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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  August 6, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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baldwin. i hope you wake up nice and early. i'll be filling in tomorrow morning at 5:00 eastern, weep be postgaming tonight's big debate in cleveland. in the meantime let's go to washington, d.c. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now\s wondering if rubio or walker might have downloaded the past five seasons of "the apresentition." better known as debate prep. this is "the lead." in the red corner donald trump, and then there's the other red corner where the other nine candidates are trying to steal the spot. who will come out punting in tonight's first republican debate? and who might leave stumbling? the national lead a hero police officer speaking just moments ago about how he took down a transient who terrorized movie-goers, and why the suspect's mother went to the police about him just two days
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ago. and the world lead maybe a few more pieces, we're told there are window parts and seat cushions new plane debris found on the very island where that piece of the wing from missing flight 370 washed up last week. got afternoon, everyone. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. our politics lead. you hear that? the clearing of throats. the practice buzzers, yeah and that cnn election music. the sweet sounds of debate day. republican candidates are in cleveland, ohio this afternoon for the first fight night of the primary. the contenders have finished cramming humanably, the company has its popcorn ready. the fact checkers have the google machine fired up. it promises a high drama. will they simply paw at each others? or heave haymakers? a who are will be the first to
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throw a proverbial low blow? and who dares to poke the bear? the heavyweight king of the early campaign one mr. donald trump. our dana bash is ringside. dana you've talked to the campaigns. how are they managing expectations for tonight? >> reporter: well of course they're trying to lower them even the man who claims he's not a politician donald trump, who i should say is not even here yet. one of the many benefits of having your own jet. he's going to arrive just hours before the debate. he insists he's not really preparing. i learned today that jeb bush as part of his preparation, has been watching clips of his opponents trashing him, to get a sense of what they're saying about him, which probably isn't fun. but the sense here is that tonight matters a lot. how are the candidates really prepping? >> for debate i normally call my mom to get advice.
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hay hey, mom, i can't say that on television. >> they played it cool or at least tried to. in this video. >> what is megan kelly going to ask today. >> let me check on that. >> one won't head to debate-land until after a nod to hi constituents. a lot of people are wondering would you are you nod in cleveland? because i love to come to the state fair. >> very playful rituals with a serious goal. the highly watched debate forum, and give compelling reasons for primary voters to make them the 2016 gop nominee. the need to a field of conservatives now is exactly why jeb bush started the day by place hillary clinton, and his call to cut planned parenthood funding. as for the trump factor -- >> i don't think we should just sort of succumb to you can just say anything and, you know all
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of a sudden we're in some sort of reality tv show. >> reporter: candidates standing toward the edges with the least to lose are signaling they may tame aim at the donald. rand paul has seen his over washington outsider status tumble as trump has taken it over. >> i like to mix it up. my staff is saying oh, no we need to be cautious and i'm like i like to mix it up. i plan on getting into it. >> reporter: seven others performing lowest in national polls are relegated to an earlier so-called happy hour debate. >> game on. >> even the one who won the iowa caucuses last time around. >> we have over a dozen candidates who are clearly, you know very qualified, competent leaders, the fact that we're arbitrariry limiting that debate is -- i just think is a disservice to the american public. >> now candidates who are
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relegated to the so-called happy hour debate which starts at the top of the hour are hoping to get some buzz with some one-liners. i've talked to a couple campaigns who say they have some planned, but the other thing that's interesting, jake is that the man who will be in the center podium at that first debate is rick perry. he has been studying about twice a week for 2 1/2 years to try to overcome his now infamous oops moment back in 2012. he will not be able to do that in the main debate will you will at least have a moment in the next hour when he starts that debate. >> dana bash in cleveland, ohio thanks. i want to preview tonight's debate with former policy director for the 2008 hillary clinton debate and former virile to mitt romney's campaign she eric winstrom. how do you prepare? do you starts anticipating lines of attack? what do you do?
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>> look request ten people up on stage in a two-hour debate you can probably count on 8 to 10 minutes of talk time. so the question is if your last name isn't trump, how do you want to use that time to introduce yourself to the american people? i would find the issue you feet morse passionately about, and what motivated you to run for president in the first place. i would talk politely how you differentiate yourself from what is a very large field of candidates. for donald trump, i think his challenge is to come across as a plausible candidate for president. right now he's connected with the republican base on some key issues like trade and immigration. he's at the top of the polls, and people are trying to imagine what it would be like to have donald trump in the oval office. he needs to convince people that he can command the respect that the office of the president deserves and he's not going to be running around giving out putin's cell phone number.
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>> mira when the candidates are preparing, do they show up with a couple zingers in their office? or does that not look authentic? >> a fate sync-- failed zinger is worse than no zinger at all. the most important thing is to be comfortable, but having an inauthentic zinger or launching an attack that you don't feel comfortable in a back and forth, people lose in debates a lot more than they win. so it's important to be -- it's important to think that way, it's important to think that -- rick perry is a perfect example, very much had a negative impact he was not able to handle basic questions. so you want your candidate to be as comfortable as possible. it's much better to feel strong in your answers than to get like a perfect line crossed. >> eric if you were advising
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donald trump, you would advise him to be more statesman-like? is that what i gathers from your last answer? >> i think he's at an important crossroads right now. he's shown a little durability in the polls. we'll see if it lasts beyond this summer. usually what's hot in the summer cools down by february when the first voting takes place, but stylistically it's important for him to come across as a plausible president. if i were advising him, i would tell himming to a little more like ronald reagan a little less like morton downey jr. >> mira what would you advise jeb bush to do? we should note the last debate jeb bush participated in was oak 2002. >> i think the one thing for jeb is the kind of easy answer is to be cautious wait for donald trump to collapse wait for other people, be the person who
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stands in his place. i think there's a down side to caution right now. i think the strength of donald trump is people want an authentic reply kale leader particularly on the republican side. it's hard to explain donald trump other than an antipolitician antipolitician. i think that's a big challenge for jeb, to seem like a real person who's ready to get into the back and forth, and not to give a part aens to a question. >> we only have about a minute left but i did want to ask you both to some insider information. we were giving a sneak peek at how candidates prep for debate with jogging, jeb bush calling his mom and the like. eric, what was mitt romney's superstition? and -- >> mitt always used to complain when you're standing on the stage under the bright spotlight looking into the cameras, your
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brain suffers a bit of hypoxia, and you're not operating at full thinking capacity so i think the challenge is to develop goals-based messaging, as opposed to trying to script orear hears your answer, so what is your goal going into the debate? and since it's the first one and the american people don't really nose they candidates except for just about bush or donald trump, i would use this opportunity to introduce yourself. i wouldn't try to score a home run. i think a double would be nice. with so many candidates up on stage, and with donald expected to dominate the conversation i mean let's face it he's why people are tuning in. i would focus on my long game and build my campaign by lays thor foundational bricks. >> mira did any superstitions?
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>> no not really. she did prep and went band and forth over the q&a, but the important thing was feeling -- when you're on a staff, it's to ensure that the candidate feels most comfortable to answer any question. if you feel uncomfortable up there, that is worse than any bad answer because you're just going to stumble, and people are looking for you to be able to handle the back and forth, because being a president is a tough job. >> thanks to both of you. on the other side of the presidential campaign democrats announcing their debate schedule today. they are only going to have six debates for front-runner hillary clinton and her competitors, and one of her democratic rivals is calling out the dnc, saying it's rigging the process in hillary clinton's favor, and he'll join me, next.
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well calm back to "the lead." we have another politics lead. cleveland will be rocking tonight. the entire republican band will try to shine during their respective solos. the likely subject of their songs? well the democratic front-runner hillary clinton. clinton herself will get her turn to debate her challengers in october. october 13th in nevada. there were more than 20 debates in 2007-2008, but this election cycle, the dnc is limiting it to only six and if candidates participate in any other debates, they won't get to come to the six official dnc debates. that news as clinton rivals are quite upset, especially martin o'malley mayor of baltimore, who says he thinking the dnc is protecting clinton and paving
1:17 pm
her a path to the nomination. governor o'malley thanks so much for being here. very words from your campaign today about the dnc debates, your senior strategist saying that the dnc rules mandating only six debates and banning candidates who participate in any other non-officials debates makes the process less democratic? seems geared toward limiting debate and facilitating a coronation presumably of hillary clinton, with the appearance of rigging the process and stacking the deck in favor of a chosen candidate? that's all the language from your campaign? governor you think the dnc is rigging the process and stacking the deck for hillary clinton? >> yes, i do, and i think that the country and our party would be much better served by a full schedule of debate. tonight we'll hear the republican candidates have their debate. we have yet to have any debates until today that were even scheduled in our party.
1:18 pm
so look we are going to be best served as a country and a party by a robust discussion of the issues and the actions we need to take to get wages to go up rather than down. the good news is our party actually has ideas. our party has solutions. their party does not, and i think we're hurting yourselves if we try to circle -- what is this the world wrestling federation? this is the democrat sick party, and we need democratic debates about the solutions to get wages to go go up climate change and all the rest. >> in our latest cnn poll clinton is at 56%, sander 19 biden 15 he's not even running, you're not doing much better in iowa or new hampshire. what would you say to critics who say your complaints are just sour grapes? >> well actually we are doing much better in iowa. when i announced 60 days ago we
1:19 pm
were at 1% now we're up to 5%. it's the early states that determine this campaign. so we have good stuff on the ground in iowa and we have a good organization but voters can't be informed by a limited debate process. so let's ask the people if they think it's right that party bosses limit the debates for a vote that we cast that's personal as president of the united states. this process has shown time and time again the candidates that the rest of the country perhaps had never heard of emerge in the early states. why? because that's the -- those are the places where the voters had the opportunity to see the candidates exchange ideas, to stay where they stand on issues like wall street reform or these bad trail deals that we keep entering into that send jobs abroad. they see are issues that the candidates need to stand up and
1:20 pm
be accounted to and for the people about where they stand on the issues. i'm encouraged and we're going to keep going. >> let's talk about one of those issues. you are opposed to the keystone xl pipeline. secretary of state hillary clinton has really avoided answering the question. she was asked for her position. she said she is was involved in the process, therefore she doesn't think it was appropriate. if it's undecided when she becomes president, she'll answer the question. is that an acceptable answer? >> i don't believe it is. i believe we should state where we stand on important issues like climate change. i'm in favor of new renewable energy moving our country to a 100% clean grid create 5 million jobs building much more important structure that employs we're people than a pipeline that pipes in dirty oil from canada that does more damage to the environment than the oil we
1:21 pm
produce here at home. i'm opposed to the keystone pipeline. i don't know where some of the other candidates are, but the people all have a right to hear where we stand in debates. it's easy not to take a position if the party limits the number of debates isn't it? once you're in the debate and you're on stage, then the whole public sees whether you're triangulating, avoiding issues or not taking a stand. that's not what leadership is about. leadership is about being clear about forging a new consensus, not about putting your finger to the wind or following polls. that's why we need debates. we actually have solutions that will move or country forward. the other guys will sound like the greatest hits of the '80s and '90s. i that led to the worst recession since the great depression. our party has solutions, and it's a mistake for us to try to hide them under a bushel basket
1:22 pm
and not talk about the ideas that serve our country. >> what do you make -- as long as we're talking about the republican debate what do you make of the front-runner status of donald trump? why do you think he has shot to the top of the polls on the republican side? >> i think it's a function of two things. i think in times when people are worried about their own paycheck and let's be honest while our country is doing better we're creating jobs every month more than we lose. 70% of us losing the same or less than we did ten years ago. that's the first time that's happened this side of world war ii. there are many people in the republican party who fall victim if you will to leaders who want to blame other people. donald trump's racist rants against all mexican immigrants being the latest example of that. and then you also have a party where no one is putting forward the new idea that would move our country forward, get wages to go
1:23 pm
up rather than down making it easier for women to participate fully in orb workforce. the absence of any ideas, the candidate that is scapegoating others and blaming others for these failed republican policies is actually experiencing a great deal of uplift. he is connecting to the anger and the fear but anger and fear never built a great country. great countries are built by compassionate people coming around the ideas that serve our common good. >> martin o'malley thanks for joining us today. >> thank you. a reminder cnn will host the first democratic debate tuesday, october 13th live from nevada. long before that of course i will be moderating the second republicans in debate on. we'll bring that story, and new clues about the disappearance of flight 370.
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welcome back to "the lead." it's been a little more than 24 hours since an allegedly mentally iltransient, here hearing from the hero cop, whose quick thinking helped take the suspect down.
1:29 pm
eployed overseas and says he's been in that scenario. we learned according to police that that suspect had several opportunities and chances to surrender, but continued to engage the officers. >> immediately upon entering the theater, i was engaged with what i perceived to be small arms fire. >> the policeman, six-years veteran jonathan frith ran into the theater. neighborhood residents like asina thomas are relieved the
1:30 pm
response was so quick. she was on her way back from the banks when they heard the shots. >> within a minute or two, it was covered. it was definitely very, very fast. >> reporter: called it luck serren dipity or a blessing two police officers were working a car crash right in front of the theater and we are able to race to the scenes. >> the officers stopped what they were doing and immediately ran to the theater. our response to the theater after the gunman or active shooter situation began was probably 60 to 90 seconds. >> all cars be advised, shots fired, officer involved. >> minutes later the s.w.a.t. team converged, donning gas masks when the suspect tried to escape. >> the gunman tried to go out through a rear door of this particular theater. when he did they were other
1:31 pm
officers waiting. >> montano was killed when police officers opened fired, preventing a potential tragedy. >> the shady-looking guy stood up with what looked like two bags. >> the frantic 911 call reveals the chilling moments inside the nashville theater. >> he pulled out like a hatchet, started attacking a family then pulled out a gun. >> we did nothing to bring this upon ourselves. >> i am very, very grateful that no one else got injured other than the person who perpetrated this. >> reporter: montano is believed to have been homeless. we reached out to the national rescue mission who told us he checked in there on monday but didn't stay the night. also on that same day, hi mother called authorities to file a missing person's report saying her son was diagnosed paranoid/skids phrenic and quote, had a hard time taking care of himself. police are trying to figure out the motive and what inspired
1:32 pm
montano to do this. >> thanks. up next president obama compares the republican critics with iranian hard-liners, chanting death to america in the streets, say they made common cause, but can the president get enough people in his own party on board? we'll talk to a crucial key important skeptic of the deal senator bob corker chairman of the senate foreign relations committee, next. ♪ ♪ food should be good. strawberries should sing. lettuce should be dirty. dressing, clean. debates should be healthy. hatchets buried. tables should be full. and good food should be good for you.
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protect what matters. get flood insurance. visit to learn more. topping or world lead today, a choice between war and diplomacy. that's how president obama is framing this upcoming congressional vote on the controversial nuclear deal with iran. in a speech yesterday, mr. obama said if chronic does not sign off, military confrontation is inevitable. >> we have to be hong. congressional rejection leaves any u.s. administration that is
1:37 pm
absolutely committed to preventing iran from getting a nuclear weapon with one option option -- another war in the middle east. >> republicans fired back accusing the president of presenting false choices and sending up straw men to knock down. >> this is an enormous national security debate. i wish he would tone down the rhetoric and let's talk about the facts. >> let's talk about the president's push for the iran deal with republican president bob corker. mr. chairman thanks for being with us. i want to get to the is choice the president posed, but i want your reaction to perhaps the most pointed part of his speech. it was talking about iranian hardliners. in facts it's most hardliners that are most comfortable with the status quote.
1:38 pm
they're chanting death to america who have been most opposed to the deal? >> they're making common cause with the rep caucus. your reaction. >> i think it demeans the debate. i think you know the president began with a veto threat over us even being able to weigh in and we passed overwhelmingly the iran nuclear review act which gave us this voice to me this is a sign of someone who doesn't want the issue debated on the merits yet today in a committee hearing, i'm sitting there with bob menendez -- >> democrat. >> ben car din, the ranking member we all have concerns about this is deal.
1:39 pm
the concerns about the iran deal which is a significant foreign policy issue right now are very bipartisan. to me it marginalizes probably infuriates some of the people who were on the bubble who are really trying to make up their mind. >> the argument he's putting out there is not about what could be or should be but he's saying if congress rejects this deal partners such as russia and china will end their sanctions anyway so what will happen is the u.s. is pushing sanctionling w450i8 iran feels free to build a bomb with no restains and no deal keeping them from building a nuclear bomb. is he not correct that once iran did so and they certainty would, the u.s. would feel forced to take military act. is he not right with the choices we have today? >> i know iran does not believe, that this president would take
1:40 pm
military action. we had testimony both classified and otherwise that certainly presents a very different viewpoint. we've also had the military officials in that have been a part of these negotiations and never, never has the military option been on the table. so most people believe, and again we've had just an inordinate number of hearings and briefings, moth people believe that iran would in no way rush to billed a nuclear weapon because they would fear something like he just said happen. so i think at the end of the day, what the president is attempting to do is to create a scenario where instead of members of congress where everyone knew we would weigh in. -- is to set up a scenario where people are not able to vote their conscientious on whether they believe this is something that would keep iran from
1:41 pm
getting a nuclear weapon. and they express a different view being viewed as one hardliners in iran. i think when people get in situations where they feel like they're losing the art, they start throwing out these things that try to rally the troop. i think it demeans the debate we're having that is in fact the most important foreign policy debate we're likely to have while we're here in the senate. >> where is it in terms of a head count? is there a vetoproof majority? more than 66 senators voting against this agreement? >> i have no idea and jake you haven't even attempted to call somebody to go in one direction or another. we spent the entire month trying to makes sure everybody fully understood what the deal is
1:42 pm
about, what are the options? >> i don't know there's a couple maybe three key senators on the democratic side that deposition on which way they go will sway numbers of others? i'm not going to mention names. i'll let you editorialize. >> i'm just guesting. >> i think at this point it's very fluid. i think people likely so will go home they're going to spend time with their constituents going to decompress with all that's been put at them and i think people will come back with a sober and dignified debate some will make their decision over the holidays. some i think will wait until they come back. >> enjoy your trek through the great state of tennessee. we appreciate you being here. coming up seat cushions and airplane windows, malaysia says more debris has washed up. do they hold clues to is the
1:43 pm
missing flight of 370. plus republicans getting ready for the first presidential debate and hoping they will -- we'll relive some of the biggest oops moments in debate history. that's coming up. we call ourselves the freedom hikers. hiking brought us together but that's not the only thing that keeps us coming back. here's to friends who reach for better. fewer carbs, fewer calories, superior taste. michelob ultra. the superior light beer. ♪ ♪ fresher dentures with polident. for the best first impression. love loud. live loud. polident. number 1 dentist recommended. ♪ ♪ fresher dentures with polident. for those breathless moments. hug loud. live loud. polident. number 1 dentist recommended. ♪"once there was a hushpuppy" by dan romer and ben zeitlin ♪ is man kind? are we good?
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welcome back to "the lead." cleveland, ohio the site of tonight's rep debate the republican front-runner just touched down on the tarmac and quickly addressed reporters. let's listen -- we do not have that sound ready. let's listen to some breaking news just into cnn. they are the top military advisers in the pentagon and counsel to the white house, the joint staff. for the past 11 days their e-mail server han shut down by a cyberattack. a defense official confirmed to cnn jed a speerphishing attack penetrating the defense -- and now an official tells us that russian hackers are the number one suspects in the hack. let's getting right to pentagon correspondent barbara star.
1:48 pm
>> they saw an intrusion and very quickly took the whole thing down and have been rebuilding it. what they saw was a very fist indicated attack almost a stealthy attack. a phishing attack where suspicious e-mails come into the system, and they paren penetrated. here's what officials are telling us. it was so sophisticated there's really only two entities that could pull it off -- china or russia. china tends to attack by trying to drain data out of a system as they did with the office of personnel management when they launched a massive attack there. that's not the russian style. they go for more malicious activity. that is why tonight the pentagon thinking the leading theory is not only was it the russians
1:49 pm
but the russians were specifically targeting is the joint staff. and that includes general dempsey, an unclassified system but very serious. >> bauer ra star, thank you very much. >> the hunt for and confirmation of debris from ma lashs airlines flight 370, which dad more than 500 days. france has a -- in the search for plain debris off the coast where that piece of wing was sfa discovered. some experts are saying not so fast there's no concrete evidence this debring is from. sunlenser fatty.
1:50 pm
>> serfaty. >> each cushion has a seer jails number and they could potential look at all these clues and match that but all of this is. >> items that could have been in the ocean for over a year. >> today reports of chilly new discoveries. >> seat cushions and the malaysian government says all washington up on the same shore. >> they send -- but that -- i cannot confirm is from mh370.
1:51 pm
they all need to be verifiesed. >> the malaysian prime minister says the flaperon is from mh370, but french investigators inspecting the part have yet to confirm with certainly it belongs to the missing plane. this reps another tug of war among officials. desperate for answers, today they stormed into the malaysia airlines office in beijing, demanding to know the truth. >> translator: we will go to the site to check it out by ourselves. we don't believe any of their words, which is all lies. >> so what are they say, we just feel like they rushed it. >> in the lab, they continue to focus in on the flabberen. aye equipment, doing everything they can to find out for sure if the people is from mh370.
1:52 pm
make even learn what happened to the doomed plane in its final moments. >> they just say that nothing they have has been retrieved from the site. so jake, a lot of questions still remain. when we come back no matter hoch a candidate prepares it's the unscripted moments remembered long after a debate ends. i'll tell you what, 10,000 bucks?
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[music] do you like cougars? terry will you shut up! you are adorable. thank you. ladies your belts all snugged up? why do we have to buckle up? the pick up stinks with diesel. [ding] you've got to be kidding! oh please! ah! this is the end! oh my god! [brakes screech] we need resuscitation. mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. hurry up! [laughing]
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welcome back to "the lead." i am jake tapper. we're kournding down the hours and minutes under the first debate of the 2016 race in our politics lead today.
1:57 pm
tonight's stakes are quite way. a bad moment tonight could very well follow a candidates around for the entire campaign. republican candidates for president of the united states. >> primary and caucus debate moments can live on long after they impact the race. >> they're likable enough. >> thank you. >> no doubt. >> the candidates -- >> you can bet on it. >> ten thousand bucks? mitt romney's 20 -- did not help him fend off the impression he was out of touch with average americans, keeping him ultimately out of this mansion. >> moments can linger s. the political world still has a different time forgetting when rick perry forget. >> the third one i forget.
1:58 pm
oops. those this may be the moment when perry truly lost support of conservatives. >> if you say we should not educate children who have come into our state for no other reason than they've been brought there, by no fault of their own i don't think you have a heart. in 2007 hillary clinton hurt herself when she seemed to take two different positions. >> i did not say it should be done but i certainly recognize why -- and we have failed. we have failed. >> you thought it made sense to do it. >> sometimes the killer blow is inflicted. sometimes it's in what a candidate does not say. when tim pawlenty begged off an opportunity to attack -- two romney's face it seemed to show he lacked the instincts net to win. >> your rival is standing right there.
1:59 pm
why is it -- >> president obama is the person who i quoted. >> why general elects debates guess more attention -- first impressions can be faced. the command by ronald reagan echos today. >> i am paying for this microphone. >> it was mr. freen, not green, but that didn't seem to -- >> a moment does not have to be ad-libbed as walter mondale. >> i'm reminded of that ad where's the beef? >> no doubt some are bringing with them a few zingers, hoping to use them to historical effect. >> i'll get a chance right here on cnn on september 16th the second republican debate at the ronald reagan presidential library and museum in simi
2:00 pm
valley. that's it for "the lead" today. i will turn you over for brianna keilar. she is filling in for one mr. wolf blitzer. she's in a place we like to call "the situation room." it's right next door. brianna? slug \s sources say russia is likely behind a cyberassault on the e-mail system of the pentagon's joint staff. we are military secrets compromised? missing a frantic search for rebel fighters trained by the u.s. where are they? is the u.s. strategy in syria falling apart? blow back. now he's taking heat for his harsh rhetoric. was he -- and pieces of the puzzle. malaysia says seat cushion and other items that washington