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tv   The Situation Room  CNN  July 14, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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punishment. and trump on top. he is surging to the number one spot in the new republican presidential poll while taking direct aim at hillary clinton. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in the situation room. many iranians are celebrating the historic new deal that limits the country's nuclear activity and lists crippling sanctions. but there is intense debate about whether the agreement makes the world safer or more dangerous. just hours after the u.s. iran and other nations announce the pact critics are pooring over the fine principle. it is more than 100 pages long. it must be revuld by congress and iran's supreme leader. president obama is reaching out to opponents including the israeli leader who is calling the agreement, and i'm quoting netanyahu right now, an historic mistake. this hour we're exploring all
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the tough questions about the deal and the ramifications. i'll speak to to adam schiff. our analysts and krornlts standing by live as we cover all the news that's breaking right now. first. now to our correspondent with new details on this deal. >> reporter: wolf as soon as the deal was announced it was a battle of who won and who lost. iran says it won international legitimacy for its nuclear program. while the u.s. and its partners say this is a win for curbing iran's nuclear ambitions. both are right. an historic moment capping more than a decade of diplomacy. after the latest round of 18 days of intense and often fractious negotiations both sides claiming victory in a keel they hope will transform the middle east. >> i believe this is an historic moment. we are reaching an agreement
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that is not perfect for anybody but it is what we could accomplish and it is an important achievement for all of us. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry called the final product proof the u.s. had held out for a good deal. >> good for americans and good for our partners our friends, our allies. good for the future of the middle east. and good for the peace of mind of the world. that is what we pursued and that is what we insisted on for the long months of hard negotiations. and that is precisely what we believe we have achieved today. >> reporter: the deal curbs iran's enrichment of uranium. it converts the nuclear site into a research facility. u.n. inspectors get more access to the nuclear program but must give 24 days notice for suspicious sites. a stipulation that will anger
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critics. in exchange, a winfall for iran. billions of dollars in u.s. and european union sanctions will be lifted as iran makes good on the deal. a u.n. embargo will end after five years. eight years for iran's ballistic missile programs. but u.s. sanctions on terrorism and human rights will remain. on the streets of tehran celebrations. iran's president predicted a, quote, new chapter in his nation's relations with the world. for israel one of the quote darkest days in history. prime minister netanyahu calling the deal a stunning historic mistake to which israel is not bound. >> the world is a much more dangerous place today than it was yesterday. >> reporter: as expected three americans being held in iran and a fourth who went missing are an sent from the deal. their families left waiting. the danger is that today's battle of narrative there's end up being a battle of
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interpretation. if all sides are not on the same page about what was agreed to upon, it could open up a pandora's box when it comes to implementation of the deal. >> that's the keex implementation. we'll see how that works out. also we're learning more about president obama's efforts to reach out to key u.s. allies to discuss their concerns about this iran nuclear agreement. that includes phone calls to the leaders of israel and saudi arabia and the united arab emirates. the president has also scheduled a news conference for tomorrow as he works to sell this deal. let's bring in our senior white house kornl, jim acosta. >> reporter: president obama is putting his legacy on the line with this nuclear deal with iran while the white house is confident the deal won't be blocked by congress. the president's critics are not holding back predicting this deal will fail and posing a major nuclear threat to the world. when it comes to the fallout over the iran nuclear deal it
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is all on president obama. >> because of this deal the nate that community will be able to verify that the islamic republic of iran will not develop a nuclear weapon. >> reporter: the president's global sales pitch has begun. the call with benjamin netanyahu, leaders in europe saudi arabia's king and republicans in congress. >> the deal that we have out there in my view from what i know thus far is unacceptable. >> reporter: the white house strategy flood the iran debate zone. social media showing all of the ways the agreement will block today iran's path to a nuclear bomb. the president's loudest critics stay billions of dollars in sanctions relief coming iran's way will do just the opposite. >> they'll put in it their war machine. this is a death sentence for the state of israel if this does not change. >> reporter: if it works, it is an obama show piece with same sex marriage health care reform and cuba. congress has 60 days to review and block the deal. much of that time will be during
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lawmakers' recess pushing a likely showdown to september. >> i am confident this deal will neat national security interests of the united states and our allies. so i will veto any legislation that prevents the successful implementation of this deal. >> reporter: leaders from both parties already have problems with the deal. consider the process which may take 30 days to break through any iranian opposition to inspections at suspicious sites. 30 more if the u.n. gets involved. >> the deal doesn't provide for any time anywhere inspections. the president phrases it differently. >> simply, the iaea will have access where necessary when necessary. >> reporter: others wonder what happened to the president's comments in 2013 when he suggested iran would give up some of its facilities. >> we know that they don't need to have a underground fortified
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facility to have a peaceful nuclear program. >> reporter: the president told us iran does not need to have an underground fortified facility in order to have a peaceful nuclear program. yet this military complex will now stay open. >> reporter: the big question comes down to this. do the deal's opponents have enough votes to override the veto? the thought from both ends of pennsylvania avenue is no, they don't. the president will have more of a chance to talk about this tomorrow when he holds a news conference at the white house. the vice president goes to capitol hill to brief. right now we'll see what happens over the next 60 days. thanks very much. many critics of the nuclear deal are worried about the sxarms missile embargo on iraq. some of those centers being shared by top u.s. military
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officials. barbara starr has more on this important part of the story. what are you learning? >> reporter: let's get right to it. the pentagon has been taking a very hard line in public on lifting any restrictions on iran's conventional arms and the ballistic missile program of one week ago, listen to what the chairman of the joint chiefs had to say. >> under no circumstances should rerelieve pressure relative to ballistic missiles capabilities. >> now, dempsey and ash carter are now saying look. the agreement has been reached and it will depend on iran's behavior. but they're also making the point that a military option to strike iran will be preserved if it were to become necessary. and another four star general testified earlier. talked about as sanctions are
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lifted. it opens the door to japan having more money to engage in activities like terrorism. all the things the pentagon is so worried about iran continuing to do this. continuing to engage in activity. and consider this. russia has said it will complete an arms sale to iran of a very sophisticated air system. >> can they do it within the next five years? we're told by this agreement, and if you go through the fine print, the first five years, the arms embargo conventional weapons remains in effect the first eight minutes. the ballistic missile remains in effect and the russians break that embargo? >> well the russians are saying they will in fact they have
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publicly. they're going to proceed with the sale of this air defense system because they believe they can go ahead and do it. but this is the kind of thing that has people worried. what are the interpretations? what are the rules of the road? what can iran engage in? and remember iran has a huge illicit arms trade as well. they regularly supply arms to groups like hamas and hezbollah. they have an arms relationship with north korea that's under the table. a lot of concerns separate from this nuclear deal iran still very much in the weapons business. >> they're supplying to those houthi rebels in yemen. thanks very much. let's get more on what's going on. joining us, the top democrat in the house, congressman schiff thank you for joining us.
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this is the deal. about 150 pages. i assume you've gone through it you've read it and you're studying it. >> well i'm just starting to study it. it is a lot to go through and it is sun to interpretation. i just got off the phone before your show with ambassador rice to talk about what's between lines of this agreement. i know this is a bigger hope than reality, will take time that this really merits. this is one of the most votes, maybe of the decade. we not to rush to judgment. >> did the national security adviser convince you to support? >> i need answers on how quickly can we get inspectors to a disputed site? what is the mechanism enforceable in terms of snapping back sanctions? why was it necessary to provide this relief to iran in terms of
3:12 pm
its conventional weapons and ballistic missiles? i understand the history that was part of the nuclear sanctions. but nonetheless, it has a very non-nuclear purpose. and i'm sure that was single to negotiation and debate and i think that concession is one that troubles me. >> the deal says to get to a suspected site if the iaea wants to go someplace, whether a military if i will or another facility, the iranians will have 24 days to consider it before they let anyone go. >> that's a lot of time. particularly if you look at the military work iran will do on a weapons program. i'm less concerned with the enrichment activity. i think if they're enriching at a particular site and we get there, 24 days or more we have the technologies to be able to detect that. what i'm more concerned about, if they're doing r&d on advance centry fugitives that is not permitted or if they're doing
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work on a nuclear detonation device those are more difficult to detect easier to hide. >> you're on the intelligence committee. you're privy to the most sensitive information. is this the whole deal, what they've released publicly? or are there secret parts of this deal that maybe you would be informed about but the american public wouldn't? >> there are secret aspects about it in terms of some of the protocols the iaea may use and certainly our intelligence cape bill to devine exempt in the broadest terms in public. we will be getting classified briefings on the, as well as briefings on the intentions. if they are going to cleat, what is the likely method of cheating and where would that occur? >> stand by. we have a lot more to discuss. i have a lot of technical questions that our viewers are
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we're back with the top democrat in the house. we're talking about the new nuclear deal in iran. sharp criticism coming in from key allies and many members of congress. mostly republicans but democrats as well. you heard barbara starr's report that the russians now want to go ahead and sell a sophisticated military package to iran even in advance of lifting the arm embargo which is supposed to be lifted after five yearsful are the russians allowed to do that? >> i don't think so but it is
3:19 pm
something they've been threatening. even in the an sense of this agreement, they were threatening on sell this system which is very worrying to us very worrying to israel. should it be necessary to take military action these are sfems could shoot down our aircraft or israeli planes. >> the deal says the u.n. arms embargo shouldn't be lifted for five years for ballistic missiles should not be lifted for eight years. there is a loophole saying if the iranians show good behavior they can be lifted even earlier. both of them. is that okay with you? >> well this is a profound concern of mine and it wasn't the focus at least as far as we could tell in congress of the negotiations that seemed to come on the agenda late. i think the iranians had been raising it from time to time. it wasn't necessarily a part of this agreement. iran obviously got this last concession. it is very worrying. they're going to have tremendous resources now to support the proxies. they have been successful at
3:20 pm
evading these weapons embargoes nonetheless. this will make it legal, much more successes accessible. there are still embargos. they're providing these to the houthis, providing to hezbollah. those haven't made much difference number of they'll get greater access after five years and they can provide that greater access to these bad actors. >> the other concern, the israelis expressed concern. they'll be getting $100 billion, $150 billion in the frozen assets that are lifted. plus billions more in oil exports which will now be flowing. iran is a major oil exporter. potentially the fourth largest oil reserves. how worried are you that they'll spend this money to promote terrorism? to promote various groups assad's regime or the houthis or other groups. >> i am very concerned. i think the two major down sides, then i'll mention the
3:21 pm
plus side. first they'll be armed with the resources to support the bad actors in the region. and in material of syria, they're hemorrhaging money and getting a lot of the people killed. so this infusion -- >> to help bashar add assad. so that will continue to fuel this conflict as well as destabilize other parts of the region. the other major down side is they remain a threshold nuclear state when this is all said and done. when that short period this 10 to 15 years is done they can really gin up their enrichment program. on the positive side and we have to evaluate this not against the ideal but against the alternatives. it does mean iran won't go back to the 20% enriched uranium it had before this began. it means the amount will be dramatically reduced. the break-up time will be dramatically reduced. and the fact is even though these sanctions brought around the table, it never stopped
3:22 pm
iran's program. that's what we have to weigh. we have to wait against the alternative. and i think that comes down to two things. either new sanctions that force iran back. >> the u.s. using military force to try to destroy iran's nuclear program. the u.s. has the capability to achieve that goal? >> we have the capability to achieve that goal for a period of time. we can't destroy it indefinitely. i will say this other factor that we have to weigh in the agreement. that is having these additional inspectors. having them help us identify the sites of where they're doing this nuclear work. that would greatly facilitate a military strike if that ultimately became necessary. >> the chairman of your committee, the house intelligence committee, he doesn't like this deal. he put on a statement saying he has deep deep concerns as do almost all the republicans in
3:23 pm
the house of representatives. he is privy to the same intelligence you are. >> absolutely. >> how good is u.s. jonas what iran is doing right now? >> i think the chairman and my views are based more on our opinions of the likelihood of success of this agreement or failure of the agreement than anything the intelligence can health us. our intelligence is pretty good. >> certainly better than it has been. after our disastrous intelligence on iraq and in light of the fact the cheating we've discovered in iran hasn't been by virtue of our intelligence but by virtue of opposition groups that have leaked that information, we can't have utter confidence in our ability at any given time to detect exactly what iran is doing. so there are limits to what we can do. we're a lot better than we used to be but nonetheless, i think we need to be circumspect about our ability to know exactly what iran is doing. >> one final question. was it a mistake for iran not to
3:24 pm
demand the four american citizens be held prisoner by iran? be released as part of the deal? >> all of us would have liked to have seen these four americans released. i can't say it was a mistake. making them part of the negotiation makes them an even bigger bargaining chip in something that ought to be completely related. i would hope there is an understanding that this deal handle been completed. that these americans will be released. i hope that's understood. >> all of us hope that. thank you. just ahead, president obama has been speaking to the naacp about criminal justice, racial profiling, even as the case that fueled anger over police violence is settled. assistant by, you'll hear the president's message. and dana bash caught up with donald trump today. as usual, he isn't mincing words about anything including the iran nuclear deal. >> the iranians are very good negotiators. the persians are always good negotiators. they are laughing at us back in iran.
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with the new iran nuclear deal under his belt at least for now, president obama is shifting gears to another priority. criminal justice reform. he spoke at the naacp convention in philadelphia a little while ago, addressing the fate of african-american men within the law enforcement system.
3:30 pm
>> too many places black boys and black men, latino boys and latino men, experience being treated differently under the law. and i want to be clear. this is not just anecdote. this is not just barbara shop talk. a growing body of research shows that people have color are more likely to be frisked, charged, detained. african-americans are more likely to be arrested they are more likely to be sentenced to more time for the same crime. >> let's bring in our justice reporter. evan this is all part of a narrative the president has been trying to establish recently, right? >> that's right. for some time this issue was
3:31 pm
left to the former attorney general eric holder to handle. the white house kind of veered away from it. now you see the president really taking it. on he knows, he recognizes as he comes to the end of his presidency that this potentially has one of the biggest chances for him to have real impact for years and years and decades to come. he cited the numbers, 5% of the world's population lives in the united states of america. 25% of the world's prison population is what the u.s. is responsible for. so those numbers are meaningful also. one in five african-american men are serving time in prison. we have republicans like rand paul governors in georgia and texas. republican governors, libertarian governor who's are seizing this moment to reduce prison populations. they're reducing the way we handle drug crimes and low level crimes. so we'll see how this works out. not now, not five years from now
3:32 pm
but ten years from now we'll be able to judge what the president is doing and what the impact will be. >> the president's speech comes on the heels of the garner family reaching $5.9 million settle wmt the city of new york after eric garner's death. talk a little about that. >> that's right. the city of new york has been doing a lot of these settlements in recent years. we have a few number we can put up on the screen. in 2013, the total number of settlements for the nypd. we have some big settlements in the past. if you remember anner was brutalized by the officers in new york. diallo's family got $3 million. shawn bell a $2.5 million settlement. this is not an unusual move to
3:33 pm
get families these settlements by the nypd. the question now is what happens with the ongoing investigation? there's a justice department investigation into this death of eric garner. we're told the justice department investigation could wrap up soon. it is something that you know a lot of people as you know wolf, there is often a lot of questions as to whether or not you can bring civil rights cases. this one, i'm told is one that it is looking very closely at trying to figure out how to bring charges. >> evan perez, thanks very much. let's discuss what's going on. joining us our c nmpbn anchor. guys, thanks very much for joining us. he spoke about reform and the very tough job police face. is the president doing enough from your perspective doing enough to shape his legacy and
3:34 pm
as far as these struggling communities are concerned? >> i think he is. we can always do more. each of us can. remember we had this conversation some months back when he started that our brothers keeper program. and i think this is all part of it. this is just one of the phases the next phase. the next phase, young men of color, black and latino men. and he said the school to prison pipeline that often happens in our country. i think the president is right on the mark with this. he may get some criticism from republicans. but this is something. this and what he talked about, sentencing guidelines or sentencing equality if you will. i think he may have some support from republicans. rand paul and other republicans in the congress who are also supporting hill in this. and who are proposing similar type legs. >> is the president tom fuentes
3:35 pm
right when he says african african young men and boys are read the differently? >> i think part of the problem, if we get specific. let's say baltimore for an example. the outrageous murder rate going on there. the former commissioner said 95% of those murders are committed by young black men against other black men. if the police will put a stop to that they'll have to approach these young black men and take their guns and knives away from them. and so they're more likely to get arrested. they're more likely to get hurt if they resist arrest. there's more likely to be violence. this is problem. and it is not just baltimore but that reflects many communities. what i've been asking is what is the specific remedy in communities like that for the police to bring down a murder rate without the potential of violence against the people that are committing the murders? >> monique, i want to you respond to what we heard from eric garner's mother today. they accepted a settlement 5.9 million from the city of new
3:36 pm
york in question, the death of eric garner. listen to this. >> don't congratulate us. it will come when we get justice. then we'll have a victory party. we've been asking the federal government for a whole year to come take the eric garner case. because as you know at the grand jury we didn't receive justice. even though my son said he couldn't breathe 11 times. 11 times he said he couldn't breathe. and they chose not to indict. where is the justice? >> i want you to react to that. >> it is hard to argue with what she's saying as the president finished saying in his speech. when you have a criminal justice system that disproportionately affects african-american males, then it is not justice. it is an injust system. and i understand her point. $5.9 million doesn't bring a son
3:37 pm
back. in addition to that, that kind of settlement tax as city. who pays for this? taxpayers. when we think about, this a victory is not for one family to get a settlement or a judgment. a victory is for there to be an overhaul of the criminal justice system. i like what the president said. he gave us three cs. community, courtroom, and cell block. we need reform in each of those areas. not just one. >> i want to you respond, tom fuentes. the new york city police union, he called this settlement $5.9 million obscene. no police officers in new york city were charged in question, any criminal wrongdoing. your reaction? >> i think that's strong to indicate obscene. i think that it will be bound to happen when the police encounter somebody even if he resists arrest. what happened in this case. when the final outcome is that that person dies at the hands of the police or the hands of the
3:38 pm
first responders who didn't resuscitate him in time and all of that. you're going to have a settlement like that. what you saw in the videotape looked terrible. the outcome was terrible and i'm not surprised. >> you're there in new york. what is your reaction? >> many people's estimation this is not a lot of money for what happened. originally initially the family had sought $75 million. and gave the city until friday which is this upcoming friday. the one-year anniversary of mr. garner's death to pay it out. they hadn't filed a lawsuit. what they did was file a claim with the intent to file a lawsuit. this is part of this controller's strategy as evan said, to settle these lawsuits so that taxpayers aren't having to pay as much money out of their wallets and the families don't have to go through these long court battles. these painful court battles. the attorney, the young lady you have on your set now is exactly right.
3:39 pm
this affects all of us. this is everybody's problem. if your family member doesn't die but you happen to live in new york city you're going to feel the effects because the money is coming out of your pocket as well. so the police departments must be overhauled in some way when it comes to this. >> all right. thank you. thanks to you as well. an important note. donald will be back with much more on all the day's important news. cnn tonight, 10:00 p.m. eastern. just ahead in the situation room. donald trump claims the top spot in a brand new presidential poll. is there more that meets the eye? and hillary clinton is now one of trump's targets. why when it comes to hillary clinton, he is taking the gloves off right now.
3:40 pm
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tonight the donald trump phenomenon only seems to be growing and his republican rivals have more reason to be deemly concerned. a brand new nationwide poll of republicans shows trump now leads the field with 17% support, edging out jeb bush with 14%. the other candidates are all in single digits. the survey also shows that trump is the weakest competitor against hillary clinton compared to the other leading gop candidates. our chief correspondent dana pressed him on several topics. >> let's start with iran. that was a unifying event for republicans on the campaign trail. they all criticized him. when it came to donald trump, he
3:45 pm
made it a little more personal. the president said that it is not built on trust. it is built on verification. >> it's not true. they can do whatever they want to do. >> reporter: how do you know that? >> i know of the people involved. the iranians are good negotiators. the persians are great negotiators. they are laughing at us in iran. why didn't we get our prisoners back? why didn't someone say where are our prisoners? we have four people in prison that should not be. why couldn't they make that part of the deal? it would have happened quickly easily if you had the right mess he knower and that should have happened earlier. that should have happened at the beginning of the negotiation. we shouldn't have given them money back. >> you're in the white house, the oval office. iran and this is in front of you. >> it wouldn't that be soon and i would have made a deal not from desperation i would have doubled and tripled up the sanctions. i would have also gotten our
3:46 pm
prisoners back. i'm not saying relative to nuclear. that's a big deal. we represent something. we makes a deal and don't even get these four people back that shouldn't be there? that's terrible. it is emblematic. we get a trainer sergeant bergdahl. they get their five guys they most want anywhere in the world. who makes deals like this? with bergdahl six people died trying to get that traitor back. we get bergdahl and they get five guys they wanted? that's not the way to deal. >> the issue of his campaign asking the fbi to investigate whether a threatening tweet may, may have come from mexican drug lord, the one who just escaped from prison. joaquin el chapo guzman. listen to this. the issue with the mexican drug lord who broke out of prison. can you tell me with the threat that you believe you got in your
3:47 pm
conversations with the fbi? >> i've had threats because i'm talking about mexico. i have great respect for the mexican leaders. they're much smarter and more coning than our leaders. i have a feeling that mexico doesn't say what i care about the border. which is horrible, the bored he. they care more about trade. they are making trade deals with the united states that are stripping us of our money, our jobs our people. what they are doing to the united states in trade. and i have a theory that mexico is calling a lot of shots and i know, i'm suing univision. i think it takes its marching orders absolutely from mexico. >> dana you had a chance to speak to donald trump about hillary clinton. he seem to be escalating the rhetoric against her. >> absolutely. he put out a statement saying assess desperate, sad and nervous about issues like
3:48 pm
immigration. watch this. you put out a very harshly worded sfwamt hillary clinton today. why the gloves come off with hillary? >> she did it with me. she talked about my tone. i said basically, it is been tone. we're too worried about tone in this country and we're getting beaten by everybody. it is about results. you have to get results. they're worried about the tone. the voice raised a little bit. she's got problems she's got another obama situation coming up. when she was running against obama, who was obama? >> it looks like bernie sanders. somebody. she's not doing very well. i can tell you. she's getting shot down every month the polls come out. >> he added the last person that she wants to face is donald trump. >> lots more coming our way. i want to you stand by. gloria borger is here. let's take a quick break. a lot more to assess right after this. so this beauty can be yours with a down payment and 10% financing. oh larry, lawrence.
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all right. this just coming in president obama speaking up about the criticism of the iran new clear deal. listen what he just told thomas freedman the columnist of the "new york times". >> we have cut off every pathway for iran to develop a nuclear weapon.
3:54 pm
the reason we were able to unify the world community around the most effective sanctions regime we set up that crippled the iranian economy and brought them to the table was because the world agreed with us that it would be a great danger to the region to our allies to the world if iran possessed a nuclear weapon. we did not have that kind of global consensus around the notion that iran can't enjoy any nuclear power whatsoever and as a member of the non-proliferation treaty, npt, their argument was we're entitled to have a peaceful nuclear program. >> let's get some analysis from what we heard. joining us our chief congress congressional correspondent dana bash gloria burger and jeff. tough selling mission on capitol hill but probably in the end he might get the votes needed. >> he does have a tough selling mission.
3:55 pm
he wanted a robust debate. that's what he's going to get. it's republicans harshly opposing this, even hillary clinton said i applaud the effort but she did not make clear she supports the deal. she will in the end but that is what is going to block and over ride of the veto those democrats protecting threaten the veto and he will have republicans have it. >> all the of the republican presidential candidates including ran paul have come out against this deal. >> it's not surprising. they are using it to say that the president is weak the that he didn't cut a good deal as donald trump said to dana bash that the president is not a great negotiator right? so you know the republican unified opposition is not, you know really wasn't in question. what was interesting is hillary clinton because she didn't come out overwhelmingly and say, i completely endorse this. i think it's terrific. you know even though she was
3:56 pm
there at sort of the get go on this, she's been a little more muscular on iran than the president, more skeptical. so i think she's trying to navigate her way. i think she'll get to yes. >> right. >> eventually and a lot of democrats will follow the lead. >> let's get to donald trump. today this new poll, usa today poll, he's number one. 17% for trump, 14% for bush. the others in single digit. are they taking him seriously? >> you heard jeb bush come out today and he was extremely outspoken about donald trump in a way we haven't seen before he and his campaign were reluctant to do because they were worried about giving him more legs than he had. he's got legs. he's running. so he came at them and tried -- do you have the sound byte? >> yeah i want to play this
3:57 pm
clip. listen to jeb bush speaking about trump. >> on our side there are people that pray on people's fears and angst as well. i don't know about you, but i think it is wrong. i believe we need to unify our country, we need to stop tearing separating ourselves by race and ethnicity and income. we need to focus on the things that tie us together and whether it's donald trump or barack obama, their rhetoric of dee vie dee vie sieveness is wrong. >> what you've seen from jeb bush is the realization that he has to address donald trump, the elephant in the room not because he thinks trump will beat him but it's clear donald trump is driving the conversation now in the republican party and jeb bush disregards it and wants to distinguish himself from trump. >> if i can say one quick thing, he's clearly decided to use donald trump as a foil.
3:58 pm
the whole campaign is about a grown up republican party, different kind of republican party, one that reaches out so why not use donald trump to show that he is a different kind of republican and do it explicitly? >> doto his credit donald trump, he's doing well nationally among registered republicans but doing well in iowa and new hampshire, the first contest. >> the reason he's doing pretty well in national polls, the name recognition. a little bit of reality check. they are within the margin of error. i'm watching how much he'll campaign. he's doing most campaigning on television. he's not doing a lot at the retail level, but that is going to come. it is a real concern but these other pub cans aren't getting any' tension. that's their worry. you don't hear much from marco rubio. rick perry should be credited for starting this off. hes the first one to call out
3:59 pm
trump and now jeb rush is following. >> the question is whether or not donald trump becomes a nominee and i don't think he will be is the long impact on the republican party and the way voters perceive the republican party, particularly those they need in a general election to win a presidential race. and i think that's what gives the anxiety to the sort of establishment republican candidates as well as the establishment republicans in washington. republicans are interested in an insure insurgent candidate now. i don't think they thought it would be donald trump, but there is an appeal particularly among the self-identified conservatives and very consecutives we saw in the poll. donald trump appeals to them and republicans have to find a way to address that anger without being angry. >> all right. we'll continue our analysis and discussion all of that in the days and weeks to come guys
4:00 pm
thanks very much. you can always follow us on twitter. tweet me at wolf blitzer. be sure to join us again tomorrow in the situation room. watch us live or dvr the erin burnet "outfront" starts right now. "outfront" tonight, president obama making a major bet on iran but will iran cheat its way to a nuclear weapon? number one, we're talking about donald trump, the latest poll is out and the donald is leading the bag. sole survivor a teenage girl walks away from a plane crash that likely killed everyone else on board. she has an incredible story of survival and we have it for you, let's go "outfront".." good evening, i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight a major day in american history a. nuclear deal with