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tv   CNN Special Report  CNN  July 19, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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try to leave me, i will kill you. his character made him a true danger to everyone in his family. so it's not surprising that when anna gets to an age when she realizes she wants out of this relationship, the same threat will come true with her. >> for so long she knew this wasn't right but she stayed high lent. she didn't try to reach out for help. >> the legacy of family secrets dealing with incest, particularly when it starts at a very young age is that the child knows if they tell the truth and lydia was sick with cancer, she was in the hospital, anna's mom. do you want your mom to come home from the hospital and tell her that the man she loves will be forcing sex. she knows the family will be broken up. she will probably end up in foster care. she will lose her brother and everything. she makes her brother hugo keep the secret and over the years this just destroys the family. hugo suffers to this day.
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he kept the secret and now he blames himself. >> don't forget you can catch it yourself. the hunt with john walsh is tonight at 9 km eastern tonight on cnn. hello. you're in the cnn newsroom. thank you so much for being with me this weekend. glad to have you here. and we begin with sex, drugs, and payoffs for silence. admissions coming directly from comedian bill cosby in a deposition obtained by cnn that was taken ten years ago and stemming from a civil lawsuit filed by one of his accusers. cosby admits to sexual relationships with at least five women to using drugs in his pursuit and to hiding the affairs from his wife chl more
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than 25 women have come forward accusing cosby of sexual assault or rape. we did reach out to cosby's publicist following this deposition being revealed and that publicist has no comment at this time. want to bring in jean joining me with more. you have been continuing to go through the thousand page deposition. what more are you learning about this relationship cosby had? >> we're learning a lot more in regard to the relationship with constant, he said it was several years in duration and very much consensual. at one point he spoke with her mother and we knew about that ahead of time. that was part of a national enquirer article that she was jup set and all she wanted was an apology and in the national enquirer he said she wanted money which was not true. all the women that stood in line
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saying we are ready to come forward in this civil suit in 2005, they aren't mentioned in this deposition by name. and many of them he says he has no idea who they are. that he doesn't remember them at all and he doesn't remember what they did. a few of them he does remember. but here's a quote that's interesting about the quaaludes, the medication he admits that he got from a doctor. he said it was because he had a back issue and it was prescribed by the doctor over two to three years, the doctor is now dead. listen to this. he says this is the question, why didn't you ever take the quaaludes? because i used them. for what? the same as a person would say have a drink. you gave them to other people? yes did he know when he gave you those prescriptions that you had no intention of taking them? this is the doctor. yes. did you believe at the time that was illegal for you to dispense those drugs? yes. and you did it anyway is that
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correct? you have to answer yes or no. why do i have to answer that. it's obvious. i just finished telling you i gave them. you gave those drugs to other people knowing that it was -- at this point the attorney started saying that it wasn't rel vent but then the lawyer gets an answer and cosby says what was happening at that time was that was quaaludes happened to be the drug that kids, young people were using to party with and there were times when i wanted to have them just in case. he admits he was not using the quaaludes himself, but also his state of mind at least from this is he had them in case the girls wanted to party and they wanted to use them. there is nothing to say that he
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wanted to knock them out and have unconsensual sex. >> but he did previously say that that was his intention of obtaining the quaaludes so it almost sounds like he was contradicting himself in this deposition. >> because he wanted sex with women. >> he's describing having sex with women but he had it in case they wanted to party. >> we have casey jordan here with us as well. take us inside the mind ofses cosby. >> i think the most disturbing thing about all of these revelations is his attitude as he is talking about the fact that he got quaaludes with no intent of taking them himself and he doesn't seem to think there is anything wrong with that. even during this deposition that is ten years ago it's as if he has no idea, no clue whatsoever that this is considered wrong. the impaired women can't give consent. he's not up to date on this.
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i think what we learn most is the disinnocence of the warm reputation as a if i lan throw miss, all around nice guy and his character which is totally disturbing, unseemly and the guy of guy that makeous feel creepy. >> he's such a good actor on television that everybody thought that what you saw is what you get, who he is on tv is who he is in person. he took great efforts to try to portray himself that way. i want to bring in attorney and legal affairs commentator. do you think these new revelations strengthen the outstanding civil cases against cosby? >> i think they do. i think the women that have filed lawsuits have been waiting, chomping at the bit to get this information and we also know we're hearing from the prosecutor that was involved in the case ten year ace s ago, he
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made a statement that he is going to go through every page of that four-day deposition. he's looking to see if he can file purgery charges against bill cosby because he may have made false statements under oath. this deposition is going to be a bomb shell on many fronts. it could possibly lead to the criminal prosecution which we know bill cosby has been able to avoid because of the statute of limitations on the sexual assault claims. >> we hear what he says in this deposition and what he said under oath. why do you think that andrea chose to settle as opposed to moving further at trial? was there just not enough evidence? >> we have to keep in mind that there were two things happening. andrea did go to the prosecuting attorney and file a criminal complaint. the prosecutor determined that there wasn't enough evidence to move forward to actually prosecute bill cosby criminally.
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he then made that statement pubically. he moved forth with her civil lawsuits and they are about money. all you can recover are monetary damages. rarely are you going to get an admission of liability and there is no jail time. they are not the same criminal actions as a prosecution. by that prosecutor determining and declaring that he was not going to criminally prosecute bill cosby he couldn't take the fifth amendment in the civil deposition. now we have this 1100 page testimony that i think will be really important for the lawsuit and criminal prosecution. >> jean, bring us up to speed on the criminal case that is still ongoing in california. >> in los angeles it's a lapd, their police department is investigate i investigating. then it will go to the district attorney's office. we believe it's 2008 playboy
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mansion. she says she was touched by bill cosby without her consent, ending up with a bedroom without her clothes on. is it beyond the statute of limitations? she was 18 but her attorney tells me that it is within the statute of limitations they believe. is the evidence there? that's up to the lapd to do the investigation. >> do you think we will see criminal charges against cosby? >> i think that some very creative prosecutor is at this very moment trying to figure out how to make that happen. i know we have heard from the prosecutor in pennsylvania that he knew something had happened. he knew there had been inappropriate conduct but he didn't feel he had enough evidence. i think everyone has the sense that you can't have 40 plus women making the same allegations and there not be something there. to the extent there will be a prosecution or there could be a
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prosecution, i think this is the case where some prosecutor is going to try to make that case. >> finally and quickly, i talked to supporters of cosby prior to this deposition being revealed to the rest of the world and even after dozens of women had come forward with accusations and there were a lot of people who still didn't believe the accusations. is he untouchable to some degree? is his reputation still in tact? >> it will always be what it is and that's fine but his character is what's at stake here and what he does next is everything. he is an old man. does he actually want to go into the sunset with this hanging over his head or does he want to come clean, get up to speed on what consent is, apologize to these women and admit he was wrong. if he actually did that he could save his reputation because his character at this point is gone. chickens have come home to roost
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and he will never outlive this. >> thank you so much. we really appreciate all of that conversation. and up next we're going to talk with a woman who alleges she was raped by bill cosby. her reaction to what cosby admitted in the deposition. also a body turns up in demi moore's beverly hills swimming pool. details straight ahead. or a mouth breather. a mouth breather! well, put on a breathe right strip and shut your mouth. allergy medicines open your nose over time, but add a breathe right strip and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more. so you can breathe and sleep. add breathe right to your allergy medicine. shut your mouth and sleep right. breathe right and look for the calming scent of breathe right lavender in the sleep aisle.
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we return to our top story, allegations against comedian bill cosby. luring them with drugs and fame while hiding the affairs from his wife. his publicist says that he has no comment. i asked barbara bowman about how she felt hearing this news. >> it's classic narcissistic psychopathic behavior. it's the ego. it's the control and the d diabolical thinking and behaviors. it's classic and exactly what was perpetrated upon me. it's the smoke and mirrors. it's the reverse pointing the finger back at the victim, making us all wonder how did i just get raped? why did that just happen? to hear the words this morning,
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i, like everyone else, woke up and was blasted with the news. and i'm just die jegesting it a well. >> do you feel this is vindication of sorts? you didn't get a chance to testify because she eventually settled in the case. it's amazing. it's true vindication. and it is not just self-val self-validating exit opens the door for communication to educate and. of predatory behaviors. and bha happens is that socio-paths tend to not just try
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to divert the attention away from them as a way to protect them, but they have enablers and handlers and people and they manipulate everyone around them to make their predatory behaviors possible and, more over, they begin to believe the lies that they're telling everyone else so that when they are in a position of being under oath or under pressure they actually believe what they're saying when it is completely untrue. i never asked for drugs and i never asked for sex and i never asked to be put in that volat e volatile. and of course cosby has continued to deny all of the allegations against him. he has never faced criminal charges and in large part he has been very silent when it comes to this scandal that has surfaced and his image being tarnished now.
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being that family guy. why do you think it took this thousand page deposition for cosby's own words for this information to be taken seriously. >> well, we're dealing with a very psychotic mind. sick minds are not necessarily stupid minds. they actually, he was able to master mind decades of deception and deceit and manipulation. brain washing. control. dominance and fear and terror and fear into many people. there were cover-ups. . they did not have a very strong circle of enablers. .
4:19 pm
. wanting. >> they love this man. >> absolutely. that's true, too. it's very difficult to shift your paradigm. he shifted some cultural ideals and, you know, it is really crushing that, you know, we have generations of all different ages and races and all across the board that he really affected and really hurt. i don't believe in non-verbal cues. consent is not the absence of a
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no. when you're stuffing drugs or alcohol into a woman and then calling it sex it's diabolical and disgusting. it's unacceptable and it's rape. that's a crime. >> our thanks to barbara bowman. donald trump fires back at his critics. how he is responding to calls that he should apologize for what he said about senator john mccain. and why he says it's really mccain who should be apologizing. ranking from top to bottom. car company of the year? luxury cars just seem like they would be top awarded. yeah. there better be some awards behind what you are paying for right? the final answer. chevrolet is the most awarded car company of the year. really? i was just surprised. i'm interested to learn more about chevy. let's check out these 2015 chevy's. it's like a luxury car.
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> . >> donald trump is doubling down saying he does not owe john mccain an apology for mocking his war record. during an interview just this morning on abc's this week, trump refused to walk back his comment, suggesting that mccain was not a war hero because he was captured during the vietnam war. instead trump argues that mccain is the one who should apologize. >> when we had thousands and thousands of people in phoenix, arizona, and john, who by the way are devastated by illegal immigration, something i'm very proud to have brought to the forefront. we had thousands of people who are all crazies.
4:25 pm
frankly, i think he owes them an ap jazz. >> trump also said he would not let this controversy force him out of the 2016 race for president. republican strategist and cnn political reporter. i want to start with you. it seems trump is trying to deflect the questions by putting blame on mccain. do you think that's going to work for him? >> no. i think he has really stepped in it this time. there's a certain group of people in this country that you just don't ever mess with and that's our veterans. it was completely unness to go after him. >> it's because john mccain went after him first. it's part of the juvenile way that donald trump handles everything. he name calls and finger points.
4:26 pm
there are plenty of things to criticize jon mccain about. i'm not a fan of john mccains but one thing that is unmistakable is he is clearly a war hero. for six years he suffered. this man is an absolute war hero. >> that's correct. that's right. donald trump really owes everyone. >> name calling. i want to ask you about that. there was an interesting moment this morning when martha questioned trump about name calling and take a listen. >> there seems to be a pattern, mr. trump, when you're criticized or attacked you
4:27 pm
resort to name calling like dummy and loser and you demean some people's physical appearance. is that something you would continue doing if you were president. isn't that language beneath the office of president? >> when people attack me, i let them have it back. you say physical appearance, it's my hair but people are constantly attacking my hair. i don't see you coming to my defense. my hair is just fine but i don't see you coming to my defense but if i say something about somebody else, yesterday i mentioned somebody was saying mccain is a smart man. i said really he graduated last in his class, okay. people laughed when i said it. >> how tough is it for politicians to walk that fine line between being a straight talker and just being plain mean k4 ch is not so appealing. >> voters do like a straight talker and someone who doesn't seem like a politician who seems
4:28 pm
like they are telling the honest truth. this is a fine line. chris christie was supposed to be a straight talker but he started looking more like a bully than anything else. then he slipped up and made fun of the vice president immediately after his son died. this era that we're in is you can be a straight talker on a lot of different issues but it is a fine line. >> there is still that group that supports him. in fact, tar a, there was the chairman of veterans for a strong america who came to trump's defense saying mr. trump is a supporter of the u.s. military and of america's veterans. it's well known that he swings back. because trump is so consistent in that it seems like this individual is giving him a free pass. >> you know, look, there are
4:29 pm
people who find his straight talk refreshing but it's gone from refreshing to revolting. when you start attacking a war hero personally because you're in a back and forth, one is going to call one name and he called my people crazy so he's a dumby. it takes the dignity away from the office. i agree that donald trump is not fit to be commander in chief with this approach. because he was captured? is he going to say that to marcus, the navy seal who was the lone survivor? donald trump? he got four deferments. he didn't go to vietnam or serve this country. he said he would fix the va but he has not been in a position to do those things or serve this country and that bothers me. there's a certain amount of
4:30 pm
humility. he's a classic nors cyst and this is on full display with the way he has handled this whole thing. >> does this give us insight into what a trump presidency would be like? >> as much as you like someone who speaks to you honestly there is a certain decorum that someone would need to be president of the united states. people like him on a lot of different issues including immigration but a recent pole showed that they didn't think he would do well with dealing with other foreign governments and this may be an indication of why. they don't think he's -- as you
4:31 pm
have seen with barack obama that's a lot of what your presidency is, having to deal with people that you might prefer to not be dealing with. >> thank you both so much for your thoughts. it will be interesting to see the next polls. >> i guarantee he will lose some points on this. >> appreciate it. a competition cancelled after a couple of sharks get a little too close. you don't want to miss this video. shocking. it's what everybody's talking about. how one of the world's top surfers is doing now. if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla, apremilast. otezla is not an injection, or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. some people who took otezla saw 75% clearer skin after 4 months. and otezla's prescribing information has
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now to a grizzly discovery at the los angeles home of actress demi moore where the police say the body of a 21-year-old man was found in her swimming pool early this morning. officers questioned five people at the property and an investigation found that someone had been throwing a party at the home although at this point it's unclear who. the man's death has been ruled an accident. now to that shark attack that brought a major surfing competition to a standstill. cameras capturing what appeared to be at first two sharks colliding with champion surfer off the coast of south africa. this attack happening on live
4:36 pm
tv. let's give you another look at it. he only saw flashes of fins and he was knocked off of his board. he was dragged under water. he punched one of the sharks in the back to try to scare it away. >> i'm happy to not even compete ever again. to walk away from that, oh man. >> what's going through his mind right? paul, first, how is fanning doing? >> he's doing well. i talked to you for our commission commissioner he was also in the water. another surfer, and he's doing well. it's obviously a huge scare and we're just really happy that
4:37 pm
both came out of the water literally unscathed but it was a scary process without a doubt. >> i think everybody is counting blessings there. are you afraid this could affect the number of people who might want to compete in future events? >> we haven elite tour of athletes on the mens and women's side. we take preparations and we understand the risk. we go to places that certainly we have the greatest waves in the world but it comes with some danger. i think right now we're settling down, evaluating how we did on the management team on the water safety and emergency staff. >> south africa is known for having some of the most shark infested waters in the entire world. what types of preparations do you take going into that type of
4:38 pm
a situation? >> our water safety is the best in the world. they are trained rigorously for preparations around these things and not only there in south africa, but in western australia and ta hee tee and fiji and hawaii. it's a very unpredictable sport. i think that's what draws many athletes to it. we will continue to look at the video tape. see our response time and continue to be sure that we're doing a better job with education and technology in order for us to limit the risk that is inevitable for us to co-exist in the water with sharks. >> we do know that you cancelled the competition after the attack. what are the plans now? >> the plans are, from a competition standpoint, we basically split the prize money and split the points for those two athletes in the water.
4:39 pm
we quickly moved from a competitive environment to a family environment. we travel together and they are close to each other. watching that live on television it gives you pause. it's a brother of yours, a friend of yours. you know his family and all of the people in the water. you probably don't see knit clips that you have but julian wilson in the water with another elite athlete, he was paddling towards nick. you rarely know how you will respond to a burning building or explosion and we know what kind of a person julian is. nick was beating off the shark to survive. he paddled away and turned around and embraced round two with the shark in case the shark was after him and julian was sprint paddling to get to his friend to help him out. we had jet skis coming in.
4:40 pm
we had a photographer in the water who was telling them don't worry about me, go to mick. the collection of this brotherhood coming together and sisterhood that exists on the women's tour it was a tragic moment that luckily turned out okay. i am just really proud of the family and what our preparation provided us to realize and the fact that we got out of there without anybody being hurt. >> it could have been so much worse. this is getting so much attention because it was caught on video and it's so dramatic but how common is it for a shark attack at one of your surfing events. >> we're checking the research. there are sitings in the water and athletes may be confusing sharks with dolphins. as far as we can tell over the 40 year history of professional competition there has never been
4:41 pm
an attack in the water as far as we understand. we believe it is a real rare incident. we prepare for this all the time. you never know what will happen in the water. it's a beautiful and yet vicious place at the same time. we're happy that nick was able to get out and julian without any harm. >> we're so glad that ended well as well. appreciate it. >> really appreciate it. thank you so much. >> on to a tragedy, loved ones still trying to understand the loss of five service members gunned down in chattanooga. the investigation has now turned to jordan and they say he had everything and just blew it. this allergy season, will you be a sound sleeper, or a mouth breather. a mouth breather!
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loved ones are gathering in chattanooga today mourning the loss of the five service members killed this week. meanwhile we're learning that security officials are interviewing relatives in jordan where he visited several times
4:46 pm
in recent years. what are vettors looking at overseas? >> a source telling cnn that something changed when he returned from his last trip reportedly to visit an uncle. it was a project in 2006 that he got a producer credit for. he was in that project reading from a holy quran. it would be difficult to glean
4:47 pm
anything regarding his mind set regarding a video taken while he was in high school. >> we have learned officials talked to a friend who apparently got a text message from him just hours before the shooting. and looking that text message it is a quote from the holy islamic text attributed to the prophet mohamed. something very important to point out. investigators tell cnn that in the context of that conversation they don't see that quote as a specific forewarning or foreshadowing of the shooting that was to come. they say it's a smaller piece in a much bigger puzzle. >> the gunman's family here in the u.s. is also speaking out saying he suffered from depression. what else are say thai saying? >> they put out a statement earlier this morning aufrg
4:48 pm
sympathies and condolences. they say they are come plying with law enforcement doing anything they can to help in the investigation. this obviously is something that caught them off guard. >> it's just so sad all around. we see the memorial behind you. i know family members were out there today. what was it like? >> just an overwhelming showing of support. we have seen hundreds of people come by here. that sailor that was shot thursday and passed away early saturday morning passed by earlier today. sirens blaring and firefighters passing by. hundreds of motorcyclists and vehicles passing by trying to show support of the families of those affected. there are only about a dozen flags affected. people clearly wanting to show that they are offering support to the family of all the service
4:49 pm
members killed. >> all right. boris live tonight in tennessee. thank you so much. barbara walsh also spoke with the family members. >> one tennessee family's gunman, now scrutinize his end. palestinians who have seen decades of trauma in the shade hear words of comfort. a gathering because the death has left his father born and admired here without a male heir and without honor. >> the emotions on display here have nothing to do. they have showing solidarity. and in some ways this is a wake for that family's honor. >> most of the voices are stun
4:50 pm
ed not a relative speaks out. >> an angry reaction that is ruling in the western general. that supports bad regimes but this was a rare voice. his father's cousin wants americans grieving their loss to know their horror here, too. >> all of them see it as a good man. must have. >> this is a poster who adorned
4:51 pm
the streets. >> higher education. can work. he could live wherever he wanted. >> he came here once in 2005, age 15 for a week with his father to get his palestinian i.d. we're told by his father's other cousin. he looked like an american kid. if he played with other kids it wasn't that casual because he was really focused here with his father to get his palestinian i.d.
4:52 pm
it has changed so much he says. it's not religion. now a father cannot monitor what their son is doing on the internet. to a vil lanl that barely remembers the tennessee gunman. his twisted choice wrougt upon his family, too. >> we'll be right back. stay with us. different have to ria the chevrolet traverse has a 5-star overall vehicle score for safety. the honda pilot does not. which child goes in which vehicle? ♪
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the clock starts tomorrow for historic and highly contentious deal with iran this agreement was just sent to lawmakers today and defense sack tear has now arrived in israel. leaders there are furious. they say thisgreement could put them in danger. cnn takes a look at carter's strategy going in as he tries to mend fences with america's long-standing ally. >> this trip was planned before
4:57 pm
the nuclear deal was reached last week but the defense secretary telling reporters that of course during his talks with israel and other countries over the course of his trip, of course the nuclear agreement will come up in conversation. and he defended the deal saying that it will remove a critical element of danger and threat from the region. now during his trip he will have a meeting with israel prime minister, who has been one of the fiercest critics of the deal. >> if anyone thought that the sweeping concessions would bring about a change, they have received a decisive answer over the weekend from the aggressive speech. and they clearly say that they will continue their fight against the united states and its allies.
4:58 pm
>> he is not trying to change anyone's mind but he is expected to reinforce the shared secur y security. now the defense secretary won't be offering the billions of dollars in american made missiles and aircraft into the region has a form of reassuranc. the real fear of that region should be that you don't have a deal. >> thank you so much. you can get all the latest news at and using our mobile app. don't forget tonight "the hunt with john walsh," deadly lust. >> so i get a phone call. it was thomas's brother asking me if i was in the apartment. are the kids there. i say yeah, we're all here. i say what's going on?
4:59 pm
he said once you clear the kids from the apartment, call me. i spoke to him man to man what do you do? what did you do to her? and he started crying. >> thomas's brother told him that thomas told him that he had done something stupid and that they would find anna under some blankets. >> we're all there. just waiting for a phone call. not knowing that my sister was, you know, her body was right behind the sofa. i decided to call the police because there was no more point in waiting. >> back to back episodes of the hunt right after this and then
5:00 pm
at 10:00 it's death row series, murder in paris. hopefully your weekend was ending on a high note. have a great week. back in 1981, i had the american dream, the beautiful wife, the house in the suburbs, and a beautiful 6-year-old son. and one day i went to work, kissed my son good-bye and never saw him again. in two weeks, i became the parent of a murdered child, and i'll always be the parent of a murdered child. i still have the heartache. i still have the rage. i waited years for justice. i know what it's like to be there waiting for some answers. and over those years, i learned how to do one thing really well, and that's how to catch these bastards and bring them back to


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