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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  August 25, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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propelled by a move by china central bank to cut an interest rate and put billions into their financial piece. but everybody knows china has made these moves before, hasn't shored up the system. there goes the confidence. that also rebound was just brief enough for investors to make enough profit and then to get out. we just heard the closing bell. falling 205 points. this adding on top of the 588 points from yesterday. if anyone wondered if the correction was gone, i think it's here to stay at least obviously for a second day. >> yeah, the correction is officially official right now. down 200 points today. 588 500 points on friday. a wild 600 point swing. talk to me about the volatility.
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>> there is so much uncertainty. the fed is expected to raise interest rates for the first time in six years. supposed to do this in september. now there is a lot of uncertainty whether or not that will happen. many believe one thing that could calm the markets is if the fed says we'll hold off on raising rates for a bit, maybe do it in december. some say that could calm the market. and then we have china, the uncertainty about china, the fact is that a lot of companies rely on china to buy their goods and services. and if china's economy is slowing down as bad as everybody thinks it is, it doesn't spell good news for companies. remember, all these symbols here at the new york stock exchange, these are companies. companies aren't going to do well, you're seeing this readjustment of prices based on the global economic environment. >> all right. alison kosik at the new york stock exchange where you heard an audible groan when the day turned from positive to negative. joining me now, rona, i have these great questions that i've
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planned all day. the markets down 200 points now. what was supposed to be i think a vote of confidence in the u.s. economy and maybe the measures china was taking to address their financial system, what does this now indicate? does this indicate investors are truly nervous that this is a serious problem? >> i think that they are. and the thing that is amazing about china, a total black box in terms of figures. you can't trust the figures coming out of china. there is a huge debt bubble in china. an endig bpic bubble and it's bursting. a few weeks ago, they were sending billions of dollars to prop up the markets and now suddenly they let them fall. investors don't know what to expect and that's one reason you're seeing this dip. >> 205, settling in at 205
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poinpoint s down right now. alison kosik at the market p the futures pointed to this wild open. just tell us what it was like there at 10 a.m. h.::00 a.m. wh market was up 400. >> everybody was excited. i was doing a report dug the opening bell and it was a frantic pace, every running around as usual. but it was especially frantic. but it was different than yesterday because it wasn't a tense environment because the futures were in the green. there was a little disappointment because we all thought that futures would open 600 points higher. they didn't to that. they opened about, you know, 100, up 200, 300, 400. but as the day has gone on, i've seen the fats faces get longer more serious as everybody realized this rally just wouldn't hold. it wasn't a rally with conviction, with confidence. that's what was lacking today, john. >> and talk to me about market psychology. because when you have something like this happen, when you have
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what was expected to be a rebound and a big one turn into a 200 point loss, how does that affect sentiment? again, everyone saying the u.s. economy is strong here, things will be okay. but do investors have to come to grips with the notion that this correction will stick and it's like 12% or 13% down right now, 20% would be a bear market? it's creeping ever closer. >> i think what investors have to get ready for is more volatility. already this year you've seen more than last year. and we've been in a jeanetgent modified market by the fed. that's changing. and when you combine it with china and a weak europe, you get a worrisome situation. >> most of this is happening in china. explain to me and our viewers
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who are going why does that matter to me, to an american company if china is having all these problems with its market and its economy? >> chi if a has represented the largest share of global growth in the last ten years. that's the role the u.s. used to play. also u.s. companies get about a third of all their profits from the international markets of which china is the largest emerging markets. so when there is a dip in china, it's a big deal. it also has a big knock-on effect in other countries. so west africa, latin america, russia, they're dependent on chinese's energy demand, so they tanks, too. >> is it time to think about it being a buying opportunity in a lot of people say we bought in, because they were expecting this big rebound. is it still a buying opportunity? >> i think it is depending on what kind of stocks you're thinking about. i think solid u.s. blue chips with good international exposure are a safe place to be. what you shouldn't can do is be as volatiles a the m as the ma
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kets. stick in index funds and wait. several more months of this i predi predict. >> and by tums. thank you both so much. not the day we expected at all. and you know what else is getting a lot more complicated in the fight for the democratic nomination. that is our politics lead today. challenging hillary clinton is something joe biden would never cream of doing witho cream of doing without the blessing of his boss obama, but now that he has it, the on that thing stopping biden is, well, everything else. money, super pac, staff, slogan. let's go now to joe johns. the vice president reportedly had a meeting last night with two long time obama aides, yet another sign that he is getting
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closer to a possible clinton challenge. >> another sign that he has a lot to think about. along with his day job, we her just today that the vice president will go to bat tomorrow to try to lobby members of the democratic national committee to support the iran nuclear deal. the vice president traveling in the midwest today as deliberations over his future buzzed in the background. >> reporter: paying his respects, vice president biden in cleveland today for the funeral of long time democratic congressman lewis stokes. not a word of politics spoken on this trip. but the unspoken fact was that biden was making an appearance in one of three critical swing states where he outperformed hillary clinton in theoretical match-ups against donald trump. florida is another such swing state where a recent quinnipiac poll showed he would win while clinton would lose. and biden has a trip planned to the sunshine state, too. invitations are already out for a september 2 visit to miami at a understand raiser for
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democratic senator bill nelson who said this an interview with wtsp that a biden run is contingent on the strength of the democratic frontrunner. >> my sense is that vice president biden will take a look at it, but that he won't get in the race unless hillary gets in trouble. >> reporter: but polls of democratic primary voters still show hillary clinton with big leads. and there is also a gender question. democratic insiders say one problem for biden is that his jumping into the race could be seen as a slap in the face to democratic supporters and fu fundraise fundraisers. the explorer to meetings are expected to continue over the next week. last night he met with obama administration heavy weights. the former without counsel and former communications director. a senior democratic source tells cnn president obama gave biden
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his blessing to run on monday. in the coming days and weeks, biden is also expected to meet with fundraisers, donors and others before he makes a decision. his wife jill said to be conflicted about making the jump into a national campaign. friends and former aides say his family is still in mourning over the death of his so thn. sources say biden expressed concerns about hillary clinton's ability to promote the issue of income equality in the campaign. and one reality check for skroe bid joe biden, a new poll showing hillary clinton will up big in the state of iowa with 54% support. bernie sanders at second with 20%. and joe by depebiden third at 1.
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>> thanks so much, joe. i want to talk to steve shale, a draft biden adviser. thank you so much for being with us. i'm not sure there is much subtle about joe biden. this is a big frickin' trial balloon. sos a you sit here with me, do you think he's getting in? >> well, listen, it's hard if me it say. a you sit here with me, you think he's getting in? >> well, listen, it's hard if me it say.a you sit here with me, u think he's getting in? >> well, listen, it's hard if me it say. you sit here with me, d think he's getting in? >> well, listen, it's hard if me it say. but he's doing everything when you think about trying to run. you meet with friends and opinion leaders. so he's doing what someone considering a run for the president would do. >> and now that he's reaching out to fundraisers and strategists, this is a step ahead of just the mere
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discussions. how much of this is about hillary clinton? >> well, for me it's about joe biden. first of all, joe biden is as josh earnest said, arguably the most consequential vice president we've had in a long time if not ever. frankly i live in the swing state of florida, if you look at the way democrats have struggled with working class, working white voters primarily, i think joe biden comes from that world. he's a middle class guy growing you up. he's never lost his roots. i think it gives us a chance to talk to voters in the general election that we've struggled with. >> i want to play sound from the hillary campaign. this is what he had to say. >> the reason i support hillary is because i think she's the best person most able to do the
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job. >> better than the vice president? >> if i thought the vice president was better than hillary clinton, then i wouldn't be working for hillary clinton. >> thoughts? >> obviously i have nothing but respect for he and secretary clinton. 00 she's our nominee, i'll support her wholeheartedly. but joe biden's fingerprints have been on pretty much every major foreign policy and domestic issue over the last four years. so hard to argue that he isn't the most experienced in the race potentially in the race at this point. >> maybe you're about to get a lot busier. really appreciate it. >> thanks, john. on the other side, donald trump taking on everyone today from jeb bush to lindsey graham, even fox news. now one of his rivals has had it. calling trump a, quote, complete id yot. not a partial i had krodioidiot.
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now i know about novolog®. taken by millions since 2001. vo: ask your health care provider about adding novolog®. it can help provide the additional control you may need. it is donald trump versus the world. but instead of just seven evil exes, the republican frontrunner has battled or is battling with virtually everyone available lindsey graham to john mccain to fox news to jeb bush. especially jeb bush. but for you the former florida governor and everyone else including fox news is pushing back. i want to get right to sarah murray. it seems people are fighting with donald trump today and by people i mean everyone. >> i feel like donald trump is
1:18 pm
on the war path. and in a few short hours he can vent in iowa. but to now he's taking it out on twitter. >> reporter: another day, another twitter tirade from donald trump. the gop front run arunner takin at jeb bush, calling him a mess, all because of this defense of his use of the term anchor babies. >> i was talking about the specific case of fraud being committed where there are organized efforts and frankly it's more represented to asian people coming into our country having children in that organized efforts taking advantage of a noble concept with birth right citizenship. >> reporter: trump didn't hold back on to wit are saying bush's comment was a clumsy move to get out of his anchor babies dilemma, adding asians are offended that jeb said anchor babies apply to them. on the trail today, bush yielding trump as a candidate full of fury but light on s
1:19 pm
substan substance. >> there are a lot of good talkers running for president and one in particular i'm thinking of. look, talking is good. it's important to be able to communicate. i get that. but i think it's more important to solve problems to you. >> reporter: the latest exchange, a signal of how the battle for the republican nomination is quickly coming down to a war of words between the two top candidates. but bush wasn't trump's only target. last night he bashed president obama's plans to host a state dinner for the president of china saying if he were in the white house -- >> i would not be throwing him a dinner. i'd get him a mcdonald's hamburger. we'll give him a steak dipper. what he's done is sucked all of you're jobs. >> reporter: even refusing to rule out a trade war with the world's second largest economy. >> you have do that. and then you friday bayou bring normal. >> reporter: trump reigniting
1:20 pm
his grudge against megyn kelly, retweeting someone who called her a bill bow and saying i liked the kelly file much better without megyn kelly. perhaps she could take another 11 dwa unscheduled vacation. fox news ceo calling on trump to apologize, saying donald trump surprise and unprovoked attack on megyn kelly during her show last night is as unacceptable as it is disturbing. a new poll in south carolina shows him drawing support from 30% of likely republican primary goers there. better c ben carson with 15% support. and for now, we a wait him here in iowa. >> we of course will look at that speech tonight when it happens. thank you so much, sarah. i want to talk all this over
1:21 pm
with s.e. cup and dan pfeiffer. s sar are sarah talked about the south carolina poll. trump beading graham by 26 points. but lindsey graham sort of teed off on donald trump to kate bolduan. listen to what he said. >> there is a dark side of politics that mr. trump is appealing to. dem going imglants, he's not the first guy do this and he won't be the last. and there is always a market for it. but it's not sustainable. if he becomes the nominee, we'll get killed. come to south carolina and i will beat his brains out. i know my state. this is a silly season this politics. >> i'll beat his brains out. that is the kind of uplifts rhetoric we need in this campaign. he also basically said if donald trump becomes the nominee, we're through, the republican party is through. are those the stakes here?
1:22 pm
>> yeah. i mean i'm glad to hear people like lindsey graham finally taking the gloves off. and george pataki has been much on the same line. until now, it seems as if we've been treating trump like he's a rational entity and trying to rationally argue against him. all this time there has been a drunk batter at the plate and we've been talking about his untucked jersey. the problem isn't his untucked jersey, it's that he's drunk at the plate. trump's sprproblem is that he's incomprehei incomprehensib incomprehensible. so the candidates need to fine he will a start calling it it out like it is and stop tiptoeing away trump just because he's tapped in to some kind of populous frustrated contingentlike it is and stop t away trump just because he's
1:23 pm
tapped in to some kind of populous frustrated contingent of american voters. >> engineer bush is taking a different tack. he just put an essay on his campaign website and in at the talks about donald trump. but he speaks more delicately than lidge. he says donald trump has staked his presidential campaign primarily on the issue of illegal aimmigration. but he's pushing a plan that is unrealistic and not reflective of our values. so dan, take off your democratic hat and put on your impartial observer hat. which strategy is better, the lindsey graham i'll beat his brains out or jeb bush saying his immigration plan is not conservative? >> i don't think donald trump care as ton what lindsey graham has to say and i don't think lindsey graham will beat donald trump's brains in south carolina. he's an asterisks in the polls. jeb bush has to do something. he's losing in all the three major states. they cut salaries last night.
1:24 pm
and so the question is should he fight donald trump? maybe. but donald trump is a bulldog. jeb bush is a chihuahua. and i don't know that in 2015 an essay is the best way to win a political fight. >> no one is scared of an essay. >> i'm not sure that's the federal papers, but we'll let history judge the essay on the jeb bush website. donald trump in his tweets talking once again about megyn kelly. a lot of people thought the last time he went after megyn kelly would be his undoing. but now he's going after her again. the question is, why? does it help, hurt or is this just more of the same? >> i don't know. i don't know why. it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. and i think fox is realizing finally that while maybe they thought they could treat him rationally and they had come to some sort of agreement after the last time and they were going to
1:25 pm
see a softer trump, here you go again. trump for no reason comes out and starts tweeting at megyn kelly that he didn't miss her. i mean it's bizarre behavior and we need to stop rational eizalit as pop you uheliu you uhelism t rude blurting that doesn't mean any conversation forward on either side of the i'aisle. >> dan, i want to ask you one question about joe biden and hillary clinton. you are from delaware. and so at one time a constituents of joe biden. so you must be conflicted right now as you're watching what is going on. and what is going on is first class trial balloon. more than aballoon. a trial rocket ship being launched that your trends in f
1:26 pm
the white house are not just allowing but to a certain extent welcoming. am i right? >> there is no question that every democrat particularly those who know both secretary clinton and vice president biden will be conflicted by this. you care a lot about both, both would be great candidates. that's what primaries are about. but i do think -- >> every parent says they love their kids equally. not all of them do. do you have two kids? >> i love them equally. this is a case where i believe that people in the white house are going to have to make a choice and are choosing as we speak. >> i think people in the larger obama world or outside the white house may have to choose whether they get involved in the campaign between the two. i do think whether the vice president runs or it's secretary clinton, we'll be stronger because of it, but that's a personal decision the vice president has to make and he has every right do that. he'd be a very formidable candidate and he'll make the
1:27 pm
decision. and that will be good. that's how primaries work. >> i actually position this is a trial hindenburg except i don't think it will crash. i think it's actually going to go all the way. >> great to have you both today. thank you so much. a lot of fun. coming up, a warning from the fbi to law enforce chlt across the country about a growing trend. american women being recruited to join isis terrorists both overseas and in in the the u.s. plus a new concern for police who say criminals are now transporting drugs and guns by drone and the biggest challenge, how to stop it.
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welcome back to "the lead." word lead now. u.s. service members fought off a would-be attacker on a train and that attacker ayoub el khazzani was charged with attempted murder, but they barely hint at the disaster this alleged terrorist wanted to unleash on passengers destined for paris. the paris prosecutor told reporters he was attempting to kill a whole train full of people and he brought along 200 rounds for his twisted mission. the prosecutor also said the suspect psyched himself up while on the train right before he made his move by watching jihadi videos on youtube. according to paris officials, el khazzani has invoked his right to remain silent. a dire terror warning from u.s. intelligence officials tops our national lead today. the fbi and department of homeland security recently september out a bulletin to law
1:33 pm
enforcement across the country raising the alarm about isis luring women to join the terrorist group on the battle field. let's get to pamela brown. pamela, what did the bull tip s bulletin say? >> this is a trend batching law enforcement so the fbi and dhs september out a new warning saying american women are increasing areally becoming a key part of isis fighting force overseas and in the home land. >> reporter: jalen young, tau t daughter of a police officer and mississippi state university chemistry student who graduated high school with honors is the latest female isis recruit here in the u.s. she was arrested two weeks ago for willing addedly trying to join the terrorist group in syria. young represent as growing phenomenon according to the fbi. and a new warning to law enforcement nationwide the fbi
1:34 pm
says, quote, some female violent extremists have recently glon vatsed an interest in engaging in operational roles to include preparing to carry out attacks in the homeland and traveling to syria to fight. >> before they wanted women to come and be their wives and the mothers of their children. and now what we're seeing is they are luring women and attracting women to come fight, it has the element of surprise. we simply don't expect women do this. >> reporter: and of the more than 50 alleged isis supporters charged in the u.s. so far this year, at least 7 have been women. kiana thomas from pennsylvania and two women in this morning arrested for allegedly acquiring bomb making materials to kill americans. more than 500 a western women have made into syria and iraq to join terrorist groups according to one top australian official. these three british high schoolers ran away from home last may recruited by isis. >> of the thousands and thousand of foreign terrorist fighters who have traveled to da'ash
1:35 pm
controlled areas, as many as a 550 are women from western europe, from the united states, australia, new zealand and elsewhere. >> reporter: the fbi says isis has tailored some of its propaganda videos like this one to target women. ♪ showing young families living a privileged life. >> they're creating these videos that are a little bit like the real housewives of syria. you get these cars and you go to parks and you have these beautiful children. the reality is that it's brutal and violent and these women will be the victims of rape and assault. it is a horrible existence and chances are you are going to die. >> officials i've spoken with say social media sites are playing a big role influencing women particularly girls between the ages of 13 and 22. john. >> pamela brown, thank you so much. also in our national lead, the teenager accused of rape at an elite prep school expected to at that time stand in his own
1:36 pm
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. welcome back to "the lead." another dramatic day of testimony in the case of a new hampshire prep school student on trial for rape. owen labrie has not yet taken the stand in his defense, but that could change tomorrow. today a detective who interviewed the then 18-year-old testified labrie insisted he had a moment of divine inspiration which stopped him from having sex with a 15-year-old student, but his friends testified differently. so was the encounter part of a senior salute at the prep school, did male students compete to have sex with younger girls on campus? boris, what else did labrie tell detectives? >> reporter: in that
1:41 pm
investigator's testimony, he told them he maintained that he gn have sex with his accuser. he admits that they pooled arou fooled around. into putting on a condemn. but he says he had a moment of divine intervention that led him to stop. i want to you listen to how the investigator in the case describes the rest of that interview. here is a sound bite from her in court today. >> he said that they kissed and he made a comment i should have stopped before. and then he continued talking and said that there was a lot of playfulness and contact back and forth and the word tease had been thrown around. and he described a consensual encounter. he said their clothes came off, but that her underwear never
1:42 pm
came off. he said that was just a fact. >> reporter: as you heard, owen labrie said her understand wewe came off. today we heard from a medical expert who analyzed a see mmen sample and they confirmed a fraction amonged belonged to' labrie. they didn't specifically say when he might take the stand. >> thank you so much. i want to bring in son ain sonn hostin. his testimony is that they didn't have sex. cease sticking by that.
1:43 pm
but his friends said that he told them they did have sex. >> that is true and i think a lot of people are talking about that and thinking that that was very helpful to the prosecution. i sort of it disagree with that because what boy hasn't bragged and lied about what he did with a girl. so i think it's very possible that fr may be jurors who think, wells you know, maybe he just lied to his friends. maybe he wanted to be this big guy on campus that fulfill this had senior salute. so i don't think that piece of evidence in and of itself will be that helpful to the prosecution. and i think this is a difficult case for the prosecution because in any sex crimes case, the lynch pip of tinchpin of the ca credibility of the victim and that is the bottom line especially when you don't have information rforensics or evide forcible rape. >> that did come up in the report, there was a test of
1:44 pm
underwear. compelling to you? >> no, not really. again, this is because i've tried these cases before. i know how difficult they are to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. and again i think it will go to the credibility of this victim. remember she asked for emergency contraception but said there was a consensual encounter and they send text messages back and foth wi forth with the defendant. and also i think it will depend on his testimony. >> you say up until this point the prosecution's case is not open and shut. do you think he should take the stand or do you think there is enough of a chance the prosecution hasn't proved this case already, that he shouldn't at that time ri take the risk? >> when i was a prosecutor, i wanted the defendants to testify because more often than not, they don't do that well.
1:45 pm
but you're talking about a pretty smart guy, a guy that got will this to harvard like yourself, john. and a defendant who has been there every single day listening to the testimony. i suspect that he could possibly do quite well on the witness stand. and again, if they believe him and don't believe all of her story, it could be a win for the defense if he testifies. i just can't imagine that he will testify. because it's so very, very unusual. and i don't think the prosecution has proven its case beyond a reasonable doubt. but who those. i don't want to bet on it you because i could be wrong. but again, i just -- it just doesn't generally happen about. >> whether he testifies or not, a huge deal. if he does testify, of course, that will happen tomorrow and we will cover it as it does. coming up, multiple deaths
1:46 pm
potentially connected to ashley madison hacking scandal. why police are investigating as the lawsuits pile up. plus, drones used to deliver drugs, porn and even guns to inmates behind prison walls. vo: today's the day.
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beer back we're back with the money lead. police say they are looking in to whether use iers of the cheag website killed themselves after their names were leaked. lori see balance joins me now. >> and toronto police are investigating two suicides that they believe are leak toed ashley madison hack. and a police captain committed suicide here in the united states. so this is not a victimless crime. >> people made a lot of jokes in a lot of places, but people put their trust in this website for better or for worse and it turned out not to be justified.
1:51 pm
so now there are these lawsuits that are filed. what are the lawsuits seek something. >> four different lawsuits in the united states and canada, cases filed in california, texas, missouri, also they're looking at alleged breach of contract. and what that potentially means is people thought that they paid for their data to be cadeleted d it wasn't deleted. one canadian law firm is seeking $578 million in damages. and this is an interesting one. there is also a suit in texas where they are commenting on how a company says people new there were vulnerabilities and people complained but they didn't do anything. and this is just the beginning. a bhunch unch of lawsuit just p up over the weekend. >> siecret cheating website not so secret. lori, thank you so much about. drones delivers drugs and porn over prison walls.
1:52 pm
authorities say they foiled one plot but is it just the beginning of unmanned drug mules in the sky? that's next. when heartburn comes creeping up on you. fight back with relief so smooth and fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. tum-tum-tum-tum-tums smoothies, only from tums. they trained and suppliedn is. insurgents who killed my... brothers and sisters in iraq. we cannot let them get a nuclear weapon. the tough deal on congress' desk blocks iran's path to the bomb. it keeps america safe. and if they cheat... we will catch them. and if we have to stop them the hard way, we will.
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but we should learn from the past. congress--support the deal.
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm john berman in for jake. forget tunnels or concealed packages. all the rage these days, drones. it's the first bust of its kind in maryland. two men allegedly planning to drop off delivery of hand gun, drugs and porn using an unmanned drone. another new way crips acriminal using these aircraft for illegal activities. rene marsh is with us. how often is it happening? >> growing concerns tonight about illegal cargo being
1:57 pm
delivered by droughns. the flying technology sold in malls for just a couple hundred dollars is emerging as a new tool for criminals and tonight law enforcement is struggling to figure out how to make an interception. >> reporter: the plot, deliver these packages of synthetic marijuana, tobacco, hand gun and pornography to this maryland prison via drone. >> this is the first case in maryland where a drone is suspected in a contraband delivery plo delivery plot. >> reporter: but police spoiled the plot before it got off the ground. the first in maryland, but not the first time criminals have used the flying technology to make illegal deliveries. in ohio last month, a drone
1:58 pm
dropped off 64 grams of marijuana and 6.6 grams of marrow win mayo heroine in the ris on that yard at mansfield correctional institution. in south carolina, doyle oig sentenced to 15 years for trying to fly a drone into this maximum security prison. and this drone crashed in january, attempting to smuggle nearly 7 pounds of crystal meth across the u.s./mexico border. >> i think law enforcement at large is concerned drones will be used to deliver things that they shouldn't be delivering or they might be used by drug dealers and even a concern would be that at some point people might use these to drop explosives or things like that. >> reporter: about 700,000 drones are expected to be sold this year. and it's predicted drone sales will reach 1 million by 2018. in july, the department of homeland security warned law enforcement agencies around the country about the potential danger of growns in the hands of criminals. >> this is a no-brainer. we don't want unauthorized access to prisons by anyone under any means with any technology. and i think until it becomes a big enough issue, you will continue to see the problem. >> well, technology to intercept
1:59 pm
drones is out there, but it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. and there are questions about how effective some of that technology is . so for now police keeping their eyes around prisons for this new problem. but it's not just prisons struggling how to intercept these unauthorized drones, also the federal government. >> all right. are a mrene rene, marsh, thank you. sdloo you can see this boy visiting an art exhibit when the group starts moving, he loses balance and spills his drink and punches his fist through that painting. the painting that he just punctured? worth $1.5 million. event organizers say the piece of art is 350 years old and thought to be the only one signed by the artist. how it is also adorned with this
2:00 pm
hole. luckily it is insured and it will undergo repairs. as for the 12-year-old, he will not have to pony up any money. we're still waiting to learn how long he will be graded. that is all for us. i turn you over to wolf blitd zer in "the situation room." happening now, breaking news. more losses, wall street rallies after a massive selloff. but loses steam and plunges again as the dow ends down another 200. what will it take to stop the bleeding. and donald trump launches more insults at presidential candidates. the world leader and fox news anchor. trump has a live campaign appearance coming up. how will he respond? terror ties. the gunman subdued by fellow passengers on a high speed chain is charged with attempted mass murder and other crimes. prosecutors say he viewed jihadist