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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  July 26, 2015 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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forensic art is art/science. we use all the scientific inputs possible, but there is a point where art kicks in and supplements science. that forensic art allowed the dead to speak, and i think that's a really good thing. rip to his father's home land before heading to ethiopia. we are live from nairobi, next. two turkish soldiers killed in a car bomb hours after a cease-fire ends with kurdish
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militants. and the new york city mayor wants to cut all business ties with donald trump. from cnn in atlanta, i'm george howell. this is cnn "newsroom." good day to you and welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. we begin this hour in kenya. the u.s. president, barack obama, is set to kick off the fiem day of what has been an historic trip to his father's home land. later this hour in that country's capital, president obama will speak at an indoor sports arena to an invited audience. at a dinner he expressed his gratitude for the country's hospitality. the president condemned the discrimination faced by gays in kenya, equating it to legalized racism in america.
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>> the first time i came here i was in jeans and a backpack. >> making his first visit to kenya as president, he and the kenyan president talked good human rights. >> there has been extensive and effective counterterrorism cooperation between the united states and kenya dealing with primarily threats from al shabaab. >> democracy, entrepreneurship. >> criticizing the kenyan government on gay rights president obama equating it to
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civil rights. >> obama praised the nation tor working to fight official cooperation which makes businesses hesitant about working in kenya. >> this may be the biggest i am impediment to kenya. >> i'll be back. the next time i'll be back i may not be wearing a suit. >> i'm jeremy roth reporting zblxt for the next stop for mr. obama, he will become the first u.s. president to visit the country of ethiopia. white house correspondent is joining the president. what is the latest on the president's schedule? >> we're waiting to hear now. very soon he's going to speak to the people of kenya. this public address. it's going to be an indoor
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sports arena. this is expected to be the highlight of this trip. we expect the president to cover a number of topics but also to speak more emotionally about his feelings being back here in kenya as president of the united states to talk about the progress and opportunity that he sees in this country and in africa as a whole, but to also talk about the challenges. right now, there's a briefing going on from the white house. we just got a little bit more information about what he's going to cover and kind of how he sees it here and the white house talked about this being an extraordinary time for kenya. really a moment about to jump off into great growth and opportunity but also he said a moment of great peril, where they face threats from outside, from terrorism, but also internally of corruption and that's been a big focus of this trip. to try to get at some of those challenges so the u.s. and kenya can work together more closely and really build on that relationship. but to do that they have to get past some of those challenges areas where these two countries
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really don't see ie to eye trying to expand human rights, diminish corruption and build up cooperation so they can work on an even level. >> i heard there was a reaction after this uncomfortable moment when the president expressed his thoughts on the issue of gay rights in that country compared to what you know is happening here in the united states and the kenyan president responding. what was the response of that crowd? >> many in kenya are supportive of their president and they agree with what he said. that's how it is in our society. we don't accept that. we don't have gay rights here because culturally societily, we don't accept it. in the utilizes it was very surprising to hear the president of this country say that there
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isn't going to be equal protection and representation under law. it seemed like when president obama was talking about this he made a very strong statement, and he acknowledged that some people aren't going to feel this way because religious or personal beliefs but at the very minimum in the united states we believe that at least every person should be equal under the law, but kenya's president didn't want to go there. he acknowledged that was not the case in kenya. you can see that's a big risk. we just asked the white house that question. didn't president obama see this as an impediment to expanding human rights broadly here? and the white house said that sadly that president obama was not surprised by the response but what they are doing here is trying to find common ground. they know that there are going to be areas of disagreement but they felt like by being here and engaging that's really at the very least setting a basis for trying to work on things moving
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forward. >> traveling with the president in nairobi kenya, cnn white house correspondent michelle kazinski. >> we will bring you live coverage of the president at a speech in nairobi. he is set to take the stage in half an hour's time and we'll bring that to you as it happens. now to the middle east where two soldiers are dead and four others wounded after a car bomb exploded in turkey. the search is on for whoever is responsible for this. this comes after targets were bombed by the turkish military. a series of rapid chgs
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changes toward northern syria in the last few days. they are talking about the potential for a safe haven/zone for which the hundreds of the refugees in camps could perhaps return. official talk about when and isis is pushed out of those areas, naturally they would become safe enough for those refugees to return. it's a complex ambition. jets are hitting targets inside syria. turkey also perceives some kurdish groups as a threat and they are hitting the pkk. allies of the pkk are the ground troops fighting isis.
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one thing not in down is turkeyish turkeyish. isis have used turkish material to take people and materiel into syria. the scope of their about -- ambition could require tens of thousands of troops. it does now have the potential of one of key neighbors of syria a nato ally being thrust full head long into this conflict. there are other elements here too that are important to point out. nearly 600 people arrested in a terror arrest sweep across all of turkey. they have had their eye on some of them for a while but others moving against them right now. also the potential for u.s. forces to use a base in the south of turkey too that could be used for drones or air
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strikes inside syria too. that could really speed the base pace of nato and american operations inside that area. a lot is changing but the key thing to look out for here is the potential for isis retaliation. activists already reporting speeches in which isis is encouraging people to take the fight to turkey. we saw a terrorist attack in an area that could spread. those who used to claim turkey was not off the bench in the fight against isis now we're seeing a very stark change in policy. earlier, we heard from a senior fellow and director at the washington institute for turkish research program. he explained the delicate timing of turkey's operation against the pkk and isis. listen. >> the government has masterfully packaged and bundled
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their campaign against pkk under their campaign against isis so neither people in washington are going to object to it because turkey is fighting isis. what the government is trying to achieve with that in my view they are trying to weaken the pkk militarily. they feel the group has been too emboldened. they want to weaken the group by attacking its camps in iraq so it will come back to the negotiating table from a position of weakness. so it's a broader campaign against isis under which there is a specifically targeted turk irk campaign against the pkk in iraq. the area that the turkey is hoping to take is not an kurdish area. it's an area that has an important border crossing through which isis has been smuggling items into syria.
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what isis does it smuggles both fighters and arms into this region and takes it into syria and iraq. a major life line for this group is going to be cut. the biggest one is turkey wants to use the campaign to weaken the pkk. this could spark major kurdish unrest in turkey and that's a big mess we'll witness the next couple of days. . a suicide attack in northern iraq killed at least nine people and wounded dozens of others. officials say two bombers blew themselves up at a sports club in a city north of baghdad. the first attacker detonated his vest inside a pool area and the second targeted the entrance to the club. residents of the city are mostly
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shia turkmen. a cease-fire is set to begin at midnight on opportunity. it's an opportunity to get food and medical aid to people who desperately needed. 12 tons of humanitarian supplies have been delivered to the city of aden. the u.n. says at least three -- 3,000 people have died since march. colombia's president has suspended air raids against the farc rebel group in an effort to move forward with peace talks. they are trying to end five decades of war. the decision to suspend shelling comes days after the rebel declared a unilateral cease-fire and the release of a colombian soldier who has been held
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hostage. hillary clinton is back on the defensive. on the campaign trail on friday she denied claims she sent classified information on her private email server during her time as u.s. secretary of state. her comments after a request was made for the u.s. justice department to investigate possible mishandling of some of those emails. here's what hillary clinton had to say. listen. >> first, let me say that i am confident that i never sent nor received any information that was classified at the time it was sent and received and what i think what you are seeing here is a very typical kind of discussion to some extent to disagreement among various parts of the government over what should or should not be publicly released and i want to under score this because when i turned over my 55,000 pages, i did so to help the state department. they had asked all the former secretaries to please give any information because they were
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having some challenges with their record keeping. so i did. but then i said okay let's make it public. now if i just turn it over we would not be having this conversation. >> clinton's emails are a point of contention as she prepares to testify at a congressional hearing. her campaign says she will answer questions this october regarding the 2012 attack in benghazi libya and an attack that killed four americans. that attack. but a committee spokesperson says a lawyer for clinton insists questions be limited to the attack and he said the committee would not accept that. you are watching cnn "newsroom." next republican presidential candidate donald trump. he is open the stump in a key u.s. state where he is campaigning and who he is going after now. we'll have that after the break. plus a massive fire breaks out at a popular las vegas resort. we'll tell you why that fire spread so fast.
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fire that broke out at a las vegas resort on saturday. the flames shot up from the pool area engulfing the 14th floor of the cosmopolitan hotel forcing guests and employees to evacuate. ksnv's gerald rumelo has more from the scene. the flames erupted shortly after noon. a fire on the 14th floor pool deck spread quickly, also spreading according some of the guests panic. they were trying to find the stairs. employees were not answering the questions, five or six times, where the are the stairs? we were met with blank staries. fire crews managed to respond almost immediately. what was burning exterior the pool areas, the ka banas, the
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landscaping. after what some guests response as shock there was an orderly response. those staying above the 14th floor evacuated to the aria hotel. the images gathers by many of the guests will likely last a lifetime. >> big plumes of black clouds. that was gerald romelo reporting a fire official says it was the fake palm trees that caused the blaze to take off like a rocket. the plastic was like gasoline burning and dripping down on furniture around the world. u.s. presidential candidate donald trump has been campaigning in iowa. his campaign banned "the des
1:22 am
moines register" after an editorial said he should drop from the campaign. >> i love the mexican people. i have such a great -- i have thousands of people over the years, thousands of people from mexico from all over hispanics that work for me. they are incredible people. they work hard. they are great people and mexico is a country i respect, and i've said this. the problem is that their leaders are too smart, too cunning, they are just better. they negotiate better. they are tougher. they are much smarter than our leaders. our leaders are dummies, they don't know what's happening. they are incompetent. >> he took the opportunity to slam republican candidate scott
1:23 am
walker the governor of wisconsin who is ahead of trump in the iowa polls. new york city mayor bill de blasio says he's determined to cut the city's ties with donald trump. >> i don't think he represents the values of new york city. he's from here but he doesn't represent our values because this is the ultimate city of immigrants in a place that believes in including every kind of people in our society. >> but he says he loves hispanics, he says thousands who work for him. >> obviously his comments about mexican americans were derog tory and inappropriate. i would say he's gone very far from his roots here because this is a city where we would never tolerate that kind of language. >> will you do business with donald trump in the future? >> not if i can help it. look i think he has set a very negative tone and that's even before what he said about
1:24 am
senator mccain and you don't have to agree to senator mccain politically so think that was outrageous and inappropriate. i think donald trump has invalidated himself as a public figure. we will not seek out business with him and his companies. we'll certainly look for other options and i hope there's no -- >> i know that your office is reviewing contracts to see if you can get out of them. is that review complete? >> it's not quite complete. i don't think there is a construct to get out of those contracts but we'll certainly look for every option. >> why do you think so many people are attracted to donald trump? what is it about him? >> i would different him about some of the things he's saying. there are some american people that are frustrated about some of the reality we face and unfortunately try to blame immigrants who are not the root of the problem. many americans are economically frustrated. they have seen their families fall behind economically. they are looking for answers and
1:25 am
for someone to blame. immigrants are not the problem. the problem is income inequality and the concentration of our policies don't help american people. he tried to whip people up and blame immigrants for the root of the problem and they are not the root of the problem. >> he also has enough money, nobody can buy me. everybody should be grateful and i'm an independent person and i'll do what i want. i'm not controlled by lobbyists. >> i think giving more power to an extraordinarily wealthy person would take us backwards. >> even though he says his wealth gives him independence. >> let's face it he's the ultimate example of trickle down economics.
1:26 am
he believes that someone like him having a lot of wealth is the best thing for the economy in general. the reverse is true. we've seen wealth concentrated in fewer hands have a negative impact on how many people are employed and what kind of wages we have. we have to make clear that folks like trump are going to make a bad situation and make it worse. >> you are watching cnn "newsroom." u.s. president president obama travels to ethiopia later today. the focus on that african's nation's growing war against terror. let's-rock-this-concert- like-it's-1999 kind of mom. when pain tries to stop you, there's motrin. motrin works fast to stop pain where it starts. make it happen with new motrin liquid gels. before i had the shooting, burning, pins-and-needles of diabetic nerve pain, these feet grew up in a family of boys...
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welcome back to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. you are watching cnn "newsroom." good to have you with us. i'm george howell. the headline this hour within the hour u.s. president barack obama is expected to deliver remarks to the people of kenya. he is set to speak at an indoor arena in nairobi as he kicks off his final day of events in his late father's homeland. then later today he is set to travel to ethiopia an historic first for a u.s. president. colombia's president has suspended air raids against the farc leftest rebel group in an effort to move forward with peace talks. both sides have been negotiating a peace deal in cuba to end five decades of war. the decision to suspend shelling comes days after a cease-fire. a teenage girl blew herself
1:31 am
up outside a bar in cameroon. the town is home to a military base for cameroon's elite forces fighting against a terrorist group boko haram. the local governor's office says the search is on for those responsible. this comes after turkey launch air strikes on kurdish rebels in northern iraq and isis militants in syria on saturday. for more on what's happening in turkey let's turn to our correspondent who joins us live from istanbul turkey. as turkey changes its posture, as it says as a matter of national security in the fight against isis and other groups is there concern about more retaliation from these groups? >> there most certainly is and the population is bracing had --
1:32 am
itself for that. turkey has now lunchd -- launched multiple strikes against many fronts. there are a series of dynamics unfolding and at play here. you have turkey's beefed up efforts when it comes to the war against isis launching a few days ago those strikes on isis targets inside syria. air strikes but without crossing into syrian airspace. and then you have the war that is being launched against the pkk, the kurdistan workers party which turkey designates a terrorist organization and simultaneously when those strikes took place in syria, the turkish air force also targeted pkk positions in their strong hold in the mountains in northern iraq and this effectively caused the pkk to declare the cease-fire that has been in place and has pretty
1:33 am
much held since 2013. then we have the unit of turkeyish soldiers were ambushed targeted by a bomb. a lot of people concerned at this stage about what this is going to mean and how it's going to play out moving forward with turkey seemingly going after what it was calling terrorist organizations whether it is isis or the pkk, george. >> when it comes to the pkk and to differentiate them from the kurdish peshmerga forces both groups fighting isis how do you square the circle there? it seems, the enemy of my enemy, explain if you could. >> this isn't necessarily a region where you can always square these various different circles. when it comes to the kurdish dynamic, that is especially the
1:34 am
case. you have the peshmerga, that the iraqi kurdish fighting force that is in northern iraq that is actively fighting against isis inside iraq and you also have the relationship between the turkish government and the government of the autonomous region of iraqi-kurdistan that is more or less relatively speaking fairly solid. then you have turkey's ongoing war against the pkk that has been going on for a low level for three decades. you have that cease-fire that was pretty much in place as i was saying since 2013 but turkey has always considered the pkk to be a terrorist organization. although up until very recently there had been some hope that perhaps that cease-fire would be longer lasting than it appears to be and then of course you have the ypg and that is the kurdish fighting force inside syria that is an off shoot of the pkk that
1:35 am
turkey also views as being a terrorist organization but unlike the pkk, the united states for example, does not deem the ypg to be a terrorist organization. it's a very couldn't have you lutd -- convoluted situation. >> thank you for explaining it all. we'll stay in touch with you as we continue to monitor events there in turkey. satisfactory -- saers's -- syria's president is saying his country is being black mailed in the fight against isis. he says he supports political dialogues in theory. countries who support terrorism have also increased their support to the syrian opposition. we're awaiting the speech from president obama in kenya. concern over security has
1:36 am
surrounded the trip to africa. another terror group boko haram is based in nigeria, on the other side of the continent. isis inspired attacks have been in neighboring area. ethiopia is an important lynch pin in the fight against. >> al shabaab wait to ambush a convoy in southern somalia. the attack went largely unnoticed until this gruesome terror video came on line. they claim they killed dozens of ethee beyond the scope --
1:37 am
ethiopian troops. they are considered the most well trained. u.s. president barack obama thanks ethiopia for their cooperation last year. >> our counterterrorism partnerships like we have formed with countries like etheep beyond the scope i can't -- ethiopia are critical. >> obama traveling through ethiopia i think is an indication of continued u.s. engagement possibly some increase and also signaling u.s. -- a u.s. awareness that more needs to be done. that the last few years of combined region annual al efforts to contain al shabaab
1:38 am
haven't been enough. both the campaign against al that bob and the countries facing the front line. it is added that the two countries have a long way in addressing their differences in approach. when pressed on that -- >> less leave it at that. >> it's said that the african union war against somalia is the cheapest effective fight in the world. they need more support in terms of financing, training and equipment. as one western diplomat told us it's our treasure but it's their blood. >> a high price to pay for the long desired goal of stability in horn of africa. >> peace will also have
1:39 am
dividends to the rest of the region. >> and the rest of the world. ethiopia wants to be the regional power broker too. it wants the u.s. to listen understand and support it. president obama's national security adviser, susan rice, says he will also be speaking with regional leaders ethiopia about freedom of the press and political opposition in that country. >> we work closely together in many arenas we also regularly convey to their leadership our concerns such as press freedom, trans sparns si this trip is also an opportunity for us to continue our frank discussions and to urge progress in these areas. >> many human rights advocates have criticized the u.s. prez's trip to ethiopia.
1:40 am
hundreds gather on saturday to mourn a woman whose death is the center of controversy in the united states. family and friends held a funeral in the state of illinois for sandra bland, the 28-year-old woman died earlier this month in a texas jail. officials in the state of texas say that bland was found hanging in her jail cell on july 13th. prosecutors say preliminarily autopsy results show she committed suicide. her death game three, came three days after her controversial arrest during an initial traffic stop. >> i'm going to yank you out of here. >> you are going to yank me out of here. okay. >> get out of the car. get out of car now! >> am why am i being apprehended? you done opened my krar door. >> i'm going to drag you out here. jail documents show
1:41 am
conflicting information regarding her mental state and a previous attempt at suicide. her family insists she would not take her own life. bland's death remains under investigation. you are watching cnn "newsroom." divers on edge in australia after a shark attack. a day of fun turned harrowing for a father and a daughter off the coast of tasmania. plus heavy rains and rising flood waters prompt a state of emergency in peru. here's a little healthy advice. take care of what makes you, you. right down to your skin. aveeno® daily moisturizing lotion with 5 vital nutrients for healthier looking skin in just one day. aveeno®. naturally beautiful results® you something. ohh!! (gasps) agh!! diamonds! yeah. mmmm! 5 swirled diamonds, new in lucky charms!
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i got to tell you about this horrific shark attack off the coast of australia. a man and his daughter were diving for scal lops early saturday morning. the local police inspector tells us what happens next. >> he goes diving with his adult
1:45 am
daughter. when they went into the water, they collected a number of scallops. my understanding is the daughter returned to the boat and the father returned to get more scallops, he did not return to the surface. >> at that point, the daughter became concerned. an official told reporters she went down and saw a large shark attacking her father. she return to the surface herself and shot off an emergency flare but her father did not survive. there's only one other fatal unprovoked shark attack in the last 100 years in tasmania. 14 regions across peru have declared a state of emergency in preparation for abnormal weather. our meteorologist is at the weather center. this is following this year's strong el nino event. >> it's already causing some significant problems into the country of peru.
1:46 am
not only impacting their marine life but also bringing heavy rainfall to the country. take a look at the footage coming out of peru. this is in the northeastern sections in a particular region called quito. downpours left the city end undated. homes, stores sphreets zsh streets all following victim to the flooding. transport came to a halt except for some of the motor taexes which carried residents to and from their homes and businesses to acease the situation. coming back to my graphics we referred to the el nino this is basically the warming of the pacific waters. when we start to see the trade winds generally just relax across this region with an el nino season we start to see that build up warm water along
1:47 am
the east coast of america and central america, including chile, and at the moment it impacted by quite a large low pressure season it's the winter season over this part of the world, they are susceptible to strong cold fronts. this area could easily receive his monthly rainfall in the next 48 hours and we're anticipating flooding in the area. the new suez canal in egypt had a test run on saturday before next month's official opening. the new $8 billion waterway sits along the existing suez canal which is the fastest shipping route between europe and asia.
1:48 am
egypt's president says it will boost employment in the country. islamic militants based in the sinai peninsula have killed hundreds of soldiers and police since 2013. a mystery criminal organization plans to use nuclear weapons and technology to upset the fragile balance of power between united states and the soviet union. that's actually a plot for a movie. we'll get you look after the break. o isn't related to me. get a domain website and email starting at $1/month all at godaddy.
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welcome back to cnn "newsroom." i'm george howell. north korea is marking the 62nd anniversary of the korean armistice. photos were released of the leader attending a rally. the armistice agreement was signed on july 27th 1953 effectively ending the fighting but the truce has never been converted into a peace treaty
1:53 am
leaving the two koreas technically in a state of war. toronto taxi drivers are launching a lawsuit against uber. the suit is seeking more than $300 million and an injunction to halt operations across ontario. a spokeswoman says the suit is the without merit. uberis fighting for legal status around the world. in rio deyou can't ordinary -- -- strike over uber. james bond is not the only super spy this year. director guy ritchey isproducing a
1:54 am
movie "the man from u.n.c.l.e." >> we have a movie that takes place in the height of the cold war when the united states and soviet union are basically posturing against each other over who is the greatest nuclear super power and they are both threatening nuclear holocaust. >> west berlin stands undiminished. >> where are we going with this sir? >> the two men in this film, they are spies in russia and the states and there's a third party in the world who might change the laws of the world, so they need to work together to stop this third party. >> america teaming up with russia that doesn't sound very friendly. you've also had a new
1:55 am
adversary pop up. now you have the americans and the soviets who go wait these guys are going to do something. >> things could get a little messy. end of the world, that kind of thing. >> so i play the villain, and i live in italy. i'm english but i live in italy. >> so you are a thief. >> you have to wear a mask. >> sometimes. >> and i have kidnapped gabby teller's father to build a bomb. >> this is not the russian way. >> let's take your top person and our top person and pair them together and send them like a couple of bloodhounds after those guys. >> what does that mean? >> he said don't kill your partner on your first day. >> so they have been couldn't scripted by to work together to
1:56 am
foil my plan. >> what makes this interesting is that they are polar opposites as far as character, personality, background and professional approach. >> you have a new code name. >> code name? >> yes. rather a good one. >> this leads to this wonderful dynamic between these two guys. one guy is soviet and one guy is cia. all they do is dislike each other but are forced to work together and actually appreciate the importance of this mission. >> three seconds early. look at that. ♪ ♪ >> house is that for entertainment? >> that looks intense. we thank you for watching this hour of cnn "newsroom." i'm george howell at the cnn center at atlanta. i'll be back after the break with another hour of news from around the world. you are watching cnn, the world's news leader.
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the u.s. president wrapping up his historic trip to kenya. a live report from nairobi straight ahead as barack obama says good-bye to the african nation close to his heart. also a car bomb in turkey leaves two dead this attack on the back of turkish war planes attacking targets in syria and iraq. up in flames extraordinary images of a massive fire of a luxury hotel ton the las vegas strip. i'm george howell this is cnn "newsroom." ♪ ♪


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