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tv   New Day  CNN  July 29, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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seen friday afternoon refueling their boat. sunday it was found capsized. >> the coast guard will resume their search as soon as the sun comes up. it is now a race against time. it's only possible to survive in those waters up to five days. we are live in jupiter, florida with the latest this morning. >> reporter: michaela officials here keeping that in mind. the search for the missing teens has been exhaustive. so far, the coast guard searched 30,000 nautical miles, but have not found the missing boys. the teens were last seen leaving the area on friday. their capsized boat was found near cape canaveral sunday. the search area continued to move north with the coast guard focusing on an area 100 nautical miles off the georgia coast. the situation for the teens growing increasingly dire with every passing hour. yet, the families are still very much hopeful.
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>> we are 100% committed to finding and rescuing those boys as is the coast guard. we will not stop until we get them back home with us. >> reporter: yesterday, the coast guard told me they started going through the decision process of talking about when to suspend the search. they are not there, yet. it's something they are talking about. meanwhile, the families raised $133,000 to fund private searches. alisyn? >> thanks so much for that background. we want to bring in now an update with the search the chief in charge. thanks for joining us on "new day." we saw the search area the latest search area highlighted in red. maybe we can put it up again. how have you decided to zero in on that? it stretches up to south
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carolina. >> that's right. we are entering the sixth day of our search. it's still an exhaustive effort. we have conducted over 48 different searches as of this afternoon with the planned searches. over 48 will be done covering an area of 36,000 miles. we are searching from jupiter up to charleston 180 miles to the east of savannah. it's a huge area. we are still searching around the clock. however, we are having that discussion of when we should suspend the search. that is a gut wrenching decision. we are looking at all aspects of the case. that is something we have to talk about as we move forward. >> it is so heart breaking. it is so heart breaking to think you won't find them today and you may never find them. who will make that decision of when it's time to suspend the search? >> well it is gut wrenching. i have a 14-year-old and a
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13-year-old sons at home. so, it's certainly personal to me. it is my responsibility to make that decision to suspend the search. it is done in a very holistic manner. we look at the art and the science of search and rescue. the science based on the pure physiology of how long someone can live in the water. but, also the art of it. the will to live. the age of these children. we take all of that into account as we make this decision. there's certainly no black and white answers. >> i can imagine. i can't imagine the pressure on your shoulders of when and what time and how you are going to make that decision today. let's go through it. they are teenage boys if anybody can survive, they can. they have spent their lives on the sea. but we are in the sixth day. if you don't find them today, what will you decide? >> well again, we are in that
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process now. there's a lot of factors to consider. it is not as simple as looking at a table that determines survivability. it's more complicated than that and it should be. like you said we are talking two young kids here. we want to find them desperately. but, we know we are rapidly approaching that point where we might have to suspend. >> captain, have you spoken to the families of the boys in the past 12 to 24 hours? >> yes, we have. we started talking to them earlier in the week. in fact i am planning to speak with them today along with some of my subject matter experts. we have told them all along exactly what we are doing, what we have done and what we plan to do. they will know our intentions before they become clear to the public. >> captain, i can't imagine that conversation if you have to have it with the parents about suspending the search. >> it's a difficult
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conversation. we want them to know how much effort we have put into the search and how much we empathize with them and how much dedication the men and women of the coast guard as well as our department of defense partners and the other government agencies that participated in the search have fully dedicated to try to find perry and austin. we want to try to help them understand that. i know that might not ease their pain in the short term but hopefully over time they can take sal las in that. >> everyone knows you have done a herculean effort here. the search area and the manpower out there. will you be doing anything dichbtly today, this morning on the sixth day of the search than you have been doing? >> we constantly evaluate the effectiveness of our search patterns. we recalculate those and try to determine where is the best place to search based on the existing weather conditions
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which have been favorable. the current is always shifting and the wind is shifting. we keep that in account. >> we have been doing stories this summer on the high level of shark infestation of these waters. it's a horrifying thought to think of but, have you calculated that in, that you might not find any evidence of the boys? >> that's one of the possibilities. being in the water, over the course of several days especially we are not certain if they have means of flotation. it is a very challenging environment for any mariner that goes to sea. we recognize that. when you are in the water, it's a dangerous environment for that length of time. >> captain, we don't envy your assignment today. our thoughts are with you and we are praying for some resolution of this case. than thanks for being on "new day." please keep us posted today. >> thank you.
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>> let's get over to john. >> thanks alisyn. shocking graphic, intimate details from former prison worker, joyce mitchell as she helped to prisoners escape. mitchell herself now faces prison time. alexander field has the latest from new york. >> reporter: joyce mitchell tearful in court and taking responsibility. >> because the evidence was so overwhelming she has acknowledged her guilt. >> reporter: the 51-year-old former prison employee admitting she helped inmates richard matt and david sweat escape from new york's clinton correctional facility. >> are you pleading guilty because you are, in fact guilty? >> reporter: newly released documents reveal the details of what joyce mitchell knew and when. i have known about them cutting the hole in the wall for about three or four weeks she tells investigators in the days
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following the escape. mitchell revealing she sent sweat sexual letters and naked photos but adding she only had sexual contact with matt. we were alone and inmate matt kissed me. it startled me. he kissed me with an open mouth. mitchell also says there was oral sex with matt and other sexual encounters with the inmate who plotted to kill her husband, referred to as the glitch. she explains after i picked them up the plan was to drive them to my home and kill the glitch. after, we were going to drive somewhere. i can't remember where we were going to go. i know i was told it was around six or seven hours away. the plan to lay low in the woods together then matt would split off leaving her and sweat together. mitchell got cold feet and
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couldn't go through with it telling investigators she loved her husband, lyle too much. >> that was alexander field reporting for us. donald trump distancing himself from a top aid after controversial comments he made about rape. trump's executive vice president, michael kohn apologizing for telling a reporter legally, you cannot rape your spouse in an explosive interview trying to defend trump from an allegation from his ex-wife ivana. does trump still stand behind his adviser? we put the question to the candidate. >> do you stand by michael kohn? >> no you have to understand michael was extremely angry. he knew it never took place. he knew the website was a joke. he was very angry. maybe he didn't understand the question. no i don't. i disagreed with him. when i read it, i disagreed. who knows what he said.
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frankly, i'm not sure they record it accurately. no i disagree with that. >> you are not going to fire him or get rid of him? >> no i'm not. he was angry. they issued a false story to get publicity for hemss and try to make themselves relevant which her not. what happens is he probably got angry. when i first saw it i thought, wow. you know it's something i disagree with, but that's the way it is. he's speaking for himself, not for me obviously, but i did tell him, i disagreed. >> this is from 1993 why do you think it is coming up when you have denied it more than 30 years now, you and ivana. >> it is a vicious business that you are in. the world of politics. i have always heard from the time i was very young, it's very very hard for a very successful person to run for political office especially for president. now you see it. you see the way people are
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trying to pummel me. >> now this debate is coming up. are you ready for it? >> i have absolutely no idea how to answer that. i am me. i don't have pollsters. i have a lot of money, a lot more than all of them put together and their phony contributions. you have to understand i want to be me. >> you are going to be up on that stage. you are going to have a timer, up against the other candidates. are you prepare sng do you have a debate coach? are you ready for this? >> i am what i am. i am what i am. a debate coach? look romney and obama had a debate coach. i thought obama was terrible but romney got worse and worse. by the time they had the third debate he was catastrophic. i don't know what happened to him. i have to be myself. if it's not good enough that's okay. i will go on to other things. i will ride into the sunset and build more buildings and create
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more jobs. that's okay. i'm doing this because i want to make america great again. that's why i'm doing it. >> he doesn't stop there. he takes on president obama, his republican rivals his wealth. so much more. we are going to give you more of the interview later on "new day." >> it's interesting to hear trump talk about the debates. you know the other guys are preparing themselves for trump, coming up with one or two lines to take up donald trump. >> a zinger. >> i wonder if he's going to be himself or go into it as a politician. >> i take him as had the word. he poo-pooed having a debate coach. he thinks they are overprepared. >> everybody keeps saying he is himself and he is spontaneous and plain speaking. you don't think any of that is calculated? >> i think he's very strategic in his own head.
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>> i don't think anyone could be brought in to train donald trump. >> this is the first time we will see a contrast between trump and others on the stage. >> it will be very interesting. >> we'll discuss that more coming up. breaking overnight, 2,000 migrants stopped in an attempt to enter the channel tunnel in france. they were trying to make their way to the united kingdom. french authorities were trying to intervene. officials in europe trying to stem the crisis which turned more broad and deadly this year. developing this year a rift in the republican ranks. congressman mark meadows of north carolina following a rare request to oust house speaker, john boehner. the motion to vacate the chair has only bun tried one time before. he's trying to force a family conversation among republicans, a dysfunctional family conversation. >> john kerry and other
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administration officials including ash carter and joint chief chair martin dempsey all on capitol hill for a hearing on the iran nuclear deal. pushing the deal on tuesday, secretary kerry sparred with house republicans, including congressman scott perry. >> we stand for america. you represent america. >> congressman, i don't need lessons from you about who i represent. don't give me lessons about that okay? >> adding fuel to the opposition iran's supreme leader sending this chilling tweet, which shows president obama holding a gun to his own head. the administration pushing forward because the deal is in america's best interest. a 23-year-old florida man charged with plotting to bomb a key west beach in the name of isis. the suspect wanted to bury a
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backpack bomb with a timer under the sand and detonate it remotely. authorities were aware of him through facebook where he urged people to become warriors and cut off the heads of their enemies. unless a court intervenes tom brady will miss the first four games season after his deflategate decision was upheld. they are not giving up the fight. live in atlanta with the details. destroying your cell phone on the day of an interview might not be a wise idea. >> might not be wise. i apologize you had to hear this news yesterday. i see from twitter, you have not given up hope. his jersey still hanging in your office. for now, brady's fight to clear his name looks to be heading to court. at the same time released new information of which you speak that could be damaging to
3:16 am
brady's image. it all involves a cell phone. this morning, the four-game suspension for nfl superstar tom brady still stands. the decision was based, in part on the attempt to hide evidence. in a shocking reveal goodell says he destroyed his cell phone and sim card. the phone he used in the days following the afc championship game where brady is accused of deflating ball games. they believe the cell phone containing 10,000 text messages was destroyed march 6, the day investigators interviewed brady. this on the heels of a report released in may. the report says two team employees, including the assistant violated rules when they deflated balls, shoes and
3:17 am
autographs from the mvp. brady and the deflators exchanged phone calls and texts. >> i have no knowledge of anything. >> he consistently denied involvement and says he usually destroys old phones when he gets new ones. >> this is up criminating. it's a fairytale he destroyed it because of a regular procedure he had. >> they will file an appeal releasing a statement saying the outrageous decision was based on a smoke screen of irrelevant text messages. the appeals process wauz sham and brady was transparent giving an unprecedented amount of data to the commissioner. what will happen now? tom brady and the players association will likely file a suit against the nfl and injunction requesting the judge put a stay on it. that could prevent brady from missing time this season. brady's back up will get the
3:18 am
start in week one. guys? >> i'm wondering if we can anticipate a solemn ceremony removing said jersey from said anchorman's office today. >> i may take it down. i have been on the phone with my friends overnight. it's hard to come up with a plausible justification for destroying the cell phone during this investigation. it's not an issue of whether he did it but it's an issue of what he did after the fact. we need to hear more. we need to hear more. donald trump under fire for standing by a top adviser who made a controversial comment about rape. wait until you hear what he said to a pregnant female lawyer about her breast pump. yes, folks, donald trump weighing in on the issues of breast pumps. that's coming up.
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interesting allegations this morning against gop front-runner donald trump. "the new york times" has a titillating story. you're welcome. reporting trump has an aversion to breast pumps.
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cnn political commentator margaret and john avalon. hi guys. >> good morning. >> you'll know why we are laughing. >> a story that donald trump was supposed to be giving a deposition about a lawsuit he was involved in about a building and the opposing lawyer wanted to take a break to pump. she had a newborn. it was all approved beforehand, she was going to take an hour break to pump. donald trump was, reportedly so appalled by the notion she had to breast pump he yelled at her, called her disgusting and stormed out of the room. go. >> with hundreds of pages of review on the deposition public documents demonstrate things we know about trump's character, he's demeaning, uses hyperbole,
3:24 am
has a thin skin doesn't like being criticized. they don't tend to bode well in a long term presidential race. >> so he's disgusted bay breast pump. why is that relevant to the presidential race? >> they have looked at him under oath. they are depositions. this is how he behaves when there's not pr. but, he actually has taken an oath to tell the truth and they say there is a persistent pattern of mistruths. >> no one dispute that is he said it was disgusting and stormed out of the room. his attorney says his language was no way a statement about breast-feeding or pumping, he was appearing to do it in the middle of a deposition. in my 20 years of legal practice i have never seen more bizarre behavior. it's not just that it was disgusting it was under oath. if you read "the new york times" article, he admitted to
3:25 am
exaggerating about things under oath. the man is schooled in hyperbole, including when he talks about your baby "the daily beast." he lashed out to don lemon about "the beast" and the beast reporting about his aide. >> it's good to have good enemies in life they define you. let me tell you about the daily beast. as part of our mission, we love confronting bullies and hypocrites. we are nonpartisan. we will follow the facts. that's what we have done. his council thought he could intimidate one of our reporters and we pushed back. we are not intimidated, we will not be intimidated. if you think you can, you get big pushback. that's the way we roll. this is not going to fly. >> this is about old rape allegations from his ex-wife during divorce proceedings.
3:26 am
she's recanted and endorsed him. he says it was a low blow. >> first of all, the reason it's relevant in a 1993 book this allegation was published. this is already out there. the reason it's relevant which in the corrective version, when it was put out by his first wife she did not deny using the term rape. you can't exactly redo that. when you begin a presidential campaign calling undocumented immigrants rapists, that is relevant. when you run for president, everything in your past is relevant. as mr. cohen's comments are there, he's held into account. if he's going to try to project this marketing scam on the americans, he has to take account for what he's done in business and politics. this guys began backing the whole birther scam.
3:27 am
let's not forget that. before the divide and conquer stuff. let's be right about it not flinch. >> talk about the debate stage where he will be in a week from tomorrow in cleveland against other republicans. take a look at the top ten in the latest poll of polls. they could be the people on stage with trump. you see, at the bottom there, we may see at the bottom there is a fight for tenth place. kasich perry, santorum. they all want to be the tenth person on that stage. >> we don't know who will be at the moment. >> no. >> they are trying to convince people they are in tenth place. >> i am looking forward to the 5:00 debate. i'm a total nerd and geek. the debate is going to be about how to fix the country is not the one trump is in. it's not the one where you have ten candidates there is no debating. they each get a couple minutes to say their thing.
3:28 am
the other debate aired on television at 5:00 with six candidates is going to be substantive. you have pataki of new york. people with leadership positions elected by constituencies served multiple terms. that's going to be the good debate not the side show at 9:00 p.m. i don't want to watch the trump show. >> you really don't want to see him on a debate? >> what's sad is you are going to have presidential candidates people who served fighting on a margin of error to prove they tied for 2% can make that 10%. otherwise, we are relegated. >> there is no national primary. you have primaries in iowa. you have primaries in all these states. they are regional primaries. it undermine where is the primary voters hearts and minds are. it is a false standard to be first interviewing and seeing
3:29 am
these candidates profiles. >> the whole thing is the hunger games. the way they decided to do it and the bottom tier have to duke it out for tenth place. it will be fascinating to watch the first debate. we have 467 days left, 17 hour. we shall see. thanks so much guys. we also will be speaking with elizabeth deck the lawyer trump called disgusting for her breath pump. that's live next hour. stick around. michaela? >> we are going to talk about a story. a dentist from minnesota is accused of hunting down a beloved lion in zimbabwe. he insists he did nothing illegal. he could face poaching charges. we are going to take a closer look at the story, coming up. go roam sleep in sleep out star gaze dream big
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the coast guard is expanding its search for two 14-year-old florida boys who went on a fishing trip last friday and never returned. they are searching from upter, florida to south carolina. coast guard officials say they are now in a race against time.
3:34 am
it's only possible for most people to survive in the water up to five days. former prison tailor joyce mitchell wiping away tears as she admitted she helped matt and sweat escape from prison. now she faces prison time. she faces two and a half to seven years. after serving time for being a spy, jonathan pollard is going to be paroled. he passed u.s. intelligence to israel. he release set for november was not a favor to israel because of the nuclear deal to iran. the white house is rejecting a petition to pardon edward snowden. administration officials say snowden should return to the u.s. to face espionage charges. the expense of college football champs. the ohio state buckeyes posed as
3:35 am
a mannequin and jumping out and spooking people as they walk by. the best reaction was the quarterback. >> ahhh. >> stop drop and roll. i was always taught that in the face of danger. >> that's hilarious. >> he's walking it off. >> he's used to having big guys on the offensive line protecting him. >> you know they are coming. nothing like a good prank. >> i love that. the northeast will be braise blazing hot. it's going to feel like 100 degrees. we may have to douse the next man, chad myers, he joins us live from cnn center in atlanta. how is it looking? >> above normal. it's hot and summer. if you should be 84 and you are
3:36 am
94 and you feel like you are going to be 97 that's when the problems happen. i grew up in buffalo. there was one family in my entire neighborhood that had an air conditioner. they were the rich people. you get the idea a lot of people don't have them because you don't need them. it is hot weather, high pressure sunshine and thunderstorms across parts of the area that could give you relief. here are the highs for the next couple days. new york city 94. i can see some spots in the city 96 degrees. farther to the west dallas you don't get below 100. little rock to 101 today. it's hot all across the country. guys back to you. >> that stinks. thanks. tom brady, sacked. n nfl commissioner roger goodell upholding the deflate gate suspension. is it over?
3:37 am
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is tom brady a cheater? >> i don't believe so. i feel like i have always played within the rules. i would never do anything to break the rules. >> is tom brady a cheater? a lot of people have a different answer to that question today. that was brady denying he had a role in deflating footballs. they have upheld their decision to suspend him. he plans to appeal to a federal judge. joining us now, joey jackson, an hln legal analyst. so like me we have a vested interest in this whole thing. joey before we get down to the nitty gritty details here tom brady destroyed his cell phone or had his assistant destroy his cell phone with thousands of text messages from the time presumably, that these footballs were deflated. he didn't just destroy the cell
3:42 am
phone, he did on the day he was being interviewed by the investigation. >> john berman sounds like a prosecutor this morning. here is the reality. he's tom brady. there could be a number of things on that cell phone having nothing at all to do with guilt or innocence, but his personal life he doesn't want exposed. that's plausible. does it sound fishy? it does. if i'm defending him, i would ask people to consider. when you are at his level, gets so much attention. what if someone discovered something on that phone that doesn't deal with the investigation but aspects of his life that he doesn't want exposed to the public. what do you do? destroy it. a person of his stature, i don't think it's that unbelievable. >> goodell said even though the prior request for text messages were discussed, neither brady or his council advised him the cell
3:43 am
phone he used has been destroyed. not only did he destroy it but he kept that fact secret until june. joey he hurt himself by destroying the cell phone. he did not have to tell. he didn't have to turn it over or tell anyone what was on it. the fact of destroying it puts him in a worse position today. >> i agree with that. it's about what you focus on. if you are a commissioner judge, jury and executioner of a flawed process, you can say that's what they bargain for. that's what the collective bargaining agreement says. at the end of the day, it's a process that's flawed. one person appoints the decision. another person decides the weather report is accurate. by the way, you don't like my decision i'm going to be there, again, to decide what i decided in the first place was correct. you can focus on the cell phone. if i defend him, the lack of process, the lack of due
3:44 am
process. this needs to go to federal court. it needs to be uncovered and discussed. >> more thoughtful than the wells report. the goodell report came out with better legal reasoning. mel, let me ask you this. i will turn this way to speak to you. the player's association is going to appeal. they are going to pick a judge they think will rule in their favor. they will say the nfl violated the agreement. that is what they say. will they get this appeal? will this judge issue an injunction that will let tom brady play? what kind of case does brady have? >> john i feel like i should offer my condolences this morning. joey jackson, it sounds like hillary clinton should be hiring you about destroying e-mail and keeping things private. unlike peterson rice and party who just had their decisions by
3:45 am
the nfl either overturned or reduced, john i think brady is going to have a harder time. there's a couple reasons why. first of all, under article xlvi of the bargaining agreement, goodell has wide latitude to hear appeals of player conduct violations. secondly given what goodell is saying in terms of the fact that tom brady destroyed evidence he's in direct violation of quote, cooperating in an investigation. and third, this is conduct that was on the field, which the nfl has a huge vested interest in policing unlike rice peterson and hardy, where they were allegations where their conduct violated off the field. on top of it their arguments were straight forward. rice said hey, you punished me twit. peterson said you are retro actively punishing me.
3:46 am
brady didn't even call the two guys involved in deflate gate as witnesses at the appeal. while they may file an appeal it's not going to go anywhere. >> no? doesn't look good for tom brady. brady doesn't look good. mel robins joey jackson, thanks so much for ruining my day. michaela? >> we are going to support you through this we are going to support you. an american dentist is wanted in zimbabwe for hunting and killing a lion. it's sparked outrage. could he face poaching charges? we'll discuss it after the break. citi history matter to you? well, because it tells us something powerful about progress: that whether times are good or bad, people and their ideas will continue to move the world forward. as long as they have someone to believe in them. citi financed the transatlantic cable that connected continents. and the panama canal, that made our world a smaller place.
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an american dentist could face poaching charges in zimbabwe for killing beloved lion. a task force claims walter palmer of minnesota paid $50,000 to hundred and kill the lion named cecil being tracked by researchers at oxford
3:51 am
university. tell us more david. >> good morning, alisyn. this sparked outrage across the world. the doctor is accused of with his professional guides baiting it out of neighboring zimbabwe and killing it with a bow. it wasn't killed they stalked it for 40 hours, then killed it. this is causing outrage. they believe it is illegal. they are looking for the dentist from minnesota. he's gone to ground. he put out a statement saying as far as he was concerned, it was legal to shoot the lion. effectively, he's blaming his guides who are in a courtroom today facing charges in zimbabwe. this put a focus on the issue of trophy hunting. lion populations in africa plummeted by more than 90% in
3:52 am
the last several decades. conservationists say they should ban this. >> thank you for bringing that. i want to discuss it with a large predator animal expert. dave is in toronto. we were talking about how this outraged people all over the world. i know you do a lot in terms of conservation and education of the large predator expert. why is it there is this allure do you think? i'm struggling to understand the allure of big trophy hunting. >> you know i never understood the allure of going out and shooting a big trophy. you have to believe it's rooted in someone's ego. look how big of a deal i am i can pull a trigger and make an animal die. it's a sport i never understood. it's an ego i don't understand.
3:53 am
the damage it does to the population is serious. >> specifically talk to us about that with regards to cecil. he was being studied by oxford. he had been tagged. they were doing research and tracking him. he was beloved as well because he was famous for the beautiful mane he had. >> this has a lot of effects. the initial effect is trophy hunting, you are removing the best genetics from the population. cecil was the biggest. now his genetics are gone and his cubs will probably be weeded out of the population. >> explain that. >> what happens is now that his tribe doesn't have a new dominant male. a new male will come in and kill cecil's cubs. that new male will be able to impregnate those girls and get
3:54 am
his genetics into the population. the last part the biggest part in my opinion, that impacts with cecil is the fact that he's a dynamic animal. he's an animal they spend their lives going on that one safari. cecil was that male. he was calm with the safari vehicles. guests could take that picture and fall in love with him and that place. that's how we get people interested in conservation. show them houma jestic the species are and say hey we need you to help. >> dave let's talk about dr. palmer this dentist from the united states here. he's released this statement. i want to read it in part to you. i hired guides and got the proper permits. to my knowledge, everything was legal. i had no idea the lion us took
3:55 am
was part of the a study. i relied on the expertise of my guides. i regret it resulted in the taking of this lion. do you buy it? we have learned, since, back in 2006 he did kind of a similar thing. hunting a bear illegally and lying to the feds about it torks the fish and wildlife. he got probation and a fine. >> looks like he's got maybe less of a story than brady has these days. i feel like, you will see the collar. especially if they were there. he knew it was a collared animal. that i don't believe. when you bait an animal for kilometers he will know that occurred. assuming he's not stupid he will see where the bait comes across the fence line. they went in had an animal, a carcass carcass, dragged it to an area
3:56 am
where it's legal to hunt. >> they were said the hunter apparently i don't know if it was palmer or his guide, they tried to destroy the collar which exposed them. we know they are in court. the hunter and landowner are in court. they maintained they do more for conservation than others. that stumped me. i don't understand that line of logic. >> they suggest all the money this doctor would have spent went back to conservation. it is false. the other thing they talk about is something they try to call sustainable hunting. this is not sustainable hunting. hunting predators doesn't have a level of sustainability at all. what you are doing is taking the biggest, the strongest and removing it from the population. we have found over the last 20 years, trophy hunting has taken the average size of a male and reduced it by 30 pounds and taken all the big, large maned
3:57 am
males, and taken them out of the population. they are, effectively, changing what a lion is. >> we humans. we do like to disrupt, do we not? thanks for joining us. great to have you and your expertise with us. i know you have an opinion. you can post your comments on we are following lots of news today. let's get right to it. two teenage boys lost at sea. >> we are having that discussion of when we should suspend the search. we want to find them desperately. >> joyce mitchell tearful in court and taking responszibility. >> she got in over her head and she's paying the price now. >> she was caught up in the fantasy and excited bay different life. >> the president is all the way in africa and talking about your remarks. he's worried about who he's going to turn the keys of the white house over to. >> i think it's sad.
3:58 am
he should stay on point and do the job he's over there for, not be talking about me. >> while pushing the deal secretary kerry got. >> we are not presuming any such thing. >> we stand for america. you represent america. >> congressman, i don't need lessons from you about who i remember sent. announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo, alisyn camerota and michaela pereira. >> welcome back to your "new day." chris is on assignment mr. berman is here. the search for two missing florida teens is growing more desperate by the hour. it is day since since the 14-year-old, perry cohen and austin stephanos went missing on a fishing trip. the coast guard says it's only possible to survive up to five days. >> authorities expanding the air and sea search the size of ohio from florida up to south carolina. le's get the latest live from
3:59 am
jupiter, florida. what is the latest? >> reporter: good morning, al sin. rescuers have been searching for the two missing teens. so far, the coast guard searched more than 30,000 square nautical miles but still have not found austin stephanos and perry cohen. there were last seen leaving the area friday. their boat was found near cape canaveral on sunday. the search area continued to move north with the coast guard focusing on an area 100 nautical miles from the florida coast and the georgia border. authorities saying the situation for the boys is growing more and more dire by the minute. their families, though, are very hopeful. >> we just feel very very confident they will be able to stick through this. they know that we are coming for them and we will get them. >> reporter: the coast guard has
4:00 am
started the decision process. they have started talking about when to stop the search. so far, they have told us they are not there quite yet. the families have already raised more than $133,000 so they could fund private searches for a while. alisyn? >> thanks so much for that update. later this hour we will speak to the president of austin stephanos' school and what the school is doing. stay tuned for that. meanwhile, there are graphic details from former prison worker joyce mitchell. she admits to helping two prisoners escape from the upstate maximum security prison and admits to much more. we are live with more on the story. good morning, alexandra. >> good morning, alisyn. we know joyce mitchell was supposed to drive the get away car. she was instructed to bring a gun, a hatchet and packet full of money she never picked up. why go along with a plan like
4:01 am
this in the first place? she tells police she got caught up in the fantasy, enjoyed the attention of both men and the thought of a different life. joyce mitchell tearful in court and taking responsibility. >> because the evidence was so overwhelming miss mitchell has acknowledged her built. >> reporter: the 51-year-old former prison employee admitting she helped inmates richard matt and david sweat escape from new york's clinton correctional facility. >> are you feeling guilty because you are, in fact guilty? >> reporter: newly released documents reveal the details of what mitchell knew and when. i knew about them cutting the hole in the wall for three or four weeks mitchell tells investigators in the days following the escape. during the interviews she revealed she sent sweat sexual letters and naked photos. she only had sexual contact with
4:02 am
matt. we were alone and inmate matt grabbed me and kiss zed me. it startled me. he kissed many with an open mouth kiss. i was scared for my husband who also works in the facility. she says there was oral sex with matt and other encounters with the inmate that plotted to kill her husband, referred to as the glitch. she explains after i picked them up the plan was to drive to me home and inmate matt was going to kill the glitch. afterwards we were going to drive somewhere. i can't remember where, but it was six or seven hours away. the plan to lay low in the woods together for a week, says mitchell, then matt would split off leaving her and matt together. mitchell couldn't go through with it. she loved her husband lyle too much. lyle mitchell was inside the courtroom when joyce mitchell
4:03 am
accepted the plea deal. he's still hopeful he can have a life with her. joyce mitchell told police matt gave her pills to give to her husband, which would knock him out. she never gave him the pills, doesn't know what they were and she flushed them. >> so many elements of the story make you shake your head. thank you for the latest updates. donald trump raised plenty of eyebrows when he questioned john mccain's status as a war hero. since then his numbers remained strong. president obama offers support for mccain and questions trump's leadership. don lemon asked trump about the criticism. >> the president is all the way in africa and talking about your remarks about john mccain and part of your style of campaigning. he's saying it hurts america. he's worried about who he is turning the keys over to. >> john mccain has done a
4:04 am
terrible job. i think that's why people agree with what i'm saying. he's done a terrible job with the veterans. he's been there 30 years, they are suffering like never before. >> to the president's comments mr. trump? >> i think it's sad when grow to africa and you start talking about donald trump. that's not what it's all about. he's supposed to talk about relationships with africa and the various countries he's going to see. i think he should stay on point and do the job he's over there for, not be talking about me. >> he's not the only one talking about you. i don't know if you saw a town hall voter with chrischristie, listen. then we'll talk about it. >> i don't believe the skills you are talking about that trump has are transferable to a governmental setting. i don't. he would tell speaker boehner, i want this bill and on my desk because this is what's best for america. boehner would say, i don't have
4:05 am
the votes for that. he cant say speaker boehner, you are fired. you can do it on a reality tv show. you cannot fire the speaker of the house because you don't get what you want. >> he's saying donald you are good at getting attention, but may not be good at governing. >> i think i have been dealing with politicians all my life. i know chris and i like chris and all that stuff. he's got to say that. what's he going to say, trump will do a better job than i will? he can't say that. i think it's fair when chris challenges you in that way. he's got to say that. if i'm him, i'm saying the exact same thing. the fact is i've built an incredible company. i dealt with politicians all my life. i have done well with politicians all my life democrats and republicans and other countries, by the way. i have done well or i wouldn't have been able to build my company. >> you say $10 billion,
4:06 am
bloomberg says $3 billion. >> they don't know what they are talking about. they don't know many of the companies they are dealing with. it was a stupid report. i'm a private company, they have no idea what i have. >> we will have more for you with the interview next hour. joining us now is rudy giuliani he of course is the former mayor of new york city and was a presidential candidate himself in 2008. thank you for being here. >> nice to be with you. >> you seem to be enjoying listening to donald trump. you are chuckling along. what do you think of trump? >> i think it's very very healthy. you want attention in the republican primary. the debate they are going to have next week or the week after is going to get three times the audience it would have if it weren't for donald. i don't agree 100% with what donald is saying or what anyone is saying. i worked for ronald reagan. his theory was my 80% friend is not my 20% enemy.
4:07 am
i'm pro-choice. they are all pro-life. i'm pro-gay marriage they are all anti-gay marriage. i think donald is refreshing. look, when the republican candidate gets selected whether it's bush or trump or christie or rubio or walker or pataki -- >> we don't have time for you to go through them all. >> he's going to get pounded by the democrats. pounded. get ready for it. >> the question is you know donald trump personally. do you think he could be president? >> he could, yes. >> do you think he should? >> i haven't made up my mind yet. >> you are open to the idea? >> i'm open to the idea as i am to a jeb bush presidency. >> you see no difference? >> i see big differences between them. what i want my own criteria i want a strong person who is going to serve america unlike
4:08 am
this present president who i believe gave the store away in the agreement with iran and put us in grave jeopardy and put israel in a mortal jeopardy. i want a strong person that is going to reverse what president obama has done. >> what about people who think that donald trump speaks with a strong voice, but is thin skinned, overly sensitive. there's a new york times article describing him as hyper bollic. >> i know donald and bush about the same about of time 25 years. they are both very very good men. do they get angry sometimes? of course they do. so do you and so do i. does it affect the way they perform? one was the best governor of florida the last 50 years. the other one of the most successful businessman in new
4:09 am
york whether he's worth $3 billion or $23 billion. >> i love that argument. it's very important to him. >> i thought romney made a mistake running away from his wealth. i would have said i'm proud of it. isn't it better to have a successful man in the white house than someone who hasn't done much? i'm going to endorse the person that wins it primary. somebody has to reverse president obama's dangerous foreign policy. >> le's talk about the first debate happening and put on the screen the graphic of who we believe will be on the debate stage. they have compiled the polls. the first nine, the top tier there, if you can see it. then the bottom tier are all jockeying for the tenth place position. what do you think of how many debate the dent slot is up for grabs. does that serve the voters?
4:10 am
>> you know everybody gets to do it differently. there's no perfect way to do it. i would have two debates, divide them in half have two debates on two nights. the problem is you want trump in both of them to get the audience. >> you are laughing and smiling like a man who is not running for president. >> that is true. >> you are taking joy in this. i want to read a tweet. talking debate preparation. imagine a nascar driver mentally preparing for the race knowing one of the drivers will be drunk. that's what prepping for this debate is like. >> well the fact is i prepped for -- i had 11 or 12. actually at this time in our cycle, we already had seven debates. >> you were the front-runner. >> until about august. therefore, attacked more than anyone else. you get ready for it. you only have seven or eight minutes. divide ten by i don't know if it's a 60 minute debate or 90 minute, but five to eight
4:11 am
minutes to perform. you try to get your points across. i don't think there's going to be as much attacking as you think. i think each one of them is going to be out there trying to make their point. trump is going to try to make his point on jobs. he can create jobs. he's reading the polls. that's what the american people are talking about. i think bush is going to wanlt to show what he can do for education. >> even in support of common core? >> i think he feels, if he can hold the common core theme in the republican primary, he's in great shape in the general election. if bush can stick to his position on immigration and his position on common core get the nomination he's a much more powerful candidate against hillary. >> donald trump told don lemon he is not preparing in a traditional way. he doesn't have a debate coach. he speaks his mind. he is who he is. what do you think of that strategy? >> i would recommend debate
4:12 am
prep. i had a trial lawyer. every trial i had, close to 100 i always prepared relentlessly. you have to get the answers down to within -- you remember debates where -- >> a light goes off, a buzzer goes off. >> people get annoyed when you go over the buzzer. people get upset about that. you have to learn how to tighten. i love to talk. >> donald trump, if you are watching advice from rudy giuliani who's been on the stage. >> he's got powerful points to make about jobs immigration, foreign policy. they have to be made in short, tight, sentences. >> can we talk about hillary clinton? >> sure. >> she's on a bind. she's been pressed going to town meetings about her support for the pipeline. she won't say whether she supports it or not. her reason is well she was part of the administration that put this all in motion.
4:13 am
she doesn't feel like she should weigh in now until it's decided. >> you can't run from your accomplishments. as a republican i can't find any. you can't run on your accomplishments as secretary of state and not take a stand on the pipeline. it's feeding into this very growing majority of people who feel she's dishonest. i believe she should be under investigation by the united states attorney for abinstruction of justice, destroying government property. her husband getting hundreds of millions of dollars. she's making decisions about companies and about corporations that he's getting money from. i think they filed a joint tax return. i think it's outrageous that the justice department is not moving forward with this. general petraeus a lot of other people have gone to jail --
4:14 am
pardon me? >> did you support the petraeus decision? you will let him off the hook but not hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton, there are five acts we are talking about. >> you said you are going to take a hard line on hillary clinton and not petraeus. >> petraeus gave away one or two things. she destroyed a drive with 34,000 e-mails on it. first of all, in a trial court, i could argue to a jury it's an inference of guilt. if you are under investigation and destroy evidence a judge will charge a jury. the jury can assume she destroyed that evidence because it contained information about benghazi. the judge could charge the jury with that. the same thing with brady. his biggest problem is getting rid of the darn phone. the commissioner had a right to drill the inference. he got rid of it because it contained things that would hurt
4:15 am
him. >> you are touching a sore spot with berman here. he loves tom brady. >> he argues i did it for other reasons. this is a true criminal case against hillary clinton. 34,000 e-mails destroyed? the minute you use that phone as a personal and government phone, it become as government phone. you have no right to pick and choose what you are going to let the government see. >> rudy giuliani great to get your unvarnished -- we covered it all. >> six minutes or less. >> michaela? >> hillary clinton getting heat for refusing to answer whether she supports it keystone pipeline proposal. cnn senior washington correspondent jeff has more for us this morning. good morning to you, jeff. >> she took questions on health care the economy, the threat of isis and more as she met with voters in new hampshire tuesday. when it came to the pipeline hillary clinton said it wasn't
4:16 am
appropriate for her to weigh in. she told a voter, he would have to wait until she's president to see if she would approve or reject it. the town hall meeting. >> it's exciting to be back. >> a steamy summer staple of the presidential campaign. >> there is no air-conditioning. that's right. >> reporter: the heat for hillary clinton came during her response to this question. >> as president, would you sign a bill yes or no please in favor of allowing the keystone pipeline? >> this is president am set it in motion. i do not think it would be the t thing to do. i want to wait and see what he and secretary kerry decide. if it's undecided when i become president, i will answer your question. >> reporter: when we caught up with the voter afterward, it was not the matter of fact reply he was looking for. you asked a direct question. what do you think of the answer? >> it was weak. i want to know where she stands.
4:17 am
part of being president is you have to give an answer. >> reporter: it would move oil from canada to u.s. refineries. it's a flash point for environmentists. clinton spoke favorably about it as secretary of state, but not taken a stand as a presidential candidate. >> i am sorry if people want me to. i will not express an opinion until they have made a decision. then i will do so. >> reporter: democratic challenger bernie sanders called out his rival for not stating her position. it is hard to understand how one can be concerned about climate change but not opposed to the pipeline. it's not just sanders, other environmentalists are criticizing her for not stating a view. they are aware of the criticism. clinton still believes in weighing in it could be
4:18 am
disruptive. let's be clear about this. she's not eager to be boxed into a corner. some say it hurts the environment. the risk here for clinton is she could look like she's being less than forthcoming as a candidate. alisyn? >> thank you so much for all of that. another story to tell you about, eight children injured, two critically when a huge tree fell on them outside a children's museum. the injured kids believed to be among the dozens participating in a summer camp. the tree falling as they waited to be picked up. museum workers and emergency crews quickly responded, cutting tree limbs to find trapped children. city officials are investigating. near catastrophe as a commercial pilot is told he can't land his plane. the pilot told air traffic control he didn't have enough fuel to make it to the airport. when he learned the runway was
4:19 am
closed for the blue angels to practice for an upcoming show. >> window of opening in about 20 minutes. >> i don't have 20 minutes. okay. i'm going to give them another three minutes to see. 3358894. i'll see if we can get this coordinated prior. thank you. >> the plane did manage to land safely at the airport. you would think if they are practicing there, they would know about these things and prepare. >> there's not a lot of room for negotiation there. >> sounded like the pilot sounded that way. i don't have 20 minutes. i'm going to give you three. donald trump under fire again. this time for reportedly calling female lawyer disgusting. it was because of her breast pump. that lawyer joins us live with her story, next.
4:20 am
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that's where at&t can help. at at&t we monitor our network traffic so we can see things others can't. mitigating risks across your business. leaving you free to focus on what matters most. now, to the latest in the trump files. an article in this mornings new york times. hypersensitive borish demeanor and hyper bollic are the adjectives used to describe trump. this is all around a breast pump. elizabeth, thanks for being here. >> hi thank you for having me.
4:24 am
>> before we get to the breast pump very quickly, can you explain why you were deposing donald trump in 2011 what it was about? >> yes, i represented a group of people who put down significant amount of money as down payments on trump real estate specifically condominiums in ft. lauderdale florida. the project failed. they lost their money. they hired my firm and hired me to get their deposits back. >> at that time you had given birth, three months earlier to a baby and you were breast-feeding. >> yes. >> you had arranged it with trump's team that you would take a break at an appropriate time and excuse yourself to go and use your breast pump. what happened when you tried to take that break? >> that is absolutely correct. the lunch break was agreed to by
4:25 am
everyone. it was prenegotiated. nobody had issues with it. when lunchtime came around donald trump did not agree to the break. he said no breaks. >> you say that he lost it. i mean you described it as he lost it? >> yes. >> and he had a meltdown. can you describe it? >> he had an absolute meltdown. when i said that i needed the break, and it was for breast pumping purposes he got up his face got red, he shook his finger at me and he screamed you're disgusting you're disgusting and he ran out of there. we were not able to conclude his deposition that day. it was concluded in south florida where he flew down and i
4:26 am
was able to conclude my deposition. >> he left because -- it is your understanding, because you wanted to take a break for breast pumping, he called you disgusting. i believe at the time he called you uptight and he left the deposition entirely? >> correct. he left and we did not see him again that day. >> okay. >> or that week. >> here is what's trump attorney said in response to your story. trump's language was not about her decision to breast-feed or pump it was that she was doing it in the middle of a deposition. in my 20 years of legal practice i have never seen more bizarre behavior. that is what led to his remarks. >> that is untrue. as anybody who breast-feeds their baby understands, you have
4:27 am
a breast pump which is an apparatus and you need a private room with an electrical outlet. all i was requesting was a break, that everybody agreed to during lunch hour, so i could excuse myself and pump my baby's food in the privacy of a room. >> you were not going to do it in the middle of the deposition? >> that's -- no no. i don't think -- i don't think anybody is actually saying that. if they are saying that now, that's news to me. >> so this is an interesting story, obviously. it's interesting to see how donald trump behaved in this particular moment. do you think this is relevant to his presidential race? >> yes! the reason is donald trump ran out of there because the idea of
4:28 am
breast pumping so distressed him that he really couldn't handle it. so it makes you wonder what kind of a presidential candidate who can't even handle a legal proceeding a deposition that involves a breast pump he has to run out of there and basically have a meltdown and he has to fly down later at his own time and expense because he couldn't handle it at that time. what kind of a leader of the united states would that be? is he going to behave that way when he's negotiating treaties with china or russia? you have to wonder about these things. >> you are saying that if the pressure of a breast pump, if he caved and folded how would he deal with putin? >> yes. let me tell you, i don't think he was expecting that to happen.
4:29 am
>> it it was unexpected? >> i don't know. it was unexpected. it was not a big deal. most people none of the attorneys were really concerned. i asked for a break. they didn't really object to the break. when i told them it was for that purpose later on nobody batted an eye. he just completely could not handle it. >> do you consider the way he treated you that day to be quote, presidential? >> i think nonpresidential is the least of what you can call his behavior that day. i don't say that personally. i say it's unprofessional. it was a lack of self-control. it was fear. it was panic. it was a whole host of things. i don't think any of those things should attach to anybody running for president. >> elizabeth beck thanks for coming on "new day" and sharing
4:30 am
your story. we appreciate it. >> thank you so much. >> would love to know what you think of this. you can find me on twitter. let's talk about the other side now. hillary clinton's democratic challengers now naming names, going after her directly. so, what is behind the change in tone? we'll ask john king coming up inside politics. no student's ever done the full hand raise in ap calc. but your stellar notebook gives you the gumption to reach for the sky. that's that new gear feeling.
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a more human way to do.
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time to go inside politics on "new day" with john king. >> it's a busy day. here with me cnn sar ra and ed o'keefe of "the washington post." what did you make of what we just heard? elizabeth beck talking about a real estate investment donald trump got up and stormed out of the room. there was a prescheduled break, she needed to breast pump and he said you are disgusting. >> i can't imagine how
4:35 am
uncomfortable that would be. here is this woman asking for a reasonable break and to have that kind of reaction. they are saying it wasn't just about the breast-feeding there was more to it. that's what trump's lawyer said. i cannot imagine going back to the room. >> it will be an opening for attacks from all sides. questions about his sensitivity toward women, which, you know is a tried and true method in politics and a valid one and something he's going to face more of. >> republicans, so far, say they have no plans to advertise against him. they think he is going to disappear. a test of whether he's going to disappear comes next week when we know he will be in the first presidential debate. ten of the candidates the top ten. we will get to the list in a minute. don lemon talked to trump last night. you are not a politician.
4:36 am
don't you think you need a coach and debate prep? >> i am what i am. i am what i am. big debate coach. romney and obama had a debate coach. i thought obama was terrible. romney got worse and worse. by the time they had the third debate he was catastrophic. i don't know what happened to him. i have to be myself. if it's not good enough i will go on to other things i will ride into the sunset and build more buildings and create more jobs. that's okay. >> a couple things there. that is part of his appeal. i am what i am. the last part is the change in the last week or so. his thing, if it works out, if it doesn't, i'll go make more buildings. >> it's interesting how he is managing expectations. his aids are doing the same thing. trump is not a career politician. he's not debated before. this will be his first time on
4:37 am
stage. we think he will do well. that's what we are hearing from trump as well. the old expectation game politicians have been playing since the beginning of time. >> the only thing he might want to work on is having sometimes walk around with him with a stopwatch. keep his answer to a minute. he's never done that before. >> when pressed by moderators what will he do? he's refused to give specifics. any candidate for president, but issues important to the republican base. let's see what happens in the debate. who will be there? this is a cnn poll. a fox news decision next week. a week from yesterday, they will make the decision. they are going to do it like we do. average out the top polls. you see the nine there, trump, bush walker cruz huck wee, paul rubio, carson and probably
4:38 am
chris christie. these are not nobodies. john kasich rick perry, rick santorum won a dozen states, carly fiorina. nobody is at the bottom there. what do you expect in the final few days? if you know, you have to move up a point or two. can you do that spending money on television or do you have to hope? >> what lindsey graham was trying to do helped him. taking advantage of trump and the cell phone number. >> i'm stunned that 16% of republicans say they are undecided. how many flavors do they need at this point? it's astounding. >> so many good choices. you are looking at it the wrong way. they need to take their time. >> i expect pandemonium between now and the first debate.
4:39 am
a couple candidates will take the high road and say mitt romney wasn't in the first debate in 2012. this could be an important moment to weed some candidates out of the race. at this point, it doesn't mean whoever is not on that stage doesn't mean they don't have a chance with the nomination. it's very early. >> let's turn to the democrats. i don't know if it's lasting or coincidence or desperation, but something significant happened in the tone of the democratic race in the last 24 to 36 hours. martin o'malley is polling low. for the first time he called hillary clinton out by name. she is too kozy to wall street. >> my proposals go a lot further than secretary clinton's. her closeness with big banks on wall street is sincere. it's heart felt long established and well known. i don't have those ties. i am independent of the big
4:40 am
banks on wall street. >> that's martin o'malley. a one-time republican now running as a democrat says a lot of hillary clinton's honesty issues are because they are self-inflicted wounds. he criticized her vote for the iraq war. >> to get us back into another endless quagmire with a lapse of judgment i did my homework. i looked to see if there were weapons of mass destruction. i didn't see it. >> then yesterday, hillary clinton, on the campaign trail in new hampshire asked what she would do. whether to continue construction complete construction of the keystone pipeline. hillary clinton was involved in that as secretary of state. she said i can't answer you now. >> this is president obama's decision. i am not going to second guess him because i was in a position to set this in motion and i do not think that would be the right thing to do.
4:41 am
i want to wait and see what he and secretary kerry decide. if it's undecided when i become president, i will answer your question. >> again, first you had o'malley sanders says let hillary clinton do her thing i'll do mine. he says wait a minute. it's hard to understand how one can be concerned about climate change but not opposed to pipeline. you are running, take a position. >> he's not wrong about that. this is what elections are for. what would you stand for if you become president. i know too much about this so i can't take a position is a confusing one. >> she's not a supreme court justice. she doesn't get to recuse herself from the case. she's running for president. she shouldn't weigh in on iran or the affordable care act because she helped spin that in the 1990s.
4:42 am
astound astounding. they see vulnerableility. that's an opening for them. i bet their numbers start climbing. >> if there's a moment this is it. as we get back to you, i have been saying donald trump is more like a politician. here is my positive proof, the smoking gun. who is a buffalo bills fan who sometimes goes to new york jets games. sorry mr. cuomo is not in the chair today. what he said about tom brady. he's a great guy. new england patriots new hampshire primary. hmmm. >> they like me. >> smart guy. >> john king i like you. thanks for that we appreciate it. folks, it is day six and no sign of the two lost boys at sea. the coast guard expanding their search to several states along the coast. we are going to speak with someone who knows one of the missing boys. he will join us next.
4:43 am
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4:46 am
there's no sign of the
4:47 am
missing boys. they were last seen friday. today is the sixth day of the massive search effort under way. a big support on shore for the teen's families. i want to bring in the president of jupiter christian field with austin stephanos attends. thank you for joining us. i hope you can give us an idea about the kiddo austin is. >> it's interesting, a lot of things about a person come out during times like this. austin was a young man who just really loved the outdoors loves the outdoors and is a young man who desired to always be on the water. when he would come to school on monday almost every monday he had a story of fishing and whatever he had caught that week. >> that's tremendous. does that give you, sort of an
4:48 am
indication of perhaps maybe the hope that so many people hold for those two young boy that is maybe this is giving them some sort of advantage out there, an extra fight for survival? >> i think it does help and certainly with a young man like austin who is so outgoing and strong in spirit, i think that does give hope. >> we know this is a tight knit community. we know as the leader of the christian school the kids get to know one other, it is a relatively small campus. the kids get to know one another. i know you know the family as well as an educator and know them personally. how are the families doing? >> we had a vigil for the two boys last sunday and we contacted the families to just make sure that it was okay that we did that event. they really were holding up well
4:49 am
under the stress of what's happening and they are confident and hopeful. of course it's a difficult time. we understood that. >> i'm sure they feel the support of those prayers, prayer vigils being held. we know there are other vigils being held people coming from other communities, as a sign of support. that has got to help them not feel so alone in all of this. >> on sunday evening, when we had our prayer vigil, we had just about 1,000 people there to support and uphold both of the families. i know that last night there was another vigil with significant number of folks there as well. that has been an important source of strength for them. >> well i'm a person of faith. i know so many are praying for a miracle here. i know you are, too. i almost hate to bring up the worst case scenario but, let's say the boys aren't found or
4:50 am
let's say they are found dead you, as the president of the school you have classes starting august 12th. what kind of preparations sir, are you doing to prepare for a possible eventuality to advise the students? >> well michaela we have to prepare for that possibility among many. and we are in the process of doing that. we are gathering together grief counselors who will be able to help if that need is required and certainly will make it available to our employees and to our students and/or counting on our faith because during times like these, people need help, they need hope, they need comfort and peace. we are very much engaged in that part.
4:51 am
thanks for joining us to tell us about austin today. it's a pleasure. thank you, michaela. donald trump says he is supported t security. for them, every screen is meant to be touched. and web pages are meant to be scribbled on, and shared. they'll expect their devices test their technology will too.
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the search for the two boys missing at sea since friday
4:55 am
grows more dire this morning. the coast guard tells us they will need to make a decision soon about the search. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you wouldn't ignore signs of damage in your home. are you sure you're not ignoring them in your body? even if you're treating your crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis an occasional flare may be a sign of damaging inflammation. and if you ignore the signs, the more debilitating your symptoms could become. learn more about the role damaging inflammation may be playing in your symptoms with the expert advice tool at
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4:59 am
two teenage boys lost at sea. >> we are having that discussion of when we should suspend the search. we want to find them desperately. is the rnc getting warmer towards you? >> they're becoming warmer since i'm leading in all the polls. they're sick and tired of leading incompetent people. >> the four-game substantial still stands for tom brady. i have no knowledge of anything. i didn't alter the ball in any way. >> an american dentist is be wanted to zimbabwe for hunting and killing a protected lion. you're effectively changing what a lion is. this is "new day" with chris cuomo, allisonisyn camerota and michaela pereira. >> welcome to "new day." chris is on assignment. john berman joins us.
5:00 am
great to have you with us. the search for the two missing florida teenagers lost at sea enters its sixth day. the search for the 14-year-olds stretching from florida up to south carolina. >> the situation grows more dire by the hour. the young boys went on a fishing trip six days ago and haven't been seen since. coast guard officials say it's only possible to survive in the waters for up to five days. we have the latest from jupiter, florida. >> reporter: the coast guard is very busy searching and tracking down any potential lead. the most recent one came last night off the georgia coast for a good samaritan says he spotted an object in the water. the coast guard sent out a helicopter last night to check it out but did not find anything. right now they're back out in that same area just to make sure they didn't miss anything even though their computer models say it is not on area where the teens are likely to be found. so far they have searched more
5:01 am
than 30,000 nautical miles and have only been able to find the teens' capsized boat. authorities say, as the time goes by the situation grows increasingly dire for these teens. yet, their families are still very hopeful. >> we are 100% committed to finding and rescuing those boys. as is the coast guard. and we will not stop until we get them back home with us. >> reporter: the community continues to rally behind this family. they continue to host prayer vigils to pray for these boys to come back home. meanwhile, the families have already raised more than $133,000 to help pay for private searches they say they are determined to find the missing teens. >> thank you for that. turning to politics. donald trump's entry into the presidential contest didn't come smoothly even within his own party.
5:02 am
republican leaders are telling him to tone down his attacks to keep from damaging the gop. is the republican party warming up to the idea of a trump presidency? don lemon spoke with mr. trump and joins us more now on what he had to say. >> everybody loves him according to donald trump. it does appear that a lot of people love him. if you look at the polls people love him. he says even among veterans polls show people choosing him over mccain for veterans. people do love donald trump. we spoke about everything from the job market to stocks to whether or not the rnc loves him, who loves him, who doesn't and why he is doing so well in the polls. >> is the rnc getting warmer towards you? or do you think that because i read in the hill that possibly you would do a third-party bid? are they worried about that and will you do it? >> well i think they've become very warm since they see that i'm leading in all the polls.
5:03 am
you know, i've hit a chord. the middle class is really liking me a lot because we have to bring back the middle class in our country. they're really liking me. the vets are loving me. you're seeing that more than anybody. that's been resonating. the -- on the border the people that want -- in phoenix i had 15,000 people in phoenix, it was an amazing day. an amazing day. these are people who want border security. they want to stop the in-flow of illegal immigrants coming in. there are a lot of groups that agree with me. i call it the silent majority to bring a word back from the past but i call it the silent majority. there is a huge silent majority out there, don, they're sick and tired of watching incompetent people or people who aren't necessarily incompetent but just want to keep their jobs meaning politicians and they don't do. >> enough of a silent majority to give you enough momentum you think to be a viable third-party
5:04 am
candidate, would you consider this? >> a lot of people want me to do that. >> will you do that? >> i don't want to do that. i want to run as a republican. i'm the leader in the republican -- i think that's better from my standpoint from the standpoint of winning. i am i am leading in the republican party in some cases leading by a lot. you can see from the polls. i would much rather do that than the other. yes, they're treating me nicely. there has been a new level of respect since they're seeing the poll. >> you often talk about china and the manipulation of currency. >> i have said china is a big bubble. >> do you think that's reflected in the stocks? >> well the world is a very shaky place because financially it's all built on hope and dreams. you look at interest rates being where they are. they're artificially low. you look at what went on in china and in the case of china, if we have a great leader we can benefit by china collapse
5:05 am
frankly. not that it's a nice thing, but we can benefit. if we have a stupid leader, the china collapse will take us down with them. they better elect trump or they have a problem. >> stick around. we'll bring in republican strategist kevin madden and former white house political director jeffrey lord. don lemon said everyone loves donald trump. donald trump loves donald trump and donald trump claims every one loves donald trump. we spoke to rudy giuliani a short time ago. he said he could see donald trump as president. do you get the sense, kevin, that republicans are backing off their harsh criticism to an extent they're letting this play out a bit more? >> no. i think there are many folks inside the republican party, i think they're putting a premium on two things. electability. they very much want to win in 2016. and governing. they don't think donald trump is representative of the party on
5:06 am
the issue of governing. he is a celebrity. he's interested in getting attention for himself but he's not serious about governing and not serious about where he would take the country. so i think you'll see folks like rudy giuliani from new york may have had a long-time relationship and a friend of donald trump who will say nice things. many believe that's the way to get donald trump out of the race. don't give him compliments. eventually he'll go away. i think others in the party believe we need a confrontation. you saw that from rick perry. we need a confrontation and somebody who does a better job of representing conservetism. >> kevin is saying keep your friends close and enemies closer. that's a good strategy. i also think people who have been doing this for a long time
5:07 am
folks in washington the party leaders, i think they're underestimating donald trump. i think donald trump appeals to the people. and he's not appealing necessarily to people who have run traditional campaigns. there is nothing traditional about donald trump. this is in many ways the new ways. imagine if he wasn't in the race what we would be talking about, how bored we would be. oddly enough i left at 11:00. met a friend i hadn't seen in a long time. he said i saw your donald trump interview. this is a staunch liberal. he says i love him. i love him because he is unfettered. he does not rely on talking points. he may not say exactly what you want to hear but at least he's saying it it's not talking points it's not canned. >> jeffrey, what's your take? >> you know i think don has got it exactly right. and kevin, with all due respect, when you say this is about governing, that has become a negative buzzword if you will for a lot of conservatives who
5:08 am
see this when they hear somebody say this is about governing. it's basically about republicans managing what the liberals left behind and keeping it that way until the next liberal gets in office. they want somebody to do different things and break up the quote, unquote, governing coalition as you see it right now. this is exactly what the grass roots doesn't want and this is exactly why they're responding to donald trump. >> gentlemen, i know the three of you would like nothing more than this morning to talk about breast pumps. so let's do that right now because there is a "new york times" article this morning about during a 20 p11 deposition donald trump was under oath and the lawyer on the other side deposing him had to take a break. she had a newborn. she was going to go use her breast pump. this was prearranged and she says that donald trump freaked out at the notion of a breast pump. here is elizabeth beck whom we just had on "new day." listen to this.
5:09 am
>> it makes you wonder what kind of a presidential candidate who can't even handle a legal proceeding a deposition that involves a breast pump and he has to just run out of there and just basically have a melt-down. what kind of a -- of a leader of the united states would that be? is he going to behave that way when he's negotiating treaties with china or russia? >> jeffrey. is this a relevant story? she says that donald trump called her disgusting and he ran out of the deposition. is this relevant for the race? >> let me tell you what's going on here. whether it's the breast pump story today or the rape story yesterday. four quick examples. in 2012 mitt romney was accused as a teenager of being with a bunch of boys who held a kid
5:10 am
down and cut his hair. the kid was supposed to be gay. mitt romney was typecast as the bully. in 2008, john mccain, front-page story he was having an affair with a lobbyist. before that george w. bush with a dui. go back to barry goldwater. liberals asked 12,356 psychiatrists do you believe barry goldwater is psychologically fit to serve as the president of the united states. they got 1,189 negative responses that said goldwater was like hitler and stalin described him as paranoid unstable dangerous -- >> that was a different time. >> that's what this is about. they'll do this to any republican. he is the leader. this is what they do. >> let me say this. kevin, i want to put this to you. jeffrey is calling it a liberal
5:11 am
media thing. i submit this is a media thing. this is vetting candidates the way that real candidates should be vetted if they are running for president. barack obama had his life turned upside down from the time he was a student through the time that he was a presidential candidate. hillary clinton's past is open game. this is treating donald trump, kevin, like a legitimate candidate. >> i think the question on whether it's relevant for some voters. it will be very relevant. for others it is not relevant. two key things. first is that this is the routine, routine level of scrutiny that presidential candidates get. so welcome to no longer being a celebrity, donald trump. welcome to being a presidential candidate. the second part of it is running for president and voting for a president is a very personal thing for voters. and they want to see a revelation of character. they want to see a revelation. they want to know more about your temperament. when voters walk into the voting booth, they ask themselves is this somebody that i would -- would leave with my children?
5:12 am
is this somebody i want to have a beer with? all those questions go to the personal nature of voting for a president. when you see stories like this it does become a revelation of character. and for some voters it is a red flag. >> what do you think, don? >> it's awful if it did happen. but it anyone surprised that donald trump has a temper? you see it. you guys have spoken to him. if you jump in he's like excuse me! excuse me! it's donald trump's personality. i think, again, that's why people like him, because he is honest. if that happened with the breast pump or whatever that's not good. to kevin's point, although people may like him, they want to hear him, they like that -- he's like a bowling ball and busted everything up. they love it. does that necessarily translate into votes? i don't know if it does. maybe they like him, but at the end of the day when they get in the voting booth they want a traditional person with some governing experience. i don't know. but it's certainly interesting. what else would we be talking about right now?
5:13 am
>> what interests me is the newness to this. we really don't have a frame of reference here. as we head into the debate which is next week one week from tomorrow when the republicans, nine on stage with donald trump, we have no way to judge how will the world view this. i'm curious, the next day what will that feel like with nine traditional politicians debating against donald trump. >> well i think it is a bit unusual. in american history we've had this before just in our recent past we've had arnold schwarzenegger and jesse ventura and ronald reagan. people who come from non-political backgrounds suddenly elected governors of their state or in reagan's case president. i think there is some precedent for this. it's going to be interesting. i'll want three or four bags of popcorn for the debate no question. >> i think he's going to tear it up. i think he is down-playing -- when i asked him, i think you guys ran the sound bite earlier. if he has a debate coach. he said i just want to be me
5:14 am
don. if i don't do so well i'll ride off into the sunset. i have never heard him speak that way before but i think he's trying to downplay it. >> what's interesting, don, that was the first time where he was actually acting like a conventional politician doing what they all do when it comes to debate time. managing expectations. i found that interesting as well. >> we did too. great interview. always great to talk to you guys. >> great to be with you. >> thanks. meanwhile, there is a developing rift in the republican ranks. congressman mark meadows moving to oust house speaker john boehner. this has only been tried once before more than a century ago. let's bring in athena jones live from the white house. >> reporter: it took house leadership by surprise. coming from a conservative republican who clashed with speaker boehner in the past.
5:15 am
mark meadows says he is doing it to try to start a, quote, family discussion and to try to force the leadership to listen to members from across the political spectrum. he and his allies don't like the job boehner is doing. he is not conservative enough for their liking. right now it doesn't look like he'll garner enough support to oust speaker boehner but it will still create a big headache and distraction for the speaker and republicans more broadly. republicans are presenting a united front to try to stop the iran nuclear deal. now when they go home for the break they might be answering questions about whether they support speaker boehner and keeping him in the speaker position. this comes secretary of state john kerry and others are heading become to capitol hill today to appear before a senate committee to try to win support for the iran deal. this afternoon house democrats are due here at the white house to talk about iran. so you have this sales push going on at both ends of
5:16 am
pennsylvania avenue on the iran deal and meanwhile you have an effort to oust speaker boehner creating havoc for republicans and messing with their unified message on iran. very very interesting development here. >> it is going to be an interesting day there. thanks so much for all that athena. meanwhile, former prison worker joyce mitchell tearfully confessing she helped sweat and matt escape from the prison in june. she herself faces two and a half to seven years as part of a plea deal. new this morning. tom brady speaks out. responding. the new england patriots quarterback defending himself after the nfl upheld his suspension. roger goodell says he tried to hide evidence by destroying his cell phone. how does brady explain that? we're live with the details? >> reporter: brady took to facebook this morning guns ablazing with a seven paragraph
5:17 am
post resisting his involvement in the deflating of footballs. he said in part i replaced my broken samsung phone with a new iphone 6 after my attorneys made it clear to the nfl that my phone device would not be subjected to investigation under any circumstances. as a member of a union i was under no obligation to set a new precedent going forward nor was i made aware at any time during mr. wells investigation that failing to subject my cell phone to investigation would result in any discipline. it went on to say there is no smoking gun in this controversy. it is manufactured to distract from the fact they have zero evidence of wrong-doing. according to the nfl, that smoking gun cell phone contained record of correspondences with one of the alleged deflators, an equipment assistant with whom brady communicated excessively following the infamous deflategate game. the nfl wanted to see it. brady would not allow it. this battle most certainly
5:18 am
heading to federal court. the nfl filed suit first yesterday in manhattan where league offices are located requesting that a judge approve the appeal decision. brady's team now wants to file suit also in addition to filing an injunction requesting a stay be placed on brady's suspension while the case is sorted out in court. it's reported they'll do that in massachusetts or in minnesota where the judge has often sided with the players. we move from controversy to mystery now. a big cat mystery in milwaukee. police started sievingreceiving reports of a lion-like animal roaming the streets. the mystery has gone viral. we have to get to the bottom of it. what is going on? >> reporter: good morning. a lot of people are wondering whether or not the lion exists. for people in the neighborhood who have seen it they believe it exists. we had a man who walks around
5:19 am
this area and said he saw it for himself. >> man, this is a real lion. i mean when i seen that no fake animal did -- this is a real lion. >> reporter: you can hear it in his voice. no tall tale here. he is reacting to the oversized cat he spotted near his front yard. >> the cat was right -- right there. laying under this bridge right here. and under the bridge you know just taking a little nap. and the cat turned around and looked at them. and that's when they took off and ran back towards their house. >> reporter: the hunt for the mystery cat all began last week on the east side of milwaukee, putting this city of 600,000 on edge. the cell phone footage catching the large animal stalking through a back yard. >> now we're focusing more on the likelihood that it is an exotic large cat. could be an african lion. whatever it is it is large.
5:20 am
we've seen tracks. now we're going after it as it is basically a large, escaped pet. >> reporter: the big cat, now an even bigger sensation on the internet. trending on twitter while keeping residents watching closely and wondering when the feline will pop back up. >> standing next to my car checking my oil when she said herbert, look at that big cat. before you know it i said holy [ bleep ], let me get on the phone and call the police. >> reporter: you understand his sentiment there. yesterday we saw a bunch of kids running around the neighborhood trying to track the cat down themselves. that's something obviously animal control doesn't want people doing. they have traps out in the area in case to try to catch the cat. they believe it knows this area so it's staying around here. people are keeping a lookout for it. >> what's the leading theory ryan? that it was somebody's pet? i know a lot of people keep exotic animals as pets. >> they do. there are like some three or
5:21 am
five thousand people in the states that do it. honestly they do. is that the leading theory? >> reporter: they do have lax laws in the state. it could be an exotic pet. right now no one has come forward and raised their hands and saying hey, i'm missing a big cat. at this point everybody is waiting to see if the traps will work. i'm wondering if they have a trap large enough to catch a cat of this size. >> the neighborhood children mounting a search party? he looks at them like lunch. >> like the mystery machine in scooby doo. the family and friends of two boys missing at sea are still praying that they will be found today even as the coast guard admits it's getting close to the time of making some very tough choices. the latest on the search and speak with the friend of the missing boys. it takes a lot of work... to run this business. but i really love it. i'm on the move all day long... and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing.
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the search continues for the two missing florida teenagers lost at sea. the community coming together to say they have not lost hope after six days. this is the sixth of searching. hundreds gathered monday to light the night with lanterns. look at these beautiful lanterns in the dunsunset. joining us is isabella mergio and matt la valley. both friends of the boys. thanks for being with us this morning on "new day."
5:26 am
we're so sorry you're experiencing the terrible wait. isabella. you organized the vigil last night. how many people were you expecting to show up? >> honestly i was expecting 50 or 60 people to show up. it was insane the amount of people who showed up. >> how many people did come? >> i'm guessing maybe five or six hundred people. i have never seen the inlet packed with people like this. >> oh my gosh. tell us isabella the mood and what you were trying to accomplish with sending up the lanterns. >> we were just trying to send up the lanterns like a sign of hope for the boys. like if they could possibly have seen the lanterns they know we're looking for them and that we need them to come home. >> that's so beautiful. matthew, this is the sixth day of the search. are you feeling differently today than you have in the past days? >> yes. but i still have hope and
5:27 am
praying that they come back still. >> i mean matthew, we talked to the coast guard earlier, the man who is in charge of organizing the whole search. and he just has to be honest. i mean they haven't -- they haven't given up hope but it's the sixth day. at some point he's going to have to make a tough decision. is your community prepared for that? >> i mean there has been so much support and love for the boys at all the vigils and i think everyone is still giving them hope and not ready to give up yet. >> isabella can you tell us about your friends. what should we know about these boys? >> well they're really smart, intelligent boys. i know that they -- they know what they're doing on the water. so it's just crazy that this happened to them. i know that they're safe and that they're going to come home soon. >> matthew, you go to school with austin. can you tell us about him.
5:28 am
>> yeah. i have known austin for two years, and i've been really close to him for one year. and he is -- he grew up on the water. he learned to swim before he could walk. he has owned four boats. and he is really into going out on the water, and he knows what he is doing. >> you say he's a funny kid, he's always messing around. can you give us some examples. >> he has a great sense of humor. he is always making jokes. he can make anybody smile. >> isabella have you seen their families? were their families at the vigil? isabella if you can hear me did you see the boys' families at the vigil? >> no the boys' families were not at the vigil. >> matthew, what do you think happened to these boys? >> well they put on snapchat
5:29 am
saying peace out, jupe. i don't know what that meant to them but i think they just went out fishing and saw the storm and decided not to come in thought they were invincible and could conquer it. >> and what does that mean for where they are now? >> i don't know what that could mean. i don't know how the boat got so far up found all the way by jacksonville. >> yeah. i mean the coast guard has told us that it's the gulf stream that the gulf stream travels so quickly that even if they were attempting to go to the bahamas or whatever the theory was, that they were taken by the current and that's why their boat was found so far afield of where they might have been heading. isabella what do you think the boys were doing? what do you think "peace out"
5:30 am
means? >> i think they were going fishing offshore. they go fishing all the time. it's not an unusual thing for them to be going in the ocean and going fishing. i think the weather just messed them up. like in the boat -- i don't know if the boat flipped right out of the inlet or what happened but i know they're going to come home and that they're safe. >> isabella and matthew, we're praying along with you. thanks so much for taking time to tell us about your friends. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> over to john. thanks so much alisyn. >> tom brady speaks or facebooks. his new response just in about the allegations he is a cheating cell phone destroyer. ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. those who have served our nation. have earned the very best service in return. ♪
5:31 am
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5:35 am
continues. 14-year-old perry cohen and austin steph ahnanosstephanos, the searching spanning jupiter to south carolina. donald trump standing by a top advisor after controversial comments about rape. he will not fire michael cohen who told the daily beast, quote, you cannot rape your spouse. joyce mitchell confessing she helped richard matt and david sweat escape from prison. she herself faces a sentence of up to seven years in prison. secretary of state john kerry and other administration officials heading to capitol hill today for another hearing on the iran nuclear deal. tom brady, he says he is disappointed the nfl upheld his four-game ban for deflategate. he says the suggestion that he replaced his phone in order to hide text messages is false and that he did it after being assured the phone would not be needed. for more on the five things
5:36 am
to know visit for the latest. in today's "new day" new you, a new study highlighting the importance of sleep. wow! we need this one! researchers from spain and the uk reporting a good night of sleep doubles your chances of remembering previously forgotten information and makes it easier to recall facts we could not remember while we were awake. scientists say more studies are needed but the new finding supports the notion that our brains actively rehearse important information while we are asleep. so my question john berman is tom brady lacking sleep? >> i was going to say i'm screwed if i need to remember things right now. i'm in big, big trouble. on the subject of tom brady, yes, he destroyed his cell phone right in the middle of the deflategate investigation. why does he say he did it? why does he say this is not a big, incriminating smoking gun?
5:37 am
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book! book! over 200 sites checked to find the best price. so don't just visit tripadvisor... book! at tripadvisor new this morning, tom brady is defending himself in a facebook post after the nfl upheld his four-game suspension for deflategate. nfl commissioner roger goodell
5:41 am
says brady tried to hide evidence by destroying his cell phone. brady says this morning, i did nothing wrong. cnn sports analyst and columnist for usa today christine brennen. he says i did nothing wrong and no one in the patriots organization did either. discuss. >> yes, john. he is doubling down. it's hard to believe that he wants to keep fighting like this. but he is going to. couple of things jump out immediately. number one, in his statement on facebook tom brady says that he fully cooperated after he was suspended, after the punishment in may. that is a key point. he never cooperated before he was suspended. so he is now trumpeting the fact that he helped out and he was a party to this and he was cooperative, but that was after the fact. he should have done it sooner. that is a big point of contention why he was suspended in the first place. that's an interesting thing, that he would throw that in there. i think he is a day late and a dollar short. go ahead. >> he defends himself on the cell phone.
5:42 am
the roger goodell bomb was that tom brady destroyed his cell phone during the investigation and didn't tell him about it for a long time. brady says on facebook i replaced my phone with a new iphone 6 after the nfl attorneys made it clear that the device would not be subjected to investigation under any circumstances. what brady says he said look this cell phone was never, never going to be part of this investigation. i made it clear they weren't getting their hands on it so who cares when i destroyed it. >> what a coincidence it happened to be that day or the day after. i don't think, as i said a moment ago, a day late a dollar short. the narrative now, john that tom brady destroyed a cell phone is so out there, it is such a part of our culture already. now to be saying this, it's almost laughable. oh yeah right. we get it. maybe the big news is he switched to an iphone right? shocking headline. i think it falls short. it diminishes him and makes him look smaller. i understand he has his fans, of
5:43 am
courses of course, many of them. many saying roger goodell went above and beyond what he should. who gave roger goodell the power? the union did with the collective bargaining agreement. this is big news today. tom brady with a long facebook post. people should read it. but i think it just looks ridiculous that that's the day that he decided to switch? i don't know. it just -- it doesn't fit for me. >> playing devil's advocate. i largely agree with what you're saying. brady says the players and union gave goodell the power to be the arbitrator but it also gave brady the power not to turn over his cell phone. it did. flat out. it did not have to be part of the investigation. did he not have to turn it over. that is clear. he goes on to say also in this. he says i have never written, texted emailed to anybody at any time anything related to football air pressure before the issue was raised at the afc sh.
5:44 am
championship game in february. if you parse that he says before the issue was raised at the game in february. he may have texted people after it was raised. he may have texted people a lot after it was raised. we know there were a furious number of exchanges between he and the two guys involved in this. >> 10,000 text messages apparently. if it's afterwards then of course that statement falls short. the other part of this going back to what was originally asked of him before the punishment was announced in may, he was given the opportunity by ted wells and the nfl to give up a list of his text messages. he didn't have to give over his phone. he was asked to participate and cooperate. and that they could go through the phone and give out the ones that were pertaining to deflategate and he refused to do that. so now he's saying all of these things, but the reality is he blew it. he blew it by not cooperating. and if he had come clean, john in that press conference in january and said you know i made a mistake, he would have
5:45 am
had a fine and this would have been over in january. what a big mistake this is. this is about his reputation and it's taking a big hit. >> he had that opportunity in january. probably had the opportunity several times after that as well. even if he does win on appeal -- seems a little bit less likely today -- i like you're right, that the image is tarnished forever. thank you so much. >> thank you. john an american dentist killed a beloved, protected lion in africa yet he insists that he did nothing wrong. we'll ask a wildlife expert about the case that has sparked outrage around the world. when you do business everywhere, the challenges of keeping everyone working together can quickly become the only thing you think about.
5:46 am
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the killing of a prized african lion sparking international outrage. american dentist walter palmer now wanted by zimbabwean officials by killing the lion known as cecil. conservationists say he lured the lion outside a park and killed him. he says he relied on experts to make sure it was legal. joining us jeff corwin. what a pleasure to talk to you, jeff. let me read the statement because i know we want to hear from walter palmer. this is in part what he had to
5:50 am
say. i relied on the expertise of my guides to ensure a legal hunt. i regret my pursuit of an activity i love and practice responsibly and legally resulted in the taking of this lion. what are your thoughts on his statement? do the guides share some of the responsibility here? or is it his job as a hunter to do this ethically and legally? >> ultimately it is the hunter's responsibility to know all the relevant game laws and hunting regulations wherever you are. i have a fishing boat. if i take some friends out fishing here in the waters where i live and they don't have a fishing license, they're held accountable. so every individual has to be held accountable for their own actions. now, he did go over there, and there is a level of dependency he has in a new area with this experience but he ultimately
5:51 am
needs to be atableccountable for his own actions. >> they lured the animal outside of the park shot it with a bow. took 40 hours to find it it wasn't dead. they finished off the animal. they also tried to destroy the tracking collar. it was being tracked and researched by oxford university researchers as far as we know. and they tried to destroy that. that's -- what do they call it? adverse, inverse blame right there, is it not? >> here is the thing. if you're bow hunting, you are probably no more than 40 yards away from your target. so you know the idea that this individual would not have any knowledge that this animal had a radio collar on would be false to me because you would be able to see it. it's not like he's taking a shot from 500 yards away. >> good point. >> also this was cecil. cecil was an iconic symbol of one of the most important and prestigious national parks in zimbabwe.
5:52 am
a 13-year-old master lion headed this pride, people from around the world came to see this animal. so i also doubt that the local guides would not be aware of the history with this amazing lion. >> that's a very very good point. in terms of this walter palmer. and he is sort of being seen as a poster child for this big-game hunting and the trophy hunting, we have learned that he has gotten into this kind of trouble before. here in the united states back in 2006 he actually risked a whole lot. he could have faced prison time. he ended up with probation and a fine. he shot a black bear -- a bear. it wasn't a black bear. outside of a zone that he had a license for and then lied to fish and game agents about this. does there need to be more repercussions for people who do this, in your estimation? >> i believe everyone needs to be held accountable. in the united states we have very specified hunting
5:53 am
regulations. each state has its own hunting regulations. it's on the onus of anyone within this region to follow the local fishing and hunting laws. so yes, people need to be held accountable. oftentimes though when people are found guilty of stuff like this they -- the penalties tend to be pretty low. so it's unlikely that someone who commits these crimes are going to face the penalties that they should. in zimbabwe by the way, if you're caught poaching -- and yes, even if you have a hunting license and you're legally hunting -- if you violate the laws that is considered poaching. if you draw an animal out of a protected region like a national park with bait that's considered illegal. in zimbabwe that's a 15-year prison sentence. >> it shows you how seriously they're taking conservation efforts. can you give us a primer about a minute left about why it is that these lions are
5:54 am
disappearing. why are there numbers going down so drastically jeff? >> african linonsons today are in a lot of trouble. a few today there are only 25,000 wild african lions left. habitat loss but mostly human animal conflict primarily livestock and agriculture and diseases like feline aids and climate change. >> i was watching how beautiful they are. we had a cnn hero whose job was to get hunters there to be conservationists to protect the majestic beasts. jeff we appreciate your expertise on this today. thanks for talking about it with us. get in on the conversation with us. tweet us or post your comments on day.
5:55 am
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today, okay. an extraordinary operation for an extraordinary little boy. >> when i was 2, i had to get my ears cut off. >> that is 8-year-old zion harvey. that wasn't all. a severe infection also took his legs. they required toowo organs be transplanted. this brave little man has taken it all in stride. >> my classmates they don't mean to say mean things to me. >> there is a miracle, though to the story for zion. doctors at the children's hospital of philadelphia performed the world's first double hand transplant on a child. a 10-hour operation will soon allow zion to do everything any other child can do including his personal goal. he says he playing on the monkey bars. he says his new hands at first felt weird, then good and then he of course called out everyone who helped him through it. >> i want to say to you guys
6:00 am
thank you. by helping me do this. >> that's what i'm saying. >> oh my gosh. >> zion you are fantastic. tremendous work on behalf of all of these doctors. >> hand us the tissues. >> i know. >> that's a beautiful story. on that note. time for "newsroom" with carol costello. thank you. >> he is such a cutie. thanks for sharing. >> have a great day. "newsroom" starts now. and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. we start with tom brady the iconic nfl quarterback speaking out, taking to facebook less than 24 hours after losing a fight to overturn his four-game suspension. brady writing, quote, i did nothing wrong, and no one in the patriots organization did either. brady's punishment was upheld yesterday after jaw-dropping accusations tha


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