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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  August 11, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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trump keeps talking but the so-called teflon don dominates the poll s. why he says he will win the women and hiss panic vote. breaking news, china devalues the currency for the second day in a row. we will be live in beijing on the global effects. and a linebacker's jaw broke en over a $600 dispute. we will talk about that coming up. warm welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. we are your anchor team for the next two with hours. >> this is cnn newsroom.
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we begin in michigan where republican presidential candidate -- zain is grinning already. donald trump is back on the campaign trail. >> how could you not grin? >> this come as trump tops two polls in the early voting states of new hampshire and iowa on the heels of last week's debate. >> on tuesday, he gave his first speech since the gop debate and of course the controversial comments he made about debate moderator and fox news anchor megyn kelly. before he speech, he boasted about how much support he had from key demographics, including women, hispanics and took aim at another republican contender, jeb bush. listen >> i think we will do well with the hispanic and women vote.
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if you look at nevada, they did the poll and i'm leading in the hispanic vote because i create jobs. i will be creating tremendous numbers of jobs. i think we will do great. the women's health issues, i'm for that. i watched jeb bush give the worst answer the other day. i think that's going to be his 47%. romney possibly lost the election for a lot of reasons frankly that he lost, but one of the big reasons was his 47%. that was a disaster. i think jeb's answer the other day on women's health issues is a disaster for him. hi then went and said he misspoke. how do you misspeak about that? i will be great on women's health issues. i cherish women. i will be great on women's health issues, believe me. >> sara murray is joining us from birch run, michigan. you were there listening to what
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donald trump had to say. at this stage the electorate is looking for specifics from the republican front runner. let's listen to what he said about the women's issues. >> i go home and see my wife, e melania, she will make a beautiful first lady, she has a great heart. she cares more about those women issues that i bush doesn't care about that. between her and ivanka, believe me. >> so essentially saying, hey, women in my family care about women's issues. i'm wondering if women were impressed by this? >> we are talking to women here. i they felt like the idea that donald trump was struggling with female voters was overblown. this came about after the fiery exchange with megan dela megyn e
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debate stage. this is sort of politics as usual. they weren't holding it against him. none of the people i talked to said they felt like donald trump would be with the kind of president who was harmful to women. that was interesting to hear. >> he continues to be the teflon don. controversies do not stick to him. another issue, trump mentioned he is winning withing the latino vote in nevada, that is true according to a poll there but trump mentioned he leads only among republicans. hillary clinton in the same poll is favored by hispanics by 20 percentage points. i'm wondering if the party in general is worried that a trump nomination may hand it to democrats. >> it is true that they have struggled with women and hispanic voters and we have heard criticism saying if we want to be serious, trump is not
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the guy to do that. it is interesting to watch trump turn that around. he's been trying to turn the women's issue around on jeb bush for instance. we will see how successful that is for him. there's real concern within the republican party that donald trump is not the face they want to put if they are going to improve their appeal to female and hispanic voters. some think he could undermine the progress. >> in many ways he fact he is not a politician, he's different, the rules don't apply to him is almost his appeal. what do attendees think of what he had to say or do you get the sense he is in awe of the celebrity because he is a big star in the states? >> lie like the idea he does not talk like a politician. they find it refreshing. it almost makes them more willing to give a pass. when you ask why doesn't ve offered more specifics on policy, and do you think it is time, they agree it is time but
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they are not angry for him doing it up until now. they say hee needed to get to our attention and now he has it he is moving to the next phase of the campaign. they want to hear details but more patient with the idea that trump is not the usual politician. not your typical campaign and may not be hitting the normal milestones we may see from a traditional candidate at this point. >> fascinating to watch. we'll continue to wonder what donald trump will do next. sara murray joining us from michigan, thank you very much. >> thanks. interesting, even though he hasn't outlined clear policies people like the way he talks. he is direct, says exactly what he thinks. >> there's value in being a strong communicator. even though he hasn't offered specifics for a large percentage of republicans it is enough and they believe he can get things done. >> when he makes the speeches it is a stream of consciousness.
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former florida governor jeb bush was on the podium on tuesday outlining his plan to fight isis and islamic extremism. he spoke to supporters on tuesday in california at the ronald reagan presidential library. >> are here are some specifics. he said he would impose a no-fly zone over syria and embed u.s. troops with iraqi forces. he took aim at barack obama for pulling combat troops out of iraq he says too quickly and not having a strategy to fight isis. >> they are pursuing a minimalist approach of incremental escalation. the results have been a creeping u.s. involvement without any strategic results. the worst of both worlds. a year of limited strikes and other half measures has made little discernible difference the sum total of the isis danger. a halting, ineffective effort against them has only emboldened these terrorists leaving the
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pandemic unchecked. hillary clinton will hand over her private e-mail service to the -- server rather to the u.s. justice department. she used it during her time as secretary of state. and has faced intense criticism for not using a secure government server. the fbi opened an investigation. >> hillary clinton said she turned over all of her work-related e-mails to the state department. until now she wouldn't turn over the server itself. the majority of respondents in polls don't think she is trustworthy. >> i'm joined by someone who has covered a lot of our presidential campaigns. thank you for being with us. you are live in los angeles. ron, hillary clinton had previously said that she wouldn't hand over her private e-mail server to the justice department. what's behind the sudden change? why now?
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>> they are facing really steady relentless pressure on this. she had wanted to maintain control and privacy and what happened is it has become an enormous level of disclosure of her e-mails and controversy that is unprecedented for a former secretary of state and for a presidential candidate. i think this was an indication of the kind of pressure she faces on this issue. >> trustworthiness as been a major issue for hillary clinton. while i have you, i want top talk about donald trump. we heard him speak a few hours ago. he said he wants to run as a republican but he will keep the door open to being able to run as an independent. how much of this is him sort of trying to have leverage over the gop?
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>> none of us can peer far in to the future of donald trump. it is something i think she deciding minute by minute if not second by second. but it is a threat. in the sense if he chose to run as a third party candidate he would be an enormous challenge for the push can party. his support is concentrated on the elements of white america, particularly blue collar white america. those are the voters that have become the corner stone of. it is hard to imagine any republican nominee being able to survive, i think, a donald trump third party candidacy. it's not easy to do. difficult to get on the ballot in all 50 states. rules conflict and vary state by state. some say if you run in one party you can't come back in the general. but someone with his money could cause a lot of mischief for the republican party if he chooses
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to go that route. >> while i have you, i want your reaction to a comment that donald trump made about illegal immigration listen to this. >> other countries are sending over people they don't want. they don't want to use their prisons. they don't want to use it. they say why should we use our prisons, for many, many years to house really bad people when the united states will do it? >> so listen to, the facts don't support what he is saying. immigration has increased since the '90s but crime has gone down. how does donald trump get away with saying these things without alienating the hispanic community. >> he has alienated the hispanic community. >> too late. okay. >> that's not who he is talking to. there are impact of not only illegal and legal immigration.
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half of all republicans in a poll, and a quarter of democrats, growing number of immigrants has threaten traditional american values. you know, this school year that just finished was the first time in american history the majority of our students nationwide were nonwhite, kids of color. it's a different country than when reagan was president. strump striking a nerve with them. that segment is not big enough to win the primary or general election. the challenge for republicans is how do they satisfy the voters central to their coalition without alienating the growing segments which are tipping point voters if a presidential election. the reason why democrats have won the popular vote in five of the last six. >> those controversial comments do not seem to be hurting donald trump. we saw the iowa poll and new
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hampshire poll as well. thank you so much. always a pleasure. thank you. the top u.s. diplomate is warning if congress rejects the iran nuclear agreement, the world currency could be threatened. kerry argued the u.s. would have to impose sanctions on anyone doing business with iran going forward and that could result in retaliation. >> currency experts dismiss it as rhetoric. kerry said it makes it impossible for iran to develop the nuclear weapon without detection. listen. >> iran could not possibly create, according to tour intelligence community and our energy department, they can't create an entire secret, separate fuel cycle track, not doing bt without being detected. i can't tell you that iran might not decide in 15 years let's try to break out.
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what i can tell you is if they did we will know it to a certainty. >> congress has until september 17th to act on that deal. >> in the meantime we are following breaking news out of china where the country has devalued the currency for the second day in a row. the people's bank of china set the reference rate 1.6% lower today. >> look at how china's financial markets are responding. are they rebounding? it seems as though the shanghai composite is.45 percentage point and hang seng back 1.75 there. bring in financial consultant from beijing to discuss why this is being done. what is the chinese central bank saying is the reason behind this devaluation and what else are some of the suspicions? >> errol, the central bank, of course, saying this is long
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overdue. the currency which before tuesday's announcement was only allowed to fluctuate within a narrow pre-set band set by the central bank. that value had been deviating for some time. that's why they said they did it to have the exchange rate more reflective of the reality. if you ask other people the government is doing it to weaken the currency intentionally to help eck porters, especially because tuesday's announcement came days after weak export date was announced by the government. this is now the second largest economy of the world, china. china also is a major trading partner of many, if not most, economies of the world. this decision, of course, has been sending ripple effects throughout the world. you mentioned donald trump, he mentioned the chinese currency devaluation in a speech in michigan. this is not new. many politicians in the u.s.
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long accused china of keeping the currency artificially low to help its exporters. the government says no. we are doing it to make it more market based. >> in a strange way, the chinese central bank has just given donald trump a bit of legitimacy today. i'm not sure what that means. thank you for that update live from beijing. the devalue situation could have some ripple effects in terms of trade and the global financial market as well. >> cnn anchor richard quest explains why it matters. >> reporter: when you look at how the yuan moved you see all of these effects, whether it is going up or down f. this case obviously it is falling. meefdly we see the dollar getting stronger. that means more exports from the united states. they become more expensive. clear negative.
9:17 pm
chinese goods, they of course become cheaper which means a more competitive battle. in the short and easy terms, devaluing the yuan is bad for u.s. exporters and brilliant for chinese export ers but there's more to it than that. you have to look at other currencies tied to the yuan that are losing value, australian and new zealand dollars and brazil. they were all down. they were down not only because of the technical effect but because commodity prices. they are priced in dollars. those countries are big commodity exporters. oils, minings, metals. they are all losing ground. at its most simplistic, you can see the yuan's move in simply chinese versus u.s. export 0s and the rest of the world. in the wider picture, over the longer term, you are left with the conclusion that there is a
9:18 pm
much bigger political play underway. richard quest, cnn, new york. >> we will keep our eyes on that. in the meantime we will take a break here on cnn newsroom. when we come back, new satellite images may signal unsettling development at one of north korea 's nuclear facilities and what defense experts are saying. ahead later this hour, one of the young promising quarterbacks in the nfl could be out much of the season after a fight with a teammate. the reason behind it may surprise you.
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make the call and ask your doctor if jublia is right for you. new larger size now available. you aren't treated like a priority. we do things differently. we'll take care of it. we put members first. join the nation. thank you. police in missouri say they have video that shows a teenager suspect waving a gun. they say tyrone harris is the man in the foot iffage you see here. if you look you can see him in a white t-shirt. he is highlighted there. police say he fired at officers and they fired back. harris was critically injured in the exchange. he is facing a number of charges, including assault on law enforcement. his family insist he was running
9:23 pm
for his life. >> it is important to know peaceful observances began on sunday, marking one year since an unarmed african-american teenager michael brown was not to death by police. some of the demonstrations turned violent. in all 80 protesters were arrested on monday. a state of emergency is still in effect. a white police officer in articling on the, texas, has been fired after allegedly shooting and killing an unarmed african-american teenager. it seems as if every week there is a cop shooting someone who's unarmed. the rookie officer brad miller and his trainer went to a burglary call on friday at a car deerlship. the police officer wassing being trained at the time the incident happened. the surveillance company edited the video that shows christiantail taylor jumping on vehicles and driving his suv in
9:24 pm
to the show room. police saytail taylor didn't follow orders to surrender. >> what troubles people the most is police are saying there was no physical altercation, no exchange between him and the officer before the teenager was shot. arlington police chief said miller was fired for exercising poor judgment. he also faces a possible criminal prosecution, as well. >> right now to other stories we are following for you. there are indications north korea is beefing up the nuclear capabilities. >> experts have analyzed i78ages of a nuclear facility 80 kilometers north of pyongyang. here's our brian todd with more. >> reporter: a key intelligence find. satellite images of snow melt on rooftops. it may seem benign but this could signify an upgrade at north kraes korea's nuclear facility, a 0 miles north of pyongyang. based on these pictures from earlier this year, the defense
9:25 pm
analysts are saying kim jong-un's regime started to operate a second large hall of centrifuges there. >> what it suggests is north korea has began to double the centrifuge capability. >> experts say it could be working toward civilian nuclear energy or enrich uranium for more nuclear bombs. u.s. intelligence officials say kim's building his nuclear arsenal at a dangerous rate. according to weapons experts he may have 10 to 15 bombs right now. 50 to 100 by the end of 2020. kim is also more aggressive on the ground. tonight south korea vows retaliation for land mine blasts that wounded two of its soldiers. each had to have parts of their legs amputated. it happened on the demilitarized zone. the u.s.-led u.n. command says north korean troops had to have crossed the demarcation line
9:26 pm
recently and planted the mines. it's not just south korean troops who patrolled the area. >> there could be americans killed by these kind of systems. if that happened, the united states would be pressing for a more kinetic response. >> reporter: analysts say there are hundreds if not thousands of u.s. soldier along the dmz. kim jong-un has purchased and executed dozens of top officials in his own regime but this is believed to be the first time he has targeted anyone outside of his country since he took power in 2011. why lash out now across the border? >> he is extraordinarily frustrated he's not getting his way. too many senior officials in the military and in the party are not showing adequate respect. it may be they are showing respect, but they are afraid to tell the emperor he has no clothes. >> meaning they continue don't want to tell him his program isn't moving fast enough for his
9:27 pm
liking. how will south korea retaliate for the land mine blast? for the first time in a decade they are resuming psychological warfare, sending messages to north korean troops telling them their leader is doing a bad job and there's a better world outside. a move certain to infuriate kim jong-un. brian todd, cnn, washington. >> time for a quick break. coming up, a mississippi couple accused of using their honeymoon as a cover up for an attempt top join isis. and the u.s. tries to find new ways to pressure isis from the ground and the air. stay with us. ♪"once there was a hushpuppy" by dan romis man kind?eitlin ♪ are we good? go see. go look through their windows
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newsroom. thanks to much for staying with i us. i'm errol barnett. >> i'm zain asher. let's give you the headlines. hillary clinton is handing over her private e-mail server to the justice department. she faced criticism for not using a secure government server while she was secretary of state and republican presidential candidate, donald trump keeps rising popularity. two new polls show him leading in iowa and new hampshire. china's financial markets are down today. some live numbers coming in to cnn. this is after the country announced the second currency devaluation. the shanghai composite is down .45% a and hang seng down
9:32 pm
1.75%. pro-russian rebels and ukrainian force s blame each other for downing the plane over eastern ukraine last year. another story we are following. a mississippi couple behind bars after they were accused of conspiring and attempting to support isis. a judge ordered them held without bail after they attempted to travel to syria over the weekend. the trip was apparently disguised as their honeymoon. >> the 22-year-old man is the son of an iman. and the woman's father is a police officer in vicksburg. both are former students of mississippi state university. >> joining me a terrorism expert with the asia pacific foun
9:33 pm
dachlgs thank you for joining us. my question is why is isis so much more successful at attracting u.s.-based recruits than al qaeda or other terror groups? >> it's an important question that you ask. isis uses a simple narrative based on the concept the group is an islamic state. that is powerful concept. but in addition to that, they have created a perception that unlike al qaeda they remain, they expand, they move forward. it is a powerful concept that is not that complicated. nevertheless, the visualizations they use through new media seems to seduce and indoctrine nate people who buy too easily in to the half truth that the group espouses. >> young people looking to join
9:34 pm
isis must know their social media accounts could be infiltrated or followed by fbi agents. is there a fear they could be more sophisticated in their use of social media, do you think? >> well , these normal type of social media platforms like facebook, you tube, twitter, they are used by ie oois sis to get the message out and the authorities are observing with and monitoring them. but there are other platforms where people write anonymously about wanting to join the group and equally they receive answers from isis fighters using fictitious names. for the authorities, in many ways this is an uphill treadmill. they have to constantly monitor new sites and platforms and isis is a step ahead. if a site is brought down or they feel there is too much monitoring of one web page, they find alternate routes. they have become very sophisticated in hiding their
9:35 pm
activities. also giving advice how to travel to iraq and syria via turkey without attracting too much attention. what happened just now with the couple you mentioned, that's one case of them being caught. but unfortunately there are far too many avoiding detection. >> very sophisticated if their manipulation of social media. thank you so much. we appreciate that. thank you. rebel groups in syria are making way for what the turkish government is calling a safe zone. a strip of land in northern syria stretches along part of the turkish border and separates the country from isis-controlled territory. the rebel group said it would pull out of the proposed safe zone. the al qaeda-linked fashion opposes isis but does not want to cooperate with the turkish government. a moderate group said it would support the safe zone. meanwhile, isis is keeping a strong grip on territory inside of iraq and syria. >> because of that, the u.s. is
9:36 pm
trying to find new ways to pressure the militant group. cnn's barbara starr looks at the u.n.'s options and obstacles in this region. >> reporter: american f-16s at anytime could begin to strike isis from their base here at incirlik turkey. some strikes may be aimed at the tushish-syrian border where isis forces just moved in after al qaeda left. strikes will try to pave the way for putting u.s. trade, moderate rebels back in to syria after their unit was decimated in an attack. this has been a difficult process, to vet these people, train them and get them back in to what is a fluid, dynamic situation. >> reporter: the pentagoning trying to figure out how to salvage the training effort. 70 additional rebels may finish training in the next few weeks. >> we need to find a group
9:37 pm
willing to be our boots on the ground. the ones we have chosen right now aren't it. >> reporter: ash carter moving beyond just working with the rebels. >> there are other capability ground forces fighting both the regime and isil. give you an example of the syrian kurds but we'd like to see more. >> reporter: the initial strikes could be aimed at targets in iraq. isis on a new rampage in mosul where up to 300 civil servants may have been killed in recent days. the u.s. had kred ability intelligence, a mass killings was planned but no way to stop it, a u.s. official tells cnn. isis also still massing forces around the oil refinery. but the u.s. taking extra steps to keep air force pilots safe. when bombing runs are made out of incirlik, the u.s. wants to send up standby helicopter
9:38 pm
rescue forces from a second base in turkey in case a pilot goes down. right now they would have to dprom further away in erbil iraq. of course all of this is so important. isis is still bringing new fighters in to syria and iraq as fast as the coalition can kill them. that is the latest u.s. intelligence estimate. barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. coming up next, europe is reeling from another record-breaking summer heat wave. and blistering temperatures are starting to have a major impact on shipping and tourism. (vo) after 50 years of designing cars for crash survival, subaru has developed our most revolutionary feature yet. a car that can see trouble... ...and stop itself to avoid it.
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cnn's freedom pro-jiject is committed to raising awareness on human trafficking. what the business world is doing to fight the enterprise. >> a woman was sold in to slavery at 7 years old and today the ceo of an organization that is fighting forced labor. >> it's called the freedom seal. earning it is a badge of honor for companies fighting to end human slavery. >> my name is ran ix hong. >> we created the freedom seal to raise awareness about the issue of human trafficking and
9:43 pm
go beyond that. we wanted to be a visual mark of freedom from slavery. the freedom seal was created so consumers can tell which companies are actively trying to prevent forced labor in their supply chains. >> when you talk to companies to try to get them to adopt this, what do you say to them? >> i tell them there's an economic reason why you want to get the freedom seal. the freedom seal -- when we did research we knew it was an economic benefit to the companies. consumers are going to demeanor their products are not tainted by forced labor and supply chains. >> reporter: rani's story began at 7. she was taken from her family and sold in to slavery in southern india. she stopped eating and became so sick she almost died. >> i was transported in to another state where i did not know the language. i was disoriented.
9:44 pm
i was afraid and alone, crying for my mom to come and get me and she didn't come. my captors used intimidation and force to control me. they put me as destitute and die ing. >> reporter: eventually she became little use to her captors who sold her for adoption. >> you have this personal story. do you think there are many of those stories we don't know? how deep do you think this problem is? >> this problem we know it is $150 billion industry. according to international labour organization, there are 21 million slaves today in the world. 19 million are trafficked by individuals and enterprises which is private companies. that is why i'm bringing the freedom seal to the world because now we have a tool that we can use to communicate as a society are ready for transparency. >> we will have coverage on that
9:45 pm
all week. central and eastern europe in the grips of a record-breaking heat wave. if you are there you know this already. there have been heat warnings that extended from poland to hungary. this is the second major heat wave to strike there this summer. >> it is far too hot. western europe had to bear the first stretch of scorching temperatures in early july. the hot, dry conditions are starting to have a major impact on the river levels. they are limiting shipping, tourism and power production. >> our meteorologist is joining us now to talk about this. that's a lot of -- >> you get heat, you get evaporation. what is interesting two with yearsing ago this exact time period and area we had the highest water levels in 100 plus years in a few of these areas. we had tremendous rainfall. amazing how quickly things can flip the other way. >> gives you a sense of how hoyt
9:46 pm
is. to evaporate part of a river and lower the levels of the river. it has to be scorching hot. >> in germany alone, conditions where 100 record temperatures have been set in the past week alone. just in germany. that tells you how hoyt has been. we will show you what is happening. the heat is there, germany, poland, as you work in to the czech republic, austria as well. the past three months this pattern has been persistent. dark indications of the red there. exceptional drought. come ramp as far as severity to parts of california as we talk about drought in california. look at the temperatures. prague 37. 100 fahrenheit. 23 is the average for this time of the year. 14 above what is considered normal. one piece of good news when it comes to cooler temperatures and also water levels on the increase, there we go. heaviest of the rainfall the next seven days where you need
9:47 pm
it. from austria, czech republic, southern germany gets in on heavy rainfall. improving conditions there. we had thunderstorms and incredible video out of arizona, phoenix in particular. look at the scenes out of phoenix, arizona. a classic haboob taking place out there. meaning blasting or drafting and precisely what happens in a desert landscape. mr. barnette can tell you all about it. >> oh, yes. i lived there in phoenix for years. those things come in and you can't do a thing. >> is that where you are from. >> i went to high school there. shout out. >> hi, mom. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. the new york jets quarterback has been sidelined because of an argument. the cause of the fight over $600. >> we will get you the details from the locker room show down after this short break. stay with us. hikers. call ourselves th hiking brought us together but that's not the only thing that keeps us coming back.
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to check all of the other moments. really, mom? just one look. they'll never notice. checkers, you can keep failing at trying to sneak a peek. or, you can change the way you check your phone. it's 3-0 in the first. how'd you do that? magic. acutally, it's the samsung galaxy s6 edge, with discreet edge notifications. the starting quarterback for the new york jets had his jaw broken on tuesday. he said he was sucker punched by a teammate. geno smith will need surgery and expected to be out for two months over this. >> sounds incredibly painful.
9:52 pm
the backup linebacker who threw the punch at him has been cut from the team. he's been let go. listen to this. >> we're not going to tolerate anything like that from anybody. i don't care who you are. i told the team. as far as them on in the locker room. the redskins have to police themselves as well but when someone walks up to you and takes a shot that can't be warranted nowhere. >> geno smith posted a selfie after the incident vowing that he will be back. cnn sports anchor rachel nickels is joining us on the phone to talk about this. this is the type of behavior unbecoming of men making millions of dollars with thousands of adoring young fans. what juvenile thing were they fighting over? was it a woman? >> no. it is usually a woman or money. but in this case it is door number two.
9:53 pm
it seems to be money. multiple reports are saying it stems from a charity event of all things that geno smith was supposed to attend over the summer. when he didn't show up because of the death of a close friend ik wanted him to reimburse him for $600, the plane ticket and car ride and things like that he had laid out ahead of time to have geno appear at this event. according to multiple reports they had been back and forth about it over the last couple of months, since training camp started and it came to a head today. >> so this could be over $600 and a dispute. it happened apparently in the locker room before they headed out on the field for training. geno smith's jaw is broken. he will be out for six to eight weeks. the bigger question surrounding this, is there an issue with the culture of the new york jets
9:54 pm
quarterback, joe nameth, bret favre. is there an issue with the locker room. >> they may have the worst luck of any professional sports franchise or court bad behavior. either way there's no question that a lot of people threw up their hands today and said just when you think the new york jets could not surprise or frustrate you anymore they go a step further. one more case in a line of incidents where it just seems there's nothing that can go right for this team. it has several players suspended this summer. it goes farther back. you mentioned bret favre. there's incident after incident. high profile player after high-profile player and now the starting quarterback will be out for six to ten weeks. it is possible he could be out until week seven of the nfl season over what appears to be $600. >> considering it is so serious
9:55 pm
and they have history with these types of matters with their players, ik has been released from the team. why is this not a criminal matter? why not send a message to other players this this won't be tolerated. >> it's not up to the jets if it is a criminal matter. the police can look in to it if they want to. normally an assault charge. there is a statute of limitations of a year. they have some time to look at this. at this moment there's no expectation there will be a charge. is certainly people in the states you'll see people throw a punch one man to another every day. in this case it happened in a professional environment, the nfl and one man lost his job over it. >> a shame. grown men acting like boys. rachel nichols, cnn sports anchor, thank you for explaining this. appreciate it. >> before we go, we want to warn
9:56 pm
you before we show you the next piece of video it shows a cyclist crushing. it is hard to watch. >> we will show you it any way. he slams in to -- during the tour of utah on saturday amazingly he suffered no head, neck or spinal injuries but broke several ribs, puncture a lung and fracture his pelvis. >> hard to watch, other than that he is okay. he even tweeted a photo saying, "all good." thank you for the messages, everyone. with that we want to thank you for watching. >> we're back with another hour of the world's biggest stories after this. stay with cnn.
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campaign 2016 in full swing. donald trump speaks out. jeb bush talks foreign policy and hillary clinton goes full transparency. >> police in ferguson release surveillance video of the moments leading up to a teenager's shooting.


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