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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  August 10, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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that leaves a lot of workers out. and you have the family and medical leave act where you can get 12 weeks of unpaid leave but you have to get do it with companies that have 50 or more employees. >> and have to have been there for a year. >> yes. so more needs to be done. >> and we're the only industrialized nation, as the president points out, without some cash benefit for maternity leave. kelly, great to see you. l. v., thanks so much. >> thank you. and thank you all for joining us at this hour. "legal view" with fredricka whitfield starts right now. all right. whatever he meant by that blood comment, we may not ever know, but one thing is for sure, donald trump is not apologizing. in fact, he says he's the one who deserves an apology. and in texas, an unarmed 19-year-old shot dead by a
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rookie policeman. it started after the teen allegedly crashed his suv into a car dealership show room. but should it have ended differently? the fbi joining the investigation. and a california woman killed after a violent break in and brutal rape. one of the suspects an illegal immigrant with a criminal record. the police chief says the system is to blame for putting the suspect back on the streets. >> hello, everyone, i'm fredricka whitfield in for ashleigh ban field today. welcome to "legal view." demonstrations are set to resume in ferguson, missouri one day past the one-year anniversary of the death of michael brown. this morning the u.s. attorney general tweeted her condemnation of the violence that marred observances yesterday, including one near deadly shootout.
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>> what is happening here? a gunman who police have not identified allegedly trading shots with other people then with st. louis county detectives. the chief says the suspect unleashed, and i quote "a remarkable amount of gunfire." some of which interrupted a television interview with the interim police chief of ferguson. >> we're trying to work with the community. we're explaining to them their rights and we just want to be as patient as possible. [ gunshots ] >> a message to those who are looting -- >> what is that? >> get down, gunfire. >> later, someone on twitter posted this video of the suspect on the ground.
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>> get him some help! >> back up! >> give the man some help! he's breathing. you can see him breathing! he's still alive! get him some help. >> get on the ground now! >> he's still alive, man! you know he's still b[ bleep ]ig alive! >> the man on the ground underwent surgery overnight and at last report was in critical condition. police say they recovered a stolen semiautomatic handgun at the scene. i want to bring in my colleague sara sidner who is there in ferguson. you were conducting an interview with the interim police chief when we heard those gunshots. >> we're stand beg side another reporter who we were talking and listening to the chief talk about patience and the moment he said the word "patience" you heard a couple gunshots go off then a barrage of gunshots, had to be more. 128 to 15, maybe even 18 shots that went off in succession.
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just after that not too long after a few moments or minutes after we heard another set of gunshots which we are -- in looking at the scenario of how things happen, police say the initial gunshots came from two people in some sort of dispute and then the second set of gunshots came from police searching for the suspects and that could very well have been when police shot the suspect. they are saying he had a ni9 millimeter on him. we also heard a third set of gunshots. those were on canfield drive as we were trying to get away from the scene, move to a place of safety we heard more gunshots going off. all that being said, the police chief of st. louis county has been very clear in saying that the people that were responsible for this appear to be, as he put it, criminals not protesters. saying the protesters were protesting. this happened a couple hundred yards away from where the protesters were. he doesn't want everybody to get that jumbled up.
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he said the protesters were doing what they do and this this was a separate issue, a fight between two people that went terribly wrong. at this point in time, i can tell you that the person who is a suspect in this case is in the hospital. he was undergoing surgery. he was in critical and unstable condition the last time we were able to get medical information on him. and at this point they're not releasing his name. we may know who that is and a lot of the city leaders are talking about who that's is and that he is from this community. i want to bring in alderman antonio french from st. louis who has been out here since laug august, a year since michael brown was shot and killed. you've been paying close attention to this. all you have to do is to look. if you don't know mr. french, to look at his twitter feed, you are monitoring and seeing what's going on. can you give me a sense of what you saw happen before all of these gunshots went off? >> so there was a kind of confrontation earlier between a group of protesters and the
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police line had formed. there was a familiar site from last year in riot gear so there were those of us trying to diffuse that situation, to make sure that it didn't get violent or escalate. that group did get away from their police line. they broke up. and there was a contingent of folks that went in the back towards businesses. shortly after, we saw a reporter coming back who had been beaten up and robbed and i made my way back there and saw two businesses had been broken into. so i was actually in front of a broken window trying to keep potential looters out of the building when gunshots started going off about 75 feet away. >> in your estimation -- you're watching this and i know the chief of st. louis county who was out here helping ferguson deal with the protests that were going on, which is a normal occurrence now, did you feel that what happened here was a group of protesters that decided to start looting and shooting or was this another group that were just hanging throughout in the same vicinity using them as
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cover? >> these weren't protesters. so similar like we saw last year, there are certain small groups of people that come and use the cover of these protests to do their criminal acts and so you have folks that wait around by the businesses and then they break in it's a crime of opportunity. now what was different, though, was that it seemed to be some kind of altercation, i'm not sure where the gunshots came from, but they started in one direction and seemed to spread all over. >> thank you so much alderman, we appreciate you talking to us about this. basically what you have here is a situation, as alderman french said, and the police chief said, people using the protesters as cover but the police chief has been very clear. they want this to stop. it's bad for the city. it's bad for the citizens here. and also they want help in finding who is responsible for putting so many people at risk. fred? >> sara sidner, thank you so much. let's continue this discussion with cnn law enforcement analyst and public
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safety director in dekalb county, georgia, cedric alexander. also joining us from new york, cnn political commentator, marc lamont hill. so cedric, in a situation like this, you heard the alderman said there are people taking advantage of this protest using this as cover to carry out what unfolded. how do police prepare for large gatherings of people at the same time anticipate any kind of volatility? >> well, first of all, we have to allow people to exercise their constitutional right and there's a population out there, fredricka, that's doing that and they're doing in the a way which we hope to be lawful. however, in the backdrop there somewhere is a population being violent. the gunfire and all those types of things that occurred last night are not acceptable. you heard from the attorney general. she's totally in opposition to violence being placed upon the citizen there is and the police
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officers as well, too. but ferguson we have to note is a community is still in pain, a community that's still trying to heal and a lot of young people who still don't a good thought or relationship with the police. however that does not excuse the fact you cannot harm people or put other people at risk. it's not acceptable. >> so marc, how do you go about separating the violence that erupted and the mission of the non-violent demonstrators who gathered to commemorate this one-year marking of michael brown's death? >> well, i think the first thing we have to do is high delight fact that the bulk of the resistance, the bulk of the protest, the bulk of the voices that you heard in ferguson yesterday were positive, strong, defiant and they often engaged in acts of civil disobedience but they were within the boundaries of the law or our ethical and moral rules. i was in ferguson yesterday, i
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was on the street of west florissant until 5:00 a.m. i got back to new york. even then there were young people throughout who as cedric said were in pain, hurt, trying to figure this thing out, still trying to recover from last year. and i think it's important highlight that as a posed to the one or two incident wes don't know about. that's the other thing, we need to wait until we get full information about what these shootings were about. yes, the police gave an account but police accounts particularly from ferguson have proven to be faulty all the time. i've been on the streets of ferguson where police say "we're not shooting tear gas" and we're putting on gas masks. so i can't believe the police account without evidence and some level of investigation. >> cedric, how do you respond to that as someone who represents law enforcement where there is a continuing level of distrust and i didn't just hear it from marc but from others on our air about people who say they've only heard the police account and they want to know more so they're unwilling to believe their conclusions from police accounts. >> that's a reality for a lot of people. people were there a year ago
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when this erupted and the optics were different and the circumstances were different as well, too. it's all about building trust. you have a new chief, an interim chief in there now who i think is going to do a tremendous job and over the last several weeks since he's been there he's done a lot of good work in that community. but over the last year a lot of good work has been done in ferguson as well, too. so there's still a lot of bridges that have to be mended as it relates to that trust building. that is one of the most important elements that you will have is building that trust with your community. it's still a lot of work to be done with those young people who here again still very much feel very much separate from that community. >> cedric alexander, marc, do you have a quick point? real quick? >> the way to help build that and heal those young people, to cedric's point, is to talk to them, support them but to give them access to jobs, health
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care, housing. broke people are more likely to do this than people who have been covered under not just democracy but social provision and protection. that's what we need. we need love, support and resources. >> and if i could add one thing real quick, fredricka, as well, too, those who are out there being intentionally violent and yessi creating that type of havoc have to be dealt with appropriately by authorities so people exercising their rights are not hurt. >> cedric alexander, marc lamont hill, gentlemen, thank you so much. appreciate it. up next, almost exactly a year after the michael brown shooting, an unarmed college football player is killed at a texas car lot by an officer still in training. coming up, the video shows what the young man was up to just minutes before the shots were fired. you focus on making great burgers, or building the best houses in town.
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now texas where an unarmed black college football player was shot and killed by a white police officer. this just into cnn. we have learned that the officer, both of them, will be interviewed today. this along with the fact that the fbi is also joining the investigation. this is 19-year-old christian taylor. he was shot multiple times by an officer in training. and this edited surveillance video of the moments before the fatal shots being released this morning. joining me now is cnn correspondent ed lavandera live in arlington, texas, following this story very closely. ed, we've been looking at video that shows what some believe to be an erratic behavior by this young man, but we don't see a complete picture on video of the
9:17 am
circumstances leading up and immediately following the shots fired. why not? >> we don't see that crucial moment, as you mentioned. inside, after police say christian taylor had driven a jeep inside of the show room floor there of that car dealership. the officers here do not wear body cameras, it doesn't appear there were video cameras or surveillance video cameras inside of that building. at least those haven't emerged as of now. so great questions because even the police chief here is saying that inside that building is where the altercation between christian taylor and two arlington police officers took place. and they say what happened during that confrontation will be "of critical importance" into this investigation to determine whether or not the shooting was justified. as you mentioned, those two officers being interviewed formally at some point today. that will be crucial in determining whether or not this shooting was justified because a lot of people pointing to the
9:18 am
difference here in the way the two officers responded. 49-year-old brad miller, the officer who shot four times and hit christian taylor once in the neck, chest, and abdomen, we're told by the medical examiner. the other officer pulled out and used a taser. so obviously a discrepancy in the level of force that was used in this situation and that will be something that will be hammered on in the details of the questioning of these officers. fredricka? >> and what more is being said. i guest -- we're looking at the videotape right now. the behavior does seem strange. has there been anything said about whether he may have been under the influence or an explanation by his family about the actions recorded on tape? >> we haven't heard anything about if there was any kind of chemicals or anything in the system of christian taylor to explain the behavior at the car dealership that you saw of someone wandering around the
9:19 am
parking lot and jumping up on top of a car and driving into the show room floor. the only information that has been released from the autopsy federal court the medical examiner is that christian taylor was wounded in the neck, chest, and abdomen from the gunfire. other than that, toxicology details and the blood makeup workup has not been reported and i would imagine that usually takes some time. so it would be strange if all of that had already come back to investigators at this point. but obviously it will be something that will be looked at very closely. >> all right. sad story. thank you so much. ed lavandera, appreciate it. >> up next, what he said this weekend has a lot of people's blood boiling. so why does donald trump say he deserves an apology? big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel.
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donald trump will not apologize for comments he made about fox news host megyn kelly and in standard trump fashion he says she should be the one apologizing to him. this is what trump told cnn on friday which sparked all of the debate. >> she gets out and she starts asking me all sorts of ridiculous questions and, you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her -- wherever. >> all right, a lot of people took that to mean trump was refers to kelly's menstrual cycle. but trump told cnn's "state of
9:24 am
the union" that was not his aintention. >> i do all this stuff. do you think i'd make a stupid statement like that? only a sick person would even think about it. >> so i'm joined now by cnn correspondent athena jones in washington. so, athena, there's a lot of criticism for what trump said or didn't say. who is coming to his defense right now? >> high ya, frederica. this might surprise you, of course. donald trump, so many people know who he is in part because he's a reality tv star. he had his hit show on nbc "the apprentice." well, it turns out one of his former contestants on "the apprentice," only rosa man gault is one of the people coming to his defense. listen to what she had to say. >> he said very clearly that that was not his intention so you have to know that donald trump is a straight shooter and when people say because of his beef with kelly that he has an issue with all women, i think it's ridiculous. and one of the things that new yorkers pride themselves on is
9:25 am
being kind of bold and brash and in your face. so a lot of that is his personality about growing up and working in a town that's very tough. >> so there you have omarosa defending donald trump. but there are concerns that what he said is going to hurt him with women and if you look at polling before the debate -- the most recent polling we have -- it shows he has a lower favorability rating among women than among men whether you're talking about all registered voters or just republican voters. so it could still be an issue. >> and then still an issue is the chorus is getting louder about trump while his popularity soars. where are the ideas? where are his ideas and proposals on policies and now his camp says that coming soon? >> sure, you hear from trump being asked about this, why don't you get specific on these broader policies you talk about? he said are whether it's immigration policy or trade that he has a lot of ideas, that his
9:26 am
campaign will be putting out those position papers on his time frame. when that will be is the big question. but i should mention to you this is all happening while his campaign is undergoing a little bit of tumult. he lost a political advisor over the weekend, roger stone. stone says he quit. the campaign says they fired him. stone says he quit because he wasn't happy with the direction the campaign was going. so certainly tumult as they're trying to hire more staffers and beef up during this primary season. >> athena jones in washington, thanks so much, appreciate it. >> thanks. south carolina senator and republican presidential candidate lindsey graham says donald trump is badly damaging the republican party. we'll be talking with him live about that next hour right here on cnn. now up next, a california woman raped and killed in her home. police say one of the men charged was an illegal immigrant with a criminal record.
9:27 am
that should have kept him off the streets, they say.
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9:31 am
martinez, was in the country illegally and had multiple run ins with the law. one as recently as two weeks before the murder. cnn's stephanie elam with more on this. i'm joined by cnn legal analyst danny z danny cevallos, bring us up to date, stephanie. >> just to let you know what happened. after ferris was able to call 911 and get assistance, they were able to find martinez, who's the undocumented person. they found anymore a nearby house where he had broken in. the other person, 20-year-old fernando villa gomez, they find him five days later. both are charged with first degree murder because miss ferris went on to die several days later. because of that, they could face the death penalty. but taking a look at martinez in particular, the undocumented person in this story, he also has the charge of special circumstance of torture. we also know that there was a hammer used to beat this woman to her death. just very, very troubling awful
9:32 am
story. the problem with this particular case for a lot of people, though, is that martinez had tangled with law enforcement before despite the fact that he was undocumented at least four times in santa barbara county he had been booked and that since 2009. this is what the police chief from santa maria had to say about it. his name is ralph martin. here's what he had to say is the problem. >> two weeks before the this murder, santa maria police officers arrested him for possession of meth. you know what we had to do? we had to cite him out. that's the problem with this system this is a national issue. i think it starts in washington, d.c. with this administration that we see and their policies and i am not remiss to say that from washington, d.c. to sacramento there's a blood trail into the bedroom of marilyn ferris. >> not beating around the bush at all with how he feels about this. now, one of those prior incidents that we know about with martinez here, it was in 2014. he had a felony drug and assault
9:33 am
charge that was changed to misdemeanor battery. well, with that particular case, ice has something to say about it. now this is what they have to say as far as federal immigration here that we're talking about. they say ice was not notified prior to mr. martinez's release to enable the agency to take custody to pursue possible administrative enforcement action. available records indicate mr. martinez was released by local authorities a week later without ice receiving the requested notification. it's also worth pointing out that as far as whether or not he would have been kept safe in santa maria, that's not harbor city here, he could have been sent out but the issue here is whether or not it took too long for the federal and local authorities to get together and to get martinez deported out of the united states. >> danny, this is where you come in. explain these inconsistencies. while in some jurisdictions local municipalities say they don't have to cooperate with what ice requirements are.
9:34 am
in others they are working in concert so that when someone is arrested and especially repeatedly they might be deported or they may be jailed. so help explain these inconsistencies and what that means. >> this was fundamentally a constitutional issue. under the anti-kmeen deering principle, the federal government cannot force leas to comparery out its immigration policies. immigration is the sole province of the federal government. removal proceedings are civil not criminal in nature. understand the federal government, as powerful as it is, cannot force local law enforcement to hold these people. and if local law enforcement complies with these requests, it must be discretionary. it must be a choice. it must be voluntary by local law enforcement. now before you think why don't they just do it? it's not that simple. if local law enforcement holds a person without probable cause and the mere suspicion that they may be in the country illegally
9:35 am
is not enough. if they hold that person without probable cause, then they may be forced to violate that individual's constitutional rights. so this case boils down to the federal government saying essentially, look, local law enforcement, we know we can't force you to do it but pretty please would you let us know and would you do these extra things and help us enforce our policy? and for the most part, local law enforcement has said -- and i'm paraphrasing for the entire country -- that they are not required -- we are not required to do this. we can not add this additional infrastructure. >> or that they don't have the time or resources. >> or the time or resources and we can not take on the additional liability when we accidentally hold someone that you asked us to hold without probable cause. >> very complicated situation. thank you so much, danny cevallos and stephanie elam. appreciate it. unarmed black men killed by police followed by protests, even riots. so many stories in the year since michael brown died. has all the attention made the situation better or worse?
9:36 am
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then you don't know "aarp."
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when police shot and killed an unarmed black teenager in ferguson, missouri, no one could have predicted the firestorm that it would generate and it happened on the first black president's watch. >> i think it's fair to say that
9:40 am
if, in my first term, ferguson had flared up as president of the united states i would have been commenting on what was happening in ferguson. >> michael brown's death was the first in a series of police-involved killings that got national attention to this extent. cnn's sara sidner looks back. >> reporter: the shooting death of michael brown by a ferguson, missouri police officer on august 9, 2014, reignited a worldwide debate about race in america. brown's death also spurred a movement to change the relationship between law enforcement and people of color. the hashtag #blacklivesmatter which began after trayvon martin's death and picked up steam again was used nearly six million times. the deaths of several other unarmed black men at the hands of police officers also gained attention. azell ford in los angeles on august 11.
9:41 am
12-year-old tamir rice in cleveland on november 22. tony robinson on march 6. eric harris if tulsa, oklahoma, april 22. walter scott on april 4 in north charleston, south carolina. freddie gray in baltimore on april 19. and samuel dubose on july 19 in cincinnati. but the nationwide focus began in ferguson and dragged on for months. on november 24, a grand jury decides not to indict darren wilson, the officer who killed mike brown. the decision isn't read until after nightfall. rioters take to the streets in ferguson. #ferguson explodes on twitter. the next day, there were protest, mostly peaceful, in more than 170 american cities. in the year after his death, #mikebrown was used in more than three and a half million tweets. #ferguson was used in nearly 43 million. then on december 3, a new york grand jury chooses not to indict the police officer who put eric
9:42 am
garner in a choke hold on july 17 while trying to arrest him for allegedly selling cigarettes illegally. garner can be heard repeating "i can't breathe." garner has a heart attack and dies on the way to the hospital. #ican'tbreathe dominates on twitter and has been used in more than two million tweets since. in the days following the decision, protesters head to the streets of new york city, galvanizing their efforts on social media with other hashtags like #itstopstoday an and #shutitdown. the next big clash between people and the police is in baltimore after freddie gray dies from injuries sustained while in a police van on april 12. in west baltimore, days of protest follow, turning violent on april 25. the maryland national guard is called in to get control of the city. on april 28, there are nearly 10 million tweets using #baltimore. on may 1, baltimore d.a. marilyn
9:43 am
mosby announces six officers will face criminal charges in connection with gray's death. baltimore residents respond with cheers and tears. in the aftermath of mike brown's death, the department of justice finds the ferguson police department routinely violated the constitutional rights of some of its citizens. in new york, mayor bill de blasio announces a three-day police retraining program. and president obama calls for ways to improve the trust between law enforcement officers and the communities they serve. a task force recommends solutions like diversifying law enforcement agencies and minimizing the appearance of a military operation. >> apologies, that was not sara sidner, that was stephanie elam reporting. so much has happened in the past year, but has much changed? that conversation coming up.
9:44 am
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we're following the tensions in st. louis, missouri. police say criminals not demonstrators are blamed for an outbreak of violence after a peaceful sunday of marches. late last night the shootout captured on video led to a police chase and a suspect lying critically wounded on the ground. more demonstrations are planned for this afternoon i want to
9:48 am
talk about this with maria chappelle nadal. good to see you. >> very good to see you, freeh r -- fredricka. >> you took part in the demonstrations. how do you compare that with what has evolved? >> it's polar opposite. all weekend long we've been enjoying ourselves and feeling the sense of kinship throughout st. louis. there are building crowds everywhere, more divorce than it's ever been before. so everyone has been in a good frame set, a mind-set, and i'm just really proud of what we were able to accomplish and then last night happened. and we're zblrnd so you were feeling like this was a very hopeful demonstration of people who had a common goal here. but then when you left you started receiving some messages and what were those messages. >> exactly.
9:49 am
we left west florissant because it was raining then we went home. then i started getting text messages as well as direct messages on twitter and started looking at if as well and people were reporting. they were also putting up some video. there is one particular person who is apprehended last evening for calling for police to save this young man who was still alive. so i tracked all of that. i've been collecting all of the facts to make sure i'm aware of what's going on. and there are a few things that are going on that i'm hopeful for. i want to be assured that our police department is following all of the right protocols but i'm also concerned about the fact that only one person was pursued last night and not all six people involved in this shootout. and we don't want to condone not for a minute those who want to bring violent acts into these peaceful protests.
9:50 am
that's why i want to encourage people who are involved in today's actions to take part in self-policing. that is very critical. that's what we did last year and that's what i'm asking people to do yet again so we can be responsible. >> so what does that tell you that you wish there had been a pursuit of a larger group of people as opposed to the one? what does that tell you with the contrast with the sentiment from so many there who have said there have been some increments of change for the positive in the past year? >> yeah. there have been some changes for the positive but by no means, not even for a second, have we really reiached the critical mas point where we need to be. there are so many other things we need to do. the state of missouri decided to turn its back on upgrading our deadly force laws. we are 30 years out of compliance and that was ignored. but we also need to look at the fact that for a very long time now police have been pursuing one or two people instead of
9:51 am
everyone who needs to be questioned in these kind of circumstances. and that's why i'm asking for the five other people to turn themselves in. because we want to continue in a very peaceful way and what we had accomplished this entire weekend, you know, we have a cast -- we've cast a dark shadow because of their volatile behavior yesterday and that is just not going to be condoned? >> thank you so much, missouri state senator maria chappelle nadal. appreciate it. checking our top stories now, virginia officials say the alcohol beverage control agency were suspended after the bloody arrest of a college student back in march are on the job cleared of any wrongdoing. you may recall the case of markese johnson, accused of using a fake i.d. and then roughed up outside a bar near the university of virginia campus in charlottesville. at the time, the 20-year-old was charged with obstruction of justice and public intoxication but all charges were dropped in june. and the faa is investigating
9:52 am
several drone sightings over newark liberty international airport. four flights on final approach reported seeing drones yesterday. none had to take evasive action. the faa says it's unsafe and illegal to fly a drone near an aircraft and could result in up to a $25,000 fine and criminal charges. the town of durango, colorado, has declared a state of emergency. a mistake by an epa crew has so far spilled about a million gallons of waste water from an abandoned mine into the animus river. the spill turned the scenic river, a popular vacation spot, orange and prompted the epa to warn people to avoid the area. so far, the water supply is not affected. coming up, a woman in her late 60s is accused of murdering at least 11 people and cannibalism. how russian police found her out. next.
9:53 am
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this just in, the u.s. attorney's office says a new jersey man has been arrested for conspireing with isis. authorities say 20-year-old nadir sadeh and friends wanted to create a small army though no plot has been identified.
9:57 am
his brother and another man were arrested in june. according to the u.s. attorney, saadeh left to join a group of isis. police are accusing a 68-year-old woman of cannibalism and occult sacrifice in the suspected murders of at least seven people. cnn's matthew chance reports on this discurbing case out of russia. >> security video shows a frail old pensioner struggling with some heavy bags. but russian police say this is a suspected serial killer caught on camera disposing of the latest victim's body parts. she makes repeated nighttime journeys outside. 68-year-old tamara sam ssonova s been dubbed russia's granny ripper after police in st. petersburg found the mutilated remains of the elderly woman she cared for dumped in the street outside.
9:58 am
samsonova was pictured in court blowing kisses to the media. "i'm haunted by a maniac" she tells reporters account who forced me to kill." >> translator: i have nowhere else to live. i'm a very old person and i put the whole matter to rest deliberately. i have fought 77 times about it and then decided i must be in prison. i will die there and the state will probably bury me. >> we've come to the apartment block in st. petersburg where samsonova lived with the 79-year-old woman she was meant to be looking after. of course it's now a crime scene. you can see some neighbors have left flowers at a memorial. police say they have evidence linking the suspect with at least 11 more grisly murders. neighbors, tenants, even her own husband reported missing ten years ago. >> police say samsonova kept add diary of her crimes. investigators are looking at cannibalism and occult sacrifice
9:59 am
as possible motives. neighbors of the latest victim say they're shocked apt what happened but not all together surprised. >> translatotrai "she's a very strange woman. tricky and suspicious. when i confronted her about my missing friend she begged me not to call police and grabbed my arm. police told me later i was lucky to escape." but some were much less fortunate. police say they're now scouring records of unsolved murders to see just how many people russia's granny ripper may have killed. matthew chance, cnn, st. petersburg. >> russian police say they are scouring records of unsolved deaths to see just how many people this woman may have killed. thanks so much for watching, i'm fredricka whitfield. cnn continues with brianna keilar next.
10:00 am
hi there, i'm brianna keeler in for wolf blitzer. it's 1:00 p.m. in washington, 8:00 p.m. in istanbul and 9:30 p.m. in tehran. wherever you're watching from around the world, thanks so much for joining us. up first, a defiant donald trump not only does he refuse to apologize for his comments about a fox news anchor, hemegyn kelly should apologize to him. that's the latest back and forth during this feud that started during the republican primary debate. it exploded over the weekend following trump's so-called blood comment about kelly. despite criticism from fellow republicans, trump is not backing down. cnn's athena jones has the details. >> reporter: donald trump on the offensive. >> all i was doing is referring to that. i said nothing wrong so whatever. >> the latest controversy surrounding the billionaire erupted after he


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