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tv   Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown  CNN  July 29, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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one year, four months and this piece of debris maybe the first piece of hard evidence of what happened to that doomed flight. ahead, anything but a routine start. white police officer pulls over a black man in ohio. the cop is now charged with murder. the trump versus the breast pump. donald trump blasting a lactating lawyer saying she is vicious and horrible. >> welcome glad to be with you the next hour. >> this is cnn newsroom.
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it could be a huge break in the biggest aviation mystery of our time. wreckage of a plane found off the coast of a remote island in the indian ocean. the debris appears to be from a 777, the same model as malaysian flight 370. the plane vanished in march of last year with 239 people on board. >> to be cleared malaysia airlines said it is too soon to speculate. they don't want to get ahead of themselves but are sending investigators to the island for a close up look at this piece of debris. reunion is close to madagascar or 3700 miles from where crews have been searching for mh370. >> when asked on twit wither whether it could be from 370, the defense minister said pray for mh370. we have more details from
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aviation correspondent richard quest. >> reporter: aircraft debris found off the coast of reunion island near madagascar in the western indian ocean. and now, everyone's wondering, is this a remnant of the missing malaysian airlines flight 370 that disappeared after taking off from kuala lumpur in charge of 2014. the debris appears to be part of the wing, possibly one of the flaps. it is being investigated by french officials on site. >> they have part numbers stamped on this plane. the boeing numbers are very identifiable. so they will be able to determine pretty quickly if it is part of a boeing aircraft and if it is this plane. >> reporter: mh370 and the 239 passengers and crew bound for beijing disappeared shortly after takeoff. the internationally coordinated effort first focused on a surface search in the south
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china sea. and then it moved west to the strait of ma lack ka, where the last point of radar contact with the plane was seen. the search soon shifted dramatically south to the indian ocean. where the plane is believed to have veered off coast and flown for hours. final location is only believed to be because of a series of hand shake pings that the plane sent to a satellite. the search teams have combed vast areas of the ocean floor and are continuing to do so today. they are hunting for any traces of the 777. the malaysian government declared the missing plane an accident and all of its passengers and crew were presumed dead. >> richard is joining us now with more on this piece of debris which may be from mh370 or may not. everyone says it looks like it
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is from a triple seven. there is only one triple seven missing right now and that is mh370. why are they so hesitant? if it isn't what is it? >> the reason they are hesitant is of course they want to get it right. what they have potentially got is the information that gives a partial closure to the families. they can't tell them where the plane is and can't tell them where their loved ones have gone to rest. they may be able to say, we have the proof that the plane did perish in the south indian ocean. what the malaysian prime minister has said, the flight ended in the southern indian ocean. this may be the proof. you better be jolly sure that you are right. >> nothing else it could be -- any theories what it might be? >> it is part of an aircraft. boeing sources say it is part of a triple seven. yes, there maybe other triple
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sevens that have lost bits of the aircraft but they will have -- if you look closely at the -- what you are looking at there. there is an enormous amount of individual parts and each of those parts, the structure inside, the various bolts and struts, they will all have their own serial numbers on them. so it will not be rocket science to work out whether this came from mh370, it will take a little time. >> in the best case scenario, if they can find a serial number. >> no can. they will. look at the size of the thing. >> it is not washed off or damaged. it is on there. >> not more than likely. there will be more than one serial number on the various parts in that piece of equipment. >> they will find serial number. >> yes. >> matter of hours or days. >> yeah, hours. you have to decide what's the best mechanism. the bea which is the french authorities they will liaison with the french authorities and australians and you have to
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decide how to tell the families? do you tell them in advance, put out a press release. >> there's a process here. >> but an important process because they got it wrong so many times so far. and this, look, i come back to this. this is the moment that the families have been requested, have needed and desired. it's crucial. this is the only bit of evidence they may ever get that their loved ones perished. >> you think this might be the one bit that they find of mh370? >> i have always said i believe they will find the plane but not may not be for five, ten years, or until they have more evidence or manage to find the data with more sophisticated technology in the future. they are searching 120,000 square kilometers off the western coast of australia. >> possibly for the foreseeable future this could be it. >> absolutely. >> went we look at this bit of
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debris, what's the best we can learn from this. >> look at these pictures. first of all, the picture on the left, that's the bit that connects to the plane. the other bit goes out the back, the trailing edge. what you are looking at is how did it rip apart from the plane? was it deployed, was it at a ten, 15, 20-degree angle when it left the aircraft? that will tell you how the plane went in to the water. did it go on an angle, with the tail first, belly flop? all of that. look at the back end of that and you'll see how it has been wrenched aside. they will need to work out is that from a year in the water or was that the violent moment of impact with the ocean? >> it won't tell us precisely where the rest of the plane is? >> when you reverse drift that, it will take you roughly back to the area but no. >> no precise location.
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>> no, it will not say it will have been there. they are already quite precise with the information they have got. it is 120,000 square miles they are searching. they expect to finish it next year. this will not pinpoint within the 120,000 at the moment. no, it won't do that. >> richard, always good to speak to you. good to have you here. >> thank you. let's get more on the piece of debris found. jeffrey thomas is the editor in chief and is joining me from perth, australia. let's talk about this particular piece of debris. this is part of the wing used to turn the plane and used for takeoff and landing, as well. this is a particular piece of debris from this plane that broke off. does that tell us anything about thou plane may have gone down? look i don't think so. it is typically a piece that
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would come away when the aircraft impacted the water. that's a typical situation. it's not really going to lead us, tell us too much about the final moments of the aircraft. >> we know about the indian ocean gyre. the currents in the indian ocean that go counterclockwise. given the fact we know the movement of the current, why hasn't this area around madagascar been looked at before? >> well, the answer to that question is the indian ocean is a vast ocean. the modeling showed debris may turn up in this area between about 12 and 24 months depending on a bunch of factors. it was simply too difficult to do that and more a matter of waiting for something to wash up that was thought to be the best
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way of handling that. >> as a smart of time. initially, the search for mh370 involved a lot of resources. 22 planes, 19 ships, eight countries, as well. the fact we have found this particular piece of debris, how much more momentum would the search gather do you think? >> well, what this will do -- if it is confirmed that it is from a triple seven and we don't know that yet, and if it is confirmed it is from 370, and we don't know that, of course, either. if it is confirmed, the modelling that was produced by the university of western australia over 12 months ago indicated that this debris would come to the reunion island area about this time. so what it will do, it will confirm they are looking in the right place for this aircraft. it will give the searchers confidence they are in the right
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spot, although they say they are confident they are looking in the right place any way, but it will dispel a lot of conspiracy theories. >> we can only open that this piece more debris will be recovered in that area and perhaps some closure for those 239 families. jeffrey thomas, live in perth, auls australia, thank you so much. >> pleasure. a closer look at that piece of debris and what it may tell investigators. >> reporter: this piece of debris is about seven feet long, three or four feet wide and we're now told it is consistent with what you would find on a 777 made by boeing. let's bring up a model of the missing plane and talk about where you would find it on the plane. our aviation analysts say it would likely be on the backside of the left wing, right in here. a controlling flaperon as they call it.
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it is the right type of piece to find and the right color, condition. it has barnacles on it. it is something consistent in the water for 500 day s roughly. now you have to check out the identifiers, thor issial numbers on this piece. most every part has serial numbers on it, like this seat cushion from a different plane. if they find the serial number and it matches the malaysia air flight, then that is a deal. they will know, they have evidence of what happened to that plane. doesn't answer the question how did it wind up where it is. remember all the search areas for this plane with were near the coast of australia over here. how did this get all the way over there, some 2300 miles or more away? that's where they have to look at the currents and see if in fact ocean currents were strong enough to push it to reunion island and give us us maybe the first physical piece of what happened to this missing plane.
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>> thank you to tom foreman for that report. talking about the currents and how the piece traveled. >> the indian ocean gyre that moves counterclockwise. >> a good explanation and models to explain how this happened. >> the movement is so slow here which is why this has taken so long to wash up ashore here. good to see you. we will talk about the global circulation pattern and with the ocean currents here. focus on the search area and where they had been focusing the search and where it continues to be the focus. this is west of australia now. we are taking you, 2647 miles, generally 4,000 kilometers. the question is how did we get debris from west of australia to move essentially 4,000 kilometers all the way to reunion island. perhaps we have debris along at madagascar itself. we want to look at the global ocean currents here. that has to do with the gyres.
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a gyre is essentially a rotating circulation as far as what the oceans are doing. they rotate in a circular fashion. the reason that happens is the earth spins on an axis. if it didn't we wouldn't have that. the north pacific gyre is the one responsible for taking the tsunami debris from japan and taking it to north america. we will focus on the indian ocean gyre. that is counterclockwise because we are in the southern hemisphere and particularly interested in the northern flank of that here and why debris would move east to west. you can see the movement has that counterclockwise flow. if you are on the northern side you will get debris moving east to the west. that's a general circulation but there are nuances with the with circulations as well. we talk about these eddies that sometimes form because of different topography, different
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is salinity. it will be nuanced here. as richard mentioned it will be difficult, regardless of that, to trace something that washed ashore in reunion all the way back to the search area here. that's what they are going to look at here. as you can see here, this is live current feed from earth we can track the ocean currents and you can see to the south here some of the eddies that begin to form. it takes a while. there's understoodlation unless t -- undlations. it will be difficult to do the reverse engineering but we have something to start with the debris. >> thank you, ivan. >> this massive peets of debris, the flaperon found by people cleaning the coast. >> is this just one piece that floated there by itself?
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you would imagine there are other pieces out there. >> how much is underwater. >> has you can imagine the past 16 months have been incredibly difficult for anyone who had loved ones on board. >> all of that time their questions have gone unanswered as to what happened to this plane. sara sidner reports on theories that swelled ever since the jet vanished. >> good night malaysian 370. the last words anyone would ever hear from the ill-fated flight causing unimaginable grief. and unleashing theories from the technical to the sinister. among them, the pilot crashed the plane on purpose. investigators looked in to whether suicide could have been a reason. ultimately the international independent investigation committee said it found no indications that would cast suspicion on him or the crew. terrorism. did someone commandeer or hijack
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the plane to crash it? experts are divided on this issue but hijackers usually have clear demands. that never materialized. and no terrorist group claimed responsibility which led investigators to believe the options are not available. the plane landed somewhere. as the months tick by and no pieces of the plane were discovered, some speculators whether it was possible the plane had landed. but no communications from the people on board or hijack demands made that less possible. mechanical failure. a theory that a catastrophic electrical or mechanical failure brought the aircraft down is still being considered. rapid decompression. the plane suddenly loses cabin pressure and the passengers and crew become unconscious. the plane on auto pilot flies until it runs out of fuel and crashes. without more evidence, they are all just theories, leaving
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grieving families in limbo, wondering what happened to those they lost. sara sidner, cnn, los angeles. we will have more on the breaking news, the airplane debris found in the western with indian ocean. investigators looking in to whether it could be the first piece found from the malaysian airlines flight 370. that's after the break. disturbing video shows the moment an officer shoots and kills a man during a traffic stop. the officer is facing murder charges. no artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, preservatives, and no artificial smiles. because clean dressings, taste better. panera. food as it should be. a good host, is a good host no matter where he's hosting. ♪ an hors d'oeuvre for the table?
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a piece of airplane wreckage has been found off the coast of reunion island in the western indian ocean near madagascar. >> here's what we know so far. sources say it appear to be a part of a boeing 777, the same model as ma yazian airlines 370. that plane disappeared with 239 people on board malaysia is sending a team of investigators to reunion island to get a look
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at that piece of debris. now to the u.s. for other stories we are following. a former police officer is charged with murder for shooting and killing a man during a traffic stop in ohio. dozens of people gathered in front of a courthouse on wednesday in cincinnati demanding justice for san yul dubose. dubose is a 43-year-old black man shot by a white officer earlier this month. >> the officer ray tensing turned himself in on wednesday after he was indicted. he is also being fired. police say dubose was unarmed when tensing shot him in the head. tensing said he was afraid that dubose would run him over. the prosecutor said if tensing is convicted he could go to prison for life. >> miguel marquez, one of our correspondents talked about what happened during and after the traffic stop. we want to warn our viewers the video you are about to see may be disturbing. >> how's it going, man. >> reporter: the conversation captured on body camera between
9:24 pm
university of cincinnati police officer and dubose starts normally enough but quickly turns to a deadly confrontation. >> okay. do you have a license or not. take your seat belt off. >> i didn't do nothing. >> stop. >> frame-by-frame you see the police officer reach for dubose's door. he asks dubose who was driving on a suspended license to remove his seat belt. dubose moves his car and the officer says stop stop and then the gunshot. the car speeds up. the officer is on the ground. the gun in front of the camera. >> if my son is right, and he get killed somebody had to be wicked here. i thought the person should have been locked up day one. >> reporter: in the video it is hard to hear the gunshot.
9:25 pm
this is the video slowed about 20%. you can hear the car engine, the officer shout twice and then the single fatal shot. samuel dubose was struck in the head and died almost instantly. he slumped forward with, hitting the gas as he died. the car came to a stop after jumping the sidewalk at the end of the block. the officer raymond tensing has been charged with murder and voluntary manslaughter. >> this is the most asinine act i have ever seen a police officer make. totally unwarranted. it's incredible. and so senseless. again, i feel so sorry for his family, and i feel sorry for the community. this should not happen, ever. >> reporter: in the police report filed the day after the incident, officer tensing told the investigator he was almost run over by the driver of the
9:26 pm
honda accord and was forced to shoot the driver. a statement hard to reconcile with the video. >> you can't look at that video and say that police report follows the video. it doesn't. it contradicts it. if there wasn't a video available, i do not believe we would have had an indictment. >> reporter: now the prosecutor in cincinnati looking at the possible of other charges based on this, the police officer's own words. this is the police report filled out the day after the incident. officer tensing said he felt he had to shoot because he was going to be dragged and possibly killed by the driver. other officers on the scene seem to be taking his side and backing up what he is saying. the prosecutor looking to see whether they falsified the report. miguel marquez, cnn, new york. >> a quick break. when we come back we want to give you an update on the breaking news. investigators are on their way to the western indian ocean for
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a closer look at airplane debris that could be from malaysia flight 370. two men accused of helping an american hunter kill a much-loved lion have appeared in court. we will have the latest on the case and the worldwide outrage and grief which it has triggered. did you leave behind something reliable? something that felt like... home? and now you can't connect the way you used to... because you switched wireless carriers and can't get a reliable connection anymore. it's okay. we're still here for you and we'll be happy to have you back on a reliable network. come home to verizon and get 10 gigs for $80 a month plus $15 per line.
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welcome back, everybody. here's the latest on our breaking news. airplane debris found the western indian ocean could be from if malaysian airlines flight 370 that vanished. the sources say it appears to be part of a wing from a boeing 777, that's the same type of plane that mh370. >> a team of malaysian investigators is heading to
9:31 pm
reunion island for a closer inspection. the island that you can see is close to madagascar and 6,000 kilometers from where crews had been searching for the plane. the search has gone for 16 months. the search for the missing airline has stretched from the south china sea all to the way to the southern indian ocean. >> we have more on the exhausted efforts so far. >> reporter: march 8th, 2014, just after midnight in call kua lumpur, the flight takes off. >> reporter: 40 minutes in to the flight the plane's transponder dud suddenly goes dark. >> it is the effectually the instrument that tells you what height, direction and speed it is traveling.
9:32 pm
suddenly this giant triple seven is blind the world. >> reporter: it's the middle of the night and the world simply vanishes, no distress call. air traffic control waits two hours before notifying emergency responders. >> that two hours was critical to finding the aircraft and finding if there were with survivors. >> reporter: at first it focuses on the south china sea where the plane fell off the radar and then the indian ocean where it is believed the plane turned off course. false leads, oil slicks in the ocean off vietnam a floating yellow object thought to be a life raft turns out to be sea trash and chinese satellite images showing three white objects floating near the plane's last kwon firmed position. turns out those images were released by mistake. after new radar and satellite communications are analyzed,
9:33 pm
it's believed the communications system was automatically sending out electronic hand shakes to a satellite, even though the transponder was dark. this allows authorities to plot the mysterious course. >> reporter: the search area moves again in late march. >> mh370 flew at a higher speed than previously thought, which in turn means it used more fuel and could not travel as far. the authorities have indicated they have searched the area approximately 1100 kilometers to the northeast. >> high-tech listening devices are deployed along the bottom of the sea listening for sounds from the pinger attached to the black box. they pick up a signal. it's the first sign of hope. >> we have very much narrowed down the search area and we are very confident that the signals that we are detecting are from the black box.
9:34 pm
>> reporter: but the signal fades before the black box is located. autonomous underwater vehicles, which map the ocean floor, are also used. 22 planes and 19 ships on the hunt, still no answers. more than 16 months since the disappearance, authorities are still looking for the missing plane, but with much fewer resources. >> it can't go on forever. but as long as there are reasonable leads the search will go on. >> reporter: the latest discovery perhaps the lead they were waiting for. randi kaye, cnn, new york. live to david in hong kong who is following these developments. is there a time frame yet. do we know how long it will take before authorities can identify this piece as belonging to mh370? >> john, a lot of stakeholders here. a lot of countries involved
9:35 pm
working around the clock to answer that question. there's a sense they have to get this right. 239 passengers and crew on board that plane. 239 families watching this very, very closely. they do not want to make a wrong move here or say it may be from the plane when with it is not we have heard the airline come out and say it is premature to speculate. investigators, though, carefully and a lot of experts pointing out it is clear this piece of debris is from large aircraft. again, the bea, the french investigators boeing, australia, the u.s. involved. will there be enough to tie it back to mh370 or could it take more time? could they have to take the piece of debris back to a lab, presumably with the dea in paris at their headquarters and take a closer look? again, john, the important thing
9:36 pm
is they want to get it right 100%. >> you mentioned there are a lot of countries involved in this. australia is key. they are continuing the search off of the coast of western australia even as they found this piece of debris. given this piece of wing was thousand of miles from the search site, have the australians made any comment at this point? >> 500 days since mh370 disappeared, a little over that. the underwater search has been going on since october. arguably the most expensive search for a airplane of all time. interesting the australians who are leading the search say this piece of debris is from mh370 is consistent with the current search area. i talked to the head of the current transportation safety bureau and he told me if there was something from mh370 it could have reached reunion island from the area we are covering. it is not inconsistent with the drift modeling we have done or
9:37 pm
the search area we are covering. i had a chance to talk to a local oceanographer on the phone. met him last year in perth. he knows he's waters better than anyone. he's done a lot of drift modelling on the southern indian ocean. i think we have a graphic we can show, bring up from his team we can show you. if you take a close look at that, the red area, 18 to 24 months, maybe a little shorter time line, you can see based on the search area where the plane is presumed or believed to gone down in the blue area, it would have drifted east by australia ya to madagascar. i asked the professor what he made of the developments and potential discovery of debris. he said i'm not surprised at all. >> that's a big chunk of ocean there. thank you. >> go to zimbabwe, two men arrested in the death of the
9:38 pm
majestic lion cecil were released on $1,000 bail each. the zimbabwe guide who authorities say helped american walter palmer on the hunt and apeered in court on wednesday. if convicted they could face ten years in prison. both say they are innocent. >> palmer who is seen here on the right has apparently left zimbabwe but hasn't seen been seen in public and his office in minnesota is closed. he released a statement saying he thought he had the right permits to carry out a legal lion hunt. jane goodall spoke about cecil's death saying i have no words to express my repugnance. he was not even killed outright but suffered for hours before finally shot with a bullet and his magnificent head severed from his wounded body. this behavior is described as a sport. only one good thing could come out of this, thousands of people
9:39 pm
have read the story and also been shocked, their eyes open to the dark side of human nature. surely they will be more prepared to fight for the protection of wild animals. very strong words but a lot of people are ro outraged by what happened to cecil. >> a lot of people are speaking out including some celebrities. jimmy kim whole usually cracks jokes became emotional asking for donations to the program that had been tracking cecil. >> i'm not against hunting. if you are an a-hole dentist who wants a lion head over a desk in his man cave so his buddies can drink around it and tell him how great he is, it is vomitous. why are you shooting a lion in the first place? i'm curious why a human being would be compelled to do that. is it that difficult for you to get an erection you need to kill things? in the meantime i think it is important to have something good
9:40 pm
out of this disgusting tragedy. this is the website for the wildlife conservation unit at oxford. they track the animals and if you want to do something, if you want to make this in to a positive you can -- sorry. i'm -- okay. i'm good. make a donation to support them. >> so moving. >> hundreds of thousands of cecil's mourners are demanding bans on poaching and trophy hunting. it had gathered 600,000 signatures. it is calling on zimbabwe's president to stop issuing permits to kill endangered animals. when we come back, more on what could be a major lead in the disappearance of malaysian flight mh370. and little omar, the man known as the father of the taliban. welcome back.
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the latest on the breaking news. a team of malaysian investigators heading to the remote reunion island until the western indian ocean where a piece of airline debris has been found possibly from malaysian flight mh370. >> it appears to be part of a wing from the triple seven, the same type of plane as the mh370. it disappeared in march of last year on a flight from kuala lumpur to beijing. >>. his death had long been rumored. now the afghan government says the reclusive founder of the taliban is dead. mullah omar died two years ago from an unknown illness. >> two weeks ago the taliban released a statement attributed to omar. the terror group claimed he was
9:45 pm
still its leader earlier this year. >> looks like he died and no one noticed. >> we have the hazy details surrounding his death. >> reporter: an extraordinarily patchy way in which to announce someone's death in keeping with the murky life that mullah omar led and how little was known about him in hiding well over a decade. after messy reports in the media, suggesting a press conference may be imminent in which the presidential palace would announce the death, that didn't happen and there were leaks suggesting that in fact he had died in a hospital in april 2013 in karachi, pakistan. it took hours more for the presidential palace to issue a statement saying based on credible information, they thought that mullah omar was dead and had been dead over two years. the exact circumstance of his death are known. and afghan intelligence source saying this occurred when he was in a hospital of an unknown
9:46 pm
illness. questions reverberating. what word from a taliban, indeed they have said nothing in response to these statements and also to questions beginning to resound about how much did pakistan know? how long, as in the case of bin laden, was it the case he knew he was in their country. seismic moment for afghanistan's history. this man founded the taliban with their brutal reading of the islamic faith, who led the insurgency against the united states and nato, in the longest war america had that killed 2,000 american soldiers and who now, the head of a movement that is beleaguered, tired, experiencing great competition in afghanistan from isis and also heading in to complicated round of peace talks with the afghan government in pakistan. the next round due on friday. many wonder about the timing of the announcement why did it
9:47 pm
emerge now? was someone trying to weaken the taliban ahead of the talks? who's in charge of your movement now, if anybody? key moment for afghanistan, reeling with the with advent of isis, perhaps wondering who will take the place of the figure head in the insurgency, mullah omar symbolic, out of sight but led the messaging from the taliban. he has a competitor. and faced with title of the commander, a similar title that al baghdadi would like but a silence from the taliban at this stage. questions about what comes next in afghanistan but a chapter in its history f it is true that mullah omar has died now closed. nick paten walsh, cnn, beirut. a man has been executed for plotting the 1993 bombings in mumbai that killed 257 people. he was hanged inside of a jail in western india earlier today.
9:48 pm
a trial court sentenced him to death in 2007. >> he was considered a key kpirs tore behind 12 bomb blasts that ripped through hotels, markets and buildings in mumbai on march 12th, 1993. it was the deadliest terror attack in the country's history. a quick break here on cnn newsroom. when we come back, we will update you on the breaking news. plane debris found in the western indian ocean. officials say this could be from malaysia airline flight mh370. donald trump sounding off on a lawyer who accused him of lashing out at her. details on the alleged meltdown just ahead. ♪ a good host, is a good host no matter where he's hosting. ♪ an hors d'oeuvre for the table? ♪ perhaps even an elegant gesture for the neighbors.
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welcome back. breaking news here on cnn. we have learned an aircraft maker boeing believes a piece of wreckage found in the western indian ocean is consistent with the triple seven. the same model as the malaysian airlines flight mh370. >> a team of investigators from malaysia is headed to reunion island for a firsthand look. they say the finding of the
9:53 pm
debris so far west is possible based on drift modelling which they have done on currents. donald trump is expected in scotland today for a visit to his latest golf acquisition in the u.k. >> the course is hosting the women's british open that begins today them second time the championship has been held there. since donald trump announced his bid for presidency he has been making headlines for brash comments and taking on candidates as well. >> she firing back at a lawyer who accused him of a meltdown during a deposition all over a breast pump. here's dana bash who spoke to mr. trump. >> said that you got up, shook your finger, screamed you are disgusting, you are disgusting and ran out. >> okay. i watched that and it thought it was disgraceful. she is a terrible attorney. she lost her case to me. the judge awarded legal fees,
9:54 pm
which is rare but we beat her soundly. she has a terrible reputation in my opinion, a terrible reputation. other lawyers have called me up and say how bad she was. bottom line i beat her. in the middle of everything, it wasn't breast-feed it was pump. she wanted to pump in front of me during the deposition. >> my lawyer there said i never seen anything like it. she wanted to breast pump in front of me. i may have said that is disgusting. i may have said something else. i thought it was terrible. she's a horrible person. knows nothing about me. i see she is the great expert on donald trump. >> the question isn't so much that she is an expert but she does have an experience which she doesn't think was very good. >> she lost. that's what the country needs. the country needs somebody who is going to win. we always lose. we lose on trade, to china, japan, mexico. we lose to everybody. wouldn't it be nice if we could
9:55 pm
finally win something? i beat her so badly. she is a vicious, horrible person. >> because you are not a politician, we don't have your voting record to go on. we have your experience as a businessman and part of your experience are legal issues. i guess -- >> so many people are on television that don't know me and they are like experts on me. when michael jackson died, i knew him very well and everybody was talking about michael jackson. they didn't know him. they knew nothing. some of them never met him. i laughed to myself, here they are talking about michael jackson, they never met him. >> but she -- i don't think that anyone is saying she an expert on donald trump. >> she claims to be. >> she is somebody who is recounting an experience she had. my question is -- >> she lost. >> right. people are looking at that thinking okay, if he blows up at a lawyer in a deposition.
9:56 pm
>> i didn't blow up. >> negotiating. what would you do if vladimir putin challenged you? >> oh, believe me. i would do well with him. i get along with people. i didn't blow up at a deposition. i don't blow up. >> so that didn't happen. she is wrong. that didn't happen? >> she made it up. >> never a dull moment with mr. trump. >> handled him quite well. >> she did. >> that's it for this hour. we will be back with another hour of cnn newsroom after this quick break. don't go away. super poligrip seals out more food particles. so your food won't get stuck. and you can enjoy every single bite. eat loud. live loud. super poligrip. seals out more food. ♪ super poligrip holds your dentures tightly in place. so you never have to hold back. laugh loud. live loud. super poligrip. get strong all day hold.
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airplane debris off the african coast could be from mh370. a police officer indicted for murder after a body camera captures the moment he shot an unarmed driver. and a trophy hunter of a lion goes in to hiding. >> warm welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. >> this is cnn newsroom. we begin this hour with the breaking news out of reunion island until the far western


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