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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  July 26, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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it's expected to create 150 jobs and bring in $108 million in rent for the new york and new jersey port authority over the next three decades. thanks to all of you for being part of my program this week. i will see you next week. hello, everyone. thanks for joining me. i'm fredricka whitfield. we begin welcome back donald trump riding high atop the latest presidential polls. a brand new nationwide cnn/orc poll shows trump still well above the pack among republicans' choice for the nominee in the 2016 presidential election. trump has 18% support. he's followed by jeb bush at 15%. governor scott walker at 10%, followed by ted cruz rand paul and marco rubio. trump called into cnn's "state of the union" this morning to
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react to the poll and said republican party leaders seem to finally be accepting that he's here to stay. >> they view me as an outsider i guess, and now they're starting to view me not as an outsider because i'm leading in all the polls, not just yours. i think they have been really nice over the last few days. they're starting to see what's happening. there's a movement going on. this is more man me this is a movement going on people are tired of these incompetent politicians in washington that can't get anything done, they can't make deals, they can't do anything. all they care about is getting elected. they don't care about anything else. >> cnn's sunlin is in waurkd washington, d.c. this makes it difficult for political leaders that want less of trump. >> reporter: right now he is the front runner among the republicans. it's important to note here this poll was done after he made those controversial comments
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about senator john mccain, so all that backlash that trump received did not damage him in the polls. beneath the surface here there are some red flags for him. is unfavorability ratings are a big problem for him, more than any other candidate. just look at these numbers here. 80% of democrats have an unfavorable view of him. 53% of independents and 42%, that's still a big number among the republicans. now, despite this in an nbc/marist poll out today he's also looking strong in the early nominating states. in new hampshire he's in first place with a sizeable lead and in iowa he's trailing only behind scott walker and only by a few points. it's nearly a statistical tie. so we've seen trump start to take aim at walker. he went after him in iowa yesterday and today on cnn's "state of the union with jake tapper." >> frankly, his state is having tremendous difficulty. i love wisconsin, it's a great
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place. but he's putting debt up to the gilz gills, the school system is a disaster because they don't have any money. walker's state is a catastrophe from an economic standpoint. i think he's 36 or 38 overall in terms of the country for economic growth. his jobs projection was way, way off. they have budget deficits he was going to have a lot of big sur plus. he's got a deficit so i think mr. walker is going to be trouble. >> reporter: that trademark rhetoric of trump's clearly is attracting voters. in this poll he is the candidate that republican voters say they want to see out there on the debate stage. there you can see trump leads well ahead of bush rubio and cruz. the first debate is just next week and trump has already started to downplay expectations saying he has no debate experience and, fred predicting that the other candidates will come out
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swimminging for swinging for him. >> on the other side there is polling that includes hillary clinton and what a matchup were to look like if people were to vote today. >> for clinton, the head-to-head matchups looks pretty good for her. this is who does best in a hypothetical race. i want to show you these polls. you can see clinton beating bush there. also beating trump and walker each by at least a few points. but note there that bush does better than anyone else against her and that feeds right into that republican establishment argument that trump is going to be -- that she is going to be a tougher candidate, jeb bush will be a tougher candidate to challenge her. that's who they're pushing for. but it's not smooth sailing for clinton as well when you look at her unfavorability ratings, same as trump's. they are pretty high and have gotten much worse for her over the last few months. >> all right, thanks so much. let's talk more about this.
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joining me is ellis hennaken. also joining us brian morganstern. good to see both of you this sunday. >> hey. >> brian, you first. trump is still the top of the polls. when you hear some republicans and even the "des moines register" op-ed say that he should get out of the race what incentive is there for trump to step away when the polls and the crowds are showing that he is hugely popular? >> of course there's no incentive for him to step out yet. here we are a year and a half out. if this poll really mattered hey, i guess the race is over. let's rename it the trump house, instead of the white house. it's not air force one anymore, it's trump force trump. he's a force to be reckoned with at this stage because we're so far out. and i will change course from my normal batter and give him a little credit. he has given voice to the frustration of millions of americans who know it's not okay to have violent criminal illegal
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immigrants present in our country and free to re-enter at will. i think that's part of the excitement around him. to those who are considering supporting trump in seriousness, i would say that presumably it's because your looking for a new direction for america. but if he cared about that he wouldn't say republicans better be nice to me or else i'm going to run as a third party and make sure a democrat wins. by the way, you're all jerks and losers. you've got to be nice to me but you're weak and pathetic. but you've got to be nice to me. he's exhibiting the behavior of an a plus twitter troll, not a presidential candidate, but that's why it's fun to watch him. >> ellis, that's fun at the root here, it's entertainment. many people are saying it doesn't seem very presidential he's name-calling but it still seems to be working when you look at these polls for him. >> i think we all consider it kind of entertaining. honestly fred your heart has to go out to all these other
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candidates. they're all these serious people who have coherent positions on views. and then this unguided missile shows up. he says all kind of stuff, it doesn't matter whether it's true or contradicts something that he said said.yesterday. you've got to think it will wear out at some point but brian is right, it's not wearing out any time soon. >> favorability up popularity within the republican party down. people have questioned from the very start whether, you know trump was a viable candidate. but at this point now, brian, viability, i don't know he seems like he's in it for the long haul. >> and i'm sure he is. but is -- part of the data that you just discussed, over 50% of the republican party thinks it's a wide-open race and there are multiple different candidates that they could see themselves supporting in the end. that's why these debates matter. a lot of people are excited to see trump debate.
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you know as a republican i think a lot of people, myself included are excited to see the reaction of these other candidates to donald trump. if they expect to be president, they're going to have to go up against vladimir putin, the ayatollahs kim jong-un, and so this is a good test for the other candidates. >> ellis, he's not ruling out running as an independent, but at the same time what really would be the difference? if he remains in the republican field, he still may take a lion's share of votes from the competitors. people have been talking about how much he splinters -- he would potentially splinter the vote if he were to run as an independent, but what would be the difference as a republican? >> well you're absolutely right and it puts a big, sloppy smile on my face the idea that he's going to be in there as an independent. the question i guess really is how much damage he does to these other guys on his way to finally getting out of this. i don't think anybody really thinks he's going to be the
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nominee. but god, he can slime these people a lot in the meantime. you know from where i'm sitting, i hope he does. >> all right. >> ellis -- >> brian last word. >> sure. and you make a point there. i think a good closing word is there's a big difference between wanting to watch someone run for president and wanting to hand them the nuclear codes to our country. >> you sound like the "des moines register." >> very scary. >> ellis and brian, thanks gentlemen, appreciate it. still ahead, a real mystery, and very serious stuff. two teenagers orn a fishing trip disappearing without a trace and the search now taking place off the coast of florida is expanding. we have new details, next.
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a frantic search is under way right now for two teenage boys missing at sea. they disappeared while on a fishing trip off the coast of florida. the boys who are 14 years old, were headed to the bahamas. a former nfl star joe namath is a friend of the families and he spoke with everyone staying safe in that search. >> you know the love is there. we're all praying and nick actually wants the folks to know that are trying to help out and are out there searching, be very careful. we've got a lot of people out on the water and in the air looking. both families have been hard at work at this and praying, so let's just stay safe and we'll keep on looking until we find them. >> reporter saneka from wpbf has
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more on the story. >> reporter: two families distraught. since 5:00 p.m. friday evening, rescue crews have covered more than 5300 square nautical miles searching for the two boys aboard a 19-foot white single engine. they were last seen purchasing $110 worth of fuel at jupiter pointe club and arena. >> i think anything could be a factor at this point. >> reporter: the two families say the boys are avid fishermen, just as comfortable in the water as they are on land. >> they're on the boat as much as they possibly can. they have been around the water, the ocean, boats, going to the bahamas fishing for years. >> reporter: the coast guard has launched an hc-144 airplane and mh-65 dolphin helicopter and boat crews. the search now extending to the coast of melbourne. >> we appreciate the entire community's commitment already and we only ask that everybody continue to be safe in assisting to try and find the boys to try
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not to interfere with the search and rescue that the coast guard is doing. but to please just spread the word to anyone that we know here in the bahamas that if they have seen these boys, we need to know. >> coast guard public affairs specialist pet owe officer mark barney joining us on the phone now. officer barney help us understand how the search is being conducted. what do you have to kind of pinpoint an area? >> good afternoon, ma'am. right now the area is quite vast. as we heard before we started this search off of the jupiter area stretched all the way up to melbourne and then back down to ft. pierce. so far currently we've searched approximately 25,400 square nautical miles for austin and perry, so we're heavily concerned for their well-being
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and we're doing everything that we can do to bring them back home. >> and so we know that the family members say that these young guys are so familiar with being on the water, even more so than being on land. but what has the family shared with you about their planned journey? at what point they decided, you know to push off and go toward the bahamas. what do you know about their plan on water? >> well normally they fished about 200 to 300 feet off the pier from one inlet. we did receive the same reports that they did have intentions on going to the bahamas. however, based off the evidence the fact that they didn't carry a gps with them food water, these kind of -- these pieces of information are what led us to believe that they might not have went all the way out to the bahamas. like their parents have said that they are fishermen, they go out in the water a lot, so they
11:17 am
would know to bring supplies. the very bare essentials would be water and food. so that's pretty much the information that we're going off of now that leads us to where we're searching. >> and based on some of the material that i've read, reportedly a grandmother called 911 about her concerns and that came four hours after they were reportedly you know setting off on their journey. was the grandmother -- was it your understanding the grandmother was hoping to hear from them? how did she know or why did she feel she needed to call 911? what was the concern expressed four hours after leaving? >> well from our understanding that the boys were last seen at approximately 8:30 p.m. on friday after purchasing fuel. after they didn't return from their fishing trip i believe that's when the grandmother was -- started growing her -- her concerns started to grow
11:18 am
which is at 5:00 p.m. friday. ever since that time we've been searching actively. >> and is it true i mean reportedly these young boys might have been wanting to go to the bahamas. and i know you said they had no gps, no food or water. what's the families' explanation or what kind of information are you getting about this planned journey to go to the bahamas and how long it typically would take even without a gps or any of these supplies to get there from juniper? >> well it really depends. weather is one of the biggest factors when it comes to the speed of how fast somebody can get there. it's very similar to how people drive on the roads. depending on how you drive, depending on how much fuel you have resources you have. but add weather on top of that and it can slow them down
11:19 am
completely to the point towhere they could not have made it there. that's -- this is all information that is based off of a possibility. now, we haven't ruled that out as a possibility. we have contacted our partners in the bahamas at the defense force. we gave them the boys' pictures their names and so they are aware. they are alert of this situation so if they do come across austin or perry they can report it to us so we can do everything we can to bring them home as soon as possible. >> obviously you have choppers in the air and boats in the water from jupiter and the surrounding areas by thousands of miles. all right. >> absolutely. we have about approximately 12 assets currently searching the air and on the water, assets from coast guard air station clearwater air station miami, i mean we have quite a bit of resources available at our disposal pretty much. we're doing everything that we can that we have available to make sure we can bring austin
11:20 am
and perry back home. the other thing i'd like to mention is that although people are volunteering we don't encourage it. the main reason is because of their safety. >> yeah it's dangerous. >>in -- inherently the search and rescue business is dangerous so we don't encourage anybody to go out there and actively search however, we can't stop them. if they do see something, if they do hear something, we wish that they report it to the authorities as soon as possible. that way the coast guard or any local agency can get on scene and determine the facts. >> all right. we're going to leave it there. we are, of course wishing for the best. we want those two young boys to be found and to be found safely. again, the family offering a $100,000 for any information leading to these two 14-year-olds. petty officer mark barney thank you so much. >> thank you. all right, next a fatal road rage incident captured on a chilling 911 call. one of the drivers is killed right in front of his family.
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nick valencia is following the story. >> the 911 tapes, fred are difficult to listen to. a fatal road rage incident in florida. i'm nick valencia in atlanta. both parties call 911. we'll play you those tapes after the break. you're watching the "cnn newsroom." this summer, challenge your preconceptions and experience a cadillac for yourself. ♪ the 2015 cadillac srx. lease this from around $339 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit
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i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california. a florida man is in jail today charged in a road rage incident that turned deadly.
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both sides of the altercation were captured in a horrifying 911 call. >> we are just a full-size truck and trailer, you don't just drive like idiots. >> i have a truck with some maniac trying to follow me trying to run me off the road. >> nick valencia exactly what happened? >> the 911 calls we're about to play very difficult to hear. i just got off the phone with the sheriff's office who tells me that that could help their investigation. robert doyle and kendall gonzalez had an issue on the road sometime in the afternoon both of them calling 911. investigators telling me it helps them understand not just the mindset of the victim but also the alleged shooter. >> my gun is already out, it's cocked and locked. >> moments later things turned violent with doyle shooting at gonzalez five times. the victim's wife could be heard here on the phone with 911.
11:26 am
>> they're coming as fast as they can. just do whatever he asks you to do okay? >> gonzalez was told by 911 dispatchers to keep going, just to go home. he chose not to. he followed the alleged shooter doyle, to his residence and that's when it turned bloody. i asked investigators if that complicates their investigation that gonzalez ignored their requests. the sheriff's office tells me not really. doyle had the chance not to engage, had the opportunity to go inside his home but chose not toods to do so. >> so doyle charged with second-degree murder. is there a chance to that charge might change. >> we posed this question earlier to danny cevallos a cnn legal analyst. >> there's potential kidnapping any time you move someone from a to b, even a few feet. they could have charged a higher degree of murder. whether or not those will ultimately be dismissed or this defendant would be acquitted is
11:27 am
another thing, but i think that frankly the charges fall right into the zone of what could be charged in this particular case. >> three counts of aggravated assault. those charges stemming from doyle holding gonzalez' family at gunpoint until police arrived. we talked to the police. he posted bond and has been out of jail since friday night. >> all right. very frightening situation there. >> absolutely fred. >> thanks so much nick valencia appreciate that. coming up one of the young women gunned down in a louisiana movie theater will be laid to rest tomorrow as police tell us more about the mental state of the man who took her life. m crack like nobody's watching and eat like i skipped lunch. why? because red lobster's crabfest is back. and i'm diving into so much crab so many ways. like crab lover's dream with luscious snow and king crab legs and rich crab alfredo or this snow crab bake. who knew crab goes with everything? whoever put crab on this salmon, that's who.
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one of the young women gunned down in a louisiana movie theater shooting will be held tomorrow morning. the 21-year-old was a student at louisiana state university. meanwhile, the investigation is revealing a lot more about the mental state and online rants of the gunman john houser. cnn's ryan nobles joins us from lafayette, louisiana, with those details. you just spoke with state police and what more are they finding? >> reporter: yeah we learned quite a bit about this investigation today, including the fact that state police and local police here have uncovered enough evidence that they're starting to believe that this attack was methodically planned. i spoke with state police colonel michael edmondton and listen to what he told me about what they discovered. >> we've been continuing to go through his rant and raves that he had on his internet. he was on several different blog sites. he had several different areas where different groups had a synopsis of some of the things he was saying some comments. we've seen lots of writings about people trying to make
11:32 am
rhyme or reason of what he did right here. his diary, he was making comments. here's one thing that's perfectly clear. this man was certainly of sound mind because, you know what we wrote it down. he said he's coming to this movie theater at 7:15 on thursday night. what we do believe that he was in other theaters whether it was lake charles, lafayette or baton rouge, maybe disguised himself from some of the things we've heard about and then for whatever reason he's in this theater on that night at 7:27 and he stands up and he kills two innocent people. >> reporter: of course we know quite a bit about what they have been looking into in terms of houser's past. we know that he had a long history of mental health problems and also run-ins with the law. of course his daughter and his estranged wife had aone point put out a protective order against him. colonel edmonson told me they're discovering clues that his family was very concerned about
11:33 am
his potential for violence. >> you hear this now, family members and somebody made the comment, well you know i didn't think he would do this at a movie theater but maybe a governmental building. well you think maybe you ought to let somebody know. you think somebody ought to speak out. i think sometimes we protect our families and friends. i understand that. but when they make those type of comments maybe somebody ought to talk to them. we when we find out information they make about people we go visit them and sit down and say, we hear you made this comment. why did you make it? it makes them think that somebody else is paying attention and maybe we ought to do that. >> reporter: fredricka, we have new information about the three victims still in the hospital. two of them still in good condition, but one other victim that was in serious condition yesterday has been upgraded to fair. so everyone in that situation seems to be making improvements and that is good news for the people here in lafayette.
11:34 am
>> thank you so much, ryan nobles appreciate it there in lafayette. still ahead, donald trump is the top republican in our newest cnn poll but can he beat hillary clinton in a face-off for president if the election day were now? our political panel weigh in next. across america, people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza. he said victoza works differently than pills and comes in a pen. victoza is proven to lower blood sugar and a1c. it's taken once a day, any time. and the needle is thin. victoza is not for weight loss but it may help you lose some weight. victoza is an injectable prescription medicine that may improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes when used with diet and exercise. it is not recommended as the first medication to treat diabetes and should not be used in people with type 1 diabetes
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i'm john buckle one of the photographers here for the england tennis club. >> i'm ella ling i've been working here at wimbledon. i think my favorite shot has been of dustin brown winning against rafa this year. it was an incredible match. he's a very emotional player. i've been searching for this image for a long time. >> i really enjoyed the andy murray scream photograph. usually it would potentially be a celebration, but it was more of a frustration moment. i picked the novak picture. i wanted to highlight tennis in an english country garden and the flowers in the foreground and ivy in the background both iconic with england and wimbledon. >> serena williams we as
11:39 am
photographers just get so much from her, athletically power from her amazing shots and so much emotion and reaction. donald trump leading the gop field for president, according to a brand new cnn/orc poll. sorry about that my earring just dropped. trump now has 18% support among republican voters following closely behind former florida governor jeb bush with 15% and scott walker with 10%. the poll was conducted in the days after trump was heavily criticized for his comments about john mccain's war hero status and his controversial visit to the u.s./mexican border. mr. trump discussed border security on "state of the union with jake tapper" today. take a listen. >> you have to stop it fast and we can do that. we can do that with combinations of walls and border patrol who are phenomenal people. i met many of them when i was in laredo with i was at the border.
11:40 am
we can stop that -- and fencing. we can stop it both with construction and with physical. we can do a great job of that. i'm totally convinced. and it won't cost the kind of money -- in fact we'll save money because people that are coming in here that shouldn't bow coming in here illegally, it will actually save money by doing it and doing it properly. once that's done we have a situation that is going to be done immediately. before that's done we're going to get the bad ones out. we have some really bad dudes right here in this country, and we're getting them out and we're sending them back to where they came from. and i don't mean mexico i mean they come from all over. they're not coming just from -- they're coming from all over. we have some real bad ones. they're in our prisons that we're paying for and they're walking the streets of san francisco, what a horrible thing happened to kate and what a horrible thing to happen to jameel the young man who was going to maybe go to stanford and football player and the
11:41 am
apple of his father's eye. well let me tell you something. we've got to get rid of -- the bad oneses are going to get out. then we're going to look very very strongly at what we do and i'm going to formulate a plan that i think people will be happy with. but we'll look very, very strongly at what we do. i'm going to get rid of the bad ones fast and i'm going to send them back. we're not going to be putting them in prisons here and pay for them for the next 40 years. we'll send them where they come from. >> there obviously will remain millions and millions of undocumented workers who are not bad ones and they're women and children and men who are here who came here for a better life. but you're not going to yet take a position on whether you would favor a path to citizenship -- >> we're going to see what we're going to see. i mean it's a very hard thing, i will say from a moral standpoint from a physical standpoint you're talking about at least 11 million people. i've heard the number is much
11:42 am
higher than that because that number has been bandied about for years, 11 million. it could be much more. but we're going to take the high ground. we're going to do what's right. some are going to have to go. we're just going to see what happens. it's a very very big subject and a very complicated subject. but the wall is going to be built. the security -- we're going to have a great border. people can come into the country legally but not illegally. the people that come in are going to be good people they're going to be great people and i want that. it's very important to me. >> all right, joining me right now from new york to talk about what trump is saying we're going to see what we're going to see, columnist, democrat and co-author, ellis henneken and brian morganstern. okay gentlemen, ellis, you first. pup pundits have been saying that his remarks, trump's remarks would end his campaign before it would ever pick up steam and i'm talking particularly about his
11:43 am
comments about mexico. it seems just the opposite since the latest polls, so what happened? what's going on here? >> his lips are moving and sounds are coming out, but that doesn't mean the words make any sense. he's just saying all this stuff. you know some of it's true some of it's half true. >> either that is boosting his popularity or it simply means that people are fascinated with what does come out of his mouth, and they're not sure what's going to come out of his mouth. so they like it. >> that's exactly right. and this normal standard of politics don't apply. usually we expect our politicians to make sense and have consistent fillphilosophical views, donald has managed to avoid that scrutiny so far. listen give him credit it's working for him. there's an audience for this stuff. >> brian, ellis calling it a bully personality. you know people have taken offense to the fact that he is using a lot of -- he's hurling a
11:44 am
lot of name calling and insults as well and people have asked him whether he's acting presidential. but he is also saying i'm unfiltered. i'm saying whatever comes to mind and that too, is hugely popular. >> that's right. and like we said -- like we said before he's giving voice to frustration that people have with politics as usual. you know the problems that they want solved are not getting solved. part of the reason i think, is that many of our leaders are afraid of offending people so it's refreshing to have a guy who is certainly not afraid of that. >> and he's not. here are some recent examples. he actually tweeted about rick perry saying governor perry failed on the border. he should be forced to take an iq test before being allowed to enter the gop debate. and then this is something else people will recall him saying about many others. let's listen. >> he's not a war hero. >> he's a war here row. >> he's a war hero because he was captured.
11:45 am
and then i watch this lindsey graham on television and he calls me a jackass. and when bush has to make a decision -- can you imagine this guy negotiating against china? we have no chance okay? who would you rather have negotiating against china, trump or bush you tell me. >> brian, trump isn't really even responding to some criticism, which is sure he's great at name calling and he's insulting everybody, but he has yet to be really specific about any policies any proposed policies that he has in mind. how long cube in this race and carry on that way? >> well at some point the voters will wake up. i've heard various estimates of anywhere from a couple of months to six weeks to a month. you know when the voters actually will give sort of a deep dive into the candidates' position. the weird thing about this is that trump just seems to be flying by the seat of his pants. we saw his border policy literally evolve in a matter of
11:46 am
moments when he stood next to the city manager of laredo. he said we don't need a wall along the entire border only in certain sections and all of a sudden that was trump's position. so along the way we're going to learn as he improvises his platform and that will we sort of a fun part of this process. in the ends it'sdged it's going to be unsatisfying because he won't have a thoughtful consistent plan for america and i think the voters will get a whiff of that eventually after all the fun dies down of watching him, i don't know try to give the other candidates swirlies or wedgies or whatever he's going to do on the debate stage. >> we've heard donald trump saying he's not preparing for the debates, he doesn't even like debates so we'll see if that's going to be taking center stage at that first debate right around the corner. thanks so much guys appreciate it. we enjoy the talk of politics and we get to have a tongue in cheek by you guys too. thanks so much. all right, still ahead, do
11:47 am
you think being in politics is like swimming in a shark tank? well how about trying to get one of the hit tv show "shark tank" investors to get behind your business. i talk with damon john on how to get him to take the bait, next. leave early go roam sleep in sleep out star gaze dream big
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president barack obama made his way from kenya to ethiopia this morning for a two-day visit. hes is the first u.s. leader to visit africa's second-most populous nation. the president will meet with regional leaders tomorrow to talk counterterrorism. have you ever watched the show "shark tank" and wondered what it would be like to pitch your idea to a tough, but deep-pocketed investor like fubu clothing line founder damon john? folks across the country are getting a chance to find out in something called the miller/coors top the talent pitch. john made a stop in atlanta this week before taking off to africa with the president and told me face to face how "tap the talent" works and to where it can lead. >> we're going to six cities and somebody is going to win $20,000 in each city. they go on to hopefully win $200,000 and it's not my own money. this is what i love because now
11:52 am
when i'm judging, i don't have to worry about what's in it for me. >> like on "shark tank" that's your money, your investment. >> it is my money. i have to know what i will get out of it. >> you're still looking for the same qualities that you think are identified with a good investment or good idea? >> well there's two things because on the show "shark tank" i'm looking foer the criteria of what is a good investment and good idea. i'm looking if i can work them because business is numbers but it's also people. you have to understand that if you're going to work with this partner, potentially talk to them for the next six years every single day. in this instance i'm looking if the business is great, i have other judges who are looking if the business is great. the winners of the miller light "tap the future" year one went on to sell their company for $29 million. >> $75,000 for 25% as well. but i need an answer now.
11:53 am
>> you're on this show "shark tank," and when you are entertaining you know an idea about investing in an entrepreneur or an inventor one of the things you said you're looking for is you said you want to see if they can connect with the panel. but what if the product is not so great but you really do like that pitch, you like that person. at what point do you say i want to invest in this person not necessarily because of the idea but because i think they have potential? is that part of the equation? >> well that happens. you know what happens? first of all, we invest in people, we don't invest in businesses at all. you're not going to reinvent the wheel. you're never going create anything new in the world, you're going to create a new form of delivery. but if you like the person then you feel the business is shaky but that's why i'm here to hopefully help the business. then the scaleability in the business i'll invest in the business. but if the business fails, that person and i may be something else. we may create another business.
11:54 am
that's why i invest in people on the show. >> so you're not looking for perfection perfection. i'm a big fan of the show and i'm looking for what's the perfect idea the perfect pitch. but really it's a matter of potential. >> correct, because if you were perfect, then you wouldn't need to go to the show to fitchpitch for a partner. if it was perfect, you wouldn't need us. and sometimes, you know the sharks we don't know everything it's just not for us. we turn some people down and they go on and make $20 million. >> do you ever regret that? >> i absolutely do not regret it. it's really about the best shark with the best person with the best product. you know lori you know another shark on the show she's -- there's a little sponge called scrub daddy, it looks like a little sunshine face. she sold $50 million of this crap right? and i hate her for it. but i couldn't -- i wouldn't have ever sold that amount of that stupid-looking sponge. but lori understands how to sell
11:55 am
sponges. >> you have lots of books. >> i do. >> you have lots of irons in the fire. i don't know how you have time to do all of this stuff. dare i ask, what is next for you? >> you know what i have a lot of initiatives. of course my main initiative now is being one of the page ambassadors and spreading the word because i want to go out there and half of the world is under the age of 35 years old and i want to help empower women as well globally. that's part of myssadorship. i have these shark tank deals, these shark tank partners. they have allowed me to invest in their dream and i have to get up every single day and do my job as a partner with them. i have a couple of initiatives i'm trying to make the world aware of dyslexia about a learning challenge. four out of the six sharks are dyslexic and many successful people are dyslexic. and my newest one, you said somebody comes on the show and you like who they are, you don't like the business. i hated this business model this
11:56 am
individual had about saving bees because the model was crazy. so i went and now i have a bee farm. i'm trying to save the bees. i have 30 hives. >> what was the turning point? >> i realized how important bees are to our lives and i try -- i didn't like the business but i became a customer. now i have a million bees and i have to go home and name all of them. >> you are kidding me. >> i'm dead serious. so i just have a lot of initiatives and that's mainly that i'm trying to do everything and i'm having a ball doing it. that's what entrepreneurship is about, just waking up every day doing exactly what you love. and i'm on this miller light tour just giving away money and it's not even mine. >> fantastic. thanks so much. and safe travels. businessman and now bee keeper daymond john. the next hour of "c. this -- cnn newsroom begins after the break.
11:57 am
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