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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  August 5, 2015 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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family members may still hold on to hope that some people may have made it out alive even though it appears that's against all possibilities at this point. >> devastating news confirming suspicions. will ripley in beijing. that's it for me. we will continue to follow this story. if you are viewing internationally amanpour is next and for our north american viewers "newsroom" with brooke baldwin starts right now. breaking news here on cnn. thank you for joining me. i'm brooke baldwin. i want to welcome our viewers here in the united states and all around the world for our breaking news coverage on the disappearance of malaysian air flight 370. this is huge. just in the last few moments we've just confirmed, this is from the malaysian prime minister that that debris, that wreckage that was washed ashore in the indian ocean on reunion island does indeed belong to that missing plane, a plane that has been missing for 515 days.
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investigators in france have just called a news conference which, by the way, is set to begin any minute now and we'll take there you live momentarily that we expect will officially confirm that the debris is in fact part of the plane's wing and the very first discovery in this mysterious disappearance. just to go back for a moment. this plane part in question washed up on this island. this is off the coast. you have africa off the coast of africa madagascar and a tiny island off of madagascar is reunion island. it was quickly confirmed as a flaperon belonging to a boeing 777, the very same model aircraft that was flight 370. that plane that vanished without a trace nearly 17 months ago now with 239 people on board. cnn's simon mosten is standing by live outside of the press conference in france and we have cnn's will ripley in beijing on
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the angle, of course of all of these families who must be absolutely devastated erin mclaughlin is on reunion island where the debris was first found, mary schiavo with me cnn aviation analyst and i also have an accident investigator with me and on set with me here in new york i have richard quest, our cnn aviation correspondent who has really been covering this from day one. in case you missed it let me go back to the malaysian prescription confirming this news moments ago. >> on the 29th of july we were injured by the french authorities that part of an aircraft wing had been found on reunion, the french island in the indian notion. today, 515 days seems the plane disappeared. it is with a very heavy heart
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thatty must tell you that an international team of experts have conclusively confirm that the aircraft debris found on reunion island is indeed from mh-370. we now have physical evidence that as i announced on 24th march last year flight mh $370 tragically ended in a southern indian ocean. >> let me go to you there first in toulouse and we're watching and waiting for this news conference to take place given by the paris deputy prosecutor. tell me what we should anticipate there. >> i would imagine they would give a bit more detail about what happened at this dga lab
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today. when all the organizations involved in this investigation arrived just a few hours ago, really they were only there for two and a half three hours and clearly now we know that they were able to conclusively attach that flaperon which we knew to be from a 777 aircraft to mh-370. the ntsb and boeing that makes the aircraft malaysian authorities, malaysia airlines a specialized team for mh-370 from malaysia as well and then chinese officials, australian officials and, of course the paris prosecutor represents it brooke and this is not just an air crash investigation here in france. this is a manslaughter investigation because the families of the four full french nationals on board have brought a case for manslaughter and should terrorism or hijack having been involved with the disappearance of mh-370 so of course the priority though
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today was to conclusively connect this flaperon to hm-370 which we now know without a shadow of a doubt, it belongs to that plane that disappeared 17 months ago. brooke? >> that's right. as we just heard from the malaysian prime minister with a heavy heart delivering the news to this family. by the way, i can confirm family members of the passengers and crew have been informed and from the airline expressing their deepest sympathies to those affect. we'll stand by and watch for that news conference out of paris. for now, thank you so much. as far as what's happening on this island, where this piece of debris and flaperon washed ashore and was discovered thanks to a very atuite cleanup -- astute cleanup worker i have erin mclaughlin standing by right now. tell me what's happening on reunion island. very early in the morning your time and when will more searching occur?
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>> reporter: well, i think, brooke, we can certainly expect the search efforts to continue and perhaps even to intensify. in the past few days people have been scouring the waters surrounding this island. they have been walking the beaches in hopes of finding any other clues that could help to solve the mystery of flight mh-370. people here say they want to help. they want to help give the families closure and they recognize that each piece of potential debris that they find would -- would possibly aid in that effort and they are not just searching here on reunion island but they are searching in nearby martha stewartias as well as the nearby seychelles because experts say debris could be carried to any number of areas.
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search by land even by sea or air. >> erin mclaughlin, thank you so much. richard quest to you, just our hearts and thoughts go ought to all the families, when we hear from the malaysian p.m. the obvious question is how do they figure it out? >> that's fascinating. that is the question because the fear had been throughout that there would be identifiable part number there were part numbers inside that said it was a 777 and no serial number. if you look at what the prime minister actually said. he said experts have conclusively confirmed that the aircraft debris found on reunion island is indeed from mh-370. we now have physical evidence. now that conclusively means that somewhere in this piece, maybe when they cut it open maybe on the inside of the honeycombing
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somewhere in there there is a number a unique identifying mark that they can say, they are not saying we've deduced it we've not come to a conclusion that it might be as a result of process of elimination. he's saying we have conclusively confirmed and that's significant. >> that's significant, a, and that was the real question how could they figure out. >> there will be something in there. >> what about beyond that? the other main question is what happened. this is from the u.s. intel assessment saying the pilots deliberately steered the plane off course and we still don't know. still fairly nebulous but when will they be able to tell from this piece and hopefully other pieces of debris that will wash ashore? >> they won't. that is the heaviest heart of all, brooke. that's the heaviest part. for the families this gives just a scintilla of closure. they can now say we know for a
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fact the plane went down. some in the families will refuse to accept that until the whole fuselage with human remains is located, but for most people they will say this is the sort of evidence but does it tell us what happened unless a bomb went off which we don't believe happened it really doesn't, and it certainly -- it's not a breadcrumb that we can follow back. >> can you not look at this closer and determine based upon burn marks, et cetera that the plane came apart mid-air versus upon impact of the water none of that? >> you can learn all of that. you can learn all that have. >> but what happened initially to lead to that is a mystery. >> oh, yes. did -- for example did it run out of fuel and it fluttered down to the ground? yes, you can find all that out, but it doesn't take -- it doesn't take you back seven hours. >> to the genesis. >> 1:19 and at 1:20 in the morning over the south china sea at that point between malaysian and vietnam airspace when the event happened and even if you
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follow the breadcrumbs by reverse drifting it doesn't take you much further than a rough area in the ocean and that's why he says here he says again and again and again and they all say they believe they have in the right place and this doesn't change the search location. they are pretty soon they know where it happened. >> mary schiavo, let me bring you in. you've investigated many a incident. i feel like this seems a bit unprecedented in so many ways. as far as the what happened how then will they ever be able to know will they have to find the black boxes. >> they have to find the black boxes or additional parts of the aircraft. remember this is one piece and it had to float there. the one thing is the theory that it's in the indian ocean over closer to australia means that this part floated on that giant south indian ocean geyer, big will pool full of trash and as people as they are scouring the
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shores of the various islands, heavy metal and pieces of the things that they thought was part of a door but really part of a domestic ladder. things like that are not going to float in the ocean guyer so they need to look for things that sealed cargo containers and pieces of the wing pieces of suitcases, gallie items. those kinds of things would confirm it is where they are searching but there is no chance absolutely no chance that the black boxes can float. they do not and so -- i agree completely with richard. they can learn an awful lot and my guess is how they got the serial numbers. they do use remote sensing cameras on the fiber optics and could have put that in any hold available and see if there's any numbers on inside. probably my best guess as to how they got the serial numbers but i agree completely with richard. it will be very hard to determine why even if they can tell how it went down.
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>> okay. just quickly, again, if you're just joining us looking at these live pictures here of this podium in paris where we're waiting to hear from the paris deputy prosecutor specifically on that missing malaysian air flight 370. just heard from the malaysian p.m. just a little while ago announcing essentially to the world with a heavy heart that they have conclusively determined that the piece of debris that washed ashore last week on reunion island is a piece of the missing plane. >> sean let me bring you in as we await the news conference. you investigated comair and now that you've learned that this is a piece of the missing piece, this one single piece that has washed ashore. what are you thinking, now what? >> well if i were part of the investigative team and i'm sure what they are looking at is there is some evidence that -- that can help us in step one of 3,000 steps and that is the condition of the piece itself so which looking at this from an investigative perspective i
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think it's very interesting that the front edge of this piece does not appear to be significantly damaged. in other words, that might tell us something about the impact angle but i have to caution the viewers that you need more pieces to help confirm that but there's some interesting things that i see in the photos of this in other words, the lack of damage to the leading edge of this piece telling me -- >> what does that tell you? >> well it tells me that when it finally hit the water if it was still attached to the wing it did not impact the wing in front of it if there's a high level of impact what we see is crumpling, pieces because of inertia hitting other pieces and they crunch together. a piece like this doesn't have that damage which tends to tell us it's a low angle of impact. another small step to confirm this is support this notion is looking at the underside of it. where is the damage on this piece? where's the impact damage? i would want to see the underside and i'm willing to
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beat on trailing edge of the underside might help indicate that. that tells us possibly and i caution the listener possibly about the impact angle. we find some more pieces that look similar and we can really start feeling comfortable with the impact angle. this is like having a 1,000-piece puzzle putting one piece on the table and say what's the picture? lots more steps to go with you. >> shawn, stay with me. richard quest, back to you. i keep going back to this is one piece. i look at you and i think when air france went into the ocean off of south america and in that first week they found pieces of debris. where are the other pieces? >> there was never one maybe perhaps and it took 12 days before they got to that part of the ocean. for understandable and difficult reasons but it took 12 days before they got to that part of
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the ocean and in the south indian ocean and much of it will have sunk by that point. the issue, of course or the difficulties where do you now search for further debris. there are plenty of people who put up planes and look in the ocean but as the malaysian head of the department of civil aviation said, look if i may, if i may, now searching about a vast area for potential debris, not a small area a vast area and putting up planes to look for single rare spots of debris is not going to do much. what you need to be doing and what they are doing is searching the beaches. and reunion, seychelles, maldives maldives, madagascar. >> that flaperon could have been sitting on that shore for weeks. >> could have been drifting in and drifting out. the idea that it was found last week. >> just because it's new to us
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doesn't mean it was new to the shore. >> if you're going to start putting up planes think of the distance between reunion and madagascar and how you would have to search that area. the only way, experts tell me the only way without a massive operation is to do it by the beaches to actually go and comb the beaches and near the shore line and that debris and most of it went down there. >> i have our entire team standing by watching and waiting for the news conference to take place on this plane, to use this from the malaysian prescription. indeed a piece of malaysian flight 370 missing for 515 days. quick break. we'll be right back. pasz
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ter on the plane. okay. expert assessment. on the 11th of march, 2014 the public prosecutor's opened a case as a result of the
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disappearance of flight mh-370 on board of which 239 people were present, of which four french nationals. the fact that there were french nationals in board involves the competency of the french justice ministry. the board of -- the aviation transport was apprised of this and the judicial inquiry was open and it was who lacks subsequently under the suspicion that could have been hijacked. and the only aim here is to get
11:19 am
to the truth and to make sure that all the hypothesis are checked out. the magistrate for terrorism or counterterrorism and also to others the examining or magistrates on the 29th of july this year. the flaperon was discovered. there was brought from the island of reunion to the directorate general for an ordinance at toulouse for assessment.
11:20 am
the monday of the 3rd of august the malaysian authorities, aeronautic authorities and also representatives of the chinese and australian authorities transport were also present as well as representatives. this afternoon at 1500 hours the analysis was begun and under the control of the three examining magistrate who will be apprised of the case. and there are also representatives of the public prosecutors from paris and the analysis was conducted by an aeronautic specialist who was on the list. those specialists designated by the examining magistrate and it
11:21 am
is under his guidance and leadership that the analysis was carried out. these experts were also accompanied by the office of aeronautics and also the design era of boeing. the whole operation was coordinated by malaysian authorities and to the representatives. singapore, australia, china and france. set up a -- an analysis into the
11:22 am
debris. the team looked at the case containing the flaperon of the plane's wing and i think we can say that as of today there is a very strong supposition that the flaperon found on the beach of the island of reunion on the 29th of july actually does belong to the boeing 777 of flight mh-370 which disappeared on the 8th of march of 2014 for two reasons. the design the boeing design experts confirmed that this flaperon was for technical reasons quite obviously a boeing 777 flaperon and secondly the representatives of the company of the malaysian airlines
11:23 am
company informed us of elements with regard to the specifyication specifications the technical specifications of the mh-370 flight and we were able as a result of this to compare this information with the flaperon of mh-370 in line with the common characteristics. this is confirmed by analysis which will begin as of tomorrow under the direction of the director began of ordinance and i cannot here undertake to say when the results that have analysis will be ready but the experts will work as quickly as possible in order to provide complete and reliable
11:24 am
information as quickly as possible to the families of the victims whom we are thinking of this evening. when it comes to the remnants of the case of the suitcase which was found nearby and which was contained in the same case as the flaperon. this was also looked at and examined by the criminal research institution of the national and we'll be keeping you apprised of the investigation. thank you. >> this was the paris prosecutor talking about all the exports and people representing the key countries involved here all looking through this -- this flaperon so the words that really jump out at me and richard quest, let's go to a two
11:25 am
shot and quest and i looked up at each other at the same time and this was perhaps lost in translation and we have someone proficient in french we heard one thing from the malaysian prime minister saying conclusively mh-370 here he said very strong supposition that the flaperon belonged to this plane. what do you think? >> and i think it's -- at one level it's semantics because i don't think anybody who -- who has looked at this for a moment doesn't believe this is from mh-370 both on supposition grounds and process of deduction and elimination but the families want certainty. >> families are so forefront for me as i'm listening to them. >> the families are not going to be content with a very strong supposition. >> of course they are not. >> you and i may be and most of our viewers because common sense tells us. >> you were hang on to a thread
11:26 am
scintilla scintilla, to use your word. >> for the malaysian prime minister to use the word conclusively, i'm wondering if translators do the best they can in difficult circumstances or maybe there isn't and he's just being strong the p.m. in saying it's conclusively. >> guys do we have mary schiavo? >> you do. >> mary schiavo, let me just bring this in. your interpretation did that jump out at you whatsoever. this could be semantics to richard quest's point. how did that read for you? >> well, it read certainly less certain than the malaysia official's statement and given that he indicated to me that they were just simply looking at it. i think if they would have found any kind of you know more expansive identification number serial numbers, any kind of markings that were absolutely mh-370 they certainly shouldn't have said so so what that suggests to me they are going to do a full analysis paint
11:27 am
analysis and, you know, the very sonnographic and we didn't get too much more from what boeing already told us looking at the pictures and i was disappointed that they don't have -- and it would suggest to me that they don't have a serial number. >> richard quest, i want to hop back to you because the french producer just hopped on to you. >> the correct phrase was a strong indication. >> strong indication. >> difficult from the original translation bus a supposition means you came to your own conclusion based on other events. >> right. >> strong indication means there's evidence there and it's pointing in a general direction. i'm being semantic here. >> i just think words are really
11:28 am
important in this story, especially if you are a family member of someone who is on this plane. will ripley let's go to beijing. will ripley i want to come to you where 150 family members are there where you are and we know these family members were notified before the whole world was notified. do you know how they were notified? do you know how this was explained to them that this piece of the flaperon is part of that mh-370? >> that's what we're trying to figure out right now and we're on chinese social media. there's a number of different groups that family members have established where they are communicating and sharing information, and it does appear that at least some of these groups are actually silent right now which indicates they did not get a call and perhaps they have not been told this news as of yet. now, we are checking because there's more than 150 family members here and we know some of them are aware and have been bracing for this -- for this moment. we also know that there is a meeting scheduled here on friday
11:29 am
we believe with malaysian airlines and the family. this was a pre-scheduled meeting. this was not called as a result of this announcement but if this is the case that some family members didn't get the call they may not know yet what we are now learning which means that as they wake up it's in the middle of the night here and if they wake up tomorrow morning they may learn again from watching media reports which is the way that they learned about the flaperon discovery in the first place. they have been getting limited information from officials and from the airline and a lot of information from the news and it's simply unacceptable and they actually went to the ministry of transport here in beijing on monday to complain about the lack of information and it got very heated. people are devastated and this is going to be a very difficult time for these families here brook. >> yeah. i was handed -- handed a piece of paper a little while ago, essentially a statement from malaysian airlines that at least did confirm, you know family members of crew members and of loved ones on board were
11:30 am
notified, though precisely how they were notified and the language that -- that is still unclear. let us know what you learn. will ripley. thank you so much. did you want to jump in? >> only on this point of what was said if i may. >> please, plea. >> what he said is the boeing design experts confirmed that this flaperon was for technical reasons a boeing 777 and then the malaysian airlines company confirmed elements with regards to the specifications the technical specifications as a result of this and they were able to say there's very strong suppositions which will be confirmed by analysis which begins tomorrow which is to mary's point the sonic stuff, going into it and actually ripping it apart. >> let me just read this. we have a full screen made from the malaysian airlines part of a statement released to my point that i was making a bit ago. they said malaysia airlines would like to sincerely convey our deepest sorrow to our families and friends on board
11:31 am
flight mh-370 and it goes on. family members of passengers and crew have already been involved and we extend our deepest sympathies to those affected. and this is indeed a major breakthrough for us in resolving the disappearance of mh-370. we expect and hope that there would be more objects to be found which would be able to help resolve this mystery. shawn pruchnicki to you, as someone who has investigated crashes in the past of finding more objects and your point of how this is step one of 3,000. what's next? >> well, i think from here we need to obviously find some more wreckage. there's two components of this. one is they do need to and i think we talked about that a while ago, canvassing the beaches and i'm not sure that they will find any and just the
11:32 am
sheer geographical size but with due diligence any good investigation will do that and i do not think and what we've seen with other types of accidents like this that randomly searching the ocean is going to be fruitful. not typically how an investigation would go but there's a second component to this. the fact that this did wash up in this area and our oceanographers and experts told us about the flow patterns that that makes sense, that if we backtrack that last search area where we had those handshakes that makes that evidence i think a lot more credible now and that area should be returned to to resume with more effort in that area. it should be more backtracking that that helps us with and all points in between of finding everything. boy, i think that's optimistic. i certainly hopes that's the case and i would be quite surprised if they find anything else in the water between reunion island and the original search area that we've been focused on. >> we have so much more to explore here on cnn.
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i want to welcome again our viewers here in the united states and all over the world. we have you covered on the breaking news story that we have now heard from the prime minister of malaysia that indeed the piece of the wing and flaperon found on reunion island and washed ashore last week is indeed part of the missing malaysian air flight 370. i have the entire story covered from reunion island to france to beijing and to here in new york but david gallo, i haven't heard your voice yet. let me bring in director of
11:38 am
woods hole oceanography and also very involved in the air france 447 investigation and crash from some years ago so to you first, now that we know that this piece of debris washed ashore just off of madagascar how would you, if you were leading the search potentially for more pieces of this plane, where would you look? >> well brooke there's two searches going on right now. one is the surface search and we're back to that again to try to find other floating bits of the plane and then there's the ongoing underwater search that's in a completely different area looking for the main body of the wreckage and the black boxes and that's happening across the ocean. i think they need to look -- beaches are the obvious place to look but i -- it wouldn't hurt to have a look a little -- backtrack a little bit along that conveyor belt of the great guyer to see what might be
11:39 am
found. >> why have they found just one piece of the plane, that it wouldn't be found in a cluster? >> look that's what i think it is and the ocean is a great disperser. if you put three objects in the ocean of different size and shapes and let it go at the same time from the tame place over time the ocean will separate them depending on whether they are being pushed by the wind or the currents or a combination of both and so i think, you know the debris is probably scattered over an absolutely huge area of the indian ocean by now. >> so the question is why and what happened to this plane? why did this plane go down and is the only way they will definitively know that is when they find the black boxes? >> well that's important to find the black boxes and even more interesting i think today we're capable, we have the technology the cameras, the robots that we can do a forensic study even at the bottom of the sea instead of lifting things up
11:40 am
where they might be damaged, we can do it in place fairly quickly so i think the idea would be to find that wreckage and document it and to do a forensics study of all the surfaces while it's in place and go from there, but it's very doable and, you know if -- if -- if they have luck on their side and with some prayer and thought maybe they will find that wreckage fairly soon. >> what about just even i'm fascinated about the marine biology aspect of this whole story, look at this flaperon and the barnacles that have grown from the ocean in however many months this piece of the plane has been perhaps floating you know i don't even know will they be able to determine how long it was in the water versus say washed ashore for some time? >> brooke i think only very generally. i don't know that they can get right down to specifics unless those barnacles come from one specific island somewhere in the indian ocean and if it came from off the coast of india that's a
11:41 am
game stopper so i think they want to find things consistent with the idea that's been in the water for 500 days and came from the western coast of australia and even pollen is a great indicator. we'll know soon enough as investigators tear into that piece. >> david, thank you so much. i'm hearing we've got news out of beijing with our correspondent there will ripley. i've heard you got some information. what are you learning? >> hey, brooke i just received the message and text message which may have received it if they have their phones turned off and obviously the middle of the night here but i want to read portions of it for you and it came in before the malaysian prime minister made his announcement dear sir or madam, there's a major announcement on the major findings of the flaperon that was indeed from mh-370 and then it would be broadcast on all major and tv
11:42 am
radio channels and talked about how he had been confirmed and said malaysian airlines would like to convey our deepest sorrow of the object recovered off the coast of reunion island. the family members were told that definitively by the malaysian airlines support center and says we appreciate it must be a difficult and distressing time for you and we assure you malaysian airlines is here to help and provide you with more information and updates in due time. of course brooke as you know a major concern of the families has been a lack of transparency and a lack of information and it appears now it was an e-mail or text message alert that with enout as a group message to the families of the 239 people on board and there's a very good chance. in fact we can safely assume that some are asleep right now and may not be aware and they might get it when they wake up in the morning. it's going to be a tough morning for people waking up to this to see this news. >> gosh when i hear you say a text message, if i'm one of the family members and i learn about
11:43 am
this huge announcement that's -- that's pretty tough to swallow but i suppose it's the middle of the night. there are 239 people on that plane and perhaps that -- perhaps that's just modus brand irk. let's explore that in a minute. i have to get a quick break in. you're watching special live coverage here of now what's been conclusively linked this, piece of debris washed ashore in reunion island last week and does belong to image 370. [music] do you like cougars? terry will you shut up! you are adorable. thank you. ladies your belts all snugged up? why do we have to buckle up? the pick up stinks with diesel. [ding] you've got to be kidding! oh please! ah! this is the end! oh my god! [brakes screech] we need resuscitation. mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. hurry up! [laughing]
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we'll take you back to our breaking news on mh-370. perhapsies is calling for a more open catholic church one including people that are divorced and mayor i'd. catholics from the church are not excommunicated from the church and should not be treat that had way. let me bring in our vatican senior analyst john allen and also with the "boston globe." can you give more context. >> sure. there's a fairly intense debate going on in the catholic church on the question of whether people divorce and marry outside the church ought to be able to receive communion. based on the traditional idea that marriage is permanent at the moment those people are not eligible to receive communion which is the most important
11:49 am
sacrament of the church. there is a wing of the church including some very senior people including some cardinals who believe the time is right to revisit that and perhaps adopt a more flexible stance and others including some cardinals, believe that's theologically unacceptable. that issue was front and center last october. it will be a hot button issue again at another one of the summits this october in rome. there's tens of millions of such catholics around the world, an estimated 4.5 million in the united states alone. also a litmus test under how far reform under francis is going to go. the bottom line what we got from the pope today is a very clear indication he wants a more compassionate and welcoming approach but without tipping his hand in terms of which way he is going to go on that all important debate. he said some things that would seem to favor the reform position and others that would seem to favor what you might
11:50 am
call the hold the line position so i think the bottom line is while we got a clear big picture from francis today on this all-important detail he's playing his cards fairly close to the vest. >> okay. john allen, thank you so much. i appreciate that and also this. this public feud brewing between jeb bush and hillary clinton. it started over something jeb bush said tuesday afternoon. >> you can take dollar for dollar though i'm not sure we need half a billion dollars for women's health issues. >> jeb bush was referring to the half a billion dollars in funding for women's everyone use, planned patienthood specifically funding he and other republicans would like to eliminate. hillary clinton fired back with this tweet at jeb bush. you are absolutely unequivocally wrong, and she followed up with this. >> jeb bush said he's not sure we need half a billion dollars for women's health issues.
11:51 am
i'm reading it because i want to quote it exactly. now he's got no problem giving billions of dollars away to the super wealthy and powerful corporations but i guess women's health just isn't a priority for him. >> so that was part of the hillary clinton quick response. then you had, you know team jeb bush jumping in with a quick statement quoting them here with regards to women's health and funding broadly i mistake as there are countless community health centers, rural clinics and other health organizations that need to be fully funded so joining me is m.j. lee, one of our senior politics reporter in cleveland ahead of tomorrow night's debate and before we talk debate i just want to come off of what we -- this feud back and forth between jeb bush and hillary clinton and i guess really my question is were you surprised at how quickly camp hillary clinton responded to the jeb bush comment? >> well how quickly clinton responded to the comments and how quickly jeb bush's camp also
11:52 am
responded to clarify and to say that he misspoke i think the campaign realized it was a mistake and that he -- the words didn't quite come out the way that he wanted to and so i think putting out a statement right away and to say this was a miscommunication not the right choice of words, was probably the right thing to do. this raises a question ahead of tomorrow night's of jeb bush's performance i think especially coming on top of the tuesday performance that was not so great for jeb bush this moment raises further questions about is he a rusty campaigner? he hasn't been out on the road very much over the last many years, and i think a lot of people are going to be watching to see will he be a little more polished on the debate stage. >> on the debate stage, and you wrote this piece for, six things to watch for. you talk about specifics when it comes to jeb bush. you talked about the candidate who is sort of there but not physically there, hillary clinton, oops moments,
11:53 am
moderators. tell me what you'll be looking for, m.j. >> well we spoke about jeb bush the other candidates on the other hand who are going to be on stage next to donald trump, it will be fascinating to see how they engage him or maybe don't engage him. we don't have a lot of time. it's a two-hour debate. we'll be going to commercials so really 90 minutes or so. when a candidate is asked questions they will have 60 seconds to pond so it's really incumbent upon the candidates to use that time to really make a good first impression to the voters. i think that the candidates who are going to be sort of in the group "b" category the 5:00 p.m. debate even though this won't be a primetime event and primetime moment for them it's nevertheless an important moment and an important opportunity for them to just show that they have the chops, they have sort of the serious policy and substantive ideas to maybe perhaps in the future be on that debate stage
11:54 am
with the other top-tier candidates. >> the happy hour debate is i believe how senator lindsey graham phrased it. it will be a big night and we'll be talking about it. thanks so much m.j. lee, in cleveland. when we come back there is breaking news. shots have been fired in a movie theater in tennessee. the latest we have on the other side of the break. i've smoked a lot and quit a lot but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended
11:55 am
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my devices. it's perfect for me because my kids are costing me a fortune. i'm going to cabo! [ music plays ] don't settle for u-verse. xfinity is perfect for people who want more entertainment for their money. all right. here's this breaking news story. just a little bit of information i'm getting here from law enforcement in tennessee and just keeping in mind the trial that has been under way in centennial, colorado for that theater shooter james holmes and also the theater shooter in lafayette, louisiana, and now i have to tell you about this. this is a national police
11:59 am
supervisor confirming to cnn and i'm glancing down precisely at my notes here and confirmed shots were fired at the cinema 8 in antioch. no victims reported at this time. police are on the scene and police said the call came in as an active shooter and one more note. this is from somebody at a nearby phone store or sprint store or someone who didn't want to identify him or herself and said that a police officer came to the door ten minutes ago saying that there was an active shooter in the theater and to lock up. we have locked our doors and we see a full viewing of the parking lot. they have evacuated and pushed people back and checked cars. they asked if we connected to the theater, that coming from a sprint store just adjacent to the cinema 8 in the nashville tennessee, area. as we're working to get more calls on that. i have art roderick former u.s. marshal and obviously your heart sinks hearing about this again. i'm wondering from a law
12:00 pm
enforcement perspective, when you get calls like this active shooter inside a movie theater, walk me through those next steps. >> i mean brooke it sounds like they are following all the typical protocols that everybody, unfortunately, has been trained across the country an active shooter scenario so when they are telling everybody to shelter in place and do a lockdown that's usually the first step until they can sort out exactly what's going on. luckily at this point obviously information coming in this early is kind of sketchy and we don't really have the correct information, and as you know having covered many of these, this could change from minute to minute but it sounds like that they are instituting active shooter protocols in this particular situation. >> art roderick let's stay close with you, and as soon as we get more information on this active shooter situation at a movie theater in the nashville area we'll bring it to you live here but let's move on to our other breaking story. i'm brooke baldwin, top of the hour. i want to welcome our viewers in
12:01 pm
the united states and around the world for our breaking news coverage of this massive discovery. we now have confirmation that what you will see here on screen is indeed this piece of this plane wing is indeed part of missing malaysian air flight 370. this very first wreckage discovery in this mission tierious disappearance here 15 months later here this confirmation coming to us from the malaysian prime minister who addressed the world with these comments just a short time ago. >> it is with a very heavy heart that i must tell you that an international team of experts have conclusively confirmed that the aircraft debris found on reunion island is indeed from mh-370. >> moments later a more measured
12:02 pm
french investigator appeared for a different news conference this one in paris, parsing his words a tad more calling it a strong supposition that this wing part in a nearby suitcase does indeed belong to the plane that vanished without a trace 17 months ago. >> there's a very strong supposition that the flaperon found on the beach of the island of reunion on the 29th of july actually does belong to the boeing 777 of flight mh $-370. the boeing design experts confirmed. the flaperon was for technical reasons quite obviously a boeing 777 flaperon and secondly the representatives of the company of the malaysian airlines company informed us of elements
12:03 pm
with regard to the specifications, the technical specifyications of the mh-370. >> a plane part he washed up to washed up off the coast of madagascar and was confirmed to be a flaperon a piece of the wing belonging to a boeing 777, the very same model aircraft that is flight 370. we have this story covered for you from all corners of the globe, all the way from france to reunion island to beijing. in toulouse investigators have been conducting the examinations on this piece of the plane and i have will ripley on beijing and the family angle and how family members have been notified in the middle of the night where he is and also erin mclaughlin is there on reunion island where the debris was first discovered. we heard from the prosecutor in paris. remind us you know what he essentially was saying and
12:04 pm
echoing what the malaysian p.m. was saying as far as where the investigation stands now. >> yeah hi brooke. slightly more as you put it and measured tone from the french prosecutor's office. this was the deputy prosecutor speaking. a reminder to everyone why the french prosecution service is involved. that is because this is not just an air crash investigation. this is a manslaughter case in france. the four french nationals on board mh-370 their families have brought their case and should hijacking or terrorism been involved in the disappearance of that plane which disappeared more than 17 months ago. now, he took the tone of the process of elimination, a lot more caution, we heard, and when we said strong supposition or strong indication that this is from mh-370 he brought forward two conclusions that they came to and gave us what happened really inside there and that is that the boeing experts that were present inside this lab
12:05 pm
today said that they could see that this was from a 777 aircraft. the experts matched it to the 777 and then malaysia airlines people present and the officials from malaysia airlines said yes, we believe that some aspects of this flaperon you'll remember that's the part that goes up and down on an airplane wing these are specific to flight mh-370 the aircraft that mh-370 was operating on. those are the two reasons he gave. he didn't really go into as much detail as i was hoping for. a team and i here in toulouse were expecting more about the tests and he did say, brooke more tests are could be conducted first thing thursday morning here in france. now, that is perhaps why he didn't give more details about the -- about how the plane went down so we knew that from these tests they would be able to tell us if it is or isn't from
12:06 pm
mh-370. the hopes and fears of the families of 239 passengers and crew on board resting on that determination and then moving forward. we know from these tests, from experts telling us and that the people involved that they could tell us perhaps how the plane went down and now, of course there were barnacles on this plane and a lot of marine on this part of the plane and a lot of marine life and looking at that marine experts will be able to tell how long it's been in the sea, potentially even which part of the indian ocean it's from and that how is likely to come maybe in the days and weeks ahead, brooke but crucially they still can't tell us why. that will only come from the flight data recorders. brooke. >> and part that have testing i know that they found washed up what appears to be a passenger's suitcase. that's not been linked to the plane. let's be precise in our language. i thank you so much saiman for
12:07 pm
that. >> erin, investigatepeople found this on beach and alerted authorities and it ended up in french. erin hopefully this is one of other pieces of debris that could potentially wash ashore. when will they be searching and where else will they be searching? >> reporter: hi brooke they are searching here in reunion island and also the nearby island of mauritias and the seychelles island and this is really difficult work. talking about really long stretches of coastline and, of course an expansion of ocean that is full of garbage, plenty of potential for false alarm but people who have been volunteering their time here on reunion island to search the coastline, they tell me they are dedicated to this effort. they want to help solve this mystery, they feel a connection
12:08 pm
to mh-370 and not just because the flaperon washed up ashore on the island and because they are a close-knit community and they are family oriented and just the -- the idea that a plane could completely disappear, that loved ones could simply vanish. it's shocking to them and they want to help but you know i was speaking to the head of one of these search efforts be and she said to me you know the sea operates on its own timetable and it's up to us she said to be vigilant. >> all right. erin mclaughlin, thank you so much and reunion island off of mad gas car and here in new york brian alexander and richard quest. and richard, first to you. i mean it's huge that they have been able to say, yes, this was a piece of this plane that had vanished some 15, 16 months ago, but the real question is what next and where are the other pieces of the plane and -- and what happened? >> i'm guessing listening others talking, that what
12:09 pm
malaysia airlines has seen or spotted is something maybe from a maintenance, something that identifies it as one of their aircraft. >> that's what we don't know yet. >> we don't know what it is to say conclusively but my sources in malaysia tell me that the reason that the prime minister used the word conclusively was that was what his people in france told him. >> the investigators. >> well, the dca -- the dca told back to kuala lumpur conclusively. that's the word they used so something in there tells malaysia airlines they can recognize it yeah that's one of our planes. >> i'm looking at you and i'm thinking legal, thinking about these families and i'm wondering now that they have said yes, this is the plane and that still doesn't tell us you know, why it went down why it vanished and was it pilot error, something nefarious and does that change anything for these families yet? >> i think you're right. we're hoping it's the first
12:10 pm
piece of the puzzle. >> right. >> we're hoping the experts, the metallurgists, the folks that will be engaged to try to track where it came from oceanographers and what not, will be able to find some evidence to, you know start to explain what may have happened but i think it's -- it's -- it's not likely that that's going to lead too far in terms of the ultimate cause. it's just going to have one small piece and there's a lot more to be determined and until they really get a handle on the fdr, flight data recorder cvr, cockpit voice recorder you're really not going to solve a lot of mysteries but there will be test and further analysis that's done and it may lead to some answers to some questions, maybe the beginning of an explanation and, again, may assist in some way in how the search effort needs to be adjusted if that's the case. >> last time we talked you said yes, your firm had been in touch with one of the families and this was in the middle of night for one of these families and in china getting the news
12:11 pm
now via text message. has your firm been in touch with anyone how they are responding? >> just a moment ago, i checked my phone again to make sure you know we haven't heard anything yet from several of the folks who are really intensely monitoring this overseas for us family members and there really isn't a lot of news yet and what we expect is the same kind of an impact we had earlier this week a mixed bag of emotions. some people still refusing to come to grips with what they may mean and other people getting a sense of yes, this is definitive. there has been a crash and now i think the families will be mainly focused on hoping that it leads to some more information that they can actually deduce what happened here. >> brian and richard, stand by need to go back to our breaking story here and what we're learning now about this active theater shooting situation in the nashville, tennessee, area. can you give us an update what happened or what is happening?
12:12 pm
>> brooke still very difficult to discern exactly what's going on. just a moment ago i was told that a nashville committee has confirmed that a shooter is down that a shooter has either been found dead or killed by police. we still don't know. all we know so far is that at about 1:15 today a call of an active shooter came into the cinemas in antioch, just outside of nashville. police tell cnn they know of no victims. there were reports of people who were bloodied. those reports have been refuted by some witnesses at the scene and cnn also spoke with employees at a sprint store near the theater, police approached them and asked them to lock their doors and also asked them if their building was connected in any way to the theater so it's clear they were searching for a suspect am some point. also a mall nearby and cnn has learned that that was locked down as well but really the only clear information we have right now is that the shooter is down. we don't know the specific circumstances behind that and we
12:13 pm
also don't know if anyone was hurt or killed in the shooting but, again, we are working the phones to find out. brooke? >> boris, stay with me. i want to keep this conversation going but i'm hearing we have some sound from a witness there, perhaps at that theater. let's listen. >> i just dropped off my customer and i heard all the shoot coming out and police coming out. >> you're an uber driver and was dropping someone out? >> yes, ma'am. >> reporter: did you see a lot of people that were injured? >> i saw people come out from the restaurants and a lot of police running you know with their arm out and you'll the shoot coming out snow didn't see someone that lead of the theater that looked to be hurt? >> no no. >> reporter: did you see ambulances leave the area? >> not yet. >> reporter: would you say this has pretty much how the scene has looked is. >> yes, and worse. >> reporter: it was worse? >> yes, it was worse. very scary moment. >> reporter: thank you very much for talking to us.
12:14 pm
>> that's one witness here all just coming into us so as this comes into us let me read the nashville police department has tweeted from their verified twitter account, quote, there was an active shooter suspect at hickory 8 theater, suspect dead so they are taking it about suspect down. they are saying suspect dead. i also have art roderick who i believe is on the phone with me former u.s. marshal. art, when you heard suspect dead and you were saying yes, law enforcement following the protocol when you get, unfortunately, a call like this that there's an active shooter situation in a confined space like a movie theater, how do you respond to that? >> well, i mean i think, obviously we've had these before and each time we have one of these and we get a lot more educated and we up our training and our training gets specific for these types of incidents and when you hear this coming from
12:15 pm
nashville pd the shooter either took himself or one of the law enforcement officers took him out so the key to this is how quickly law enforcement can get on site when they get these active shooter calls and the last couple that we've heard, law enforcement has responded within minutes and that's the difference in saving lives. >> look at the presence of the law enforcement there on scene. this is antioch, tennessee, and -- and as we're getting some of these pictures for the first time and learning from nashville pd that in fact the suspect, the shooter is dead i want to bring in matty sanchez, the assistant manager of the sprint store nearby. matty, are you with me on the phone? >> yes, ma'am, i am. tell me what you're seeing. >> out our front door we see a lot of the emergency responders and the police from the area. there's a few crowds but it's kind of taken place towards the back of the building.
12:16 pm
we heard some gunshots just shortly a little while ago, and so we were thinking that something happened out back there. we kind of heard that it looks like the gunman has been taken care of apparently so. >> hang on, maddy, you heard gunshots yourself. >> we did, mm-hmm. >> tell me how many. >> it was kind of a rapid fire one time. >> and did you have any police come to your door asking you all questions? did you have any theater-goers come to you all? >> yes we did. no theaters-goers but we did have a police officer come in our front door and asky that we lock up and that we stay towards the back of the building not to answer the door for anybody except for police. >> and how long ago was this all happening? >> i'm sorry. >> how long ago, are we talking the last half hour? >> yes, within the last half hour. >> okay.
12:17 pm
this part of nashville, can you tell me what's in the area. is this sort of a strip mall area with a movie theater and a number of stores and can you just describe -- >> it used to be the hickory hollow mall. >> forgive me maddy. let's listen into this public information officer. >> we had a report of an active shooter at the hickory 8 movie theater. the individual was reported to be armed with a gun and a hatchet. there's a report that one person may have suffered a wound from the hatchet. that's still being sorted out by the fire department now trying to take a look at what injuries we may have here. the -- the response from the south precinct was swift. an officer entered the theater where "mad max" was showing. the officer started at projection room and started clearing down. he encountered the gunman. the gunman opened fire on the south precinct officer. that officer returned his fire
12:18 pm
and then backed away out of the theater. the s.w.a.t. team responded. the s.w.a.t. team engaged this gunman some minutes later. there was gunfire and the gunman is deceased just inside the movie theater. so we believe the imminent threat has been ended. however, the gunman had two backpack-type bags with him, one on him and another that was left. we want to make sure that there is no danger with those backpacks, so officers are working now from hazardous devices to clear those backpacks. that's all i can give you at moment and we'll have more later. that's a quick summary of an active situation that's still going on with the clearing of these backpacs. >> the projector room part, "mad max," the movie.
12:19 pm
>> that was a public information officer with the police department so we've now learned the shooter who is dead now actually was armed not just with a gun but with a hatchet and according to that officer one person may have suffered a hatchet wound so that person is being treated. the movie was requested mass"mad max" and boris sanchez, let me bring you in i'm not entirely sure it ounds like the gunman opened fire at an officer and then s.w.a.t. and they engaged the gunman and soak the gunman down. did you hear that a tag clearer than i did how that exchange happened? >> what i've made out of it so far, brooke is apparently there was an incident where someone may have been attacked with a hatchet inside the movie theater and that's what spark the whole thing. the pio trying to figure out with fire fighters whether or not someone was actually injured. as i mentioned earlier there were reports from witnesses that someone was bloodied at the
12:20 pm
scene. those reports are still being sorted out but it sounds like that's what triggered the whole thing. that's when a police officer showed up and started evacuateing people and that's when shooting was exchanged between the suspect and the police officer. the police officer then got out of theater. the s.w.a.t. team game in and after an exchange with the shooter his -- i should say the body of the shooter was later discovered deceased inside that theater and as you heard from that, still very fluid, active situation. obviously answers still are being sorted out. >> yeah. it is way too early to clearly know what exactly happened and we're seeing all the crime scene tape around and the tremendous effort from law enforcement and apparently this gunman had two backpacks, one taken on him when he was taken down and he's dead and the other pack sounds like is still on scene so they are bringing in the crews to try to determine if there's anything in there that they need to you know take a closer look at to
12:21 pm
determine if people can, you know continue on along their lives. maddy, i know i still i have you with me maddy sanchez who works right around from the cinemas there at the print store who was essentially told by police stay in there, lock the doors. we just heard, maddy, from this public information officer or this individual who was armed with a gun and a hatchet. can you describe this -- describe this part of nashville for me. >> this part of nashville, we have a -- i mean it's busy. it's probably an average part of town. there's a community college from the store from us the nashville community college and there's libraries and campuses around so i mean it's -- it's an active area and we see a lot of police patrolling here a lot of ambulances because we're right next to the interstate and so it's just a really busy part of the area.
12:22 pm
>> and, again, for people just joining us describe for me you're still inside this store that's just adjacent to this movie theater and looking at two ambulances. one individual appears to be wounded from a hatchet. tell me what you're seeing right now. >> we can see probably one ambulance pulling away currently and there's two or three parks. there's a fire truck and we see multiple police cars. right now we're inside. a large number of police officers a few civilians out there but they are trying to back away and in the back of our store we see, again, mr. s.w.a.t. and more police vehicles in the back off of mt. view drive. there's a lot of people back there as well. >> matty, stay with me please.
12:23 pm
i believe i still have art roderick on the phone, former u.s. marshal, and art, when you here that this gunman apparently had these two bags and that's one of the reasons they want to keep everyone on scene to try to determine if they can clear the scene based on what is in the bag that the individual left behind tell me how they are doing that. >> well obviously, there could be a possibility of some explosives in the bag and -- and that's a key part of checking this -- these two backpacks out. obviously if there's a possibility of some explosives in there then they will have to be explosive ordinance tested and we'll go ahead and answer those as they generally do. i think the other keep part is okay how did they get there. is there a vehicle in the parking lot. obviously they are going to have to figure out what to do with that vehicle and then the key part of this okay what's his motivation and i think we know the two scenarios that we're probably looking at here. is this just strictly a criminal act or is this something
12:24 pm
motivated by online you know, as we've seen in past -- past incidences like this. >> right, right. >> we think of the hatchet attacks here some months ago here in new york. art, stay with me. i've got some more sound here from the ground in the nashville area from another witness. let's listen. >> i was just dropping off my customer and i just heard all the shoot coming out and police coming out and it was very scarey. >> you're an uber driver and were dropping someone off? >> yes, ma'am. >> reporter: did you see people run out that were injured? >> just a lot of people and a lot of police a lot of police running with their arm out and all the shoot coming out. >> so that is one witness and these are now pictures here crime scene tape and ambulances on scene and s.w.a.t. team there as we can confirm via twitter and the nashville police department that the shooter, we were talking about an active shooter situation inside this
12:25 pm
theater there in the nashville area. the shooter is dead. we just heard from the public information officer that the individual showed up at the beginning of the "mad max" movie armed with a gun and a hatchet. again, the gunman is dead and according to this person the gunman may have suffered a hatchet wound. mat mattie for people just hearing about this and just with a heavy heart we have to even talk about this given what happened a couple weeks ago and the shooping there and also i am so mindful of this trial that's now playing out in -- in the wake of the aurora theater shooting in colorado. mattie you're looking out your store door and you see crime scene tape and s.w.a.t. teams. what else are you seeing, tell me about the area. >> well we just again right now they are just clearing some stuff up. we still see emergency vehicles.
12:26 pm
we have currently a police officer walking this direction. non-if that means they will start taking down tape or what's going on. hopefully letting us know that we can unlock our doors and everything is clear to go so the officer is going to probably pull on our door right now. i'll let you know what he says. >> let's stay on with you, love to hear what he's going to say. >> there ees's -- he's asking who is on fox news. >> mattie let me ask you. you said you all were looking out this location just off the interstate. i'm wondering if there's a lot of traffic that you get on any
12:27 pm
weekday at a movie theater. do you know how crowded the movies would be this time of the day in. >> normally they can fill up the parking lot that they have. they have probably three or four rows that will go probably 1,000 feet back so it's a fairly large -- it's like a dollar theater. they probably fit 150 to 250 cars right there, so -- but -- and i do believe that we saw this gentleman walking since he had a couple of backpacks with him this morning and he was walking. he tried to open our back door and he walked kind of around and we saw him a couple of times this morning. >> hang on a second. you're telling me you think you saw the gunman who tried coming in the back door of your store with these backpacks. why do you see that? >> we saw a gentleman with two backpacks. if it's the same gentleman, i don't know but he kind of pulled on our back door trying to get in and then also we saw him walking in front of our
12:28 pm
store earlier -- earlier this morning about 11:00. >> just to be crystal clear, we cannot say for sure whether or not this was indeed the shooter, but what leads you believe beyond the fact that this person had two backpacks which is what the public information officer identified that the gunman is having what more gives you that this was? >> we're hearing kind of what they were saying two backpacks. he -- and we didn't have any interaction with him, this is the back door. this is mott for public access but other than that we haven't done anything. we saw him walk and that's about it. it could be it. he's the only one i've seen with two backpacks around here. >> was he acting forceful was he banging on back door was he saying anything? >> he jiggled the handle and basically and it opened so -- >> the door opened and that's
12:29 pm
when someone had a conversation. did you ask him to leave? >> he opened the door and then close it had and one of our other employees kind of went to see who it was and -- and told him, you know this is not for public access. this is the back door you can't come in here. if you need something you can come around the front door. >> and so how did he react to that? >> i was not one that interacted with him. he did not come into the store but we did see him walk by twice, once going towards the movie theater and then once kind of coming back. >> okay. what time of day was this when he was trying to come in the back door of the sprint store, early in the morning? >> it was between 10:30 and 11:00. >> okay and then from my understanding the time line it was a couple hours later when -- when he was in this theater. what other -- just trying to understand. >> he had a yellowish shirt on with black pants and had two -- two backpacks with him.
12:30 pm
>> mattie i'm just trying to understand this area here. you mentioned like a dollar theater and your sprint store. what else is in the strip mall? >> there is a family dollar there's a city gear just the old mall that has been kind of converted into a college across the way from us. there's an old charlie's pretty much directly across from -- from -- from the movie theater. >> so you were saying a college is across the street. are classes, are students back? do you see a lot of students? >> i don't see any students currently. i can't tell as of right now who is a student and who is really not but they just released us to go in and out our front door. >> they did. so appreciate you staying on the
12:31 pm
line. i realize i'm asking you a lot of questions and asking you to repeat a lot of information. >> that's fine. >> this is a situation we're trying to get every piece of information we possibly can here. >> i understand. >> so just finally to confirm. police have told you all you can unlock your doors. are they telling you it's clear? >> they are telling us that we can unlock the doors and as of right now no vehicles can leave but we are free to go outside if we wanted to and -- and it's safe to do so at this point. >> all right. and -- and final question back on this individual with the two backpacks who came trying to get into the back of the sprint store this morning. older man, younger man? >> i would put him middle age, older, yeah. >> okay. >> what was he wearing? >> it was like a yellowish, greenish kind of dingy looking shirt with black pants. >> okay.
12:32 pm
mattie thank you. i have boris sanchez standing by. he has been you know gathering information here as far as what exactly happened. boris sanchez, we heard from the public information officer before and so he was saying we know that the gunman is dead. the gunman had a gun and a hatchet and there is what one person injured? >> the reports are still unclear. i think the fire department is still trying to sort out whether or not that person was actually hurt by the shooter or if there was anyone who was injured. i think the focus now goes back to the two backpacks that were discovered. we believe one of them was on the gunman and one of them was at the scene and so investigators are going through it with hazardous materials teams right now trying to figure out whether or not there may be anything dangerous in the backpack or whether or not it's still a potentially explosive situation, but -- but, again, details very unclear. we heard from our affiliate in nashville, wsmv that the call
12:33 pm
for a shooting came in at about 1:15. there was a swift response from law enforcement. apparently an officer went into the theater from a screening room from the projection room forward trying to clear people out and the gunman apparently engaged with him. they exchanged -- they shot at each other essentially and then the gunman or rather the officer quickly exited the theater. the s.w.a.t. team was called in. there's an exchange of gunfire there as well and eventually the gunman was found deceased. right now that's kind of the timetable that we have. as far as when that incident with a hatchet may have taken place we still don't know and we don't know the extent of the injuries or the extent of the potential for more than one person to be hurt. all that still being sorted out, brooke. >> another theater shooting that we're reporting on here this one in the nashville, tennessee area. boris sanchez, thank you so much. need to get a quick break in and back with our breaking news and more from our public information officer who just briefed the information about what they know and what happened broad
12:34 pm
daylight middle of the week in an afternoon in tennessee.
12:35 pm
12:36 pm
12:37 pm
12:38 pm
all right. back to our breaking story. if you are just now joining us. these are pictures in the nashville area of tennessee in which there was an active shooter situation in the middle of the week in this theater, the showing of "mad max" there at this cinema and according to police we just heard from s.w.a.t. did arrive. the shooter is did, and they also reported one injured. here's the thing though. apparently the shooter not only was armed with a gun but also had a hatchet so as we're trying to piece all of this together, and, again, this is just you
12:39 pm
know just the beginning, just in the last hour or so has all of this really happened. we're getting a little bit of information from the public information officer. let's take a listen to him. >> at 1:15 this afternoon the police department responded to a report of an active shooter at the hickory 8 movie theater. the individual was reported to have been armed with a gun and a hatchet. at this point there is a report that one person may have suffered a wound from the hatchet. that's still being sorted out by the fire department now, trying to take a look at what injuries we may have here. the response from the south precinct was swift. an officer entered the theater where "mad max" was showing. the officer started at the projection room and started clearing down and he encountered the gunman. the gunman opened fire on the south precinct officer and that officer returned his fire and
12:40 pm
then backed away out of the theater. the s.w.a.t. team responded and the s.w.a.t. team engaged this gunman some minutes later and there was gunfire and the gunman is deceased just inside the movie theater. so we believe the imminent threat has been ended. however. the gunman had two backpack-type bags with him, one on him and another that was left. we want to make sure that there is no danger with those backpacks so officers are working now from hazardous devices to clear those backpacks. >> all right. let me bring in boris sanchez who is a reporter who has been recovering this. boris, here's my question. i understand as that pio just said that the police responded to a call of an active shooter situation at this movie theater, and it sounded to me as if this
12:41 pm
police officer approached the gunman in the projection area of this theater and so that was when the gunman began shooting and ultimately was taken down later once s.w.a.t. had arrived, but do we know anything? what was it -- what was the reason for the phone call to begin with? are we learning anything more about how this all started? >> not yet, brooke. we're still working to piece that whole thing together. it seems unclear as to whether or not there were shots actually fired in the theater before the police officer arrived. we're still working to find out whether or not the person the potential victim that was head with a hatchet was actually hurt by the shooter or whether they may have been hurt evacuating the building. still too many unanswers questions here are and i think the big focus now is on those two backpacks that were discovered as to whether or not there were hazardous materials inside. we don't know the identity of the shooter as well. still looking to find out whether it may have been a mail and female and what age group they belong to.
12:42 pm
still plenty of -- of questions to answer and a long road ahead to find them all out. >> jonathan gilliam is with me as well former atf and fbi, and when you hear this individual was armed with a gun and a hatchet and, again, here we are in a movie theater and what are you thinking. >> well i was never with the atf but i will tell you, you know those backpacks to me if there's extra baggage in there with him, that really sends up some alarms that he could have been planning something bigger if there's something in that. we're starting to see a trend with people -- with whether they are mentally deranged or just have some other type of agenda. they definitely identified one of our biggest soft targets and that is our theaters. >> yeah as we keep talking about what was it, only two
12:43 pm
weeks ago when we had that shooter situation in lafayette, louisiana and here again, another theater and another soft target as you describe. can you tell me and, again esthese aretic tours from moments ago, the scene still cordoned off. how quickly will they be able to determine if there are explosives in one of those bags? >> we've got to be careful with the backpack because if there is something in it you know, that could go off, as a booby trap they are going to be very very careful with that. they are going to take their time. the shooter is dead and everybody is out of that theater, so they are in no hurry now to identify that stuff, so they are going to take their time and they will do it the proper way. >> what -- you know, we know that the suspect is dead. once they then clear the scene, it's interesting you mentioned, you know that perhaps -- i shouldn't say he. the shooter. we don't know if it's a he or a she perhaps had been planning
12:44 pm
this for a while. again, what's the reasoning behind that for you? >> i missed that last part, brooke. what was that again? >> you said off the top that perhaps because of the bags the shooter might have been planning this. >> right. >> and might have been some premeditation involved here. why do you forgive that? >> i am the public information officer for the nashville fire department. we along with police, responded here to a call of an active shooter. so far we have only treated three patients for pepper spray explosion you're. we believe at this point that the pepper spray came from the assailant. one of those three treated was also examined for what we -- what we've described as a superficial wound that could have been possibly caused by a hatchet, but at this point nobody has been transported. there have been no trauma injuries at this point and we're very thankful at this point. >> can you describe the gunman. >> i have no information on the gunman.
12:45 pm
the police will have that. >> how many people were in the theater? >> i have no information on that. >> three people were injured? >> three people were injured with pepper spray aside from the assailant. >> the assailant is deceased, is that correct? >> i don't know. we didn't treat the assailant. >> the person that was injured by the hatchet, do you know what kind of injury that was? >> like i said we described it as superficial. it appeared to be not much more than a bad bruise. >> can you tell us where on the person that was, sir? >> i believe it was on the shoulder or the arm. >> so a person was bruised on the shoulder or arm and that's the most serious injury in this whole thing outside of of course -- >> i'm sure the folks with the pepper spray exposure weren't too happy as well. >> understood. >> but they are okay. >> they are all okay. we don't anticipate at this point of transferring everybody to the hospital. >> can you give us a rundown of what happened time line when he came in and how he came in and what interaction that he had? >> the police department will have the details and he did a darn good job.
12:46 pm
>> can you tell us the three people injured with the pepper sway were one of those injured with the ax as well or an additional person? >> one of the three injured from the pepper sway that got the superficial wound from what could be hatchet. >> are these movie theater-goers or police individuals? >> we don't have that information. >> male or foe mail? >> i have no information. >> you guys are still here on scene to -- >> just to make sure that the scene is completely safe. >> any update on the backpack? >> i did see the bomb squad coming in but i have no idea what they will be doing with that. >> how many are in the theater? >> i don't have any information. >> did they evacuate out the back? >> i don't have details. that would be the police. thank you guys very much. we'll try to get you as much as we can as quickly as we get it. >> all right. so that was just nashville fire and briefing reporters and the
12:47 pm
biggest takeaway there is thank goodness that the worst that's happened to anyone who was in that theater with that individual armed with a gun and a hatchet, that three people were essentially injured from pepper spray, it sounds like from the assailant, him or herself. they did follow up because we had heard from before from the police pio that one person was injured from the hatchet. it's a bruise on a shoulder or an arm somehow there so no one had to be taken to the hospital. that's the latest from nashville fire. i still have jonathan gilliam with me formerly with the fbi and, again, jonathan to your point on -- you know here we are again talking about a movie theater as another soft target. jonathan you with me? all right. we'll work on getting jonathan. let's take a quick break. we'll be right back. shopping online... as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers carpenters and even piano tuners... were just as simple?
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special. together, we're building a better california. i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn. we're back with the breaking story here. this is what we have learned, as i have to report on at theater shooting. we've learned both from nashville fire and nashville police there was an individual who showed up at this theater in the antioch area of nashville, armed with not only a gun, but a hatchet, was inside police responded to a shooter situation at the theater. there was a back and forth within the theater, ultimately we know the s.w.a.t. team arrived, and the suspect is now confirmed dead. you're looking at the scene here essentially a strip mall a
12:53 pm
movie theater just off the interstate there in antioch. crime scene tape. ambulances on scene, but we did just learn from nashville fire three individuals who were injured, the injure where was specifically from pepper spray from this individual. no one had to be taken to the hospital. that said the other issue, while this is active in a sense, is the individual had two backpacks. they don't know what could be inside. they're being incredibly careful. the bomb squad is trying to determine if they can ultimately clear the scene or not, depending on what they have. side of brandt ransom with me on the phone. brad let's just begin with what you saul what you heard. >> caller: well our building was on lockdown. i was looking on the the window and saw the police coming and saw an unmarked car pull up an officer get out and open the trunk, put on a bulletproof
12:54 pm
vest hunkered down behind his car. other police came around a tree. there were four or five police officers right along the side of the theater. i couldn't see exactly what they were looking at or what they were aiming their guns at but all of a sudden they opened fire several shots were fired. i'm assuming into a back door or something of the theater. it wasn't long after that we heard reports and saw the tweets that the shooter was confirmed dead. i'm assuming they were shooting at him. >> brad how long ago was this? >> i don't know s. 20 25 minutes or so. >> all right. pretty recent. >> yes. >> are you still looking at what i'm looking at a huge police/fire presence? >> yeah, i can still ethe side of the theater. a lot of the traffic has moved away. i see an ems -- an ambulance sitting close to where the -- i
12:55 pm
assume that the guy got shot. i don't know if they're waiting to -- waiting for the ambulance to load his body once it's cleared or what i don't know but i can see the ambulance and police cars around it. >> i'm curious, your time just about 3:00 in the afternoon, you know in the middle of the week how often, just looking at this parking lot, how often do you see a full parking lot or half-full parking lot of people going to the movies? >> caller: not very often. >> becausemany people were in the theater. >> caller: it's not usually pretty crowded. i can't say that from the front of the theater. i actually see the back of the theater and side of t there's trees that obscure my view from the actual front of the theater. >> i see. i hear there's a college, maybe a community college across the street from the theater. can you describe this neighborhood for me? >> yeah it's actually -- the
12:56 pm
community college is inside the global mall on the far side of the mall. it would be the furthest from the theater. the library and the ice center that sort of thing, is across the parking lot. there's zaxby's, and ocharlie's a couple other restaurants across from the parking lot. family dollar some other retail but it's -- you know it's an open parking lot where a lot of businesses surround the outside of it. >> got it. brad ransom i so appreciate you calling in. there in the nashville tennessee area just behind where this theater is. a quick break, we're back with more breaking news, next. no student's ever photographed mean ms. colegrove. but your dell 2-in-1 laptop gives you the spunk for an unsanctioned selfie. that's that new gear feeling. get this high performance laptop bundle for only $399. office depot officemax.
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gear up for school. gear up for great.
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we want to take you back to a nashville theater. middle of is the day, learns that the suspect is decided now. a police news conference is about to get under way. let's take you there. >> at 1:15 this afternoon, metro police officers responded to a report of an active shooter taking place at the hickory eight movie theater. there were two police officers working a crash just off the parking lot superiority when persons ran to them and said there was an individual in the theater with a gin and with a hatchet. those officers ran to the scene, as we were also getting a phone call at that point, apparently of an active gunman shooter
12:59 pm
inside the theater. one of the -- officers immediately entered the theater. he encountered the gunman as he -- the theater was the gunman the suspect raised his weapon toward that officer, pulled the trigger. that officer then fired on the suspect, and then backed away from the theater. about that time a metro police sergeant arriving outside, and that sergeant encountered three citizens one man and two women. the man had a superficial injury evidencely having been hit by the hatchet. the two women had been downsed with chemical spray by the suspect. their faces were blasted with pepper spray. back to inside the theater of "mad max." the gunman apparently unleashed this pepper spray throughout the
1:00 pm
theater. as additional officers the suede team entered that theater, it was very thick with chemical spray, with irritant. gas masks were brought into those officers as they attempted to get this person into custody. other officers had set up at the back of the theater. ultimately the affect who i as wearing a surgical mask came out the back door. metro police officers outside the theater engaged him. he was shot, fatally wounded, and has been pronounced deceased at the scene. this person has tentatively identified as a 51-year-old local man. his identity has not been confirmed, we are working to do that now the actions of the first officer who went in the theater to engage this individual may well