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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  July 20, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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more calls for donald trump to back out of the 2016 race, but new polls show he's in the lead. washington and havana officially restart diplomacy after 54 years. welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. i'm zain asher. >> great to have you with us i'm john vause, this is "cnn
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newsroom". we will get to all those stories in just a moment but we are still waiting for a news conference in sydney australia where mick fanning, the professional surfer who survived that shark attack live on television and his good friend and kpetscompetitor are expected to make some comments. as soon as that news conference gets under way we will bring it to you. >> initially he said he would be happy not to surf again, now he says he's ready to get back into the water. >> of course he wants to hug his mom. >> yes, who watched the whole thing unfold live on television. we go to the united states where politics are rarely dull especially when you have a billionaire in the mix. >> donald trump is leading. but some of the polling was done
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after the controversial remarks where he said john mccain was not a war hero because he was captured during the vietnam wash. >> according to monday's washington post poll 24% of those surveyed support trump. lindsey graham says trump's remarks were offensive. >> he's becoming a jackass at a time when we need to have a serious debate about the future of the party and the country. >> other republican candidates and mccain's son are jumping to his defense. >> jeff zel anyknee has more. >> reporter: donald trump is overtaking the republican presidential race. for that and everything else, he makes no apologies.
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>> i'm not a fan of john mccain. he's not a . >> reporter: he questioned whether john mccain was a war hero. >> he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured, okay? i hate to tell you. >> reporter: jack mccain, the senator's son and a navy pilot tweeted, there are lines you do not cross. trump crossed one. he told cnn trump. >> nothing in politics is disqualifying. >> reporter: even this? >> even this. i hope his personality has shown through, that whether it was an offhanded comment or not, if that's his true belief there needs to be some soul searching as to whether he's a viable
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candidate for president. >> reporter: senator mccain himself took the high road. >> i think he may owe an apology to the families and of those who sacrificed in conflict and those who have undergone the prison experience in serving their country. >> he lost. he let us down. >> reporter: most republicans piled on trump and rallied to mccain's defense. >> this is a legitimate hero that has served his country in lots of ways and mr. trump knows that. he should just apologize. >> it's not just absurd, it's offensive and ridiculous and i do think it is a disqualifier as commander in chief. >> reporter: but one candidate didn't join in. ted cruz who visited trump last week blamed the media. >> i know people in the press love to see republican on republican violence. you want me to say something bad about trump i'm not going to do
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it. >> reporter: voters we talked to were decidedly mixed. >> he's not qualified to be president and his candidacy is really all about donald. ? yes, he's fit to be president he just needs to watch what he's saying. >> reporter: the views of the voters are clearly mixed. a segment of the population is angry and wants someone far from politics as usual. and that's what trump is giving them over and over more defiance that's dividing the gop. >> now senator john mccain says he doesn't want an apology but that trump should actually apologize to war veterans. meanwhile, trump has insisted he has nothing to apologize for and that he clearly said mccain was a war hero. listen to what he told fox news. >> i want you to be honest. you do think john mccain is a hero. i know you do. >> i do. and by the way i said it. i actually said it four times, and i said it immediately after i went on stage because i was
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asked that question. >> the des moines register in the key state of iowa wants trump to drop out of the presidential race. they called him a feckless blow hard and trump has proven himself not only unfit to hold office but unfit to stand on the same stage as his republican opponents. the best way donald trump can serve his country is by apologizing to mccain and terminate being this ill-conceived campaign. well the u.s. and cuba have officially reestablished diplomatic ties thawing 54 years of animosity and distrust. the cuban flag was raised in washington on monday. >> and kerry welcomed what he called quote, a new beginning. in havana the u.s. embassy was also reopened.
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kerry will formally raise the american flag when he travels to havana in august. >> the reestablishment comes after 54 years of lingering ill will and mistrust but the president saying it's time to leave that behind. we're joined from boss technology by boston. >> i'm a believer that the more interaction between our two countries, the more political space will be created. my first visit to cuba was in 1979 when the soviet union was hear. since then canadians, europeans and everyone else have descended on the island. i think there's more litpolitical
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space there now than there was in 1979. >> a lot of cubans that were opposed to this is they've told me once the embassies are open the bands have played, the flags are up they will leave it at that no longer pressuring the castro brothers to open up and lift up on some of the oppression. >> i would argue that our policy has been a miserable failure and has made no difference in cuba i would argue that having normal normalized relations, our concerns about human rights or drug interdiction having a direct contact with the government having normal diplomatic relations, i think is a positive thing, especially for human rights. >> in terms of the american embargo, isn't it true that that really isn't responsible for keeping cuba closed off to the rest of the world. you said they don't have internet access because the government won't allow
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international telecom companies to provide it. it's a police state. >> i'm not here to defend the cuban government but to defend the idea that increased relations between our two countries is good for opening up political space good for human rights and good for a whole bunch of things. i think for the past 50 years our policy in many respects has enabled the hardliners in cuba to be able to maintain oppressive policies. i look at this as opening things up, and the interaction of the canadians and europeans and so many others. even the pope would tell you that things, that the embargo has been a miserable failure. there's more political space in terms of religion today than there was before. so quinn increasing relations is a good thing, and i think it will help the cause of human rights. >> i think the logic is sound that communist dictator ships or regimes that are opened up to
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the world change in some ways. but that change is often incredibly slow. so what sort of time frame do you put on all this? >> i wish i could stand my fingers and all over the world there would be no more human rights violations. but i know that's not realist particular. i do believe that increased relations will help pave the way for more political space and i believe for more voices to be heard. right now our policy even revibts u.s. citizens from traveling to the island. we're the country that is supposed to stand up for freedom, and yet we restrict our own people mr. traveling to cuba so i think tear down these walls. i believe that the american people can do more to help encourage the values that we care about than all the hard-line speeches given in the united states congress. i believe that american businesses can play a positive role in opening things up. the spat us quo status quo, what we have done for 50 years has been a
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miserable failure. it is time to leave the cold war behind and move ahead with a more mature and constructive policy. >> thank you for being with us. >> happy to be with you. >> later this hour we will hear from a cuban blogger, an activist and author. he was among dozens of protesters at the reopening ceremony in washington. the u.n. security council has voted unanimously to approve the iranian deal. germany has already taken steps to revise its once close trading relationship with iran but the u.s. congress has not approved the agreement. the european union signed off on the deal on monday but it's still not clear how iran's supreme leader will weigh in israel is outraged.
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they are worried this will lead to more funding for iranian groups which target israel. turkey says they will beef up their borders. >> we are about to show you video of an attack but we want to warn you that it is graphic and disturbing, but we are showing it to demonstrate the inhumanity and the horror of the bombing. [ chanting ] >> 31 people were killed in that explosion, 100 more were wounded. and the prime minister blamed isis. >> translator: measures on our border with syria will continue and will be increased. but our citizens should consider that countries experiencing tension, instability and clashes in the region could turn out to
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affect turkey's inner peace. >> now the blast happened near the syrian border. most of the victims were university students planning a humanitarian trip into syria. we'll take a short break here on "cnn newsroom." when we come back bill cosby's extramarital activities and in his own words. we have his deposition. plus chinese authorities arrest a top aide to a president. .with that bloated belly. you got gas. i can see it and i know you feel it. get gas-x. it relieves bloating in minutes. plus that uncomfortable pressure. no wonder it's the #1 gas relief brand.
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you can keep struggling to get everyone in your shot. or, you can change the way you take selfies. the samsung galaxy s6 and s6 edge with a wide-angle and high-res selfie camera. welcome back, everybody, the news conference with mick fanning has begun. this is their first news conference back in australia since arriving just a short time ago from south africa. >> and fanning escaped with nothing but a severed leash on his surfboard. he has said despite all of that he is willing to go back in there and surf again.
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>> ronnie blakely who is speaking let's listen to what he has to say. >> and was actually helping coach him through the contest. it's a pretty unique situation there. so a lot of respect for julian for mick. that just made the whole situation even worse. but julian i'll start with you, just quickly. firstly, mick fanning, what does he mean to you, and what did it mean to you to be in that situation and what were you thinking? >> at first, i was frozen. mick was looking at me. big old fish popped up behind him. it was a lot bigger than him. and i froze. honestly froze. and saw him start to get kind of manhandled by the shark. and i was kind of freakin' out. i wasn't moving.
10:19 pm
i was kind of weighing out the situation, what was going on, and he was getting wrestled off his board and a wave came between us, and i just started paddling to him fearing for his life. and i came over the wave and i was like just kind of praying that he was going to be there and not under water, and there wasn't blood everywhere and just worst-case scenario that you see in your head and obviously seeing what i saw before the wave came over us. but he was away from his board. the shark had kind of bitten through his leg rope. and the board was like 15 20 meters away in him. and then i just went into straight panic mode, like he doesn't know. he's just a sitting duck now. you know and i felt like i had my board still and if i could just get to him, and i was, just felt like i wasn't moving at all. and i just and i felt like i
10:20 pm
couldn't get there in time and i was just waiting for him to kind of get manhandled again from beneath, you know, like what i was seeing when he was on his board, and i was just praying that i wasn't going to see that same thing. and even seeing him just disappear under water, and i was just kind of thinking that maybe by the time i got there that i'd be swimming down to find him or something, like i was just, it was such a hard horrific feeling. but, you know, obviously, that's all i could do in that moment. and i was just so i was just fearing that i wasn't going to be there in time. and i also felt like i couldn't see the shark. so i also felt like at any chance it could come up on my left side you know from the angle that mick started on and you know having got me as well. but i just wanted to try and get my board to mick and if he was wrestling it or whatever,
10:21 pm
because he's turned around, waiting for the thing to come up for him. and if i could get there with my board, i had a weapon and i had some sort of something that could help. and yeah i don't know how he got on those skis and -- i didn't know until we got on the boat that all limbs are in tact and he was fine. it was somewhat of a miracle, for sure. still really can't believe it at all. >> obviously, we spoke directly after the incident, you had a bit of time to regroup. and i think for everyone there, there was obviously initially that relief, and then just the gravity of the situation, and just how intense it was for you really came out when we spoke on the broadcast, and i just wanted you to get, again, touch on mick as a person and why it meant so much to you. >> for sure, i think with mick
10:22 pm
being out there in the water was not even, for sure when it first happened i was frozen. i wasn't expecting that. it was the furthest thing from my mind. but as soon as i realized the danger and what was going on i couldn't you know obviously i couldn't get there quick enough. he's an amazing human being and he's a great friend and a great role model. and like i said i was just so panicked that i wasn't getting there in time for him. and i felt like i had to hold it together for mick. we got on the boat and kind of celebrating and touched the sand, and we were kind of like you know adrenaline was still flowing through us and kind of high-fiving and hugging and, you know and then we got in the car and they brought us back to the contest, and a bunch of our friends and mick's close friends were there, and the emotions started flowing and mick, you know the tears started coming out, and i was still all right.
10:23 pm
i feel like i kind of had to be strong at the moment. and we got back to the contest. and it was all you know everyone was emotional, like everybody working on the contest, everybody watching what went down. everybody was crying. it was really an emotional scene. and yeah. and then once mick had done his interview with you and left kind of left the beach and all of a sudden i kind of and you asked me a question i decided to replay what happened in my head and i couldn't even talk, and i think it's going to be hard for a little while. but just really really happy that he's sittin' right there, and we just flew back and he's happy, you know healthy ready to go and all good. >> michael? mate? i just i think that everyone here just initially wants to
10:24 pm
hear from your own mouth that you're doing okay. >> yeah. >> so how are you? ? yeah >> yeah i'm doing okay. it sort of goes through waves and hearing julian recount it and bringing up messages, it was so close. i'm doing okay i haven't got a scratch on me or yeah. it's just sort of more of an emotional, mental sort of trauma right now. and it will probably take i don't know, couple weeks months, i don't know how long it's going to take but i'm just lucky. i've got really good people around me and great friends to, yeah just pick me up. >> pretty unique situation. and we all know exactly what happened. but what what did you experience that the cameras didn't catch from your position in the lineup julian has just
10:25 pm
ridden the first wave of the final, surfed it reasonably well. you're are're waiting for a wave then what? >> i was ready. i was calm and we're there for the final. and the last thing on my mind was, you know having a shark. but yeah it was sort of like i was sitting there, and i didn't know if i was going to move down the point and be closer to jules or just sit where i was, but i felt like i was just about to start moving towards him. and then all of a sudden i just felt something, you know just a presence or something behind me. and that's when i sort of jumped on my board. and then it just sort of just came up and went for the tail of my board. but i don't know. i don't know why, why it didn't bite or whatever. my board's fine too. yeah, it just kept, like coming
10:26 pm
back and just, you know, i was on top of it, trying to put my board in between us. and then, and then, yeah, i guess you saw that footage before the wave went and as the wave went, it my board was sort of off, and i was trying to get to my board. then all of a sudden it came back again, and that's when i just tried to position myself away from it, to the side of it and it just was right there. and that's when i, you know, i don't know if i punched it hard or it was little baby punches. i just sort of you know, fought him off. and then so from there, my board, i started getting dragged under water by my leg rope. and that's when my leg rope broke. just as it started going away and i was, like, do i get off of
10:27 pm
my board? or do i swim for sure? at that stage i was just screaming and telling jules to get in and, you know but warriors coming after me you never know what you're going to do in that situation. and, you know you just showed his true integrity. >> we've been listening to mick fanning relate some of the details of that weekend shark attack. also his good friend and fellow kpets tor julian wilson. in the meantime we'll take a short break. and we'll be back in just a moment.
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outgoing fifa president sepp blatter is setting up a special task force. but before he can make the announcement a british prankster through a stack of fake cash at blaert. despite the interruption, people came to take him away. but despite that interruption, blaert went on to explain who will make up the task force. >> and we have decided to have a task force. 11 people, ten players and a coach. he will be an independent person a personality. we will decide within the confederation who will be this personality to chair the reform
10:32 pm
task force. >> blatter also announced his replacement will be announced during a special election. 14 officials were indicted for money laundering racketeering and wire fraud. let's go to china where a former aide to a president was arrested. ivan watson is joining me live in beijing. thank you for being with us. how high up is ling within the past year, and what exactly is he accused of specifically? >> reporter: he was incredibly, a powerfully placed official in the previous administration the previous president. he was effectively that president's chief of staff. so he could control access to the leader of the country at that time. and he was also of course, a
10:33 pm
member of the communist party and held positions in a number of other different communist organs. now he's been stripped of his communist party membership. he's been under investigation since december and now he's been arrested. the charges against him include accepting huge bribes on behalf of himself and his family. of violating communist party discipline and rules. of trying to use his position to help his wife's businesses. and in a sharp contra diggs to trying to support his wife he's also accused of, quote, committing adultery with a number of women and trading his power for sex. zain? >> so bribery, and as you mentioned adultery as well. is there any sort of political motivation for president xi jinping to get rid of ling? >> reporter: well since xi jinping took office he's
10:34 pm
embarked on this anti-corruption campaign or crusade. just last month you had the former head of domestic security chief, he was sentenced to life in prison. you have a described rival to xi jinping who has famously been brought down in a trial over the course of the last two to three years, and a number of other top officials, military generals you know every week you see in the state-run media another government official who's being investigated for corruption. now some would argue that xi jinping is going after his former rivals. others say that he's trying to bolster the image of the communist party, which has been sullied in the eyes of
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the reopening of the embassies in havana and washington cap a remarkable change in u.s. policy toward cuba, but if is not without critics. armando is a writer and political activist and was protesting outside the embassy on monday and joins us now from washington. what is to be gained by cuba maintaining that policy of continuing on with the diplomatic deep freeze. >> little has been gained for the cuban people. the cuban government basically has stated they are not given any kind of freedoms or independence in cuba, that the press will keep under the control of the state. i was there in the state department today where the ministry of foreign affairs of cuba and the secretary of state of u.s. john kerry talked and it was really shameful because the cuban counselor was saying
10:42 pm
that cuba has gained in many ways and the u.s. needs to give everything back, including guantanamo and when they he was asked by a correspondent about free freedom, he said freedom arrived in cuba in 1959. >> in the grand scheme of things, hasn't history shown that no communistic dictatorship can maintain the status quo once it opens up to the outside, whether it be vietnam china, eventually, things will change. may not happen as fast as you'd like it, but eventually it will happen. >> eventually, thins will lyually things will change. fidel castro is 89 years old. eventually, they will pass away. and eventually their sons and
10:43 pm
daughters maybe will take control of the country, and then we will have the die nas particular succession. i am not protesting or criticizing the opening of the embassy. as i told you, we were trying to put on the table the several issues that are very important to my people including the situation of the exiles. exiles are somehow being erased out of the equation. they should be considered americans, and they, i don't know if you know that they cannot return to their country, they can't go to cuba unless as tourists. >> would you agree with the fact that cuba is no longer a security threat to the united states quick yes or no? >> i do not know. i would say that cuba is not planning to invade militarily the u.s. >> not a military threat. so the bottom line is, the u.s.
10:44 pm
has diplomatic relations with many countries around the world who have questionable human rights why should it be any different? >> i think it's good that they have relations that the united states decides, the fact is that diplomatic relations shouldn't be only with a regime with a person that has never been elected by the cuban people. they should at least pressure the cuban government to democratize the country. castro, the castro regime is not ashamed at all to castrofy the area. >> it's a good voice to hear. we appreciate your opinions. thank you so much. >> thank you so much. it took an extra day and a playoff round, but american zack johnson came out on top at
10:45 pm
golf's british open. >> at the close of regular play, johnson was in a three-way tie at 15 under par. he finished 1 under par. >> i do better on bicycles. >> tour de france is going on, did you know that? >> of course. >> they're taking a break on tuesday. >> i am recording it. i'm about four stages behind. don't tell me what happens. >> the guy in the yellow jacket he's in front. >> she wants to get to the winner. i >> we don't have much news out of iran. ? not . >> not this time of year. they are supposed to be in the
10:46 pm
dry season, but heavy rains and a haboob. you know what happens just like in the southwestern u.s., you get thunderstorms that form and then the outflow boundaries or gust fronts that come out of it can pick up the sand as well. look at this in tehran. case in point there you see, that's not a storm cloud. that is sand getting kicked up by the thunderstorm development that we had. a little further to the north here with torrential downpours. upwards of 166 millimeters of rainfall. 80 kilometer per hour winds, and we continue with a little more activity here. in fact that, in the next 24 to 48 hours, we could be seeing another thunderstorm pop up. and look at this dip here, july and august typically, they don't get any rainfall, and then it ramps up toward the latter part of the year but an unusual pattern, no question about it. we do get storms this time of year. and sometimes it does interrupt
10:47 pm
the tour de france in europe. that's a ping-pong sized hail coming out of the clouds. close to hurricane force here. the storm track is well to the north. yes, we're going to get storms to the north. but that means that the south is stuck with this heat and bubble of high pressure temperatures well into the 30s and 40s. we're talking 90s here in fahrenheit. and we continue with more storms to the north. so we'll watch that closely, and the heat continues. so where we don't need it temperatures have been incredibly hot, and no relief in sight as i see it. >> 2015 we'll break a record what's the bet? >> for the entire plan et cetera? yes with el neoe yoeo going on? >> and you can enjoy john interrupting you. >> thanks.
10:48 pm
harper lee's go set a watchman was one of the most antis patsd books. >> the follow up to her classic "to kill a mockingbird" has set a record for the publisher, it's not just anticipation that marked watchman but also controversy as well. many readers are upset that atticus finch, the beloved father in mockingbird is now portrayed in this new book as a racist. okay. we'll take a short break here on cnn. when we come back hackers are targeting a website which helps married people cheat. and now they're threatening to do a lot, something that has people sweating those details. coming up next. through? introducing otezla apremilast. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque
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man snoring (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) woman snoring take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. welcome back everyone. the search for intelligent life elsewhere in the universe is getting a major boost. tech investor uri milner and
10:53 pm
lord martin reese are joining together to launch the break through initiative. >> they'll invest $100 million to offer scientists powerful technology, including the world's best telescopes. >> recent experiments have changed the game. we now know there are so many worlds and organic molecules are so common that it seems quite likely that life is out there. >> well the data collected will be available to the public and the software will allow telescopes around the world to join the search. we wish them well, because there's not a lot of intelligent life down here right now. >> not in this newsroom right now. one of the golden couples, excuse me, of country music are calling it quits. blake shelton and miranda lambert announced monday they will divorce after four years of
10:54 pm
marriage. ? . >> shelton is a judge on the reality television show "the voice." in a statement, the pair said they would move forward separately and asked for privacy, which i'm sure they'll get. okay. they say you can absolutely anything on the internet. there's even a website that will enable you to cheat on your spouse. that website is called ashley madison. and it was just hacked. ? >> yeah, and the big question of course is will the hackers expose all the cheating spouses. it's not just credit card information at stake here. jeanne moos has the details. >> reporter: the ashley madison website for people who want to cheat. >> life is short, have an affair. >> reporter: is known for its catchy slogan. now members are wroryed they'll get caught thanks to hackers who taunted the company with welcome to your worst bleeping
10:55 pm
nightmare. close downner site or else. they are threatening to release information about their customers, not to mention real names and addresses. for an hour and a half the accounts of several thousand individuals were viewable online. >> whether they're interested in sex with multiple partners or with partners of the same sex. >> reporter: this after the website boasted of its security and discretion. >> ashley madison. >> reporter: i signed up as a madison 5 to check out profiles from sexy side dish two to the pork chop queen to busty for lucy. their online escapades could be exposed like anthony wiener's. >> this is your underpants.
10:56 pm
>> reporter: ashley madison, a site that loves to provoke with bill boards like, your wife is hot but so are ours are now in the hot seat, saying we have been able to secure our sites and close the unauthorized access points. the suspicion is that -- >> this is someone with an ax to ground. >> reporter: spilling sex secrets isn't your usually hack job. >> you can change your kritd card number. >> sexual proclivities. >> this is not home depot. >> reporter: no. this is home wrecker. dolly madison 5, new york. >> it's difficult to feel bad for them given what they're going through, it's difficult to sympathize. i'm zain asher. >> errol barnett is up next. stay with us. you're watching cnn. i know i have an 812 fico score, so i definitely qualify. so what else can you give me? same day delivery.
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