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tv   New Day  CNN  July 15, 2015 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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d morning. welcome to "new day." july 15th, 6:00 in the east. el chapo is caught but only on surveillance video. footage capturing the drug lord before he busted out of his prison cell. 's where the escape hole was. >> how did he remove a tracking bracelet before escape sng we'll show you more of the startling video. also new information suggesting u.s. drug agents knew a prison break could be in the works. they warned mexican authorities about it last year. cnns national correspondent, polo sandoval is live with the developments. good morning, polo? >> reporter: hey alisyn good morning. these photos extremely critical to the investigation as they show the moments leading up to el chapo guzman's incredible
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escape. this newly released surveillance video shows the second prison escape for joakim el chapo guzman. he calmly walks over to the shower in his cell bends over and vanishes into thin air. mexican authorities say he had two blind spots in his prez cell under 24 hour surveillance. guzman's tracking bracelet that monitored his every move. >> to see somebody escape from a top security prison but through a tunnel a mile long with an air vent a motorcycle and rails, it makes the government look useless. >> reporter: these images showing it and a motorcycle track. the bike was likely used to remove dirt during the
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excavation. the tunnel stretching for a mile and inside a half built house. el chapo, a cocaine kingpin and head of the multibillion dollar drug cartel is a complete savage with ties across mexico and the u.s. now, details emerging after his first recapture in 2014 u.s. dea agents suggested his relatives were looking for a way to break him out of prison. the director of the prison here just about an hour's drive from mexico city off the job now as well as several guards at the facility. we know state prosecutors are interviewing more of them. this is clearly feeling the frustration for the people not just here in this part of the country, but really throughout mexico. they are concerned some of the officials charged of keeping
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this high profile cartel figure may have played a key role in his escape. >> polo please stay on it for us. we are going to get deeper on what was known and feared. are there clues? we'll get an experts take. the iran nuclear deal is done. now, president obama readies himself for a two-month fight with congress over the implementation. republican leaders vowing to kill the diplomatic achievement before their review begins this morning. the president begins a full court press to defend the deal. our team coverage begins with michelle kosinski live at the white house. how is it looking this morning? >> we had to use that word a lot lately. president obama got his iran nuclear deal. now the top job is not just defending it but selling it. he's making phone calls to members of congress world
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leaders. today, he's going to have a press confidence while the vice president heads to the hill. he responded to the criticism you have the u.s. and five other countries. couldn't everyone insist iran take it away all together? >> the notion that the world signed up for these sanctions in order to either achieve regime change to solve every problem in terms of iranian behavior or say they can never have peaceful nuclear power. that was never something that was in the cards. >> reporter: so if congress did vote a disapproval of the deal and to keep congressional sanctions on iran that could cause the deal to break apart. keep in mind they have to override a presidential veto and that is by no means certain or
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likely at this point. chris? >> if they did override the veto this is a multinational agreement. it's more political than anything else but still important. thank you very much. the iran nuclear deal many reading the riot act before they read the deal. you have dancing in the streets in iran. you are fury in israel and the rest of the middle east circumspect. nic robertson has that part of the story live in vienna. n nic? >> reporter: president obama sees discomfort among allies. he is already hearing it. he called yesterday to the saudi king and he called the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. what we have heard from the saudis is they broadly support the agreement, but they say it has to be backed up by robust inspections and they have a
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warning for iran as well saying iran should spend its money it gets from the lifting of sanctions on its own people rather than funding terrorism around the world. iran this was sold as success that sanctions were being lifted forever. of course the details say sanctions will be lifted in a phased approach and they can be snapped back on however, they will be lifted completely after eight years. it said israel where the strongest criticism has come from calling it a bad gamble. this is what he said. stk leading international powers of our collective future. on a deal with a formal sponsor of international terrorism. they have gambled that in ten years time iran's terrorist regime will change while removing any incentive to do so. >> reporter: now, once the
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sanctions are gone iran has the world's largest combined oil and gas reserves. you can expect to see a huge boost to its economy. concerns about that israel and saudi arabia have the same concerns. alisyn? >> thanks so much for all of that. is this a new chapter between iran and the u.s. or a historic mistake? let's ask madeleine albright. thanks for being here. great to have you in the studio. what do you think of the deal? >> i think it's a good and important deal. it is a very complicated one that everybody is going to have to study. i welcome the discussion about it because, to your question i think it is historic. it changes the relationship between the united states and iran that has been very bad since the hostage crisis in 1979. so i think we have to understand it as a significant important change in our relationship and something that has to be talked about. >> let's deal with the pushback
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that is negative right now. the first is that the u.s. got the short end of the stick, that it's not if it's when they get the bomb in iran and they are going to get their money and the u.s. really just has a promise of them trying to be better. >> as you put it it's reflective. i think it is made in a way that is supposed to be negative and take down whatever has been said. i think it's very very important to study it and for people to just flat out say this doesn't work or that they are going to derail it in our congress. i hope people don't mean it. what they need to do is study what is a really important agreement. >> let's look at some of the specifics in that case. the reason the critics think the u.s. got the short end of the stick is the u.s. conceded on a few things. the point they started is not where they ended. i know that's all negotiations. arms embargo, lifted. u.s. didn't want that. sanctions, lifted.
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inspections, the u.s. wanted anytime, anywhere, they didn't get those. >> on the embargo, there are limits. there's certainly a timing as speck to it. they are not going to be lifted right away. they are also the sanctions, if there's any violation, they are an automatic setback and that will be dealt with in a very concerted and clear way. i think, also on inspections, the iaea is the one that's in charge. they are the one that is are going to be in there looking and they are going to make very clear when something isn't working right. >> you are comfortable with the concessions the u.s. has to give? >> i wouldn't say comfortable. it's a negotiation. the iranians gave up a variety of aspects in terms of shipping out two-thirds of their centrifuges, 98% of enriched uranium. they have given up. that's what a negotiation is. i'm not saying it is a perfect
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agreement. it is a very important agreement. it changes the relationship and does i think, make it very important for americans to understand it and for our congress to discuss it in a responsible and respectful way to get at the facts. >> it is meaningful that we are hearing from a lot and we will hear it on the show, i haven't read the whole thing, but let me tell you why i don't like it. that's a valid point. i spent five hours going over it. start with the annexes. that teaches how it works. two other points of pushback. the first is a lot of it got motivated politically. the president talking about they have this secret underground place where they are doing all this. they got to keep that. that doesn't smell good. >> they are going to have to change it in some way and they are going to -- and verification is the answer here. i think that this is a negotiation. i do think that there have been
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various aspects that will be submitted to verification in a very tough way. they have given up a lot of things. i think the other part we have to understand is there clearly is cheering in the streets and iran. we are going to have to understand their domestic politics. they have to understand our domestic politics. this is going to be a very long and important discussion that involves not only us our congress but the international players in it the united nations, the iranians you already talked about the reaction in the region. this is one of the more complicated foreign policy issues i have seen. >> the idea the international community or the u.s. could ratchet up sanctions and brought them to their knees more we could have gotten a better deal. >> if they could have gotten a better deal they would have. we had some of the toughest negotiators, ever. secretary kerry really -- by the way, the presence of the
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secretary of energy there was a very important decision. he's a physicist and is able to get his head around what is allowed and not allowed. we have gotten a good deal. is it as i said earlier, a perfect deal? there is no such thing. >> what don't you like? >> some of the questions that are still out there that have to be answered. i think it's good. i think that the verification aspects of it have to be clarified in some way that there are -- it goes back to there's a whole series of steps that have to take place at the united nations. we are counting on the iaea. we are also counting on the international community to make sure as the sanctions are removed and they are going to be removed sequentially. people don't get ahead of themselves. we are in step in terms of sanctions removal and the iranians have to really comply with various parts before the sanctions are lifted.
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so the thing that i think we are going to have to do is pay attention all along. this is not, okay we have done it we either like it or don't like it. this is something we are going to live with for a long time. >> what do you say to israel? >> they are wrong in the way they stated it. israel has to understand that the united states is supportive very supportive of israel. there's a lot of security equipment that's been given to israel to maintain their edge. we believe in the security of israel and that will always continue. >> the president alluded to that saying there's a new phase of how the united states will help israel in terms of its ability to defend itself but he's not ready to give details. >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> stick around. in our 8:00 hour we'll be joined by u.s. energy secretary who was secretary kerry's right hand man during the
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negotiations. thanks so much. the so-called bookkeeper auschwitz jailed. he is responsible for keeping track of personal belongings. news out of washington state. a teenager miraculously survived a crash. the 16-year-old is out of the hospital and we are hearing the 911 call. we are in washington with the latest. good morning, sara. >> reporter: good morning. we are outside the home where her and her father live. her family and her friends have said this is an absolutely unbelievable story that she made it out alive and survived a few
3:15 am
days in rugged terrain. overnight, search crews located the washington state plane crash with the 16-year-old surged at the sole survivor. crews can't yet reach the crash site located deep in the rugged north cascades. family and friends say it's a miracle that autumn was releaseed from the hospital on tuesday, just three days after surviving the crash. >> what is your name? >> autumn beach. >> on saturday autumn took this selfie before flying with her step grandparents. >> i was riding from montana to bellingham washington and about, well i don't know where, but we crashed and i was the only one that made it out.
3:16 am
>> okay. made it out from the collision? >> from the plane. >> or survived? >> yeah the only one that survived. >> came out of the clouds and she said all she saw was trees. >> reporter: they crashed into the side of a mountain. the sheriff says she tried to pull her grandparents out of the plane, but it was on fire. >> are you injured at all? >> yeah i have a lot of burns on my hands and i'm kind of covered in bruises and scratches and stuff. >> reporter: after waiting for help for a day, she hiked out of the treacherous terrain following a creek until she reached a trail, then the highway. a driver bringing her to the store. >> amaze thag she was able to accomplish what she did. >> her father speaking about autumn's resilience. >> she's had to deal with a lot of loss. she's an amazing kid.
3:17 am
>> reporter: the state's department of transportation says they will be out again when it gets light here in washington. they will be looking at the crash site from the air to figure out when and how to get in crews on the ground to try and assess the situation there. they have not identified the two people who are supposedly dead at the crash site according to autumn's own statement. this is a happy note when she finally made it to a safe place and made it to the hospital the first thing she asked for was mcdonalds. there's a twitter picture of her showing her holding chicken mcnuggets happily eating them and smiling. chris? >> good for her. talk about beating the odds. thanks for bringing us this story. >> president obama is calling for sweeping changes during a speech at the annual convention at the naacp. reducing or eliminating mandatory sentences for
3:18 am
nonviolent drug crimes and reconsidering solitary confinement. exprisoners shouldn't be forced to be identified as criminals when looking for a job and should be able to vote after serving time. >> we will talk about that later in the program. meantime el chapo's escape from prison captured on video. the drug lord steps into a shower stall in his cell. what happens next? what can investigators learn from this video? moms know their family's mouths often need a helping hand. after brushing
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joakim el chapo guzman remains at large this morning after bolting from the mexican prison saturday night. that escape caught on video. let's see what it can tell investigators. let's bring in johan grio our journalist and inside mexico's criminal insurgency and matthew from the bureau of alcohol and firearms. matthew, let me start with you. look at the video, it is telling. start with el chapo in his cell. there he is. he appears to be pacing around.
3:23 am
some have said this means he's nervous because he knows he's about to escape. do you see anything in this clip? >> not really. he's walking back and forth, but he's going to do something prior to the exit. >> now, here is the moment where he walked behind that hidden wall. it's not a full wall. then he vanishes like a magician. so there's a moment where he comes back out. that's where that tunnel was built. so what does that tell you, as an investigator? >> he had a plan. he knew what he had to do. it was prearranged, prefabricated and he made the move when he had the opportunity. >> johan, you have been studying this. you have been in mexico and you are a journalist there. how was it that mexico thought they would be able to hold el chapo? >> well i mean you would
3:24 am
expect to be able to hold any prisoner in a top security prison the same as in supermax in the united states. you have a high level prisoner from all over the world and capable of keeping them in the cells. i think we see clear mistakes from mexican authorities. >> such as? >> how, when this whole -- when this hole was opened how come nobody heard anything? to break open that hole into the tunnel there must have been a lot of noise. this is a prison. it should be silent. somebody should have heard. nobody did. another thing, how did they make a tunnel. imagine making a tunnel underground to the very spot where the guy is. even a map won't help you there. you might need gps systems inside that can guide you there. it's a question of corruption here of people involved that helps chapo escape. >> certainly. look at this tunnel it's sophisticated, matthew. this is no average tunnel you
3:25 am
are digging out with a spoon from the commissary. this is a tunnel that had a rail system and a motorcycle placed in there that he could use to get out. it was a mile long. my point of how did they think they could hold him given the level of corruption they seem naive or they were all in on it. the idea this tunnel could have been burrowed to his cell. >> no one should be surprised it happened. hopefully, we will see the united states leverage collaboration with mexico and hopefully they will prioritize this as much as the united states would like to see it prioritized, given the impact. >> there's this other detail he had a tracking device. he wore it all the time. that was found left in his cell. do they have any idea how he got that off? >> again, the question of corruption is there. the issue of corruption though imagine if you are a prison guard working in a prison with chapo. his people could go to a house,
3:26 am
could say they know where your family is they know where your children go to school. so the fear that people have is extremely strong and that's what they are up against. that's why the cartels were a real threat to the mexican government. we have to wake up to that. >> i want to stick with corruption. you have been in mexico 15 years. you have been studying the corruption. you say it still blows your mind the level of corruption you have seen. how high up does it go? >> historically corruption has gone to the top of the government. in this case and i don't believe the president was involved in this because this was very painful for him. corruption is at all levels and you never know if an official is working for the cartel. an example, there was a police officer that used to be very friendly with the press, seemed like a good guy. then it turned out he was cutting people's heads off for the cartel.
3:27 am
he came out on video confessing to this. you never really know what you are dealing with. >> that is staggering. that is an incredible illustration. this is a huge embarrassment for the president of mexico. so what does he do about this? >> well the first thing you have to do to get any credibility is recapture chapo. he has to really take security issue seriously. when he took the presidency he thought, if he changed the conversation, people careless about drug cartels and violence. mexican officials said look why are you always putting this on the front page? massacres on the front page. mexico has a lot of good things a growing economy, millions of people making money. we have to answer, if this violence goes on they have to
3:28 am
confront it. we have to cover it as journalists. >> given what you know about the escape how hard will it be to capture him? >> difficult. this is security 101. a compromise of major proportions. hopefully law enforcement will come and deliver him back where he should be. >> thanks so much for the information. let's go back to chris. the nuclear deal with iran a big story this morning and bringing out doomsday scenarios. much remains to be seen. what are the real concerns at this point? as we digest what just happened is this helpful to isis? is it a blow to israeli security? we have answers for you, ahead. the signs are everywhere. the lincoln summer invitation is on. get exceptional offers on the compact utility mkc, mkz sedan... the iconic navigator. and get a first look at the entirely new 2016 mid-size utility lincoln mkx.
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given the destabilizing activities you have engaged in in support of terrorism, it's not enough for us to trust when you say you are only creating peaceful nuclear program, you have to prove it to us.
3:33 am
>> president obama addressing iran in an interview with "the new york times." it's based on verification, not trust. that's the president's message. could a deal with iran spark an arms race? very good to have you general. let's deal with these specific con earns. let's start with israel. israel is against the deal. they say the world is a less safe place today and certainly they are less safe. is that true? >> well there are lots of ways of looking at this chris. you have the deal itself. we can get into the fine print about that. the greatest concern from israel is after this ten or 15 year period iran is going to come out of this process as a more powerful state with regard to nuclear technology. so if anything it doesn't stop the iranian program to look forward with nuclear technology.
3:34 am
it might rent a pause in that program. over the long term, i can understand why the israeli's are concerned. it might not be enough but i understand the israeli concern. >> was there a better alternative? >> that's the tough question. if you are not going to do this deal what else are you going to do? there are lots of things about the deal that make me uncomfortable. again, the time limit on it. secondly you know 48 hours ago, iran was a renegade state. everything we are talking about in regard to the nuclear program was illegitimate. we made it legitimate. they are going to have $150 billion and all those other things iran is doing that we disagree with and are dangerous. they are going to be more capable of doing those things and so when you look at are there better alternatives i think it's fair to ask, there might be.
3:35 am
frankly, chris, there aren't good alternatives including the deal. if we go to plan "b," it has to require very robust american leadership to keep the international community together. even if strong american leadership that would have been very very hard. >> is the idea that you could have possibly stopped iran from doing any nuclear development misguided given the fact of the npt and entitled to peaceful development? >> when this all started, secretary kerry actually said we do not concede iran's right to enrich. chris, that was the premise of the talks. we weren't going to get the iranians to the table without giving them that concession so we could now discuss limiting their program, not preventing their program. i'm afraid they have created facts on the ground that absent military action we couldn't undo. >> also as a signatory, they
3:36 am
have international rights. that had to be regarded as well. how could the situation embolden or help isis? >> well i'm not sure how that formulation works because, if anything it strengthens the iranians outside of the nuclear portfolio and the iranians are, indeed fighting against isis. in one sense, you can see the sunni's grouping together perhaps being more what's the right word chris? accepting. tolerant of isis. isis is in opposition to shia persian, iran. but, that's a whole series of shots. i'm not sure that you could oppose this deal because it might, in some indirect way strengthen the islamic state. >> when you look at this you say, you know you have concerns about the deal. i'm sure you haven't had time to
3:37 am
digest all of it. it is thick. i have spent hours on it myself. i advice you start with the annexes because it's how it works. what is the best thing coming out of it and what is your biggest concern? >> actually chris, i had great fears we would make more concessions than we did in the agreement. we have tight language in there. there is a process for not quite anywhere anytime inspections. i'm a little worried about the politics of that process, but at least there's a procedure. the agreement is a bit tighter than i feared. that said i am worried that the iaea might not be able to get to the right places. i am worried about the political cost of snap back sanctions even though there is a process. i don't understand how the iranians get relief from the sanctions against their ballistic missile program and against their buying and selling
3:38 am
conventional arms out of an agreement that was supposed to have been confined only to the nuclear question. that one troubles me. >> that is a strong point. the president is saying don't talk to me about their terrorism that is a separate issue. this is about the nukes. yet the u.n. sanctions against weapons and missiles is part of this and five and eight year intervals of being retired. >> at most, chris. >> that is a legitimate question. thank you for much general hayden always a pleasure. please come back. alisyn? >> donald trump surging the polls. he's topping the republican field. how does he stack up head-to-head with hillary clinton? that's next. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis like me... and you're talking to a rheumatologist about a biologic this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me reach for more. doctors have been prescribing
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welcome back. the hard sell in full swing. president obama defending the terms of the landmark nuclear deal with iran in a new york times interview. he says it meets every bottom line for keeping iran from developing a nuclear weapon. house speaker, john boehner says the house leadership will try to block it.
3:43 am
the president will hold a news conference this afternoon on the deal. >> surveillance video of the precise moment drug kingpin joakim el chapo guzman escaped from prison. he's seen here pacing back and forth and all of a sudden he steps into this bathroom stall and is gone. below the hole was a mile long tunnel. law enforcement source tells cnn u.s. officials warned the mexican government last year el chapo was planning a prison break. donald trump at the top of the republican pact. how will trump fare with hillary clinton? we have the very latest from washington d.c. what do the polls say? >> good morning, alisyn. like you said trump is on top today. he is leading the field along republican likely primary and caucus goers by 17%. the closest candidate nipping at his heels is former florida
3:44 am
governor in at 14%. i do want to point out they are within the margin of error. so statistically, they are tied here. something tells me you are not going to hear donald trump make that caveat on the campaign trail. the number of undecided voters. trump has 17% support, 30% of voters say they haven't sure who they are going to support. that shows how fluid the field is. it's also giving you a sense of why we are seeing so much support for donald trump. people that tune in early are angry and disenfranchised with the state of the country. that gives a sense of why we are seeing the donald trump protest vote. when it comes to a donald trump administration i don't want to get too far ahead of myself. he's head-to-head with hillary clinton. when you do that donald trump gets creamed. clinton leads him by 17 points. back to you, chris. >> thank you very much
3:45 am
appreciate it. speaking of donald trump, he talks a lot about kate steinle's death and what it exposes about the immigration system. the family says he never reached out and they don't like trump using them. this is from the brother told anderson cooper. >> do you feel like donald trump is use zing your cyst inging inging your sister? >> in a way, yes. >> your message to donald trump is what? >> if you are going to use somebody's name and sensationalize the death of a beautiful young lady maybe you should call and talk to the family first and see what their views are. >> you know the family says they haven't heard from the administration from the president. you know it's just imagine. suffering this tragedy and a
3:46 am
loss and then suddenly your sister's name being said by all politicians, used as a political football. they were thrust into this conversation. >> are they right to feel the people using their sister their loved one, don't share their pain? of course they are. these are politicians talking political things. they are not talking justice for her. you know that's going to come already. you have the guy. they also know it's being used to do a spin about what sanctuary cities are about and the wrong things going on. a lot of misperception is on the back of this family. >> let us know what you think. you can find us on twitter. president obama calling for sweeping reforms. what about the controversial suggestions for cutting down on prison sentences? our panel weighs in next.
3:47 am
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limited edition for $209 a month after $1000 volkswagen bonus.
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a press for president obama trying to sell congress on the nuclear deal with iran. the president is said to hold a news conference today after speaking in detail with "the new
3:51 am
york times." how will he convince the skeptics. joining us now, ara lewis and new york times presidential campaign campaign campaign correspondent. now president obama tries to sell it to congress. how hard will it be? >> difficult. a lot of skepticism is voiced from republicans and some democrats. he's holding a press conference about convincing the public. he needs to get a lot of support for the deal. it's going to take some time. you saw the effort with the interview with the "times," this deal is better than no deal. there are a lot of especially republicans, who think essentially this is offering a window to iran to get a nuclear weapon. i think it's going to be difficult to convince them other. >> it is. it's not an if it's a when
3:52 am
proposition. you don't have to read the deal to say you are letting them get a bomb and money. israel and the u.s. should die is what they are saying. >> what you mentioned is really important and has not been talked about enough. it was inevitable. you can talk to any nuclear expert. >> the sanctions were bringing them to their knees. if we just ratcheted up more they would do anything we want. >> it's fantasy land. there's a reference to the cold war and how the united states won the cold war. we sent the soviet union into oblivion but we had deals going at the same time. >> he invokes reagan and kissinger. let's listen to a portion of that. >> in the same way that ronald reagan and others negotiated arms agreements with the soviet
3:53 am
union. you had to recognize, yes, this is an evil terrible system. within it are people with specific historic ideas and memories. we have to be able to understand those things and potentially try to make a connection. the same was true with respect to nixon and kissinger going to china, which, ended up being a very important strategic benefit to the united states. >> is he attempting to use republican sort of code words there, why they should like it? >> he's attempting to say this is not the first time in history there's been this kind of deal where you have question marks raised. also we need global partners. this is not just the u.s. going at it alone. you say him say that over and over again in this interview. it's an important point. if the u.s. walked away from the deal f the u.s. just walked away the partners involved in the sanctions, the u.s. had not been hurt by them but others
3:54 am
have. that would be problematic. >> two points of pushback one, you are cutting off our ability to do comers and iran is a signatory to the ntp, which allows it to do peaceful nuclear development. so, it got complicated. the politics are simple. you did a deal with bad people. let's play the sound from the presidential candidates and how they are reacting to this. >> this is a death sentence for state of israel. >> the iranians are good negotiators. they are laughing at us back in iran. >> he says it makes a nuclear arms race less likely. our arab allies said just the opposite. >> they come out of this a much much stronger and i believe, more veer lent state with very few responsibilities. >> easy to knock down the criticisms by the way. >> it's simple talk of a
3:55 am
complicated situation so yeah it's very hard to counter a simple statement with facts. a death sentence on israel. it's hyperbole. >> benjamin netanyahu is saying the same thing. >> you moe who else is saying it's a bad deal iraq. they are not jumping up and down. the hard liners didn't want sanctions regime to stick. i mean they didn't want any kind of peace arrangement. they didn't want real verification. they wanted to stay in power, at the top of a crumbling structure. so there's a sort of path forward. i think what we are going to have to see, though is in the debates, will people step up and say, look what's the alternative? do you want another gulf war? it's the only alternative to trying to make peace. >> one of the people we have not heard from on the republican side is rand paul. he has been basically one of the
3:56 am
only not dovish necessarily, but not interventionist voices within the current republican party and certainly in the presidential field. you are hearing a lot from the hawk who is say it is not a good idea. it will be interesting to see if he comes forward. >> quickly, let's talk about what's going to happen in congress. they need two-thirds -- the president said he will vo toe an effort to settle the deal. they need two-thirds of the body to override it. in the senate we believe they have 48 votes to override the veto. they need 67. what's going to happen? >> it's going to be very hard to override the veto. part of the effort is reminding people i have the ability to go around this. it's much easier if we march forward together. >> say they override it. they get 67 because enough democrats are worried about compromising the concerns. i's not good. so what? >> exactly right. you are going to see hillary
3:57 am
clinton behind the scenes putting lot on the lines. you cannot do this to me or this administration. this is important not just on the substance. the merits are considerable. but you can't take control of foreign policy at this level of specificity. congress doesn't have the ability to do it. >> they can refuse to remove them exactly. in that case it would be a serious, serious blow. i don't think that's going to happen. i would be surprised if in his waiting days they don't have enough juice to go. you are going to make this happen. you are going to give this to me. you know we can bargain over what you want on the side but you can't settle basically a major piece of foreign policy. >> thanks for explaining all of that. great to get your analysis. before we hear from rand paul's campaign he tweeted he is against the deal. we haven't heard it in the full throated response as we have from others yet.
3:58 am
i'm sure it's going to come. if you want to pick up on that get all your political news at this is a huge story. there's other breaking news. let's get to it. footage capturing the final moments before joakim el chapo guzman busted out. >> more than 30 prison guards have been taken into custody. >> if the government cannot hold a criminal of this level in prison how can it protect you? >> we see this deal as allowing iran to maintain a massive nuclear infrastructure. >> if this deal did not go through, it was more likely iran would make a nuclear weapon. >> this was an historic mistake. >> this was the best option. >> sweeping changes to the criminal justice system. >> we should not be tolerating overcrowding in prison or tolerating gang activity in prison. announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo, alisyn camerota and michaela pereira.
3:59 am
>> welcome back to "new day." michaela is off today. cameras were rolling when mexican drug kingpin joakim el chapo guzman escaped from prison. take a look at the surveillance footage footage. you can see him pacing back and forth before stepping into the bathroom stall. a few seconds later, he vanished. >> think he was having second thoughts thinking of doing his time? >> what was he thinking. he vanishes down to the tunnel below. >> now there's information suggesting u.s. drug agents warning mexican authorities about a possible prison break in the words. let's go to polo sandoval live from mexico. polo the latest? >> hey, chris, good morning. the brand-new images by the government are going to be critical to the investigation and, perhaps once of the most significant developments in the
4:00 am
case since the break over the weekend. the footage shows the latest image of joakim el chapo guzman and the moment he slid out of view of the security cameras and into the tunnel below. this surveillance video shows the second brazen prison break of guzman. watch as he's still in prison uniform, walks over to the shower in his cell bends over and vanishes into thin air. guzman had two blind spots in his cell. slipping through a hole under the shower to make an elaborate get away. his tracking bracelet was left behind. >> to see somebody escape from the top security prison but through a tunnel a mile long with lights with air vents, with a motorcycle and rails, it makes the


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