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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNNW  July 22, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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questions and outrage over the death of sandra bland and what we are learning about a previous suicide attempt. after nine years, president obama is returning to kenya. but recent terrorist attacks are raising concern for his safety. and the hype around el chapo's escape is turning him into a pop culture icon and that may be helping him. >> i'm paula newton. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. >> i'm errol barnett. we're with you for the next few hours.
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this is "cnn newsroom." thanks for joining us. -- captions by vitac -- we begin with developments out of texas where outrage is growing over the case of a woman found dead in her jail cell. protesters gathered in new york city over sandra bland's death which authority have ruled a suicide. >> documents indicate that she had tried to kill herself before. her family believes otherwise. they are infuriated also at the release of this dash cam footage of her arrest. what began as a routine traffic stop ended with bland under arrest. >> ryan young has more on the police video and other discrepancies in this case. >> reporter: official documents show when sandra bland arrived to the jail she told the jail staff she previously tried to commit suicide.
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jail intake forms say that bland tried to commit suicide using pills in 2014 after losing a baby. the investigation shows no foul play and that all the evidence points to bland taking her own life. >> there is absolutely no doubt in my mind now. as i stated yesterday, i eagerly -- i want the texas ranger outside investigation, i want the fbi monitoring that investigation. i want the district attorney to state independent -- >> reporter: the family contests the claim that bland was depressed. >> we take issue with the notion that she was suffering from depression. she was never clinically diagnosed as this family understands. everybody has hills and valleys and the bottom line is there is no medication we are aware of she was taking to address any
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epilepsy or depression. >> reporter: but on facebook sandra bland addressed the issue. >> i'm suffering from something that you may be dealing with right now. it's a little bit of depression and ptsd. >> she says i'm struggling with things but anchored in god and i want you to know no matter what you look like i come before you to say we're dealing with an issue you may have which to me is courageous. >> reporter: but this dash cam video shows part of what took place during the traffic stop of sandra bland, adding more fuel to the pointed questions from her loved ones. the trooper now on paid leave, the family said the force used was excessive especially for being charged for an improper lane change. >> i feel like the officer was picking on her. point-blank, period. and i think it is petty.
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>> get out of the car now. >> reporter: the trooper writes that she was arrested for assault on a public servant. she began swinging at her with her elbows after she got out of the car. but a cell phone caught part of the confrontation. investigators are trying to gain access to sandra bland's cell phone that may have captured parts of the arrest. >> that was our ryan young reporting there. everyone is trying to get inside sandra bland's head before she died. we don't know what she was thinking but it's she did leave a voice mail message for a friend while she was in jail. listen to this. >> hey, this is me. i just was able to see the judge. i don't really know. they got me set at a $5,000
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bond. i'm still just at loss for words honestly about this whole process how a lane change with no signal change led to all this, i don't know. but i'm still here. so i guess call me back when you can. bye. >> that is the last time that anyone heard from her alive. the district attorney says that the case is being conducted as a murder investigation. u.s. president barack obama is due to visit ethiopia and kenya later this week. his trip to kenya is his first as a sitting president. >> but there are security concerns surrounding this visit. they triggered the u.s. into military action. pentagon correspondent barbara starr has details from d.c. >> reporter: al shabaab militants in east africa posing new worries for president obama's trip to kenya. cnn has learned in just the last week the u.s. military has conducted nearly half a dozen
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secret air strikes in somalia against al shabaab forces. intelligence showed an attack against kenyan troops there was imminent. by the al qaeda africa affiliate. >> this sends a very clear message to al shabaab not to try to attempt anything against the president. >> reporter: the u.s. does not believe al shabaab can get anywhere near the president but there are other reasons to worry. >> what's most likely is not an attack against a u.s. government official like the president but an attack that happens while the president is there. what al shabaab is likely to go is to go for a soft target. >> reporter: like the nairobi mall attack in 2014. it just reopened. or this april attack when 150 people were killed at a university. the pentagon trying to confirm
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if one of those recent drone strikes may have killed the planners of that attack. u.s. officials tell cnn in recent days there is growing social media and internet chatter among the somali-based militants about the president's visit. they all know he is coming one official with access to the latest intelligence tells cnn. a kenyan flight bulletin outlining details of the president's trip has been released including when air space in nairobi would be closed because of the arrival and departure of air force one but officials are brushing it off. >> but the details that are critical to keeping him safe are details that have not been disclosed publicly at this point. >> al shabaab has lost fighters territory and financing in recent years. but one they have not lost is their ability to conduct attacks. in fact the number of attacks by
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al shabaab has been growing steadily and that is why there is so much concern about what the people of kenya are facing as the president of the united states is about to arrive. barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. donald trump takes his presidential campaign to the u.s.-mexican border today weeks after he called undocumented immigrants rapists and criminals. >> and his messages as controversial as they've been they seem to be resonating with primary voters. however, a new poll suggests that support may not last. >> reporter: donald trump is heading to the border. he's trying to stay on top of the republican field by doubling down on immigration during a thursday tour in texas with the border patrol agents. >> with the border and lack of border security and illegal im
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immigrants it's a huge problem. we have to make america great again. >> reporter: in three key general election battlegrounds, colorado iowa and virginia nearly six in ten voters have unfavorable views for trump. he is resonating for primary voters. but party leaders say he is talking too tough specifically about fellow republicans. >> rick perry put glasses on to look smart. lindsey graham who is a lightweight. >> reporter: it was rick perry's turn today. trump said that perry was once begging for my support and money. hypocrite. the former texas governor fired back urging conservatives to dump trump. >> he offers a barking carnival act that can be best described
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as trumpism a toxic mix of demagoguery and mean spiritedness and nonsense. donald trump's candidacy is a cancer on conservativism and it must be diagnosed, excised and discarded. >> reporter: while the g.o.p. free for all has democrats smiling the poll shows hillary is in trouble. in the same three general election swing states majorities of voters had an unfavorable view of her and she is trailing jeb bush and scott walker. trump says that his harsh words are merely self-defense. >> he says his demeanor might change once he is in office.
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he explained that and other things to anderson cooper. >> they are saying horrible things. i don't know these people. am i supposed to say it's okay for them to say one guy -- lindsey graham called me a jackass. i'm called a jackass. you have to fight back. the country has to fight back. everybody is pushing our country around. >> is it presidential though? >> i think it is presidential. >> to give out a phone number -- >> you have to see the whole story. he wanted to get on "fox and friends" and he called me up out of the blue and he wanted campaign contributions and he started to hit me years later and i had this phone number and i said this guy was over here and as you know the room was packed. it was standing-room only. it was overflow crowds and all sorts of closed circuit
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televisions, the place went wild. we all had a good time. >> but is that presidential? >> i think that's fine. >> if you would were in -- >> i was called names by somebody. he was -- someone is hitting me saying i was a bad guy and was in my office asking for money -- >> when crow are president of the united states you are going to be hit by half the country. are you going to call them dumb and stupid? >> that's true. i'm trying to make the country great again. politicians will never make this country great again. >> as president, you would change your tone? >> he thinks so. ron brownstein joins us now. we'll get to trump's tone in a moment. but we have international viewers watching and wondering why trump is in the lead. i first want you to listen to to how senator lindsey graham who is one of the subjects of his
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recent jabs describes trump's current appeal. >> here's what i think. i think that donald trump is a political car wreck and people slow down and look at the wreck but eventually move on. >> he's a car wreck, we all stare at accidents but we move on. do you think that donald trump can sustain positive attention throughout this election cycle? >> it's a very open question. to understand trump's rise you have to understand the republican party. many many more blue collar, white voters used to be democrats are now republicans and republicans divide almost exactly in half between up scale managerial white collar branch that is drawn to john mccain, mitt romney and jeb bush john kasich chris christie. the other half is blue collar and populous and tea party and evangelical christian and they have been much more of an
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unstable kind of element. in 2012 those voters cycled through herman cain rick perry newt gingrich. those are the voters propelling trump to the lead. he is winning one-third of republicans without a college degree. but based on that history, it's very much an open question whether he can sustain their support all the way through the race. >> and the question also is sure he may have a base with one sliver of the republican party. but to win a primary, you need more than. that to win a general election you certainly need much more than that. donald trump heading to the u.s. border with mexico to reinforce that point that he gained so much support with his anti-immigrant position. what do you make of that? >> what you are saying is absolutely right. the main impact that donald trump in the race is to increase the odds that one of the candidates of the managerial
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part of the party will be the nominee. essentially if you are jeb bush and you can consolidate the white collar, economically focused share of the party if you are anybody else trying to mobilize the other half trump is siphoning off a piece of that vote. scott walker is probably the biggest loser in trump's rise. he was bush's most potent rival and he is bet in a series of policies including a call for reducing legal immigration. he is betting on the same voters who are moving to trump. to the extent trump maintains support he divides the most populous side of the party. >> let's circle back and address trump's tone. what he is doing has been working for him. he is bombastic and says what is on his mind and he paints
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himself as anti-establishment even though he owns golf courses and hotels and the like. and the republican debates will level the playing field somewhat. he's going to be jabbed and accusations thrown at him. how important will it be for donald trump to demonstrate self control at these debates? >> if he is going to be a serious candidate it's very important for him to do that. but i think already what you are seeing from trump is a short of term gain and long-term loss in his approach. his very blunt, take-no-prisoners strategies appeals to this most alienated segment of the republican base but reinforces the sense among most republican voters this is not a plausible nominee. he is deepening this narrow support -- not that narrow this vein of support he has been able to mine but he is also limiting
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his potential appeal and has limited his appeal in a way that makes it unlikely he could be the nominee. >> we just saw a screen of somewhat it? 16 republican candidates and donald trump may be the firework big, bright exciting, but brief. >> that's what happened in 2012. we cycled through the candidates. donald trump could be that person but the wheel could keep turning as well. >> our senior political analyst, thank you for your time and insight today. >> thank you. >> it's interesting. some say the fight is good for whoever your nominee is going to be. others think -- >> it depends how many bodies litter the field along the way. how much damage needs to be done. >> that is a precise way to put it. all right. a clear message from thousands of new yorkers on the iran nuclear deal.
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book! at tripadvisor. greek lawmakers have cleared
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another major legislative hurdle voting in favor of a second set of reforms needed to obtain the country's third bailout. the bill was overwhelming adopted by 230 out of 300 members of parliament. it includes overhauls to banking and judicial systems. both were required. >> however many in greece aren't happy. these protests which were peaceful turned chaotic. some demonstrators threw petrol bombs at security forces. >> elinda labropoulou join us more live with with more on this crucial vote. when we speak to you it seems to by the "t" be the day after drama. do you think they put a comma after all this in not a period?
11:23 pm
>> reporter: this story has become so complicated with time which is why i think we're seeing this a perpetual drama. and the situation is quite critical. this is a country where the banks reopened with capital controls after being shut for three weeks and this parliamentary session, the debates that led to the vote it lasted for a good seven, eight hours and it was very heated. this is largely to do with the fact that most greeks including the government think what they got is a bad deal. but they are trying to say that a bad deal is better than no deal at this point. the prime minister yesterday asked his own mps to stop hiding behind his signature and decide whether they will support him or not. this is because the prime minister mr. tsipras has been losing support in these last two
11:24 pm
votes. the votes were crucial for greece because they had been voting on prior measures in order to begin the bailout talks. now the measures have been voted in with support of 230 mps in a 300-seat parliament. but what we saw the supportive vote came from the opposition rather than a part of mr. tsipras's own parliamentarians. he got support of 126. and what we expect to see from now on is to see where his party is going because at the moment it's not just a question of voting in the measures the bailout talks will be tough. and he will need the support from his mps to back him and to implement these reforms. >> they are talking about a fall election.
11:25 pm
but at least now the european union is saying that the bailout talks will continue through the end of august. thanks for the update, as always. some of you watching from new york may know or have seen this thousands of protesters packed into times square to rally against the iranian nuclear deal. >> the crowd chanted kill the deal and urged congress to vote down the agreement. chuck schumer wants to hear from experts on both sides before he decides how he'll vote. >> and for its part the white house is pressing hard for approval of this agreement. defense secretary ash carter was in jordan on the latest stop of his middle east tour to reassure allies. >> opponents say there should be no deal while americans are being held in iran. >> secretary of state john kerry arrived for a closed-door,
11:26 pm
high-stakes briefing trying to sell the iran nuclear deal to congress. >> it will make the region friends and allies safer. >> reporter: but that may not be enough to convince the lawmakers, worried it will embolden iran to wreak new havoc in the middle east and angry that four americans are being left behind. it's been exactly one year since rezion was thrown in prison. his family and employees made another plea for his release call on the united nations to step in. >> no evidence has been produced of espionage or any other offense. all he did was work diligently and fairly as a journalist. >> reporter: a dual u.s.-iranian national reported on the daily life of the iranian people.
11:27 pm
he spoke with anthony bourdain last year before his arrest. >> iyou love it here? >> i love it and hate it. but it's home. >> reporter: his brother thinks his case was caught up in the nuclear talks but now that the deal is done he hopes they will send his brother home. >> the right thing to do is to release him. he's innocent. >> reporter: president obama under fire for striking the deal while he and two other americans are still being held. a fourth american missing. tension was on full display when a reporter asked about their fate. >> the notion that i am content as i celebrate with american citizens languishing in iranian jails, major that -- that's nonsense. >> this week the president once again promised to spare no effort. >> we are not going to relent until we bring home our
11:28 pm
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11:32 pm
when she was taken to jail in texas ray is that he previously tried to commit suicide. bland's family insists she would never have taken her own life. 17 people are dead in a bombing in baghdad. 60 people were killed at a security check point and a second bombing kill lead the people. no one has claimed responsibility for the attacks. the man accused of shooting nine african-american worships to death in a charleston south carolina church faces federal hate crime charges. he is accused of targeting his victims on the basis of their race and religion. if convict head could face the death penalty. israel's military is now set to demolish the tiny palestinian
11:33 pm
village of susiya. >> u.s. and european officials are visiting the site to support those who live there. >> reporter: situated in an iraqi valley in a southern part of the west bank below a settlement of the same name sits the palestinian village of susiya. is it really a small cluster of tents that is the subject of an international dispute. the villagers pass the time waiting and worried that the israelis could destroy their homes. >> at any time we could be wiped off the map. >> reporter: rabbis for human rights is working to prevent that. he has lost count of the number of times they have been demolished or partly demolished.
11:34 pm
israel has denied them permission to build because the village does not have proper infrastructure and the villagers don't own the land. the village was denied a court injunction to stop the latest leveling. >> and this is on the list to be demolished? >> yes, and the kitchen. >> reporter: 150 palestinians including 45 children will be homeless if the village is razed. >> many of the structures were donated by eu member states. these solar panels were a gift from germany and an international community is trying to save the village. the european union tried to halt the forced transfer of population and demolition of palestinian housing and the united states is weighing in with a rare video from the u.s. consul general. >> the demolition of this village or of parts of it and evictions of palestinians from
11:35 pm
their homes would be harmful and provocative. >> we fear it would only after it was authorized. >> reporter: israelis look for alternative solutions. the villagers say that the proposed alternative, to move to a nearby town won't work. the property and land proposed by the state already belongs to other palestinians this resident says. how are we supposed to live on the runes of others? if susiya is bulldozed, these villagers vow to build again. we have this news into cnn. the palestinian news agency says that israeli troops shot dead a
11:36 pm
man. during an incident he was killed while his sons were injured by gunfire. the shooting comes a day after israeli forces killed a 21 palestinian. now in chattanooga, tennessee, the government is treating mohammad youssuf abdulazeez as a homegrown violent extremist. >> they believe he acted on his own when he killed five u.s. servicemen at military installations and they found two weapons belonging to service members at the scene. it goes against a policy that forbids members of the military from carrying weapons on bases and in recruiting centers. >> at least one of the weapons was discharged at the subject. whether he was struck by those is unclear at this time. as far as any authorization of
11:37 pm
weapons is not current to our investigation. it will be conducted separately by the military and they will address it at some point when they complete their investigation. >> some armed private citizens are standing guard across the u.s. military officials say they don't support those actions. >> and these revelations that the service members were carrying the weapons will further complicate the debate, do you arm them at the recruiting centers or not? and joaquin "el chapo" guzman is still on the run after escaping from a mexican prison nearly two weeks ago now, the drug lord is reportedly worth $1 billion and mexico is offering a $3.5 million reward for information leading to his capture. >> but watch this. as paulo sandoval shows us the
11:38 pm
admiration some have for this man camp kates efforts to track him down. >> reporter: on the streets of mexico city everyone knows the name of joaquin guzman. at this market we found that cartel boss known as el chapo. $8 will get you a t-shirt that bears the face of mexico's most-wanted man. the shopkeeper here says that his tees became the hottest item after the escape. he says people of all walks of life and economic backgrounds come here to buy this shirt. it's not about the face on the shirt. he tells me he is just filling demand. money and drugs. and they also have the custom-made t-shirts here. they have the machine to print
11:39 pm
el chapo's face on there. this is the wanted poster that is circulating in mexico. then there are the musical tributes to el chapo. narco ballads flood the internet telling about the escape. [ speaking foreign language ]. >> people are saying it was epic. the escape was epic. it's amazing. it's incredible. like el chapo is a hero and it's not true. this guy is a terrible criminal. >> reporter: this mexican journalist says that el chapo is admired and seen like a robin hood like figure. she says it's this glorification of the culture that remains el chapo to be camouflaged among the people who revere him.
11:40 pm
moouk ♪ paulo sandoval cnn mexico city. u.s. president barack obama is preparing to travel to kenya, the birthplace of his father. this comes as kenya grab wls a threat from al shabaab. they are taking responsibility for several deadly attacks in kenya. >> in april 147 people were killed at an university. we went to the kenyan-somali border to show us how terrorists sneak into the country. >> reporter: as we get closer to the border it is more dangerous. these are the routes al shabaab are using to travel back and forth into the country and we have to put on our protective gear. behind us that's the official
11:41 pm
route. but this is the smuggler route. it takes you from somalia into kenya and back out again. no government presence no check points. you can bring in what you want and who you want. >> now, you'll want to see her exclusive report in about 30 minutes here on cnn. firefighters are battling a fast-moving wildfire in glacier national park and one family's escape from the flames was caught on camera. >> dude it's like chasing us. go!
11:42 pm
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. welcome back. cnn's freedom project is dedicated to the fight against modern-day slavery. and this week we are airing a new documentary called "children for sale." >> the unwritten rules of the streets can be as bewildering as they are brutal. this undercover footage shows a young woman arguing with a suspected exploiter. >> who is the -- hey, hey, hey. don't do that here. >> not out here. >> other men sense her weakness and surrender. -- surround her. according to rebecca, a trafficking survivor a girl can
11:46 pm
be taken as property similarably pli by making eye contact with one of these men. >> if you look at him you can be taken from who you're with and he can't do anything about it because you looked at another person. >> reporter: on this night, this woman made it to safety. as so many others do not. >> it's happening every day. every neighborhood every socioeconomic status. these guys trade women like kids trade baseball cards. >> he is taking their bags, putting it in the car. you coming with me. >> reporter: coming with them to any place that clients are waiting and willing to pay for sex. >> one of the places they utilized is a field where a woman serviced over 50 men in a field.
11:47 pm
and you can -- you can -- people can say, well -- nobody. nobody chooses to do that. >> right. >> this truly is a jaw-dropping issue. you can join us this week for a look at what is a global problem and be sure to watch the cnn freedom project documentary "children for sale" friday at 11:00 a.m. in hong kong 12:00 p.m. in tokyo only on cnn international. a scrabble player from new zealand wins a french scrabble championship. he knows the words but he doesn't speak the language at all. how he outscored the native speakers. that's up next. . i just had to adopt him. he's older so he needs my help all day. when my back pain flared up we both felt it i took tylenol at first but i had to take 6 pills to get through
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a fast-moving wildfire is tearing through glacier national park in the u.s. state of montana prompting evacuations. but one family vacations in the area the video took our breath away. >> definitely. >> have a look. >> oh, my gosh go. go. go now. >> we need a go. >> like fast dad, go!
11:52 pm
holy crap back up -- >> larry is the one driving the car. this fire began on the east side of the park on tuesday afternoon and doubled in size in a single night and spans 4,000 acres or 1600 hectares. but this is the view from their car as they speed away. the park rangers are still searching for back country hikers to get them out of harm's way but it's it shows how quickly these things can grow and get worse. >> absolutely. they just jump around. and you can hear the terror in their voices. our meteorologist ivan cabrera joins us for more on all this. terrifying. you look at that video and you think what was it like in that car? >> well panic. you got to get out of the way. a stunning area of the united states if you've ever been glacier national park in northern montana, close to the
11:53 pm
canadian borders in the northern rockies. as our anchors mentioned. doubling in size 4,000 acres and part of the reason is the winds have been very strong here and that has allowed for the fire to continue. the forecast look at this rainfall. this is just to tease you coming up to montana and then pushing east bypassing the fire. and what's going to happen because of the approach of that area of low pressure we're going to get the winds kicked up. southwesterlies at 13 and gusts to 25. temperatures are doing okay at 70 degrees but look at that clear skies. no help with the rainfall but the winds after the system passes on sunday will begin to move in. and now we're going to croatia and albania as well. take a look at the pictures coming out of the region. this is now out of control.
11:54 pm
some villages are surrounded by the flames here and firefighting efforts are continuing day in and day out even in the nighttime hours. power lines have been impacted and electricity has been disrupted. some of the vineyards have been dis decimated there. no injuries as far as folks are concerned and a testament to the firefighting efforts that continue at this hour with very hot temperatures. we are still looking at an area of high pressure that is anchored here. that is bringing us hot southerly winds and that will continue for a few days. the cool air is to the north for the next few days. no change in the forecast. this summer has been a particularly hot one in europe. >> 35 to 40 degrees is what they are running. >> thanks so much.
11:55 pm
appreciate it. now he is being called the lebron james of scrabble. and nigel richards proved again why he is the best scrabble player in the world. >> and why are we giving it a french twist in the new zealand native won the french scrabble word championship on monday and did it without speaking a word of the language. he won the final match with a word played on two triple word score boxes. amazing. earlier we asked a scrabble expert and coach how he did it? >> nigel richards managed to memorize probably on the order of 200,000 words. maybe 150,000 words in the course of two months in a different language and go out there and beat the best french-language scrabble players. it's astonishing to the scrabble
11:56 pm
community online is agoing over this accomplishment. >> can he win an english scrabble competition. >> you assume so because he is a champion. >> i have to tell you, don't try there at home. do not play scrabble with your children ever. >> scrabble cannot be played with my family because there is wars. how many points if you check the dictionary. triple word double word. it's chaos. >> when adolescents win, they don't go to bed and won't clear the dishes. >> i'm paula newton. >> i'm errol barnett. we're back with more after this. ...with that bloated belly. you got gas. i can see it and i know you feel it. get gas-x. it relieves bloating in minutes. plus that uncomfortable pressure. no wonder it's the #1 gas relief brand.
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