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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  July 31, 2015 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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deleted, along with the entire twitter page calling woods a cocaine addict. the rules are complicated, so it's unclear how this all plays out. i'm john berman in for jake. i turn you over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." \s happening now, new breaks news, a second number on this airplane part now said to match a boeing 777 jumbo jet. in hours it will arrive in france where investigators will determine if it's wreckage from malaysian flight 370. why did it crash? the debris could solve the mystery, confirming an intentional act or a mechanical problem. is there a flawed hundreds of these planes flying right now? stunning new video. graphic of previously unseen images of a deadly encounter with a white police officers charged with murder and african-american motorist.
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who officers who backed up the indicted cop are changing their stories. i'll talk about that and more with the naacp cornel william brooks. fire bomb, a palestinian home attacked, a toddler killed, his family injured in a terror attack linked to israeli extremists. israel is expressing shock, palestinians are outraged. will this trigger a new outbreak of violence? i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room." this is cnn breaking news. we're following the breaking news, new evidence that the piece of airplane debris discovered on a remeet island is part of a boeing 777, likely -- likely from the missing flight 370. a source telling cnn that boeing engineers have seen a second number in the pictures of the flaggeren matching the company's
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777. the piece is now en route to france, where experts will confirm its origin, and a potential link to the flight which disappeared almost a year and a half ago oy our correspondents are in key locations as are expert analysts, including the head of the naacp, cornel william brooks. let's begin with the latest. pamela brown is standing by with the latest, now at the center of this mh370 investigation. >> tonight officials are say they're all but certain the debris that washed up along the shores of reunion island came from a 777, ands intelligence agencies are taking a new look at the pilot and the flight path for important clues as to what happened. >> this flaperon believed to be from a 777 aircraft is en route to france in a large protected
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crate. investigators will pore over every inch of the wing part to find out for certain if it did come from the missing mh370, perhaps even find out what happened to the plane. >> it's entirely possible that when the flaperon separated, it may have hit something else on the airplane before it actually went into the water. to get that kind of damage, that would be the more likely scenario. australian authorities say pictures of the wing part already settle much of the doubt. >> the photographs that are available are of such detail that it may be possible to make an identification without further investigation. >> they're scouring the shoreline for even more debris. cnn has learned the intelligence community never gave up on the idea that the plane was deliberately steered off-course. sources tell cnn that a preliminary conclusion was the flight path was most likely the
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result of someone in the cockpit deliberately programming the, to fly towards is it deliberate way points. more evidence will be sought as to whether that position holds. ocean graphers say could lead them back to the rest of the aircraft. >> there's very nice models of ocean circulation, very high resolution that incorporate operations of satellite and drifting. you can backtrack from where the wing was found to see where it was in march of 2014 when the aircraft disappeared. it's highly likely it's in the area west of australia. >> australians authorities agree, saying they will not move assets away from the current search zone. >> we remain confident that we're searching in the right place, and if in fact the plane parts found on reunion island
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are linked to mh370 that would rather strengthen the case that we are in the right area, but it didn't prove it conclusively. >> ocean graphers we have spoken with say there's no magic bullet. they say that it does officer very important clues, but added that the debris doesn't move on a smooth trajectory because of the turbulence and various storms that could have altered the path of this debris. wolf? >> thank you, pamela brown. i want to bring it cnn's tom foreman. he's been looking at the flaperon, the piece of wing, the clues it may reveal. what are you finding out? >> the front end of this does does not seem to have as much -- there are several theories as to why that could be the case. if we take about a plane that was way up in the air in a high-speed dive because it either ran out of fuel or somebody pointed it down, the flaperon would normally be
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stowed this way, level like this. as that plane went shrieking towards the ground to more than 6 hundred, maybe pushing 700 that had create tremendous turbulence on the back edge and could do a lot of damage. here's another possibility. what about the that it was trying to put down, in that case the flaperon would be deployed to increase the wing area while it lost speed. how it would and when that water hit this right here it could again do tremendous damage and maybe a lot imhere as it rips it away from the plane. and lastly the idea we've talked about a lot, what if there was an explosion or catastrophic fire, that might not do anything to the flaperon, depending on where it happened on the plane.
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but the accident that followed could be catastrophic, andic have tremendous damage to it. i will say this, wolf. with this one piece, remember throughout, it's a 7-foot-wide piece on a wing that side to said is almost 200 feet wide. by comparison with the it. wa flight went down, look at all the pieces they were able to gather of that flight off long island. to this day there are people who will argue about the conclusions, even with all that evidence. so very important part here, but it is just a start, wolf. >> they've got to find more of this plane, assuming this is in fact the plane. tom, thank you. let's talk about all of this with former fbi assistant director our analyst tom fuentes former director of the ntsb, our aviation analyst peter goelz, and richard quest, or aviation correspondent.
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richard, the french investigators sea they won't start looking at the debris in toulou toulouse, france u. until wednesday. do they know how they're going to proceed? is there a game plan? >> testify to get everybody together. we know the ntsb will be there, the ma laze will be will. the b.e.a. from the french and the -- so you have an alphabet soup of people in the room. what they're aiming no is to discover what the piece is, where it's from and what happened. they'll do it in a timely fashion, but they will not rush. in it takes a day oar two longer for everybody to get there and everybody do it properly, that's the way it's going to be. once they go ahead ahold of this piece, they will treat it in a very different way to other people. they will be looking for different things and looking for any form of residue, any form of sea life, so they will be microscopically looking at this
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rather than bungling around. >> did you say it -- representatives of boeing, the manufacturer, they will be at this investigation as well? >> forgive me i didn't mention boeing. thank you for reminding me. they will be there we're told as well. all of the relevant parties who can help understand what the part is, where it's come from, and what happened. >> yeah, they've got to figure out why this plane went down, especially boeing has to figure it out. 1200 of these 777s are flying around the world right now. is it a problem, peter that it's going to take a whole week after they discover the flaperon before the investigation really starts moving forward? >> i know people are frustrated, but the french will be very methodical. they're doing it by the book. the book is annex 13, the treaty that governs these kinds of investigations. they are going to have all of these credited representatives, the u.s. is one, the u.s. is inviting boeing to come as their technical assistant. they will take this thing apart.
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they'll figure out its secrets. >> they'll look at all the chemicals involved, too, because they have to figure out, tom, 23 maybe there was some sort of explosion that caused this plane to go down. correct le if i'm wrong, they may be able to determine that based on this one piece of debris. >> it's possible, but not likely that debris is so far back in the middle of the plane or toward the middle of the wing. if there was a catastrophic explosion, even it's in the front of plane, the fuselage goes to the water, the back part of the plane might not show any evidence of what caused the initial breakup. it could but it might now. >> richard, what about the suitcase discovered near the flaperon on that beach on reunion island not far off the coast of madagascar and africa? have they determined it is in fact connected to the plane? >> no, they haven't. they say it's a matter of interest.
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that's also being sent to paris. we're not sure whether that would be sent down to the south to toulouse as well. it's more troublesome, though. if you just look at the remnants, if you will, the opportunity of finding much information from that, yes, it exists, but it's very limited in nature. it's ripped, it's all torn apart. there's not much left of it. if you haven't basically with that -- from my understanding, if you haven't got a nametag or something that absolutely can link it to mh370 and a passenger on board, it's going to be very different to actually say that's from the plane and not just fallen off a ship. >> as you know, tom, there's a lot of people on reunion, looking on the beaches, drones apparently as well, looking for more debris. so far they haven't found anything else. is that worrisome? >> in the first place that any debris landed on tiny speck of
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an island is a surprise itself. another month or two from now, we might have debris watch up on madagascar, which is a much bigger island further to the west, or maybe even the east coast of south africa. as the debris is coming around that gyre, as they pointed out, this this is just ha tiny speck of an island to have anything wash up. >> you agree, it's not necessarily a bat sign that they haven't found so far anything else? >> no, i don't think it's bad at all. i question whether the suitcase is part of this investigation or not. i think we were a little excited. some people when they saw it, but it would have drifted at a much different rate than the flanneren. >> a lot of people have suggested these two pieces of supposed debris, the flaperon and suitcase very different. it would be a huge coincidence if they both wound up at the same spot. that's why a lot of people are
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discounting the suitcase. >> you can say possible? yes. probable, no. let's talk about this assessment that came out months ago, quloog it was likely that someone gained access to that cockpit, someone was in the cockpit who deliberately tried to maneuver that plane an hour after takeoff from kuala lumpur to beijing, make that maneuver, head toward the indians ocean, what do you make of this? >> well, it's a preliminary report, as you say, done months ago based on very sketchy information. we are not sure exactly how that plane behaved once it made the u-turn. i think tom who has been working with some of his colleagues on the fbi has more to say about that. >> what do you have to say? >> i talked to royal malaysian police official since the
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reporting went out yesterday, thoroughly involved and knowledgeable, they did not close the case, but they said there was nothing new. this intelligence report that came out probably a year ago was based on what was already being reported in the media by us, by other analysts, it sure looked like if the plane made those turns, someone must have been flying it. they don't know if it was a cockpit or if it was someone -- the way this report has been talked about, it's as if our intel agencies had some spy information, some secret information, and that's not true. they're basing it on the public source and the information and the closest agency outside of malaysia to work with the malaysians was the fbi, so her intimately knowledgeable, and all people involved are saying it's not new and nothing that contradicts what's already been learned over the past year. >> what are your sources telling you?
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why do they think that plane vanished? >> they're mystified. they have the case open, they're still looking at the cockpit crew, the regular crew and the passengers. >> they're not ruling it out? >> they're not ruling it out, they're not ruling it in, maybe something in the cargo caused the extinguishers to go on, they're still not certain that plane, when it made the u-turn when it was on its way to china, which appeared like it was going to go back to the kuala lumpur airport, that it made that giant horseshoe just bulk the independence knees said the radar didn't show it doesn't indicate that it didn't go across the island of smarumatrs. we have more information to digest, much more coming up, right after this quick break.
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and, add a chocolate chip cookie for only $5.00 more. better ingredients. better pizza. we're following the breaking news. suspected debris from missing malaysian flight 370 now en route to france. there's growing evident little doubt among the experts that the flaperon that washed ashore is in fact from the boeing 777 and flight mh370 is the only one in the world currently unaccounted for. our correspondent nima elbagir is on reunion island for us.
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>> we believe the debris is on its way to paris, expected to arrive early on saturday morning, but of course the certain here continues. the fog at point continues to be that stretch of land out in -- the theory that many investigators are working on if it's indeed mh370 getting a better sense of the current that brought it here could give a better sense of where a new potential area of search could be, taking it even that southeastern coast of africa. so they're looking very closely to see what else turns up, what else is out there, but also to get a better sense of that current, this all while the volcano, believe it or not is erupting. they're having to deep with an evacuation of the upper slopes beyond those of those living in
2:22 pm
the immediate area, there's also concern if this is part of a new search area, this will absolutely complicate matters. >> the search continues on reunion island as well for perhaps other pieces of debris. nima, thanks very much. let's bring back our experts, david souciet, and assuming this is a piece of that plane, is it possible the remainder either went pretty much whole to the bottom of the indians ocean or blew up and there could be debris all over the place? >> what it looks like to me -- i'm going to make a couple assumptions, but it appears the best probability is it was torn off in flight, that the aircraft had made a rapid descent, and during that descent there was flutter and it tore off this piece. if that's the case, it hit the water and there's a lot of debris everywhere.
2:23 pm
the other option, of course is if it landed some more of a ditching and it was torn off baffles it was extended, in that case it could have gone in more or less large pieces and there had get no more debris. i suspect there will be more debris. >> i suspect you're right. peter, give us some perspective. 16 months, almost a year naphtha they found perhaps, we believe they have, one piece of this plane. how unusual is it that it's taken 16 months to find the first piece of debris from a huge jumbo jet like this. >> it's unusual, but not unheard of, wolf. you know, we want from the beginning, boy, the ocean is huge, and we started out by looking in the prong plawrong p. it wasn't until three weeks into it we were able to figure out that the plane likely crashed off of perth. by the time we started to get people searching out there, a
2:24 pm
typhoon had passed through, they faced enormous challenges. as david said, it was likely a lot of wreckage there right after it went into the water, but by the time searchers got there, most of it had dispersed and sunk. >> i think, tom, finding no more debris on this island or anyplace else, what do they do? >> they keep looking. right now they have aerial searches, and they've alerted the people on madagascar and the east coast of africa to be alert. it would still be months or a year before something washes up, or get into the current and end up in south america. the earthquake in japan, it was two years later that items floated across the pacific. so this debris, whether it's a crash, a tsunami, a shipwreck it could float around forever until it lands on some beach. >> david, talk more about the damage seen on this flaperon, this piece of the wing that's
2:25 pm
now en route to france for investigation right now, the front, the back, what it potentially means. >> well, the front you notice has not that much damage to it, which would tell me it was taken off the wing before the wing hit the water. if the wing hits the water and this is installed, it's going to collide with the back of the wing. the momentum will cause damage to the front. it was torn off before the wing hit the water. whether that was in air from the possibility of an extreme speed -- see, what happens, wolf, if it's an extreme speed, is you get a transsonic, the airport is not going over the speed of sound, but the wind over the top is, so you can get the flutter, and you would sigh the back of the wing is very damaged, trumpled and pieces torn off. that would be indicative of a rapt flutter and shaking apart.
2:26 pm
david and everyone else, stand by, we have more information that's coming in, much more to assess, including boeing engineers, what they see in this picture that has them almost all almost certain that this it in fact part of that 777. we're also following other major news, including new developments in the case of that white police officer charged with the murder in the death of an unarmed african-american motorist. the head of the naacp, he's standing by to talk about this and more. stay with us. milk has 8 grams of high-quality protein. which could be the difference between just living life. and milking it. start every day with the power of protein and milk life.
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news. a piece from the wing of what investigators now believe is a boeing 777 has been parked for shipping, put on a plane to france, due to arrive early saturday. the aircraft part washed up. lab tests may determine when it came from the malaysian airliner that disappeared almost a year and a half ago with 239 people on board. our aviation correspondent rene marsh has been working her stories, getting new information. what are el learning? >> tonight we are learning that a second identifying number found on the airplane part that was discovered at reunion island, sources are saying that this boeing engineer, they essentially saw a number on the photos of the debris, photos that you're looking at there. this number is an 11-digit number. that number is also consistent with a boeing 777. if you remember yesterday, we showed you a different image
2:32 pm
that show the a code number. 657bb, a code number. that is also on the debris that was taken away from reunion island. so this number, coupled with that 11-digit number, both on this piece of debris, so that means there are two sets of identifying numbers here now that links this piece of debris to a boeing 777. a lot more -- learning more than we did yet. that's very telling. you have two identifying numbers there, and there's no question that they belong to a boeing 777. >> belongs to a boeing 777. this is the only boeing 777 that's mysteriously disappeared, so the assumption is even though they haven't found the serial number that could directly pinpoint it to the may lashia aircraft, they are pretty convinced this is from that plane. >> right. what else could it be? as you mentioned mh370, the only
2:33 pm
one we know of in that area that's gone missing. we'll have much more to come up on this mystery debris, stand by for that. but we're also right now learning of new developments in the murder case against the white ex-policeman who shot and killed an unarmed man during a routine traffic stop. the ex-police officer now free on bond after pleading not guilty. let's go to jason carroll. he's on the scene for us once again tonight. jason? >> reporter: ray tensing is out on bond, and two additional police officers who initially supported his story being dragged by samuel dubose's story, officer philip kidd and david lindenschmidt, it turns out they will not face criminal charges, a grand jury deciding not to indict these two officers. these are the two officers who are heard on body cams, at least one of these heard saying yes, i i believe i saw you being
2:34 pm
dragged. that's what they initially said, but now it turns out when they got in front of the grand jury, they changed their tune, did not support that story. as a result they are not facing any criminal charges. as you can imagine this is extremely disappointing to the dubose family, who wanted to see additional officers held accountable for supporting a cover-up and a law, they called, when tensing said he was dragged by dubose's car and that's why he ended up firing that fatal shot. these are university of cincinnati police officers. the cincinnati police chief speaking out today, saying it's time for these types of shootings to stop. >> these egregious acts seem to keep going on and on and on, but it happened. and the important thing now is, how do we move forward in this community and through this nation? >> reporter: also another bit of information, wolf, the police union is now out asking that ray
2:35 pm
tensing, as you know he was fired, they're asking he be reinstated and rehired. they say he did not receive due process by the university when he was fired, one law enforcement officials say it's unlikely that is going to happen. wolf? >> jason, thank you. joining us in "the situation room", cornel william brooks, the president and ceo of the naacp. his organization is about to start a nearly 900-mile march called america's journey for justice. we have a lot to but we'll be right back after this commercial break.
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. we're following the case of a white police officer accused of murder in the shooting of an unarmed african-american motorist in cincinnati. we're back with the naacp and ceo cornel william brooks. also our senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin and former fbi assistant director tom fuentes. >> well, what happened in cincinnati is just another reminder of this seemingly unrelending series of tragedies. where you have routine interactions between police officers and unarmed civilians. so where you have a routine traffic stop that the prosecutor
2:41 pm
described as a chicken stuff traffic stop in which the police officers acted in an asinine fashion. so it can't be said that one gets to impose the death penalty in a routine traffic stop. so we're heartened by the fact there was a murder indictment and a manslaughter charge, but we're also disturbed by the fact that two officers appeared to corroborate officer tensing's story about being dragged and being dragged as an excuse for shooting someone in the head, we're disturbed by the fact they were not indicted. that's disturbing, and the fact that at least one of those officers was involved in the death of another unarmed african-american man only years ago at the university of cincinnati. so this is encouraging, but also concerning as well. >> let me press you, cornell, do
2:42 pm
you believe there's a racial element in this white police officer shooting this black motorist? >> here's what we no empirically speaking when an african-american male is 21 times more likely too lose his life at the hands of a police officers than his wife counterpart. the fact that we have such a vast disturbing racial disparity is in and of itself alarming. so racial animus may not be obvious, but the racially disproportionate impact is obvious and intolerable. the fact is cincinnati as a city has had its challenges with respect to the relationship between the police and the community, so we having to concerned, were this an isolated incident in an isolated city as opposed to an ongoing narrative between police departments and their citizens often black and brown, we might not be alarmed. but that's in fact not the case.
2:43 pm
let me give tom and jeffrey's takes on this. >> the idea that it's a chicken blank stop, the prosecutor is way out of line. that's the type of stop that stopped timothy mcveigh by a trouper, and they later learned he was -- it's a violation of the law, it causes a police officer to wonder about the registration, the ownership, and that information. secondly, dubose knows something that the cop doesn't, and that is that if he gets stopped by this officer, it's going to end up with him in jail, because he would know he's driving while his license is suspended. the officers wouldn't. the officer that's trying to ask him repeatedly for his license, do you have a license? where is it? what did you do with it? all of that playing around, dubose knows he doesn't have a license. if he had complied, he just doesn't didn't want to get taken
2:44 pm
out of car, because he knew he would be arrested. so i think there's more to this story than the cop went up to the side of the car and killed him. >> you have to admit even if he didn't have a license plate on the front of the his car, even if the driver's license was suspended, he certainly didn't deserve to die. >> the officer didn't know it was suspended. he has an individual who is knolls fully identified in a car that's not been identified yet. in the midsle of that stop, dubose turns the engine back on and starts to accelerate. he makes the mistake to reach in and try to shut the igs in off, but when you see right after that the camera fluttering. the camera is affixed to his body. his body is going up and down. he's not perfectly still drawing his gun and shooting. >> i agree with tom there's nothing wrong with the police officers stopping a car for not having a traffic -- not having a license plate. however, i really disagree with him that after that, the
2:45 pm
officer's behavior was anything like rational. i think, you know, of to be commensurate -- the police officer's action has to be commensurate with the seriousness of the stop, and pulling the gun and reaching in the car, much less shooting this guy in the head strikes me as completely way out of the bounds, and so i -- i think that's an important distinction to crawl. cornell, give me your reaction. >> i have to agree with mr. toobin. there has to be some proportionality here, and the hippocratic oath applied to policing, mainly do no harm. the fact of the matter is this stop could have been handled differently. firing your weapon into somebody's head during a routine traffic stop, in the context with any number of tragic interactions between police officers and often
2:46 pm
african-american men, we can't blank that, we can't blink that. that is a reality. it's an empirical reality, an emotional reality in this country. the fact of the matter is we have seen far too often instances where there are interactions between police officers and the community that are ratcheted up, that escalate way beyond any sense of proportionality. i have to -- tom, i think you would agree with me that being a police officers is predicated upon having and exercising judgment. i'm not sure -- in fact i don't believe that the officer exercised good judgment in that situation. >> i think i would agree with that, but he makes the mistake of putting his arm through the steering wheel, but the car does begin accelerating before the shot is actually fired, and the officer does end up on his back on the street. yes, the officer made a mistake. once he's made that mistake of reaching into the car, he did put his own life in jeopardy.
2:47 pm
he did create a violent situation for himself, and it resulted in him panicking and taking the shot. i agree it shouldn't have gone to that point. cornell, this journey you're being to begin, journey for justice it's called. tell us where you are, tell us what's going on, tell us what it means. >> well, i am in alabama. tomorrow we begin what we call america's journey for justice, from selma, alabama to washington, d.c. 860 miles across five states under the theme our lives, our votes, our jobs, our schools matter. we are marching not merely to engage in physical exercise, but to bring about fundamental reform in this country. we've seen too many tragedies, too many policing tragedies, and we're responding by marching to washington, leading thousands into the nation's capital to call for passage of the interracial vote passage, passage for the law enforcement
2:48 pm
integrity act and bring about a fundamental reform in policing. we're also pushing for the fixing of the voting rights act in the way of the supreme court decision. so where we are in this country at this point where america is not what it should be, where we have an untold multitude of our young people bhor fearful of the police, and in many instances right will you so. it's not enough to talk about it. not enough to comment on it. we have to take action by putting boots on the ground in order to ensure the laws are on the books. we saw that 50 years ago in selma, people put their lives on the line to pass a voting act. we're putting our lives on the line in order to bring about reform. this is difficult. it's going to take over 40 days and 40 nights. we'll be sleeping in churches and synagogues and islamic centers across five states, and we're going to march into washington, and we're going to bring about fundamental reform, and we're doing this with a huge
2:49 pm
coalition from environmentalists, labor unions, baptist preachers, reform rabbis, and ordinary americans and young people who yet believe that we don't have to watch these tragedies unfold the way they are unfolding. >> america's adjourn,for justice. good luck, cornell, good luck to all the marchers. we'll stay in close touch. appreciate having you here in "the situation room." >> thank you. thank you jeffrey and tom, stand by. coming up, we have new clues on the missing airliner. more news is coming up.
2:50 pm
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we're following new developments in a vicious terror
2:54 pm
attack. jewish extreme ipss are suspected of fire bombing homes in the west bank, killing an 18-month-old palestinian boy. let's go live to jerusalem. a horrific incident. what's the latest here? >> reporter: wolf, right now they're looking for the perpetrators of this attack. i went to the house today to see how it took place. these extremists through molotov cocktails, fire poms, through the window while the family of four was sleeping. three members were able to escape. as you said that 18-month-old wasn't able to. an update on those family members, that mother and father are still in very serious condition. the younger 4-year-old son ahmed is in stable condition. they're at an israeli hospital receiving specialized treatment. both the israeli government and palestinians have come out and condemned this strongly calling this a terror attack.
2:55 pm
all eyes will be on how israelis move forward. will israel find them and hold those people accountable? this isn't the only extreme attack that's taken place here. yesterday during a gay pride parade, a man, an ultra-orthodox jewish man, stabbed six people, two are in critical condition, four more minor injuries. but the big question is, this man was just released three weeks ago from prison for doing the exact same thing ten years ago. when he also stabbed people during a gay pride parade. >> history ren does situation. obviously the attack on the gay pride parade and what happened in the west bank as well. ian, thanks very, very much. coming up, we'll follow some other breaking news we're following. the airplane part that could solve the mystery of malaysian flight 370.
2:56 pm
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happening now. off to the lab. plane wreckage that washed ashore is packed up and it's on its way to be analyzed. investigators are sounding confident it came from mh-370. how much could they learn from a wing part that's been in the ocean for months? >> out of jail. a former campus police officer charged with murder. he's free tonight after paying only a portion of his $1 million bond. we have new information about what two other officers saw during his deadly confront face with a driver. clinton's fortunes. her tax returns were made public
3:01 pm
along with her medical records and e-mails. is there anything in the pile of paperwork that could potentially could when university her presidential bid? trump's tough talk. he's now telling cnn how you get mexicans to pay for a wall at the border and how he'd earn the respect of russia's vladimir putin. substance or bluster? we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." this is cnn breaking news. >> the breaking news tonight as wreckage that could help solve the mystery of mh-370 is flown to france. cnn has now learned u.s. investigators are heading there as well. officials from the ntsb and boeing will help analyze the wing part that washed ashore on a remote island. there's growing evidence it came from a woeing 777, another denting fying number on the debris was just discovered.
3:02 pm
authorities say a torn suitcase also found on reunion island will be examined separately and a french criminal research institute. but the primary focus right now is on that wing partor flaperon. officials are expressing growing confidence it is wreckage from the malaysian airliner that vanished over a year ago with 239 people on board. correspondents, analysts and newsmakers standing by as we cover all the news breaking right now. first let's get the latest from our aviation correspondent rene marsh. >> in just days, boeing and ntsb investigators will be on the ground in france and we could begin to get answers to critical questions, like whether the debris is from flight 370. and is there forensic evidence on the airplane part that would help unlock one of aviation's biggest mysteries? tonight, what could be the first critical piece of physical evidence in the disappearance of
3:03 pm
malaysia night 370 has been carefully crated and put on a plane. the debris discovered on remote reunion island is now en route to france. it arrived saturday and by next week crash investigators will begin their intense examination. >> the accident investigators will want to have a look at the part to see whether it gives any indication as to the way in which it may have separated from the rest of the aircraft. >> reporter: by tuesday, cnn is told go teams from boeing and the ntsb will be at the lab in that lose, france, site of the analysis. this component number, 657-bb, corresponds to a 777 flaperon. cnn has learned a second identifying number, 11 lidge jijid digits long, has been found on the debris, consistent with a 777. sources tell cnn u.s. intelligence agencies' preliminary analysis concluded
3:04 pm
that based on available evidence, someone in the cockpit deliberately directed the aircraft's movements before it vanished. the plane flew towards specific navigational waypoints, crossing indonesian territory, and eventually towards the south indian ocean. but it will take finding the plane to come to any real conclusions about what happened. >> neither the intelligence report nor the theories, the speculative theories of kinds of failures of that aircraft, aren't really helpful until we have more than the flapper, we actually have significant pieces of the aircraft and the flight data recorder, the cockpit voice recorder. >> reporter: investigators have already taken a deep dive into the pilot's background, scrubbed computers hard drives, inspected the captains' flight simulator, studied their body language on airport security cameras, but never found any evidence to suggest anyone on board posed an obvious risk. the search for the rest of the
3:05 pm
plane is some 2,300 miles away. australian officials in charge of the search operation made it clear there are no plans to divert assets from that area to reunion island because of this one piece of debris. they remain confident that the area they're searching is where the plane went down. so they're staying in that area, wolf. >> rene, thanks very much. as crash investigators quernlg on a french lab to study that critical wing part, what do they hope to learn if they confirm the wreckage came from flight 370? tom foreman taking a closer look at this part of the investigation. what are you seeing, tom? >> wolf, our own air aviation analysts have been looking at this piece and they noted the front end of this is not nearly as damaged as the trailing edge of the flaperon. and that could tell them something. and this is how. if we're talking about the plane being in a high-speed dive, say it was flying along at cruising altitude 500 miles an hour, the flaperon would be in this position relative to the wing.
3:06 pm
if it went into a high-speed dive, the wind flow over this could go from 500 miles an hour to 600, 7,700 miles an hour. if that happens you're going to have a tremendous amount of turbulence back here that could cause damage and could ultimately violently tear this thing off in the air. now, if they're in a different scenario, if they were trying to do a crash landing on the water, the flaperon would be deployed like this. that would slow the plane down to maybe 150 miles an hour as they attempted to land. very difficult trick. but again, when it hit the water, the flow of water at that speed would hit this with incredible violence. it would wrench it, it would tear it, you would see all sorts of damage. and again, for investigators to know what they're doing, it would be signature damage. it would tell them something about what happened. same thing goes if you had an explosion up in the air. you could have an explosion and it might not do anything to this because it might be in a different part of the plane. and then all the resultant
3:07 pm
chaotic falling may do damage to it. the main part to bear in mind in all of this is is that this is one part about seven feet long, the entire wing of this plane from one side to the other is almost 200 feed. that's a huge difference. and when you think back to what happened when the twa plan went down off the coast of long island, look at the thousands of pieces they were able to collect from that plane and analyze to figure out what happened there. even now people dispute whether or not they got it right. so this is a very, very important clue they have right now but it is one very small one and just the start. >> tom foreman, thank you. let's bring in our cnn aviation analyst miles o'brien joining us, along with peter goals joining us, richard quest, and our law enforcement analyst tom fuentes. richard quest, we heard tom's report. what evidence on this flaperon, this piece of this wing, will investigators use to learn more about the plane's disappearance? >> i think there's going to be
3:08 pm
two areas. first of all, the barnacles. any form of sea life we were talking about, tom was talking about. anything like that that gives an indication of the water where it has been, which part of the ocean. we know that there are specific forms of marine life. we know that there could be traces that can give good indications from which part of the ocean it's come. and the second is much more basic. you just have to look and test and look micro scopically at this flaperon and they will start to see where the strains are, the compressions, the terse. just look at the picture on the screen at the moment. how those rips, how these shreds were made, that will give them incredible information on how the flaperon departed from the aircraft. >> here's a question a lot of people are asking, miles. if the flaperon was floating on the fal the surface of the ocean why wouldn't investigators have
3:09 pm
found this piece of debris in the early days when there was such a wide-scale search conducted? >> remember, in the early days they were searching in entirely different places. first the south china sea, then eventually they made their way down to an area much farther north from where they are right now. so in the key days when that wreckage would have been near where the impact was, they were looking elsewhere, including in a different ocean. >> which is a good point, peter. also, there have been two, two full-scale typhoons in that indian ocean area since that plane disappeared. and that could have had a huge impact on anything that might have been floating around. >> exactly. this is, remember, seven feet long. if you're looking for a piece that small in the ocean, it's very difficult to find. you're flying at 150 knots, 300 or 400 feet over the ocean. very tough to find. >> what does it mean now there's
3:10 pm
a second identifying number on this flaperon rene was telling us about, tom? a second identifying number that links it clearly to a boeing 777? >> means it's taken a heck of a long time to get specific with this and what the numbers mean and that it's specifically identified to that plane. we don't know if maybe they already know it has been and they're working on the protocol, be specific when they get to france and coordinate with the malaysian government how they're going to announce it. there may be more to that at this point. but i think it's surprising me how incremental even these numbers being released is coming out. >> richard, if this one piece of the wreckage -- we assume it's piece of the wreckage of that malaysian boeing 777 pieces survived, i assume other pieces survived as well, that is a fair assumption? >> no, i don't think so, wolf, with respect. i think -- those searches in those early days found nothing. even when they did get to the proper area where they now
3:11 pm
believe the plane is, they still found nothing. so if there was anything down there that they would have probably located something. i think what you're looking at here is by far and away an exceptional piece that survived whatever took place in the south indian ocean. there may be isolated other pieces. but from what i've heard and what people have said to me, any idea that there is a large, floating mass moving across westwards seems to be inaccurate. >> miles, you agree? >> i do, wolf. you know, we've been talking a lot about deliberate action over the past couple of days. and if it was a deliberate action, the idea was to make this plane vanish. we've also been talking about two scenarios. either a sully-style ditching, ever so gently, or a rapid nosedive into the ocean. the separation, the apparent separation of this flaperon based on the damage pattern indicates to experts that this was a high-speed dive into the
3:12 pm
ocean and if that were the case, that might greatly limit the amount of material, the amount of debris on the surface. >> that raises a serious question. foul play, mechanical problems? there's new information coming in on that front as well. stick around. we'll take a quick break, we'll be right back. when you're not confident you have complete visibility into your business, it can quickly become the only thing you think about. that's where at&t can help. at&t's innovative solutions connect machines and people... to keep your internet of things in-sync, in real-time. leaving you free to focus on what matters most.
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you're looking for a place for your life to happen. zillow . we're following the breaking news in the mh-370 investigation. wreckage suspected to be from the missing plane is now en route to france, to land there within a matter of hours. investigators are hoping to get new clues about what went wrong on board the malaysian airliner. we're back with miles o'brien, our aviation correspondent
3:17 pm
richard quest, also joining us now cnn safety analyst david soucie, aviation ride e writer irving. from what we know right now what's your conclusion? is it too early to reach a final conclusion? there's still a lot of investigation that needs to go on. but based on what you know and you've studied this closely, was this plane gone as a result of a mechanical problem or some deliberate act by someone? >> i think there's a lot of over there are controversy spreading around all those theorys. we should remind ourselves, well of, that the problems of searching for a lost plane over water haven't changed since the days of amelia earhart. the problems that you've just discussed very well about how difficult it is to find small pieces floating on the top of the ocean apply now to this tragedy as they did then. and the scandal behind that, of course, is that none of this needed to be necessary.
3:18 pm
if there'd been proper tracking system available on this plane you wouldn't have spent these enormous amounts of money and enormous amounts of time searching for tiny pieces in a very large ocean. the contetion for the whole thing needs to be -- people need to be reminded there's dereliction here by the airline industry and the aviation industry in general. they've taken very slow steps in the last few months. they've said they're going to do stuff. in fact, when you look closely at the small print, what they're saying is all planes won't be fitted with modern tracking systems until 2025, 10 years from now. it's amazing how no one is mentioning this at the moment. but this is really -- should be the overriding concern of everybody, that we don't go on doing this. we did it in the case of air france 447 in the south atlantic. the french were quick to tell us we should be doing something, nothing was done, and here we are again. who knows, it may happen again. >> you make a good point. they claim it's very expensive. but they're already spent we're
3:19 pm
told $100 million in the search for mh-370. miles, if the plane was in a gliding or ditching mode, what does that mean about the final moments before the crash? >> well, one thing it does mean, wolf, is it could put the aircraft a significant distance from the arc which has been drawn on the ocean defined by the satellite for the search zone. that's why it's important to know whether the plane was going straight down as it lost power and made that last so-called handshake with mr sat or if it glided on for tens or 100 miles. that's important. the other thing is, it's very clear that in that case, if it was headed toward a ditching, a human hand had to be involved in that. that's not something that an auto pilot would be able to accomplish. you wouldn't program that in, put it that way. >> so david, what's your bottom line right now, at least based on what you know and all of us know? mechanical problem or a deliberate act by someone?
3:20 pm
>> you know -- in my analysis that i've used this algorithm i've used for years for accident investigation, it really is neck and neck. there's no real clear forerunner in either one of those two scenarios. it's really difficult to say at this time. hopefully these pieces as they come ashore will give us some light. >> what do you think, richard? >> all right. so i can make an argument for either way. and the evidence or the circumstantial evidence which the u.s. intelligence agencies talk about does gravitate towards nefarious and maybe perversely, maybe more out of good hope than good judgment. i still come down with mechanical. i still believe that until i've seen sufficient, real evidence that some hand -- i can agree with what everybody has said. if it's a ditching, it was nefarious. until i've got evidence, i'm staying mechanical.
3:21 pm
>> where do you stand right now, miles? >> wolf, this was a deliberate act. you know, what the intelligence agency report that cnn broke yesterday underscores everything we've been talking about for quite some time. it's impossible to come up with a scenario with all those turns and all those communication losses that fit a catastrophic event on the airplane involving a bomb or a mechanical event. cnn reported more than a year ago, june 2014, that the flight simulator software, the computer taken from the captain's home, had routes that took the plane just on that very route all the way into the oblivion of the indian ocean. i don't know any pilot that practices that kind of thing on a simulator. all of this is leading toward a very strong case for a deliberate act. but none of this will be solved until the wreckage is found. >> clive, go ahead. >> nothing will be solved until we find the flight data recorder and flight voice recorder. but the wreckage is going into
3:22 pm
the hands of the very best people in the world. the french are very experienced as a result of 447. they're looking for things like deformity. if there's any sign of deformity in this particular piece. we know the trailing edge is damage and that suggests something. i do disagree with richard slightly. i think we're likely to find more pieces of wreckage. not large amounts. it will be dispersed and will turn up somewhere in that area of the east african coast. and i can't honestly believe that just one flaperon is the only thing that survived that crash. and i think that there will be -- not large pieces, mind you, but there's still quite a lot of the parts of that plane, which is a relatively modern design with large composite parts which float more easily than metal parts do. i think there's a fair chance we'll get other bits there. >> do you think they'll ever find that plane? >> i do. i really do. i think that there's concentratconcentrate ed effort. i believe they're looking in the right air.
3:23 pm
whether it will happen soon, putting a time on it, i would not even think to put a timeline on it. >> i remember, miles, and i want your quick thought on this. at the time you raised the issue, rene marsh, our aviation corresponde correspondent, raised it as well. the pilot in this case, there was a lot of examination of his background, supposedly he had some issues, some problems in his personal life going on. you talk about the computer simulations he was going through. i don't want to smear this pilot because obviously he has disappeared. but there have been several cases of what they call pilot suicide aboard these kinds of aircra aircraft. >> it's happened before. it's never happened quite like this, wolf. but it's not an unknown event. the one that's most obvious and known to americans is egypt air 990 in the late '90s off of new york. but it's happened. and it's a sad, horrible possibility. and of course, more recently, the germanwings event.
3:24 pm
so you can't discount it. we have to keep it on the table. and no one likes to speak like this about someone who's not around to defend themselves. but it's just one of the issues we have to contend with. >> i want to point out, richard quest, the malaysian authorities have cleared the pilot, right? >> oh, completely. well, yes, they have. the factual information which was the very long report, 200-page report which came out earlier this year on the anniversary, it basically said they looked at the way they walked through the security on the night, there's no history of drug abuse or alcohol abuse, there's no psychological issues. and crucially, it said -- and this is something that you can argue about the others, whether it's accurate or not, or have they glolsed off with rose-colored spectacles. it does say in neither case had there been a substantial change in life circumstances. in other words, marriage collapsed, dead of a loved one.
3:25 pm
so they pretty much ruled out an obvious cause for pilot suicide. >> good point. all right, guys. we're going to stay on top of the story. good conversation. thanks to all of you. by the way, to our viewers, for more information how to help those impacted by air disasters everywhere, go to just ahead, two police officers who backed up the claims of an ex-cop now charged with -- that ex-cop charged with murder, the two other cops changing their stories. will they be damaged? how much tax did hillary clinton pay? does she have any health problems? her campaign is now just revealing new details about all of that and 94. we're combing through a new watch of her e-mails just released by the state department.
3:26 pm
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stand by for more on the breaking news of flight 370 investigation. but right now, other news we're following chug a former university of cincinnati police officer charged with murder. that police officer now out of jail. his father reportedly paid $100,000 in cash to free his son, 10% of the $1 million bond,
3:31 pm
as allowed under the law. we're getting new information about the other police officers who arrived at the scene of that routine traffic stop that turned deadly. cnn's jason carroll is joining us now live from cincinnati with the very latest. jason? >> reporter: wolf, samuel dub e dubose's family wanted to see that those two officers who initially reported ray tensing's account of what happened, corroborated his story, they wanted to see those two officers held accountable in a court of law. it looks like that is not going to happen. >> he was dragging me. >> yeah, i saw that. >> i was going to get run over. >> you okay? >> i'm good. >> reporter: tonight we're learning no criminal charges will be filed against the two university of cincinnati police officers who arrived on-scene to assist raymond tensing after the shooting death of samuel dubose. the hamilton county prosecutor announcing that a grand jury heard testimony from officer david lindonschmidt and officer
3:32 pm
philip kidd and chose not to inindict them. >> take your seat belt off. go ahead and take your seat belt off. stop, stop! >> reporter: tensing's attorney says he was being dragged by dubose's car and feared for his life. >> no video that we have actually shows any dragging. but officer lindonschmidt's video clearly shows officer tensing laying in the street some distance from where mr. dubose's car was initially stopped. >> reporter: but despite some initial comments, the prosecutor says officers lindonschmidt and kidd ultimately testified that they did not see tensing being dragged. tensing, who was out on bond, has the police union calling for his rehiring. saying that his due process rights were violated when the department fired him this week after being charged with murdering samuel dubose during a traffic stop on july 19th. the city's police chief says
3:33 pm
stopping these kinds of shootings needs to be a top priority. >> these egregious acts seem to keep going on and on and on. but it happened. and the important thing now is how do we move forward in this community and through this nation? >> reporter: and the hamilton county prosecutor says that he agrees with the grand jury's decision. he says there was initial confusion in the way that the initial police report was written. he said when the officers were specifically asked about what happened, he said their testimony lined up with exactly what was on ray tensing's body cam video, which did not show him being dragged by dubose's car. wolf? >> jason carroll with the latest in cincinnati, thank you. joining us now is the president of the national urban league, mark moriel. your reaction to what happened in cincinnati? >> it was an awful incident, an overreaction, and the murder and the prosecutor and the grand
3:34 pm
jury have certainly done the right thing bringing a charge. it remains to be seen but it's a step towards holding that officer accountable for his actions. as for the other two officers it appears they testified truthfully before the grand jury. but the issue of holding them accountable as to whether or not initially they may have given -- filed a false police report and the like, while maybe, maybe it isn't criminally sanctionable, it certainly is something i hope that the disciplinary procedures of the university of cincinnati police department will take a look at. because one of the things that has recurred, wolf, as you know, is not only the incidents but also in some instances the cover-ups. the efforts to cover up these incidents which many times are as egregious as the incidents themselves. >> next week is the one-year
3:35 pm
anniversary of michael brown's shooting death. it seems that since then, correct me if i'm wrong, there's been one controversial police-involved incident after another. is this problem getting worse? has there always been a problem there? is it simply because there's more video evidence now addais? what's going on? >> you know, we're here in ft. lauderdale, broward county, for our annual conference. police shootings of unarmed african-americans is high on the minds of many the people who are here for the conference and was addressed in one way or the other by a number of the candidates who spoke today. i would say, wolf, it's my sense that these incidents have become more frequent. but it's also my sense that with the advent of video cameras and dash cameras and very, very alert citizens, that some of what may have been occurring for a very long time is now being expo exposed. now coming to life.
3:36 pm
one would did is and should ask the question, but for the dash camera in the cincinnati case, would we be here debating what in fact, really happened? with the words of maybe three police officers against the words of a dead man, the nonwords of a dead man? so my sense, wolf, is that this is a racial justice issue that has to be addressed by this nation. it is an issue that is corroding and building -- if you will, exacerbating tension in urban communities. and it's an issue that has to be addressed at every single level of government. the federal, the state, and the local level. because we've seen state police departments, city police departments, sheriff's departments, now a university police department involved. something is amiss with the culture of law enforcement in many cases. >> very quickly, because you have presidential candidates addressing your conference, the
3:37 pm
national urban league conference in florida, today hillary clinton, you had jeb bush. bottom line, what was your impression? how did they do? >> i thought they all did well, wolf. because what they all did is they addressed the issues at hand. income inequality. joblessness. the challenge to save american cities. criminal justice reform. police accountability. all education. all of the candidates gave what i would consider to be a serious presentation and recognized that these issues are so important to this nation. we had a great day in cincinnati. excuse me -- a great day here in ft. lauderdale and in broward county with the five presidential candidates. i'm looking forward this evening to getting a little bit more reaction as to what people thought about the substance of each of the candidates' presentations. but the good news was is that the five that came came, and the five that came gave a serious talk today about important
3:38 pm
issues. >> good work. all right, marc morial, thanks very much. we'll stay on top of all of these issues together with you, appreciate it. just ahead, how wealthy are bill and hillary clinton? we're poring over eight years of tax returns that they have just released. we're going to tell you what we're learning. donald trump tells cnn he's uniquely qualified to get tough with the russian president vladimir putin. >> putin has no respect for president obama. he will respect me, that i tell you.
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breaking news tonight. hillary clinton is going public with her tax returns. we're getting new information this hour on a day when a pile of clinton-related documents are being released. let's bring in brianna keilar who's been going through together with the whole team all of these documents. what are you learning? >> we've learned how much hillary and bill clinton made over the last eight years from the releases of these tax documents. almost $141 million over the last eight years. we also have learned that they gave in that time $15 million to charity. though it's unclear how much went to the clinton foundation. we do know for the one year that has been released, most of the charitable giving was to their family foundation. she is, hillary clinton, the first candidate to release this financial information.
3:44 pm
and by doing so she's trying to make a point. in addition to revealing eight years' worth of earnings on her tax returns, tonight hillary clinton is using her taxes to make a policy statement. explaining that the more than $57 million she and her husband paid in tax and the $15 million they gave to charity means they may have made a lot of money, but no, they don't need a tax break. the clinton campaign also released a letter from her long-time doctor, certifying that she is in excellent physical condition and fit to serve as president of the united states. in 2012, clinton, then at the state department, had a fall that resulted in a blood clot between her skull and brain, forcing her to wear corrective lenses for double vision. last year, republican operative karl rove raised questions at a private event about clinton's health and bill clinton hit back. >> first they said she faked her concussion. and now they say she's auditioning for a part on "the walking dead."
3:45 pm
as far as i can tell, she's in better shape than i am. >> reporter: clinton's doctor seems to back that up. noting a complete resolution of the effects of the concussion and a total dissolution of the thrombosis, or blood clot. perhaps no coincidence, all this information comes on the same day the state department released more than 1,300 e-mails from clinton's time as secretary. hillary clinton spent the day on the campaign trail going after jeb bush in his home state of florida. not by name but with a reference to bush's right to rise slogan. >> i don't think you can credibly say that everyone has a right to right and then say you're for phasing out medicare or for repealing obamacare. people can't rise if they can't afford health care. and you cannot seriously talk about the right to rise and support laws that deny the right to vote. >> reporter: she levelled that critique at the national urban league annual conference in ft. lauderdale. bush bush addressed the crowd an
3:46 pm
hour later but did not take on clinton directly. >> i believe in the right to rise in this country. and a child is not rising if he's not reading. >> reporter: but jeb bush's communications director did hit back in this tweet saying, clinton-everything move to pass over chance to unite in favor of a false cheap shot. when you have no record of accomplishment to point to, dot dot dot. that's what he said. >> dot dot dot. all right, stand by, brianna. we have a lot to discuss. i also want to bring in our cnn political director david chelion and jeff zeleny. what do you make about the tax returns? what's your big takeaway, david? >> i think the takeaway is two-fold. there's the takeaway of the total top line number, they're making a lot of money and republicans are eager to jump on that. america rising, the republican opposition research group reminding people just last year, she said that --
3:47 pm
>> we've got to fix your microphone. we're going to get back to you. jeff, what's your takeaway so far from what we've been able to assess, given the $150 million over the past several years? >> significant income. and just a little over a year ago she told abc's diane sawyer she is dead broke, they were dead broke, that they had to make money coming out of their years in public service. this is not dead broke by anyone's standards. except maybe donald trump's. so a significant amount of income here. they've also paid a significant amount of taxes. no question that they've also been giving a lot of money away to charities and other things. interestingly in her release today she pointed out, this is a long ways from making $16,000 a year when i was in arkansas going door to door doing legal work for charity. so interesting she said this is a country where you can make a lot of money, and they certainly have. >> brianna, you pointed out in your report, she's releasing
3:48 pm
information about her health. obviously everyone was worried back in 2012, she did have a blood clot in her brain. she is on medication right now to deal with that, to thin her blood. >> that's right. she's one of the brands that's basically warfarin, anti-coagulant, blood thinner. there are a couple of points in releasing this health information. one is to say, a year ago you had karl rove and others who were raising concerns about any long-term effects of this health issue. and this is their way of saying, look, there is no issue. she is completely healthy. this is what her doctor, who has known her for years and years, is saying. but there's also another issue here and i think it's pointed out in this health statement, her mom and dad respectively lived until they were in their 90s and 80s. it's a way -- some people have said, depending on who she runs again in a general election, if she is to become the democratic nominee, there could be an ageist sort of republican message. this is her way of saying, you know what?
3:49 pm
i might be 67 now but look how healthy i am. >> right, and says she exercises every day. it's important to know this is a statement from her doctor. we haven't seen her whole records yet. if she would become the nominee she may have to release something more. but brianna is absolutely right, it goes to the age question. we find out she exercises and she eats healthily, drinks alcohol occasionally. a few interesting tidbits here. she goes swimming and she does walking and weight training. >> and yoga. >> her doctor says she's healthy, which we're all happy to hear about that. david, you were telling bus your takeaway from the income. the significant sum that the two clintons have made over these past several years. >> right. as jeff pibled up on they want to say this is the foundation against hillary clinton. that's why they are -- in light of the news, they are reminding
3:50 pm
everyone that she claimed to be broke. he said, you have to pay the bills. those quotes are going to haunt them again as it is matched up against this $140 million earnings. >> you have been doing new reporting about joe biden, the vice president of the united states. we were expecting him to give us a firm decision whether or not he would run for the democratic presidential nomination this summer. now you are learning he is once again delaying that definitive answer? >> he is. he is pushing it back. he sees no reason to make up his mind right now. he is watching what's happening in the democratic race. there's a division in biden world as we call it from delaware to washington. there are many of his old advisors who want him to keep an open mind and consider jumping into this race for the presidency. others do not want him to do so. joe biden i'm told has not made up his mind at all. he is not leaning one way or the other. the reason this is significant, he is considering it. he would not be considering
3:51 pm
this -- his advisers would not push him toward this if the atmosphere was not such that is there a vulnerability out there? is hillary flawed or wounded? he is keeping his powder dry. >> good reporting. i recommend your piece. i want everybody to stand by. max foster is in scotland. guess who interviewed today for cnn? donald trump. we will share some of that with you and more when we come back. no student's ever done the full hand raise in ap calc. but your stellar notebook gives you the gumption to reach for the sky. that's that new gear feeling. all hp ink, buy one get one 50% off. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. creeping up on you... fight back with relief so smooth...'s fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue ...and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum, tum tum tum... smoothies! only from tums.
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we're back with our political team. more tough talk tonight from donald trump in a new cnn interview with him in scotland.
3:56 pm
he spoke with our own max foster who is covering his visit there. they spoke about the russian president putin. >> putin has no respect for president obama. he will respect me, that i tell you. >> what do do you with crimea? >> let me explain. first of all, this is europe's problem more so than ours. europe isn't complaining as much as we are. this is more of a europe problem. when europe says, we want your help -- they are dealing with russia. they are taking in the gas, the oil. they are not really doing that. you know, we're making a big deal out of it. why isn't germany leading this one? germany is a very rich, very powerful nation. why aren't they dealing on it more so? >> david, do you think this is a big deal? >> i think that it shows where he is not entirely aligned with the republican establishment. donald trump will say that's a good thing, not being in line
3:57 pm
with the republican establishment is what is fuelling his rise. the republican establishment believes crimea and the putin aggression in the ukraine is very much an american problem to worry about, not just a european problem or a problem for germany. >> the united states can't be the policemen all over the world. the europeans have a bigger stake in this. >> that's something that will be controversial among -- >> it will resonate with a lot of people. >> it will. there's this isolation strain going through the republican party. i think on that debate stage in cleveland next thursday, that could be a central issue among many of the other things from immigration forward. >> there's another point i want to bring out when he told max about building a wall between the united states and mexico. watch this. >> who will build the wall? >> i will build the wall. mexico will pay for it. because mexico is making so much money from the united states that that's going to be peanuts. all the other characters say
3:58 pm
they won't pay because they don't know about how to negotiate. trust me, mexico will pay for it. >> he is pretty firm on this. it has been a winning issue so far for him among republicans. >> it is a winning issue for him with his constituency for sure. you can't argue with the fact that there's an appeal he has for a number of voters. he does have a lot of support. i think you are going to see certainly a divide between donald trump and a lot of republicans when we see this debate next week. that kind of language to them is inflammatory towards a group of voters they feel is key. you can see how other democrat candidates are fighting with republicans to try to gain the support of latino voters. republicans believe that they need to do so much better than mitt romney did or they just have to chance. >> on this issue of the wall, he has changed his position. he says, we might have to build
3:59 pm
sections. when he went down to texas, he heard from officials that say they didn't want a wall everywhere sg everywhere. >> the power of his persuasion -- how does a president force another country to pay? >> this is his theme, i'm a better negotiator than -- fill in the blank. he wants people to believe that he will be able to twist arms bet are thter than other candid >> donald trump is not afraid to go out and speak to reporters. he does interviews. he makes himself available. criticize him as much as you want, but at least he is will doing that. >> sometimes he is calm and relaxed. we will see how he is thursday. >> thanks very much. we want to say good-bye to a number of our family, our video producer. he is heading home to the west coast after six years with us here. hunter, we wish you the best of luck. we will miss you. good luck out in california.
4:00 pm
you can always follow us on twitter. go ahead and tweet me @wolfblitzer. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. tonight, breaking news. new evidence tonight that the plane debris found in the indian ocean is, in fact, mh370. that as a volcano eruption slows down the search for more pieces of the doomed plane. tough talk coming from donald trump. coming under fire in his own party at sarah palin comes out in his defense. does she help or hurt his cause? the search for the dentist who killed cecil the prized lion. zimbabwe calling on the united states to extradite him. will the u.s. hand him over? let's go "outfront."


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