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tv   New Day Saturday  CNN  July 18, 2015 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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marines in chattanooga. why a friend of mohammad abdulazeez did it. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> good to have you along this morning. i'm victor blackwell. >> i'm christi paul. a wildfire jumps on to a california freeway. we want to show you some of the latest pictures we are getting into our newsroom right now. the scene as you can see there is very active. crews are battling into the early morning hours for them on the west coast. flames breaking out in san bernardino county yesterday, growing four times its size in less than an hour. just to give you some perspective there. in all, some 3,500 aercres are
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smoldering right now and new information about evacuations. i want to show you the scene from last night because this is what a lot of people cannot get out of their heads. those people running from their cars and they ran up the side of a mountain to get away from the flames. >> at first, it was a little, okay, it's going to take care of it and it will be put out, but then as it started to get closer and closer, we panicked and couldn't get out. >> we couldn't get out. it starred at that end and slowly moved forward and then it jumped a lane. >> reporter: paul is in san bernardino county this morning. paul, what is the latest there? >> reporter: you can see behind me the headlights are a great sign. that means this 15 freeway that goes to las vegas and on to salt lake city is reopened. it's down to a couple of lanes. but this is where those dramatic pictures unfolded yesterday when a brush fire, as you pointed out, jumped the freeway.
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cars were stopped because firefighters needed them to stop so they could fight the fire, but in a sense, that made the cars sitting ducks. once one caught fire, it was a domino effect. twenty vehicles in all and that includes a semi, a car carrier, and a boat burned up on the 15 freeway here in the cajon pass. after that, the fire then started racing toward the town of filan and that is where many homeowners decided to make their own stand. i spoke with one of them yesterday. >> i just -- basically, i just want to keep anything that is possible fuel, i want to keep water, just keep it wet and keep anything that might be a possible fuel for the fire, just keep it wet with whatever i have to attack the fire with, i just want to keep everything saturated. that's all that is in my mind right now. >> reporter: those homeowners and firefighters on the ground and in the air attacking that
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fire with water and a retardant. the good news, they say, so far they only have confirmed reports of four structures burned. they don't know if those are homes. they could just be out buildings, barn and that sort of thing. what is probably confusing a lot of other people, there is another smaller fire not too far from here. it's called the pine fire. it has burned 100 acres so far but it also caused 300 evacuations in a popular area called wrightwood. >> paul vercammen, thank you for the update. we are learning about the rampage that left four ma means dead in tennessee opinion electronics, including a cell phone and computer, belonging to mohammad ab dull zes and hedula do a crime lab.
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they are trying to figure out the motivate behind thursday's attack. right now focus so a trip he made to jordan last year. officials are trying to determine if he could have come into contact with extremists groups there. we are covering this story around the globe as only cnn can. nick paton walsh is live in a amman, jordan. but we start with sara ganin in chattanooga. >> reporter: we have been talking with people who might have come into contact with this person. we know the fbi is doing the same and talking to people who worked with him and people who owned gun ranges in that area to see if he was recognized practicing. also checking to see if he had lived in that area. we do know that in the days leading up to the shooting, he called in sick but this is not someone who had an online media presence and something the fbi often looks into when they are
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conducting these kind of investigates. also not on any terrorist watch list. we do know in the days leading up to this horrific event, he did not go to work. victor? cell phone video captures the intense gun battle between mohammad youssuf abdulazeez and chattanooga police. officials say the 24-year-old engineering graduate had a handgun and two long guns, including an ak-47 style rifle when police killed him on thursday and wearing a vest to carry extra ammunition. >> some of the weapons were purchased illegally and some of them may not have been. we will examine that. >> reporter: authorities are trying to figure out abdulazeez went on the killing spree that left four marines dead and three others wounded. was it a lone wolf attack or terrorism? >> we will continue to
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investigate it as an act of terrorism until the proof shows us otherwise. we will let the facts and the evidence lead us where it may. >> reporter: officials say there is nothing to connect the attacker to isis, a long time friend said abdulazeez changed spending time in jordan. something happened over there. he never came close to me like he did before he went overseas. the friend went on to say i'm sure he had something happen to him overseas. new details are emerging about abdulazeez's family and employment backed. in 2013 he worked as an engineer at a nuclear power plant in ohio and dismissed after ten days. his latest employer in franklin, tennessee, said he called in sick monday and tuesday and was scheduled to be off wednesday and thursday, the day of the massacre. meanwhile, his father was the
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subject of a post-9/11 fbi probe into donations he made to an overseas charity but never charged with a crime and then in 2019, abdulazeez's mother filed for divorce accusing the father to be physically abusive to her and her children. the case was dismissed. context is important. the case was dismissed after abdulazeez's father agreed to go to counseling. it alleges he not only abused his wife but also his children. the case was dismissed after that post-nuptial agreement. we head now to nick paton
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walsh who is in jordan. what do we know about the uncle this morning, anything? >> reporter: little, at this stage. that is a key focus of investigators right now. they are trying to determine who this man was. where he lives and who else, indeed, knew that abdulazeez could have spent time with in the months it's thought he was here. it wasn't his first trip. he came here numerous times on an american passport. the confusing issues of jordanian official believing he had a jordan passport common in palestinian refuge families and where his parents sprang from but perhaps that document may have been used to help him travel elsewhere and something to determine quickly. confusing the fact those different documents may have had slightly different names. and the family changed their names. he was born with a different name. a complex past that investigators have to trace down through here. but the question really will be did he meet people in jordan who
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assisted him on his past radicalization if the fbi determines his motivation sprang from. jordan not a place you would consider to be a hot bed of isis. radicals here but not prevalent in society and much of jordan is against isis deeply app after one of their pilots was burned brutally to his death in a video. alternative question did he come to jordan and use it as a hub syria in the north and extremists there or iraq to the east and maybe yemen where al qaeda and the arabian peninsula have trained many people to attack people in the west. we know the americans with working them. >> this is a joint effort and americans, is there any als- indication or any gauge as to how long it might take to get
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any of these answers? >> reporter: they will work as fast as they can. you hav to work back perhaps. and talk to people no longer around. it's an extraordinarily complex event. i think which the narrative of mohammad youssuf abdulazeez is is not easy. the confusing is when he returns from the middle east, then he is caught for a d urkdui this year. from the lifestyle. a complex task and increasingly i think we see for example the boston bombers spent time in southern russia the hot bed of islamist activity in that part of the world. we struggle to think specific moments where he met other radicals who may have assisted
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his travel that led to the boston attacks. it may simply be that he went there to try and pemeet people d have no luck. he would find success and meeting radicals that may have met him but investigators have to work it out. they will seek of a man who came here manhattan the wrong people and may be for the online world or his time in tennessee had a complicating factor and event too and perhaps the fact we are not dealing with particularly balanced personality by all accounts. back to you. >> nor any record of any social media presence as well makes it difficult. thank you for the update. hundreds of people filled the pews at interfaith vigils yesterday, remembering the four u.s. marines whose lives were stolen in this week's shooting rampage. the chattanooga mayor and tennessee governor and senator bob corker all speaking at the baptist church and calling for the community to stay strong and stand together and to answer
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hate with love. still to come this hour, we are learning more, filling out the biography of the shooter abdulazeez and the turmoil brewing in the home where he grew up. also the shooting prompting talks of security changes at military recruiting offices. what should we be telling the members of the armed services who need protection when they return home. plus, seven prison workers now charged in the escape of a drug kingpin. did the guards response time give el chapo a insurmountable head start? donald trump at it again. are his comments his political views or is this just entertainment? >> we don't like donald trump's tone! tone? no woned they ader you look at s dying in the polls. he doesn't like my tone! you've always wanted.
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i want to you listen to this pretty chilling warning after four marines were gunned down in chattanooga. this is the chairman of the homeland security talking about isis. >> they are permeating our society and this country through the internet. and through social media. and it's very, very difficult to stop it. >> very difficult to stop it. joining me now to discuss, lieutenant colonel bob maginnis with the pentagon and u.s. army and lieutenant cnolonecolonel. tell us about the statement we
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have heard from the representative mccall that we should expect to see more attacks like this? >> it's hard to know, victor. of course, the internet is all over. everybody is using it. the social media. we know isis is incredibly effective. you know, it's interesting, gener the general of the special operations command said about a month ago 90 different nations have sent fighters to iraq and syria. well, if you have that many people physically going there, then you have to, i think, include ration nationally there others in their home countries that have spun up as well. we don't know if this chattanooga shooter is in that particular subset. however, we have seen others. you know, the ft. hood shooting and so forth that have evidenced some sort of internet associated
4:18 am
jihadism. and that is they worrisome. for the homeland security chairman is correct and we know a third of all domestic terrorist activities over the last, oh, 13, 14 years, have been targeting military personnel or their installations, then we have a serious problem. >> let's talk about that in a mome moment. michael, pick up on the 90 countries sending forces to iraq and syria. we know the fight is not only in iraq and syria. most of the radicalization happens online or inside one's home. is there any plausible plan to get between isis and those who are radicalizing at home? no. i think it's very difficult to try and, you know, switch off the internet essentially which is what you'd have to do to stop this active -- >> the internet? there is no other option?
4:19 am
>> well, look. the way isis is thriving or the reason i should say that isis is thriving the geo politics of the reason have never been this bad, at least not in living memory, as far as can i tell. you mentioned 90 countries part after coalition were with isis. the way isis presents this is 90 countries led by the united states, the crusader united states, backed by the zionist jewish regime of israeli and backed by the so-called arab countries are at war with sunni muslims. this is their propaganda. people who turn on televisions, such as cnn and look at bombs being dropped in syria and iraq, they need not be a loess minimum. they ask themselves how come the nato or united states did not intervene to stop assad's regime when he was dropping barrels of bombs on sunnis. they look at the al maliki government the last decade and they see a creeping takeover of
4:20 am
the iraqi security force by shia iran and this drives them nuts! a collective nervous breakdown taking place. isis is pushing this narrative as hard as they can. in fact, i mean, this u.s./iran nuclear deal, i guarantee isis is rubbing its hands because this is exactly what they want to portray, the u.s. and arab countries in bed with the islamic republic of iran for the murder and dispossession of sunni muslims. >> i'm sure we will hear more that have in the debate happening in the congress. i need to jump in there because i need the lieutenant colonel to weigh in on one element specifically. we saw, just yesterday, on friday, oklahoma governor and jindal of louisiana sign orders that would allow military personnel at military facilities across the state to carry weapons and speaking specifically about these recruiting centers. is that the right way to go?
4:21 am
>> the chief of staff of the army said yesterday that that is probably not the way to go. but we clearly have to do an assessment of soft targets in this country. you know, someone wearing the uniform of the marine corps or the u.s. army is a target to someone who wants to make a statement against the united states government. a very visible statement and that is possibly what happened here in chattanooga. there are all sorts of low gistics issues or public safety issues that have to be considered. i think that we could probably increase our operational readiness and certainly operational security by providing certain personnel weapons to defend themselves, if we believe they are vulnerable. recruiting centers might be one of those or move the recruiting centers somewhere else where perhaps it's not as easily targeted as we found in chattanooga. >> moving them out of these
4:22 am
strip malls. i was there in tennessee. on the left a cell phone store and on the right an italian restaurant and the recruitment center was no more protected. thank you both so much. where is el chapo? a question, of course, mexican authorities are asking and authorities across the world. it's been a week since the mexican drug lord escaped from jail. this morning, new arrests connected to his escape. and we are getting a closer look at the tunnel that he used to break out. i mean, some of the details around this are really fascinating. plus, iran nucs deal faces an uphill battle in congress. we talked about it a moment ago. what president obama is doing to convince both parties to support the agreement. that's fast! plus, sensitivity to light and sound. excedrin migraine. wow, that was fast.
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so good to have you with us at 25 minutes past the hour right now. new this morning, president obama is speaking out on the iran deal in his weekly address making his was to why he believes the accord will work. listen to this. >> does this deal resolve all of the threats around to neighbors in the world? no. does it do more than anyone has done before to make sure iran does not obtain a nuclear weapon? yes. and that was our top priority from the start. that's why it's in everyone's best interests to make sure this deal hold, because without this deal, there would be no limits on iran's nuclear program. >> cnn's national correspondent sunlen is joining us now. walk us through what the
4:27 am
president said in his weekly address and good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. this was president obama trying to take his critics head on. the address was aimed at debunking the fierce criticism the administration has received over this deal, which there has been plenty of, both here on capitol hill and aboard. the president said there will be many what he called dishonest arguments about the deal and he predicted it will get overheated in the months ahead but the president says he is raeeds fea >> i make no apology for keeping this country safe and secure allow the hard work of diplomatdiploma diplomacy. >> reporter: members of the president's own party are skeptical of the deal, republican-controlled house have the votes already to pass a resolution of sapproval. this is one step towards
4:28 am
blocking the deal. here is what speaker boehner had to say this week. >> president obama says it's this deal or war. well, that's a false choice. the sanctions were working and bringing iran to its knees. and we are going to continue to review this, but we are going to fight a bad deal that is wrong for our national security and wrong for our country. >> reporter: the white house also needs to shore up support for this deal abroad. on sunday they are dispatching secretary of defense ash carter who will visit israeli and saudi arabia and jordan and key allies that the u.s. need to reassure about this deal. >> i know ayatollah spoke morning about the deal. what did he say? >> reporter: the most exhaustive comments that we have heard him say since this deal was reached, he said during that speech that iran will uphold its anti-american policies and he said, quote, our policies towards the arrogant government of the united states will not be changed at all.
4:29 am
certainly hard line view of this, but certainly one part of how it's going to play in iran. >> sunlen, good to see you this morning. thank you. the search continues this morning at a pretty heavy pace for el chapo, the drug lord for w who escaped from prison a week ago and no sign of him, but new information is surfacing about the days before his escape. plus we are learning more about the shooter who killed four marines in chattanooga. how friends say he changed when he returned home from a trip to the middle east. ♪ ♪ ♪
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breaking story in california. active scene in san bernardino as crews battle a rapidly spreading wildfire. this is 3,500 acres in size and only 5% contained so far. leading to this chaos yesterday is what really has a lot of people -- i mean, it's a breath taking picture and also horrif horrifying at the same time. , you kno hundreds of people running from the flames to get off this
4:34 am
highway. dozens of cars and four structures have been destroyed. thankfully, no injuries have been reported. we are being told parts of the highway are reopening now which is the good news. some minor injuries possibly reported here but that scene yesterday and late into the night last night was really frightening for those folks. in chattanooga, tennessee, people gathered to remember the four marines who were killed by mohammad abdulazeez. pastors and city leaders calling for the community to stay strong and to answer hate with love. the boston marathon bomber has been moved to super max. the nation's most secure federal prison. tsarnaev was sentenced to death in may for the boston marathon bombings and earlier held in a prison in florence, colorado. in the prison escape, one of the world's most notorious drug traffickers. seven people who worked in that prison has held joaquin el chapo
4:35 am
guzman has been charged with that jail break as mexican officials reveal on the night guzman escaped, it took 18 minutes for guards to get to his cell after they lost sight of him on the surveillance video. cnn's polo sandoval has the latest on the hunt for el chapo from mexico city. >> reporter: those charges are the first to be filed innings to the escape of walk seen "el chapo" guzman and this morning, mexican authorities may not be any closer to tracking him down. he could be anywhere, the reality is, possibly hiding in this city among its 22 million residents. mexico' most wanted man seemed to have escaped into air. he a week on the run. he is ruthless and cruel but he is also extremely street smart and cunning according to this woman. >> this guy is evil criminal!
4:36 am
a very primitive man! rape women who the women doesn't do what he says, that can kill people, kid, woman, men! this man is very bad! >> reporter: this a journalist and expert on the cartel problem plaguing her country and she lives with death threats that come with reporting and writing about guzman, a man whose power did not diminish behind prison walls. >> inside the jail, more than 900. with parishioners on your side, you're able to do anything. >> reporter: she says he bribed prison officials to facilitate his escape. a woman who won't tell me her name out of fear for her safety says she hopes security measures
4:37 am
at the prison would keep her loved one safe. she says her relative risked his life every time he went to work. several prison employees are arrested and they want to talk to people who visited guzman during his imprisonment. a state legislator here is one of them. sanchez did not respond to cnn's request for comment but she has taken to social media denying claims she knows guzman, let alone visited him in prison. sadly, corruption is part of the fabric of her company this woman says. >> the collusion create the corruption. el chapo is the best example how bad things are in mexico. >> reporter: his escape could carry serious implications for
4:38 am
the president of -- his administration's recent arrest of cartel figures are looked over despite that, he says el chapo will be captured. >> translator: i'm fully confident of the courage, bravery and determination of our armed forces and the police of the federal order to catch him just as we did last year. >> reporter: he has faith and trust in his government. many in mexico don't feel the same way. this morning, there is plenty of frustration here on the streets of mexico. many people here are asking why their government didn't do more to make sure that guzman remain behind bars. we are now learning that the latest request for extradition to the united states came two weeks before guzman crawled into that tunnel and made his daring escape. back to you. >> polo sandoval, thank you so much. a major part of this daring jail break was this mile long ventilated tunnel. earlier this week, cnn's nick is
4:39 am
a levalencia took us inside. >> reporter: this is the modified motorcycle that they showed us images before. it's on a track and rolls back and forth. buckets are left behind. look at this. left behind oxygen tanks as well in order for them to survive down here. the tunnel stretches for more than a mile. carved out earth here. this modified train track for that minimotorcycle, you see here, electricity lines. it's very difficult to breathe down here. a lot of dirt. dust. this here for the ventilation system. tight, tight space down here. this motorcycle was on a track here. this is the bike that el chapo used to ride out of the prison. still has gas in it. you can still smell the gas. it's overwhelming odor of gas in this tight space. it really is suffocating. >> gary, we have got with us
4:40 am
gary bierlee, a forensic expert in tunnel engineering. it is cartoonish simple and would be laughable, except we are talking about shorty guzman and we are talking about a jail escape. he just built a tunnel for his escape. how long do you think this would have taken to build? >> this tunnel was extremely difficult for several reasons, but i'm estimating it would have taken approximately two years to build this tunnel. and keep it a secret. the level of activity there that was taking place at the house had to be very carefully managed. >> you say the house. explain that for us because some people may not know that detail. >> well, apparently, they were working out of an abandoned house. i saw that on the video that you had shown earlier in the week. it looked like a house that was pretty well isolated and it would have been difficult to explain the level of activity that was taking place around
4:41 am
that house associated with this tunnel construction. >> so we have got this tunnel. it goes on for a mile. it's ventilated. i mean, this had to have taken, you say, two years. how many people? what is the crew that is required for something like this? >> well, each crew would have been probably about five people. there would have been a couple of guys at the face actually excavating the ground. but then all of that material has to be removed from the tunnel and removed from the house so there was probably -- i'm estimating there must have been at least 20 people associated with this tunnel construction at various times throughout the two years that it would have taken to build it. >> you're an expert in tunnels, a forensic engineer. it would take some expertise to be able to do this. this isn't just a couple of guys, saying, hey, we can dig out the boss. you'd have to find some people who spent time drawing up plans,
4:42 am
right? >> i don't think you need plans so much. i'm sure the cartels though, have groups of individuals that do tunnels. they have built hundreds of tunnels and they must have a whole qadry of individuals involved in this activity on a regular basis. these people are very dedicated. it's a very strenuous activity to be underground and excavating all of this dirt. i imagined there was about 4,000 tons of material that had to be removed from this tunnel and to do all of that by hand, you can imagine the exertion associated with that activity. so these guys are expert. they don't need plans. they just start from scratch and start excavating. >> by their definition, this worked. give us an idea if this had gone wrong. paint the picture. >> well, a couple of things could go wrong. if the tunnel collapsed, if they
4:43 am
weren't supporting it properly, that would have caused settlement or a sinkhole up at the surface which clearly would have been noticed. i think the most amazing aspect of the tunnel is that it came up inside this guy's shower stall. to tunnel underground for a mile and come up within a few inches, actually, a few feet of where you intended to be is absolutely amazing. the survey control for this was just extremely sophisticated. >> sophisticated is the right term for this. gary bierly, tunnel expert and forensic engineer. when we saw the video and we saw nick's report, we wanted to learn more about it. thank you so much for speaking bus this morning. if you at home want to join this conversation, give us your take. your thoughts on this now second sophisticated escape of el chapo. use the #newdaycnn. >> we would love to hear from you. let's talk about donald trump. controversial comments don't
4:44 am
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iowa caucuses are more than six months away, but in about two hours, every republican presidential candidate, except for jeb bush, will take center stage at the annual family leadership summit meeting in ames. and, of course, donald trump's attendance is getting a lot of attention. here is why. not just because he is donald trump but a new fox news poll
4:48 am
has the billionaire businessman leading by three points there. tlaets ta let's talk about this. april ryan is with us and she is the author of "the presidency in black and white. >> good to have you on the show. >> thank you. good to be here. >> let's talk about the new gop front-runner. is it because of his views or is it because people are showing up to watch the trump show? >> i think all of the above. there is a trump show and he knows how to play it and he knows how to brand himself very well. he it brand himself but sometimes he leaves a little bit of some tire tracks when he brands himself, you know? some of the divisive comments. is there a segment of america that believes in what he is saying, particularly when it comes to immigration but are we a nation in 2015 that is really ready for this kind of talk?
4:49 am
donald trump is a showman. he knows how to use his brand and make it work. and, right now, he it he is top of the polls because he has got the flash and saying things that some people want to hear. >> yeah. let's talk about jeb bush, because he has been attacking jeb bush. we have heard that for weeks now. bush's numbers are slipping. good or bad idea to skip the event this weekend in iowa? >> well, you know, his dad is not well so that is one thing. when it comes to family, i know the bush's are very close to family and their dad is not just a historical figure, but the father, the leader of that family. and they are probably rallying around right now. for jeb bush to miss that, it is a big event but he is dealing with his dad and his family issues right now. but you also have to look at this. we have two dynasty families that are in this race and they peaked very early. now have you the mavericks on the fringe that are really becoming the topic of discussion. but, you know, during this next
4:50 am
16, 18, and one thing that's really interesting to me is to see if jeb bush and hillary clinton can reclaim what they had a couple weeks ago before donald trump came in. >> earlier this week i was watching the news conference when you asked president obama about the dozens of rape allegations that had been brought against bill cosby. and if that presidential medal of freedom would be revoked. here's part of his response. >> if you give a woman or a man for that matter, without his or her knowledge, a drug and then have sex with that person without consent, that's rape. and i think this country, any civilized country, should have
4:51 am
no tolerance for rape. >> clarity there and i'm sure a lot of people appreciated that, but it is interesting that the president would have to face this because on election night in 2008, from no one other than karl rove, we heard there would be no obama family in the white house if not for the huxtables back in 2008. he said, we've had an african-american family on the air foin different forms when t cosby show was on, that was america's family. it wasn't a black family, it was america's family. >> it's -- karl rove is right. bill cosby did change the
4:52 am
mindset. he started to help change the mindset in this country. you know, as someone who grew up on cosby. and i remember when the cartoon "little bill" came out. i had my kids watch it. bill cosby changed the dynamic and the look of the american african-american family. many years ago we watched black expletive shows. shows where the african-american family was depicted on welfare in a junk yard or different places. and there are so many different components to the black family. when bill cosby came, not only that, but bill cosby promoted education. particularly hbcu's, historically black colleges and universities. i'm a proud graduate of one of those universities. and on "the cosby show" he would wear different hbcu pa
4:53 am
paraphernalia. bill cosby did change the look to of the african-american family. he helped change the dynamic, the visual of it. and people started embracing him a bit more. >> but the context now, unfortunately, from what we have learned has certainly changed. april run, we have to leave it there. the book is "the presidency in black and white." april ryan, thank you so much. >> thank you, victor. well, family members want answers about the death of sandra land. jailers say it was suicide but her family doesn't buy it. new details on this investigation and why now the fbi is getting involved. thaff at this beautiful resort . . . will stay with you forever. ♪ especially if you don't leave. ♪ you got it booking right. booking.yeah
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most people go to the golf course and say, oh, i'm going to have a relaxing time. but not so much for tiger woods at the bridgiis british open. >> no, he's 5 over, i don't know what that means, but i think i faked it pretty well. >> you did. kudos. >> yeah, so earlier this week tiger woods said he was not ready to retire because he didn't have an aarp card. well, aarp tweeted at him saying, it's better to be over 50 than it is to be over par. >> oh! >> tiger has to be under five of
4:58 am
the seven last holes. he hasn't won a major in seven years. if he misses the cut today, he'll miss the cut three out of four majors. we're getting responses from our friends at "new day," should tiger woods retire from golf and why? jay sovereison said, golf is a where you can be independently successful in your teens, 50s, et cetera. tiger will bounce back. and another viewer says, yes, he should. the longer he carries on the more he damages his image. denny says, no! it's way too early to talk retirement. even the greats have to endure some adversity at some point. and don ross says, tiger should retire and do charity golf schools around the country. timothy says, no, tiger woods shouldn't retire. they are coming in fast and furious. we love when you get involved with our show.
4:59 am
stay right here. we have a lot more going on this morning. >> and we are following a breaking news out of california. look at the pictures we are getting in here. new pictures are coming in of this rapidly spreading wildfire. do stay close. we are starting the new show at the top of the hour. everywhere you look, it strategy is now business strategy.? and a partnership with hp can help you accelerate down a path created by people, technology and ideas. to move your company from what it is now... to what it needs to become.
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