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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  August 20, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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\s our money lead. red ink on wall street as markets nose dive. i'm john berman. this is "the lead." also the politics lead. now he's fighting back, jeb bush and donald trump hold dueling town has, dueling in more than one sense of the word, as a new poll shows bush isn't even beating trump in his own state, you know, that place that gave his brother the white house. the world lead. who would you trust to inspect iran? well details that america's longtime enemy may play a role. the pop lead, turning the hypocrisy dial up. he found out he methoded his sisters. now josh dug garr is explaining
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why he had a paid account on an adult website. this is cnn breaking news. our politics lead in just a second, because first breaking news in the money lead. it's not good. stocks slipping, sliding, twitter getting its wings flipped as people are watching their 401(k)s flutter away. christina alesi is watching the dow dip deeper and deeper into the red, more than 350 points now, christina, what is going on here? >> there's a couple macro reasons and a, you have people looking at the price of oil f. actually. meaning that global demand will be a lot lower. so i've been that going on. then investors are questioning those fed minutes that came out yesterday, a couple mixed messages. some members of the fed's committee think we could see a rate hike. others want to hold off.
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investors overall see that coming down the pipe in september, so that again weighing on the market. now, on the microfront, several industries were taking a beating. you mentioned tech being one of them. media also got hit hard, disney, the darling of the media industry got hit hard, 5% down today. that is because investors are reevaluating the entire category, perhaps even more beloved than disney, netflix got hit as well, down about 7%, and this is all tied to the fact that the reality of subscribers moving from an ad-based revenue model to a more fee-generating revenue model, all of that will cause a lot of turbulence in the industry and investors are reevaluating the valuations in that -- in those particular industries, and tech got pulled down because of similar concerns. >> you can see it right there, down more than 2%, down more
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than 350 points, coming after the media stocks now. cristina, you are hearing people saying maybe we're near the end of this remarkable bull market, nearing correction level. do you get the sense this could be a trend for some time to come? >> if i had a dollar every time i heard this this year, john, i don't know. historically speaking we haven't had a correction since 2011. we've overdue from one. from historical standards, if you look at it, from a historical standpoint we had a correction every year and a half leading up to 2011. so we're overdue for one. maybe we're seeing some of that play out, but it's really too soon to tell. we'll have to wait until everyone comes back in september and we have some real trading volume to substantiate whether or not we'll get that correction, john. >> right now, today is a pretty bad day, there, cristina alesci,
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thank you very much. a clash of the titans? no, not them. them s once the front-runner jeb bush, and donald j. trump, trump has been burning bush since he blazed on the campaign trail, and the final toorching seems to have finally lit a fire until the former governor. even if the joyful tortoise has turned into a snapping turtle, he's still losing to trump in his own state. it's trump's face, not his on the cover of "time" magazine. yes, that's a bald eagle perched on donald trump's arm. in that interview with "time," he floated the idea of holding cnn hostage over the next debate. if i go to cnn and say, look, i'm going to have a massive audience and i say, i want $10 million for charity, nothing for myself, what happens? i'm not showing up, right? will he show up? you'll have to watch on september 16th and find out.
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i promise jake tapper, the guy usually here, will be there. he is one of the motte raters. i want to get to athena jones, in keane, new hampshire, where it's very exciting, full contact, and again even harder today. >> reporter: hi, john. that's right, up until just a few days ago, bush has been seemed hesitant to engage trump, but in the face of weak poll numbers, the gloves are finally coming off. >> you don't win when you're campaigning like this. >> reporter: jeb bush hitting back at donald trump today. >> you win when you connect with people about their aspirations, not about how, you know, great you are, how rich you are. >> those remarks coming on the heels of wednesday's war of words between bush and trump. the real estate mogul dissing bush with comments like this. >> i don't see how he's electable. jeb bush is a low energy person.
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>> reporter: echoing an emerging narrative that the former governor isn't energizing voters. >> you know what's happening to jeb's crowd, as you know, right down the street? they're sleeping. they're sleeping now. >> in fact one woman dozed off. even his fans say they're concerned about bush's lack of energy. >> he basically is just flat. he has no energy. out of all of the republican candidates, he's the one i feel safest with. he would be the one with the most experience. >> reporter: i asked him today how he's going to change that narrative? >> there's a big difference between donald trump and me. i have fought to republican and conservative causes al my adult life. >> reporter: new poll numbers show that he's struggling, even in florida. he also trails trump in iowa, pennsylvania, and here in new hampshire, a state seen as key to his run. >> the billionaire businessman
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has drawn crowds several times bigger than bush's. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: his campaign in alabama event was moved to a stadium after more than 35,000 fans rsvp'd, this as other candidates struggle to command the spotlight s senator marco rubio laying out his tax policy. >> as president i would bebin gill fundamentally overhauling our tax code. >> reporter: an event overshadowed by the trump/bush face-off. i asked bush why he's trailing in the new poll. he said he's beating clinton in florida, trump is losing to her, but john, that's actually not true. in this nub poll, trump is also beating clinton in florida as well. athena jones, thank you soech. appreciate it. i want to bring in ana
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navarr navarro, she is supporting jeb bush, and patty solis-doyle. and patty, i want to go to you first, not because i think there's any risk of you supporting donald trump, but because you have a very unique perspective. your father came to the united states illegally, you were born here, so donald trump would not only want to deport your father, but he would want to change the constitution to theoretically you wouldn't be a citizen right now. you wrote an op-ed about what my dad could teach donald trump. what lesson is that? >> look, it's unclear whether or not he would want to deport me, but here is -- here's what i think. now that donald trump is a clear front-runner for the republican party, he really is setting the tone and the agenda for immigration on the republican party. as a front-runner, he's put forth an immigration policy that is completely void of humanity. for me, i think that's not only
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irresponsible, but it's unseemly. sure, he hasn't given you a clue how he'll pay for the hundreds of billions that his immigration policy will cost, but in addition to the fiscal cost, there's also a human cost. so i wrote that op-ed just to show -- to give a face to my father's immigration story, to give a face to all of the stories of those 11 million people who are here. >> ana, you are not supporting donald trump, either, you are a big jeb bush supporter, but there are those wonder -- >> and i'm pretty sure, john, if he could deport he, he would. >> i think at this point you're right. let's talk about what donald trump is doing. there are people suggesting that he's dragged jeb bush into they debate on immigration on donald trump's own terms. i want you to listen to some sound today from new hampshire, where jeb bush defended himself for using the term "anchor baby"
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which a lot of people find controversial. >> do you regret using the term anchor baby on the radio? >> no, i didn't. do you have a better term? >> reporter: i'm asking you. >> you give me a better term and i'll use it. i'm serious. >> the phrase "anchor baby" refers to children born to undoirmted immigrants in the united states, how they become legal because of the birthright citizenship. it's a term people find objectionable. jeb bush says he doesn't believe in overthrowing birthright citizenship, yet he's using -- >> i heard that interview yesterday. the way he used it was he said so-called anchor babies. i think he was using a term that people are familiar with. as you said let's instead look at his position. he is against overturning the 14th amendment. >> no, you're absolutely right
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about that. every time he does get asked about that, he is crystal clear that his position is he does believe they should be citizens. many of the republican candidates do, but not all. >> john kasich, many, many republicans. it's not fair to paint everybody with a one broad trump brush. i think that there are some people that are in his corner, most definitely, 20% of the people, but i think there's a lot of other people. republicans like me, republicans represented by folks like jeb bush, marco rubio, who feel differently. >> patty, i want to ask you something about something athena brought up. donald trump is beating hillary clinton in florida, according to the latest quinnipiac poll. do you know who he's not beating in florida? joe biden. joe biden leading in that same quinnipiac poll in a head-to-head matchup with donald trump. discuss. >> okay. before i do discuss, i want to go back to the anchor babies
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comment. when the reporter asked jeb bush if he had a better word, the answer is babies. but now i'll talk about biden. look, i think that i have always said if joe biden got in this race, he would be an extremely formidable candidate. i had the privilege of working for him in the '08 race. he is wildly likable, incredibly relatable, a sitting vice president. he has been in the room with barack obama when those tough decisions have been made. he's got incredible relationships with congress on both sides of the aisle, and i think, you know, should he get in, i think it will be a good thing for the race, for competition, for voters, for the country. primaries are a good thing. >> ana, i want to ask you not about biden, but about trump in florida. again, you are sporting jeb bush, but supportive of marco rubio, trump is beating both of those guys in your state.
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how is trump beating your guys in your state, ana? >> you know, i don't think that's coincidence. i'm glad you point out as my guys. i supported marco rubio for senator, i supported jeb bush for governor, i'm supporting just about bush for president. i think there's mainstream floridians in the same position as i am. when you see the numbers, i think the mainstream floridians are being split between jeb bush and marco rubio. let me tell you something, there are five floridians, people with florida ties that are in this race. ben carson is from florida. mike huckabee is now from florida, jeb bush is from florida, and if you count -- >> i'm going to give you the opportunity. are you calling on one of them to drop out so the other can pick up the support and beat -- >> oh, listen, i think it's not about what i'm calling on them to do.
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i can tell you that -- i can tell you i have conversations with them before they got into the race. right now everybody is in the race. i think we're going to respect the race, and everybody's got to go through the process. i want to comment on biden. this idea of biden running, for republicans it's christmas, kwanzaa and hanukkah all rolled up into one in august. biden has a lot of that bill clinton "it" factor. you can disagree with him, and i do on policy on so many issues, but it's very hard to know joe biden and not like joe biden. hillary clinton has a problem with that and with trust worthiness. >> call it the biden festivus. the nuclear concern, that iran will play too much of a role -- lindsey graham says it's like allowing the inmates to run the jail. so what's really inside this nuclear deal?
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we're going to sort it ute, next.
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aren't you lactose intolerant? this isn't lactose. it's milk. ♪ welcome back to "the lead." topping or world lead today, waning support for the iran nuclear deal, a new poll shows that the majority of americans want congress to reject the agreement, this comes amid growing concern and outrage on capitol hill over an alleged side deal, allegedly allowing iran to participate in nuclear inspections at one of its most notorious military sites. cnn chief national security correspondent jim scuitto takes a look at that story. >> reporter: this is iran's par chin military facility, long suspected to be a site of attempt to militarize the nuclear program.
1:20 pm
it's an arrangement that has critics in an uproar. republican senator and presidential candidate lindsey graham saying, quote, allowing the iranians to inspect their own nuclear sites, particularly a notorious mill tar site is like allowing the inmates to run the jail. a senior state department official told cnn that the international atomic energy agency would have, quote, total oversight of sampling and inspections of parch-hine. iran is not self-snepg, the official said, but it would not that they would play a role. iaea inspectors must be present for monitoring them at the time. swabs and containment bags used would be provided by the iaea. >> you're literally taking a material that looks a bit like
1:21 pm
cotton, swiping it over a surface and putting it in a bag. if it's a face-saving measure for the iranians to do that, visually watch over, then i think -- >> reporter: today. iaea director was, quote, disturbed by statements suggesting that the iaea given responsibility to iran, given that the iaea has long established protocols for inspecting nuclear facilities or suspected facilities and the agreement will follow those protocols. today the state department emphasized that the inspection of the current facilities will be more robust. >> we are very confident that this very aggressive inspection regimen that's in place in the deal going forward for the future is the strongest ever peacefully gored. >> the reason this is so key is this is the site where it was suspected that iran experimented with weaponizing militarizing
1:22 pm
the nuclear program years ago. very sensitive site. i have to say, john, you know, initial reports of this were bigger than what it was, based on my conversations with the administration officials. >> there's been a frenzy. >> no question. >> over the last 24 hours that iran will be able to inspect itself, and one of the big things here, exclusively, but now, i mean, there's -- there is a bit there. >> they're not going to be able to inspect the site on their own, but iranian inspectors, it seems based on this agreement will take the samples and monitored either by staff present or by video camera, and then those staff will take those samples and go through all the protocols to test it. so it's not the same as inspecting on their own, but they will participate. now, to be fair, the iaea president comes out and says, listen, they're doing doing it on their own. this is a protocol we have used in many countries before, and it's worked, it's not new.
1:23 pm
that's their position. >> still too much for many. >> it's an open question for sure. >> jim scuitto, thanks. good to have you here. houses on fire after two police officers kill an 18-year-old after they say he pulled out a gun. now police bracing for more violence tonight. plus admitting to being the most critical hypocrite i have. josh duggar has admitted to a secret porn addiction and cheating on his wife. that's ahead. across america, people like basketball hall of famer dominique wilkins... ...are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal.
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welcome back to "the lead." the death of another black man at the hands of police has protesters in st. louis demanding answers. officers used tear gas to disperse a crowd last night. we have another view that gives you the perspective of police, tensions already runs high after the shooting of michael brown in nearby ferguson, missouri. that was one year ago this month. this time police say the african-american man who was killed pulled a gun while trying to run away. cnn's ed lavandera is live for us. the mayor and police chief just wrapped up a news conference. what did they have to say. >> reporter: the mayor and police chief gathering with clergy members. it's all about earninging peace and calm on the streets for tonight. a car set on fire, houses burning out of control, and
1:29 pm
businesses burglaryized you will a of this after an 18 years old was killed in st. louis. residents took to the streets shortly after hearing about the shooting. police tried to clear the scene, but when protesters refused to move, the police moved in. a line of officers with riot shields began marches. according to police, protesters started throwing bricks and bolgtss at them. police responded by filling the air with tear gas. summer residents believe the police overreacted using too much force. >> police are driving down the street shooting tear gas where kids are. >> over the loudspeaker it was repeated this is the first warning, this is the second, third and fourth warnings. >> reporter: this all began when police were carrying out a search warrant in a high-crime area. two suspects led the home. police gave chase. according to officials, one suspect turned and pointed a gun
1:30 pm
at officers. two officers opened fire, killing him. the grass left stained with his blood. >> there were two officers in the alley, both officers fired, the suspect was struck, he dropped his gun and continued to run through a gangway until he collapsed. >> reporter: police say four convince were recovered, three of them stolen. tonight police brace for more violence, worried about relation is between police and the public since the shooting death of mike at brown just over a year ago, just miles away in ferguson. john, the clergy members that met with the police chief and the mayor here credited with the way they responded last night during the violence and the outbreak of those protests. the police chief says if confronted with the same situation tonight, they will respond the same way. they do point out they believe it is a band of criminals within these lawful protesters that are causing the problems. this is a much more difficult area to control, the police
1:31 pm
given 9 neighborhoods they are working in. obviously calls for calm and peace once again going out throughout the streets of st. louis. >> let's hope for a quiet night there. thanks, ed. in the politics lead, president jimmy carter upbeat and smiling, as he says he vows to fight cancer. listen to him explain his own treatment and why he still hopes to travel to nepal. that's next.
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learn more by calling switch to liberty mutual and you can save up to $509. for a free quote today,call liberty mutual insurance at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. welcome back to "the lead." also in our politics lead, a new and very personal challenge for the nation's 39th president, jimmy carter. in 1976, he rose up to beat out more well-known candidates to become president. in 1977, he took on the energy department, later the whole world saw as hi tried and failed to negotiate the safety of 53 american hostage held in iran. but now in 90 years old, he's a
1:36 pm
much more intimate challenge. today carter told reporters that his future is in god's hands, as he takes on cancer that has spread to his brain. cnn's suzanne malveaux joins us now. suzan suzanne, he seemed optimistic, or as he would say, at ease with his condition. >> he was, john. it was an extraordinary press conference. president carter was warm, open, he was at peace with his future. i've been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to interview him several times in atlanta. he 'always the same, straightforward, generous with his time. today he describes his battle with cancer as a new adventure that was in god's hands. president jimmy carter appearing relaxed at the carter center in blue jeans and a blazer announced doctors had already removed cans freres his liver nearly three weeks ago, which has spread to his brain. >> they think they got it all there, but it showed now in four places in i my brain.
1:37 pm
it's likely to show up other places in my body, as cancer is -- in the future. >> reporter: he will underfour radiation treatments and has been begin taking a drunk to boost his immune system. his family has a history of pancreatic cancers which killed his father, brother and two sisters. carter described coming to terms with his diagnosis. >> i just thought i had a few weeks left, but i was surprisingly at ease. i've had an exciting and adventurous, gratifying existence. now i feel, you know, it's in the hands of god, and i'll be prepared for anything that comes. >> reporter: carter said while he would still like to travel to nepal in november for habitat for humanity, he will put his treatment first. the peanut farmer who became president was reflective about his life.
1:38 pm
>> the best thing i ever did was marry rosalind. that is the pinnacle of my life. we've had 69 years together. still together. and so that's the best thing that happened to me. >> reporter: carter said his biggest regret as president was he was unable to free the americans taken hostage in iran on his watch. >> i wish i had sent one more helicopter to get the hostages. we would have rescued them and i may have been reelected. that may have interfered with the foundation of the carter center. if i had to choose between four more years and the carter center, i think i would choose the center. >> he said he received calls from both presidents bush, clinton, obama and their wives. they've been sending peach pies, which is his favorite. he plans on teaching sunday school this weekend as he does every sunday.
1:39 pm
john. >> amazing. suzanne malveaux, thank you so much. i want to bring? ambassador stewart eisenstat. thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you very much for having me, john. >> jimmy carter is 90 years old. i found that news conference to be remarkable, arresting, even. i couldn't take my eyes off. to see this 90-year-old man to speak with such poise and grace, as he was at that point hours away from the first radiation treatment for cancer in his brain. i wonder if you were surprised or if this is just the jimmy carter you have come to know over the years. >> this is the jimmy carter i have come to know from the first days when he ran for governor, and then president, and then in the white house. he's a person who takes pressure with great grace. i watched the news conference with a mixture of obvious sadness at the condition, but with great pride in the way he's facing his challenge.
1:40 pm
he's done that with every challenge he's face indeed in the white house and afterwards. i think the fact that he's reached this age and he's accomplished so much, gives him a sense that whatever happens, as he put it, he's in god's hands, but he's done the very best he can. he served his country and the world in a very remarkable way, and at 90, he is as articulate literally -- and i don't exaggerate -- as he was in his 40s and 50s when i met him. >> articulate jumped out. he was talking about medicine, oncology, and the geography of nepal. it was great to see -- >> he's a renaissance man. he loves the outdoors, climbing, history, politics, climbing. he's deeply involved in religion.
1:41 pm
he reads rho rashsly, and he's a man of letters. he's written poetry, over 20 books, including the most recent one, life at 90. >> he was laughing and joking, smiling throughout this news conference, even kind of exchanging jokes with our own sanjay gupta. he spoke about his faith. this is a deeply religious man, has been his whole life. i think he expects to teach sunday school, by the way, this weekend. how much do you think his faith is playing into the ease with which he seems to be dealing with this. >> his faith shouldn't be exaggerated. some people thinks he might have done -- it is imbued in him, and i think it gives a sense of quiet confidence, that whatever happens in the future, as he put it, he's in god's hands. in effect he left his first baptist church of the plains at
1:42 pm
a time when he tried to integrate this church, way before he was running for president, and when they refused to allow any black members, he and his family left and formed their own church, which was integrated. so religion is not just theological exercise, it's an exercise in values. he carried those values of tolerance, equality, i think, john, it really is suv fused in his character, and i think it gives him confidence whatever happens in the future, he's done his best and god's will as he's seen it. >> he says his's not done yet. thank you very much for being with us. >> thank you. coming up, shots across the border, new fears about what's happening between the two koreas. how serious are the chass of an even bigger conflict. plus weeks ago he admitted to methods his sister as a
1:43 pm
teenager, and now coming clean about his cleating on his wife. that's ahead.
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welcome back to "the lead." making hid lines in our world lead, tensions between bitter enemies, north and south korea escalating today as both sides trade fire. south korea south korea says p i don't think hang hit first. at a speaker that was blaring propaganda. sowell shot right back with a barrage of shells, this coming days after north korea threatened to attack the u.s. cnn's will ripley live in beijing. will, what is behind all of this?
1:48 pm
>> they have in join military activities, and it happens twice a year. there was a landmine that certificatesly detonated. south korea believes that the north intentionally placed that mine to provoke south koreans because of their anger over thinks joint military exercises. on august 10th, south korea sets up the big loudspeakers and starts balleting -- that of course infuriate pyongyang, because they hatening that insults their regime. threatened to launch an attack and you see the latest escalationation where he allegedly fire a rocket. south korea responsibilities back with 36 artillery rounds. so this is not unprecedented, but it is a pretty serious escalation, something that needs
1:49 pm
to be watch closely. >> it's not unprecedented, words are one thing. one of the concerned that could spiral into something even worse. >> well, there is concern there could be more provocation from north korea. remember last year they opened fire to send some propaganda leaflets, and then back in 2010 there were a few deadly escalations that happened, one was artillery fire that killed four south korean soldiers, the other was an alleged torpedo attack on a ship, 46 sailors died in that attack. so of course the hope is this will de-escalate before it gets to anything like that, john. >> will ripley watching this situation, tense situation for us. thank you so much, will. in our pop lead, he is calling himself a hypocrite in the wake of reports that he paid for a profile on a secret cheating website.
1:50 pm
what exactl is reality tv start josh duggar admitting he did now? that's next. the problem with the iran nuclear deal is that it would increase the high likelihood of the proliferation of nuclear weapons in the region. saudi arabia, egypt, turkey, united arab emirates... let's not forget that iran is the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world. the deal will increase the likelihood of terrorists getting a hold of a nuclear weapon. so, that's why we need a better deal.
1:51 pm
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he was the pioneer of shock tv. he was crude, crass, he was the tv rachellerouser of his time. tonight at 9:00 p.m., cnn debuts. brian stelter is here. he really did set the stage for a lot of what we see now. >> he did. for better or worse, there are echos of his voice all over television and radio today. wherever you see a blurring of the lines between news and entertainment, you see a bit of
1:55 pm
morton downey, jr. before bill o'reilly. >> shut up. >> before glenn beck. >> america, socialism is coming. it's time to way up. >> reporter: there was morton downey jr. >> as you're going to find out in the weeks, months and years ahead, certain things really burn my buns. >> reporter: his self-titled show premiered in 1977 with conservative talk, foreshadowing the likes of rush limbaugh and jerry springer. >> i puke on you. >> he was dubbed the father of trash television, but they conceded he sure knew how to play to the camera. >> it felt like a theatrical performance, and hits father had been a singer. he was a singer as well. >> racism, gun control, abortion, he tackled it all with edgyness, sometimes going over the edge. when the if rape scandal made
1:56 pm
headlines, he seized on it. >> a brutal racial rape. the story is developing every single minute. >> reporter: a grand jury concluded that brawley had falsified her account. tv experts say that was the beginning of the end. by the fall of 1989, downey had been canceled. but not before, in a seemingly desperate stunt for attention, he claimed he was attacked by skinheads in an airport bathroom stall. police could never verify it. many assumed he did it to himself. >> you can only do this so long, can only stir up a pot before it spills on you. and all he was doing was stirring theport. i think -- >> after downey's show came the rise of cable news and more incivility in confrontation, with perhaps downey to thank or blame. >> should we hang this kid? >> morton downey jr.'s program
1:57 pm
was absolutely a turning point. so much of what we see today is entertainment that is masked as news. >> if you're watching those clips, there's a bit of downey reflected in donald trump? maybe it's not a surprise. the two men were friends back in the day. downey even used to live in trump tower. >> i did not know that. be sure to watch it tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. we have the first celebrity name dug up in the data dump linked to the adultery website ashley madison. the disgraced reality star josh duggar. josh duggar was now on the canceled hit "19 kids and counting" he is releasing a statement calling himself the biggest hypocrite ever. you can remember back in june old police records went public showing he was investigated for
1:58 pm
methoding his sisters molesting his sisters. >> when this came out he issued a statement. he says -- i've been the biggest hypocrite ever while espousing faith and family values. secretly i've been viewing pornography, and i became unfaithful to my wife. he is admitting to wrongdoing in light of the massive, massive data breach, john. >> his name came out earlier today. it was like, was it really him? you did cross checking, now the cross checking is irrelevant. he came out and admitted it. >> he came out and -- but i will say there's been another data dump, right? right now as we speak, we are sifting through twice the amount of data has has just been put out on the web. this kind of data, they had a message.
1:59 pm
the hackers said this -- hey, you can make it real now, because essentially the company had said, you know, this might not necessarily be a data dump. in this i've been talking to security researchers, what they have said is it's actually open source code proving it is that. what's scary is now this open source code is out there, in this can hash ashley madison site. >> these are people who largely put in their own names? >> a lot of people do. a lot of people use fake names, but when you cross-reference it, they enter that are credit card information, there's millions of people on the site. people are now analyzing it via company, last name, putting it on the open web for anyone to see it. >> secret sites not so secret. lori siegle, thank you so much. be sure to follow this show right here on facebook or tweet us at the lead, you can also follow me on twitter and on facebook. that is all for "the lead" today. i am john berm many in for jake
2:00 pm
tapper. i turn you over to wolf blitzer, ten years into "the situation room." \s happening now, putin's aggression as the russian leader keeps everyone guessing. the u.s. and its allies now flexing military muscles. there's a sharp new warning from the pentagon. classified controversy. hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server as secretary of state has been hurting her campaign to become president. a top aide is at the center of attention. grudge match, donald trump and jeb bush go after evil other, as trump stretches his lead, is the primary campaign getting personal? and carter's cancer. the former president shares details of his diagnosis. our dr. sanjay gupta was there. he's standing by to join us.