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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  August 4, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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er yet, how about over tennis? even better. a game changer! your 2 o'clock is here. oops, hold your horses. no problem. la quinta inns & suites is ready for you, so you'll be ready for business. the ready for you alert, only at laquinta! happening now on the "newsroom" a horrifying event at the circus. a tent collapses, killing two, injuring dozens. and we could know which republicans will be sitting on that debate stage. we break down the latest polls. plus a shocking video. an eight-year-old boy in handcuffs. the officer, handed a lawsuit. let's talk. live in the cnn "newsroom." and good morning.
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i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. by the end of toods we will know which republican candidates will appear on that debate stage on thursday. a final tally of the polls of polls will be taken. and by cnn's account here's how it ought to go. donald trump widening his lead over the pack gaining the support of 23% of registered republicans or republican leaning independents. jeb bush and scott walker are next trailing trump by double digits. everyone else only scoring in the single digits but still enough to make it on that prime time stage. those numbers coming as the majority of the field took the stage in a preview of sorts in new hampshire. joining me is cnn political reporter sarah murray.
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mcto welcome to both of you. i suppose we should talk about trump's surge. >> the trump movement does continue to grow. some of the latest polls have him with support from one in four republican voters. we're talking about a pretty wide set of support, not just from the angry disenfranchised voters. when you have ted cruz bashing washington bashing lobbyists, that is aiming for the supporters who are right now following donald trump. i think we're going to see other republicans trying to pick away at the trump base of support. >> let's play some of what was said at that forum last night. >> i'd like you to listen to lindsey graham and what he said about hillary clinton. >> i'm fluent in hillary clinton speak. when bill says, i didn't have sex with that woman, he did. when she says i'll tell you
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about building the pipeline when i get to be president, it means she won't. and when she tells us trust me you've got all the e-mails you need we haven't even scratched the surface. >> your thoughts? >> i mean if we look at those polls lindsey graham will not be on the debate stage on thursday night. but that's what he's known for, those kinds of zingers that have some kind of humor and also a bit of an edge. you can see last night people trying to break through, people trying to show off their personality. you can also see how confining the debate stage is going to be. you're going to have ten folks on that stage. a lot of them appears rusty, i think, in terms of delivering their one-liners particularly jeb bush trying to get off a line about his father and his relationship to his family and his last name. we'll see what happens on thursday in terms of how this preview prepped them for
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thursday night. >> let's listen to one of the newbies, scott walker. >> i've won three elections in four years. the last two of which i won after a lot of people were upset on the democrat side of things. we did it by making big bold actions and got a lot of results. i'm a new fresh face versus a name from the past. i'm someone from outside of washington with a proven track record. and most of all i've gotten things done in a blue state. >> scott walker showing some improvement in the polls yaenchts. >> yeah. and scott walker is giving us a hint at what his strategy is going to be on the debate stage. while he has become more well known, a lot of america doesn't know him. he wants to talk about his record. he wants to cast himself as a new generation of politician but also as a fighter who can
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get things done. >> rick perry likely won't make it on the stage in the prime time debate. i kind of hope he will though because he talked about immigration in a way that's directly opposed to donald trump. let's listen. >> you can secure the border. it takes boots on the ground. it takes the security fencing in the metropolitan areas and you have aviation assets from tijuana to brownsville flying 24/7 looking down with the technology to see what's going on and identifying situations where there's illegal and suspicious and fast response team. if you elect me president of the united states, i promise you the will to protect that border will reside in the oval office. >> he's also been pretty effective in going after donald trump. he's been one of the most vocal antagonists of donald trump.
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remember last go-round a, he didn't do so well in that debate. also he got in trouble with the republican base for being more of a moderate in terms of immigration reform. i think on stage on thursday you're going to see the entire spem spectrum of the republican party. trump's very boisterous and poorly-worded rhetoric. and then the more moderate voice of jeb bush. >> thanks to you both. i appreciate it. as the candidates prepare for their moment on stage this thursday, there will likely be no debate over gun violence despite an unbalanced manning inned -- managed to buy gun legally and walk into a crowded
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theater. >> of course in texas we cook bacon a little differently than most folks. there's grease coming down. >> mm. machine gun bacon. >> so i wrote an op ed about america's cavalier attitude towards guns. 225,000 users checked it out. i argued that we no longer respect our weapons and forget our guns can actually kill. 100 children were killed in unintentional shootings between 2012 and 2013. and there have been 1,104 accidental shootings so far this year. it's great senator cruz loves guns.
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seriously, a jury in colorado decides whether james holmes gets life or death for killing people should you fry bacon on your machine gun? welcome to both of you. >> morning. >> good morning. amanda ted cruz is not alone in his zeal for zany video clips. at what point do you cross the line or is there no longer a line to cross? >> ted cruz is very ready and able to talk about the gun control issue and doing something about mental health and reducing gun crimes. that i would like to see debated on the republican debate stage tomorrow night. it's an important thing to have. with chuck schumer coming out with legislation, we should have a respectful debate about keeping weapons out of the hands of the mentally ill who commit
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many of these mass shootings. we can have that discussion. at the same time you can have a fun video. i don't see this reduces his credibility in talking about the legislation we may need to pursue to strengthen the existing criminal record system. >> shouldn't we have respect for our weapons, though ben? >> we do have respect for our weapons. >> frying bacon on the muzzle of a gun? >> look ted cruz has talked at gun violence very often. bobby jindal is another great example. he's governor of louisiana and he talked about mental health and gun issues afterwards. i think what you saw from ted cruz was ted cruz was having a little bit of fun. shooting can be fun. he was nals aalso in a range. he was shooting the right way. no one's criticized the way he
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handled that weapon. he's like i like shooting i like guns. i'm going to have a little fun with bay son.conbacon. it was a spoof to get to know him. >> seriously, though can't he just say he loves guns? why did he have to fry bacon on his machine gun? >> i think he will tell you any day of the week he loves the second amendment. at the same time we can be responsible and reduce gun crimescrime crimes at the same time. >> do you can recall think there will be a big gun debate on that debate stage on thursday? >> i don't think there's going to be one coming up maybe this week a big debate. i think later on in the election you're certainly going to see it. but we also had a big debate a week and a half ago in louisiana. every candidate of record was
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speaking about that. >> inthey've all been on the record and spoken at nra events and things like that. there's very much going to be a debate on guns. >> you were going to say? >> i think this is something that can be talked about. republicans are not shy about talking about how to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. we can all acknowledge -- >> nothing ever changes. nothing. >> yeah. i'm excited about what chuck schumer and amy schumer are going. she is tackling the mentally ill problem. we need to focus our resources on the people most likely to commit these crimes. >> i hear you.
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so ben, if one of the question-askers at thursday's debate asks any of the republican candidates if they would jump behind senator schumer's idea to strengthen background checks would any of them say, sure, i'm with chuck? >> the devil is always in the details. many times you have democrats who claim they're trying to do something about mental health when in reality they're trying to ban guns. so there is a big trust issue here when it comes to this. if you wanted to sit down bipartisan and deal with mental health laws i think everyone is willing to have that conversation and actually push forward legislation. bobby jindal is one of those that obviously after what happened in his state is more than willing to come to the table and talk about that. that's common ground they requestcan
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. two people are dead and dozens injured after a circus tent collapsed in new hampshire. a father and his young daughter were killed. about 100 people were inside the tent when a severe thunderstorm struck. a news conference is expected in the next hour. stay right here and we will bring that to you life. in northern kentucky simmering outrage has turned to a boil largely because of this video. that is an eight-year-old boy crying out, saying he is in
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pain. he had acted up and a school resource officer handcuffed his arms behind his back. the same officer did the very same thing to a nine-year-old girl. both children are diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. and now their mothers are suing. >> this incident occurred in november of 2014 in other words the last school year. and the reason the video is coming to light now is because of this lawsuit you mentioned. and what the accusation is that the use of handcuffs here was just too excessive in this case. take a look. >> you can either behave the way you know you're supposed to or suffer the consequences. it's your decision to behave this way. >> this controversial video is difficult to watch. the sheriff's deputy now facing a civil lawsuit by the aclu restrains the third grade boy with handcuffs.
6:19 am
according to the complaint the boy's arms pulled with excessive force behind his back. he can be heard crying out in pain. the small eight-year-old child suffers from adhd and a history of trauma. he's shown in the 15-minute video cuffed at the biceps his wrists apparently too small for the adult-sized restraints. >> you can do what we've asked you to. >> it hurts. >> that officer who works at latonia elementary is identified as kevin sumner. the lawsuit also named the county for allegedly failing to train and supervise sumner. >> as long as you're acting up you're not going to get them off. are you done yet? >> the complaint was submitted
6:20 am
on behalf of the young boy as well as another special needs student, a nine-year-old girl who was also handcuffed in the same manner by officer sumner on two separate occasions, causing pain and trauma according to the lawsuit. >> there was no legitimate law enforcement purpose there. neither child committed a crime and all of their behavior was related to their specific disabilities. >> if you want the handcuffs off, you've got to stop kicking. do you want them off or not? >> carol, i want to read to you now the statement that we got from this independent school district act this incident. sros are law enforcement officers who are assigned in the schools to maintain the safety of the students and staff and they act in accordance with their training. they are not called upon by
6:21 am
school district staff to punish or discipline a student who engaged in a school related offense. the other thing i learned is they do not routinely videotape these kinds of actions. the question is why did someone record this particular event. we're still trying to track that down. >> thank you. still to come in the "newsroom," surprising new information about the ferguson police officer who killed michael brown is coming your way next.
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for over 60,000 california foster children, having necessary school supplies can mean the difference between success and failure. the day i start, i'm already behind. i never know what i'm gonna need. new school new classes, new kids. it's hard starting over. to help, sleep train is collecting school supplies for local foster children. bring your gift to any sleep train and help a foster child start the school year right. not everyone can be a foster parent but anyone can help a foster child. next sunday august 9th marks the one-year anniversary of the fatal police shooting of unarmed eded black teenager michael brown. the new yorker magazine has
6:26 am
published an in-depth profile of wilson and what his life is like now. he and his wife have moved and they have an infant daughter. the new yorker writer pressed for more details on the day he killed michael brown. this is from the reporter. these are his words. i asked wilson repeatedly to discuss this moment with me but he declined knowing that brown's parents arehave a civil lawsuit and he didn't need details in print they could spin. welcome to both of you. i appreciate it. i must say this article is fascinating. i want to start with what wilson's life is like now. he's unable to work because the media tracks him down. he can't go to the greshocery store. he can't play outside with his children. he says he eats in restaurants, quote, but only at certain places. we try to go somewhere -- how do i say this correctly -- with
6:27 am
like-minded individuals where it's not a mixing pot. what do you make of that? >> he doesn't like to name race. he doesn't like to talk about race but he likes to invoke race. he says he likes to go to places where they are like minded. what he meant was he didn't go to place where is there are black people. he talks about culture, certain culltures have problems. he meant black communities. i'm sure he's living life almost like a prisoner. i'm sure he is living a life that is hellish for him. and i don't wish that on anybody, but it's hard to muster too much sympathy. i think officer wilson is surprised by all of this. in fact he was surprised by the initial reaction after the shooting of michael brown. quote, neither one of us wilson and his wife knew what the reaction was going to be the
6:28 am
next day. you know a typical police shooting is you get about a week to a week and a half off, you see a shrink, you go through your internal affairs interviews and then you come back. what does that say about wilson's training? >> there is no such thing as an ordinary police shooting. these things are very traumatic for everybody. they really misjudged what was going to happen. social media is a big game changes for everybody. they really underestimated the response by the community and also the lack of information that they put out. it made it look like they covered up everything from the beginning. other police departments have looked back on this and seen basically a model of what not to do in a police involved shooting. >> officer wilson claimed he liked working in black communities. in fact when he worked in
6:29 am
jennings he reached out to a friend of his to better deal with a community because he said it was a different culture and he didn't understand it. >> he said i like working around black people they're funny. >> they cracked him up he said. >> his exact words were they cracked me up. it's fascinating. i don't think darren wilson has malice in his heart. i don't think he wakes up in the morning and says i wanted to shoot a black person. i think he sees himself as a good natured person just doing his job. the problem is he has certain assumptions about black people that smuggles in white seeupremacy and racism. that's what makes darren wilson so dangerous. the fact is he's not a monster. he's an ordinary person who's part of a monstrous system.
6:30 am
>> he had a difficult upbringing. i'm going to read another quote from the article. he was talking about the culture in ferguson. he said, quote, it's a pregang culture where you're just running in the streets, not worried about working in the morning, just worried about your immediate gratification. it's the same culture that is everywhere in the inner cities. >> if they were trying to paint him as empathetic to the situation, i think they did a terrible job. he's really referring to the fact that people in ferguson aren't going to work and they have nothing to do. i really question the timing of this article, why he even bothered doing it. it was such a firestorm, you would think that he would be the last person on earth that would bring any of this back up. >> here's why he may have
6:31 am
granted this interview. the reporter asked him if the ferguson police department offered him his job back would he take it. i asked ferguson what he would do if the ferguson police force offered him his job back? his wife said i would not allow him. i would want to do it for a day, wilson said to show people he was not defeated. mark? >> he's making this about him. it should be about michael brown who lay dead on the ground unattended for hours as if he belonged to nobody. it should be about a community that has been plagued by structural racism according to the justice department report that he didn't even read for decade. it should be about that. i'm sensitive to the loss of life here. i'm the also sensitive to darren wilson. but this cannot be about wilson and whether he was defeated or not.
6:32 am
it has to be about justice of the land. otherwise we're all in a bad position. >> thanks so both of you. i appreciate it. and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. effective immediately delta and american airlines are banning the shipment of big game trophies as freight. sparked by the slaughter of an african lion named cecil at the hands of an american dentist. >> we're talking about trophies. trophies are the heads and pelts of these animals. hunters talk about the big five game. and these big five game have been banned by two airlines. these are lions,. delta and american airlines will no longer allow them to be
6:33 am
shipped back on their planes. lion trophies are the most prized here. lion trophies some 600 african lions each year are legally killed. the majority of those are shipped back to the united states. >> doesn't matter if they were legally killed or not. >> they don't want to be in the business. the human society has been pushed them and saying there are other airlines who already don't do this. praising them. you don't want to be the get away driver for the pillage of african wildfire. we know that delta is the biggest direct connection from the united states to south ach africa. delta had been under a lot of pressure. delta is not saying specifically it's because of the cecil case. but they are saying very clearly we will not ship any trophies world wide as freight.
6:34 am
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6:39 am
arrest for a partner in crime. >> i would hold them as an accomplice, make them criminally culpable. >> jindal's big idea did not sit well with sumomervillesomerville's mayor joseph curtatone. >> i love listening to jindal but i'd swear if you didn't know who it was you'd think it was gomer pyle. >> thank you for being here. >> good morning. >> we invited bobby jindal as well. thank you for being here. did you really call him jindog. >> i think that's just my unique boston accent.
6:40 am
>> you did call him gomer pyle and barney fife. >> the comments are so absurd. when i woke up and i heard them it just blew my mind. >> you also said bring it on the bobby jindal wants to arrest mayors like yourself bring its on. can you expound on that? >> yeah. it's not just bring it on his purported actions and what he threatened he would do if he were president. but bring on the conversation and debate. this issue is much more complex. we need in this country leadership that is smart and compassionate and serious about solving problems not just making washington work but helping our cities work. i'm a mayor trying to represent
6:41 am
everyone in my community whether they're documented or undocumented trying to solve problems on public health public safety. we need a president that understands he or she will represent every city including somerville. don't just try to throw out asefrgsa assertions to ignite the mob. we're a lot smarter than bobby jindal thinks. >> in your mind what is bobby jindal trying to do? >> i think you've alluded to it carol. he is lagging in the polls, although yesterday's comments by him have brought him from 1.4% to 1.5. i understand it's politics. it's political season. there's dozens of people running on each side of the aisle for president. what i believe the american people want to see -- and whether you vote republican or democrat or independent is strong committed, serious,
6:42 am
smart, compassionate leadership. we need leadership that wants to take on major problems in this country, such as immigration reform. let's have a serious conversation and not just throw out words that ignite the mob and attack and declare war on more than 11 million undocumented people. that's not leadership. >> but what happened in san francisco with katie steinle, she was killed by an undocumented immigrant who should have been shipped out of the country long ago. why shouldn't that mayor be held accountable for that for not turning that undocumented immigrant over to the authorities when they asked? >> the case in san francisco was absolutely tragic. a heinous crime was committed and an innocent person lost her
6:43 am
life. the problem is much more complex than one terrible incident. sanctuary cities have been in existence now for almost oh 3030 years. let's understand why they came into existence. and who you we're trying to break down walls, carol. we're trying to create connections to everyone in our kmuntd community to make our community safer. we need to engage everyone. my city speaks 52 languages. a third of my population wasn't even born in the united states. i need to engage with everyone. need to earn their trust. our public safety official versus stated the same thing, that we've had numerous cases when people who have been victims themselves refuse to come forward for fear of being determined undocumented status and being deported.
6:44 am
it's much more complex than one terrible act. and bobby jindal is much smarter than that. that's what's disappointing here. people like him and donald trump didn't come to position by being dumb. but to state incredible inflammatory statements about mexico not sending their best, and sanctuary cities are harboring rapists and murders and burglars people of this country know that's not the case. they know the problem is much more complex. help me was a local official grow my community. help us all to grow a better country. >> mayor joseph curtatone, thank you so much for being with me this morning. i appreciate it. >> thank you, carol. still to come in the "newsroom," e "newsroom," experts from across the globe meeting in france. is this a piece from the wing of mh370?
6:45 am
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investigators meeting today before they begin analyzing this piece of debris possibly from that missing malaysia airlines flight. there has been around the clock anticipation for this meeting since the wreckage washed up last week. many hoping this will shed light on what happened to the flight that vanished off the radar more than 17 months ago. a 777, yet to say whether it is from mh-370. this is where that crucial work will take place. on monday at the paris prosecutor's office malaysian
6:50 am
authorities met with french aviation authorities and talked about how they want to move forward, and malaysian transport ministry and the civil aviation authority released a statement saying that they've agreed how they're going to move forward, what examinations they're going to do and crucially, carol, they've agreed to conduct examinations both under international aviation legislation but also under judicial legislation, and that is because there's also a manslaughter case here in france that's been launched by the families of the four nationals on mh-370. now, that is why there's going to be a judicial investigation and an air crash investigation going on simultaneously. those are the parameters they've decided. cnn has also learned that the ntsb and boeing and malaysian authorities and malaysian investigation in charge will be meeting meeting here in toulouse.
6:51 am
it's a very sensitive investigation, as you can imagine. >> yes, i can. thank you so much. reporting live for us this morning. checking some other top stories for you at 50 minutes past the death penalty still on the table for james holmes. jurors rejected a plea for leniency monday moving the trial into the third and final phase which will include victims and family impact statements along with sentencing. 12 people were killed 70 injured in that shooting three years ago. this heart-pounding rescue caught on video in northern california. a sheriff's deputy pulls a man out of a car and off train tracks moments before a train comes barrelling through and smashes into his car. the driver was stuck on the tracks but the deputy saw him in trouble, pulled had i am to safety with barely a second to spare. still to come remember the unbelievable rescue 33 chilean miners waiting underground for more than two months? see how they're doing five years later next.
6:52 am
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it's been five years, 33 chilean miners trapped more than a half mile underground when the mine collapsed around them. for nearly ten weeks the world watched, waited and prayed. in "a miner miracle," cnn's rosa flores looks back at the dangerous operation that brought those men back to the surface one by one. rosa joins me now to talk more about this. this was an incredible story. >> it was. i think we all remember when these men were being brought up one by one. one of the amazing things about this documentary is that we're going to be able to share with you details that you didn't know even if you think you know the story, there's certain things carol, that you just didn't know about because these men invited us into their homes.
6:57 am
they shared their stories with us of how they were trapped underneath how they didn't have food and a couple other things. i'm not going to tell you everything so you can watch. but then there's this one day that they are found, and this is what it was like. take a look. >> around 6:00 a.m. i receive a phone call. >> reporter: from the drillers who believe they finally busted through to the mine. >> i got up here without shower without anything. i went nearly to the side. >> so the miners down there started screaming saying we're found? >> the plan is that somebody will take a big piece of steel and start whacking the drill bit and sure enough the drill operator is hearing this kind of echoing coming up.
6:58 am
>> rescuers take several hours to pull up the bit. >> the hammer came out with a cross painted in red, and i said to one of the them it's painted. they said yes, that wasn't there. are you sure? yes, minister, i'm sure that there wasn't anything. and then in the hammer there was tied a plastic bag with a message inside. >> it's a note from one miner to his wife. then workers notice something else. >> and we start digging, and we took the paper and open and i see the message.
6:59 am
>> a message that triggers an impossible rescue. did you ever think, darn this is not going to happen? >> every minute of every day. >> geez. you're going to feel through this special report carol, because i think we really are going to take you through the highs and lows of the emotion that these people went through, both underground and above ground. >> what about lasting effects? >> these poor miners. a lot of them are having a lot of trouble, psychologically financially, they're not doing very well. they're being pulled back into those dark areas that they lived and experienced, and you're going to learn in this special report how they're coping today, what they're doing to make sure that they're okay and that their families are okay. >> what about mine safety in general in chile because that was a big problem, right? >> you know and it improved. it did improve. there's a lot of concentration on safety now, but, of course
7:00 am
it's too late for these men. they've already been trapped. they've already gone through all of those experiences and so for them, you know it's a moot point at this point. >> i can't wait to watch. rosa thanks so much for stopping by. i appreciate it. the cnn special report "a miner miracle: five years after the chilean rescue" airs tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern on cnn. the next hour of cnn "newsroom" starts now. and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. two people are dead and dozens more injured after a circus tent collapses in new hampshire. earlier this morning the governor announced the two victims were a father and daughter. about 100 people were inside that tent when a severe thunderstorm struck. officials are still investigating whether the tent setup contributed to the tragedy. a news conference is expected at any moment now, so stay right here and when it begins you see it there, we'll bring it to you live. actually, let's go to it live now.
7:01 am
>> you guys all set? good morning. i'm bill degman new hampshire state fire marshal. we're here conducting the investigation of the collapse of the circus tent which occurred late yesterday afternoon. the incident occurred at approximately 5:46 p.m. yesterday afternoon when a severe storm came through with 60-mile-per-hour winds according to the national weather service. the national weather service also advised that they had put out a severe thunderstorm warning for this region at approximately 5:23 p.m. the incident occurred in the walker brothers international circus tent and they're located out of sarasota florida. this was the 5:30 p.m. show that was ongoing at the time of the incident. there was approximately 100 people in the tent at the time of the collapse and we have
7:02 am
reports that there were approximately 32 people that have been treated at four regional hospitals in the area. that information is still trickling in as we confirm with the hospitals how many people were treated as they sort through some of the people who were transported by ambulance and some that walked into the hospitals. unfortunately, there was a father and daughter that perished in this incident and their names are being withheld at this time pending the notification of next of kin. there are autopsies being performed as we speak to determine the cause of death. the investigation will involve the documentation of the scene, which includes mapping out the scene as to exactly where things are located after the collapse and examining the actual setup of the tent to determine how it was set up and all the cables
7:03 am
where they were connected, and things of that nature. we'll also be conducting a building code and fire code assessment to ensure that everything was done according with nationally recognized building and fire codes. the fire chief, randy flynn, and police chief, bill colburn, commended all of the first responders and the people who were in attendance at this circus last night as most everybody played a role in helping get some of the people that were trapped in the tent out. it's certainly something that is very disastrous not only to the local community and the families involved but when you look at it from the standpoint of a child and the child's father that lost their life this family that is being disrupted forever. i don't have any other information in regards to the
7:04 am
scene to be able to offer you at this time. once we get going on our investigation, i'll have a better idea of what time this afternoon we'll have an update for you. within the next half hour i'll get that word out through mike todd the pio for the department of safety so you will have that and know when we'll be able to offer something else out. i can take a few questions. >> why was the show going on with the storm warning? >> that's an excellent question? it's really the responsibility of the show to monitor the conditions and we don't know why they were going on at that time what they knew. >> are these tents rated for certain weather conditions? >> and that's what the investigation will look at. it would look at the manufacturer's specifications for the tent which will include
7:05 am
the wind loading. >> ultimately you're saying it's the operator's decision whether or not to cancel the show because of weather? there's not some state or -- it's not a state or a county oversight? >> there was no state or local officials involved with this setup. >> sir, they had 17 minutes prior to the warning and the actual incident. i mean, that's an alarming element amount of time. is that warranting any possible charges or things along those lines. >> the investigation is a fact-finding mission, and at this time there's no -- >> all right. we're going to step away. that was the new hampshire state fire marshal talking about that terrible tent collapse in new hampshire. a father and daughter were killed. we'll have much more to come in the hours to come on cnn. let's talk politics. just two days left until the first republican debate. some of the candidates still don't know if they will make it on stage, at least on the prime time stage, and while the final roster won't be announced until 5:00 p.m. eastern today, a new cnn poll of polls might provide
7:06 am
some clues. of course, donald trump, the clear front-runner leading his closest rivals jeb bush and scott walker by double digits. rounding out the possible top ten, beb carson mike huckabee ted cruz rand paul marco rubio, and john kasich but before the big face-off a kinder gentler contest in new hampshire where most of the field took part in a forum last night. sort of a preview for all of us. cnn political reporter sara marie joins us to talk about that preview. donald trump was absent. the candidates didn't mention him but they mentioned hk eded hillary clinton a lot. >> i'm fluent in clinton speak. do you want me to translate, jack? when he says bill says i didn't have sex with that woman, he did. when she says i'll tell you about bill and the pipeline when i get to be president means she won't. and when she tells us trust me you got all the e-mails that you need, we haven't even scratched the surface, so i understand this crowd and i can beat them.
7:07 am
>> okay. so even though lindsey graham likely won't make the prime time stage, is this a preview of what we can expect on thursday who can -- the candidates talking about who can best beat hillary clinton, not who has the best policies? >> well i think the candidates will try to do two things on thursday. one is yes, they want to land their jabs against hillary clinton. they want to sort of needle her a little bit, but the other thing they want to do is talk about what they stand for. they want to introduce themselves to the american public. a lot of these people who are not named donald trump are not as well known to a lot of american households so people might no one or two facts about the other candidates on stage but they might not be very familiar with their record. so i think a lot of the candidates want to get that out there. that's what john kasich wants to do that's what scott walker wants to do. i think we'll hear a lot of that from jeb bush as well. >> what did you think of the candidates' performances at that forum, specifically jeb bush? >> well i don't think that there were many who had very standout performances. you saw lindsey graham comment,
7:08 am
that's what hedoes at these cattle calls. but i think jeb, for instance i think people were expecting him to be a lot better than he was. this sort of question and answer forum is usually an area he does better. he's not great at delivering big speeches but he's he's usually good at the back and forth. i think people were a little disappointed by her performance there. the reality is thursday is going to be a totally different scenario. you are going to have the candidates pitted against one another. they're going to be able to bounce off each other and sort of land jabs against each other. we did not see that in nump. this gives us a little bit of a preview but i think it will be a different feel when we see the actual debate on thursday. >> all right. sara murray many thanks to you. i appreciate it. you know donald trump is surging in the polls, but it's not just on name recognition anymore. according to a wmu r poll of new hampshire primary voters republicans give trump the highest marx on the economy, terrorism, immigration, and health care.
7:09 am
that even though trump has not laid out any comprehensive plan on any of those things. with me to talk about that and more ron christi e a former special assistant to george w. bush and noelle from the sun sentinel. >> good morning. >> good morning. ron, what do you make of that that new hampshire voters give donald trump high marks on things like immigration and he hasn't laid out any policies. >> i think it's a dissatisfaction with the status quo. i think a lot of people in new hampshire are looking at what's going on in washington, they can't balance the budget they can't provide for tsa, they can't do anything in washington. and i think trump comes across as the anti-establishment the guy who is going to shake up the system the guy who is not part of the problem and he has fresh ideas. >> doesn't really matter what he does? >> no. it doesn't matter what he does this early. we're still talking the first week of august. >> you mean his poll showings. >> it's way too early. do i want him as a republican to
7:10 am
be the nominee? no. i think he has no experience. america has significant challenges. he's not the guy but it shows the di satisfactionssatisfaction people have. >> do you think the republicans will have to attack him, noelle? >> you know if i were advising anyone i would tell them to stay on message and not to mess with the donald. i would really leave him alone because i think that right now even though it is early, look i worked for rudy giuliani and we were ahead in the polls forever until, you know, we went down but i would really have them stay on message and not attack donald trump because right now everybody, let's face it is going to watch this to see what donald trump does in the debate on thursday. >> and noelle you're absolutely right because, ron, even my eyes will be trained on donald trump. >> yeah. >> i will want to hear him
7:11 am
attack his fellow opponents, and i will want the opponents to attack him back. that's what i'm watching for. >> of course. you're waiting for the train wreck, right? >> right. i'm just being honest here. >> i'm being honest right back at you. i think people are waiting to see how is he going to interact with governor kasich with jeb bush. i think when people realize there's little substance behind what he's saying here is how i intend to fight al qaeda, here is what i plan to do to fight isis i think they're going to say this guy is nothing more than an entertainer and it's going to make the other folks on the stage look a lot more presidential. >> noelle you think donald trump's opponents will just let him dig his own hole? >> i think if they're smart they will, but we don't know what he's been doing. we don't know if anyone has been prepping him too much. he's already set the bar really low by saying that he's never done a debate. he doesn't know how he's going to do so he's told the american
7:12 am
public set the bar really low for me. we don't know what he's been prepping for or what his real policies are so it will give us a chance to see is donald trump a simp is he not? we don't know. >> do you think that will come out in that very first debate, ron? >> anything is possible carol. i just think as long as we're not talking about donald trump, i think the republican field looks a lot better. it's dominated the coverage for so long. what we need to dominate the coverage and talk about is serious issues and that's what american voters are looking for, not this side show. >> because i'm beginning to doubt that ron. >> i can only try to be hopeful. >> ron christie noel nikpour, thank you. still to come in the "newsroom." >> it hurts. >> oh it's hard to watch, right? maybe even harder to understand. why did a sheriff's deputy handcuff an 8-year-old?
7:13 am
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in northern kentucky just across the river from cincinnati outrage has turned from a simmer to a boil largely because of this video. >> ow! it hurts! >> an 8-year-old boy crying out saying he's in pain. he had acted up and a school resource officer handcuffed his arms behind his back. the very same officer did the same thing to a 9-year-old girl. both children diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and now their parents are suing. cnn's martin savidge is here with a closer look. >> reporter: good morning, carol. the lawsuit is not against the school district but against the kenton sheriff's department that's kenton county in kentucky there. and as you pointed out, the school resource officer, the same officer in all three instances, only one of those instances was caught on videotape. that's the one pertaining to the 8-year-old little boy and as you say, he was acting out and he
7:18 am
does have according to the lawsuit attention deficit disorder. he also suffers from ptsd and it's felt by many that this was just the wrong approach. look at the video for yourself. >> you don't get to swing at me like that. you can do what we've asked you to or you can suffer the consequences consequences. >> it hurts. >> sit down in the chair like i asked you to. >> reporter: now, under the kentucky board of education regulations, it is proper to restrain a child if they're a danger to other children or perhaps to themselves. but the advocates here are saying that was not the case doesn't appear this child was really a danger. certainly when off large sheriff's deputy and a very small child here. that's part of the reason for the outrage. the lawsuit is seeking for a change of practices here and they're also seeking damages, but, again, we're talking about not just this one child but another child, a 9-year-old girl as well. and in all cases this lawsuit maintains that the sheriff's deputy acted improperly. carol? >> do we know what these kids
7:19 am
were doing in the classroom to warrant the sheriff's deputy coming to take them away? do we know what was happening? >> reporter: apparently they were disturbing in the classroom. that is something that's admitted by the families and by the child themselves that apparently a vice principal stepped in a teacher tried to resolve all of this and were unable to do so and they brought in the school resource officers. it should be pointed out in a statement that came from the school district they say, look you know these school resource officers are there to of course protect students and to protect staff. they are not there to mete out punishment. that is not their role and they say this was not the case that was happening in this particular instance. >> all right. martin savidge reporting live for us this morning. thanks so much. checking some other top stories for you at 19 minutes past the hour. new york city health officials are tracking down the source of an outbreak of legionnaires' disease that's killed seven people. a hotel and a hospital have been tested positive for the deadly
7:20 am
bacteria. 80 cases have been confirmed. more than 60 people have been hospitalized. all of those who died were elderly and had other medical problems. the governor of puerto rico says the island's economy is in quote, a death spiral. the problem became worse yesterday when puerto rico defaulted on a $58 million debt payment adding to puerto rico's woes. the island is suffering from a severe water shortage with many residents going days without tap water. if you're a woman who feels like she's freezing in the office there's a reason. a study in nature climate change found the average office thermostat is set with a man in mind. a 40-year-old, 154-pound man to be precise. the study's authors say women have a different thermal comfort zone than men and are more sensitive to cold or hot temperatures and i can certainly attest to that. coming up next in the "newsroom," israel's prime minister turns to his allies in the united states in a last-ditch effort to kill that controversial iran nuclear deal.
7:21 am
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next sunday august 9th marks the one-year anniversary of the fatal police shooting of michael brown. the man who pulled the trigger, former ferguson missouri police officer darren wilson has pretty much dropped from sight since then. the new yorker magazine has published an in-depth profile of wilson and what his life is like now. boris sanchez has more for you. >> reporter: darren wilson speaking out almost a year after shooting and killing michael brown. a new photo of the former ferguson police officer accompanying an over 20-page in depth interview by "the new yorker" interview. the reporter who spent several days with him in march says the now 29-year-old lives in an undisclosed new home. very few know where.
7:26 am
>> we just want to have a normal life. >> reporter: far from wilson's wish in an interview with abc news nine months ago, wilson now says he'll only go to places where there are like-minded eded individuals and it's not a mixing pot. and about the death that sparked national outrage? wilson says he doesn't think of michael brown as a person because, quote, it doesn't matter at this point. when asked if he thought brown was truly a bad guy, wilson said i only knew him for those 45 seconds in which he was trying to kill me so i don't know. brown's family says they're not surprised. >> there's so many inconsistencies and hypocrisy throughout the article itself. it just perpetuates the view of darren wilson as being self-serving. >> reporter: wilson admittedly has not read the justice department's report on the systemic racism in ferguson. the former cop says he's not going to keep living in the past. wilson says if you live in a high-crime area with a lot of poverty, there's going to be a
7:27 am
large police presence. he claims it's not a race issue. wilson goes on to say that in ferguson there's a lack of initiative to get a job. the youth are running in the streets, he says not worried about working in the morning. the 29-year-old claims that culture is everywhere in the inner cities. >> darren wilson is no racist. i know him well. i think the article misrepresents who he is. >> boris sanchez reporting. in other news california in flames fueled by drought and helped along by lightning. 21 fires are forcing tens of thousands of people to flee their homes. the rocky fire the largest active blaze, has already torched 65,000 acres. it's just 12% contained and could grow now that it's jumped to a containment line. paul vercammen is live with more for you. good morning, paul. >> reporter: good morning, carol. actually firefighters now sounding a very optimistic note
7:28 am
and why is that? the weather. they don't expect the high to creep much above 83 today. that's good news. the humidity is actually up and we don't have any of those unpredictable winds, at least not yet. that's been a big problem with this fire because the winds have literally whipped one way and then in the other direction and that sent firefighters scurrying, but something they did late yesterday, they controlled their own destiny. they went ahead and they set a massive backfire along this mountain. this is the eastern edge of the fire. using a mix of drip torch fuel that's diesel and gasoline, so they burned this entire swath out, and what the firefighters are telling me is they expect that containment number to jump. they just haven't had their briefing yet, and it's only after the briefing of course, that they go ahead and update those numbers. but they say the news is better here. of course 3,100 firefighters still on the scene here keeping a close watch on this fire.
7:29 am
the largest of all the fires in northern california this being the rocky fire carol. >> and it's frightening, paul because although that's better news right, the drought continues there. >> reporter: oh it's going to be a long and hot fire season yes, absolutely. the drought exacerbating everything and yesterday a lot of things at play. we had extremely low humidity. we had those winds and we had the temperatures up and then that terrain, if you can see back there, that is steep. that is extremely difficult to reckon with and that's why the water drops were so critical and using aerial assault as well the c-130 tankers which are converted military planes. they credit them with doing a great job in the very very difficult to access areas of this fire in northern california. >> all right. paul vercammen reporting live from northern california this morning. thank you. ♪
7:30 am
and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. this morning at the white house president obama welcomes the world's top diplomat ban ki-moon, the secretary-general of the united nations visits as mr. obama prepares a major speech on the u.s. nuclear deal with iran. the secretary-general has applauded the agreement but president obama is trying to sell it to skeptical americans. and israel's prime minister steps up his efforts to get congress to kill it. in just a few hours he'll hold a webcast with jewish-american leaders to make his case that the deal strengthens iran and endangers israel. rabbi marvin higher is on the phone. he's the founder and dean of the simon weissen that willthal center in los angeles. good morning. >> good morning. >> do you plan to watch netanyahu's webcast? >> i'm giving a speech in toronto at the same time otherwise i would have. i met with the prime minister four weeks ago on iran in his
7:31 am
office and i could tell you that he is very much opposed to this deal as are many americans and jewish leaders, and for good reason. remember iran is an existential threat to the state of israel. israel is not separated by the atlantic ocean. iran is not stupid enough to attack the united states of america, but the iranian leaders, even the recent book that the ayatollah put out, makes it very clear, the destruction of israel is to them nonnegotiable, and so with who are we making a deal? all we did is kick the can down the road for ten years. after ten years they will have the bomb, and they will have all that money. >> do you think that netanyahu's webcast will change the minds of those jewish leaders who are softening toward the deal? >> well let me tell you this
7:32 am
the first thing that's important to know is that in israel there's a unanimity of opinion, a massive -- both sides of the aisle, the leftist labor party is adamant that the deal with iran is a horrible deal so it's not only bibi netanyahu, it's the labor party, and israel is the united states' closest friend in the middle east and both parties say it's a terrible deal. now, you know, to israel, it's an existential threat. there are 6 million jews living in israel and the prime minister of israel president obama's principal responsibility is to look after the citizens of the united states. likewise prime minister netanyahu must look after the citizens of the state of israel and he says it's an existential
7:33 am
threat and the labor party leader from the left agrees with him. >> as far as democratic support in the u.s. congress it appears right now that president obama has enough support for that iran deal, you know not to get vetoed. so what price will those democrats pay when it comes to the jewish voters? >> well look obviously there's going to be many jewish voters that are going to be very upset, and, you know, i saw a press report this morning that the united states and the united states is the closest ally in israel said they would defend israel if israel is attacked. let me comment on that. what's important here is not what will happen after israel is attacked. what's important is to make sure that israel is never attacked. in other words, it's not enough to have israel's back.
7:34 am
you've got to have israel's front. >> all right. rabbi marvin hier thanks for your insight as always. i appreciated it. still to come a key meeting for investigators looking into what might have caused the disappearance of mh-370. we'll talk about that next. why should over two hundred years of citi history matter to you? well, because it tells us something powerful about progress: that whether times are good or bad, people and their ideas will continue to move the world forward. as long as they have someone to believe in them. citi financed the transatlantic cable that connected continents. and the panama canal, that made our world a smaller place. we backed the marshall plan that helped europe regain its strength. and pioneered the atm, for cash, anytime. for over two centuries we've supported dreams like these, and the people and companies behind them. so why should that matter to you?
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investigators meeting today before they begin analyzing this piece of plane debris that washed ashore last week possibly from a missing malaysia airlines flight that vanished off the radar nearly 17 months ago now. it's unclear how long the analysis will take. french investigators will be working inside a lab that was previously used to examine wreckage from an air france
7:39 am
flight that crashed into the atlantic ocean six years ago. sigh >> reporter: carol, well yes, just one day to go until that crucial analysis will take place inside this lab in the south of france. it's got the best technology in the world to do so and, of course those bodies traveling from across the world to be a part of the investigating team. now, on monday the paris prosecutor's office in paris, malaysian officials met with french air safety board and decided how they want to move forward. now, they have agreed they're not only going to do this under international investigative guidelines but they're also going to do it under french judicial procedures as well, and that is carol because there is a manslaughter case here in france led by the four french nationals families should there be a hijacking or terrorism involved in this. today we learned cnn has been told by a ourssource that the united
7:40 am
states national transportation safety board, boeing and malaysian officials are meeting in toulouse to decide how they want to examine and proceed tomorrow. what's likely to happen tomorrow carol? well that piece, the flaperon that has been confirmed series being from a 777 aircraft but not yet from mh-370 that was delivered by a police escort is in a sealed container in this lab. now, everyone has to be present, all these bodies the united states, malaysians chinese, which have decided to join as well and french will have to be present. now, standard operating procedure, carol, is that they will be filmed when they first open the seal. they're likely to carry out x-rays sonograms, and then take this part apart piece by piece until they can conclusively determine that it is fromm h mh-370. and as the australian safety board said to cnn earlier on monday they want a direct link
7:41 am
between this part and mh-370. they don't want to get anything wrong. there are 239 passengers' families and loved ones holding onto every development and we're going to bring you that as and when it happens, carol, and they want to make sure they absolutely get this right. carol? >> thank you. other top stories we're following this morning, tensions building between top ranking taliban officials. this is the head of the terror group's political office announces his resignation today just days after a new chief was appointed. the taliban's leadership has been struggling since last week's death of former leader. the little girl seen here in the arms of this florida officer has been found after she'd been missing for one year and it's all thanks to a cnn viewer. her mother megan everett, was accused of kidnapping her. the mother is behind bars this morning just one day after cnn's "the hunt" with john walsh told her story. a woman who saw the show sunday night called in a tip and the child was recovered unharmed.
7:42 am
several republicans say the fight to defund planned parenthood is not over. this less than 24 hours after a measure to bar all federal funds to the group failed on the senate floor. the funding fight now shifts to a must-pass government measure this fall but the white house says president obama will veto any measure calling for cuts to planned parenthood. now to video of a secret tunnel discovered under a warehouse in tijuana, mexico. mexican military officials say the tunnel was unfinished just over 400 feet long and headed to the california border. officials believe it may have been built by the sin nola drug cartel the cartel created by el chapo who escaped from prison last month by way of a secret tunnel. still to come in the "newsroom," the summer games are just one year away and some of those competition sites in rio de janeiro could be hazardous to athletes' health. we'll talk about that next.
7:43 am
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rio de janeiro has just one year before the 2016 summer olympics and it's far from ready. one of the biggest obstacles is the capital's reputation of violent crime. a new report from amnesty international blames brazil's security forces for thousands of deaths over the past decade. rio officials quickly criticized the report as reckless and unfair and say crime has actually gone down. that aside, rio has a terrible
7:48 am
water pollution problem that must be addressed before next summer. some places were sailing and rowing events are held are literal cesspools. >> reporter: if i fell into that water right now, he says i could contract anything from a conjunctivitis to an intetionstinal disorder or hepatitis a. >> shasta darlington joins us from rio to tell us more. hi shasta. >> reporter: hi carol. i know it looks beautiful here but there are a number of controversies emerging exactly a year before the olympics. so this is a big deal for the government here. on the one hand this report by amnesty is accusing police of using not only excessive but illegal force, which has led to the death of more than 5,000 people at the hands of police right here in rio over the last decade. and the worst part is this doesn't even come as a surprise to most brazilians who have gotten to accustomed to this
7:49 am
level of violence. the rio state government says it's unfair because they say they've done so much to try to rein it in starting in 2007. they sent police and army troops into these very precarious communities to try and pacify them and take them over from the drug lords, and they say since then the number of deaths involving police has actually fallen dramatically by 85%. but the fact is the number of homicides is still ridiculously high in rio and something that has to be dealt with. as you mentioned, it's just one of the problems. while that's mostly happening pretty far from tourist destin nations, the raw sewage is right here in the heart of rio. it's in the lake where athletes are going to be rowing and canoeing in the bay where they will be sailing and according to a new investigation just a few teaspoons full of this liquid could be so high in this level of fume feces that athletes could become violently ill. not what you want to be thinking about when you're training
7:50 am
carol. >> not the kind you'd like to be thinking about ever. shasta darlington, thanks so much. i appreciate it. the man accused of killing a memphis police officer during a traffic stop will be back in court tomorrow. tremaine wilbourn surrendered to federal marshals two days after the shooting. he was out on a supervised release following a robbery conviction. wilbourn remains in jail held on a $9 million bond. officer sean bolton's funeral is thursday. the national baseball congress says it is suspending the use of bat boys and bat girls in the wake of kaiser carlile's death. the 9-year-old died this weekend after being accidentally struck by a player's bat. in an emotional news conference players describe kaiser as their little brother who always had a smile on his face. this might be the most amazing video you will see all day. a guy surfing on a dirt bike but it nearly got him killed. not a smart move. we'll show you more next.
7:51 am
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checking some top stories for you at 5344 minutes past. desmond tutu released from a hospital in cape town. he had been receiving treatment for a persistent infection. he expressed concern to south africa's health minister that the first class health care he received is not available to most south africans. take a look at this several buildings were flattened when two krincranes collapsed in the netherlands. they were lowering a steel ramp into place when, you know that happened. at least 20 people were injured. some of them seriously. the death penalty is still on the table for the colorado movie theater shooter james
7:56 am
holmes. jurors rejected a plea for leniency on monday moving the trial into the third and final phase which will include victim and family impact statements along with the sentencing. 12 people were killed and 70 injured in the shooting three years ago. delta and american airlines are refusing to allow big game trophies on their plane. it includes the shipment of lion lem pardon elephant rhinoceros and buffalo trophies. the petition has been asking airlines to make that change. the announcements follow the international outrage over the killing of an african lion named cecil. daredevil stunned man robby madison has jumped over a replica of thea dearc detri imp. >> reporter: it makes walking on water seem lame. stunt biker robby madison didn't just ride on water.
7:57 am
he rode the waves in that he toe. no way you see? >> it's an everywhoming experience. >> reporter: that took three years of experimentation culminateing in a dirt bike on two skis with the tires protruding through cutouts and a custom made paddle fire propelling the bike from the rear like an old steam paddle boat. how many times over the course of the project did you actually sink the thing? >> upwards of about 30 40 times easily. >> reporter: no wonder his bike wears air bags so they can recover it. the video coincidentally release released the same weekend as the annual dog surfing contest in california. the pooches managed some cool moves on their surf boards. none of them hotdogging like this. madison's past stunts have ranged from doing a flip over london bridge to a leap over a greek canal. he's even been a stunt double
7:58 am
for james bond. though none of that compared to this. >> it was one of the most terrifying situations i have ever been in. >> reporter: but you don't actually see the scariest part of the stunt when madison was missing for several minutes. launching from a barge with a ramp he caught one of tahiti's monster waves. >> it picked me up and slammed me and the motorcycle drove into my back. i lost all the air out of my lungs. >> reporter: for four minutes he was stuck under water able to surface for a breath maybe three times. he says he gave up fighting even saw the peaceful whiteness of a near death experience. to be continued when the behind the scenes video is released later this month. never has a dirt bike been cleaner. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. wow. this heart pounding rescue was caught on video in northern california. a sheriff's deputy pulls a man out of a car and off the tracks
7:59 am
moments before a train comes barrelling through and smashes into that car you see. the driver was stuck on the tracks but the deputy saw him in trouble and pulled him to safety with barely a second to spare. and the university of illinois at urbana champaign, has an honor. it is the top party school in the nation. the university of iowa by the way, came in second while the university of wisconsin at madison was third. on the other end of the spectrum brigham young university topped the list of, quote, stone cold sober schools. so there you have it parents. thank you so much for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now. there are only ten spots on varsity, and hours from now republican candidates find out whether they make the debate cut. but cnn has run the numbers, and
8:00 am
we already have a pretty good idea of who is sitting on jv. >> who was michael brown as a person? doesn't matter says the former officer who shot and killed him, but darren wilson doesn't stop there. his new revelations about the shooting and the aftermath in ferguson. cuffed in class. a third grader punished by a police officer, put in handcuffs. the reason behind it and why this is not the first time. hello everyone. i'm kate bolduan. >> i'm john berman. countdown to the showdown. forget the race for 2016 let's talk about the race for thursday. the first big republican presidential debate 17 candidates are running, but only 10 get debate invitations. so who will get the rose? that's a little bachelor reference. >> well played. the newest polls out this morning p


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