexican immigrants with trump seeing what happened with el chapo and failed policy down there. we should discuss it. he is real and people are going to see him. michael, thank you for being on the show. where do you want to start? >> i would like to start with even your cnn reporter in louisiana talked about the disparaging comments mr. trump made about mexican immigrants. he never made disparaging comments what he said specifically and i have talked about it it's mexico sending,
4:18 am
not the mexican people not certainly latinos. he was talking about mexico. they are allowing people to pour through their border. it's a problem for our national security. >> we are both lawyers. >> yes, we are. >> i appreciate what you are doing. yes, he has talked about the mexican government and in the ways you are describing. he's referred to the people coming across in very ugly way that is made it seem as though most are the most ugly of humanity there is to offer. that set a lot of people off. why deny that? you are a surrogate. why doesn't he come out and say they are mostly rapists and criminals, i shouldn't have said it. if you look at wikipedia, you don't have to just look at rupert murdock. wikipedia says citizenship is the right to have rights and a right to a bundle of other rights upon citizens.
4:19 am
they are jumping borders illegally. they are criminals. they are committing a crime. >> no question about it you come about without following the legal process, you are illegal by all definition of the law. your man, donald trump said they are rapists, bad and this. that's not true in fact. and it wasn't nice. >> in the last two weeks, it may not be nice but it happens to be potentially and partially true. >> partially true is not enough. it is enough for us arguing as legalese. >> trump has sparked a conversation about really immigration reform and that's something that i don't think the republican party was prepared at this time for. >> i will give you, they were not prepared for somebody to come up and hijack a conversation that's been going on. the idea we need immigration reform is not new. how we do it is what we are struggling with. is he sparking a conversation or
4:20 am
is he feeding anger? is he a demagogue as opposed to being a voice of reason? >> i think donald trump is the voice of the silent majority. i think he's awoken that silent majority. i think people are very angry. the people who are the most angry are the legal immigrant who is see their jobs fleeing because you have this illegal class of individuals that unfortunately have to work for lower wages than what you know the minimum wage requirement is. >> trump is no champion for legal immigrants. he is stoking the anger of people who don't like what's going on with illegal immigrants. >> he is a champion for it. >> how so. >> his family are immigrants from his father to current wife. >> so what? >> so is mine. we believe there is a process. >> what i'm saying is don't run away.
4:21 am
you are making the same argument. he shouldn't have said they are rapists, they are this drug dealers and that. some are good people. he shouldn't have said it. true or false? >> i disagree. i believe mr. trump was making his voice heard. >> he doesn't have the right to say it. it's wrong. most people are not rapists and drug dealers and some are okay. >> we have a significant number of these individuals -- the fact they are crossing the borders -- >> that's not what he said. >> many are getting involved in drug trades. >> not the way he suggested. >> i don't think he said in any proportion. he said they are coming over they are rapists and drug dealers. >> some i assume -- >> donald trump, unlike the other politicians, he doesn't read off a stump speech. he doesn't have a teleprompter. >> you are excuse zing it.
4:22 am
>> i'm not excusing it. he's a good man. he believes in this country. his theme of making america great again is something he is 100% on. >> he has to follow through ongoing thing that is are helpful and beneficial and apologizing to a community. >> he didn't insult anybody. >> he did. they are very insulted. >> many of them are using the language and the unfortunate liberal media's attack upon mr. trump. >> he said it. >> that's what he is doing. >> he said it. i'm not jumping all over him. come on he said it. he should have apologize zed and moved on. >> yesterday, he said things as well. he said for everyone that crosses the border i will charge them $100,000. >> so he says that. how you going to get them to pay it? >> when he becomes president, he will figure it out.
4:23 am
>> that's a great time. how about what he tweeted about el chapo. what did he tell us? what did he tell us? >> the mexican govern in the is corrupt. >> you think he's the first to say that? >> not the first or the last. he's got the biggest voice and he's saying it today. that's important. >> el chapo escaping means he is right about what he said about mexican immigrants? >> there's a room about twice or three times the size of this studio which is quite large filled from floor-to-ceiling with narcotics. they are bound for the united states. issue. huge issue. >> we know the problems exist, but how do we solve them. i'm going to charge people that come illegally $100,000. >> he opened the eyes to many americans who didn't know
4:24 am
sanctuaries exists. >> what sanctuaries. >> on the border that is allow them to stay. >> you are talking sanctuary cities? >> yeah. >> they are in disputes with i.c.e. and how to hold them. they are not safe havens the way you are describing. >> they are. >> they are not. >> they will not turn them over chris. >> they will. there's a legal process. there's a whole reason they got to this. more people have been deported in the last six years than the previous decade. >> more people are coming across the borders. >> there are fewer. >> i don't believe that at all. that's what's happening, the numbers get distorted by the government. >> or by trump. >> i don't know about trump. >> the ratio of how many bad people. >> i don't think he stated numbers. it was a general statement. >> it was wrong. do you admit that? >> i will not. >> you came in and made the
4:25 am
points. you are going to have the opportunity going forward. we want people relevant in the race to come on and talk about things that matter. that includes you and the big man himself. alisyn? >> number 15. scott walker joining the republican party. is his announcement being overshadowed by donald trump? john king sorts it out on inside politics. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive? nothing fits, huh? not surprising... ...with that bloated belly. you got gas. i can see it and i know you feel it. get gas-x.
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it is now up to greek's parliament greece's parliament to weigh in on the third bailout in five years. euro zone leaders reaching an agreement after marathon talks dragged on almost 17 hours. serious reforms and aid and greece will not be forced out of the euro zone. guzman escaped from a tunnel over the weekend. they call it an escape to the front and vows to recapture
4:30 am
guzman. he was captured in february of last year after ten years on the run because he had broken out of prison. >> could smoking cause schizophrenia? data finds people who smoke cigarettes are twice as likely to develop the disorder. scientists say they are building a strong case that nicotine changes the brain, but more studies are needed. >> we have a cnn key race alert. wisconsin governor scott walker making it official he is running for president. walker tweeting this morning, i'm in. i'm running for president because americans deserve a leader who will fight and win for them. walker is the 15th republican to enter the 2016 race. walker has a campaign launch in wisconsin later today. then he plans to tour the early voting states including iowa in an rv. walker's poll numbers climbed in iowa but are slipping back home
4:31 am
in wisconsin. let's get more on the 2016 race on "inside politics" with mr. john king. happy monday my friend. >> happy monday to you. saw an interesting interview. that was a great try. >> partially, potentially. >> yeah. a very busy monday. the walker official announcement the big event on inside politics. molly, julie, 15 or 16 depending on how we count the former governor of virginia. scott walker gets in today. we have known for a long time he is running. i stood up to the labor unions fighting teacher tenure. he signed his budget the wisconsin state budget. one reason is he wanted to get state business done. he wanted to raise a lot of money, like jeb bush before he officially jumped in. he says look at this video. a lot of nice people running for the republican nomination but one big difference walker says.
4:32 am
>> the republican field, there are some who are good fighters and won the battles. others win elections but haven't consistently taken on the big fights. now i'm running for president to fight and win for the american people. >> essentially, he is going after the bigger names. they have won elections, but not taken on the fights. that means people like jeb bush. what is his calling card here? he's interesting that he's being clear. he's going to fight for the republican base. i'm not going to move to the middle. if i'm the most conservative guy, i can win. >> absolutely. if you talk to voters in iowa in particlawyer and new hampshire, if they know scott walker they know about his recall fight in wisconsin. he took on the unions and they won. that appeals to republican voters. particularly voter who is watched a republican controlled congress not be able to push back on obama on a lot of things
4:33 am
and not be able to take back the white house. >> is it enough that he was the winning republican in the conservative base during the tough obama years? you had a democratic president re-elects. there was scott walker winning the fight. he moved to the right. some people say, wait a minute you are doing what you said not to do? you are flip-flopping and pandering to the base. >> because he is the iowa front-runner and just get sboog the race this's going to be a lot more scrutiny on some of scott walker's shifting positions and his foreign policy expertise we have been hearing from his team. this is something he's been cramming on taking a crash course to become more prepared on foreign policy. a lot of people comparing him to sarah palin saying he has the potential to sort of you know catch fire with a lot of conservatives, then really destroying himself if he doesn't show he has that expertise. this is going to be a test for
4:34 am
scott walker. we have seen him not be available to the media in the last several months. that has to change. >> we will watch the big announcement. he will focus on middle class economics saying he will be progrowth on jobs. we are going to hear a similar case but different policy proposals from hillary clinton, the democratic front-runner laying out her economic plan today. she's going to lay out the broad, this is what i want to do. increase the minimum wage. paid family and medical leave. like bernie sanders, she's going to raise taxes on the wealthy to bring some of that money in. if you look at this popular with the democratic base but sets up an argument they are trying to use the power of government income redistribution to help the economy. >> it's classic democratic economics, i'm not sure how much
4:35 am
we learn about hillary clinton from this plan. what i do think is interesting is she's taking page out of the barack obama playbook. it worked for him in the 2012 race. it didn't hammer it. raising taxes on the wealthy, if you look at polling and ask that question generally, americans tend to side with democrats on raising taxes on the wealthy. she has to make it look like she is being tougher on big corporations. one of the more interesting things is to have tax breaks that incentivize corporations to share profits with employees. that speaks to the bernie sanders wave of the party. >> bernie sanders has been progressive this morning saying great, we love the proposals, glad to hear more. are you going to be tougher on wall street? she says we have to keep an eye on them but not out like a bernie sanders or elizabeth
4:36 am
warren. we have to ching the rules. >> hillary is saying everyone can win under her plan. businesses can do better and the businesses can grow. that's certainly a message that resinates with a lot of people. to the left they are saying no we need to take away from the people at the top, wall street. redistribution may be a trade off. bernie sanders says we may not want to grow so aggressively if all the gain go to the top 1%. clinton is saying you can have growth and redistribution. >> the clinton economics speech and the walker speech over the weekend. trump was in nevada and arizona, a testing ground if you will for the politics of immigration. remember the republican party chairman asked donald trump, please cool it and stop your rhetoric of illegals coming to the country. over the weekend, donald trump said no. >> i get along with putin and china. isis isis will be in such
4:37 am
trouble. ahh. ahh. [ applause ] >> isis. isis believe me they will be in such trouble. so i had an idea i think it's good. every time mexico really intelligently sends people over we charge mexico $100,000 for every person they send over. >> set up a toll booth. charge them $100,000 for every person they send over. rupert murdock is the owner of fox news tweeting mexican immigrants as with all immigrants have lower crime rates than native born. he is right on that point. look at el paso the safest city in the united states. wrong. that's from murdock. lindsey graham says donald trump, has the ability to
4:38 am
destroy the republicans chances in 2016. >> i think he's hijacked the debail. i think he's a wrecking ball for the future of the republican party for the his tannic community and we need to push back. >> need to push back. lindsay graham getting a higher profile because of this. he's a long shot candidate. trump isn't going to back down. we are three weeks from the first debate. where are we? >> trump sees if he doesn't back down he gets more attention. he has a segment of the republican party that like what is he is saying. he has a lot of enthusiasm behind him. i think you are going to see the republican party start to push back on him, though. it's not just murdock, it's the chamber of commerce a lot of big business. they want comprehensive immigration reform. they don't want someone say whag trump is saying. >> we are going to see trump at the center.
4:39 am
more about him thand hillary clinton or president obama. not what the republicans wanted as we get into the key stretch. it is only summer. late july to august about to get interesting. >> it is. it continues to be interesting. thanks so much. see you tomorrow. still more questions than answers in this story. a little girl known as baby doe, her body found stuffed in a trash bag in boston. we will ask the police commissioner on his theory of who did this. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪
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police are still searching for answers after a little girl's body was found on the boston harbor. i's been two and a half weeks since the mystery began. this image across the country. people sharing the computer generated picture online. joining us is former boston police commissioner ed davis. thank you for being here. it's been two and a half weeks. the fact no family member
4:44 am
reported a little girl missing, what does that tell you? >> good morning, alisyn. it tells me there is something going on here that will be explained in the future. this is summertime a lot of families traveling around. kids are out of school, out of nursery school. it's the time the normal safeguards in place or the people paying attention to family members might lose track of someone for a period of time. i'm confident that ultimately someone will come forward. this is an exceptional photo or drawing of the victim. it's certainly, she is a beautiful young lady young girl. i tell you, this is really raised an enormous amount of attention in boston. people are paying close attention to the case. >> what is your theory on who is responsible for this girl's
4:45 am
death? >> tragically you find it's a case of a distungsal family. they panic if a child dies and dispose of the body. a lot of times, there's a tragedy behind the tragedy of the death of the child. so you know there are a bunch of other possibilities. i'm sure the investigators -- massachusetts state police do a great job in being transparent in the case getting all the information to the public the district attorney's office. >> you think -- correct me if i'm wrong, you think this was an accidental death? >> well especially due to the fact the d.a. announced there are no obvious signs of trauma. it could be the case. it could be a poisoning or drug overdose. the toxicology tests are critical at this juncture. the little girl was found with a
4:46 am
zebra print blanket and black leggings with polka dots. there's something about that image that someone wanted her to have her blanket with her, even though she was dead. john walsh, long time host of "america's most wanted" now the host of "the hunt" on cnn. he had a theory. let me play it for you. >> it may or may not be foul play. a couple cases i did way back 20 years ago, foul play wasn't involved but the parents were illegal immigrants. they didn't know what to do with the baby. they were afraid of being deported. >> what do you think about that, the parents are illegal immigrants and they can't alert authorities because they are hiding somehow. >> i think the latter is exactly what i was referring to. i don't want to -- it's hard to say the immigrant status would cause it to happen.
4:47 am
there are a multitude of reasons parents are terrified to go to the authorities. the blanket and the clothing shows someone cared for the child. the profile would be very impressed with that information and would tell us clearly there was some care involved in it. >> i know you say in the summer sometimes the cases are hard to crack because the child is not in school. you predict, come september, it will be more obvious if a little girl is missing? >> it will probably be before that. there are always family members, also that play a role in this. it's not just the caretakers like a school but, quite frankly, you can't hide a child's disappearance for a long period of time like this. you might get away with it for a month or so. eventually people are going to ask questions. it's so important to go to the public in this case. >> 50 million people have shared
4:48 am
this let's pray that something happens this week. ed davis, thank you so much for your time. if you have information on baby doe, please call any of the numbers on your screen. if you don't have a pen, call 911 and tell them you have information. they will get you to the right people. >> every time you see that little girl's face it makes you wonder how it happened. we are going to take a break. roger federer fans hoping wimbledon would be a swan for the great. that's not him. that's djokovic. we have more in the bleacher report ahead. [ horn honks melody ] well, well. if it isn't the belle of the ball. gentlemen. you look well. what's new, flo? well, a name your price tool went missing last week.
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perfect timing. wimbledon, british open tees off on thursday jordan spieth on quite a road.
4:53 am
plenty to unpack this monday morning. >> happy monday. in the past 75 years just two golfers have won five pga tour events before turning 22. tiger woods and now jordan spieth. that's how good a run spieth is on now. yesterday he needed two playoff holes to outlast tom gillis to win the john dooer classic. he did it. he heads to the home of golf looking to win the third consecutive major. that tournament is getting started on thursday. for the third time djokovic won the gentleman's title. he beat roger federer in four sets on sunday and a rematch of last year's final. djokovic's ninth career grand slam victory. it was even sweeter because the win came on his first wedding anniversary. the baseball's power hitters will be swinging for the fences in cincinnati tonight during the home run derby. as a new format this year.
4:54 am
the derby will be a single e elimination tournament instead of the ten outs. they get five minutes to hit as many homers as they can. a cool new wrinkle. you get extra time for home runs that go more than 420 feet. no longer are each home run equal. the batters have real incentive to swing as hard as they can. >> you like the change? >> i do. i like the further the home run you're rewarded for that. i like the five minutes. as you know the rounds go on forever and ever. the guys tire themselves out and end up hurting themselves in the final round. >> i get tired just watching. >> home runs? can't get enough. i love it! >> thanks andy. meanwhile in iran nuclear deal could come at any moment. but will it survive scrutiny by congress in we'll go live to
4:55 am
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4:59 am
>> it's doing what is right for greece. >> will the greek parliament approve this agreement? deadline day reaching a nuclear deal with iran. >> it's almost certain the deal is coming. >> getting with bad deal with iran is the worst possible outcome. the world's most powerful and drug trafficking kingpin. >> a drug empire that reaches at least ten countries. >> broken out of prison. >> el chapo became the most wanted man in the world. the controversy surrounding harper lee's next novel. >> this book i think in this time brings up the conversations we're having now about structure racism. >> this is "new day" with crisco moe -- chris cuomo. >> welcome to "new day." it's monday july 13th. 8:00 in the east. we have breaking news.
5:00 am
we begin with a major debt deal whose ripple effects is being felt worldwide. yoends leaders reached a unanimous agreement after marathon talks after a third bailout for greece. >> the ball is in greece's court. parliament expected to decide as early as tomorrow. let's go live to athens. good morning. >> good morning, allison. after 17 hours of marathon talks, it seems alexis cyprus the greek prime minister has swallowed his pride and accepted a deal put on the table by the european creditors. it's the third bailout in three years. it's $17 million more than being discussed. with the bailout deal comes strict, very stringent mea


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