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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNNW  July 27, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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that he thinks are important like damascus and the alawite homeland. so he'll defend the major cities if he can but damascus, of course, is the key. >> colonel rick francona, thank you for being with us. >> thank you for joining us at this hour. "legal view" starts right now. >> bobbi kristina brown's life comes to a heartbreaking end six months after she was found unconscious in her bathtub. what happens with the criminal investigation? also ahead, did a west virginia woman's act of self-defense abruptly end a string of serial killings in ohio. and the serial rape allegations against bill cosby front and center this hour p 35 accusers all sharing their stories. we'll hear from the magazine photographer who brought them all together. hello, everyone, i'm randi kaye in for ashleigh banfield.
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welcome to "legal view." we begin with the search for two 14-year-old boy in 30,000 square miles of ocean. it's been three days since austan stefanos and perry cohen fuelled up their boat in jupiter, florida, and set out maybe on a fishing trip, maybe intended to sail to the bahamas. their capsized boat was spotted yesterday minus the boys 67 nautical miles offshore. minutes ago the coast guard gave thus video. a spokesman says the boat won't be towed ashore for now because that would divert resources from the search. the family say they have 100% faith austin and perry will be found safe. and the coast guard professors -- and i'm quoting here -- perpetual optimism, though search and rescue in open ocean is tricky. cnn's alina machado is on the coast with the latest. hello, alina. any new develops? >> well, randi, we know this is a very challenging mission even though, as you can see, conditions here seem to be
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pretty favorable. the coast guard has moved the search for these two missing boys north. they are focussing in an area that's about 60 to 70 miles off the coastline near jacksonville, florida. they're using resources up in the air and also out in the water and they are joined by the navy. now, the teens, perry cohen and austin stefanos were out on a 19-foot boat. they were last seen down the road from where we are here in jupiter, florida, bying about 110 -- $110 worth of gas. the boat was capsized north from here near central florida. rescuers found a life vest. the families of these missing teens are encouraging people to go out for a beach walk along the florida coastline today in search of possible boat debris. they specifically talked about two things -- a yeti cooler and
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a yamaha engine cover that may have washed on shore. they want people to see if they spot anything that could help rescuers find their children. randi. >> the family cans use the all the help they can get. for sure. did these two boys have permission to take this trip? >> as far as we know, the families knew the boys were going fishing and they are both according to these families very familiar with the water. here's what cohen's stepfather had to say about that. >> we requested he fish the intercoastal and go as far as the rocks and the inland but not without us or an adult who had a larger boat into the ocean. in saying that, knowing austin and his skills and family, austin is extremely capable
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running those boats but that was a rule we had in our house. >> there are reports these teens could have possibly been headed to the bahamas, but both the family and officials say they don't know if that's what the teens had in mind when they set sail on friday. randi? >> alina machado, thanks very much for the update. turning to the death of bobbi kristina brown, the daughter of whitney houston and bobby brown. authorities say an autopsy will be performed on the 22-year-old's body. she was pronounced dead last night after being on life support for most of this year. brown was found unresponsive in her suburban atlanta home in january. senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen is in atlanta and forensic scientist larry kobilinsky from the john jay college of criminal justice. elizabeth, to you first, for those who haven't followed this from day one like the rest of us, what did we learn about the circumstances of bobbi kristina brown's death? >> here's what we know. on january 31, as you mentioned,
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bobbi kristina brown was found unresponsive and not breathing in the bathtub in her home in georgia, in a suburb of atlanta. she was sent to the hospital and put in a medically induced coma. she was moved to another hospital and she went on life support and last month she was put in hospice. we heard reports from her family about her condition. her father initially said bobbi kristina is awake, she is watching me. days later there was a turn and her grandmother said bobbi kristina suffered irreversible and global brain damage. and, randi, those are the basic facts we know about what happened since she was found in january. >> elizabeth, thank you. and larry, she was also found with bruising back in january on her chest. how difficult will an autopsy be six months later to identify what caused her death? what would we need forensically to figure that out? >> well, first of all, it gets
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very complicated because the bruising may have resulted from the administration of cpr and she was in an auto crash days before this incident happened. now, in an autopsy they will have to look at the brain. they will do some neurohissing to and determine if there are any areas that demonstrate trauma, necrosis, tissue decaying. but six months after the fact it will be very difficult and i really doubt that there's going to be anything in that autopsy that sheds light on the cause of death. it will remain a mystery, in my opinion. >> what about toxicology? would it be standard procedure to do a toxicology test right away when she was brought in? if so, what would they be looking for and how critical would that be in helping to determine the cause of death? >> i think it would be extremely important because if there were drugs in her body, central nervous system depressants, very
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much like whisny hassan rouhawh death, it would give us some understanding of why she ended up face down in a bathtub. whitney houston was declared dead as a result of drowning. but here the question remains were there drugs in her body. did she fall, hurt herself and fall under the water and drown or was this due to drugs in her system? the hospital has to have those records probably protected by hipaa so we need to know more about that. >> and what is this neurohistolojy? >> the brain is removed from the skull, sections and examined visually. then there's a microscopic examination into the issues to look for areas that don't look rig right. pathology, tissue that is destroyed do to autolysis.
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that will help us understand a little bit more but i don't think this is going to reveal a great deal about cause of death. and like i said it will remain a mystery. >> very difficult for the family for sure. thank you very much elizabeth cohen and larry kobilinsky as well. after bobbi kristina was found unconscious in january, a criminal investigation was launched, not to mention a lawsuit against the man she referred to as her husband. where do these cases go from here?
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of grammy winning artist whitney houston and bobby brown. now her family prepares for her funeral. nischelle turner is a cnn contributor and she joins me from los angeles. nischelle, what is the reaction in hollywood? >> well, randi, as you can imagine, there's a lot of sadness, a little bit of shock. we all knew this was coming because she was moved to hospice about a month ago but still once it happens and you hear that bobbi kristina brown at age 22 has passed away in some of the same fashion that her mother was found people are really kind of having a bit of an outporing. there were tweets yesterday from celebrities, bobby christina that was the number one trending topic on twitter for a lot of the day. also cissy houston was a trending topic on twitter. and we saw dionne warwick react
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to her death and a tweet from missy elliott saying "no parent ever thinking of burying their child before they go. extra prays go out to the family." i know she was very close to whitney and bobbi kristina. oprah tweeted yesterday that finally bob lly bobbi kristina rest. here's how eerie that was. three years ago when whitney houston died on a saturday i was sitting at lunch with my two girlfriends and that broke. yesterday on a sunday almost three years later i was sitting with those same two girlfriends and this news broke. so it's one of those things that hits you and sits with you. >> so sad. what about funeral arrangements? any word? >> we are hearing from the family that there could be a funeral set for this week. we believe there will be a funeral in atlanta for her and
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her body will be transported to new jersey and buried next to her mother but they haven't nailed down a date. that's like you were just talking about this autopsy being done they have to do those things before she will be buried. so determining how long that takes and what the process is there will determine what kind of funeral arrangements will be made. but i know tyler perry, another celebrity, has put his heart forward to the family. he just left the houston home with pat houston just a few minutes ago and i know he has said "i will do anything i can for this family." he does have a private jet we feel think he may be helping arrange some of these funeral arrangements. >> a lot of people reaching out, a lot of people cared for them. nischelle turner, nice to see you as always. >> sure, nice to see you, randi. after bobbi kristina brown was found unconscious in january, a criminal investigation was launched, not to mention the lawsuit against the man she referred to as her
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husband, nick gordon. today the medical examiner says finding the cause of death may be difficult. saying "the time which has elapsed between the initial event on january 31 and her resulting death will complicate reconstruction of the events surrounding her initial unresponsiveness. further interpretation of autopsy findings and other information will also be challenging." our legal only u.s.s are here. joey jackson from hln and cnn legal analyst danny cevallos. good to see you guys. danny, we don't know what evidence authorities have on this case and her death but if authorities did have some evidence in terms of what they might have against nick gordon who says they found her in the tub, her boyfriend, husband, fiance. even if they had a lilt evidence, wouldn't they have charged him with something? >> they don't have to. is there's no statute of limitations on murder.
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this they can wait to see what happens when she dies. and hinckley is a good example. when hinckley shot brady, he only recently died. you have to wait until after they die but you can charge and convict somebody with assault and later on if that person dies even years later you can charge them also with murder or because there is no statute of limitations a prosecutor can easily wait even those its years and years and years down the road and then charge them with murder. but it depends on what that evidence is. they still have to prove causation and every year that goes by and in this case it was about six, seven months, with significant period of time it becomes more and more difficult to prove causation. >> danny can speak to this as well, they can charge and then what we call supersede. they can upgrade the charges consistent with whatever happens. >> which they could do now. >> absolutely.
9:17 am
so it's a common occurrence with me and i'm sure with you, danny, as a defense attorney where they would charge nishlgly in the event they have enough evidence and believe there's probable cause you committed a crime and then later they can upgrade the charge. but at the same time, what danny speaks to is true, they can wait as well. >> what evidence would they be waiting for at this point? >> well, there's an awful lot. and, of course, i know we're talking about the civil suit also. the civil suit essentially accuses him that nick gordon -- first it was presumed he was her brother and then of course was it her boyfriend, was it her husband? >> accuses him of stealing from her. >> and basically murdering her. domestic assault. it talks about him battering her and being responsible for her death and so i think investigators will determine exactly what happened and who, if anyone, is responsible. >> let me get in an estate question here. bobbi kristina got one-tenth of the money from the estate that was left to her by her mom. >> when she turned 21. >> when she turned 21. so there's a lot more likely in
9:18 am
the estate. what happens to the money she got? what happens to the rest of the money? >> the answer to the question depends on whatever the trust documents provide. a trust is a separate entity that holds money for the benefit of a beneficiary. as in this case. so you can have a trust. buck the beneficiary of a trust with a zillion dollars in it, you are not a zillionaire. you must be paid out of that trust. this is the situation that you set up when somebody has a lot of money and a young child. they create a trust that makes payments to that person so creditors -- you can't sue that person, you can't sue young bobbi kristina and get a judgment and reach that trust. it can last throughout her life by being an entity separate from her. so the answer is wherever the trust dictates. maybe the money goes to the spca. you can do anything you want. >> the prevailing wisdom and another reason you set up a trust, she was young, she was 18
9:19 am
when her mom died, you certainly want the person it's left to to spend the money responsibly as a result of that you set it up that way. but i think the prevailing wisdom is that it may, indeed, go to whitney houston's mom and two brothers. we'll see based upon what the trust provides. >> all right, danny, joey, nice to see you guys. thank you. >> thank you. up next, saying good-bye to the women killed in the louisiana theater shooting and getting our first look at the gunman's final hours caught on video. benny's the oldest dog in the shelter. he needed help all day so i adopted him. when my back pain flared up, we both felt it. i tried tylenol but it was 6 pills a day. with aleve it's just two pills, all day. now i'm back! aleve. all day strong. ranking from top to bottom. car company of the year? luxury cars just seem like they would be top awarded. yeah. there better be some awards behind what you are paying for right? the final answer. chevrolet is the most awarded car company of the year. really? i was just surprised.
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family and friends are gathering to say good-bye to the
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two young women gunned down in a louisiana movie theater. funeral services begin for 21-year-old mayci breaux and then later for 33-year-old jillian january sjill ian johnson. we're getting fresh video of the killer hours before the shooting. ryan, give us an update on the victims. >> >> randy, mayci breaux and jillian johnson will be laid to rest today. jillian johnson's later this afternoon. there were, of course, nine other victims wounded in this mass shooting. six of them have been released from the hospital. there are three still recovering but their conditions are improving so that is good news as this community recovers. they started the mornimourning process. the community is ready to process past this awful tragedy.
9:24 am
>> what are we learning about the suspect? you have new information? >> randi, it's becoming increase. >> i clear that john houser meticulously planned this attack here at the grand theater behind me. in fact, you talked about this new video that's been uncovered. cbs news able to obtain video from the motel 6 where he was staying and inside that hotel police found a journal that houser was writing in and listen to what the state police colonel michael edmonton told me. >> here's one thing that's perfectly clear. this man was certainly of sound mind because he wrote it down. he said he's coming to this movie theater at 7:15 on thursday night. what we do believe is that he was in other theaters, whether it was lake charles, lafayette and baton rouge, maybe disguised himself from some of the things we've heard about. and then for whatever reason
9:25 am
he's in this theater on that night at 7:27 and he stands up and he kills two innocent people. >> one other point about the investigation and it's what his family is saying about his potential for violence. they were concerned about it. they didn't think he would target something like a movie theater but instead something like a government building. colonel edmonson told me this is a case where family members need to step up if they're concerned a bit about somebody in their family having a potential for violence to tell someone as soon as possible so law enforcement can get involved. randi? >> great advice. ryan nobles in louisiana. ryan, thank you. up next, you might have guessed, donald trump sits at the top of the latest gop presidential poll. but who is right on his heels? and what else do the numbers reveal? ♪ look how beautiful it is... honey, we need to talk. we do? i took the trash out. i know - and thank you so much for that.
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9:30 am
thinks so. what about those unfavorable. >> 18 points. he's leading the pack and he's gaining. he gained six points in the last month whereas his closest rival jeb bush lost two points in the last month compared to our most recent poll. but those numbers on the gop side don't translate to the broader electorate. 80% of democrats have an unfavorable view of donald trump. 53% of independents have an unfavorable view and 42%, the number is, for republicans. if you add that together, average it out, it's 59% of the american people have an unfavorable view of mr. trump. that's not a good number. that's a very high unfavorable number and the highest among the candidates we've polled. randi? >> in terms of our poll, what does it tell us about voter satisfaction? that has to weigh heavily on the poll or lack off it with washington? >> exactly. it looks like it's the people who are most fed up with washington, the disgruntled
9:31 am
republican voters especially, who are the ones that are really -- that really like what trump has to say. our poll shows that if you ask does the government in washington represent your views 27% of democrats say the government in washington doesn't represent their views at all. but that number for republicans is 53% and of those republicans, that 53%, they choose donald trump at a rate of 24% compared to 13% for jeb bush. so he's even further ahead of his nearest rival when it comes to those specific republicans who just feel like washington does not have their back so it gives us a clue as to who it is he's appealing to, randi. >> one of many, many polls to come, i'm sure. always interesting to crunch the numbers. athena jones, thank you. >> thanks. >> the number eight gop candidate backed by 3% of republican voters is weighing in on the theater shooting last week in louisiana. former texas governor rick perry says declaring certain places off limits to guns is not the
9:32 am
answer to gun violence. >> these concepts of gun-free zones are a bad idea allow the citizens of this country who have been appropriately trained, appropriately backgrounded, know how to handle and use firearms to carry them. >> for his part, louisiana governor bobby jindal, also a republican presidential hopeful, polling just below perry at 2% says every state should strengthen its gun laws. then there is mike huckabee. on saturday the former arkansas governor and republican presidential candidate accused president obama of risking another holocaust with the nuclear deal the u.s. and other world powers just signed with iran. huckabee spoke to breitbart radio. >> this president's foreign policy is the most feckless in american history. he's so naive he would trust the
9:33 am
iranians and he would take the israelis and basically march them to the door of the oven. this is the most idiot thing, this iran deal should be rejected by both democrats and republicans in congress and the american people. i think we forget that the iranians have never kept a deal in 36 years under the ayatollah. there's no reason to think they'll start doing it. i read the entire thing. we gave away the whole farm. it's got to be stopped. >> that one line in particular "marching jews to the door of the oven" set off a firestorm that didn't stop at the water's edge. this morning, president obama weighed in from ethiopia. >> the particular comments of mr. huckabee are i think part of just a general pattern that we've seen that is -- would be
9:34 am
considered ridiculous if it weren't so sad. >> huckabee's comments also are being condemned by the simon wiesenthal center and the anti-definition league. up next, road rage. it happens all over the country. it happens everyday. but this one turned deadly. no artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, preservatives, and no artificial smiles. because clean dressings, taste better. panera. food as it should be.
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here's a quick look at other stories in the news today. last week's tragedy in louisiana is bringing back memories of the movie theater massacre in aurora, colorado, three years ago. the jurors who convicted james holmes are being asked if the lafayette shooting impacts their ability to be fair. the jury is now weighing the death penalty versus life in prison for holmes. president obama speaking from the capital of ethiopia said it's time for a break through in the south sedan peace
9:38 am
process. the president said the civil war is deteriorating and time is running out to find solutions. he praised ethiopia as a strong partner in the fight against terror groups. the boy scouts are expected to lift their ban on gay scout leaders today. the national executive board is voting on a resolution that would reverse the long-standing ban under the resolution local units and religious organization cans still choose their leaders. the scouts lifted their ban on openly gay youth back in 2013. it all began as an incident of road rage then it turned deadly. a florida man is charged with second degree murder after shooting and killing another man right in front of that man's family. this all happened last week in citrus county. both parties dialed 911 as they accused each other of driving recklessly. the calls capture the horrifying moments. nick valencia picks up the story. >>. [ sobbing ] oh, my god. >> reporter: disturbing 911 calls reveal both sides of a
9:39 am
deadly road rage altercation in florida that ends in gunfire. on thursday, 44-year-old kandel kandel kandelario was in a truck with his wife daughter and gran son. his wife calls 911 claiming 51-year-old robert doyle was "driving like an idiot." doyle called, too, saying gonzalez was trying to run him off the road. the incident escalates. >> i'm going to follow him to his house. >> no. >> they're following me to my house. the guns are already out. >> doyle tells the dispatcher he has his gun cocked and locked and gonzalez insists to his dispatcher he wants to stop by the house to get doyle's address. seconds later, doyle reaches his driveway and gonzalez decides to get out of his truck. >> he's got a gun, get somebody here now. >> shots rang out and a witness says doyle shot gonzalez as he was backing away. but the wife of the alleged shooter says the 44-year-old was charging towards her husband.
9:40 am
>> we were in our yard, he stopped in the middle of the road and came after my husband. >> as gonzalez was lying on the ground, doyle allegedly forced the victim's family out of the car, holding them at gunpoint until police arrived. >> he's making me get out of the car with my daughter. god help me, please. >> reporter: doyle is charged with second degree murder and is out on bond. >> nick valencia joins me live from atlanta. what's the latest, nick? >> reporter: robert doyle was initially booked without bond but -- and during his first court appearance on friday the judge changed that to $60,000. doyle, we understand, according to the sheriff's office, posted that. he's out of jail. some people have been reaching out to cnn to wonder why that bond was set seemingly so low at $60,000. we have reached out to the judge to figure that out but we're still waiting to hear back. randi? >> what is the family saying? anything more about this incident? it's incredible they were held at gunpoint and couldn't help
9:41 am
the man who was killed. >> it's terrible to think about that. there were two children that witnessed this, both under the age of 10 that were in gonzalez's car. of course doyle was driving with his wife. we have attempted to reach out to the gonzalez family but have been unsuccessful. a cnn local affiliate talked to a relative of gonzalez and they are grieving and still mourning this case. just really sending tragic ripples through that community there just outside of tampa bay. randi? >> so sad. so unnecessary. all right, nick valencia, thank you so much. >> you bet. 35 women who accused comedian bill cosby of sexually assaulting them are brought together in a story for new york magazine. just ahead, we'll talk to the photographer who captured the moments on camera.
9:42 am
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investigators may have a break in the case of a possible serial killer connected to 10 possible murders in nevada, illinois, and ohio. the alleged victims ran in the same circle, many were drug addicts or prostitutes. the potential break in the case happening in charleston, west virginia. a woman said she was attacked by a man who answered an ad she posted on the adult web site here's the 911 call. >> there's a lady in the alley here, she's saying that some guy tried to rape her and she had to defend herself, she's in the kitchen. he pulled a gun on her.
9:46 am
she's got cuts and stuff all over her. do you know who this guy is? >> no. >> she said no. >> he had a gun, he put it towards me and he wrestled it to me. >> did he actually rape her? >> i'm not sure. he sa she said she tried to. >> did she injure him in any way? >> she shot him. she said he's on the kitchen floor. >> this man, the accused serial killer did not survive and what investigators found in his car was shocking. this kill kit was in his trunk, according to investigators, including an ax, machete, knives, box cutter, a large container of bleach and a large number of trash bags. joining me now is cnn contributor and forensic scientist larry kobilinsky. larry, they found bleach. could she used bleach to clean up a crime scene? to scrub important and forensic evidence? >> no doubt about it.
9:47 am
this guy was a sociopath and a sexual predator. but it tells me he knows something about dna because bleach will wipe out dna. he was covering his tracks. >> and prepared to do it again, it looks like. >> absolutely. >> some of the invest cases we mentioned, some are ten years old. how much does forensic evidence decay and how difficult might that be in a case like this? >> biological evidence does decay but i'll tell you what is strong and does not decay that rapidly, that's dna. we have a national database operated by the fbi, the ndis, national dna indexing system, which links crimes that are in different jurisdictions so it's the ideal tool to deal with the situation like this, whether he was in oregon or west virginia or las vegas or any place, if he's committed crimes and left biological evidence and that can
9:48 am
be just about anything, including semen, you're going to be able to link these crimes. and ultimately link it to a particular person. it's all three dna, it's all through the national database and it's specifically for these kinds of horrible predators. >> when you talk about the evidence, how much do they keep? do they keep the hair fibers? a carpet fiber? semen? do they keep it all? >> police will keep a sampling of what they think is relevant. hair is very good, teeth, different body parts. there's so many parts, so many biological parts have dna so you don't need to keep the whole body, obviously. they'll take blood and it can be preserved for a very long time. >> so he had this kill kit allegedly in his car. what else will they look for in the car specifically? >> it's interesting you talk about the kill kit because there
9:49 am
were axes and similar types of diss and many victims were dismembered. takes a special kind of predator to dismember a body. that's another form of linkage. if you look at the dismembering, the marks, what we call tool marks in the bone, you might be able to tell that the same tool was used to dismember different bodies. it's another way of linking these cases so yeah there's a lot going here to solve these cases if you can establish the linkage. >> it will have to go through the car and the residence as well, right? >> the car, the residence. it's all -- these are all technically crime scenes, you can collect dna, you can establish a pseudoexemplar, a known dna profile on the perpetrator. there's a lot of information that has to be put together but ultimately what ties everything together is that dna national database. that that's the power of dna.
9:50 am
>> a gruesome question, but is there a chance this that in these older cases would they exhume these bodies and look at them again? >> it's possible if the police didn't take adequate samples you might have to exhume the body. what you'll find the hair or skeletal remains or teeth and those all have denay very important information. but if you left see men behind, it won't be there for much time and we can't take advantage of that. >> thank goodness for the dna database, right? >> absolutely. >> an amazing tool. larry kobilinsky, appreciate it. nice to see you, thank you. accusers who say comedian bill cosby sexually assaulted them are brought together in a story for "new york" magazine. just ahead, we'll talk with the photographer who captured the moment that 35 of them came together to tell their stories. uthis isn't the mostne efficient way for people
9:51 am
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9:55 am
past. there might be more alleged victims but these are the women who agreed to come forward with their stories. like 72-year-old former playboy bunny victoria valentino who says the comedian assaulted her back in 1969. >> he reached over and he put a pill next to my wine glass. he said "take this. it'll make you feel better. it will make us all feel better." >> cnn has reached out to cosby for reaction but so far we have not heard anything back. and joining me now on the phone from los angeles is the photographer behind this powerful cover, amanda demi. amanda, i look at this cover and it says so much. it's very, very powerful. tell us where the idea came from. [ inaudible ] >> -- version of the mexican showdown but they're ladies so i have them sitting.
9:56 am
but so that's -- that's where -- emotionally that's where i wanted to see them and how i wanted to see them. >> and did you get all of them in one place? >> no. i did in the clusters. large clusters. and it was profound. especially the first shoot when they all arrived and it was sad and but at the same time it was profound [ inaudible ] >> i'm having a little bit of a hard time hearing you. could you see them bonding? did you sense a relationship and a sad common bond among all of them? >> oh, yes.
9:57 am
they truly were -- there was -- it was unconditional love in a profound way. they were very kind to one another and some had never met before. they said how relieved they felt. >> and have you heard from them since the cover came out? i'm curious what their reaction is to see it there. >> i haven't heard from everybody but i've heard from a few and they're grateful, thankful and they -- to be able
9:58 am
to be heard in an environment that -- just heard is -- meant so much them. >> as the photographer of this, what kind of statement do you think this makes? what were you going for? >> i wasn't going for anything other than that i wanted to document them the way i saw them. [ inaudible ] >> well, it's a fascinating cover and i'm sure it was a very interesting shoot, amanda demme, appreciate your time and calling in to talk about it. coming up in our 2:00 p.m. eastern hour, brooke baldwin will interview the writer of the "new yorker" article maureen malone. thanks so much for watching. i'm randi kaye, have a great
9:59 am
afternoon. "wolf" starts right now. i'm wolf blitzer, 1:00 p.m. in washington, 6:00 p.m. in london, 8:00 p.m. in addis ababa, wherever you're watching from around the world, thanks very much for joining us. president obama has mostly stayed out of the republican primary fight until now. the president came out swinging against several top republican candidates in ethiopia today. he took direct aim at former arkansas governor mike huckabee for comparing the nuclear agreement with iran to the holocaust. huckabee saying the iran nuclear deal is marging the israelis to the door of the oven. here's how the president responded. >> the particular comments of mr. huckabee are, i think, part
10:00 am
of just a general pattern that we've seen that is -- would be considered ridiculous if it weren't so sad. >> huckabee wasted little time firing right back. a spokesman issuing this statement. "what's ridiculous and sad is that president obama does not take iran's repeated threats seriously. for decades, iranian leaders have pledged to destroy, annihilate, and wipe israel off the map with a big holocaust." our senior white house correspondent jim acosta is traveling with the president in ethiopia right now. jim, why did the president jump into this political fray right now? >> well, wolf, i think this might be the beginning of the surrogate in chief role that the president may be playing over the next 18 months. he has stayed out of the 2016


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