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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  July 16, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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souvenir. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> wow. thank you so much for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now. breaking news, the suspect in the charleston church massacre in court. we're about to get our first images of what happened inside. and trump on top. i'll speak live with the billionaire's adviser about polls, money, and jeb bush's insult. cnn goes inside the prison cell and the secret tunnel that one of the world's most notorious drug lords used to pull off his daring escape. and right now president obama becomes the first sitting president to visit a federal prison. we're going to show you what's happening. this is cnn breaking news. hello, everyone. i am kate bolduan. thank you for joining us.
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we have breaking news. the alleged racist terrorist who killed nine people at a charleston church has just appeared in court. dylann roof's trial date has now been set for july 11th, 2016, a year from now. that's according to a tweet from a reporter with our affiliate wciv in charleston. this is dylann roof's first time appearing in court in person since the massacre one month ago at' man oo at emanuel ame church. i appeared for his bond hearing via is video feed that happened just after his capture. let's bring in alina machado, joey jackson. alina, a lot of questions about what happened in the courtroom. bring us up to date. >> reporter: well, kate, we know that this hearing was relatively brief and we're hoping to get video from inside that courtroom at any moment, but we do know that dylann roof was present for the hearing, and according to
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cnn affiliate wcbd, he wore a jumpsu jumpsuit, he was handcuffed, and he had a glazed look on his face. did he not show any emotion. we're also learning that a trial date has been set for july 11th of next year. cnn affiliate wc iv is reporting that the public defender was reluctant to agree that he would be ready for a trial by that date. the court also addressed an order that was signed last week that would have banned the release of any documents and any 911 calls and is also preventing anyone involved in the investigation or potentially involved in the trial from talking to the media, from releasing any information on this case. that order according to our affiliates has been extended until next week, but wcbd is reporting the order could be lifted on the investigation documents by 5:00 p.m. next wednesday if no one files a
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motion to intervene so we could learn much more about the investigation next week, kate. >> that's so fascinating. a lot going on. as alina points out we are waiting to see the first images of dylann roof making his appearance in court in person. we'll bring that to you when it comes. alina, thank you so much. joey jackson was here with us as well. we're just learning a little bit more. this is part of the process leading to trial. a couple things, is a year out to set a trial date, does that sound unusual? >> it's not unusual, kate, for the following reasons. so many things have to happen between now and then, and don't forget, there's a lot we're dealing with. let's first take the gag order issue. there's the issue of whether or not information should be released about the case, what information, background, 911 reports, discovery documents, police reports, records, wharf it -- whatever it is, video. why is that significant?
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many people think clearly this is something he appears to be done. he was in that church, he was caught. >> sources tell cnn he confessed, too. >> he's confessed. however the issue is in the event that you get convicted, and, you know, we don't know what will happen at the trial but based on what we do know now, the evidence is certainly compelling, would you then in the event there's extensive pretrial publicity and there is no gag order or nothing to limit the information, could that then be reversed? so that's a major concern. >> what do you think of this gag order? because we cover -- there are a lot of -- unfortunately, a lot of high profile murder cases. >> absolutely. >> that gag orders are not in place. >> there's a couple things. the first thing is remember that you have a constitutional right to a fair trial. >> absolutely. >> in light of that, what you want to do if you're the judge and certainly doesn't need any advice from me, but you have to balance two priorities. one is the public's right to know. there's a major public interest here. what occurred? how did it occur? why was it allowed to occur? you certainly want that information. at the same time you want him not to have too many appealable
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issues where he could upset a potential guilty verdict. so that's an issue. but remember to the year-long trial date, so much needs to be done. motion practice file. the attorneys will probably be moving to have evidence suppressed, statements that he made. does he get a psychological evaluation? if so, does that lead to a potential defense of insanity? not that that could work, but the defense has to explore every option available so that they could protect their client's rights, and that's why a year out is not so -- such a long time. a lot to be done. >> a lot to be done, a lot more to learn obviously. we're waiting for that video to come in, but also this is all happening, they have a year to get this case ready, but the city, the country really still reeling in the aftermath of that horrific massacre. we do know that the trial date is set for july of next year. joey, thank you so much. right now, former president george h.w. bush is recovering in the hospital. the 91-year-old fell at his summer home in maine breaking a bone in his neck we're told.
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a spokesperson for the former president says the injury thankfully is not life threatening. he is in stable condition. the patriarch of the bush family suffers from parkinson's disease. he has had several health scares in the last few years but thankfully not life threatening and we wish him a very speedy recovery. also happening right now, an investigation is under way after another scare in the skies. officials are saying that 11 commercial flights reported green lasers being pointed at their aircrafts late last night. several of these incidents happened as planes were approaching newark international airport. joining us now is rene marsh, aviation correspondent who is following all this. renee, we have been talking about this more and more, but 11 incidents. what are you hearing? >> that's a lot in one night. all 11 of these strikes happened between 9:00 p.m. and 10:30 over new jersey, and this morning we know the faa is investigating, and because shining a laser at an aircraft is a violation of federal law, the fbi will likely
8:07 am
play a role in this investigation as well. so now you're looking at a breakout of the airlines affected. all of the flights we know were flying at an altitude below 109,000 fe10 10,000 feet. that means either this plane was taking off or landing. any way you slice it, that's the most critical point of flight. i want you to take a listen to radio transmissions between a couple of pilots and the ground just seconds after they were struck with the laser. >> united 334 and we're getting a laser at 10:00 low. >> who is getting ar distractio. i was speaking to one pilot just a second ago and he called it attempted murder. that's how serious these pilots look at this sort of thing.
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these lasers can temporarily blind a pilot. just imagine yourself, you're in a pitch black room, the camera flash goes off. you know what that does to your eyes. well, something similar happens to a pilot but add onto that this pilot is dealing with, you know, talking to the ground. they are thousands of feet in the air. we know this typically happens at night, and they're looking for the airport. so there are a lot of things that they're doing at this phase of flight that keeps them very busy, and to have a blinding light shine into your eyes at that critical moment, very problematic. we do know because this is a federal crime, you could be looking at up to five years behind bars and thousands of dollars in fines. >> putting hundreds and hundreds especially when you talk about 11 incidents, hundreds and hundreds of passengers at risk at the very same time. rene, thank you very much. coming up for us next, going into it donald trump said he had
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no idea why he was meeting with republican opponent ted cruz. so what happened behind closed doors then? one of trump's advisers is joining us next. and right now president obama is the first sitting commander in chief to go inside a federal prison. this as bill clinton admits he made a mistake that led to more lockups. and cnn also goes inside the prison cell and the escape tunnel that el chapo used for his darie ing breakout. at one point a reporter inside said it was tough to breathe. 1. oh larry, lawrence. thanks to the tools and help at, i know i have a 798 fico score. [score alert text sound] [score alert text sound] oh. that's the sound of my interest rate going down. according to this score alert, my fico score just went up to 816. 816. 816! 816! fico scores are used in 90% of credit decisions. so get your credit swagger on. go to, become a member of experian credit tracker,
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so i know how important that is. it has been a good week for donald trump. he's on top in a new poll of republican presidential candidates, gaining more favor within his party in another poll, and now letting the world know how rich he is. trump has filed a required disclosure with the federal election commission. his campaign says trump's net worth is north of $10 billion, which my wonderful team at cnn points out was roughly the gdp of macedonia last year. here is michael cohen, executive vice president for the trump organization and special counsel to donald trump. michael, great to see you. thank you very much for coming. it's our first chance to gmeet. he is topping, yes, in the margin of error when you look with jeb bush, topping a national poll but then look at
8:14 am
the negatives, the unfavorables that are oh, so important for presidential candidates. 61% unfavorables when you look at amongst hispanics, he's at 81% in the negative column with hispanics. yet your boss trump says he's going to win the hispanic vote. how? >> donald trump is going to win this election. i'm going to tell you because his message is resonating with the people. his message of making america great again. donald trump is adamant that he sees the united states of america as the land of opportunity, and if elected president, he's going to bring that opportunity to their doorstep. >> can he do that -- >> and that's not something that any other candidate can do. >> can he do that without support from the latino community? >> i think he's going to get the latino vote. >> how does he turn around that 81% negative? >> that's just today. that's today. there's a long road ahead for this campaign, and when they start to see the liberal media's distortion of his comments and they start to see that he's the only candidate that's out there
8:15 am
that can actually make this country great again, they will change and they will become trump supporters. >> i have got a lot of topics i want to get to. do not accuse me of distorting trump's comments. >> i would never say that about you. >> thank you. i had the reporter on from fusion, the producer, who handled that whole piece that donald trump has held up that piece of paper attributing it to her and she says she does not think donald trump understands what her reporting was because she disagrees with how he framed what she said just so we're clear. >> we're clear. >> immigration is an important part of his campaign. he has used the tragic story of kate steinle. >> mr. trump spoke to the steinle family and he is not using that unfortunate situation for his campaign. the fact of the matter is this guy never should have been in this country. he was sent out five times. mexico didn't want him.
8:16 am
they couldn't deal with him so they put him back into the united states. >> i want to hear that, but just to give context for our viewers why we're talking about kate steinle, why you're talking about the family, is her brother, brad, was on with anderson, and he said in a way he thought that trump was using his sister. let's listen to the sound and then we can talk about it. >> sure. >> donald trump talks about kate steinle like he knows here. i have never heard a word from his campaign manager, never heard a word from him. it's disconcerting and, you know, i don't want to be affiliated with somebody that can't have -- doesn't have the common curtkur courtesy to reacd ask about kate and ask about our political views and what we want. the platform that he's setting isn't exactly what our family believes in. >> so what was the conversation like? >> the conversation was actually very warm, and what mr. trump
8:17 am
explained to them is this is a terrible loss to the steinle family and what he wanted to do is to give them time to heal, to give them a time to deal with this tragedy -- >> why he hadn't reached out. >> that's correct. you don't jump -- if he wanted to make this part of his campaign, he would have jumped immediately on to i have to reach out to them. you have to give people who go through this type of terrible situation, no one should ever go through it, and you have to give them a chance to heal. he had an amazing conversation with the mother last night, with the brother, and they are not happy about that earlier statement that was made, but they understand mr. trump's position on giving them time. >> when you say they're not happy with the earlier statement that was made, do they still believe that -- they still disagree they don't like that he is using her story? >> not at all. and i think that if they speak to the steinle family, i think there would be a very different response today. >> you think that they now support donald trump talking
8:18 am
about her story? >> i do. and i think that what it's going to do is to help keep the legacy and there's the kate's fund that has been set up and mr. trump is a supporter of kate's fund. >> did he offer an apology? was this a situation that he felt he needed to apologize? >> it's not an apology. what it was was an explanation. it was an explanation as to why he didn't call so fast. and i think anybody would understand you have to accept this tragedy and you have to give them a chance to heal. it's too much to receive phone calls from individuals. i don't think the president reached out to the steinle family as of yet. you have to -- >> he wasn't the first one to use the story though. >> he's not the first one to talk about the story. the reporters talked about the story. this is just an example of exactly what mr. trump is talking about. the gentleman was thrown out of the united states five times and is sent back in because mexico doesn't want to deal with him. he's a bad guy. he's a criminal.
8:19 am
they don't want to deal with him, so they send him across the border right into the united states. >> that story is a tragic one. we can absolutely agree on that. want to hear more when we can to talk about that but there was another meeting. he talked to the steinles but he had a meeting yesterday with ted cruz. >> that he did. >> going into the meeting, before the meeting he said he really didn't know what the meeting was before. what happened behind closed doors? >> it's a private conversation between two individuals who also happen to be running for the presidency of the united states of america. it was a very nice conversation. they've spoken several times before this over the past year. >> what was the topic? >> i'd rather not discuss it. it was a private -- >> who asked for it? >> ted cruz. >> ted cruz asked for the meeting. leaving the meeting he was asked if he had asked donald trump for his endorsement. he said no. was endorsement a discussion topic? >> no. i think it was more of a how are
8:20 am
you? how is the campaign going? and clearly donald trump's campaign is going well. >> but we could both agree it's a little strange two rivals in a presidential race to sit down together. that does not happen. >> you know what? donald trump is an interesting guy and a lot of things don't happen in presidential races. donald trump is re-changing the face of presidential politics. >> he is getting not from ted cruz but many other candidates he's really getting slammed. lindsey graham calling him a wrecking ball in their party. >> i'm sorry, lindsey graham is where on that poll? like minus zero? >> he is low on the poll but i will remember you care about polls. >> i like the polls especially when donald trump is at the absolute top. >> you sound like a political adviser. i can agree with that. jeb bush though, jeb bush said something very strong and i wanted to get your take or what trump's response has been to this. he said i do not want to be associated with the kind of vitriol he is spewing. what does donald trump say to
8:21 am
that? >> donald trump doesn't want to be associated to the failed policies of the bush administrations over the years and the absolute tragedy that this country is dealing with on a day-to-day basis when we have big companies leaving the united states and running to foreign countries, the 50 million americans that are on food stamps, the unemployment, the trillions of dollars that we're in debt that are going to put our great grandchildren behind the eight-ball. donald trump sees again this country as the land of opportunity, and all he wants to do is keep on his theme. he's going to make america great again. something none of these other candidates can do. >> michael, a lot of folks say that as it stands right now, it is very likely donald trump is going to be on the debate stage in less than a month. >> donald trump will be on that debate stage. donald trump is one of only two individuals that filed the financial statement. him and marco rubio. from what i understand marco rub
8:22 am
rubio's was like four pages long. >> so far. >> that's right. >> they're all required to. >> they're most certainly are. donald trump's is 91 pages. >> can i take a look? >> that i can't. what he did do is he put out a financial statement release that he did exactly what he was supposed to do one day in advance of the date he was required. tremendous, tremendous teamwork in order to get that 91-page document done. and i'm going to tell you, and i consider myself to be an expert in real estate. i can tell that you $10 billion number in my estimation is low, and -- >> why? >> because i know the value of new york city real estate. you're talking about the prime properties, you're talking about 5th avenue and let's talk about out of new york on the pacific ocean, on the potomac river you have a thousand acres in the middle of miami, just to name a few. the assets that donald trump has, the locations are second to none. >> michael, why do you want --
8:23 am
why does donald trump want to talk so much about how rich he is? i'm rich, i'm really rich. this is not how presidential candidates talk. why do you want to talk so much about how wealthy this man is? how can such a wealthy man spoke to those who are the opposite of that? >> it's funny you would say that because those are the exact people that donald trump reaches. that's why he's at the top of the poll. these people understand. donald trump is not in the pocket of big business, lobbyists -- >> are you doing any fund-raising? >> so far no. he has received some money from people who send it into the campaign. right now he's concentrating on going out, going to different venues where he's topping all sorts of numbers, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000 people. i'm receiving myself and i'm not part of the campaign, i'm receiving hundreds and hundreds of e-mails every single day, can you please advise me who do i speak to in order to get donald trump to come out to our venue
8:24 am
in order to speak to our constituents? he is the most in demand human being right now on the planet. >> that is a statement to say the least. >> it sure is. >> it does not surprise me coming from michael cohen who is very close to donald trump. thank you for coming again. thank you so much. >> you got it. >> a lot to cover with that. we'll continue the conversation with michael and mr. trump absolutely. coming up for us, cnn goes inside the prison and the escape tunnel el chapo used during his breakout. i'll speak live with the man who went on the hunt with the drug lord following his first escape. hear what surprises him about this one.
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xfinity is perfect for people who want more entertainment for their money. the hunt is back on. those words from dea officials as authorities on both sides of the u.s./mexico border track down -- try to track down one of the world's most notorious drug lords. joaquin el chapo guzman is still on the run following that daring prison escape. nick valencia went inside el chapo's tunnel for us. here is a look at the very route the drug lord took to break out. >> reporter: this is where he kept his belongings. for the first time our cameras are allowed inside cell number 20. this is some remnants of what he left behind, the sink that he used to wash himself. for nearly a year and a half sinaloa cartel boss joaquin "el
8:29 am
chapo" guzman was in prison behind these bars. >> that's the access point el chapo used to escape outside of this maximum security priss be. it wall providing a blind spot for that 24-hour surveillance camera. just five days ago that camera captured one of mexico's most knower to cuss drug lords vanishing below the shower floor. a mile away, i climbed into the tunnel's exit. another ladder leading down to another part, a deeper part a deeper section of the tunnel. it's hard to estimate how long and how many people it took to create this remarkable feat of engineering. you see here electricity lines. it's very difficult to breathe down here. a lot of dirt, dust. this here for the ventilation system. this motorcycle was on a track here. this is the bike that el chapo used to ride out of the prison. it still has gas in it. the track also fixed with carts
8:30 am
used to carry out thousands of pounds of soil. rolls back and forth. you see that. there's buckets left behind and look at this. left behind oxygen tanks as well in order for them to survive down here. it is a very tight space. i can't even stand up. i'm about 5'10". i can't even stand up all the way. but the tunnel just right for mexico's 5'6" most wanted fugitive. nick valencia, cnn, outside the prison, mexico. >> fascinating report from nick valencia. thank you very much for that. happening right now, we're going to take you to los angeles for the nominations for the 67th prime time emmy awards being announced as we speak. let's listen in. >> creative excellence of this year's television series, movies, and limited series. this was a truly remarkable year in television. from the 40th anniversary of "saturday night live" to david letterman's retirement and the conclusion of "mad men,"
8:31 am
television's creativity, influence, and impact continue to grow and have never been stronger. from broadcast to cable to on demand services, our industry is producing more quality television than ever before, and from flat screens in the home to tablets and mobile devices, viewers are watching the work, the stories imagined, and the series produced by our very talented members in greater volume than ever before. television is now widely recognized as the pre-eminent entertainment platform with extraordinarily rich and varied story telling. television dominates the cultural discussion and ignites the passion of viewers around the world. tens of thousands have worked in front of and behind the camera to earn this distinction. all of us at the academy are proud to be honoring the very best in television. now, to get emmy season started,
8:32 am
it's my pleasure to introduce an emmy-winning cast member of "orange is the new black," uzo aduba and the emmy nominated host of the fox reality program "so you think you can dance," cat deeley. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> uzo, cat, we're exciting could you join us this morning. let's not wait any longer. the stage is yours. >> thank you very much. >> oh. this is very exciting. >> i know. i normally watch this from home but here you get a bacon sandwich and a coffee as well. >> a bagel and lox. >> should we do this? >> let's do this. >> here we go. okay, okay. our first category is lead actor in a drama series and the nominees are -- kyle chandler, bloodline. jeff daniels, the newsroom. jon hamm, mad men. bob oden kirk, better call saul.
8:33 am
lee everybody schreiber, radon van. and kevin spacey, house of cards. >> i like the participation. >> i know. >> it's good. so early in the morning. okay. the nominees for lead actress in a drama series are -- claire danes, homeland. violet davis, how to get away with murder. taraji p. henson, empire. tatiana messlano, author in black. elisabeth moss, mad men. and robin wright, house of cards. >> the nominees for a lead actor in a limited series or movie are -- adrian brody, houdini. ricky gervais, derek special. timothy hutton, american crime. richard jenkins, olive kit rich. and david o yell ewe,
8:34 am
nightinga nightingale. >> the nominees for a lead actress in a limited series or movie are -- maggie gyllenhaal, the honorable woman. felicity huffman, american crime. jessica lange, american horror story freak show. queen latifah, bessie. francis mcdormand, ol viv kiter ridge. and emma thompson, sweeney todd. the nominees for a lead actor in a comedy series are -- anthony anderson, blackish. louis c.k., louie. don cheadle, house of lies. will for tay, the last man on earth. matt leblanc, episodes. william h. macy, shameless. and jeffrey tambor, transparent. >> the nominees for a lead actress in a comedy series are -- edie falco, nurse jackie. lisa kudrow, the come back.
8:35 am
julia louis-dreyfus, veep. amy poehler, parks and recreation. amy schumer, inside amy schumer. and lily tomlin, grace and frankie. >> here are this year's nominees for outstanding reality competition program. the amazing race. "dancing with the stars." project runway. so you think you can dance. >> it was slightly awkward during he herehearsal. >> top chef. and the voice. >> i'm all flushed now. >> congratulations. >> thank you very much. the nominees for outstanding variety talk series are -- the colbert report. the daily show with jon stewart.
8:36 am
jimmy kimmel live. last week tonight with john olver. late show with david letterman. and "the tonight show" starring jimmy fallon. >> for outstanding limited series the nominees are -- american crime. american horror story freak show. olive kitteridge. the honorable woman. and wolf hall. >> well, uzo, let's complete this morning's emmy nominations announcement. you have the final two categories for us. >> yes, i do. >> off you go. >> the nominations in the outstanding comedy series category are -- louie. modern family. parks and recreation. silicon valley. transparent. unbreakable kimmie schmidt.
8:37 am
and veep. the nominations in the drama series category are -- better call saul. "downton abbey." game of thrones. homeland. house of cards. mad men. and orange is the new black. uzo, cat, thank you so much for appearing with us this morning. wait, wait. i have -- hold on, hold on. i have some more good news. uzo, you have been nominated for outstanding supporting actress in a drama. congratulations. and, cat, you have been nominated for outstanding host for a reality or reality competition program. >> yeah! >> congratulations. >> congratulations. >> thank you. oh, thank you. >> there's a complete list --
8:38 am
we'll discuss that later. there's a complete list of all of the emmy nominees on our website at emmy' we look forward to the 2015 creative arts emmys. >> so there you have it. the emmy nominations for the 67th prime time emmy awards. let's talk about this, the field, the shows, the nominations. senior media correspondent brian stelter is here as well as with us cnn analyst and entertainment editor for the grio is chris witherspoon. i have my highlights but there's a lot in there. there are a lot of great shows. what are the highlights? >> also a lot of great snubs. the headline is diversity. the nominees reflecting the diversity of tv right now whether it's empire, blackish, american crime on abc. also the diversity of where shows are being produced, not just netflix. it's been nominated a couple years, house of cards famously won. now amazon joining the race. a place i buy my underwear now being nominated for underwear. >> tm i, brian. >> yeah, a little bit.
8:39 am
transparent. >> two nomnominations. >> i think diversity. this year is a banner year for diversity. i think it was back in january when we heard the oscar nominations, we were saying oscar is so white. that was the trend. now we're seeing this amazing number of african-american nominees and we have history that can be made if taraji p. henson or violet davis bring home the drama award, it would be the first time a black actress would win that award. >> it's amazing it hasn't happened. we kind of commented as some of the nominations were being announced, there are a lot of retirements or the ends of eras that are happening. "mad men," this is the last shot or jon hamm, if you will. >> he has to win it this year. >> seven nominations, no win. also "the daily show" up against "david letterman" power play. >> letterman having retired a few months ago and then fallon,
8:40 am
colbert, and kimmel. that's one heck of a race. i think the biggest snub "he were empire" not nominated. the biggest show on all of tv but it was not nominated -- >> and terrance howard. >> that's really striking. in the comedy category "modern family" has won for so many years it's kind of gotten boring. we have kimmie schmidt, veep, all nominated. some real contenders. >> the streaming shows are here. this is the third year we've kind -- >> not just "house of cards," it's "unbreakable kimmie schmidt" -- >> and they're transforming tvs and the narratives are so different. they're pushing the envelope from what you see on network tv. >> which is why people say it's a golden age for tv. >> before we let you go, this is tv related however having nothing to do with the emmys. there's news coming out just in the last hour about "19 kids and
8:41 am
counting" being canceled because of as we remember the child molestation allegations within the family. >> this story was so big in may and june. we were all shocked to hear about josh duggar and about the victims in this case. we know tlc will never resume production of the show, will not continue the show, but they are going to do a one-time special with two of the victims, two of the daughters in the duggar family. it will be a one-hour commercial-free documentary about the issue of child sexual abuse. tlc trying to do the right thing in this situation and highlight the issue and bring awareness of it. it will air sometime this fall. >> and letting those girls have their voices heard. that you have so much f-- thank much for coming in. coming up for us right now president obama is touring a federal prison, something no other sitting president has done before. this as former president bill clinton says his own decision as president made the prison system worse. plus, president also takes
8:42 am
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for a free quote today,call liberty mutual insurance at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. we have some breaking news coming in. there are reports of an active shooter in chattanooga, tennessee. police have shut down a highway nearby, a chattanooga school is in lockdown. the report says that about a half dozen shots in rapid succession have been heard in the area. we'll bring you an update. it says the active shooter
8:46 am
incident is at the naval reserve center in chattanooga, tennessee. obviously a lot more detail we need to get. the fire chief there is the one who is telling this information to cnn. we'll bring you much more on this as we get it. also happening for us at this moment, president obama is visiting the federal correctional institute el reno, a medium-security prison in oklahoma. he is the first sitting president to visit a federal prison. this comes as he wants to overhaul the criminal justice system and reduce sentence for nonviolent drug crimes. his visit comes as former president bill clinton has been out apologizing essentially for the crime bill that he signed into law back in 1994. you see video of it right there which bill clinton now says resulted in mass incarcerations. listen here. >> the president spoke a long time yesterday and very well about the criminal justice reform, and i appreciate what he
8:47 am
has done, but i want to say a few words about it. because i signed a bill that made the problem worse and i want to admit it. >> so interesting. let's discuss this more. let's bring in cnn political commentator paul bagala. important to this conversation is the fact that you worked for bill clinton. you're very close with bill clinton. what do you make of what president clinton is saying now? why come out now? what do you make of it? >> well, because now the conversation has shifted, and i just think it's a remarkable thing. it's very bill clinton. i can tell you, i'm very close to him, i love the guy, i traveled with him. he's the most open-minded grown-up i know. he really always wants to see evidence and examine basic principles. here is all of what he said and here is what happened with that bill. 1992, the year before he took office, we had terrible crime rate. 15 children every single day murdered in gun violence in
8:48 am
america. and sensible, sound social scientists like bill bennett were predicting the '90s would be the age of the super predator. so we passed this crime bill. it put 100,000 cops on the street in community policing. so cops are engaged in their neighborhoods instead of just being some outside occupying force. it included the brady bill which kept hundreds of thousands of felons from getting their hands on guns, and it also included a lot of mandatory minimum sentences. that's the piece of this president clinton is talking about. the crime bill worked. we have had violent crime drop every year since we passed it because more cops in the community means less crime. fewer guns in the hands of felons means less crime. but this mandatory minimum piece, it was wrong, it did not work. and as president clinton pointed out, it touched off a trend across the states where we incarcerate most of our people to impose these mandatory minimum sentences on nonviolent offenders. i think president clinton shows a lot of heart and brains by
8:49 am
saying that part of this is a mistake, we should re-examine it and president obama is really taken the lead as have been republicans. i'm a democrat. i usually bash republicans. my beloved state of texas, rick perry when he was governor he closed three prisons, including the prison in my hometown where i grew up. this is a bipartisan thing and i give republicans a lot of credit for leading on this and now president obama leading and president clinton having to admit that one piece of his very successful crime bill was part of the problem. it's a remarkable thing, kate. i give him a ton of credit. >> as you well point out, there are bipartisan efforts to kind of change the tide, if you will, with regard to these mandatory minimums and some of these nonviolent -- the sentence for the nonviolent drug crimes. hillary clinton has made this kind of reforming the criminal justice system a big staple of her campaign this time. she was though right beside bill clinton back in ape '94 pushingd for this bill. does this have anything to do with politics, the fact that bill clinton is talking about
8:50 am
it? >> it's the fact this is where the conversation has gone. the reform movement has i think persuaded him. i was advising the president and look back and think this piece of this was wrong but you have to do that. you know, nothing is ever perfect, and if i could give like the folks running the white house and the congress any advice, i'd if i could give the white house and the congress any advice, i wish i would have done this that says the only law we can't repeal is the law of unintended consequences. it did a lot of good. john lewis a living saint and he voted for that crime bill. certainly not racist. it was very effective and saved a lot of lives, but this piece of it for nonviolent drug offenders, it has touched so many lives in such a harmful way that i'm really glad that both parties are leading on trying to find unwind the pieces. >> bill clinton speaking out about it and president obama shining a lot on it and unusual because we have to point it out when a politician can admit that they did something wrong.
8:51 am
>> and lots of republicans. >> republicans are absolutely on this, as well. absolutely. bipartisan. rare. but existing in this regard, in this one place. paul, great to see you. thank you. >> thanks, kate. we're going to get back to our breaking news that we were just bringing you. more of our breaking news of reports of an active shooter in tennessee at a naval reserve center. still not a lot of information coming in. we're going to speak with someone that is nearby there to try to get some information on what is happening on the ground. we'll have that next. in a city and you need a last what to dominute hotel?stranded a priceline tonight only deal! stuck out on the range? nowhere to rest your beard? choose from thousands of hand-picked hotel deals at the very last minute.
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8:55 am
rblt . more breaking news to bring to you now. reports of a shooting at a naval reserve. police have shut down the highway and chattanooga state community college is in lock down right now. the report that we have seen says that about half dozen shots in rapid succession were heard in the area. a lot of detail we do not know. so, we want to be careful here. but we want to bring in gina mule on the phone with us from chattanooga, tennessee. gina, you are in the area and you heard all this play out and i want to know exactly what do you know and what are you hearing right now? >> i was at work just doing my normal duties to get the store open and i heard really loud noises. i couldn't even recognize that
8:56 am
it was gunshots at first until i came out of the kitchen and i'd seen the guy in his car. a silver mustang, a drop top and he had a high-power rifle and not simultaneously but it was pow, pow, pow. he was just firing shots right over here right next door to us and to the air force, navy and marine's office. i don't even know how many shots he fired but it was a lot. it was a lot. just back-to-back and people down the street said they'd seen him reload it. he reloaded several times. and then after he got done opening fire, he pulled out real quick. they said he didn't have a tag on his car or anything and then he headed, he pulled out of our parking lot and went towards the amicola center. >> so, gina, just to back up just one second. so, you saw this shooter? you saw him? you saw the gun? you saw him in his silver mustang, you say. >> i was standing right here and
8:57 am
i could have been only like ten feet away from him. i was right here at the restaurant looking through the window. >> did you see, you saw the shooting. was anyone shot, do you know? >> i'd seen a guy. i believe he got shot in the back of the leg over here by us. everybody is fine other than that. but, yeah, as far as any fatalities over here everybody is okay after the gunman pulled off, everybody ran in and everybody local over here at the offices ran in and making sure everybody was okay and i guess that's when we didn't see the emt or anything come until after the fact and got him. >> when did this happen? you said you were opening up the store. when did this happen? what time? >> 10:50. >> it just happened. what is happening right now? are police on the scene? >> right now we have several police officers out here. you know, it's been closed off and it's a crime scene investigation now. they have all their cups
8:58 am
everywhere where all the rounds and everything was. they've got the news people out here and it's a lot of commotion, really, going on. everybody is making sure family members and things are all right. >> does it seem chaotic. from what you told me the man drove off. does the scene seem chaotic or under control? >> i'm a nervous wreck in here and i have tables i need to wait on. i'm surprised we're still open. we have to continue on with what we're doing. everybody is just happy and we're thankful that no one got seriously hurt over here. i see these guys over here that come into the restaurant every day and eat and we became friend with them and we're just glad everybody is okay. >> let's talk about that. we were told that the active shooter, the shooting happened at the naval reserve center. what happens there? it seems like it is a navy,
8:59 am
marine support center. but what happens there? >> it's a recruiting office. >> recruiting office, okay. obviously, so -- >> they have like an army, national guard, air force, marines. all that right there together. >> just for our viewers know, we have a tweet coming from the chattanooga mayor, andy burke. we can put it up on the screen for you. horrific incident in our community, we will release details as they are confirmed. prayers to all of those affected. this, obviously, seems to be happening as we speak. what is in that neighborhood? you have your store, your restaurant, navy reserve center and what else is in that neighborhood? who lives nearby there? >> just a credit company here in the complex and a piano store and a mattress firm and that's about all. couple little integrity staff and service to get jobs. we're a fairly small complex. >> all right, gina mule, thank
9:00 am
you so much, gina, for getting on the phone with us. so our viewers know, just to reiterate. she witnessed what we are being told is an active shooter situation. a shooting incident at the navy reserve center in chattanooga, tennessee. as we heard from gina right there, she says she saw the shooter. she says it was a white male in a silver mustang who opened fire on this navy reserve center firing off multiple shots and others saw him reload and continue shooting and then, according to gina, this witness then sped off. we don't know the status of trying to track this person down or the status of any injuries or fatalities. much more to cover on this breaking news to come, thank you all so much. we'll be right back. breaking news i want to update you on what we are just learning. there is an ask shooter.


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