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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  August 10, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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you are going to the forest. sloths are not pets. wild animals belong in the wild. find yourself a safe spot, huh. my work is about the environment. we should value and it protect it. >> kind of looked like bob. [ laughter ] to nominate a hero go to i love you be bochlt just kidding. that's it for us tonight. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. i'm don lemon. "ac 360" starts right now. [ laughter ] good evening, thank you for joining us tonight. donald trump is standing by remarks about fox news's megyn kelly that even fellow republicans say go over the line. they say his war of words with kelly is offensive to women, hurting the party. he says they have got it all wrong and she should be apologizing to him. we have the latest details, including my conversation with roger stone, up until this weekend a trump insider. now he is an outsider.
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fired or resigned, depending on who you believe. we'll get the that, and new comments by hillary clinton. we begin with breaking news. a state of emergency now in effect on theities streets of ferguson, missouri. in fact all of st. louis county. already today protesters blocked a stretch of the interstate highway outside of town a year after the shooting of michael brown and all the protests that followed. tensions once again tonight dangerously high. what began as a peaceful demonstration yesterday turned chaotic, ugly, nearly deadly. shots fired apparently between some in the crowd. and then at and from police. the sounds caught on camera as sara sidner was interviewing ferguson's interim police chief. >> we just want to be as patient as possible. >>. [ gunfire ] . >> gunfire.
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>> police hit the alleged gunman, an african-american teenager. he is in the hospital in rough shape facing serious charges. as you might imagine ferguson is on edge again. sara sidner joins us. what's happening on the ground tonight? what are the plans for tonight. >> today was supposed to be a day of civil disobedience. it certainly has been. about 56 people were arrested earlier in the day. they were out at the federal courthouse. and the idea as to get arrested. they were talking about civil disobedience. they wanted to rye to push further this idea of justice for black people when it comes to how they are treated by police. so many people were include including cornell west, arrested and though they have been, most of them, released at this time. then you of course mentioned what happened on interstate 70 during rush hour. a car driving through that as well. and a lot of protesters chasing a car as it drives through.
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you will start seeing that throughout the evening. that was the plan for today. they told everyone on the weekend that the weekend would be peaceful protests and that on monday it would be a little different, with civil disobedience being their top priority. anderson? >> last night, when the shooting began, what happened? because we just saw you on air talking to the interim police chief. >> you know, last night i actually got caught on that street. i was coming back from a function where there was a lot of people inside of a church, all talking about the situation here in ferguson. very calmly. and together. as i drove down the street, i could not get through. i ended up seeing the chief standing there. there was a typical what you would see here, a line of police, and a line of protesters. the protesters yelling at police. the police saying okay it's time to disperse. but as it was going on. the police chief was there. he is new, been here only a couple 6 weeks. and suddenly gunshots going on and on and on. a major barrage of fire. what we heard then after that
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from police is that that actually was a couple of people shooting at one another. and then after that, police responded, so there was another blast of gunshots. ended up shooting an 18-year-old who is in the hospital in critical condition now. and then a third volley of gunshots in the area, in the very habd where michael brown was shot and killed exactly one year ago. >> and i understand after the shooting a young woman who knew the man who was shot fainted, right? >> yeah. you know, we were there. it is a very raw, very emotional scene. it's very chaotic. as we walked up, there was a young woman and she was howling, saying the name of the person who had been shot. let me let you listen. [ inaudible ]
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] indiscernible ] >> clearly distraught, anderson. clearly, completely emotionally exhausted, and just so emotional. but then, when police started coming, everyone started to run, trying to pick her up, and streaming stop, stop, she needs help. she was saying the name -- we found out later -- of the person who had been shot and who had been critically wounded. his name is tyrone harris, 18 years old, and now faces about -- almost a dozen charges, including using a firearm against police. >> sara sidner, we'll be watching what happens tonight. we'll keep following sarah throughout the next two hours that we are on the air tonight. now, donald trump. no apologies from him today. certainly none over the weekend for remarks he made about fox debate moderator megyn kelly. in fact, he says she owes him an
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apology. >> she starts asking me all sorts of ridiculous questions. and you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever, but she was, in my opinion, she was off base. >> that was friday night. it touched a nerve among korve conservatives. red states erica arksson quickly disinvited trump from a for emover the ekds would. mr. trump called erik erickson in his words, a major sleaze and buffoon. by the weekend's end some of his rivals were weighing in about his comments about kelly. >> completely inappropriate and offensive comments, period. >> we all know there were reprehensible and in my view one of many reasons why donald trump is unqualified and unfit to be president of the united states. >> i don't think we should reward vulgarity. and i don't think vulgarity equates with insight.
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>> give me a break. do we want to win? do we insult 53% of all vote centers what donald trump said is wrong. >> it's clear that mr. trump does not agree that he was talking about anything inappropriate when he was referencing blood in reference to megyn kelly. >> this is what i was talking about, blood pouring out of her eyes. and then i went on -- you know, later on. then i went on further and i didn't even finish my statement. that's the amazing thing. because i would have said nose and ears. when you say -- it's very common thing when you say blood coming out of the identifies and ears and nose. i wanted to get on to the subject which was jobs. >> oh, really. check out innocent megyn kelly discussion on howard stern five years ago. i am the innocent pure one. for the record, miss kelly
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talked about pregnancy, and breast size, and the effect on her and her husband's sex life. no apology from donald trump. joining me, pa katrina pierson, amanda carpenter. >> what do you make of trump's continued defiance on this? he is clearly not backing down or apologizing? >> classic trump. did this with john mccain. never really apologized for that and didn't really hurt them. his brand is blue jacketser. his brand is being in your face. no apologies. i don't think it's any surprise that not only is he not apologizing. you hear some. folks who are supporting him, basically parroting the talking points that he has, you know, he is going on at this point, whether it is on cable news or twitter. i think that's a sign at least so far if you talk to folks who like him that this might not damage him among those core folks who like him in states
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like new hampshire and iowa. i think i guess polling will happen at some point. we will hear more from him and you see of course democrats taking this and running with it. i think one of the interesting things here is he is in some ways turning fox into a establishment. now a fox and megyn kelly is the establishment and he is the upstart politician going against them. that's a reversal for fox. >> katrina, did the comments offend you? do you believe it is a mistake for him to go after megyn kelly in this way? >> i do support trump being in this race. however, i will say that i was watching cnn during that entire discussion. and as a woman, nothing passed me. i didn't catch anything. it was after the fact when political operatives from other campaigns started pushing out this narrative of a men truly cycle, something he never sachld now they are calling for him to
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apologize? what for? for something he never said? >> those who say, if not for that, retweeting somebody that called her a bimbo. is that something that a presidential candidate should be doing. >> i think that's debatable, is that something that a presidential candidate would do? i think one is doing it. here's the thing. we have polls that have come out throughout the twooegd and mr. trump has not lost grounds. people are tired of politicians apologizing for everything. the traushl republican is usually tucking their tail and apologizing before they ever do anything wrong. people aren't going to lose faith in them. >> as president if he called a female reporter a bimbo or retweeted somebody calling ary female reportary bimbo you would be okay with that. >> he probably would not be doing his twitter if he was president. he has been on social media active for years. this is not surprise. this is donald trump and it's
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all baked into the numbers. >> amanda, what about that? also, what do you think? how much does this tiff and megyn kelly -- a statement was made by roger ales to a website saying they had a conversation and they seem to be moving forward. how much do you think this is working in donald trump's favor? >> first of all, there is no question that he promoted the notion that megyn kelly is a bimbo by retweeting that to his 3 million followers. but i am not really interested in donald trump's explanation of what he meant. the thing is, when you are campaigning to run for president, it doesn't matter what you say. it's what voters hear. and what they believe you meant. and many people believe that donald trump is brash, and crass, and has a long history of making insulting statements towards women. so he is is kinds of getting who he deserves whether he meant it or not. i personally think he meant that. as for the continuing saga with
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fox news, i don't think it is wise to go after the press. i can't imagine that it pans out for him. >> mea, clearly, the democrats, and hillary clinton is trying to say, well, you know, what donald trump is saying is offensive, but it speaks for what the entire gop believes. do you believe that that message actually sticks? does it affect the party as a whole? there are some who say, look, most republicans don't actually see trump as a, quote, unquote, republican even though he is running foz a gop candidate. he is not a career politician and he doesn't traditionally fall under the gop structure. >> it's hard to make that argument for republicans when in 2012 you had mitt romney stand up next to donald trump and say he was delighted and honored to get his endorsement. this was very much after trump became king of the birthers calling for obama to release his
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birth certificates. i think republicans are trying to throw him overboard at this point. in some case ways that became easier when he raised his hand on the debate stage and said he wouldn't rule out that independent run. but but i think you are going to be able to see democrats effectively tie him to the party certainly because they embraced him for years before this, certainly in 20126789 i thought hillary clinton was in her element today when she said listen donald trump's comments were outrageous but let's talk about the policies of the gop and with a they have said and what they want to do in terms of women policies, things like minimum wage and aborpgs. she hit her stride. s that good moment for her because she is able to make an argument that you will hear democrats make i think all through this race. >> katrina did you are right. >> go ahead. >> you are height. this is hillary clinton's element. she is the war on women's rights stand up person. she is going to push this no matter who is going to be on the
8:14 pm
gop side. i don't think anyone can say donald trump represents the gop. i think it's obvious the gop wants him out of this race. besides i will talk about hillary clinton and the war on women when she starts talking about the democrat all white primary. >> katrina, do you worry, though, that your candidate is thin skinned? does he come off to you as thin skinned? clearly among a lot of 1230er9 sporters he comes off as tough, tough guy, fights back, hit hard, he is going to hit back twice. as president, you have to have thick skin and you are going to have reporters asking you all manner of questions. is this what we are going to see if donald trump is elected president, this kind of constant enemies list -- growing enemies list of reporters or anybody who is viewed -- >> i don't know if that's such a bad thing. is he thin skinned? i don't think so. did he get defensive? absolutely. he thought that question was out
8:15 pm
of bounds because the question asked to him about women were based off of reality tv show, his on television character, not the man who he is today. those why he took it the way that he did. again, this is donald trump. millions of people already know his personality, and that's always baked into the numbers, as we see today. that has not hurt him yet. and i don't think it's going to hurt him in the future. >> katrina, amana, nima, as well. one thing for sure, donald trump is not afraid to speak his mind. he will be on cnn's new day tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. >> up next, roger stone joins us next. and later, outside dallas, a surveillance camera catches the act of a young man vandalizing cars. moments latering he is dead, shot and killed by police, who are now facing tough questions. the story when we continue. what do a nascar® driver...
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tonight the trump campaign has without the services of a well-known republican strat jisz. we have a rare window into how the campaign operates and how a seasoned professional sees it. roger stone's career goes back to 200 all the way to the nixon-mcgovern campaign in 1972. mr. trump says he fired him. mr. stone says he quit over mr. trump's recent tone.
8:20 pm
i spoke with mr. stone shortly before the program began. what happened? >> the trump administration says they fired you. you say that's not case. >> that's not my case. previewed my resume to other colleagues in the business. they were good enough to confirm they had seen the letter which proves i wanted to resign. >> why did you want to resign? >> i was frustrated. i frankly think that trump is better than this. i remain a strong supporter. >> you have been talking well of mr. trump. >>? >> he came to my wedding, i went to two of his. i have great affection for trump and the trump family. i have wanted him to run for president since 1988. >> so your issue has been what, post debate, his getting into the these spats with megyn kelly and others? >> yeah, i just think that it is a distraction. it is a cul-de-sac.
8:21 pm
american presidential politics is about big picture issues and picking memorable phrases. he is running in a race with 15 career politicians and one very smart brain surgeon. it is a great contrast. people want to hear the trump vision for america. how will he make america great. >> why do you think -- >> he knows what he wants to do. just needs to articulate it. >> is it part of his personality? he cannot help fight back against people who he believes have sleighted him. >> perhaps his advisors don't realize the role of a celebrity is different than the role of a candidate. i think by egg going rogue and telling you what i think he really needs to do -- i'm doing this out of loyalty. i'm not going to argue with a bunch of 40-year-old advance man. there was always tension between the handlers and the men of ideas. politics is about ideas. trump has big ideas. i have seen his big ideas. >> does it matter for those who are supporting donald trump --
8:22 pm
and there are many right now look at his poll numbers --u does it matter that he doesn't get into the specifics? >> even in the fox debate chris wallace tried to press him on why where is there evidence that the mexican government is forcing people across. it's one thing that the government isn't able to stop people from coming across, but to tally send them across -- he doesn't have evidence of that. does that matter, do you think? or is trump -- does he defy the law of political gravity? >> so far he has. on the other hand there has to be enough meat on his bones for people to judge he does have a plan and a way forward. frank lesion leadership is more important than that. i think that the contrast here has to do with the fact that trump is financially independent and therefore he is the only one i can name -- kind of like ross perot in his day who will stand up to the entrenched interests. he doesn't need super pacs or
8:23 pm
billionaires to finance him because he is a billionaire. >> i was reading a jeff toobin article that he wrote about you in the new yorker in 2008, donald trump was quoted in that article calling you a stone cold lo loser. >> he then hired you again. >> we had a falling out over a fellow who i believed was corrupt. i would remind you he took a prostitute across five state lines which a new york state supreme court judge has just gotten to out of jail for. we had a brief falling out regarding spitser and my acting to remove him from public life. >> you were willing to overlook that. >> we reconciled and i remain a trump supporter. >> how do you see this playing out? he hasn't ruled out a third party challenge. >> let's review what he said on the stump. at least three of the major candidates according to the new york times were in discussions
8:24 pm
to boycott the fox debate if he was taking part of it. if he is treated fairly, no he won't run third party. test front-runner to the republican nomination. if the establishment doesn't want to give him the equal access. he has the leverage -- and that's the word he used to run third party. that's a $100 million he is d.a. ka paid. i have got gary johnson on the ballot in 48 states three years ago. we would have been on in all the states but we got bad judicial decisions in two states. trump has the capacity to do that if he wants. to that's not his preference. >> trump used that word, leverage during the debate and got criticism for it. what do you think that means to donald trump? what does he want to use the leverage for. >> to make sure he has a fair shot at the nomination. this is not about trump and trump's ego. this is about making sure he isn't treated unfairly. >> let me ask you about ego. because, can a guy who fights
8:25 pm
hard and pushes back hard if somebody in his view insults them, even a reporter asking a tough question, can somebody like that have the temperament to be president? can he be presidential? >> i think it is a question of roles. there is a trump maxim, which is also a stone maxim, if somebody hits you, hit them back, harder. i agree with that. but not if you are a candidate running for president of the united states. it is different if you are a real estate mogul or a celebrity television star. but in the realm of politics you would be better off to ignore those criticisms and move back on the to your main message. >> time wasted. >> in my view, not productive. we have already seen when he talks big picture he zooms to number one in the polls. appears today at least until we see more survey research to be holding. >> who is making decisions in the donald trump campaign? i'm fascinated by his organization. does he listen to other people? take it into consideration? or does he just say, i'm -- it's 4:00 a.m., i'm sending out a
8:26 pm
tweet? >> first of all, he is the decision maker. donald trump is not scripted. he is not coached. he is not handled. what you see is what you get. he makes she is decisions. and he has on many occasions risen to the occasion. he is a clutch player. and he is under pressure now. i was very encouraged by the campaign announcing this morning they would be putting out a series of position papers that he has inspired. i know because i worked on the paper. they are not mine. they are his. he has ideas for the country and he will lay them out. but the sooner the better. >> mr. stone, great to have you on. >> great to be here. for those of us who are trump loyalists, our hashtag handle is hashtag yuge, y-u-g-e. >> more insight as to what makes donald trump, donald trump. davidbergin has written about it, suggesting donald trump is a narcissist, dr. drew pinski
8:27 pm
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we have been touching on it since donald trump announced he
8:31 pm
was running for president. the question of tone and temperament. cnn senior analyst david gergen wrote about it today in a piece titled what plains trump's arrogan arrogance. >> he points to narcissistic leadership. which he points out has good points as well as bad points. also joining us, dr. drew pinski. >> david, you pointed out that society needs narcissistic leaders because there are those people who are called productive narcissist. what's the downside? >> i draw heavily on michael mcalby, a analyst and corporate consultant to ceos for many years. a leadership goour guru. as freud said, there are productive narcissists, people who are strong leaders in times
8:32 pm
turbulence. the public is looking for someone like a trump who presents a lot of strength. the downside is that, in effect, the success can go to the head of a narcissist, and they suddenly become not only self obsessed, and self absorbed, but they begin to go off the rails. you know, they become socially isolated. they don't accept advice. they don't listen to others. they are diss trustful and then when they are attacked or someone seems to be threatening them verbally, they hit back really hard. all of these characteristics are of course what we are seeing with donald trump. i've seen him in his private moments when he is i think much more product i. but the trump who has been in public fits that role of a narcissist. you really have to wonder about, you know, has he created a trap for him? >> dr. drew, it is interesting, to david's point, donald trump is when you are meeting with him one on one, interviewing, he can be incredibly charming.
8:33 pm
there is a great appeal to him. i enjoy -- i have done two interviews with him and i have enjoyed the process, even when he is pushing back hard on me or saying something negative to me. it is a pleasurable conversation, an interesting stimulating conversation. isn't anyone who decides to run for president or most people in public life, whether it's donald trump or somebody else, aren't they most likely narcissist, including most people on television? >> yes, i have the only published literature that shows that. that's true, that people that have narcissistic injuries early in life, this is a bid to manage those injuries. doesn't mean to have to be full blown the. >> what do you mean narcissist injuries? >> abandonment, certain sorts of insufficient sees in childhood that may cause people these stlai trades. we are not talking about narcissistic disorders, we are talking about narcissistic traits that can be useful. you have to wonder whether he is
8:34 pm
amplifying some of his narcissistic traits publicly because what you said about him in the public moments says to me he doesn't have empathic failure. he is able to have a boundary, deal with you respectfully and with amp thee. lack empathy is single greatest lyle of being a narcissist. >> you have to wonder whether donald trump has invented a public persona, someone he suddenly becomes on stage. >> right. >> and we've seen that -- we see that with a lot of people. what it is -- it is absolutely true that narcissist have often accomplished great things. franklin roosevelt, winston churchill, even gandhi. the most effective narcissists are ones who have this narcissistic trait but they hide it and they anchor it so it's not well seen. lincoln falls into that category. you have to wonder with trump, mostly is it a public act, a public persona he has adopted
8:35 pm
over the years? it works for him politically, why not keep doing to it even though it smashes the truth we hold in our heads of how a politician or a he had loo e especially a president ought to bheev. >> the tirm term has a negative connotation but you don't think it of of it as a bad trait. >> it has liability and strengths. fur going to be a leader, you kind of have to have a certain a. narcissism. you have to need other people. you have to have a vision, you have to have a great trust in your vision for things. again, where it breaks down is if you get so absorbed in your own sense of things that you don't perceive reality on reality's terms or don't take input from people close to you. >> david, when i talked to trump on camera the first time or second time in the interviews i did with him, i asked him if he would change his tone when he became president. do you think it is possible conscious he said he would. do you think it's possible for somebody like him to change
8:36 pm
their tone? >> i think he's going to finds if he really wants to win the nomination -- and he has a more durable following than almost any pundit thought. he is going to have to move. i thought it was a negative sign when he divorced roger stone. one thing, you need a side kick, a counsellor to keep you anchored. losing stone i think was a mistake. but he has made these signs he is going to put out position papers and do some of the things roger stone wanted him to do. and maybe he is starting to move in the direction of having some conventionality and calming down some, which i think would serve him over time. >> roger stone is a fascinating character, david. >> he is. he sure is. i knew roger back in the nixon days. >>; is that right. >> he has evolved over time. become a libertarian. i think what he said -- that was a classy exit. it was like the way that, you know, it is -- when you have one
8:37 pm
of these unconventional candidates like ross per row in the early '90sen running against another clinton -- ross perot almost could have won but he hired ed rollins as the republican guru and rollins quit after two months and did it in the same way roger stone has. when you are a political consultants you are a jockey on a horse. some horses are runaway horses and you can't stay in the saddle. >> we have got to. >> if i might say, if they are narcissist, they areual yuge. >> exactly. up exnext, update on our breaking news in ferguson missouri tonight. after new violence protesters taking to the streets one year after michael brown's death. even after a scathing report, the police and city have not made crucial changes. ahead tonight. and never run out. right now, buy an eligible printer,
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new tension in ferguson, missouri, tonight. the city and awful st. louis county in a state of emergency one year after the shooting death of michael brown. the anniversary of his death has
8:42 pm
sparked new pros test. demonstrators say much has not changed. what we found was surprising. it shows that ferguson is still pumping out thousands of new arrest warrants, this continues despite a highly critical report from the department of justice in march. that report found that ferguson police department and municipal court were targeting low income and minority residents with tickets and fines for chb minor offenses. the reason, notten enforce the law but to boost the city's budget. here is drew griffin. >> reporter: the number is astounding. the small st. louis suburb of fesh has a population of just 21,000 people. in march, it has outstanding arrest warrants for 16,000, including veronica ortega. technically wanted by the law. for what. >> over a parked car i had in my driveway. >> reporter: a warrant has been hanging over her head for three years. >> this is what happened.
8:43 pm
>> reporter: when she moved into this house three years ago this new york city transplant finally decided to buy a car. the single mother of three living on fixed income she could afford the $500 car but not the license registration and insurance. so she parked it here in her driveway. within weeks a code enforcement officer had written not one but two citations that led to a ticket. >> it was $102 dlds. because it has been three years, because i haven't paid that, they kept my id as has toj. yord to get my id i would have to pay that $102. >> reporter: she admits she could have solved the problem by registering the car in the first place, could have saved up by now and paid the ticket but she says she is standing on principle willing principle. she is not alone. thousands face arrest.
8:44 pm
for delinquencies as unregistered cars, jay walking or having an overgrown lawn. if ferguson, you were arrested for an outstanding warrant, it's almost certain you were black. the u.s. department of justice say 96% of those arrested on warrant when black. despite a sagting report which found the police department the cause of huge mistruce between police and communities. the city has issued more than 2300 new arrest warrants just this year. a cnn money eight analysis found nearly 80% of the tickets resulting in arrest warrants stem from minor offenses, failing to wear a seat belt, speeding, even having that dwroefr grown yard or playing
8:45 pm
loud music. >> i would understand if i assaulted somebody or because i stole $5,000 worth of something in the store. no, i have a warrant for a delinquenter car. it makes you feel like a criminal even though you are not. >> reporter: the report released in march alleged a racially biased practice of policing that targets ferguson's black community instead of protecting it and uses tickets, arrests, and code understandment, mostly against black people, as a source of revenue. those fines paid for 16% of the city's budget last year. >> the vast majority are for failure to pay or failure to appear in court. >> reporter: this law professor at st. louis university who represents plaintiffs in two lawsuits against ferguson says the ferguson court system is still policing for profit, and when mostly poor african-americans can't pay their fines the city courts put out a warrant for their arrest. >> i don't know how to measure how outrageous something is.
8:46 pm
i think it's absolutely a traj deal. i think it absolutely ruins people's lives. i think it creates homelessness. i think it discourages people from seeking help when they need help. >> reporter: hold on says frg's mare, james knolls. >> now, does it seem extreme. >> unfortunately if you get a speeding ticket or whatever and you don't even show up to court to explain to the judge why you can't pay they do issue a warrant for you. that's way the courts -- all the courts in missouri have been operating for many years. >> reporter: that is true and while some surrounding communities have far fewer arrests warrants being issued than ferguson, some have even more. knolls says in the wake of last year's unrest the city has moved to reduce fines, set up payment options for those who can't pay, and offer amnesty for those carrying arrest sfwhoornts what we've told people is if you want to come in and get your warrant taken care of, we can take that
8:47 pm
warrant out, go back to what the original fine and fee was make your case to the judge -- we have a new judge, and the judge can work with you to make sure you no longer have any warrants. >> reporter: what the city will not do is just do away with them. no wiping the slate clean. the stiff st. louis and several other neighboring towns are erasing old warrants, stopping the process altogether. not so in ferguson, where tickets are still owed and arrest warrants are still being issued and thousands of people like veronica ortega could technically be arifted just about any moment for something that started out as a delinquent car in a driveway. so, really, any time a cop could come by here snooshs? and give you a ticket for whatever. >> and arrest you. >> yeah, yeah, ordinary care yeah. >> drew with all the arrests last night, including the
8:48 pm
shooting, how many african-americans now work for the ferguson police department? it is surprising how few. they have a new interim police chief who is black and they have five officers, five out of 50 who are black, again in a town where 70% of the population is black. they are trying to improve that as well. and that is an improvement. >> is the interim chief going to change the way the department has been operating? >> he says so. number one, he is not going to have policing for profit. he is not going to do that. he says he hasn't been asked to and the state of missouri has a new law where it's going to limit how much money a city can raise on the backs of hts population. he wants to have a community based policing department, going out and engaging and knowing the community they serve. after event like last night you can see what a tough job he is going to have. still ahead, the shooting death of an unarmed black student has police in arlington, tech texas, left with the
8:49 pm
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♪ nationwide is on yo did we just start looking for a house? it looks pretty good, yeah, all right. oh, did you see that listing on zillow i sent you? yup. you see that bathroom? oh well i think that's the one. me too. ok. did we just decide to buy a house? i think so. yay. find your way home, zillow. investigation is underway in texas after a rookie police officer shot and killed a 19-year-old college football
8:53 pm
player who was caught on surveillance video vandalizing cars out a dealership in dallas. he also crashed his suv into the dealership showroom. both officers have given statements. we don't know what they said. we do know christian taylor was not harmed. his father says what his son was doing was knots night, there was no reason he should have had to die. >> reporter: kristen taylor in the last minutes of his lives. around 1 a.m. on friday. surveillance cameras spot the 19-year-old on the dealership lot. he is jumping on a car, kick at its windshield. the company use as p.a. system to warnt taylor to leave and then called calls the police. >> he broke into a ford mustang. >> reporter: then the footage shows him driving through the gates and smashing through the doors.
8:54 pm
within minutes he walks into the building. >> i just saw the guy in the building. >> reporter: what happens next isn't captured on surveillance video or body cams. according to authorities trainee police officer brad miller and his supervising officer ordered taylor to is your vendor. instead they say he tried to fwlooe through a locked door. then, according to police there is an altercation. >> we've got shots fired. >> the supervising officer uses his taser and miller fires his gun four times hitting the teen in the abdomen, chest and neck. taylor died on the scene. the officer is on paid administrative live, standard operating procedure. but the arlington police chief has asked the fbi to review the department investigation and finding. taylor is black. the officer who fired the fatal shots is white. >> it has not occurred in
8:55 pm
isolation but rather has occurred while your nation has been wrestling with the topics of social injustice, inequities, racism and police misconduct. taylor was about to begin his sore more year at angelo university where he played on the football team. his father can't understand what his son was doing in the car lot that night. >> could have been too much drinking, wrong place at the wrong time. could have been something you didn't know what you were getting. >> reporter: one another thing he doesn't understand, how his unarmed son was shot dead by the police. >> what information do you have since filing that report. >> reporter: the fbi has come back and said they have their full confidence in the police department and on the county that they will be able to investigate the case on their own. they said if it is determined that the teenager's civil rights
8:56 pm
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the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. a day of civil disyoe beadance in ferguson, missouri. plus, the overcrowded earth, how the exploding global population is taking its toll and what it means for the rest of us. thank you so much for joining us. glad to be with you for the next two hours. i'm zain asher. >> good to be by your