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tv   New Day Saturday  CNN  July 25, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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the ceremony is august 8th. we'll see if pressure, public outcry will get them to recompany that policy established in 2010. >> if there's a compromise, maybe a pre recorded speech. >> thank you. >> stay right here, we've got more coming up this morning. the next hour of "your new day" starts now. ♪ inside a former home of a murderer. inside the louisiana house the shooter was kicked out of as we learn some pretty shocking new details about his past. >> and republican presidential hopefuls with powerful records, why is ted cruz accusing mitch mcconnell of lying? >> she's senators have to trust when a senator says something, he or she will do it, even if
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they disagree on substance. and does the kkk belong on a giant mural inside a florida courthouse. why so many want to keep it up and just as many want to take it down. >> we are always so grateful to have your company. good morning. i'm christie paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. >> we start with the disturbing look inside the mind of a killer. >> take a look at these pictures. these are from inside the alabama home that he allegedly trashed after he was evicted. that took some energy. >> and time. house houser, destroyed the rooms in the hallways. left behind potentially deadly booby traps. listen how the home's new owner found when they moved in. >> there was semen in the drain,
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showers, commode, everywhere you could. >> walked in, he had a gas log that was unattached and lit with gasoline cans in front, with -- >> oh, he's waiting for us, whoever, to come in and for it to blow up. >> my goodness. >> we're following the story live, ana, what are you learning this morning? >> reporter: good morning. we know more about this gunman's past. we also know more about what he did inside the theater. in fact we know he went in through the front lobby entrance. he had a handgun he purchased legally at a gunshop in alabama. and after he shot nearly a dozen people, he tried to escape. he went outside of a door where the car was parked where he had disguises ready to go for the get-away. police were already moving in. instead he went inside the theater, he fired three rounds
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towards police and turned the gun on himself, shooting himself in the head and killing himself. what set him off on this rampage is still a mystery. we know investigators are trying to retrace his steps. he came to lafayette back on july 2nd or 3rd. had interactions with people and discussed possible business opportunities but we don't know why he chose this city. investigators are interviewing family members to get more answers. we caught up with his brother, who said he hadn't seened john russell houser in about a month. >> we had not been close in years. i'm not sure of the right -- we just separated from our family, and just differed emotional -- depression issues, psychological problems, and that type thing, so -- >> when was the last time you saw him? >> probably about a month ago? >> reporter: under what kind of circumstance? >> he just needed some money to continue moving on. living, surviving, and so we
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gave him some, and that was the last we heard of him. we hadn't heard of him probably in ten years prior to that and had not heard from him since. we didn't know where he was. we didn't know anything about him. this was a complete shock. we hadn't had any contact except that. >> reporter: houser was estranged from his family. he was once married. he has a daughter. his wife in 2008 filed a protective order against houser. she had him committed involuntarily to a mental tl facility. that's how concerned she was for the safety of the whole family. victor and christie. >> ana, we're learning so much more about this man, including these online rants left by the shooter. a lost these extreme political views as well. >> that's right. he posted several hundred h postings on a political forum, back in 2013, where he talks about his antigovernment,
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antimedia beliefs. he says stuff in his profile like no family is safe in u.s. environment. don't vote. waste of time. he also has expressed beliefs that are in line with hitler and the nazi government, and has equated the u.s. government to running it like a nazi state. and there's a posting that he made in march of 2013, that seems particularly relevant today after what happened here. he writes this. quote, it is true that the u.s. is about to fall. truth comes with it an understanding of death and rather than live without it, i will take death. again, that post from about two years ago. pretty ironic, considering what happened here at the theater. victor and christie. >> indeed. ana cabrera for us. ana, thank you. jonathan gillian joining us.
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former navy s.e.a.l. and police officer. jon then, thanks for coming. >> good to be here. >> let's bring back some pictures of what he did to this former home. it took time and took effort to do what he did. what do you think when you see some of this video here? >> well, i tell you. that was a fascinating report that ana just did there. one thing i want people to understand is that this -- what you're looking at is mental illness. what you see, this disruption in his house, is somebody who has rage and almost -- i would go further and say confusion. it's a miswiring inside the brain. that's why everything is so chaotic, but yet the person is able to focus, and do certain things that are just kind of detrimental. what i don't want the mistake to be made, is that depression is always a thing that causes this. because the reality is, depression is like a sinkhole that has no end, and you're
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falling through that sinkhole. whereas rage is like a volcano. what you see here is a volcano. >> jonathan, stick around. security specialists warned for years of the inherent dangers of so-called soft targets. places there is not a lot of security to protect against an armed assault. such as movie theaters. let's watch this and then we'll talk about it on the other side. here's tom foreman. >> reporter: in the kay as of the movie theaters. some heard shots and screams and thought nothing of it. >> they herd pops and thought it was part of the movie until they noticed flashes. >> reporter: it is an understandable mistake, out of last year's top ten form, eight were action add ventures like "captain america." with lots of shooting and yelling all amplified by state of the art audio systems.
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in colorado the "dark night rises" when the gunfire began. my wife nudge immediate and said, no, that's way too loud, for something that should be in the movie. >> reporter: another problem, darkness. police said the lafayette gunman took advantage of all eyes being on the bright screen, using the darkness to hide his actions and identity. >> we think he intended on leaving. he did exit the theater and try and blend in with the crowd who was also leaving very quickly. >> hi how are you doing? >> reporter: lastly, most theaters have limited security even while dealing with millions of people and films that are sometimes emotionally charged. when "boyz in the hood" opened in 1991, more than two dozen theaters nationwide had violent outbreaks. today there are 43,000 screens in the u.s. and canada and almost 230 million people go to at least one preliminary a year.
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all with little, if any, security. >> so, jonathan, looking at that piece, a lot of people are probably wondering, do we need something such as airport security now in theaters, or sporting events? what do you say? >> well, sporting events do have some security. they bag searches, et cetera, those types of things. you will never be able to do this in theaters. that is just -- that's living under an oppression that people i don't think would be willing to do. but what we can go do is start looking at these things in a realistic way. when you go to bed at night, i'm talking about other issues like this -- when you go to bed at night and you lock your door, you're locking your door for a reason. there used to be a day in age when people left their doors unlo unlocked. didn't worry about things, they slept calmly, murders hand, abductions happen. it's common to lock your door at
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night. you don't lose it and get scare. you lock your door because you know you're secure. you have to be aware of what is normal and what is not. that one individual's wife was very aware that was not correct. they reacted. people realize what is going on and have a plan of action before they go there. the other thing particular about movies, a friend of mine, another guy that's a s.e.a.l. he came up with an idea, if you can get these little mag lights that are really bright l.e.d. lights, you know, if somebody is shooting and they know that you're looking at the screen and you won't be able to see. you hit that guy in the eyes with that light, it may give you one second to get down or get out of there. and lastly, i think it's just time for people to realize, like the individuals on 9/11 that were on the flight that crashed in pennsylvania, it might be a day when you go do something like this h, where you have to react and jump on somebody. you have to be prepared to run,
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or to jump on somebody, but you cannot freeze, because that will get you killed. >> great. great advice there. jonathan gilliam, so appreciate your voice in this, thank you, sir. >> gout it. thank you. president obama is making history in kenya, returning to his father's homeland for the first time as commander in chief and also the first time a u.s. sitting president has gone to kenya. we're live in nairobi as the president gets set for a press conference and american military raising pressure on al shabab as warplanes provide more support to african peace-keepers. does the president's trip have something to do with this? (and donald trump, will his atams on gop rivals hurt the party more than it helps?
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obama is in nairobi. meeting with the kenyan president right now. now, earlier today, he was at a briefing ceremony at the memorial site at the 1998 u.s. bombings in nairobi. this is the first visit as president, his father's homeland where he is attending a global entrepreneurialship summit. let's go to nairobi. what is the president looking to accomplish? >> reporter: this is annishive he himself started two years aing to try to spread electricity through sub saharan africa, where, by the way, 600 million people do not have access to power. so the president announced a lot of money commitments in both of those areas, entrepreneurship and power. we're talking billions and
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billions of bars in both private and public money. the white house wanted to make commitments and big announcements while he's here. he's also in a bilateral meeting with the president of kenya. shortly about an hour and a half. they have a press conference, where they announced where they talk about. we expect it it-to-be heavy on trade. and also ask questions which we expect to lead in touchy area, including gay rights, maybe touching on domestic issues. what the president plans to do on possibly gun control in the u.s. so, he's already accomplished some things here and we're waiting to see what he answers, during that press conference coming up, victor. >> and of course we'll bring that to our viewers. >> we mentioned at the top this is his father's homeland. so, a familial connection. we saw that on full display last night. >> reporter: yeah. that was incredible. he landed and immediately went
5:17 am
to this hotel for a big dinner with some three dozen of his extended family here in kenya. people on his father's side, who he hasn't seen in a very long time. but it was interesting. he was so animated and everyone very happy to be here. it was almost like there was zero awkwardness or lack of anything to talk about with the president of the united states. they just seemed to just, you know, get in there and pick up where they left off. that was something that the president could do that was really enjoyable on a personal level. even when he was speaking at official events today. one person introduced him as a son of kenyan soil. and he said himself, obviously, this is personal to me. speaking about his family, and how proud he is to be back here as president of the united states, victor. >> great pictures from that dinner last night and we all know that it is hard to fall right back into the fold with family you haven't seen in quite a while. michelle kosinski in nairobi, thank you so much.
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well, turkey's push against terror is getting a lot stronger. new this morning nearly 600 arrests and a new round of air strikes while turkey said this new operation could push isis out of northern syria. and it was supposed to be a look back at history but now someone wants them to take this mural down. it includes the kkk. keeping it up has the same amount of support, though. i love the jetta. but what about a deal? terry, stop! it's quite alright... ok, you know what? we want to make a deal with you. we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one? come on, give us a deal. look at how old i am. do you come here often? he works here, terry! you work here, right? yes... ok let's get to the point. we're going to take the deal. get a $1000 volkswagen reward card on select 2015 jetta models or lease a 2015 jetta s for $139 a month after $1000 volkswagen bonus.
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turkey says it wants to
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clear isis out of syria. it's looking to create a safe zone. several safe zones inside syria for syrian war refugees and it's wasting no time. turkish warplanes took aim at isis star gets across the border for the second straight year today. cnn's nick walsh joins us from beirut. we know of these00s of terror arrests by turkey. knick? >> reporter: they, this is a huge moment in the syrian conflict and syria's local history. they're abused of not being in the fight alongside their nato allies. we have plainty of warplanes hitting isis and kurdish targets. allies of the same kurds that are helping the coalition fight isis in other places like kobani that we talked about before.
5:23 am
more broadly what does this mean going forward for u.s. involvement? they talk about safe havens. the idea you push isis out and allow refugee, hundreds of thousands of them to go back to a safe place. that's going to take an awful lot of doing. for the more immediate future. turkish officials allow warplanes, uavs, drones, as we call them to use an air base in southern turkey, and that can significantly up the tempo of operations there. the turkish in the fight, too. this alters things quite fast in the future to come but as a big sting to all of this, too. turkey is open potentially to isis retaliation. that could mean attacks on western targets, turkish military targets. that's why many say turkey have not been in the fight early on, and we'll have to see what this does for the war inside syria. used to be against the regime. now against isis. it's so complex but now has a
5:24 am
new dimension. that's the key. a longtime reluctant neighbor squarely in the fight. >> nick p paton walsh reporting for us. >> i want to bring in retired lieutenant rick francona. how realistic is it to seek to clear the isis threat out of syria? is it a game-changer? >> the involvement of turkey at this level is a game-changer. everybody on the coalition side is really pleased the turks are now involved. many would say finally involved. we've been waiting for this for a long time. the turks have the second largest army in nato. they are very capable armed forces and much is deployed down to the syrian iraqi border. so, it is a game-changer as nick said. do they have the capability to go into northern syria and create this buffer zone? yes, they have the capability if they have the political will to do it. but i think we need to be a
5:25 am
little reticent about what turkey is actually doing here. we welcome them in the fight against isis. we welcome them in the fight against the isis regime but have to be very careful to understand they're also involved in tamping down the nationialismnationalis. i expect that's the deal that we would not raise too much argument about them going after the kurds as long as they go after isis. this is a big deal for the united states and coalition to get the turks on their side and the use of those air bases. big, brig game-changer. >> geographically, i know it expedites the process for the u.s. as well. listen. i want to ask you about the u.s. military operations in somalia as well against al shabab as well. u.s. officials tell us drone strikes part of that strategy. that reliance, do you think it's
5:26 am
a solid one? >> we've been doing this for some time. very much under the radar, only when we have solid intelligence on the target and go after that specifically. over the last few months we see this ramp up a little bit. i suspect what the president is talking to the kenyans and ugandans about increased american alsup port for their operations against al shabab. with the kenyans on the ground. very effective force. and american drone support, air power, if you will, they could be much more effective. i think we'll see more of this, and as we see al shabab get more in line with isis, this is part of our larger war on isis worldwide. so, i think this is a really good step. >> all right. good to know. lieutenant colonel rick francona, we appreciate your insight. thank you, sir. >> good to be with you. hillary clinton once again on the offensive. inspector general said some e-mails sent as secretary of state from the private server
5:27 am
contained classified information. did she know? and presidential hopeful ted cruz with a rare attack on the senate floor, calling the majority leader a liar. we'll dig into both, next. gun fie violence can be devastating not just for victims but for those who witness it. michael silvio was haunted after seeing students shot by a bully classmate. and his goal was turn the nightmare into something positive not just for him but for kids everywhere. >> reporter: after traveling the world on the hit show "stomp." he transformed it to a younger audience. he wanted to use his skills to teach an important lesson. >> the real reason we're out here is to talk about bullying. who knows what bullying is? >> reporter: the motivation
5:28 am
behind his message is personal. >> when i was in high school, a bully came to school and shot one of my friends. he saw no option but bring a gun to school and stop the bull leg. >> reporter: two students died. his mission is to use music and dance to get kids to express themselves about bullying. >> i'm there to let people know it's okay to speak up. if you are getting bullied. if you are the person bullying, it's okay to go talk to company. >> who likes to dance? >> reporter: and he doesn't just want to show up once a year for a single assembly, silvio's next goal is create after-school programs and curriculum to give to schools free of charge to give the dialogue open year around. >> i don't want them to go home and play video goes, i want them to have creative outlets, to think. to complement each other.
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32 mince past the hour. i hope it's a good one for you so far. hillary clinton is on the campaign trail in iowa today. and deals with renewed controversy over her e-mail account. intelligence community officials and informed members of
5:33 am
congress, some material clinton sent out from the private server contained classified information. because the e-mails are not identified as such, it's unclear whether clinton realized she was sending potentially compromising data. in the meantime inspectors general asked the department of justice to open an investigation into the matter. so, sounds labor the department itself is the focus of this, not just hillary clinton. >> reporter: that's exactly right. christie. this new information certainly deepens this controversy even more. the inspectors general, took a sample of 40 of the 30,000 e-mails that clinton turned over to the state department and found four of those p e-mails in that sample contained classified information. here's the really important part. none of the four e-mails were marked as classified by the state department. it's not clear if clinton knew she was potentially compromising that information.
5:34 am
back in march he this controversy first popped up. clinton was adamant saying she did not e-mail anything classified and yesterday she responded a bit to the dust-up, referencing a report in "the new york times" that she was the focus of a potential criminal investigation about these e-mails. that turned out not to be true and here's how she put it. >> maybe the heat is getting to everybody. we all have a responsibility to get this right. i have released 55,000 pages of e-mails. i have said repeatedly, that i will answer questions before the house committee. we are all accountable to the american people to get the facts right. and i will do my part. >> she's already quickly picked up steam from the republicans. john boehner said, quote, what
5:35 am
these reports demonstrate is inherent risk of conducting our nation's foreign policy on home e-mail and personal server, her poor judgment undermined national security and it is time for her to finally do the right thing. clinton today start ace three-day trip throughout iowa. this is a state where she has seen her polling drop in recent months. let's put the spotlight on that vulnerable. certainly not a position she wants to be in on the defensive as she hits the trail today. >> sunlen, good to see you. thank you. let's turn to the 2016 presidential race. there's an intraparty h feud between texas senator ted cruz and majority leader mitch mcconnell. there's this rare display from cruz. he repeatedly accused the fellow republican of lying. it was triggered when cruz believed mcconnell blocked several amendments he and other republicans offered to a bill. remember, ted cruz is running
5:36 am
for president. let's bring in cnn steven colinson and m.j. lee. steven. let's start with just a portion of this speech, and then we'll talk about it. >> i cannot believe he would tell a flat-out lie. and i voted based on those assurances that he made to each and every one of us. what we just saw today was an absolute demonstration that not only what he told every republican senator, but what he told the press over and over and over again was a simple lie. >> flat-out lie. steven, how often does something like this happen? >> it's very rare for it to be so public, there's plenty of aresentment among members in the senate but usually it's sort of dealt with behind closed doors. it's very consistent with what cruz did yesterday with his political philosophy and
5:37 am
conscience as he came to washington. he's a champion of the tea party who wants to establish the establishment, but clearly, he's also playing a 2016 card here. he's set himself up as an agitator of this republican field. over the last few weeks since donald trump has taken all of the oxygen in this race. cruz had a little trouble getting in the conversation. soon after he did this on the senate floor yesterday. he went on rush limbaugh's show and clearly getting his message across to conservatives. he's still in this race and still wants to compete. i guess from that perspective. this political stunt, if that's what it was, was a success. >> if it was, we'll see a lot of potentially political stunts as candidates try to make that cut-off for the upcoming debate. let's go to lee now. we know donald trump made this move to bar a reporter from the "des moines register" from attending a campaign event. how is this being received in
5:38 am
iowa? >> that's right, victor. the "des moines register" said yesterday that all of its journalists have been barred from attending this event today in iowa. this comes after the editorial board of the paper wrote a very critical editorial of donald trump, basically calling him to get out of the race, calling him a feckless blow hard. clearly he was offended by that. his he was not happy about that. the move is another sign trump is running a very unusual campaign. victor, it's also another sign of just how trump deal was criticism earlier this week. in south carolina, this moment that's been played over and over again on our network, when trump went after one of his rivals, senator lindsey graham, because lindsey graham was doing name-calling.
5:39 am
trump hit back by reading out his personal cell phone number at a rally on national television. this is going to be a fascinating part of the trump campaign just how trump deals with criticism. >> m.j., he seemed to be -- donald trump seemed to be taken off guard when anderson cooper said if these things were presidential. how does this play into his hand as far as gaining support in the primary. does this play right into his brain? >> absolutely. i have been fascinated to hear from people who show up at trump events on the road just how much they love the fact that he is so unfiltered. they love the fact he's an atypical candidate. i think a lot of people show up to see the host of the apprentice, to see this reality tv star. so when he does things like this. people who are interested to see this side of him like it, they like to like the fact that he's putting on this sort of interesting performance.
5:40 am
i think today we know he's not going to be using a tell prompter. he never does. people that come here to this rally will likely get a very colorful speech as he always delivers. >> m.j. lee, he always delivers a colorful speech. thank you very much. >> it is a look of victory inside a florida courthouse, a giant muiral, look what is on it. kkk. someone wants this taken down. the same number of people seem to not to want to have this touched. plus a day of mourning for the family of sandra bland. she's going to be laid to rest this afternoon. but her family is not giving up their fight. we're talking to tv judge glenda hatchet. stay close. (music)
5:41 am
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as many states rallied to remove confederate flags and statue, america is taking a deeper look at its history and there's growing tension over what can be defined as historical and what is down right racist. recently this mural in idaho came under fire for predicting white settlers preparing to lynch a native american. i traveled to a small town in florida where another mural is stirring up big controversy. >> reporter: in a quiet rural county 35 miles west of jacksonville, florida, hangs a mural. it depicts in artist's words,
5:45 am
thousands of years of history and pre-history and thousands of people atheir across the country have stopped to admire it. some leaving notes of appreciation in its very own guest book. beautifully, andre thinks it's an extraordinary piece of art then this anonymous message. should make the kkk bigger and brighter. yes, that kkk. >> the ku klux clku klux klan i. this mural is hanging inside the baker county courthouse. markita smith is his paralegal. >> am i going to walk into this courthouse for any legal matter, am i getting treated fairly? will i get justice? >> reporter: the group launched
5:46 am
a petition on to removal the mural. >> it's a pretty mural but should be in another place. >> reporter: the artist died several years ago but a guide explained why they're include in the mural. the confederate soldier, the kkk, as a organization that took justice to extremes but an control the county knew overthose outside of the law. >> it's a bad thing but it is what happened. >> reporter: this man started a counter p he tigs to leave the mural alone. he's collected as many signatures as those that want it to come down. >> they are offended by the hooded klansman. you tell them why? >> if that's the case. you have to know your history to
5:47 am
stop them from-ing it again. >> the petition alleges it does more than depict history. it suggests it depicts white supremacists hidden in plain sight. >> there's copious use of trees and low-hanging limbs. it raises questions whether there's a deeper meaning. >> reporter: including this woodpecker, the bird was once a southeastern u.s. native and according to the petition and anti-defamation league a symbol embraced by skin heads. >> justice doesn't discrimination but yet they're going to a courthouse that says it might. >> reporter: they seemingly dedicated this memorial. and the judge ordered it be moved from the original homes near courtrooms. so it was hung on the first
5:48 am
floor. and with the tiny confederate flag there it greeted every visitor for the last 13 years. so, why the controversial now? [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: well, because this happened. after receipt mofl of the confederate flag at the south carolina statehouse. cities across america are being challenged to strike a balance and consider finding new homes for history. >> it's history. that's what people are standing for, to keep this history alive. >> we feel like we have to look at history and heritage as, as a common nation. white, black, red, brown, yellow, green. that's the issue. >> so, a county leader says beyond the petition there's no official requests submitted to removal the mural. florida justice, john phillips' group says that will likely come soon, possibly through court action. christie? new video this morning
5:49 am
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5:53 am
there, sandra bland was in that car's back seat. officers are outside the car. one reaches in and takes bland out. they pat her down, then they put her back inside the car. so, let's talk to judge glenda hatchett here, she's a founding partner of the hatchett law firm. so good to have you here. judge. >> thank you. >> what can you make of this video? what do you glean from it? anything specific? >> not anything specific from this piece. it's protocol to pat somebody down to see if there's not a weapon or something to harm a police officer. but the real question is why was it necessary to arrest her in the first place. this is a tragic situation, a very, very tragic situation. i think the officer's conduct was represent phensible. we're talking about changing lanes. what should have been a simple traffic stop at most got really
5:54 am
blown out of proportion and basically he says that she's resisting arrest. she's belligerent and a threat, none of which i think was the case. it could have been deescalated and she could have gone about her business. >> remember, prosecutors said this preliminary autopsy said she did indeed commit suicide. because the family says no way. can the family still get another autopsy done, or did this? and how much weight will that hold as opposed to the official? >> it is my understanding there will be a second autopsy. i haven't been able to confirm that definitively. but i would not be surprised if they didn't get a second autopsy, and i think that they should, for their own satisfaction, for their own peace of mind, because a preliminary report says it was suicide. that she was not murdered. there was no foul play, and there was also, apparently, a prisoner within earshot saying they didn't hear any screaming, any didn't hear any evidence of
5:55 am
any foul play in there. but, but, but, that does not mean that the family doesn't have civil recourse here, because the question is, if in fact they noted on her form that she had tried to commit suicide before, that she was showing signs of depression by not eating that morning, why wasn't she on closer watch? and even the texas authorities have said that the prison did not follow protocol in this matter. and so i think the family had strong civil actions to follow up, not only with what happened in the jail after she was arrested, but the actual stop and how she was treated. >> how she was treated. >> one much the questions i have to get to you. this is something i think everybody asks me, for a traffic stop like this. i know that's not why she was arrested for the traffic stop itself. but why three days later was she still in jail? >> unfortunately it was a matter she couldn't get the bond posted. apparently she was making calls to friends and family members
5:56 am
but there was a 5 thousand bond requirement which means you have to put up either property or josh of $500, just a tenth of it and they were not able to get the bond posted. because it's ridiculous she was in jail for all of that time. for three days, for a traffic stop when we have so many other horrendous things going on in this nation. >> all right. judge glen hatchet, we appreciate it. >> we have not heard the end of this. there will be civil action. if i were representing them. i would go aggressively based on the stop and based on her treatment and lack of surveillance when she was arrested. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it judge, as always. victor? that's it for us. see you back here at 10:00 eastern, for "news room." smerconish starts after a quick smerconish starts after a quick break. -- captions by vitac --
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