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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  July 28, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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tremendous. he can spread the word along the way. >> and hydrate. >> good advice. >> time for news room with carol. good morning. >> good morning. thanks so much. have a great day. news room starts right now. good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. donald trump's camp responding to what could be a damaging article in the daily beast. it concerns a rape allegation from his wife i va that. she said while she felt violated it was not rape in the criminal sense. here is what michael, a special council to trump's business empire told the daily beast. quote, you are talking about the front-runner for the gop presidential candidate as well as a private individual who never raped anybody.
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of course, understand that by the very definition you can't rape your spouse. it is true. you cannot rape your spouse. there's very clear case law. except that's not exactly true. let's get to athena jones, live in washington with more on this. good morning. >> good morning, carol. this is getting a lot of attention. as you mention, marital rape is illegal in all 50 states. nonconsensual sex with a spouse is considered rape. michael kohn is wrong on that. the trump campaign is distancing himself saying he's a lawyer. he works for the trump organization not the campaign. we have seen him appear as a spokesman many times on our own air. i can tell you, michael kohn told the daily beast writer tim mack he was going to come after every penny. he threatened lawsuits. he said he would come after the daily beast and everybody the
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reporter knows. i want to play what tim mack knows about the exchange. go ahead and play that. >> it was important to look into especially since trump launched his presidential campaign making insults about mexican immigrants saying they were quote, rapists. it was relevant to look into the past and see what was said about him on that topic. >> how did mr. trump's lawyer respond when you asked these questions? >> it started off reasonably. they were trying to say the allegation was not made in a criminal sense. then it went to insults and threats, threats of lawsuits telling we need to tread lightly and say whatever lawsuits they might file against me would be disgusting. it evolved quickly. >> so it sounds like a difficult exchange between this reporter and michael kohn. i want to read for you a statement that was put out by
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ivana trump, his former wife. i have read comments attributed from my during a high tension divorce with donald. the story is without merit. we are the best of friends and together raised three children we love and are proud of. i have nothing but fondness of donald and wish him the best of luck on his campaign. i think he would make an incredible president. that's the statement we received from ivana trump. michael kohn has been serving in many ways as a spokesperson for the trump campaign. they say mr. trump speaks for mr. trump and nobody speaks for him. he is under scrutiny and not to forget about the comments he made at the campaign launch about mexican immigrants being rapists. this is going to get a lot of attention. >> you'll have more more us next hour. debby wasserman schultz said
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this is a new low. rape is rape. there is no difference of division between forcible, legitimate legitimate marital slap on before the word rape. it is a disgusting violation and americans fought too long and hard for it to be acknowledged in 2015. in the meantime, another gop contend contender, mike huckabee is in the middle of his own controversy. he does not regret accuseing president obama of marching israelis in the door of an auchb with iran. >> as president of the united states, would you use the words, march the israelis to the door of the oven? >> yes. i have been to aus witch three times. i have stood at that place. i have been to israel dozens of times. the one thing i am sure of is for 6,000 years, jews have been hunted down. we need strong words when people
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make strong threats against entire people as the iranians have. this is not empty talk on the part of the iranians. this is something they consistently say even as we sit down and have a negotiation with them they are trying out death to america. >> although it is interesting to note back in 2007 huckabee's first presidential run, he was all for diplomacy with iran saying this. >> we haven't had diplomatic relationships with iran in almost 30 years. most of my entire adult life. a lot of good it's done. putting this in human terms, all of us know when we stop talking to a parent or a sibling or even a friend it's impossible to resolve the differences to remove that relationship. the same is true for countries. >> all right. if you are a cynic, you might say such talk from a republican
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won't get you in the door in 2016. certainly won't get you a place on the debate floor. 66% of republican voters are against the president's iran deal. with me to talk about this and more cnn senior correspondent jeff and cnn political reporter nia henderson. thank you for joining me. i appreciate it. >> good to be here. >> gulf of mexico carol. >> even the israeli intelligence minister who hates the iran deal is slamming mike huckabee saying nobody marches the jews any longer. why is huckabee standing firm? >> well carol i think it is a case where there are a few republican presidential candidates perhaps a lot of presidential candidates trying to get attention here. once you say something, once governor huckabee says something, it is difficult for him to take it back. by doubling down on that he is acting like or carrying through
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with the fact he meant to say something like this. itis very clear that most republican presidential candidates with the exception of a couple disassociated themselves from his remarks say thag kind of rhetoric is too strong. it is not what's needed in this presidential campaign. carol, governor huck key chooses his words, usually very carefully. he's a former talk radio host. he had a show on cable television. he knows the power of language and the power of words. he's gotten a bit of attention as the candidates try to grapple for what's you know left of the oxygen remaining in this race. >> oh and you are right. the first debate is coming up. the republican candidates are vying for a spot. right now, according to politico eight candidates are aloft, eight. the others are trying to outtrump each other to assure a spot on stage.
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listen. >> relationships with iran in almost -- ♪ rds, upwards, not downwards and always twirling, twirling for freedom. ♪ >> maybe we could restructure. >> here is an idea restructure. >> great idea, joanna. is work less of a priority for you now? does your wife help with the kids? wow, are you going to eat all of that yourself?
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>> how much of that could come back to haunt these candidates if they experience a surge in the future? >> well you know i think they are not thinking about the long term strategy here. they are thinking about this short term game somebody like a lindsey graham doesn't look like he's going to make the debate stage neither is carly fiorina. they need to be in the stream. as you saw with huckabee it worked for him to say something that a lot of people think he shouldn't have said. now he's on television we are talking about him, he's on the "today" show. it's worked for him. he's going to be in the debates. he is looking at iowa. his campaign hasn't been getting lot of attention. this is one of the things you stee candidates doing, making videos saying outrageous things to get attention.
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i don't think the republican national committee, when they thought about what 2015 would look like in a debate stage, they thought it would be this way, meaning that some of these republicans would have to go to such lengths to get attention. ultimately it backfires on the party, the fact we are talking today about rape and the holocaust comment. >> thanks to you both i appreciate it. hours from now, president obama returns home to washington after traveling overseas. new cnn polls revealed the president will be welcomed back by steady approval ratings. 49% approveing of the job in the white house. a majority of americans think the economy is in poor shape. it's down a dozen points from april. let's bring in cnn white house correspondent michelle kaczynski, traveling with the president. good morning. >> reporter: hey, carol. a mixed bag there. today on the last day of his
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africa trip t president was the first to address the union speaking to the entire continent. he started out on a personal saying he's the son of an african. that shaped who he is and how he sees the world. he lauded africa for its progress. but, he clearly wanted to call out what seemed to be virtually everything he sees as needing to be changed. hammering home the issues of dignity and human rights for all people. in fact he included the phrase no matter who you love the highly controversial subject here homo sexuality. fired up and nearly shouting he slammed what he called the cancer of corruption oppression of women, the jailing of journalists which happens in ethiopia and african leaders who don't want to give up their position. listen to this. >> i am in my second term.
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it has been an extraordinary privilege for me to serve as president of the united states. i cannot imagine a greater honor or a more interesting job. i love my work. but, under our constitution i cannot run again. [ applause ] >> i can't run again. i actually think i'm a pretty good president. i think if i ran, i could win. but i can't. >> the african people we were watching the speech with they couldn't believe how much he was calling out some of the problems in africa how blunt he was getting on the topic. they were laughing and cheering him on saying i can't believe he went there. clearly he wanted to go there and that is what he did there on the last few moments of the
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trip. >> michelle kaczynski reporting live from ethiopia thank you so much. joyce mitchell accused of helping two killers bust out of prison will be in court next hour. the next question will she cut a deal? mitchell supplying tools, hacksaw blades and frozen meat faces up to eight years behind bars if convicted. jason is here. >> it should be an interesting day in court. she's expected to wave her right to have charges presented in front of the grand jury. she has been cooperating with investigators giving a wealth of information about her role in this. let's talk about the charges. first off, first degree promoting prison contraband and fourth degree criminal facilitation. in terms of what could be next eight years behind pars. her attorney hoping there will
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be a plea deal. just to review a little bit in terms of what she did here i know a lot of people have been fascinated with the story. a lot of us here as well. she was supposed to be the get away driver got cold feet back backed out. she provided tools to help matt and sweat cut through the cell walls, including hacksaw blades a punch tool and screwdriver. her cell phone used to call people connected to richard matt. finally, her relationship with david matt is under question. david sweat told investigators she did not have a sexual relationship. sweat told investigators she was part of that so-called murder plot against her husband who worked at the prison. she has denied that her attorney denied that. she's not facing charges related to the allegations. >> we'll check back. thanks so much. be sure to join us tonight for a special report "the great prison escape" it airs tonight,
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the search for those two teenagers missing at sea intensify thg morning. this after new insight from the boy's capsized boat. >> just confirmed nobody is on board. trying to find any other gear. >> a single orange life vest was found floating alongside the boat but no sign of the boys. austin and perry have been missing five days. they could be alive because they know what they are doing. the boys could have made
6:20 am
floating devices with the cooler that was missing from that boat. the family says there's an engine cover and life jacket missing. the hope is these items are with the boys. >> i think a lot of people think about, but the boys were only 14 years old, what were they doing on a boat. we live in a boating community. this is part of the lifestyle here. we are surrounded by water. the boys are raised on the water. they are raise zed on boats. it is second nature to them. they are very very comfortable. they have the knowledge. they have the skills just like i said earlier. they are going to be okay. >> crews refocusing their search area this morning, now 60 miles off jacksonville florida. officials covering an area bigger than west virginia. the coast guard captain joins me from miami. good morning, sir. >> caller: good morning. >> captain, could that cooler and two life jackets keep these
6:21 am
boys alive? >> caller: it would increase their chances, but our concern now is as you said we are going into our fifth day of searching. we don't know if they have flotation devices. we have been searching very hard very dedicated to the effort. we want to find them. with each as time passes the possibility of finding them is increases. at some point, we will have to suspend our search effort. that decision is based on art and science. the science is the physiology of how long can you survive in the water? do you have flotation? have you eaten or drinken, been able to drink water? is art part is your health your will to live. we take all of that together and compare it to the probability that future searches will yield success. that's what we have to weigh all together as we make a decision
6:22 am
to suspend and, again, as time passes here on the fifth day, you know that weighs more on our mind that decision. >> is youth on these boys side? >> caller: it could, in terms of energy certainly. that will to live certainly. but, again, some of it is a pure physiology of how long can you be in the water and survive. even in warm temperatures there's a finite number of how long you can survive. >> this search area it's massive. i know you found the boat in a certain area. there is the question of the gulf stream impacting the search area. can you go into that for us? >> caller: sure. when they left jupiter inlet, they went offshore. you only have to go about ten miles and you encounter the gulf stream. it's a very strong current that runs from the south to the north along the florida coast. it runs at 3.5 knots, which is
6:23 am
very fast in the water. as they came offshore, whether they are disabled or capsized in a passing squaw, that current took over their momentum to push them north. we planned on that. our search areas were predicated on that fact. it validated the search efforts when we found the boat. obviously, we were hoping to find the boys as well. we recalculated the searches based on where we found the boat. we are assuming they are going to continue to drift to the north. as time passes the probability of success for future searches decreases. >> captain thank you so much for joining me this morning. still to come disturbing new information on how the lafayette shooter was able to buy a gun despite a history of mental illness.
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checking top stories for you. in california santa cruz police found the body of a young girl in a dumpster. police believe she is 8-year-old madison middleton who went by the name maddy. she's been missing since sunday. a 15-year-old boy living at the same complex has been arrested. oregon state police and the fbi are looking into the delivery of suspicious packages. our affiliate koin reporting. they are not revealing what was
6:29 am
inside the packages. lawmakers say the state department will hand over 5,000 pages of documents on benghazi today. the house committee says it will be the second largest release of documents yet. it's not expected to include e-mail from former secretary of state, hillary clinton. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. the lafayette shooter had a history of arrests and mental issues yet able to legally buy a gun. john housers family was so scared of him, they had him involuntarily committed. because of loopholes, commitments, the killer was allowed to legally purchase his.40 caliber gun at a pawnshop in alabama.
6:30 am
richard bloom enthal will work with other lawmakers. you are calling on president obama to use executive action to close loopholes. what specifically do you want the president to do? >> one of the loopholes relates to the law where licensed gun dealers can sell guns when when a background check is pending after three days and closing that loophole is profoundly important. gun dealers can do better. i have called on them to take action voluntarily in closing the default. my hope is that the president will launch a major mental health initiative because, alt matly so many shooters are dangerous to themselves and other shooters and should not be in possession of a handgun
6:31 am
because they can do such harm. we have seen time and again in everyone in newtown, charleston lafayette. the president can take stronger executive action. dylann roof was able to get a gun. they say it happened not because of a loophole but fbi mistake. which is it? >> if that loophole were closed and licensed gun dealers were required to wait for all of the background checks to be approved that sale probably never would have proceeded. so the loophole does matter. on the other hand the idea that guns should be sold to people who have histories of involuntary commitments or other kinds of serious mental health issues i think ought to be seriously examined and there's a need for much more mental health
6:32 am
services. resources devoted to programs that provide those kinds of help professional help in communities, identify people who may be dangerous to themselves or others and equally important, domestic violence situations. women are five times more likely to die if there is a gun in the house. extend the protections under permanent protective orders to temporary protective order situations another current loophole. the survivors protection bill would close that loophole. >> we have been down that road before. more than one sitting running for president. do you think it will be seriously debated in the halls of congress? >> remember carol, president reagan was almost assassinated. jim brady was paralyzed, yet it
6:33 am
took ten years for the brady bill to become law. so this effort is a marathon not a sprint. the efforts of organizations like every town in america, enables us to counter the weight of the nra and the other organized groups on the other side of this. yes, i do think there will be an opportunity to close loopholes, extend background checks and make them universal. that is one of the most profoundly important step that is can be taken and 90% of the american people support it. i do think there are opportunities, not just an opportunity, an obligation. congress becomes complicit in the failure to prevent very, very affordable tragedies. i was at newtown the day of that shooting. i will never forget the faces and voices of grief. i have been committed public official against gun violence
6:34 am
but these kinds of tragedies are preventable. we have an obligation to do it. >> senator, thank you for joining me this morning, i appreciate it. still to come in the news room the worse case of fraud ever in a federal agency. the alleged victim severely disabled americans. details, next.
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the premier federal program helping severely disabled americans get jobs is being investigated by the justice department. sources telling cnn billions of dollars designated for disabled workers is being funneled elsewhere. drew griffin joins us now with shocking details. good morning, drew. >> good morning, carol. severely disabled people want to work but they have having trouble getting hired. that's what this was supposed to be about. if you own a company that gets
6:39 am
the bid, your work force on that contract needs to be 75% severely disabled. easy. add in a government agency that outsourced most of the work to source america and suddenly our sources say, no one is checking and that 75% of severely disabled work force, according to people on the inside now, is a joke. >> the majority of the individuals that were being hired were not severely disabled. >> reporter: this manager who wanlts to remain anonymous says instead of hiring severely disabled, the federal contractor making tens of millions of dollars will hire just about anyone who walked through the door and no one bothered to check. >> you could say 100% of my employees are severely disabled and none of them are? >> right. because there's nobody checking. >> reporter: source america says they conduct on site visits.
6:40 am
they do not determine compliance only the u.s. ability one commission is authorized to do so. how does it happen? ability one's commission is made up of presidential employees, but out sources to nonprofit agency source america. source america recommends and according to our sources, virtually decides who gets it contracts worth $2.3 billion every year. former congressional investigator rich butel says it's a recipe for corruption. >> the contracts are being funneled to a small group of ten large companies that are getting way more than their fair share. >> reporter: no one from source america would go on camera. in a statement, the group denies the allegations. no one involved in making award recommendations is employed by an organization seeking those contracts. butel and numerous sources are telling cnn the staffers who are
6:41 am
handing out federal contracts at source america are heavily influenced by top officials at the very same agency. those officials are often connected to the businesses that get the contracts. >> you have actual advisers and board members in these private organizations who are, themselves, business owners. they can award themselves potentially, contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars. a perfect set up for waste and abuse. >> carol, as you can imagine the nonprofit group in charge of source america denies they are violating and says it is up to the federal agency ability one to monitor the program. neither of them would talk on camera to cnn. a big reason is we have learned there are major investigations going on. four inspectors generals officers within the government are actively investigating this program for fraud. carol?
6:42 am
>> good work. thank you so much. an officer threatens to kill during a routine traffic cop. the mistake the driver made that sparked a verbal assault, next. ♪ irresistible moments deserve irresistibles treats. new from meow mix with real salmon chicken or tuna. the only treat cats ask for by name. when you're not confident you have complete visibility into your business, it can quickly become the only thing you think about. that's where at&t can help. at&t's innovative solutions connect machines and people... to keep your internet of things in-sync, in real-time. leaving you free to focus on what matters most. when account lead craig wilson books at
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a random text sent to your android smartphone could be a hacker taking over the devices functions, including turning on the camera and recording you. the flaw is a huge one that was recently discovered by a security firm. we have joined with the firsthand expooerns. >> all people know to pull this off is your phone number not your e-mail address, not your name not your social security number. just your phone number. it's a text message with a photo. you don't have to click on it or
6:47 am
open it and the person can take over your phone, take control of your apps wipe your device off and take over the camera on your phone. take a look at a piece of video. i was in israel reporting on cyber security. the team avg pulls off something similar. they took over the phone without me knowing it. they sent me a text message. that's me interviewing the chief technology officer. i had no idea. afterward, they showed me. okay what if that was going on while i was in my bedroom and the phone was by the side of my bed. we talk about apple so often. the vast majority of people have android. 78% of people have android. that means 950 million people are susceptible to it. my dad puts tape over all the cameras he has.
6:48 am
i thought he was a nut. now i'm thinking i may want to take advice from him. >> there's nothing else to do but put tape over it. google which owns android acknowledge the problem. they don't know anybody it's happened to, yet. they are different from apple. apple can put out a patch easier. google sent the patch to manufacturers. we don't know if they have pushed out the patch to all the users. this is a e are minder when you get pop-ups on windows to restart or android, download the update. you want to be secure from that. you don't want to have to cover up the phone with a piece of tape. >> i think that's very efficient. >> thanks so much. checking other top stories for you at 48 minutes past. a texas prosecutor named a committee of outside attorneys to review the sandra bland case.
6:49 am
she was found dead in her jail cell after a traffic stop by a trooper. they have not said how the committee will work with them. they plan to present the case to a grand jury in august for possible criminal charges. >> bobbi kristina brown's funeral service will be saturday in the atlanta area. the autopsy reveal nos obvious cause of death. brown was found unconscious in a bathtub earlier this year. her body will be flown to new jersey. that's where she'll be buried next to her mother whitney houston. in west virginia a woman fights off a man attacking her grabbing his gun and shooting him to death. the story doesn't end there. boris sanchez has more for you. >> i knew he was there to >> i knew he was there to kill me. he said he was going to prison for a long time. >> reporter: after opening her door to a changer who answered her escort ad on a
6:50 am
west virginia woman who police only call heather says the man became aggressive wrapping his hands around her throat. >> he was saying you're going to be quiet. i'm going to call the orders. >> reporter: moments later she runs from her charleston home pleading for help and chasing down a neighbor who calls 911. >> there's a lady in the alley here. she's saying that some guy tried to rape her and she had to defend herself. she's got cuts and stuff all over her. >> when he strangled me he just wouldn't let me get any air, and when he laid the gun down to get the rake out of my hands, i shot him. >> reporter: the attacker neil falls, a 45-year-old man police believe could be a serial killer. a kill kit inside his subaru has led investigators to a string of murders. items inside included a machete, axes knives a shovel a large container of bleach and trash bags. >> we also found four sets of
6:51 am
handcuffs in mr. falls' pockets and the brutality of the attack that took place in the house where the victim was able to defend herself and survive, all those things together lead us to believe that mr. falls has been involved in similar crimes. he's 45 years old. it's unlikely this is his first violent crime. >> reporter: the case now extending far beyond west virginia. investigators in nevada oregon and illinois all looking at potential clues that may reveal insights into his past. authorities tell cnn an item found in his car is believed to be linked to evidence discovered on several dismembered bodies in las vegas back in 2005 where falls lived at the time. the remains were found in trash bags. all of the victims escorts. one of the cases, lindsey marie harris, who dismembered legs were recovered in illinois three weeks after she disappeared. investigators also looking at any potential cases in eugene
6:52 am
oregon where falls lived in 2010. >> a little creepy very kind of tight-lipped and not a chummy guy definitely. not a chummy guy. somebody who doesn't want to be exposed. >> reporter: his former landlord describes his behavior as odd. she had him evicted a year after he moved in. while sources tell cnn that no evidence has yet pointed to a direct link heather believes she stopped falls from hurting others. >> do you feel like you possibly saved other women's lives? >> i know i do. >> boris sanchez, cnn, new york. a 30-year veteran police detective has been placed on leave for threatening to shoot a motorist in the head. that driver identified as michael happened to have a camera mounted on his dashboard when the off-duty detective pulled him over on sunday night in medford for driving the wrong way through a traffic circle. at first michael says he tried to back away because the detective was not in uniform. >> i didn't know you were -- >> [ bleep ].
6:53 am
>> i didn't know you were a cop. >> i'll put a hole right through your head. >> okay okay okay. >> you're lucky i'm a cop because i would beat the [ bleep ] out of you right now. >> geez. >> give me your license. >> i want to let you know, i have a dash camera. >> medford's police chief calls the detective's actions troubling. still to come in the "newsroom," the arizona cardinals make history. andy scholes has a preview. >> for the first time ever a woman will be coaching in the nfl. i'll tell you all about jen welter when "newsroom" continues. the promise of the cloud is that every organization has unlimited access to information, no matter where they are. the microsoft cloud gives our team the power to instantly deliver critical information to people, whenever they need it. here at accuweather we get up to 10 billion data requests every day. the cloud allows us to scale up so we can handle that volume. we can help keep people safe
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and to us that feels really good. nfl.
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the all-male bastion nfl coaches is no longer the exclusive club it once was.
6:58 am
cnn's andy scholes is in atlanta. tell me more. >> the nba we saw becky hammond become the first woman to coach a summer league team and win the championship. now jen welter is making history. the cardinals announcing welter has been added to the staff as a training camp and preseason coaching intern. she will be working with the linebackers and we willlter has been a trail blazer. she was the first woman to play a nonkicking position on a men's pro team playing running back for the texas revolution of the indoor football league. welter later became the first female coach in a men's pro football league when she was hired to be an assistant coach with the team. i want you to take a look at some of her video from her playing days. she's the running back on this play and she gets blasted by an opposing defensive lineman but guess what? she got right up after that hit and she said to the player that hit her, is that all you got? so you know she's tough.
6:59 am
>> my kind of woman. june believable she took that hit, but she's really super excited about this opportunity. she's been on twitter all morning. in one tweet she said she's honored to be a part of the team. gave a special thastz to arizona head coach bruce aryans and patrick peterson welcomed welter to the team saying let's get to work. she isn't just a football player. she has a master's degree in sports psychology and a ph.d. in psychology. that's why if you look her up on twitter, she's not coach welter she's dr. welter. >> she is my kind of woman and boy, i like that cardinals player. he's my new hero. good for him. welcoming her and that just makes me feel good about the world, andy scholes, and i needed that right now. thanks andy. the next hour of cnn "newsroom" starts now.
7:00 am
and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. will this cause some trouble for donald trump? his camp responding to a rape allegation decades ago from his wife ivana. she later walked back the rape accusation saying while she felt violated it wasn't rape in the legal sense. but here is what michael cohen told the daily beast. you're talking about the front-runner for the gop, a presidential candidate, as well as a private individual who never raped anybody. and of course understand by the very definition you can't rape your spouse. it's true you can't rape your spouse and there's very clear case law, except that is not true. marital rape would be a crime. we'll hear from the dale bibeastily beast shortly but we begin with athena jones.
7:01 am
>> another week another controversy for the trump campaign. he is the front-runner in the republican race right now so he's under a lot of scrutiny as are the people who work for him. michael cohen is wrong, setting the record straight on that. marital rape is illegal in all 50 states and nonconsensual sex with a spouse constitutes rape so he's wrong with that. michael cohen didn't want to talk but he will be putting out a statement. the trump campaign is distanceing themselves from cohen saying cohen does not speak for them. in this exchange that michael cohen had with the reporter who wrote this article, he threatened the reporter said he would take him to court, sue him for every penny he has, come after the daily beast, come after everyone the reporter knows. i want to play a little more for you about that reporter talking about that heated exchange. >> i think it was important to look into especially since donald trump launched his
7:02 am
presidential campaign making insults about mexican immigrants saying that they were quote, rapists. so it was a little bit relevant to look into his past and see exactly what might have been said about him on that topic in his personal life. >> how did mr. donald trump's lawyer respond when you asked these questions? >> i think is it started out a little bit reasonably. they were trying to say the allegation was not made in a criminal sense like you mentioned, but then it descended into insults and threats, threats of lawsuits telling me to tread lightly and to say that whatever lawsuits that they might file against me would be disgusting. it devolved pretty quickly. >> so there you have a contentious exchange between that reporter and michael cohen. it got ugly fast. i want to share a statement from trump's former wife ivana trump. she said i have recently received some comments -- recently read some comments attributed to me from nearly 30
7:03 am
years at a time of high tension during my divorce with donald. the story is totally without merit. donald and irthe best of friends and together with raised three children that we love and are very proud of. i have nothing but fondness for donald and wish him the best of luck on his campaign. incidentally i think he would make an incredible president. that's the statement we have from ivana trump but this sorry is -- story is not going to go away. debbie wasserman schultz issued that statement. she said in part this is a new low. rape is rape full stop. end of story. there is no difference or division between forcible legitimate marital or any other label republicans slap on before this word rape. all rape is a disgusting violation and americans have fought too long and hard for that to be acknowledged to still have it questioned in 2015. so there you have the head of the dnc trying to link these
7:04 am
comments to other controversial comments made by republican candidates in the past. she also said that republicans need to take a stand calling on them to stand up and call this what it is quote, despicable. so a lot of attention this is getting. we'll wait for that statement from michael cohen and share that with you as well. >> thanks so much athena jones. let's talk about this with democratic strategist robert zimmerman and cnn commentateor and conservative ben ferguson. thank you for being with me. >> good morning. >> good morning. so the trump camp is saying michael cohen doesn't speak for donald trump. and it was michael cohen who says you can't rape your spouse. so ben, will this affect donald trump at all? >> i think it will effect him some. i think donald trump is actually pretty good at coming out and understanding when he does need to talk. i wish he understood when he doesn't need to but on this issue i think you will see him come out very clearly and say this was 30 years ago. i did not make this comment about you cannot rape your
7:05 am
spouse and i'm sure he will do everything he can to distance himself from that and say that is not what i think. i also think seeing her comments his ex-wife's comments coming out, that will help him tremendously. she said this was a stressed out time 30 years ago. it sounds like there was some gamesmanship there in that divorce. she is now endorsing him for the presidency. from being an actual story of did he do anything wrong with her, i don't think this will stick at all. i think the comments from his lawyer is his biggest obstacle. >> except in the daily beast article it describes the incident in detail. so frankly, i don't know what to believe. we'll try to talk to the daily beast reporter later. robert i would ascertain that trump supporters will think this is just another attack by the media on donald trump. >> look this story about donald trump and his wife is a big -- is big news for perez hilton or tmz but it's not going to have any impact in the presidential
7:06 am
race. obviously his lawyer's comments michael cohen's comments certainly are going to have a big impact on michael cohen because they're despicable and ignorant and it's a pathetic reflection of who he is in terms of his thought process but in terms of what it means in the presidential race there are so many tawdry and disgraceful aspects to drurch's campaigns and the positions he's taken and his conduct that we don't have to dig into his divorce with his first wife. i think it's improper to do that and it has no place in what is already a pretty low bar in the republican field. >> oh my gosh it's been such a strange -- go ahead, ben. >> it also fits the narrative that donald trump has been working with which is the media is out to get me the republican candidates are out to get me, everybody is out to get me, and i'm the only one telling the truth, and he will probably be able to use this to say look how low people will go to come after me. go back 30 years. my wife says it's not an issue and she's supporting me for the
7:07 am
presidency or ex-wife i should say and this is probably going to just make his base even more solid to say this is another political smear campaign because people are afraid of donald trump running this country. >> well you know the republican -- >> i want to get out this new poll. there's a new poll out of new hampshire. it shows trump has more than doubled the support of jeb bush 24% of republicans say if the primary was today, they would vote for donald trump. he's just becoming more popular, robert. >> i think it's a mistake to interpret donald trump's ratings to reflect popularity. what you're witnessing is the republican party base in rebellion against the republican party establishment. if you add up donald trump's numbers and ted cruz's numbers along with rick santorum and mike huckabee and ben carson you're talking about almost half of the republicans who are polled in that poll and in other polls demonstrating very strong opposition to the republican establishment, and so that's what it reflects but it also
7:08 am
reflects why the republican party has lott the vote in five of the six last presidential elections. they stand as a party against but they have no agenda for the future to move the economy forward or build the middle class. politically, it's really looking like -- makes the world wrestling entertainment division look nor respectable. >> the saddest thing is jeb bush came out and outlined his immigration plan in spanish and it's gotten lost in all of this stuff swirling around donald trump. >> actually -- >> if you're the other candidates right now, i mean you're doing anything you can to try to not talk about donald trump. look there are more than 50% of registered republicans that say they're not going to vote for donald trump. so his unfavorables are his biggest liability. yes, he has a core group that are obsessed with him, but overall he is not someone that's going to be able to i think win this nomination because there's so many people in the republican
7:09 am
party that absolutely cannot stand donald trump as well and so this -- we are far from -- >> here is the problem, ben -- >> -- close to being the nomination -- >> i have to leave it there. thanks to both of you. i appreciate it. we are watching other news this morning. the showdown on capitol hill over the iran nuclear deal. right now the house foreign affairs committee is holding their first hearing on the deal. secretary of state john kerry will testify at today's meeting. also making an april peer reince will be the secretaries of energy and the treasury. we're monitoring the hearing. if anything develops we'll bring it to you. minutes from now joyce mitchell the new york prison worker accused of helping two killers bust out of prison will be back in court. the big question will she cut a deal? mitchell faces up to eight years behind bars in she is convicted. jason carroll is here and he's following the hearing today. he has more. >> reporter: good morning. it could happen any moment now. we've seen joyce mitchell cooperating, we're hearing word she's expected to waive her
7:10 am
right to have her charges presented in front of the grand jury. that would be another sign of cooperating. we've seen in the past her telling about all that she was accused of doing in terms of helping with this prison break. let's go over first what some of the charges she's facing. first-degree promoting prison contraband. you talked about smuggling in some hacksaw blades. fourth-degree criminal facilitation for her role in helping these two guys get out, david sweat and richard matt. she could be looking at as much as eight years in prison. her attorney telling me he is hoping for some sort of plea deal. now, in terms of what she's accused of again, just to review a little bit here. she was supposed to be the alleged getaway driver. apparently got cold feet decided she wasn't going to do that. provided tools to cut through the cell walls. the d.a. telling me it was a hacksaw hacksaw, chisels, and a punch tool. also her cell phone was used to reach out to some of richard
7:11 am
matt's friends and her relationship with david sweat, even though she's not charged with anything in terms of her relationship with david sweat, that is it still under investigation. he says he did not have a sexual relationship with her, but there's also word that there was some sort of a murder plot that was involved here to murder her husband, lyle who also worked at the prison. she denies that. david sweat said you shouldn't be denying this you were a part of this. she says i was not a part of this. her attorney says she was not a part of this and none of the charges she's facing today have to deal with those murder allegations, that murder plot allegation but she is facing that first-degree promoting prison contraband fourth-degree criminal facileitationfacilitation. there have been clear steps already she has been cooperating. we'll see if it leads to some sort of plea deal. >> she's due in court in 20 minutes or so. still to come the coast guard intensifying its search and still no luck finding those two missing teenagers.
7:12 am
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donald trump in the middle ever a new controversy. his camp responding to a rape allegations decades ago from his then-wife ivan ya. she walked back thatting a ing aaccusation saying while she felt violated it was not rape in the criminal sense. here is what michael cohen told the daily beast, quote, you're talking about the front-runner for the gop presidential candidate. as well as a private individual who never raped anybody. and, of course understand that by the very definition you can't rape your spouse. it's true you cannot rape your spouse and there's a very clear case law, except that is not true and the state of new york, it is illegal to rape your wife. let's talk about the daily beast
7:17 am
article with the executive order noah shackman. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me carol. >> why was it important to publish this article? >> well it was important for a number of reasons. first of all, donald trump has had a history of really strange kind of awful statements about rape. he talked about mexican immigrants being rapists. he basically blamed military sexual assaults on women service members, and then, you know and then as we dug into this and asked for comment, we got mr. cohen's outrageous remarks, and that really sort of opened the pandora's box. >> can you -- like where did this allegation come from? you obtained some sort of legal documents to get the information, right? >> yeah that's right. it appeared in a book in the '90s about the trumps and we saw the allegation there and then we went to new york city court records and found more
7:18 am
information there. >> and there was a detail described exactly about what happened -- i don't know how to characterize it since ivana trump has characterized it as not something criminal. help us parse that out. >> yeah yeah. well let me tell you a little bit about what happened. during the trumps' divorce proceedings, ivana gave a deposition. in that deposition she said, quote, i stated that my husband had raped me. when this book came out a few years later, she walked that back a little bit and said she felt violated during a sexual encounter but that she didn't mean rape in the criminal or literal sense. >> and now she's stepping back even farther with a new statement, right? >> yeah that's right. and, look, you know maybe with 30 years hindsight this far after the fact perhaps she's
7:19 am
gained some new clarity but what her statement doesn't do not in the slightest, is undo this outrageous statement by mr. trump's lawyer and his spokesman that a husband can't rape his wife which is legally untrue and morally despicable. >> i would suppose donald trump says nobody speaks for me including michael cohen. these are his words, not mine. >> yeah except that's totally not true because michael cohen has been on any number of tv shows representing the trump campaign. so if he wants to now say that cohen doesn't represent him, that's fine but yesterday when we contacted the trump organization and asked for a spokesman, this is who we got speaking to us. >> okay. there's a new statement out, this is from a trump campaign representative. he also slammed the daily beast. he said it's a way for the badly failing and money losing daily
7:20 am
beast who has been reporting inaccurately on mr. trump for years to get some publicity for itself. can you respond to that? >> we were given that statement last night. when we asked the campaign to cite any specific inaccuracies about our reporting, they couldn't come up with anything. i suppose their media critiques are as lousy as their legal ones. >> noah thank you for being with me this morning. >> thanks. >> you're welcome. the search for those two teenagers missing at sea is intensifying this morning. austin stephanos and ferryperry cohen have been missing for five days. their capsized boat was found sunday but in sign of the boys. family members saying the boys could have made floating devices with a cooler and an engine cover and life jackets missing from that overturned boat as the coast guard is refocusing its search. it's now 60 00 miles off
7:21 am
jacksonville. that area widens thanks in part to the gulf stream. >> you only have to go off about ten miles and you encounter the gulf stream. that current basically took over their momentum and pushed them north. we planned on that and our search areas were predicated on that fact and it validated our search efforts when we found the boat. >> that coast guard captain says at some point they're going to have to end the search and maybe they're talking about that right now. alina machado is in jupiter with the boy -- where the boys were last seen. >> reporter: the coast guard says the search is challenging but they're vowing to continue at least for now. the families are hoping and praying for a miracle. >> this morning rescue teams are beginning day five of their search for missing teenage boaters austin stephanos and perry cohen. on sunday crews located the boys' capsized boat off the coast of florida. austin and perry nowhere in
7:22 am
sight. only a single orange life vest floating alongside the 19-foot vessel. >> negative. just confirmed nobody is on board. trying to find any other gear. >> it is positive news in that it helped validate our search efforts that we were looking in the right area. obviously disappointed that the boys were not clinging to that boat. >> reporter: now, with the gulf scream stream in mind they're searching north of where the boat was located about 7 miles off the coast of st. augustine. >> it's been an all hands on deck effort. >> reporter: the operation aggressive the u.s. coast guard executing 36 different searches with the help from the navy. crews have now scoured more than 37,000 square miles. that's more than the size of indiana. >> these boys have been out there doing this forever. it's not new to them. they prepare for these situations. >> reporter: the boys' moms say their sons are both licensed and
7:23 am
experienced boaters. >> i think a lot of people think about, but the boys are only 14 years old, what were they doing out on a boat? we live in a boating community and this is part of the lifestyle here. >> reporter: the coast guard says right now the good conditions could work in austin and perry's favor saying a person could survive in these warm waters for four to five days. >> the boys are raised on the water. they're raised on boats. so really is second nature to them. they're going to be okay. >> reporter: the perry and austin rescue fund has been established to help pay for private searches for the missing teens. so far they've raised more than $58,000. carol? >> alina machado reporting live from jupiter, florida, this morning. still to come in the "newsroom," unanswered questions remain about the arrest and death of sandra bland. now there's a push to bring in the u.s. justice department. prep trauma unit 5. what've we got?
7:24 am
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sandra bland, who died in jail after a traffic stop had marijuana in her system. that's what an autopsy performed by the harris county medical examiner shows. that autopsy also shows no signs of struggle so at the moment it appears bland may have committed suicide. but the case is far from over. there are calls for the u.s. justice department to investigate bland's arrest and her death. so far u.s. attorney loretta lynch isn't biting but she is commenting on the case. >> i think that it highlights the concern of many in the black community that a routine stop for many of our members of the black community is not handled with the same professionalism and courtesy that other people may get from the police. >> illinois congressman bill foster is urging lynch to open
7:29 am
an investigation into bland's death. he's written a letter to the attorney general and he joins me now. welcome, sir. >> happy to be here carol. >> happy to have you with me. the waller county district attorney has already appointed an independent oversight committee, so why not wait until that investigation is complete? >> well sandra bland was a constituent of mine. she lived until recently in naperville illinois a quiet suburb of chicago in my district. at the memorial service held last weekend it was absolutely clear that her family her friends, those that loved her were not going to trust anything short of a full, complete and fair federal investigation into the circumstances surrounding both her traffic stop and her death in custody. >> an autopsy shows there was no struggle in bland's death, meaning she may have committed suicide. cnn talked to the woman in the cell next to bland. she heard no signs of a
7:30 am
struggle no signs of distress except for bland's crying. what do you think happened to her? >> well i don't want to speculate on this. there are really two issues here. the first is the traffic stop itself. i have not talked to one officer of the law that believes that the police officer acted appropriately in those circumstances. they should be trained to de-escalate confrontational situations like that and what it appears we saw was the exact opposite of that. this also highlights the importance of having high-quality video cameras on all aspects of the interaction between legal authorities and citizens because without the videos in these cases, we would have nothing. the videos were much less informative in the case of the jail and i think that there are a lot of unanswered questions. it may be in the end that we will never know the full facts
7:31 am
of her case but i think in order to re-establish the trust in the legal justice system throughout this country, i think there is not a substitute for a full, fair and complete federal investigation. i have been joined in this by senator dick durbin who is obviously her senator. i'm her congressman and dick is her senator, and we both drafted nearly identical letters urging loretta lynch to open a federal investigation. >> and i assume you have not heard back yet. >> no. our office is in the process of requesting a briefing on the situation and the likely response here. >> representative bill foster, thanks so much for joining me this morning. i appreciate it. >> thank you. and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. right now the new york prison worker accused of helping
7:32 am
two killers bust out of prison back in june is hoping to cut a deal. she's due in court. that deal that's what her attorney is telling cnn, because joyce mitchell could face up to eight years behind bars if she's convicted of helping two men escape. joining me now with more criminal defense attorney page pate and cnn's randi kaye. welcome to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. so page describe this hearing and what it will entail. >> well normally this is a very simple procedure. you go in front of the judge. you acknowledge the charges against you. what i think is going to be unique today is we believe miss mitchell has waived her right to be charged by a grand jury and she's simply going to agree to the information that's being filed by the prosecutor and that is usually the first step towards a plea agreement and i believe that's what her lawyer wants to do today. >> randi kaye is here today because she has a special report "the great prison escape" which
7:33 am
will premiere tonight. the interesting thing is david sweat, one of the men who escaped, said he had no sexual relationship with joyce mitchell but there was a murder plot. what more can you tell us about that? >> about this relationship joyce mitchell's lawyer also says she never had any type of relationship at all with david sweat, certainly not a sexual relationship which sources tell us she did have a sexual relationship with richard matt, but in terms of david sweat we spoke with a former prisoner who worked with both escapees and joyce mitchell and he said there was definitely something unique between joyce mitchell and david sweat. he said when the rest of the guys would go to the mess hall for lunch, she would keep david sweat back in the tailor shop and bring him fried chicken and barbecue chicken and the guys there would call her his boo. she had a joke he was sort of like her girlfriend and they teased him about it and joked about it and one of them asked him directly and he would not confirm or deny whether or not he was having a relationship with joyce mitchell.
7:34 am
>> but what about this murder plot? supposedly there was some plot to kill lyle mitchell and he's sitting in the very front row in court this morning. >> well the murder plot itself i think is something that's going to be very difficult for the prosecution to prove. apparently all they have is the statement of the escapees or at least obviously mr. sweat at this point, and that's not usually credible enough to take to a jury. so i think the prosecutor has thought about this and said look we're just going to leave her with these low-level charges, these less serious charges. allow her to work out some sort of a deal because we don't have enough evidence to prove the criminal solicitation to commit the murder which obviously would be a much more serious charge. >> yeah. and i can actually add to that just the fact that david sweat when he was caught said that it was actually joyce mitchell's idea to kill her husband and her attorney all along, carol, has always said she had nothing to
7:35 am
do with it. she wasn't aware of the plan that she never wanted to kill lyle and one night they went for chinese food just before the escape and she and her husband and i guess that's when she had a change of heart and that's when she told her attorney she decided to let her husband live and tell him about everything that had been going on, and we have much more of that. we touch on that quite a bit in the documentary that airs tonight if you want to take a look at a clip. >> let's take a look. >> a brazen escape. >> there was a hole cut out of the back of the cell through which these inmates escaped. >> two convicted killers cutting their way to freedom. emerging from a manhole outside the prison walls. >> we estimate they climbed down and had power tools and were able to get out to this facility. >> two dangerous murderers now free. >> they kill anybody they feel like killing anytime. >> how did they get the tools? who helped them? and what was their plan?
7:36 am
>> we are leaving no stone urn turn unturned. a desperate search through the adirondacks and along the canadian border from the ground and from the air. >> they could have gone up to the north in all these vast woods towards canada. >> law enforcement on the hunt. two dangerous fugitives on the loose. and a dramatic ending nobody sees coming. >> all right. we'll head directly live to the courtroom. that is joyce mitchell sitting there listening to the judge. page pate i just want to you walk us through what is happening right now. >> well generally in these proceedings the judge is going to be talking to the defendant, miss mitchell in this case advising her of what her rights are. generally if this is a grand jury presentment it may be handled a little bit differently, but i haven't heard the very beginning of this hearing and i don't know if she's already waived her right to that presentment which we anticipate that she is going to
7:37 am
do if she hasn't done already. >> let's listen for a bit and see if we can discern anything. >> that being the case she should execute in open court a written waiver and consent to proceed. >> your honor, i have executed in court and i am handing a copy copy -- [ inaudible ]. >> is it possible to have the [ inaudible ].
7:38 am
no. what she's doing right now is what we just discussed, carol. she's waiving her right to that grand jury presentment. so that iathat that allows them to go forward with the charges presented by the prosecutor. the next step would be she admits to violating the law and possibly being sentenced, but this is the first step. she simply is waiving that right to appear or have her case heard by a grand jury. >> so we can see she's crying and she's obviously very upset and as i said before her husband, lyle, is sitting in the front row. randi, what do you know about their relationship?
7:39 am
>> at this point, carol, we know that he certainly has gone to see her in jail. we've gotten really some mixed messages from his attorney in terms of whether or not she's forgiven her, whether or not he plans to have a future with her. it's hard to say, but certainly he's there in the courtroom. we don't know if he's there to support her or to make sure she does sign a plea deal and goes away because she's facing eight years in prison. so there's a good chance she's going to get some time here. >> let's see -- i know the audio is lousy, but let's see what we can hear from the courtroom. >> on behalf of the people indicating the people's consent that this matter proceed by superior court information, and at this time i am now signing an order approving of the prosecution of this matter by superior court information. next mr. johnston, do you want me to read the superior court information in full to your
7:40 am
client? >> i do not, your honor. i do not require that to be read. and i believe that we have a plea agreement which mr. wiley is going to recite on the record. at least that's my understanding. >> if there is 3r0e7d disposition, i will ask the district attorney to place that on the record. your honor, set forth in the information are the two charges that you have indicated, promoting prison contraband in the first agree and criminal facileitation in the fourth degree. a class d felony punishable [ inaudible ]. maximum fine $5,000. relative to the criminal facilitation in the fourth degree charge that is an a misdemeanor punishable by one year in the county jail and a fine up to $1,000. the terms and conditions of the negotiated plea and sentence are as follows. the defendant will enter a plea to this court information in
7:41 am
full in satisfaction of any other charges that the defendant could be charged with including but not limited to any additional promoting prison contraband charges related to the escape of david sweat and richard matt on june 6, 2012. as well as to the conspiracy to commit lyle mitchell murder -- murder of lyle mitchell as well as any article 130 of the penal law charges that could be filed against miss mitchell relative to several allegations involving david sweat and/or richard matt. the terms and conditions of the plea offer are as follows, the defendant would be sentenced to 2 1/3 to 7 years indeterminate sentence on the contraband charge with a $5,000 fine. secondly the defendant would be sentenced to a one year in the county jail to be imposed concurrently on the criminal facilitation in the fourth degree charge with $1,000 fine
7:42 am
and the court would impose mandatory surcharges. additionally the defendant would waive her right to trial, appeal and post-conviction remedies. she would cooperate with the investigation being conducted by the new york state inspector general's office relative to this matter and allegations at the clinton correctional facility that miss mitchell would execute a surrender graeme agreement with the university of state education department relative to her certificate as a teaching assistant that was issued effective september 1st 2002 with a control number of 325238031 and i would just acknowledge and i'll ask mr. johnston and miss mitchell to acknowledge she's already executed that surrender and has provided me with the original of that document. >> that has been done this morning and i delivered that to mr. wiley this morning, judge.
7:43 am
>> thank you, mr. johnston. the defendant will further cooperate in preparation of the presentence investigation report that the defendant would waive or the court would issue warnings to the defendant and the defendant would provide a dna sample and pay the $50 dna data bank fee. this encompasses the entire plea disposition, your honor, relative to joyce mitchell and her involvement relative to the escape of david sweat and richard matt which occurred june 6th 2012. thank you. >> mr. johnston does the negotiated disposition as set forth by district attorney wiley, does it concur with your understanding? >> yes, it does. and the only other thing i would add is what i have said previously is that to my
7:44 am
knowledge miss mitchell does not have the ability at the sentencing date to pay the fine monies out of pocket. it may be necessary for the court to issue a summary judgment but other than that possibility, that sets forth my understanding as well. >> at this time i'm going to ask the defendant to stand and be sworn in. >> do you solemnly swear the testimony you shall give in this issue will be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? [ inaudible ]. >> thank you. >> please state your name for the record. >> all right. we're going to -- >> if i ask you a question and you don't understand please give me your assurance that you will so inform me and i will allow you to consult with mr. johnston. do i have that assurance?
7:45 am
>> yes. >> first of all, do you understand that you have the absolute right to remain silent in the face of the charges lodged against you and that by entering this plea of guilty you give up that right and i amer incriminate yourself? [ inaudible ]. >> have you had enough time to discuss in matter with mr. johnston to make an intelligent decision? >> yes, sir. >> are you satisfied with his representation? >> yes, i am. >> have you had enough time to discuss this matter with any of your family? [ inaudible ]. >> do you understand that rather than accept this negotiated deal you have a right to proceed to trial either before the court sitting alone or before a jury? >> yes, i understand. >> do you understand that if you decided to go to trial rather than accept the offer, it would
7:46 am
be the people who would have the burden of proving you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in order to secure a conviction of the charges? [ inaudible ]. >> do you understand that if you proceeded to trial rather than accepted this offer, you would have a right to take the witness stand, give testimony in your own behalf if you wish call witnesses on your own behalf if you wish -- >> all right. we're going to jump out of this so we can help you understand what is happening inside that courtroom. page pate obviously joyce mitchell agreed to a plea deal. here is what we got. 2 1/3 to 7 years on contraband charges, one year in the county jail concurrent to run with the 2 1/3 to 7 years. is that what you got? >> it is. there's some other conditions. she has to give up her teaching certificate. she's got to continue to cooperate in the investigation. i think that's important. i think that's what got her to this point to begin with. it's her cooperation that allowed her to get what i think is a pretty favorable deal when
7:47 am
you consider the fact they could have charged her with the allegations of having sex with someone in custody and with the allegations of conspiring to murder her husband. so at the end of the day i think she got a good deal. >> so how long do you think she'll actually spend behind bars? >> that's a great question carol. under new york law they impose in cases like this an indeterminate sentence. you heard there's a range here 2 1/2 up to 7 years. she's not going to serve the 7 years unless she gets into prison and really causes some trouble. i think normally under the prison rules there, parole board guidelines she's probably serve about two-thirds of the sentence but again i think that's ultimately up to the parole board. >> and randi, are you surprised? >> yeah i have to say i am. considering what she admitted to and yes, it's right, she did cooperate and page makes a good point, that's probably why she got a pretty good deal in most people's eyes she admitted to helping them plan the escape helping to -- at least planning to pick them up in the getaway
7:48 am
car. she is the one who brought those hacksaw blades that they used to break out into that prison and then got them to richard matt through one of the other prison employees by hiding them in hamburger meat. so she was quite responsible here and i guess she knows that and i just think about also carol, what if these guys had been out there and maybe they had killed somebody else just imagine what would have been on her shomders after that as well. >> and we just heard, by the way, the judge just told joyce mitchell she will not be officially sentenced today. is that normal procedure, pate? >> it is. most judges like to have a presentence report prepared for each defendant, and i think i heard the judge instruct her she needs to cooperate in that process. she's going to meet with likely a probation officer who is going to obtain facts about her background any other criminal history which i don't think she has and then the judge will consider that. the judge is almost certainly going to go along with the negotiated plea between both the prosecutor and the defense lawyer. >> the other unanswered
7:49 am
question randi, did anyone else help, you know in this escape of these two men? did joyce mitchell provide any names for authorities? >> that is really a big question. we know certainly that the prison guard who apparently got the hamburger meat with the hacksaw blades inside is charged in this case as well although after david sweat was caught he said he wasn't really one of the guys who was helping them, but he didn't put the meat through the proper scanner so he's being looked at. whether or not there was anybody else she put them in touch with it didn't seem like they had a plan b which is why david sweat is back in prison and richard matt is dead. >> joyce mitch 'em justell just accepted the plea deal and she'll be officially sentenced a little later on but she'll be immediately sent back to prison possible. >> right. she'll be remanded into custody. i think under new york law all of the time she's currently spending in jail will count towards that sentence so
7:50 am
ultimately she'll serve the balance of whatever sentence and based upon what the parole board does with her once she's in custody in the prison system. >> all right. randi kaye page pate, thanks to both of you. be sure to join us tonight for "the great prison escape" airing tonight at 9:00 eastern only on cnn. all right. we just got news just in to cnn on this new donald trump controversy. a new statement from michael cohen, a special counsel for trump's business empire, looking to clarify the first statement he made to the daily beast about a rape allegation made decades ago from trump's then-wife ivana ivana. ivana trump later walked back that rape accusation against donald trump saying wile she felt violated it was not rape in the criminal sense. here is what michael cohen first said in response. quote, you're talking about the front-runner for the gop presidential candidate as well as a private individual who never raped anybody and, of
7:51 am
course understand that by the very definition you can't rape your spouse it's true. you can't rape your spouse. and there's very clear case law. well now cohen is saying this quote, i want to clarify a statement i made to the daily beast. as an attorney husband, and father there are many injustices that offend me but nothing more than charges of rape or racism. they hit me at my core. rarely am i surprised by the press, but the gall of this particular reporter to make such a reprehensible and false allegation against mr. trump truly stunned me. in my moment of shock and anger i made an inarticulate comment which i do not believe and for which i fully apologize. we'll have much more after a break.
7:52 am
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right now is showdown is under way on capitol hill over the iran nuclear deal. the house foreign affairs committee is holding a hearing on the agreement.
7:56 am
secretary of state john kerry along with the secretaries of energy and the treasury are testifying in front of the committee. cnn's elise labott is monitoring this. she joins us with more. >> reporter: once again secretary kerry in the hot seat expected to be grilled by a majority of republicans who are against the deal but now, you know we're seeing the secretary even facing problems from his own party, the ranking member of the committee, elliott engle, very critical. secretary kerry warned the congressmen that anybody that thinks that the provisions in this deal are not strong enough take a listen to what would happen he said reality would start -- 15 years starts right now. take a listen. >> but if this deal is rejected we immediately go back to the reality i just described. without any viable alternative except that the unified
7:57 am
diplomatic support that produced this agreement will disappear overnight. let me underscore the alternative to the deal that we have reached is not some kind of unicorn fantasy that - contemplates iran's complete capitulation. i have heard people talk about dismantling their program. that didn't happen under president bush when they had a policy of no enrichment. >> so secretary kerry warning really that if this deal does not go through, iran would feel entitled really to just go ahead with its nuclear program which everyone fears would happen and the u.s. would have no international support, sanctions would be lifted and really created a doomsday scenario carol. but most americans are finding that they do not support the deal and asking congress to reject it. recent cnn poll just found 52% of americans looking to congress to reject this deal so
7:58 am
secretary kerry out there really trying to sell the deal and trying to fight back about what he calls republican misinformation. >> all right, elise labott reporting live for us this morning. thank you. checking some other top stories for you at 57 minutes past the hour. a 30-year veteran police detective in massachusetts has been placed on leave for threatening to shoot a motorist in the head. the driver had a camera mounted on his dashboard when the off-duty detective pulled him over for driving the rong way through a traffic circle. at first the driver said he tried to back away because the detective was not in uniform. >> i didn't know you were -- >> [ bleep ]. >> i didn't know you were a cop. >> i'll put a hole right through your head. >> okay okay okay. >> you're lucky i'm a cop because i would beat the [ bleep ] out of you. give me your license. >> i want to let you know -- >> give me your license -- >> i want to let you know -- >> give me your license. >> i want to let you know i have a daryn camsh camera. >> the police chief calls the detective's actions troubling.
7:59 am
santa cruz police have found the body of a young girl in a dumpster at an apartment complex. police believe she is 8-year-old madyson middleton. a 15-year-old boy who lives in the same complex has been arrested. he's now being questioned by police. one reason the baltimore riots were so bad last april was an apparent breakdown in communications among city officials. e-mail traffic shows a lot of concern about rioting and unrest on the day of freddie gray's funeral but no clear communications about what to do about it. about 7,000 city e-mails now made public reveal confusion among city officials about the exact nature of the curfew after it was already announced. and laguardia airport is about to get one expensive face lift. not botox but 4 billion with a "b" dollars will bring the outdated airport into the 21st century. the project is expect to take
8:00 am
four to five years to complete and trust me new yorkers are rejoicing. thank you so much for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now. this is cnn breaking news. >> hello everyone. i'm john berman. >> i'm kate bolduan. we are following breaking news at this hour. former prison worker joyce mitchell she has just pleaded guilty to charges associated with helping the two inmates escape the maximum security prison in upstate new york. you saw her arraignment happen live here on cnn and an emotional mitchell she waived her right to a grand jury hearing as part of this deal. her handcuffs were removed so she could sign the waiver and you can see her wiping away what appears to be of course tears from her eyes as she became emotional. >> district attorney andrew wiley read the deal in court. it calls for 2 1/3 years to 7 years in


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