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tv   The Situation Room  CNN  July 21, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> we learn about the influence of the gunman who carried out the deadly attack in chattanooga. suicide or murder. new detail and video of a woman who was arrested after a traffic stop. we'll tell you what officials are revealing tonight. >> trump's new method. he is unleashing a new kind of attack releasing the phone number of a rival on national tv. are voters eating it up. and flying gun. a teenager mounlts a home made firearm on a drone and records a video that goes viral and triggers a federal investigation. is this remote controlled shooting machine legal? we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in the situation room. >> nearly a year after the
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united states learned it was shadowing a terror cell in syria. the u.n. strike just killed the leader of the offshoot of al qaeda that includes some of the most dangerous veteran operatives. also tonight, law enforcement officials tell cnn, there is growing evidence that the chattanooga gunman was influenced by one of al qaeda's most notorious figures, and that he had terrorist motives when he opened fire. i'll talk about the terror threat with the leading democrat of the house armed services committee. our correspondents and analysts are also standing by as we cover all the news breaking right now. first. let's go to our pentagon correspondent barbara starr who has more on the death of a top terrorist. >> the pentagon issuing a formal statement saying they killed him on july 8th in northern syria.
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he was a top operative known as the khorasan group. as part of the group, they had vowed to carry out attacks outside syria against the united states. deeper than that he was said to be one of the top al qaeda operatives one of the few who had knowledge of the terror attacks. and he was said to be in another terror attack against u.s. marines in kuwait and a merchant in a cargo vessel there at the time. so this is someone that the u.s. had been trying to get very badly. there had been a number of strikes against the khorasan group over the months but very interesting development while he was riding in a car in a vehicle in northern syria, west of aleppo when a u.s. drone overhead fired a missile at him.
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that means the u.s. had enough surveillance enough intelligence about what was happening in northern syria at that very moment to strike him. wolf? >> so it was a drone with a hellfire missile. not a f-16. >> we were told it was a drone. and it would be very typical. drones are typically used when they are chasing down moving convoys of vehicles or a single vehicle. they can stay up. they have a good deal of fidelity about what's happening on the ground. they can stay up for a period of time and follow that vehicle until it gets to an area where they feel they can strike it without the risk of civilian casualties. >> thanks very much. barbara starr at the pentagon. let's bring in our terrorism analyst, you've monitored this group for a while. the leader muhsin al fadhli. give us the significance of this. >> this is a significant breakthrough.
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he was leading al qaeda's efforts in syria, to use that as a base to attack united states to attack europe, to attack western aviation for al qaeda. syria has become a promise land. there are a lot of western recruits. thousands of them. al fadhli was leading european recruits potentially american recruits to send them off to training to launch sophisticated terrorist attacks in the west. so this is a very significant break through. this is a group that still poses a danger. that is still a number of khorasan operatives. a very dangerous man, still out there operating in syria, particularly in the inland province. >> so it sends a message. presumably this al qaeda offshoot someone else will now emerge to take his place. >> that's the thought. that one of the candidates will be a saudi, someone with a lot of experience in al qaeda circles. someone who is with al qaeda in
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pakistan. somebody schooled in explosives and toxins. he has emerged as a very senior figure in the group. there is a french bomb maker who is still at large. he was injured in november in a u.s. strike. he is thought to be quite skilled in making explosive that's could get on board airplanes. there's been concern that al qaeda affiliate in yemen has been sharing technology with the group in syria and of course that affiliate in yemen three time has promised to blow up u.s. aviation. >> let's get to the chattanooga gunman who killed five in a shooting spree at two u.s. military facilities. president obama ordered flags to be flown at half-staff in honor of the victims after days of criticism for his not doing so. let's bring in the reporter who is in chattanooga with the very latest on the investigation. what are you learning?
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>> reporter: there are new details about the depth and the scope of how big this investigation. is we're learning that abdulazeez's uncle is being held by officials in jordan. there's month reason to believe he was involve in the shooting in any way or at all in the wrong but this adds another layer to this already complex investigation. tonight investigators are focusing on how this man may have been a motivation behind the tennessee shooting spree. in writings examined by the fbi, abdulazeez as far back as 2013 wrote, he agreed with some parts of the american born yemeni cleric's radical teachings. al alooki was killed by a u.s. drone strike but has inspired a series of recent terror attacks including the shooting of charlie abdul in paris. >> he was the pre twitter inspiration for a lot of
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terrorist attacks. someone who would show up again and again in various attacks as being a figure who they looked upon as being particularly inspirational and particularly authoritative authoritative. >> investigators have uncovered data found on abdul aziz' smart phone showing internet searches questioning whether someone could use martyrdom to atone for sins like being drunk. it came when he lost his job. three months early he was arrested and charged with dui. police say they noticed a white powder under his nose at the time. tonight the fbi is focusing in on the 48 to 72 hours before the shootings, putting together a time line interviewing those who came into contact with him leading up to the point he used the mustang convertible. so far investigators have found no communication or coordination with any terror group but they continued to sort through what
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has emerged as a complicated and conflicting web of political and religious views. >> assuming that abdulazeez wasn't connected to any group, that's the kind. lone wolf who is difficult to stop. someone who doesn't have traces with communicating with a terrorist operative. someone who isn't operating at their behest. >> reporter: investigators continue to say that there is no conclusive motive as this investigation moves forward. >> and all right, thank you. let's get back to the breaking news of the u.s. killing a top terrorist leader. we're let's talk about this killing of this al qaeda offshoot the cover sanl leader. big deal or little deal? >> very important. very important. this was a very dangerous roop.
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khorasan was known to be dangerous. one of the reasons we went into syria in the first place and a message to every other terrorist group out. there we'll find you. we'll know where you are and you're at serious risk and you'll learn what a hellfire missile is all about. >> that's the missile that killed this guy and presumably others who were with him. but khorasan's main objective was this offshoot of al qaeda, to go after u.s. targets outside the region. presumably right here in the united states. >> precisely. that's what made him so very dangerous. we can final him and we will. wherever they happened to be in the world. you look at somalia. afghanistan, pakistan we have ways of knowing where these people are and eventually mr. baghdadi is on the list too. i noticed just today, he is spreading his operation in anticipation that he will be welcomed with a hellfire missile before too long. >> the leader of the isis group, and as -- you have no problem
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with the u.s. targeting these guys for assassinations. >> i have no problem at all of these are known terrorists guys out to get us in america. and we'll get to them first. >> to your analysis of what happened in chattanooga last week? we're getting more and more disturbing information about the killer mohammad youssuf abdulazeez. >> there seems to be a common thread through all of these. whether the situation in the south carolina or colorado. usually a younger person who is disturbed for some reason. that ideology gives them license to commit murder. and in this case we're finaling this probably goes back to. this always starts with a disturbed young individual. and the real point for us as citizens in this community is to watch. to be aware. families able to watch.
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i'm not sure he was able to hide the trouble. reach out. get the help needed in a family. his family saying he had some problem, couldn't hold on to a job, clearly some drug-related problems. he did spend several months last year in jordan. his uncle in jordan being questioned by jordanian authorities. we don't know if he got instructions to do this or if he was simply inspired by anwar al alaqi. there was a lot of discussion about jordan, what it was doing, its glory if you would call it that. and he probably picked up on a lot of that. al-awlaki apparently very much inspired him.
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the drug the depression the trouble at home the fact that he was known to want guns, that he had acquired gugs. we put together the dots and protect ourselves? we'll have to work very hard at that. it is up to all of us and our own families to understand what's going. on these families are not just limited to this activity against the military but the community. we've seen it in modesto, california just outside my district. five people killed. a troubled young man. took out his wife or soon to be wife the child. so these things happen. >> he wasn't inspired by this. >> no. this has nothing to do with terrorism. >> he was just a mentally sick person. >> apparently so. >> do you have comfortable that the men and women who work at u.s. military recruiting centers in your district they're not armed. are they safe or secure given the eaddict that has gone out
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from isis and other groups to target u.s. military personnel. they're doing things much more simple to be done. >> should they be armed? >> i don't think that will really work. we know that the local police need to be more vigilant more security in the area. more patrols in the area. we know that there are things you can do to make this recruiting centers safer. >> they're in a mall or whatever. they want people to come in and feel at ease. what's wrong with letting trained military personnel have a weapon? >> well you just said the right word. trained. many of these people are trained for combat in the field but not necessarily for what might happen in a particular area. >> maybe they should be trained for that. >> they're going to have to be more aware of what's going on. we need to take a careful look at this. who are these individuals? what is their back ground? their training? clearly the military police have
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a role to play in this. i met yesterday with the commanders at the travis air force bases and we went through this in detail about that base and how they are protecting themselves on that base. and frankly, it is very impressive. >> all right. we have more to discuss. i want to you stay with us. much more when we come back. everyone loves the picture i posted of you. at&t reminds you it can wait.
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we're back. i want him to stand by for a moment. we're getting an update on the obama administration's attempts to sell the world, including the american public members of congress on the iran nuclear deal. our global affairs correspondent is working the story for us. you're getting new information. what are you learning?
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>> well wolf there's very little that israel said its enemies in the middle east can agree upon except for the fact they all see iran as a threat and they are opposed to this nuclear deal. despite an all-out charm offensive, the u.s. admits it is making little progress convincing anyone in the middle east to support the iran nuclear deal. especially israel. >> the prime made it quite clear that he disagreed with us with respect to the nuclear deal. in iran. but friends can disagree. >> reporter: tonight after failing to convince israel the u.s. secretary of defense ash carter must now try to sell it to america's allies in the gulf. sunni muslim leaders fear it will embolden iran their shia rival and worry that it will ignite conflicts in the region and threaten their regimes.
3:20 pm
>> they worry this legitimizes iran's role in the region and it signals a warming between iran and the united states which will come at their expense. >> reporter: today president obama again tried to sell the deal arguing it is better than the alternative. >> the same politician and punldits that are so quick to reject the possibility of a diplomatic solution to the nuclear program are the same folks so quick to go to war in iraq and said it would take a few months. >> reporter: even as mr. obama makes his push his counter parts in iran are adding fuel to the fire. iran's supreme leader continues to draw crowds shouting death to america, telling one crowd, a deal does not make a change in iran's policy in the u.s. and ayatollah khomeini continues to promise the proxies continued support. >> that is his policy. >> reporter: in a new interview, even u.s. secretary of state
3:21 pm
john kerry who makes his own swing through region next month admitted khomeini's threats are frustrating. >> it is very disturbing. it is very troubling. it is unacceptable of. >> reporter: and wolf tonight, in just a sign of how concerned the administration is with making this deal in the u.s. and abroad, the white house has he created a special twitter account promising to set the record straight over the agreement. tomorrow secretary of state kerry starts briefing the hill on the agreement and the aides say he is looking forward to a good back and forth. looking forward to defending that agreement. >> i'm sure there will be an excellent back and forth during those meetings. thank you very much. let's get back to representative john gary mendi. you support the president. you think this is a good deal. >> i think this is the very best deal and i think it accomplishes its purpose. it takes the nuclear weapon off
3:22 pm
the table, for 10 years, quite possibly 15 or longer. >> is that important? after 10 or 15 years, they have the money, they have the capability they have the research they can go ahead and build a bomb. is that okay? >> no deal. they can do it in three months. if there's no deal they can do it right now in three months. this takes it off the table for 10 15 years, maybe even longer because they are a cignasignatory to the nonproliferation deal. what's the option? you look at the option. no deal? iran is prepared to build a bomb today. all of those countries in the middle east that are worried about iran without a bomb think what they would be thinking about if iran had a bomb. >> they would not be very happy. the closer tower randle it seems the more you are opposed to this deal all of these countries, they're very firmly opposed. what they say there is another option. namely the military.
3:23 pm
if the u.s. were willing to launch a concussion bomb, a deep penetration bomb and go ahead and get the job done and end it once and for all. >> you think randle doesn't have a significant military? they have a very, very significant military. and there would be immediate retaliation. we have the seventh fleet in that area. that fleet would be at risk. no doubt about it. also you have set in place the reason why iran will build a bomb. they would know that if there was a bomb they would not likely be attacked because there would be nuclear retaliation. >> you think the military option should be off the table? >> no. i think it should be on the table but we should never underestimate that is not only to iran chit would be but also to our allies and to us. >> what do you say to the israelis the prime minister of israel benjamin netanyahu, who is fiercely opposed to this deal? >> i say we'll get this deal in place and then we're going to make sure that israel is safe and secure.
3:24 pm
that their armaments are both in qualitatively and quantity tatively better than anyone in the area. we'll have to do the same thing with our other allies. that is step two. we'll to have bolster our place. >> thanks very much for joining us. john garamendi from california. just ahead, the hanging death of a woman in texas. it was ruled a suicide. the d.a. now says he is investigating it like a murder. we'll tell you what else we're learning from authorities tonight. and imagine what a killer could do with this. a drone that fires a gun. a teenager's makeshift weapon as federal authorities now very concerned. a new season brings a new look. a chance to try something different. this summer, challenge your preconceptions and experience a cadillac for yourself.
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a controversial case 28-year-old sandra bland was found dead in a texas jail cell three days after being arrested in a routine traffic stop. police say she killed herself but now the district attorney says it is being investigated like a murder. and texas officials say the officer violated procedures. ring ryan young is working the story. what's the latest there? >> reporter: wolf there's a lot of conversation about this case. you can really break it up in
3:30 pm
two sides. one interesting actual pullover of the stop. then what happened at the jail. i can tell you, that traffic stop now we're being told violated all kinds of protocol in terms of the way the officer acted. but that doesn't tell the story about what happened at the jail. we'll show you this video that we shot just before 1:00 this afternoon. we went in the cell where sandy bland was found. in fact some of the food she was supposed to eat was still in that room. the sheriff took us through where apparently the young woman hung herself. there is a lot of conversation about this case and a lot of answers still to be found out in term of the investigation. tonight, newly released surveillance video from just outside the jail cell where 28-year-old sandra bland died. raising more questions about her death. >> this investigation is still being treated just as it would be a murder investigation. blan was found in her jail cell three days after she was
3:31 pm
arrested for allegedly assaulting a police officer. police say she hanged herself as w a plastic bag and have ruled her death a suicide. texas rangers and fbi are investigating. there are no cameras inside bland's cell but surveillance footage shows no one leaving or entering. its shows she refuse ad breakfast tray around 6:30 a.m. and responsibilitied to a jailer around 7:00 a.m. telling him i'm fine. >> she was on the intercom requesting hey, i want to make a phone call. i can't do it in here. and then i believe, like 8:56 a.m. is when the female jailer walks back here looks in to ask her if she wants to go out in the recreation yard. >> surveillance video shows officers checking on bland and calling for emergency response. but she was pronounced dead a
3:32 pm
short time later. >> there is a whole lot more questions that we have than answers for sure. it leaves you doing more than just scratch your head. >> reporter: the bland family attorney said he was able to identify glitches and jumps in the video which uses motion activation. he question what's if any medical attention she received when she was booked. he also wants to know what is in the arrest report? bland's family says there is no way she would have committed suicide. >> seven days later, i still don't know what happened to my baby sister. >> reporter: the family's attorney says an independent autopsy shows deep tissue bruising to bland's back. what he says is consistent with someone having kneed her in the back. the arresting officer has been placed on administrative leave and the district attorney after talking with the family and people who last talked with her including the bail bondsman says there are questions that need to be answered. >> it needs a thorough and exhaustive review. it will go to the grand jury.
3:33 pm
>> reporter: now, a lot of people have questions about the plastic bag she used according to the sheriff's department. they say she twisted it and used to it brace it on the metal and that's how, between her weight and how the bag was distributed, that's how she committed suicide. another question to ask, could anyone walk up and down that hallway. a very narrow hallway and apparently that is triggered by motion sensors. so any time someone walks through, it triggers the sensors. and i'm told they tried to walk past it and every time they did it it triggered the motion sensors so they believe that video will hold up so far. >> on the scene near houston. let's dig deeper now. joining us, don lemon, the former federal prosecutor or legal analyst, and tom fuentes. first of all, the initial arrest we've seen the video and the exchange. what's your analysis?
3:34 pm
>> i think right now, this is so suspicious looking and sounding. everything we've heard about it. on the other hand we don't have all the dash cam video. we don't know the base of the stop. we haven't seen the entirety of it. it does look excessive but we haven't seen what preceded that. and then the jail itself. we haven't heard yet of what the crime scene investigation consisted of when they found her hanging in the cell and everything that happened after that. so i think the best course here is that we have independent investigation that is not being conducted by people at the jail or the arresting officer including the fbi in this case. >> you heard the local district attorney who is investigating her death say it is being investigated treated like a murder investigation. what does that say to you? >> you know it says to me that is the protocol. i had the opportunity to interview that district attorney just recently and he told me that is the protocol in his
3:35 pm
jurisdiction. that he intends to take this fro front of the grand jury. the grand jury will reconvene, i believe, in september. so they'll be very careful and they're going to treat this case with the respect that it clearly deserves. i think one thing worth noting is that in this same jail in 2012 another inmate committed, allegedly committed suicide. and the district attorney told me that he was the d.a. during that case. so it is odd that you have not one but two alleged suicides in that hotel. while in county jails, believe it or not, the suicide 58th about three time greater than the general population it is still very, very suspicious that a young woman by all accounts who had so much to look forward to. a new job, after all, would commit suicide. something just seems amiss. >> as you know, her family and friends all say as she was saying forward to that new job.
3:36 pm
>> my heart goes out to the family i can't. imagine any family dealing with this. no one deserves to die for whatever circumstances in jail. i think what will be important is seeing this dash cam video come out. a dash cam video will decide excessive force. if the officer needed to do what he did. was it just his ego when em get out of the car or stop smoking the cigarette or what have you. that will determine that part. the important video that everyone should really know about is the one that we're seeing right now. i think it is important. the other one is important. this tells but her death. that is the video in the jail with the motion cameras as ryan talked about. and at least right now, it doesn't seem there is anything amiss with anyone going inside herself. to do some harm to her. >> i think the family is right.
3:37 pm
it deserves an independent autopsy and i think we should be patient and see how this plays out before we jump to any conclusions. >> we're not jumping to any conclusions. guys thanks very, very much. we'll stay on top of this story. just ahead, a teenager's video of firing a gun taxedattached to a drone. now the potentially deadly device is getting the attention of federal investigators. and donald trump is not dialing it back at all. he has found a new way to attack and anger his republican rivals. stand by for his reaction. getting reaction to a surprise release of senator lindsey graham's personal cell phone number on live tv. >> i found the card. i wrote the number down. i don't know if it is the right number. let's try it. it's a golden opportunity to discover the luxury of freedom. ♪ to venture further. ♪
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tonight another surprise for donald trump. at least one of his republican opponents. trump revealing lindsey graham's personal cell phone number during remarks seen live on national television. our chief congressional correspondent dana bash is joining us from south carolina where trump held a rally today. he was rather lively was not he?
3:43 pm
>> reporter: you can say that again. this was donald trump's very first campaign stop in the first and the south primary state. did he draw some impressive crowds. some of whom came to see his celebrity. he certainly did deliver more of a one-man show than a traditional stump speech. donald trump unbowed by criticism. >> they say they didn't like the way that i'm a little loud. i'm a little too strong. they don't like it. >> reporter: the reality tv star with a flair for drama took presidential politics to yet another surreal level. >> i see your senator. what a stiff. >> reporter: responding to presidential candidate lindsey graham saying this to cnn. >> he's becoming a jack ass. >> he's calling me a jack ass. >> reporter: standing in the home state of south carolina trump retaliated by reading
3:44 pm
aloud his personal cell phone number. >> he gave me the card. i wrote the number down. i don't know if it is the right number. let's try it. >> reporter: we asked why. why did you read lindsey graham's cell phone number? >> so people can call him so he can maybe get something done but he won't be able to. >> reporter: graham unable to be reached by cell responded through his campaign manager saying donald trump continues to show hourly that he is ill prepared to be commander in chief. all this amid a back and forthwith iowa's largest numb, the des moines register whose editorial board called for him to pull the plug on his bloviating side show. trump talked about the sales. he appears to be buoyed by the politics of personal warfare. that and crowds like this. all told some 1,100 peel in the main auditorium and in overflow room trump visited after his speech. many at this retirement community waited online for hours to get in. >> he is a doer.
3:45 pm
>> i think he is terrific. he tells the truth. >> reporter: not everyone who came was a supporter. >> he scares me. >> he scares you but you're still here? >> i want to see him. he is a celebrity. >> reporter: despite. so controversy about john mccain's war service, some veterans here in military rich south carolina came to hear him. >> he just disappointed me. i was not offended. i was disappointed. >> yet it is not a deal breaker. >> no. not yet. >> reporter: all this as the 16th gop white house hopeful john kasich was making his announcement. >> we are going to straighten out washington, d.c. >> reporter: a strong speech from a governor overseeing a recovering ohio largely overshadowed by the donald. >> reporter: back to lindsey graham, the home state senator here. he tried to make a bit light of the cell phone issue.
3:46 pm
later in the day, his campaign issuing a complaint saying he clearly needs a new phone, asking whether it should be an iphone or a android. he is a self-proclaimed luddite. that would be a big upgrade from the flip phone that he had. >> he doesn't e-mail right? >> reporter: nope. not at all. his only form of communication is a telephone or talking in person. >> all right. stand by. gloria we've covered politics for a long time. what do you make of this latest twist? trump really is the abc news poll, the clear front runner. >> he is the clear front runner. he is fearless. a lindsey graham's home turf. he criticized him and then portrayed him as aleas.
3:47 pm
he wanted to get on fox and friends and he wanted me to put in a good word for him and he gave me his cell phone number so he belittled him to a home state audience which is probably not cool when you're playing politics the way politics is normally played. but trump trumpl doesn't play by anybody else's rules. and he makes that very clear every time he gets in front of an audience. >> you heard the des moines register, the largest newspaper in iowa. an editorial calling trump a feckless blow hard who can generate name recognition and polling numbers. not by provoking thought but some of his supporters say that's what works for trump. namely going against the news media. the news main stream news media including the des moines register going after him. >> i think that may be the case.
3:48 pm
when you look at the des moines register it tends to leenl left. it did endorse mitt romney but before that it went to a craft. >> even if it is shifted in recent cycles it is still to the left. i think what is more hurtful, maybe these comments that he made before questioning john mccain's war record about religion where he could offend evangelicals and catholics about what he said about marginalizing the impact of religion in his life. that doesn't normally play well with republican primary voters. >> you have a lot of religious evangelicals out there. especially in the early republican contests. >> we spoke earlier. it was a packed crowd. they had an overflow room. they were very enthusiastic. he is generating that kind of reaction out there. very impressive. especially when you compare the
3:49 pm
attendance of his vanlts compared to some others. >> i think there are two reasons. i got this talk to a number of reason. number one, people are definitely drawn to his politically incorrect speak. to the fact that he doesn't talk like other politicians. second, he is a celebrity. there are people i talked on who say he scares them and they will never vote for him but they want to see what he is like in person. it is the culture of celebrity. i think that the, you can't discount the fact that about 1,100 people came to this event in this retirement community here and you just don't see that kind of crowd from most of the other candidates. pretty much all the other candidates at this point. >> you know he is a showman and he puts on a good show as we all saw this morning. taking on lindsey graham at
3:50 pm
home. and this is his reality show. we're all a part of that reality show. and i think you can't underestimate the appeal of that showmanship and the fact that he is an anti-politician. he is ant-establishment. he is anti-washington. that he is
3:51 pm
at that time he wrote a letter to one of those veterans praising what he was doing, saying ted courage to go up against john kerry in his record today. on john kerry. >> i wrote a letter to bud day who was still alive and i would consider bud day the greatest patriot and most highly decorated war veteran at the time at the time when he was alive. not going to change my believes about that at all. >> what's the reaction? some say jub bush and republicans are being hypocritical? >> that's exactly the reason this is being brought unin the first place because of the fact that the last time a vietnam veteran ran for president on the democratic side before john mccain was john kerry and he was
3:52 pm
very much ridiculed by republicans and of course, by those infamous swift vote ads questioning his record questioning his purple hearts so on and so forth and what was interesting, i thought, about that jeb bush reaction was that he didn't actually talk about the criticism. didn't talk about the criticism or whether or not he was truly praising the ads in the attacks on john kerry, he simply kept his answer limited to bud day, who was a decorated war veteran since passed away. there is still a lot more exploring to do when it comes to the question and issue and what he really meant when he wrote that letter which really does on its face look like he was praising the tactics used against john kerry. >> guys thanks very much. we'll stay on top of the story. how a teenager ease video of a gunfiring drone prompted a federal investigations and what could happen if killers got ahold of a shooting machine like this. ♪ ♪ isn't it beautiful
3:53 pm
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[ music plays ] don't settle for u-verse. xfinity is perfect for people who want more entertainment for their money. it shoots flies and can kill. authorities are investigating a gun-carrying drone built by a teenager and shown to the world online. rene marsh is here in the situation room. scary stuff. >> it is. very alarming video. this so-called flying gun a drone with a firearm attached now has the attention of federal investigators but as alarming as this could be does it violate any standing law? police in connecticut say no it doesn't. this is the video that caught federal investigators attention,
3:58 pm
police say 18-year-old austin hawawt is the master band behind this gun-mount the drone. the video posted to youtube gained more than 1.7 million views, one person writing quote, strange and a scary thought for someone to be using a drone to carry a firing gun. police say hogwt opened fire on his private property and that's not illegal if done safety. police have no evidence anyone's life was in danger. the faa is now invest gating whether he violated the agency's rules. >> there are countless ways the drones can be useful. using one as a remote controlled weapon is not one of them. >> reporter: this comes after a man crashed a drone on the white house lawn earlier this year. in the end, prosecutors did not pursue charges. from his online postings the
3:59 pm
teen appears to be a drone enthusiasts. he posted additional videos including this one. he says a woman assaulted him after he flew a drone above her. the woman believes he was recording her. the woman was charged. he was not. but when it comes to this video, no indication yet whether there is any law to be enforced. >> laws take awhile. technology doesn't wait. >> reporter: there is no federal law that explicitly prohibits arming a drone but the faa does have regulations that say you cannot drop an object from an aircraft and a drone is considered an aircraft so at the very least, this could be a violation of faa operating rules. >> scary stuff. thanks very much for that. finally, i want to tell the
4:00 pm
viewers about an honor for the man that founded cnn and revolutionized the tv business ted turner. he was on hand today as officials unveiled ted turner drive. they renamed a stretch of the street in recognition of his contributions to the city to the world. it's well-deserved. congratulations, ted. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. >> "outfront" tonight, donald trump takes the bait calling senator lindsey graham an idiot revealing gram's cell phone number on live tv all after graham called him a jackass. has there ever been a presidential race like this? plus a black woman found dead in her jail cell. video of the arrest will it answer the lingering questions and breaking news a senior al qaeda leader killed in a u.s.