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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  July 27, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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marketsen china. you see a lot of red here. the closing bell in 15 seconds, down 121 points on this monday afternoon. always check the latest numbers at that's does it for me. i'm brooke baldwin here in new york thanks so much for joining me but stay right here. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. \s. president obama accusing candidates of trying to out-trump one another. diving into the fight of contenders who want his jobs but is all this voter anger feeding the feelings of republican voters who, as our new poll indicates, want more trump? the national lead and an empty chair on the cover, representing the other survives of bill cosby's alleged assaults. we'll talk to one of the
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accusers. also national news an escort shoots and kills her attacker with his own gun, and maybe many others. why police say she may have stopped a serial killer. good afternoon, everyone. the only has been 18 months left on the white house lease, and he will never again run for office. that does not mean he has not been front and center in the 2016 presidential race albeit not by his own choice. here's what republicans are saying about the commander in chief. >> right now we have the rhetoric from this president that reminds me of chamberlain. >> this is the disease the president suffers from. he always believes he's the mastest man in the room. >> he's let us down. >> for the most he's kept the --
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mostly until today. he was taking aim at the contenders including the man currently leading the republican pack in our brand-new cnn/orc poll. let's get right to the political reporter airsarah murray. >> just a day later getting name checked? >> that's right. we are only ten days out from the first gop debate. with donald trump at the top of the field, the political fire fight is heating up. donald trump leads the republican pack in a latest cnn/orc poll. with 18% support. former florida governor jeb push is close behind. wisconsin governor scott walker at 10%. what's behind the trump bump? the former reality tv star tells
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cnn's jake tapper -- >> this is more than me. this is a movement going on. people are tired of these inexercise politicians in washington. >> reporter: it's a movement fueled by dissatisfied voters. 53% of republicans say the government in washington doesn't represent their views. even though their party controls the house and the senate. and 52% of republicans say they want trump to say in the race while just 33% want him to drop out entirely. now his rice in the poll has the president weighing in. he accused other republicans of ramping up the rhetoric to keep up with the brash billionaire. >> when you get rhetoric like this mash it gets attention, and maybe this is just an effort to push mr. trump out of the headlines, but it's not the leadership that's needed for
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america right now. mike huckabee who referenced the holocaust about the president's nuclear deal. >> he's so naive to trust the iranians and would take the israelis and basically march them to the door of the oven. >> reporter: those remarks sparked a sharp rebuke. >> comments like these are offensive, and they have no place in our political dialogue. >> reporter: as well as president obama. >> the particular comments from mr. huckabee are i think part of just a general pattern that would be considered redib las. >> in responsibilities he said what's redib lard ridiculous.
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but even jeb bush urged the former arkansas governor to tone down the rhetoric. >> the use of that language is just wrong. this is not the way we'll win election and not the way we'll solve problems. >> you're seeing the split from the flame flowers like huckabee and trump, and others like bush who want to be seen as the adult in the room. >> sara stick around. i want to talk with you and others about all things presidential. let's bring maggie haber man and bob costa. maggie let me start with you. as you heard donald trump told me yesterday this isn't about him, it's about a movement of people angry at a washington that can't get anything done. maggie when you look inside the cnn poll this antiwashington sentiment may be what is feeding ing his rise.
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so even if it's not trump, we've seen cruz attacking the washington cartel the rise of bernie sanders. how much do you think this voter anger will be the driving sentiment for november 2016? >> certainly it will be a driving sentiment. i think the driving sentiment will still be the economy, but how angry people are with leaders in washington is the big people. donald trump is the neon stand-in, as my colleague once put it and this is part of why there was a lot of predictions after donald trump was very critical about senator john mccain and his war hero status. there were a lot of predictions that was going to be the immediate turning point. it may indeed impact his numbers. but overall they do not necessarily like john mccain, they are angry. every time donald trump gets criticized by something within
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washington it just fuels he supporter base. the base is very, very specific. >> so we go after him, that helps. bob, i am surprised we're not hearing many attacks on trump from the top tier republicans like jeb bush or scott walker especially on the fact that trump, until recently you know he gave money to hillary, gave money to democrats trying to recapture the house and senate and identified as pro-choice until 2010 2011. >> i just goff off the phone with advisers, and i asked, what is the strategy? they said their first was to come out with they're going to be attacking trump from the first moment of that -- and they're getting ready to fen them off. >> there was talk a few days ago about if they didn't start
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treating him better he would thing about possibly running third body. he walked that back a bit. listen to reince priebus this morning on one of the morning shows. >> certainly thing i candidates should pledge not to run as a third-party candidate. i don't see that happening. i think everyone understand that. if hillary clinton is going to get beat sheet get bead by a republican. >> how worried are republican officials about this prospect of trump siphoning off votes? >> i think this is a real concern, you but i think this is why you see him treating him so carefully. they're treating him as a candidate, there have been some warnings about tone that kind of thing, but i think that's exactly why you're seeing them take the tack that they are.
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they want to make and i don't want to run as an independent. >> our new poll shows hillary clinton winning against all the republican challengers, but she does increase decide worse monday independents. only 37% say they have a favorable view if you're the clinton campaign how much are you playing attention to this? >> certainly paying attempt. i had think that the view on the -- and other strategists is that increasingly the number of independent voters who are undecided is much smaller, so you are looking at a persuasion campaign and you've seen with hillary clinton's strategy she is seven -- the social issues
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tend to overlap a lot. i think her advisers would attribute to her being more political. the more reply call they always expected it. this race is not taking place in a vacuum. clinton is massively underwater with registered voters. bernie sander is the op top candidate who is not. >> she could lose iowa and new hampshire. they're lower expectations. she still has the best organization. martin o'malley sent hasn't really started the rise so she's still the stronger
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candidate. but there's dissatisfaction on the left and right. bob, maggie sara thanks to all of you. in our world lead isis terrorists close in and now an emergency nato meeting is being planned to decide what to do. our own arwa damon is live in turkey and we'll go live to her, next.
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a cry for help from key american ally turkey after a wave of terrorist attacks on that one, most recently yesterday when a car bomb killed two police officers and wounded four others in southern turkey. the key coalition ally in the fight against isis is asking for additional assistance in beating back the terrorist groups. this comes after an agreement
1:16 pm
last week allows u.s. war planes to launch airplanes from turkish bases. let's go to arwa damon, who is live in istanbul. arwa what time of cooperation could we expect to see between the u.s. and other nato countries and turkey going forward? >> reporter: well jake there are a couple different dynamics at play here. key in all of those when it comes to this cooperation, is going to be an attempt too push isis back from territory it controls. that is going to be the main focus, especially when it comes to turkey's own domestic national security interest. turkey finding itself at this juncture in a vulnerable position. up until now, turkey has been very lee luckettant to be directly involved in the war against isis in syria.
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turkey's policy of trying to sit it out on the sidelines seems to have been a failure, something that the leadership in ankara is acknowledging, and we saw though advancements when it comes to agrees to have the u.s. open up and be allowed to use turk irbases and airspace to conduct its own attacks, but turkey is also not just launching the war against isis but additional against the pkk, ha it considers to be a terrorist organization in ink own view as detrimental to turkish security as isis. so turkey right now in asking nato for assistance and asking for that meeting, and ensure it has nato support as it moves forward along these different new front lines. >> arwa 30 people were killed in an isis suicide attack in a turkish border -- how big a
1:18 pm
foothold is isis gaining in turkey? >> reporter: well it does certainly have long-reaching tentacles. it is capable of carrying out deadly attacks, though isis itself has not claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing. the turkish authorities definitely believe it was carried out by an individual who does have ties to isis. turkey has launched these massive sweeping anti-terrorism operations spanning across the entire country other turkey says affiliated -- but there is also part of what is playing into the logic behind turkey's decision to right now realize that it has to takes an active role. it has to be a part of this anti-isis coalition, or else it would be left incredibly vulnerable. >> arwa damon, thanks so much. we turn now to a deadly terror attacks.
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they stormed a police station near the border with pakistan form the three attackers were killed after a 12-hour gun battle with the police. so far there has no claim of responsibility for the assault. a 10-year-old boy is dead in a suspected case of human sacrifice. police say a nepalese man confessed to kill -- allegedly the boy was alured away with a pack of biscuits and the equivalent of 50 cents in american community. 11 people have been arrested for their involvement, and could face life in prison. the government says they are looking for end those superstitions common among the mainly hindu population that led to this despicable act. 35 women who have all
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accused bill cosby of sexual assault, i'll speak with one of those those. and an account for a coast guard swimmer who found their boat. that is coming up. soaring away from home towards the promise of a better existence. but these birds are suffering. because this better place turned out to have an unreliable cell phone network and the videos on their little bird phones kept buffering. birds hate that. so they came back home. because they get $300 from switching back to verizon, and so can you! verizon. come home to a better network. are you moving forward fast enough? everywhere you look, it strategy is now business strategy. and a partnership with hp can help you accelerate down a path created by people, technology and ideas. to move your company from what it is now...
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welcome back. topping or national lead today, a dramatic display of bravery and unity against the one-time icon who was considered america's dad for years. 35 women accusing bill cosby of sexual assault, appear together on the cover of "new york" magazine. each accuser speaks can did ily, and the struggle they had faced in coming forward. for his part cosby has repeatedly denied the accusations and not been charged with a crime. barb bra bouman is one of the, and now an ambassador with p.a.y. promoting awareness victim empowerment. i know you weren't all together
1:25 pm
when the photos were taken, but what was your reacwhen you saw the cover. what does it saying to you? >> power and strength in unity. it's been an interesting journey. i didn't know any of them when in journey began. i had high hopes that we would be able to empower the women that were too afraid to come out early on in november. i didn't know it would go to this level. to look at that cover of the strong and the brave women that have been endured so much and have dealt with so much wreckage in their lives caused by one psychotic sociopathic individual it really was very powerful and touching. what really got me was the empty
1:26 pm
chair. >> let's talk about an empty chair. it was an ed toirld decision. it's been a hash tacktaghashtag, people talking about their own experiences as survivors of sexual assault. to you what does it symbolize? >> it symbolizes for me that i hope that that chair stays empty, and the work i do with p.a.v.e. and all the of the advocacy work that i do to empower and educate rape victims and anyone in a victim's life to give them help. we want to keep that chair empty. that's so symbolic. there could have been hundreds of empty chairs following that one, and that's what i'm seeking to do. i work with women in hollywood. our organization under p.a.v.e. is called women in holy within paving the way. this all was about just about
1:27 pm
empowering one woman, and to see that cover with all those brave women? it really does bring tears to my eyes eyes. it wasn't until a made comedian started talking about cosby as an alleged rapist, that this became a major story. tell us how it makes you feel that it wasn't until a man started talking about this that the rest of us started paying attention? >> well how ironic is that. yes, that is true. back in 2005 i found out about andrea constance's civil lawsuits. i was living in arizona, minding my own business after many years of sitting in silence, darkness and shame. i made a decision that year to not to sit silent anymore and
1:28 pm
push forward. unfortunately we had ten years of more silence. so when hannibal started being brave and speaking out, i don't think he realized actually what hornet's next he was going to poke at but it was that. it was also the perfect storm with social media. within 24 hours after my piece ran and also "the daily mail" there were like 6 million viewers. we didn't have that ten years ago or 28 years ago. so i'm really grateful to the media and for public attention on this -- on this issue. it's a humanitarian issue. it has to be dealt with and i think we are. i think that now cosby really was holding, clinging tightly to his legacy. i believe now he hasself prove
1:29 pm
sized -- self-prophecyized. thank you for speaking with us. >> i appreciate it jake. thanks so much. in our national lead how a murderer was able to get the gun he used in a movie theater massacre. the killer's mental problems did not stop him from making a legal gun purchase. why not? that's next. when i lay in my tempur-pedic contour, then i slowly feel it start to kind of wrap itself around me... my mind just goes kind of blank- and the next thing i know it's morning. with tempur-flex you've got the spring and bounce of a traditional mattress and it also adjusts to my body. my cloud feels so comfortable. it feels like somebody's hugging you. how can a bed do that? this is the best investment of your life because this is where dreams are made. (vo) there's a tempur-pedic for everyone. find the feel that's right for you.
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circumstances just uncovered help explain to a degree how the killer in last week's lafayette theater shooting was able to buy a weapon and kill two innocent women. new surveillance video shows the gunman less than an hour before the rampage. you can see his lincoln town car leaving the motel 6. that was at 6:41 last thursday evening. just 46 minutes later he showed
1:34 pm
up at the showing of the movie "train wreck" and started firing. today fine recalls were held. jillian johnson and it 1-year-old mayci breaux. three of the people hurt in the shooting are still in the hospital. police still comb the crime scene for more evidence. cnn's evan perez joins mess now. the biggest question just years before was taken against his will to a mental facility how was he able to buy a gun? >> there are 3 million mental health records, which is what the fbi uses to check to see whether or not you are qualified to buy a firearm. records of john houser were not among those records. in 2008 his family filed for what they called -- his lawyer for the family called an involuntary commitment order, seeking to have him basically
1:35 pm
institutionalized simply because he had shown up at his daughter's workplace and made threats about the fact she was getting married. the judge ordered for him to be apprehended the same day, to be brought into west regional medical center there in columbus columbus georgia. that's where we don't know what happened. all we know is that within a month, the order -- the temporary restraining order was expiring and it appears that whatever happened at that hospital it never came back to the judge in georgia for them to order him committed. so that's where this failure apparently exists. we don't know what happened at that hospital. we don't know why it was never ordered and why it was never entered into the system. >> so the local judge ordered he be apprehended. >> correct. >> but ultimately never ordered an official involuntary commitment. he was taken against his will to the hospital? >> he was held at the hospital
1:36 pm
for evaluation. we don't know what these doctors found in that evaluation and so we don't know then why he was back out on the streets shortly thereafter. the question you know for anybody evaluating this is you know if you're not involuntary committed, you know the system doesn't require this record to be passed up into the background checks. so the fbi wouldn't know about it. >> so the fbi -- evan stand by. we know that the killer bought the handgun used from a pawnshop in alabama last year. the big question is did the system fail or is there much more to this story? matthew horace a former atf executive, and now senior vice president of fjc security services. thanks so much for joining us. help explain this to us. georgia is where the gunman's ex-wife filed the restraining order and where he was taken to a mental health facilities against him will. in alabama.
1:37 pm
that's where he was denied a concealed carry permit because of the an arrest record. still in alabama he was able to buy this gun legally at a pawnshop. it surprises me that none of these other events prevented him from buys this gun. is that normal? >> i don't know how normal it is but there's several areas of reconciliation that have to occur, and has to be done seamlessly within the scope of the government and the state, and as you know states' roots are very big in this issue. in this case he apparently was never adjudicated, but even if that happened, it would have been to be forwarded to nics so it could be forwarded to the ffl. there are many points where things can go wrong, and now we've seen another case where things did go wrong. >> we saw in the charleston
1:38 pm
shooting something going wrong. evan? >> one of the things that was supposed to happen after 2007 in the virginia tech massacre was an encouragement for the states to more accurately reflect mental health records in the background system. what exactly has happened since then that allowed this issue to occur yet again. >> i can tell you i have worked in probably three quarters of the states in the united states. it's done very differently in every state. some states have a industry amount of resources they place into this issue, and other states like north carolina and california -- sflef. explain to us alabama defiled the killer a permit but they did not deny the able to buy a gun.
1:39 pm
i'm assuming these are different standards? >> states' rights comes into play when we're talking about the whole gun rights issue. in this case that is absolutely possible and probable. >> there's a form that potential gun buyers have to complete before they actually buy the weapon. it specifically asks if the buyer has ever before been found mentally defective if he or she has been committed to a mental institution. houser bought his gun about six years after his was treated for mental health. how could this not be flagged in a background check? did it not rise to the level where he had to acknowledge what happened to him? >> again, if you look at the language on the atf form it's very clear you have to be adjudicated by a judge, a court, a panel. that's very different from someone who voluntary committed themselves to a mental news. does the state know there's a record? does a judge adjudicate a
1:40 pm
person? when that happened was that information forwarded to nics to make sure the information is picked up? >> interesting and complicated. thank you very much. the navy joining the search for two missing young teenager off the coast of florida not seen since friday night. after a big break, are rescuers any closer to finding the four boys. plus a mother's quick thinks saves her son. an unbelievable moment captured on video. that story is next.
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boys after that i boat apparently cap did i sized off the coast of florida. coast guard video shows the boat floating with no signs of the boys. they were last seen in jupiter, florida, not far from west palm they gassed up their boat and on sunday their boat was found about three hours north near ponce deleon inlet. the search is focused near jacksonville. alina machado is in florida. we're told bad weather is moving in. >> reporter: bad weather could definitely complicate the search efforts. we know the coast guard has moved the search north from where we are, focusing in an area about 60 miles offshore near jacksonville. they're searching in the water, and they're also being joined by the navy.
1:46 pm
they have always been working nonstop since the kids were reported missing. the teens, perry cohen and austin stephanos, were on a 19-foot boat last seen down the roady where we are on friday while they were gassing up the boat ahead of a fishing trip they had planned. the boat was found capsized yesterday north of here and inside rescuers did find a life vest but no sign of these two missing teens. several family members, the families of these missing teens are encouraging people to get out and walk the florida beaches, watch the coastline like here just to see if they sign any sort of debris that could be connected to these missing teens. debris that could point rescuers to the teens. >> it might be common in parts of this country living in florida, for teens to take out boats. obviously not that way in much of the country. what do we know about these two 14-year-old boys and their
1:47 pm
experience when it came to the water? >> reporter: well their families tell us they are highly experienced. they've been basically boating and out in the water with their families for years. this is something they have done for a very long time. they're familiar with the boating experience. so they talk about survival and being savvy out there. if there's ever some kids who would be just like that their families say these would be it. >> the families are offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to the rescue of these boys also getting support from joe namath. what exactly is his role in this? >> he's known these kids for a very long time. he's neighbors. he just wants to raise awareness, wanted people to realize this is going on. so he's been out there with the family walking the beaches when they have made press conferences, when they've been in front of the cameras, he's been there by their side
1:48 pm
supporting them and helping raise awareness about the situation here. >> alina, thank you so much. joining mess petty officer third class darian durea. he helped find the boat that belonged to those two florida teens. thanks so much for joining us. we're told the waters are fairly warm but there have been storms. what was the water like yesterday when you found the boat. >> thank you, mr. tapper for having me. the water was -- it was fairly warm about 80 to 85 degrees. the p-130 found the boat sunday morning. we launched on it. upon getting on the scene, i did a harness deployment for the water and started swimming towards the capsized vessel. i did a quick look inside. there was a taught anchor dodgeling below the vessel and another line drifting behind the
1:49 pm
boat 120 to 30 feet out. i went in to check for any signs of life. the only thing i could find is a red life jacket. we also looked at the engine the engine cover was missing. we also confirmed the florida registration tags. >> we're looking at video which i believe is video of you at the boat. obviously the boat yaw overturned the life jackets inside. anything else associated with the boat? anything else you found in terms of the condition of the boat? >> no sir. the boat looked to be in very good condition. there were no often signs of damage other than the engine cover missing. everything looked to be intact. >> was the weather since the boys left the kind of weather that could capsize boat? >> i don't want to speculate to
1:50 pm
that sir, but it's disheartening not finding the boys yet, but we are doing everything we did. >> petty officer duryea we appreciate your time. on the other side of the country firefighters are fighting nearly a dozen active firefighters in california. officials say one of the fires in madera county is threatening more than 400 homes. that was just 5% contained. north of sacramento california four firefighters are being treated for burns. a fire engine was damage as crews ballotsed another fire that one north of sacramento. more than 1,000 firefighters are trying to put an end to this inferno. temperatures are expected towards the triple digits which of course could only spell more troubled. our world scene, it's a scene hard to watch, saves a song only for the child to witness his own mother's death. the mom and her child riding up
1:51 pm
the escalator in a chinese shopping mall as it almost reaches the top, she lifts her son to get out. not better the metal panel suddenly collapses. the mother makes the prior, but it's too late for her. she's pulled under, declared dead after a four-hour rescue. it is said that workers forget to screw down the panel after performing maintenance. what chilling items police found in this man's trunk, which would connect him to several murders.
1:52 pm
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the only way to get better is to challenge yourself, and that's what we're doing at xfinity. we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. welcome back to "the lead." a remarkable story in our national lead. she may have saved more lives than just her own. police now saying a woman, who shot and killed a man inside her own home inself defense, may
1:56 pm
have stopped a serial killer who has been preying on sex workers for years. the man showed up at her home after answering an escort ad she posted. only police say he did not have any money on him, just a car, packed with a machete and a shovel and bleach and trash bags and more. boris sanchez is following this horrifying story for us. boris, what happened next? >> jake an unsettling case. investigators looking at any potential links between what happens discovered in that car and cases in several other states. meantime the woman who survived the attack shaken but thankful to be alive. >> i knew he was there to kill me. i could tell he had done something. he said that he was going to prison for a long time. >> reporter: after meeting a stranger that answered her escort ad on a west virginia woman, known only as heather says the man became aggressive wrapping his hands
1:57 pm
after her throat. >> he was saying you're going to be quiet, i'm going to call the orders. >> reporter: moments later she was running from the home pleading for help chasing down a neighborhood. >> there's a lady in an alley, saying a guy tried to rape her, and she's got cuts and stuff all over her. >> when he strangled me he wouldn't let me get any air, so i grabbed my rake. when he laid the gun down to get the rake out of my hands, i shot him. i grabbed the gun and shot behind me. >> reporter: heather shot and killed neil falls, now under the microscope. as a kill kit in his subaru, has led investigators to believe he may be a serial killer. a ma chete, axes knives a shovel a large container of bleach and trash bags. >> we also found four sets of
1:58 pm
handcuffs in his pockets. the brutality of the attack that took place in the house where the victim was able to defend herself and survive, all those things together lead us to believe he's been involved in similar crimes. >> reporter: authorities tell cnn an item is believed to be linked to evidence on several dismembered bodies in las vegas back in 2005 where falls lived at the time. remains found in trash bags all of them escorts. one of the cases under scrutiny lindsey marie harris whose dismembered legs were recovered in illinois three weeks after - she went missing. investigators are also studying potential cases in eugene others where el he lived in 2010. while sources tell cnn no evidence has pointed him to a direct link. heather believes she stopped falls from hurting others. >> do you believe you possibly saved other women's lives? >> i know i did.
1:59 pm
>> reporter: cnn also contacting someone who claimed to be his sister she said she wants nothing to do with the brother and the family would not release any further statement. jake? >> obviously prostitutes and sex workers are quite often the ones kill by serial killers. we understand he had a list. what is that about? >> that's right. investigators also found he had a list of ten women's, all of then escorts, nine based in west virginia. apparently he had their names, ages and contact information for them lined up. however, investigators reached out to the women. all of them are fine. none of them say they had any contact with him. such a terrifying story. we're so glad the woman had the courage to wrestle the gun away and do this boris sanchez, thanks so much. remember you can watch "the lead" anytime live or on demand on your desktop, cell phone, tab lett.
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just go check out and foul me on facebook and twitter. that's it for "the lead" today. i am now turning you over officially in seven seconds to mr. wolf blitzer who's in the next door alcove called "the situation room." \s happening now, isis on the march, seeking more territory, a key u.s. asalasllies. fire back president obama unleashes on republicans in the u.s. senate, and those running for president, calling their controversial remarks ridiculous and sad. i'll talk to a top republican on the senate intelligence committee who says the administration is not being duped by iran. secret pictures revealed. stunning images of president bush vice president cheney and their top aiding taking during