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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  July 19, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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cision that i've made as governor. it was made after many days and nights of reflection and review. -- captions by vitac -- a history of drug abuse and mental illness. we are learning more details about the chattanooga gunman. banks have reopened in greece. a live report from athens is next. and a shark attack in south africa. a world champion surfer has to fight his way to safety. >> i'm paula newton. >> i'm errol barnett. this is "cnn newsroom."
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. >> we're learning new details about the 25-year-old man who went on a shooting rampage in tennessee last week killing four marines and a naval officer. >> according to a source close to the investigation, mohammad youssuf abdulazeez's family told investigators he has a history of mental illness, depression and drug abuse. they sent him to jordin on the get him away from the tennessee friends they thought were bad influences. >> this man appears by all accounts is suffering from a lot of demons so to speak, drug problems issues with keeping a job. issues with just basically performing everyday life functions and they've told investigators, the family has told investigators his history with him and his drug abuse and what was going on in his life
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leading up to the shooting. and now, they are going over that the investigators, you know what role that may have played in the shooting. it doesn't necessarily maybe give authorities, you know any motive but it does sort of help them paint a picture of what was going on in his mind for quite some time now and where he was mentally what he was feeling, what was going on in his life. i mean none of this is really going to explain right now why he did this. and again, you know most people feel -- most of the investigators certainly, the family now looking back now feels maybe something did happen along the way that did radicalize him but they have not seen anything. >> another angle to all of this is abdulazeez's trip to jordan last year. it's a major part of the
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investigation. jordanian officials have interviewed his family there. his friends noticed differences when he returned to tennessee. >> investigators are looking at a text message that abdulazeez sent to a friend that read in part whoever shows emanity to a friend of mine i have declared war against him. that was sent hours before abdulazeez opened fire at two military offices. meantime people have been paying their respects to a memorial that just keeps growing and key paying their respects at churches all over the city. >> the shooter, mohammad youssuf abdulazeez was a victim as well. and the reason he was a victim is because he was a victim of hate. a victim of hate.
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and that may be the worst kind of victim you can possibly be. >> days of grief there. >> indeed. also a parade of bikers as you see here paid tribute to the five men killed. borris sanchez has more including how one man's family is trying to cope. >> reporter: an emotional time here in chattanooga, the body of randall smith passed through here on sunday in front of supporters waving flags and offering condolences to the families of those affected. randall's mother was on hand here visibly emotional and overwhelmed when she saw a picture of her son in the memorial behind me. her name is paula. she is overwhelmed by the showing of support in chattanooga but she became distraught when i asked how the family was holding up. we are also hearing from the family of the shooter for the first time.
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mohammad youssuf abdulazeez's family putting out a statement offering sympathy's and condolences to the families affected and they say there are no words to describe our shock, horror and grief, the person who committed this horrible crime was not son we knew and loved. for many years our son suffered from depression. it grieves us beyond belief to know that his pain found its expression in this heinous act of violence. many are wondering if this is more than a jihadist mentality that led to the shooting but a mental illness that led to the shooting. another an system the impact of his actions that are stretching to the west bank where he has family. >> they are suffering the shame of what he did in the u.s. our nick paton walsh has more. >> reporter: with the tennessee gunman's family began in the
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hills of the west bank the men of this tiny village now scrutinize his end. they hear words of comfort. a gathering because the death of mohammad youssuf abdulazeez has left his father without a male heir and without honor. >> "t" emotions on display here have little to do with the loss of abdulazeez. they are showing solidarity for his father who is suffering the shame on the other side of the atlantic. most of the voices are stunned and angry at mohammad but one local, not a relative speaks out. >> i think what he did is an angry reaction to the regime that is ruling the west and america in general but it's this was a rare voice. his father's cousin want
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americans grieving their loss to know their horror here too. >> all the people who are talking with me are feeling very angry and very sad about this behavior. all of them say, youssuf was a good man. he -- >> it's okay. >> youssuf, as a man must have a good son. >> reporter: this village has had martyrs fighting the israelis whose posters adorned the street but this won't happen to mohammad who had everything but blew it. >> he had higher education. he had passport. can work. he can live where he want in all the world because of the usa
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passport. but this choice -- all of us can't know why? why he do that? >> reporter: mohammad came here once in 2005 age 15 for a week with his father to get his palestinian i.d. we're told by his father's other cousin. he looked like an american kid, he said didn't speak arabic. if he played with other kids it wasn't that casual as he was really focused here with his father to get his palestinian i.d. they were here during the uprising and you could be worried for lots of reasons not just the israeli army on the street and people being shot but also being outside playing, the sort of friends you could make. ten years later, the road to radicalization has changed so much, he says. it's not religion but the technological revolution of the internet that's created this.
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before people were looked over but now a father cannot monitor what their son's doing on the internet. one visit at a formative age to a village that barely remembers the tennessee gunman but now deals with the infamy and suffering his twisted choice wrought upon his family too. nick paton walsh, cnn. and to greece now where the banks are back in business. now they reopened their doors a little more than an hour ago. you are seeing live pictures right now. banks were shut down for three weeks in a move at staving off a collapse of the financial system. journalist elinda labropoulou joins us now with more. from the pictures we are looking at there there doesn't seem to be a sense of panic. how has the reopening of the banks been greeted in greece? >> reporter: it's a positive thing because the banks were
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closed for three weeks. we were outside this bank three weeks ago and the queues were forming back then as people were starting to panic and not knowing what's going to happen next. so the idea of the banks reopening although not many of the terms are changing. the capital controls are here to stay. but some of the services are starting to resume and with it a sense of stability which is really what the greek people needed more than anything else. during this time we have had a referendum the country has pushed close to a grexit an exit from the eurozone. and lot of political questions have risen as well. and this whole issue of political stability as well. so now people are responding to this as a positive a sign -- a first step towards some kind of recovery paula. >> a first step a tentative step. and we are not seeing a sense of panic in front of the banks and
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it might lend a sense of confidence but everyone there realizes it the austerity ahead of them. how is everyone in greece after everything they have been through, is there rage or have we gone to resignation now? >> reporter: it's a combination of a lot of things because it's a very complex situation. we are now looking at a third bailout for greece. this is a situation that has gone financeon for five years. their income has decreased. they have lost a quotearter of their overall quality of life. they feel the measures are too harsh but the majority seem to believe that a bad deal which is what they believe they got is better than a no deal. the latest poll over the weekend
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showed that 70% of greeks are still very positive and certain that they want to stay in the eurozone and the same percentage said that they are willing to do what it takes to do just that. but of course until we get to that point of stability and some kind of development for the country, the greeks are fully aware there are very hard time ahead. >> and extraordinary. when you look a little while ago when they had that referendum rejecting those same austerity proposals. in terms of what comes ahead, how much impetus is there to say that look we still have to stand by for that kind of a deal or this economy -- -- >> reporter: dead relief has been at the core of the negotiations between greece and its creditors and the first signs from the international
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monetary fund and the european central bank and from mrs. merkel herself saying there is a possibility that if these measures are voted in they are endorsed and they started to become implemented and the first positive assessment there could be a room for debt relief. this has gone down very well with the greeks. it is really the only thing that gives them some hope at the end of the tunnel rather than just following the austerity and recession cycle they have been in. they are hoping if these measures are implemented properly and followed through for a while there will be some kind of reward at the end of that. >> more tough times to come at the greek banks, thanks. u.s. secretary of defense ash carter is in israel the first stop on his trip through the middle east. >> he says his trip comes at an important moment because of the iran nuclear deal.
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>> this trip was planned before the nuclear deal with iran was reached last week but the defense secretary telling reporters that of course during his talks with israel and other countries over the course of his trip of course the nuclear agreement will come up in conversation and he defended the deal saying that it will remove a critical element of danger and threat from the region. during his trip he will have a meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. he's been one of the fiercest critics of the deal. here's what he had to say today. >> translator: if anyone thought that the sweeping concessions for iran would bring about a change in its policy they have received a decisive answer over the weekend in the aggressive and provocative speak of the ruler khamenei. they will use the hundreds of millions of dollars to arm their terror machine and continue their fight against the united
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states and its allies headed by israel. >> carter says he is expected to reinforce the shared security challenges that the u.s. and israel have and what the administration can do to bolster the cooperation on the threats in the region. the defense secretary won't be offering to pour billions of dollars of american-made missiles and aircraft into the region. but secretary of state john kerry she kerry appeared on all five sunday shows this weekend saying that the real fear of the region should be that you don't have a deal. it's been more than 50 years since cuba or the united states had embassies in each other's country but that has all changed. we'll bring you new details on this historic moment after this short break. an amazing escape from a shark. it happened on live tv. what a world champion surfer did
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we have this information into cnn in the past hour or so. police in afghanistan say a u.s. air strike has struck an afghan army outpost killing eight afghan soldiers. >> it was on monday morning local time. a u.s. army colonel says the incident is under investigation. we will bring you more information when we have it. the decades-long relationship between the united states and cuba is entering a new era. >> today the two countries restore full diplomatic relations, each opening embassies in the other's capital. patrick altman has more from havana. >> reporter: for decades when fidel castro wanted to rail against american policies he came here the u.s. interest section in havana. since ewecuba and the united states
11:21 pm
broke off relations this was considered swiss territory. the united states says it has more diplomats in havana than any other single country. the intersection has long acted as the front line in the u.s.-cuba conflict. the cuban government built this massive stadium to hold demonstrations against the united states. former u.s. diplomat vicky huddleston remembers seeing fidel castro leading demonstrations below her balcony. >> with a stone i could have thrown it and hit fidel. we have always been the best of enemies. there is always this relationship. there's a trust underlying. i'm not going to go out with my stone and throw it at fidel am i? >> reporter: james cason shocked the cubans by installing an
11:22 pm
electronic ticker on the top of the building in 2006. >> we decided we would talk over the heads of the regime by putting the moving billboard in the top floor inside our windows. >> reporter: cuban officials by putting up rows of flags to cover the american messages. eventually diplomacy won out and the flags and the ticker were taken down. there have been fewer demonstrations since fidel castro left power in 2006. and anti-u.s. propaganda signs have been removed. u.s. diplomats say they face less harassment but they are followed by cameras and guards around the building. the relationship may turn to the visitors to the island. >> we have many more american citizens coming to cuba and a
11:23 pm
small percentage have accidents and become injured or ill and look to the u.s. embassy to provide assistance and we will i believe, need additional full-time staff to deal with these challenges. >> reporter: new challenges for a new chapter in u.s.-cuban relations as the united states on monday for the first time in 54 years opens an embassy in havana. at least 43 civilians were killed and 100 injured when rebels bombed ayman. >> the city was supposedly liberated after fighting. houthi officials say the clashes are still ongoing. a much different style of story you could say here. a championship surfer fought off a shark attack during a
11:24 pm
competition on sunday in south africa. this was captured on television. >> this is enough to make sure my children never get in the ocean again. you can see mick fanning being rammed by the shark. he barely knew what hit him. we have more now on this absolutely epic tale. >> reporter: a professional suffer found himself competing for more than just points on sunday. australian mick fanning had to defend off a shark attack. a shark circling circles the champion and violently shoves him from his board. fanning was able to swim to a rescue jet ski and hoisted into a boat to safe unhurt by clearly shaken. >> i was sitting there about to start moving and i felt something grab like got stuck in my leg rope. and i instantly just -- just jumped like away.
11:25 pm
and then it just kept coming at my board and i was kicking and screaming. >> reporter: on land fellow surfers watched in disbelief. >> i'm like there is only one possible reason that would ever happen in a contest. someone got whacked by a shark. >> reporter: the organizers of the stop cancelled the rest of the competition. >> 30 minutes later, that shark was spotted again just down line up a little. not safe to send them back out. >> reporter: fanning and julian wilson agreed to both accept second place in the final, splitting the points and the prize money. but fanning leaves with more than that he has his life and an amazing story. >> and it would be an unbelievable story if we didn't have that story to watch but you saw him do what they suggest you do punch the shark and tightfight
11:26 pm
it off and hope for the best. >> how do you have that split-second decision. look at what we're watching. that video is making the rounds. terrifying stuff. >> staying out of the water for the time being. >> keeping the kids out of the water. >> still to come fifa's executive committee set to meet in an hour and a half from now. members are expected to set a day to elect the organization's next president and discuss reforms. we also expect to hear from fifa president sepp blatter. he was re-elected to a fifth term in may as the u.s. announced indictments in the corruption case. bill cosby admits to having affairs but says they were all consensual. and donald trump sparked a
11:27 pm
new political firestorm and has no apologies to offer either. details after this short break. ♪ color is a beautiful thing, i know, i know... ♪ ♪ color is a beautiful thing, i know, oh yes i know... ♪
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welcome back to our viewers in the u.s. and those tuned in from all around the world. i'm errol barnett. >> and i'm paula newton. >> a source says the family of family mohammad youssuf abdulazeez told investigators he abused drugs and had a history of mental illness. he was killed in a police shootout after opening fire on two military buildings. he murdered four u.s. marines
11:31 pm
and a petty officer. ash carter is in israel. he says that the trip comes at an important moment because of the iran nuclear deal. he plans to meet with prime minister benjamin netanyahu and the country's defense minister during this trip. banks in greece have opened their doors after a three-week shutdown. withdrawals are still limited to 420 euros, approximately 4$455 per week. cnn has obtained a sworn statement in which bill cosby admits to having sexual relationships with at least five women and giving them prescription drugs when they, quote, quote, partied. >> the 78-year-old entertainer discussed his philosophy on sex
11:32 pm
claiming he tried to avoid it because he didn't want women falling in love with him. one of the dozens of women who have accused cosby of sexual assault told cnn what she thought of the deposition. >> and it is not just self-validating but it validates everyone that is involved in this and opens the door for communication to educate and to you know make aware, of our younger people our children of predatory behaviors and the, duh owe, the psych pathic and sociopathic behaviors. socio socio sociopaths try to divert the attention away not to just protect them but they have enablers and handlers and people to manipulate the people around
11:33 pm
them to make their predatory behaviors possible and they believe the lies they tell everyone else. so when they are under oath or under pressure they believe what they are saying when it is completely untrue. i never asked for drugs and i never asked for sex and never asked to be put in that volatile and violating position ever. >> cosby has not been criminally charged and denies any wrong doing. cnn reached out to his camp about the deposition and they replied with a no comment. donald trump is refusing to apologize for another controversy. >> the u.s. republican presidential candidate questioned whether senator john mccain is really a war hero. reaction from his own party was swift and heated. >> it's offensive and
11:34 pm
ridiculous. >> reporter: candidate after candidate is piling criticism on donald trump after his remarks about senator john mccain. he is a war hero because he was captured. i like people who weren't captured. >> reporter: candidates from his own party pounced on the remarks. >> this is not just an insult to john mccain but to all p.o.w.s. >> reporter: rick perry questions trump's fitness to lead the nation. >> until mr. trump apologizes directly to john mccain and also to the veterans of this character i don't think he has the character of the temperament to hold the highest position in this country. >> reporter: he called into abc's "this week." >> do you owe him an apology? >> not at all.
11:35 pm
>> reporter: and he is says she a angry at senator mccain. >> i had thousands of people in phoenix, arizona talking about the whole horrible situation with illegal immigration. thousands and thousands of people and he called them crazies. he insulted them and i insulted back. >> reporter: trump says that mccain has not done enough for the country's veterans. mccain's camp has no comment on the remarks. does this controversy reshape the republican contest? trump has been a front-runner in the polls but this could of course knock him out of the top spot. one of trump's harshest critics will be speaking today. jeb bush. >> also marco rubio is heading to new hampshire and he called the remarks on mccain, absurd
11:36 pm
offensive and ridiculous. chris christie will be in south carolina. bernie sanders is facing an uphill battle to get african-american support. nigerian president is set to meet with u.s. president barack obama today at the white house. mr. buhari arrived on sunday. >> he defeated president goodluck jonathan's in an election in april. he is expecting to seek assistance to fight boko haram in west africa. heavy rain is take its toll in india. the river ganges is rising. the town is a center for hindus who bathe in the river. >> many cities and central
11:37 pm
states are flooding. wear rushed into homes and other buildings. roads, bridges and railroad tracks were damaged. they had all that terrible heat and waiting for the rains but obviously not in this way. thousands of children forced into prostitution in the united states. we'll look at why this crisis is especially bad in atlanta and hear from several activists. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes,
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. welcome back. there are tens of thousands of human trafficking victims in america and the majority of them are children. the cnn freedom project partnered with actress jada
11:41 pm
pinkett smith. >> in a documentary "children for sale" she discovers why atlanta is becoming a breeding ground for predators. >> when my daughter was 11 she came to me and she said mommy did you know there were girls that were being sold for sex that are my age in this country? and i was like i think there's a mistake. that doesn't happen here. after that it was just -- i remember i was stuck to the computer for days. story after story after story, and i couldn't believe that i didn't know. dahlia dahlia raysine knows. >> would you say there is a difference between prostitution and trafficking?
11:42 pm
>> trafficking is the manufacturing of children for the sex trade. they are just getting sold and passed on from one exploiter to the other. and a lot of times it's because they don't know a life after this. >> those exploiters can come from anywhere. is there such thing as trafficking occurring in airports? >> is it the world's busiest airports which lends to us being one of the hubs. that man can get on that computer anonymously, say i'm coming in to go have sex with this child. he'll fly in on a 3:00 flight meet the child at 6:00 and be gone on the 8:00. how are we to ever find them? how are we to ever know who they are? >> earlier we spoke with lisa c. williams whose work is featured
11:43 pm
in the documentary. >> she is the founder and ceo of circle of friends and the living waters program which provide a safe place for victims of sex trafficking. >> how pervasive is this child sex trafficking problem in this country? >> well i think you judge the size by the demand. and there is a great demand for children under the age of 18. and you can go online and purchase a child in three minutes. you choose what color hair you want what eye color, how tall the weight and that child is brought to you. and so anyone who feels a sense of entitlement can do that. and quite often, that is what we see. most of our girls being bought over the internet. >> most of the transactions happen online but it's what i learned is that they are physically being accosted and abducted from shopping malls in atlanta? >> some are. i talked about the 14-year-old
11:44 pm
girl who out of henry county who was taken because she was at a mall and she was having a conversation with a guy and he wanted her to get in the car and further that conversation. when she went around the car that's when that trunk was popped and she was forced inside it and she was taken to florida and i got her three months after this incident. and we had a baby out of fulton county like. that and while that is not the norm we saw that happening so we started to alert teenagers to that trend. >> this young girl taken to florida how did she rescued? >> she escaped. >> she escaped. >> when their guard was done she escaped and got on a bus and back to atlanta. the courts called me and asked for a safe refuge with us. >> tell me about your organization and how many young girls and boys we are also
11:45 pm
talking about, you have been able to rescue out of these situations. >> none of the boys come to our safe home. the safe home is for girls but we have had the opportunity to help spare the lives of 12 boys and 120 girls. the majority of girls are girls from georgia but we have rescued girls from california kentucky florida, new york new jersey as well. the fbi have brought girls from different places to our facility. >> in that clip you hear the woman interviewed by jada giving -- differentiating between prostitution and sex trafficking. and some of these victims who are sold in these underground rings have been arrested and charged with prostitution. explain how that happens. they are victims, correct? >> first of all you have to understand that. we got involved in this eight years ago with children because
11:46 pm
a 10-year-old girl was arrested and charged with the act of prostitution. there is no way you can assume that a 10-year-old decided to sell herself and the people who abducted her walked away freely. >> with the airing of this documentary, what do you hope to achieve? >> i hope we will achieve to do something to prevent this. secondly we must hold those accountable and we must prosecute them and why is there a demand? when we look at those questions we look at our homes and places of worship and the places that we work. and we have to turn in these predators. >> it is shocking but we commend you for the work you are doing and wish you all the luck. thank you for joining us. best of luck. thank you. >> there is so much important
11:47 pm
work being done. tune in later this week for the cnn freedom project documentary "children for sale: the fight to end human trafficking" premares at 8:00 only here on cnn. and we'll be back with more of the world's biggest stories after this. crest pro-health mouthwash. go pro with 8:00 only here on cnn. and we'll be back with more of the world's biggest stories after this. at 8:00 only here on cnn. and we'll be back with more of the world's biggest stories after this. rms without the burn of alcohol. so you move to a healthier mouth from day one. the keys to this home belong to mark and alissa anderson. they bought the place four months ago on what was arguably the scariest day of their lives. neither has any idea what the future holds for them. but they bought into a 30-year mortgage anyway. that was bold. they must really believe in themselves. buy in. quickenloans/home buy. refi. power.
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the winner of the 2015 british open is? we don't know yet. weather is to blame to delay the tournament. >> sure blame the weather. we want to talk about the leader board and we can. one golfer is in a three-way tie for the lead. he is a 22-year-old amateur but not the 21-year-old favorite who is now chasing history. alex thomas reports. >> reporter: the extreme wind and rain which caused britain's open golf championship to go to a monday finish for the second time in its 155-year history has given way to a birdie avalanche in perfect scoring conditions
11:52 pm
and this tournament is thrills after the third round and also the tale of two young man, one jordan spieth that we knew about. and a former university of alabama college player. no one expected him to be a joint leader at 12 under par with one round to go. one stroke behind them is jordan spieth the 21-year-old who won the masters and u.s. open this year and bidding to be the first since ben hogan, a legend of the game to win the year's opening three-major champions. others have tried a failed to do that. if he manages it he could go on for a historic grand slam of all
11:53 pm
four majors but he has a round to go. what about dustin johnson? he is almost out of contention. from st. andrews in scotland this is alex thomas for cnn. myself and paula newt reasonon are joined by our meteorologist derek van dam. there was some kind of bridge collapse in the past few hours. >> interstate 10 between los angeles and phoenix. look at this video. terrifying video. one vehicle went over the side when the bridge gave out. bystanders used straps from their trucks to secure the video ek to -- truck to the side. pieces of asphalt and debris were falling from the road as the torrent of water started to erode the particular area there
11:54 pm
including the bridge. eastbound completely closed. westbound is as far as i know still open. here is the side angle of what happened there. you can see how terrifying that moment was. the extraction of the driver was successful. they took him to a hospital. he sustained injuries from this terrifying incident and it's all tanks to the remnants of tropical storm dolores and that continues to spin just to the south of los angeles and san diego. and we have had over 50 flood reports in this region from los angeles to san diego and if you get in even closer. this is a rainfall estimate for the past 48 hours. here is interstate 10. riverside and palm springs. this is the location where the collapse took place. and that area received between 2 and 4 inches of rain in a short period of time.
11:55 pm
it's easy for flooding to occur in desert conditions because the ground is so dry and the rain does not absorb into the ground and rushes down stream. and this video out of wisconsin outside of milwaukee. this is a hot air balloon event and this balloon was taken by a gust of wind and it was tethered to an suv. >> was anyone inside? >> there was an injury in the tents there. stressful moments. no fatalities, one person was rushed to the hospital. >> thanks very much we'll see you next hour. rocker phil rudd was back in court mont. the ac/dc drummer was charged
11:56 pm
with breaching his home detention conditions. >> rudd did not enter a plea to the charge and was released on bail. finally, beach goers in wildwood new jersey got a treat on the shore. check out these trick basketball shots. >> including a no-look over the head shot from a life guard station and a long distance shot from the top of a water slide. considering the weather conditions were pretty windy in get this the garden state. >> he didn't seem very amused. i do this all the time. >> love those guys. you have been watching "cnn newsroom," i'm paula newton. >> i'm errol barnett. we'll be back next hour with a new edition of "cnn newsroom."
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