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tv   New Day  CNN  July 15, 2015 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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developments in the case since the break over the weekend. the footage shows the latest image of joakim el chapo guzman and the moment he slid out of view of the security cameras and into the tunnel below. this surveillance video shows the second brazen prison break of guzman. watch as he's still in prison uniform, walks over to the shower in his cell bends over and vanishes into thin air. guzman had two blind spots in his cell. slipping through a hole under the shower to make an elaborate get away. his tracking bracelet was left behind. >> to see somebody escape from the top security prison but through a tunnel a mile long with lights with air vents, with a motorcycle and rails, it makes the government look
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useless. >> reporter: these images showing the motorcycle inside the tunnel he used to escape. according to mexican officials, the bike was used to remove dirt. the tunnel stretching a mile and ending inside a house. el chapo, a marijuana and cocaine kingpin and head of the drug cartel is described as a savage with powerful ties spanning across mexico and the u.s. now, details e emergencying after his capture in 2014 u.s. dea agents knew his relatives were looking for ways to break him out of prison again. passing this information along to mexican norauthorities, a claim they deny. >> reporter: prisoners and several guards are off the job this morning. some of the officers continue to be stationed outside the
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perimeter. this is despite the theory around here that guzman left the region a long time ago, perhaps after making the break saturday. >> thank you very much. the iran deal is big news this morning. it is done --ish. i say that because the president has to risk not being able to deliver the sanctions on iran. critics were quick. let's start the team coverage with michelle kosinski. >> that was a good description of where things stand. congress is poised and ready review the deal. the administration is beginning the push to sell it t. vice president will head to capitol hill to talk to democrats. from virtually every side now, a hailstorm of reaction.
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>> we have cut off every pathway for iran to develop a nuclear weapon. >> reporter: president obama got his nuclear deal with iran. the job now to defend and sell it at home. >> i think that criticism is misguided. >> reporter: taking on the septics and critics asking why they couldn't insist iran dismantle their nuclear capability. >> the notion the world signed up for sanctions to obtain regime change and solve every problem or to say to them they can never have peaceful nuclear power. that was never something that was in the cards. >> reporter: there are plenty of questions. what kind of access really will nuclear inspectors have if they balk and opening certain doors? there is a process in place for that. gaining access could take nearly
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a month or longer. >> the most disappointing part of it is the inspection part. it's not anywhere anytime. it's nothing remotely like that. >> former senator joe lieberman and experts weighed in on the deal hours after it was announced. >> why would the united states sign off on such an agreement? >> many in congress angry that iran is able to enrich uranium at all. they will retain all industrial nuclear infrastructure and gain billions ofs and sanctions relief. not unlikely continuing to fund terror threaten neighbors and destabilize the region. some parts of the deal expire in ten, 15 years. >> i would have rather seen 20 years, 30 years rather than ten. >> president obama acknowledges the challenges. >> diplomacy can work. it doesn't work perfectly. it doesn't give us everything we want.
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>> reporter: so if congress did vote disapproval of the deal and to keep congressional sanctions on iran it could cause the deal to break apart. iran could say it's not what we signed up for or it could isolate the u.s. if you are a european country, lift the sanction and go forward with the deal. if congress were to override a presidential veto the white house is warning congress what you could be left with is ineffective sanctions or ineffective deal if any deal. back to you guys. >> thanks for that. worldwide opinion divided. israel and the saudis slamming it. some in fact arab world celebrating it. nic robertson is live with global reaction on it. what are you seeing, nic? >> reporter: in tehran the deal was met with cheers and
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jubilation. he told the people of iran sanctions were being lifted eded forever. the deal isn't quite like that. sanctions can be snapped back on. after eight years, they will be lifted for good. these are concern that is the united states allies in the region are worrying about. saudi arabia clearly saying while we support this agreement, it has to be backed up with a thorough inspection. their concerns when iran gets access to all the money, their concerns that this money won't be spent on the people of iran but as they say, supporting terrorism around the region and around the world. the israeli prime minister as well has the same concern. this is what he said. >> the world is a much more dangerous place today than it was yesterday. this cash bonanza will fuel iran's terrorism worldwide.
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it's aggression in the region and its efforts to destroy israel, which are ongoing. >> reporter: it's concerns like this that undoubtedly encourage president obama to call the israeli prom yesterday as well as the saudi king. there is a lot of disquiet in the region about it. >> all right let's continue the conversation. the main question is what does this mean for israel. let's bring in israel's ambassador to the u.s. he's senior adviser to benjamin netanyahu. we heard him expressing his concern. the p5 plus one. the united states says this was the best path to keeping iran from getting a nuclear weapon and having a system of checking their behavior. your position? >> this is a path to iran getting a nuclear weapon. they have two different paths. they have a path by cheating
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during the next decade. the anytime, anywhere inspections are like sometime somewhere inspections. they are not within 24 hours, but within 24 days. you can imagine what you can hide within 24 days even if someone catches you. we know from history, despite israel and the united states having intelligence agencies we didn't know for years about secret facilities. one path they have if they decide to do so is to cheat and get to it. let's say iran complies with the deal what the deal does is in ten years, it removes the constraints the deal is putting in place. what a lot of people don't understand this is not a permanent deal. these are temporary constraints placed on iran. in ten years, the major constraints are removed. that means iran could have a massive uranium enrichment capacity. the president, himself, said a couple months ago in an
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interview, what happens in year 13 and 14 when iran's breakout time is zero? that's what will happen in this deal. israel says it doesn't block iran's path to the bomb it paves the path. our neighbors think the same thing. they are going to rush to get nuclear programs of their own. a good faith effort to stop a dangerous regime is going to lead to reality where iran can get nuclear weapons. it's a danger to everyone in the region and around the world. >> isn't it true without the deal iran was already there and able to produce a bomb as soon as it wanted to? >> no the united states israel and allies were working for a long time to prevent them from developing a nuclear weapon. >> they were proliferating centrifuges and uranium and
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unchecked. >> they were not breaking out, chris. the sanctions train was catching up to them whachlt happened a lot of people said sanctions were on them for so long. it's not true. crippling sanctions on iran since 2012. in 18 months it cost them well over $100 billion. they were desperate to get the sanctions removed. we are going to dismantle it in exchange for iran dismantling their nuclear program. they are dismantling the sanctions regime and iran is keeping the nuclear program and getting a cash win fall of over $150 billion which will be used throughout the region to fund terrorism and aggression. >> that's a legitimate issue. the president says the p5 plus one, what they are doing and what they want for the united states and israel is an obvious
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concern that makes everybody question any type of integrity on behalf of the regime. in terms of the crippling sanctions. >> let me say, it would be great if they solved the nuclear problem. the problem is they didn't resolve the nuclear issue. all they have done at best f iran doesn't cheat is delay it for a decade. that might be a long time in politics. the other thing about terrorism, if it's not about terrorism, why are they lifting the arms embargo? >> even though it wasn't supposed to be about terrorism, they got the u.s. sanctions on arms and missiles get stalled for five and eight years. why is that on the table? you are saying that's a legitimate question. >> look iran is conquering all parts of the middle east. they are in through the shia militias in iraq. there the regime in syria. palestinian terror groups in
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gaza. the houthis in yemen. iran has attacks on five continents in 30 countries. are you linking this deal to them changing their behavior? that's the main problem with the deal. iran is not changing its behavior. four days ago, the president attend as rally, burning american and israeli flags, they are chanting death to america and death to israel. it's two days before you are signing a deal. what kind of message does it send to iran? you are taking away any incentive to change. they don't need chris torks sneak in or break into the club. they can wait a decade and walk into the club. >> with the ntp, they are allowed to do peaceful nuclear development as well. i'm going to assume you do not believe the deal will be a suggestion to iran too change
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ways. what is israel prepared to do now? >> i assume worse. they will not change their ways because all the pressure is being removed. this is very similar. people were comparing it to what happened to the soviet union and the chinese. understand they had nuclear weapons, then you made the deal. in this case iran does not have nuclear weapons and it's a very very different regime. militant islamic regime is different from a communist regime in terms of ideology and the relationship between ideology and survival. when they faced a choice they chose survival. that was the case in berlin and the cuban missile crisis. this is a very different regime. the biggest danger is the coupling of islam and military weapons. this deal could be the marriage certificate for the wedding. we see this as the deal with north korea where promises were made and this was going to stop
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them from getting the bomb and bring them to the community of nations. it didn't force a change on north korea. what you see happen 20 years later is north korea could have 100 nuclear bombs and endangering half of asia. now you are dealing with an iranian regime that is much more dangerous than the case in north korea. one final point i want to make chris, your allies when it came to the north korea deal they were there. they were telling you to do the deal. in this case israel and the arab states were not at the negotiations. your allies are telling you this is a bad deal. when israel and the arabs are on the same page it happens once a century. you should pay attention. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> thank you. in the next hour we are going to be joined by the u.s. energy secretary, earnest muniz. he was at the table and going to
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make the case for why the deal finished the way it did. >> we are going to talk about radical proposals for president obama. he's putting pressure on congress to pass a reform bill this year. let's get live to washington with the details. >> good morning, alisyn. this was a blunt assessment by the president. he's putting a spotlight on the flaws he sees. flaws he says disproportionately impact minorities. the president revealed a laundry list of items he wants changed in the system. including a reduction or elimination of sentences for nonviolent -- he called for the attorney general to conduct a review. he spoke of the need to increase job training programs while people are in prison and after criminals served their time the president says they should be able to vote. he called additionally on
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employers asking on job applications if a person has a criminal record. he went on to argue it's the poor prison conditions that lead to higher incarceration rates. here is what president obama had to say. >> we should not be tolerating overcrowding in prison. we should not be tolerating gang activity in prison. we should not be tolerating rape in prison. and we shouldn't be making jokes about it in our popular culture. that's no joke. these things are unacceptable. >> reporter: a firy speech by president obama. all this comes as the president commuted 96 drug offenders. tomorrow the president will tour a medium security prison in oklahoma. this is big. he's the first sitting president to visit a federal prison. chris? >> thank you very much. nasa says the pluto fly by a big
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success. later today, they will release what are expected to be breathtaking up close images of pluto. it traveled 3 billion miles over the last nine years for this historic rendezvous in space. so close they could see the signs from pluto saying make us a planet again. >> and the plew tone yans with their signs. watch this. here is crazy video. a wild scene out of orlando. officer william anderson approaches a car with his gun drawn. the passenger door opens. a young man runs out. anderson tries to pursue him, the driver hits the gas and the officer head on. officer anderson is expected to be okay. the 17-year-old is in custody. police are searching for two
4:18 am
more suspects. >> it shows how dangerous this job is and how apprehensive officers have to be. >> scary. more video we have been telling you about this morning, showing the moment joakim el chapo guzman escaped from his cell dropping into a hole that is out of sight. we know he made it into a tunnel for his own use. did mexico ignore warnings from the u.s.? answer ahead.
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new surveilness video shows the moment guzman escaped from his jail cell. the drug lord left his prison cell saturday. as you can see there, just by sneaking out through a hole in the floor. now, a desperate search is under way. we have a former fbi special agent with a 28-year career with the bureau working in organized crime, intelligence violent crime and drug trafficking. thank you for being on "new day." we understand that you -- >> yes, alisyn. nice to be here. >> you spend ten years, specifically studying el chapo and working on cases connected to him. what was your reaction when you heard he had escaped? >> just first of all, i knew about chapo in san diego, california right after the
4:23 am
cartel was killed. i did a tour in '98 to 2000. i'm a little -- i was -- at the time of the escape it was un unconable to me. after a day of pondering his escape i started thinking a little bit about chapo's background. he's someone that is charismatic. he escaped in 2001 in a prison. his lieutenant is lopez, a former director of the prison. his sons he was -- he is also a master mind in tunnels in san diego that had been discovered. that was the finding that happened with the felix organization. >> yeah. >> it's not as much of a surprise looking at his background and how charismatic he was and how he was able to
4:24 am
escape. >> talk about how it can happen. how is it possible that a mile long tunnel is built directly under his jail cell with a motorcycle track in it and no one knows that's happening? >> well mexico as you can see is a third country. it is the corruption is systemic. there was definitely corruption in the prison and, you know he did, you know there is low level corruption. keep in mind that we have also the u.s. we had the escape at the clinton correctional institute where 12 of the guards were compromised. here is a person that has deep pockets. >> you said low level corruption i assume you say in this prison as well and that led
4:25 am
to it. did guzman have connections to this warden? >> i believe that chapo guzman being the person he is he was able to compromise several of the guards and keep in mind he may have used his immediate family and his organization to help him with his release, but i do you know he does have a lot of money and he does have a lot of power. he's not just a man, i believe, an institution because of his notoriety. he is someone that the mexican people see as almost like a robinhood. >> very quickly, the u.s. marshalls, the fbi, every fugitive agency in the united states is offering their help to mexico. thus far, mexico said no thanks. why not take all the drones all the manpower and task forces the u.s. has to help find him?
4:26 am
>> eventually it's going to happen. keep in mind mexico is our partner. it's you know mexico is a sovereign country, a proud country. they want to see if they can do it on their own. i forsee you know something awesome happening in the next hopefully couple weeks or months. maybe extradition of the high profile criminals or major arrests. there's two drug traffickers out. we have two mega drug traffickers on the loose. >> time is of the essence. thank you for being on "new day." let's go over to chris. >> president obama is making passionate plea for criminal justice reform suggesting a slew of changes. can the proposal pass congress? we'll discuss. hit every mark. ♪
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my devices. it's perfect for me because my kids are costing me a fortune. i'm going to cabo! [ music plays ] don't settle for u-verse. xfinity is perfect for people who want more entertainment for their money. president obama going on the offensive to sell the nuclear deal with iran. he said it meets every bottom line at least for now. what does congress have to say?
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they have 60 days to review and debate the deal. many are skeptical, that's putting it nicely. the president will hold a news conference on the deal at 1:00 eastern. el chapo's prison break caught on surveillance tape. the video released of the moment he vanished from his cell. you see him pacing first, then turns around and steps into a shower stall here and vanishes. a law enforcement source tells cnn drug agents warned mexico el chapo was planning a prison break last year. revelations coming to light about the mh-17 almost a year to the day the plane was shot down by pro-russian rebels. they show the exact type of missile used, trajectory and pinpoint where is it was fired from. they put blame on malaysia airlines for not avoiding the conflict zone over ukraine. well president obama with a
4:32 am
firy speech at the naacp convention calling for big changes to the prison system. he says it current laws disproportionately have blacks and latinos. he wants sentences reduced and solitary confinement reconsidered. here to discuss this is van jones. good morning, van. >> hey, good morning to you. >> this was a second term speech you know? this is where no holes barred. he can talk about the issue that is so vitally important. most politicians don't talk about prison reform. that's further down on the ladder from things that politicians like to talk about. what did you make about his timing and his speech? >> first of all, that used to be the case and these ideas used to be considered radical. what's interesting is president
4:33 am
obama, got bless him, is behind the curve because republicans have actually endorsed every one of these ideas ahead of him. you have republican governor rick perry, he closed three prisons as governor. kasich from ohio big criminal justice reform guy. the republican governor of georgia, governor deal got 100% of the state legislature to sign off on criminal justice reform. we have five bipartisan bills in the senate and one in the house pointed toward criminal justice reform. as newt gingrich will tell you -- >> giving the republicans props this is something they spearheaded. >> well i guess the politics of this have changed so much. newt gingrich i disagreed with him. we had a show together on cnn and we fought together every day. the one thing we agreed on newt
4:34 am
said the prison system is something conservatives cannot support because it's sucking up money, and liberty. corrections doesn't correct anymore. the conservatives turn against it. when president obama turns the plate on it it changes the conversation and makes it bigger. what i like about that president's speech is he was talking about common sense stuff. nobody thinks somebody should go to prison for 30 years for nonviolent drug charge and 25 years for shooting a cop. we are so far out of alignment now. >> the pushback is it smells like being soft on crimes. even though republicans have done all of this because they know the price tags involved it's still politically compassion towards the incarcerated hasn't won a lot of votes. the president is now pushing it. let's play the soupd that is
4:35 am
controversial that felons should be able to vote. >> let's follow the growing number of our states and cities and private companies who decided to ban the box on job applications so former prisoners who have done their time and are now trying to get straight with society have a decent shot in a job interview. if folks have served their time and they have re-entered society, they should be able to vote. >> how about that van? >> listen first of all, i think that's exactly right. i have talked to a lot of conservative christian evangelicals. if you are a christian, you believe in redemption and second chances. how can somebody make a mistake when they are 19 years old and at 90 they can't vote get a job, a student loan or apartment. where is the redemption?
4:36 am
states like california allow people when they complete their parole successfully to vote again and it gives people at least some kind of stake in society. we are going through a big reconsideration as a country. when you have -- in the united states 5% of the world's population. we are small by population. we have 25% of the world's prisoners. one out of four people locked up in the world are locked up in the united states. are we that bad? no. we overreacted to the epidemic and we have stripped judges of the right to judge. now they have to rubber stamp the stuff. let the judges judge and corrections correct. let's save money and do smart stuff. i don't want my kid using drugs or anybody else's kid using drugs. i saw kids at yale doing drugs, but they went to rehab, not prison. le's do the same for the poor
4:37 am
kids. sack lot go to jail for other offenses and get on drugs in the prison. what is the history of the first visit to the prison? give me a quick take. >> listen no president has gone before. it's a big deal sends a big signal. also there is legislation. you will see hearings next week. in the house, the safe justice act. you can go to everything the president say, there are republicans. bipartisan ten democrats and ten republicans, have signed on to a bill in the house. this thing might actually get passed and signed by the president this year shock the world. bipartisan unity on nothing except criminal justice reform. >> thank you for breaking it down for us. important conversation that it's time to have in this country. there's another important conversation that needs to be had in congress about this deal. there are a lot of critics
4:38 am
coming out. this deal is going to take time to understand. we are going to ask republican senator tom cotton a major critic. you will remember him, he wrote an open letter to iran back in march. what does he think? will it be approved? if not, why not and what is his alternative? become the only thing you think about. that's where at&t can help. at at&t we monitor our network traffic so we can see things others can't. mitigating risks across your business. leaving you free to focus on what matters most.
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so the ink is barely dry on the iran nuclear deal but facing tests in congress. the senate and house will have 60 days to weigh the deal and debate and decide whether or not to approve it. many vocal about it. one the tom cotton that offered a controversial leather to iran. senator, always a pleasure to have you on "new day." thank you for taking this opportunity to test your on this. have you had a chance to review it? >> i have reviewed the entire deal. unfortunately, it's not as bad as i feared it's much worse. first, before we get into the details, we have to remember who we are dealing with.
4:43 am
iran is anti-american. they cannot be trusted with nuclear weapons or threshold capacity. this deal puts them on the path to that whether in the coming months or years or in eight to ten years. >> the pushback to that will be if you have gone through this deal in detail which is impressive many of your colleagues have not yet. we hope they do as you have this puts in a set of conditions and timing and restrictions that you had none of before this deal and even under the sanctions, the iranians have built up a sizable stockpile potential. >> chris, we started these negotiations two years ago. in the president's own words to stop iran's enrichment capability. they have no right to enrich it. as long as they have enriching capability and testing new centrifuges and advanced research and developing they
4:44 am
are mastering the process to develop the nuclear weapons. it doesn't matter if it happens now or eight to ten years from now. this is a gamble in homes iran is going to change. to show how unlikely it is iran was trying to kill me and my soldiers in iraq. we were lucky, but others were not. >> we understand. now owe i have said on the show before we thank you for it and iran's activities and what seems terrorism around the world is part of the deal. let's listen to the president and hear why he says it premise of these negotiations which was, even in israel's mind to keep them from getting a nuclear weapon was achieved. >> we are measuring this deal. that was the original premise of this conversation including the premise for netanyahu.
4:45 am
iran could not get a nuclear weapon. what i'm going to be able to say and able to prove is that this by a wide margin is the most definitive path by which iran will not get a nuclear weapon. >> other than their right with the ntp, to enrich uranium in a peaceful way, this is the best set on the table. what would have been a better alternative? >> the president said no deal is better than a bad deal. i think this is a bad deal. >> why? >> he said at the beginning of the negotiations that the basic approach was to dismantle iran's nuclear program in exchange for dismantling the sanctions. in fact we are going to keep iran's num lar program in place. in fact western countries are going to help iran develop advanced capabilities. >> how so senator? let me stop you there. if you read through the deal
4:46 am
two-thirds of centrifuges are taken offline. uranium is going to be sent somewhere else. the potential to enrich uranium to weapons grade is down and their ability to have themselves checked exists in a way it did not before. how does it make it more likely this deal that they get a weapon. >> chris, let's start with enriching uranium in centrifuges. they are using the most basic kind of centrifuges. in eight to ten years, they will have advanced research and development. it will help them master the process to enrich uranium. they don't need to develop it now. they can wait eight to ten years to develop it. of course they can do the same in a covert facility. the text of the deal explicitly says the west will help iran protect their nuclear capabilities from sabotage.
4:47 am
that is a direct quote. imagine the fact we are going to help iran develop their capabilities to protect what could be elicit facilities from the sabotage their facilities faced in the past. i think this is a bad deal. >> there's no language that reads elicit facilities but they want insurance in the name of inspection the iaea or others wouldn't go in there and sabotage their own equipment. that's what that was, not helping them create a bomb. what would you do to stop them from getting a bomb? >> first, i believe the american people repudiate the deal and congress will reject it. that will give us a stronger negotiating position and the opportunity to reimpose sanctions that will be tougher. the kind of sanctions i and 400 others and democrats voted on two years in the house and the threat of military force. >> hold on. you laid out two big ideas. let's look at them one by one.
4:48 am
one, where do you get the support for the sanctions. you know that is eroding more and more all the time. other, big, major players at the table want to do business with iran. where do you get that support? >> actually chris, that's not the case. the only place where sanctions was eroding was washington d.c. >> india, china, russia. they all want to do business. some of them we suspect, if we listen to sources in government were starting to go around the back door way to doing business with iran. there are others who are very questionable about keeping the sanctions up. >> chris, we were the weakest link in the negotiations. the socialist government of france was driving the hardest line. the sanctions were not eroding until president obama decided to lift them two years ago. we could have enforced the sanctions. america has the strongest and biggest economy and access to the international world markets. even china and russia in the end, though they might not have liked to go along with the
4:49 am
sanctions did in the early days after 2010 and 2011. they were beginning to work but we let them out in 2013. there's no reason with the political will we could impose the sanctions. >> that's the second point. creditable threat of military force especially coming from a veteran such as yourself who understands better than many colleagues the reality of the war versus the discussion of it as a tool. would you really be willing to use military force against iran and why do you think that would lead us to a better place given our history in iraq and other places? >> well chris, not only would i be willing, the president said all along the threat of force had to stay on the table. i don't know if iran believed them but last week the incoming chairman of the joint chief of staff testified that the united states has the capability to destroy iran's nuclear capabilities. this would not appear like what the war in iraq looks like.
4:50 am
we are talking the kind of action that president clinton took for instance in iraq in 1998 over several days of but iran is a much better equipped entity than iraq was. as you know it's not an easy target. >> no. but, chris, just a couple months ago president obama himself said in almost mocking tones we spend $650 billion a year on defense. iran spends $30 billion a year on defense. we have the ability to destroy their defenses. that is without question. the incoming chairman of the joint chiefs of staff testified to that last week. >> whether you can do it and whether you should do it or two different questions. please come back on "new day" so we can give our audience the state of play.
4:51 am
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4:56 am
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4:59 am
. how did the notorious kingpin remove a tracking bracelet before escaping through a mile-long tunnel. >> the ventilation system riding a modified motorcycle presumably used to dig through that tunnel. >> the world is a much more dangerous place today than it was yesterday. >> we have cut off every pathway for iran to develop a nuclear
5:00 am
weapon. >> the deal that we have out there is unacceptable. >> more bad news for bill cosby. >> a former cosby show actor says his idol is guilty. >> it looks bad, bill. either speak up or shut up. >> we crashed and i was the only one that made it out. >> as they came out of the clouds she said all she saw was trees. >> it is definitely a miracle that she survived. >> this is "new day." >> good morning. welcome to your "new day." it is wednesday july 15th 8:00 in the east. the exact moment that "el chapo" guzman escaped from his prison cell caught on video. this was released by mexican authorities showing "el chapo" pacing his cell then step into the bathroom


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