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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  August 25, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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that's it for us tonight. thanks for watching. see you tompl night. "ac 360" starts right now. >> good evening. thanks for joining us. anderson is off tonight. donald trump, though, is not. he's in iowa. let's listen in.
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you know the amazing thing. every country in the world thinks the united states is represented by stupid people. and they're right, of course. no, they're wrong. very stupid people.
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we're sending an f-22, brand new, gorgeous. and we have fighters, our best military people are going over there. and we're worried about the ukraine. i think ukraine is great. the ukraine. germany is over there. germany is far richer than. we germany has made a fortune. we protect germany for no money. we protect south korea for no money. so germany is over there. they're not worried about it. but obama is talking about the ukraine. oh, let these dopey people take care of us.
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now in north korea, you have a situation where he's raring his head again. i just were had 4,000 sets. they're all made in south korea. they don't make them in iowa. i wish. does anyone make television sets? they don't make them in iowa. they don't make them anywhere in this country. i ordered 4,000. sam sung, lg, all of them. right? they're all from south korea. sowny from japan. their sets aren't as good anymore but that's okay. they're good sets. >> they make a fortune. look at the deficit that we have that south korea. i love all these countries. but why is it that we protect them? so this guy raises his head. nuclear this, i'm going to wipe them out. we immediately send, we have 28,000 troops over there. which is nothing compared to the
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million they have in north korea. a big army. okay. they don't pay us anything. what are we doing? do you know what? somebody said that's not nice. you're asking them to pay. we're watching the ukraine, south korea, germany, we're watching japan. we protect japan. we have a treaty with japan. if japan gets attacked, we have to immediately go to their aid. okay? if we get attacked, japan doesn't have to help us. that's a fair deal. that's the kind of deals we make. they have nothing. don't worry about it. if they get attacks, we have to go to japan. did you ever fly -- that's a long flight. so we need smart people. and we can straighten this country out. we can make this country so -- we can make it better than ever. we can make it better than ever.
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i love saudi arabia. the people are very nice to me. they buy my apartments. it's true. they'll pay me anything. they have nothing but money. nothing but money. i have a beautiful plane. all of a sudden it doesn't look so good when i look at their planes. i'm jealous. it's terrible. but saudi arabia, they make a billion dollars a day. in all fairness, that was before the oil went down. let's say it is a half a billion. you make a half billion a day. we protect them. we get nothing. if you think in yemen those folks are after yemen, you ought to leave the room right now. they're not very smart. yemen. did you ever see the border? it never ends. it is a strapt line. it never ends. do you know what's on the other side? they're looking for the oil. i'm the one, the most militaristic person. i would build a military so strong, so powerful, nobody would ever use it. nobody would ever -- we would
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never have to use it. i would have the best everything. we have a military where we give to the allies. our allies. we give it to the wrong allies. you know that. we don't give to the kurds. one bullet shot in the air. 2,300 humvees. one day they abandoned 2,300. you mean 23. you mean three. you mean two. you can't leave 2,300. they abandoned 2,300 armor plated, the best in the world humvees, 2,300. because one shot was fired in the air. these are the people we're helping. these are the people we're helping. now the enemy has the humvees armor plated. and our wounded warriors, the
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greatest people in the country. the greatest. and our soldiers aren't protected and the enemy is because they have these great vehicles that they took. that's just the humvees. they have the best equipment. so we have to get smarted. and we have to know what we're doing. and i would build, i'm telling you. i am so into it. in 2000 -- and ann coulter knows this. in 2004, as much as i am into the military, which i love and almost. i'm a huge fan of general patton and douglas macarthur. he has the highest marks. i believe in marks and students and education. i think it is great. general douglas macarthur to this day has the highest numbers
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at west point. that means something. and we have to do something and we have to do it fast. we have to get the generals. i won't use his name. but he's leaving. they said to us about isis, what do you think about isis? can we beat them? oh, i don't know. i don't know. it's going to be very hard to beat isis. i said can you imagine george patton saying, oh, it would be hard? he would have them knocked out in three days and say where do i go from here? where? where? general douglas mac arthur
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getting out with his corn cob park looking out over the land that he just took. can you imagine? they wouldn't go on television. they're too busy fighting. we don't have winners in this country. we're going to turn it around. speaking of winners, this is so important. we know about trade. we've covered it. it is hourndous. we're going to make great trades, we're going to be great, everyone is going to love us, okay? they're going to love us. in business week magazine, again, they had a story a while ago. the ten things the chinese most want. who is tougher on them? one of the ten things was anything trump. apartments, anything. anything trump. how could that be possible? maybe they respect me. or maybe they respect us. but anything trump. okay. we're going to be respected. we shouldn't to go to iraq. we. did we made a mistake.
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we should have kept the oil. you wonderful have isis. people say that's such a harsh statement. he said take oyl? who has the oil? the iraqi government is totally corrupt. isis is, just formed out of iraq. so we shouldn't have gone in. the way obama got out was a total catastrophe. a total catastrophe. and i said, reuters, 2004, july. i said don't go in. if you do that in iraq, i'm one that likes to be, like i love the strength of military. you have to use it in the right location. if you do that, you're going to
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allow iran to decapitate. they would go ten feet, ten feet, ten feet, then rest. this goes on for decades. they go ten, ten. so we decapitate one of them. iran is now meeting as we speak, meeting with iraq to take over the country. do you know who is getting most of the oil? the stuff that isis doesn't have? china. do you know that china is getting so much oil. do you know what we get? nothing. thousands of lives. wounded warriors who i love all over. $2 trill. we have nothing. in afghanistan, which a lot of people don't know not.
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rich in minerals. we're fighting in afghanistan and they have amazing ridges and mountains. on the other side of the mountain, they have massive excavation equipment from china. they're taking out all the minerals as we fight. we need people that are smart. we have people that don't get it. look at the deal we have with iran. look at this deal. it is going to, in my opinion, lead to an arm race the likes of which there has never been. countries will line up for nukes. you'll have perhaps nuclear proliferation. you will see things take place that you have never seen in a short period of time it was. determines after months. did you ever see a deal take so long? the deal has been going on forever. they had our prisoners. we never asked for our prisoners. how about that? having a deal is good. we should have doubled and tripled up the sanctions.
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we should have done it so easily. instead we have kerry in a bicycle race. he's 73 years old. 73 years old! and i said it the last time i spoke. i swear i will never enter a bicycle race if i'm president. i swear. i wear! he's in a bicycle race. he falls and breaks his leg. this is our chief negotiator. they're looking at him. i watched on charlie rose. i watched the chief negotiator being interviewed by charlie. i tweeted at real donald trump. i tweeted. this guy is too smart for kerry. i was right. so we didn't get the prisoners. do you know what the excuse was? we didn't ask for them. we didn't want to make the deal too complicated. they're fighting us in yemen. we didn't ask anything about yemen. like don't fight us. we have a 24-day wait period. so if we think they're doing nuclear, we have to wait 24 days. that's not the worst part.
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is worst part, when does the clock start ticking. we could build and shoot. by that time we still wouldn't be in there checking. i can see them sweeping the floor and painting it battle shipment gray. when i was with my father, i would paint it battleship gray. i can see them doing it. so what we're doing is crazy. so you have that. and then beauty of all and you heard it two days ago. after years. we just found out that they're going to do in the most important section, they're going to do their own inspections. did you hear that?
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where have you been? look at these guys. they're smart guys. three days ago i heard it. nobody knew. they are going to self-inspect. it is so unbelievable. you just can't even talk about it. and we're going to give them $150 billion plus. and even if the deal isn't approved, they get that. they get regardless. when i do a deal, when i buy something, i pay them when i guy product. whatever it is. i pay them. i put up a deposit and i pay them when it closes. we're paying them even if the deal doesn't happen. i've never heard of this before. i don't know who came one this
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idea. it must have been kerry. it must have been, i don't think the iranians. persians are great negotiators. natural great negotiators. i don't believe they would have thought of this because it is so cdc. it's true. they wouldn't have said, let's do this. it is so far out. they get $150 plus, plus, even if the deal is voted down and the deal doesn't happen. which it will probably happen. we have a lot of weak people that will approve that deal just like they approved obamacare. you elected people who would knock oupt obamacare. something happened. i promise it is not going to happen to me. something happens in washington. they get elected. they're all end thesed. we're going to end obamacare. we're going to end this horrible thing with the $5 billion website that doesn't work to this day, by the way. $5 billion. i have about 40 wents that cost
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me $3 and they work. so we're going to end obamacare. you probably elected some of them of they go to washington. there is something about washington. they look at the beautiful buildings, the beautiful halls. all of a sudden, they become impotent. is that an appropriate word? i think so. it doesn't work. put those two together. something happens to them. all of a sudden they're not fighters. i think they're so impressed. they show their wives. look where i'm working. of course i have to vote for obamacare. isn't it wonderful? they got elected to knock it out. so something happens when people get elected and go to washington. the beauty of washington. i'm building as you know, the old post office. can you imagine? president obama is in charge of government services. who are tremendous people. that's because they chose me. if they didn't choose me, i
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probably wonderful say that. and we're doing one of the greatest hotels. i think it will be one of the greatest hotels in the world. everybody wanted it. one of the most sought after pieces of property between congress and the white house. best location. for the real estate people. any time you get a post office, it's good. the post office was there first. i have the old post office in washington, d.c. it is being converted to trump international. just think of that. i got it from the obama administration. to this day, i say, are you sure we got that? but we're doing a great job. here's the thing. think of this. compare this to government. we're way ahead of schedule. and we're under budget. did you ever hear that before? you don't hear that. so we have a great country. we have a country with tremendous potential. the people are here. we have great people. we have problems all over the
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place but they're problem that's can be solved. we have to incentivize people. we have to give people spirit. when president obama was elected, i really thought he would be a unifier. you look at baltimore, you look at ferguson, you look at chicago, st. louis the other night. you look at so many places. you look at what's happening with the african-american youth. it has never been in worse shape. never. you look at what's happening with so many other aspects of our country. there's a racial divide, a divide, period. there's hatred all over the country. i've never seen it like this. we have to unify the country. we have to spiritize the country. we have to create jobs.
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we have to do a tremendous amount of work. but it can be done quickly. i will sy this. if the right person is not elected, come next year, i don't know if it can be brought back again no matter how capable the person is. it will be too far down the line. so just in closing, and normally i would do questions. but this has been such a good time and everyone has heard such a brilliant speech. i was with elton john. anybody like elton john? a lot of times, he'll do this last song. it is so great. so unbelievable.
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the place is standing and roaring and going incredible. and then they'll be like, they'll come back for like three more, right? and the three are not as good as the last one. let's get out of here. and i like to leave on a high note. i have -- thank you. i love you too. thank you. but i have a statement. i say it all the time. i told the story once before. the american dream is dead. i'm going to make it bigger and better and stronger. right? [ applause ] good. i got home one night. my wife said that was such a terrible thing you said. it was all over television. look. they're all live. what do i do? every night i'm on live television. how do you make the same speech? every night, cnn, fox, nbc, everybody. look at them. they're all live. it's not fair. no, no. these other guys make a speech in front of 21 people. they make a speech. i say we should outlaw
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teleprompters for anybody -- right? for anybody, for anybody running for president. do you know how easy that would be? instead of this. i'm working my ass off. okay? instead of this i can stand up. ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much, it's wonderful to be in iowa. everybody will fall sleep and half an hour we leave. they're always live, these guys. let's start canceling them a little bit. they're getting phenomenal ratings. that's why they're live. they're getting phenomenal ratings. when i was with the "apprentice," they paid me a lot
8:23 pm
of money. they don't pay me anything. for the debate, we had we were to million people. normally there would be like 2 million. wonderful you say that? 24. believe me, 100% it's me. it's true. it's true. the ratings came out. they were so big and so -- it was the biggest rating in the history of cable television or something like that. if it's not me -- i should go to cnn. they're doing the next debate. should i say that jeff zucker, a great guy, jeff, i'm going to do the debate but i want $10 million for charity. american cancer society, aids research. we'll pick ten great. a million. otherwise i'm not going to the
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debate. and honestly, i think they would pay me. i do. 100% for charity. but it might not look right, i don't know, ann. does anybody like that idea? then we go to roger let's make it 12, 15, 18, all for charity. my wife says wharks are you doing? it was a horrible thing you said. why? what did i say? you said the american dream is dead. i said i didn't say that. i turned on the television. tivo is wonderful. i turn it on and they have it cut. it is the american dream is dead. cut. i said what a terrible statement.
8:25 pm
what i do say, and i say it all the time. the american dream is to a large extent, it is in trouble but we're going to make it bigger and better? stronger than ever before. and we are going to win the nomination and we are going to get the greatest people that have ever represented -- we'll get smartest, toughest best people to represent us against the world. and we are going to make our country so great again.
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you'll be so proud of it. and it is an honor to be with you the tonight and i really look forward to being with you for many, many years to come. thank you. thank you very much. thank you very much. thank you. ♪ donald trump finishing a speech this dubuque, iowa. it lasted more than 50 minutes walking off to twisted sister. "we're not going to take it" the theme song. i'm sitting in for anderson tonight. what a night for dubuque. donald trump also gave a news conference, and man, were there fireworks there. univision anchor jorge ramos got bounced, thrown out of room. then invited back. there were more shots from donald trump as well aimed at jeb bush. a lot to talk about. let's bring in our panel. amanda for ted cruz. republican consultant and form he top trump adviser roger stone, and peter, a contributing he had for for atlantic media.
8:27 pm
let's start on the speech. we have a lot to go over including jorge ramos getting thrown out of the news conference. let's start with the speech. 50 minutes hit a lot of subjects. another way to say it is it was rambling. he talked about iran and immigration, the economy and he talked about china and he talked about "apprentice." what struck you? >> the thing that struck me most going forward is that when i listen to donald trump, i have no idea what kind of economic conservative that he is. i've heard him talk about how we need a flat tax. how we need to tax rich and hedge fund managers. i heard him talk about a 35% tax on mexico. he is all over the map on the economy. he is supposed to be producing a tax plan at some point in time. i think a lot of things to reconcile. >> roger stone. you did some work for donald trump. you are no longer working for him. you hear the criticism.
8:28 pm
the question i have is, does donald trump care? so maybe he doesn't have a co-heernlt economic message yet. does he want to have one? >> first, that was a vintage donald trump speech. it had its high points. the china issue, the bankruptcy and corruption of our system. the lobbyist money, all of these are theme that have propelled trump to the head of the pack. his book, time to get tough, came out on monday. a populist manifesto. it is all there. terrorism, the economy, trade, for those who say that he has no plan, i urge them to read the book. >> he has the new book out, not one of his favorite books. art of the zpeel in first place according to trump, the bible. you saw this speech. you've seen a lot of more traditional speeches. your thoughts on seeing a 50-minute address from donald trump. >> never seen anything like
8:29 pm
this. let's give credit where credit is due. brilliant performance. brilliant marketer. a brilliant leader out there. he wasn't talking about issues. he's talking about something much bigger than that. when you fear you'll lose your country, you want a leader as big as his fears. that's what he did. he stood up there as big as a house. that's what people are attracted to. small, a small vote, not in critical times. you want a big vote. now, he's not a republican. he's not a democrat. he is not anything we've ever seen before. he is like unicorn or haley's comet. he's a trump. we don't blank he will be tomorrow. he was completely different yesterday. he was a democrat yesterday. today he is a republican. but a masterful performance from a brilliant, brilliant political presenter. >> now we can call him a politician. a trump and certainly a spectacle.
8:30 pm
how do you then judge something like that? if you can't judge it through a traditional political lens? >> i think the key line in the speech was when he said, let's outlaw teleprompters. i think that was the biggest applause line. it is not about, there's no ideological coherence. he barely makes a pre tense of offering a serious argument about the issues. what is fueling him is this revulsion and disgust about the phoniness of american politics and the corruption of american politics. it is amazing. when you listen to him talking about the way politicians are bought and sold. he sounds like bernie sanders. and it is appealing because both republicans and democrats believe that politicians are not authentic in the way they presented themselves and they are actually serving the interests of the people who donate money to them. that i think is the core of
8:31 pm
trump's appeal. that's potent. you've listened to alex and roger. he is selling donald trump and he did it for more than 50 minutes. we have to take a quick break. this was not the only show we saw tonight. there was quite a spectacle that we have to talk about when univision anchor jorge ramos got taken out of the news conference. forcibly removed. i was invited back in. does this moment help or hurt donald trump? also, a new wave of attacks against fox news's megyn kelly. also, jeb bush when "360" continues. ales ailes. you heard trump compare him to a unicorn. to a unicorn. no sixth grader's ever sat with the eighth grade girls. to a unicorn. but your jansport backpack is
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to a unicorn. you did not hear anyone call him a regular politician. nor did you see any conventioniality. univision and anchor jorge ramos who has been trying to get trump to talk to him showed up in dubuque and tried to ask a question. this is what happened next. >> who is next? yeah. >> excuse me. sit down. you weren't called. sit down. sit down. go ahead. no, you don't.
8:36 pm
you haven't been called. go back to univision. go ahead. go ahead. sit down please. you weren't called. yes, go ahead. yes. >> a few moments after being hustled out by a large man, jorge ramos was allowed to come back in and asked a question which turned into a lot of questions. watch. >> so here's the phone number. full of empty promises. you cannot deny citizenship to the children. >> why do you say that? a lot of people think, no, no. a lot of people -- no, no. a lot of people think that's not
8:37 pm
right. that an act of congress can do it. it is possible to be tested in courts. a lot of people think if you come and you're on the other side. somebody on the other side of the border. a woman is getting ready to have a baby. she crosses the border for one day. she has the baby and for the next 80 years, hopefully longer, for the next 80 years we have to take care of the people. no, no, no. i don't think so. excuse me. some of the greatest legal scholars, and i know some of the television scholars agree with
8:38 pm
you, but some of the great legal scholars agree that that is not true. that if you come across -- excuse me. just one second. no, no. i am answering. if you come across for one day. and you have a baby. now the baby is going to be an american citizen. there are great legal scholars that say that's absolutely wrong. it will be tested. okay? >> how are you going to build a 19-hundred mile wall? >> very easily. i'm a builder. i build buildings. can i tell what you is more complicated? what is more complicated is building a building that is 95 stories tall. okay? do you think so? really? i don't think so. a lot of people don't think so. >> [ inaudible ]. >> you're right. i don't believe it. and the drugs come. they have pictures, they have everything, crawling over the fences which are by the way, this high. they're coming many different ways. the primary way is right past
8:39 pm
our border patrols who by the way are tremendous people. they can do the job but they're told not to. >> how are you going to deport 11 million? >> here's what we're going to do. >> are you going to bring the army? >> we'll do it in a very humane fashion. i have a bigger heart than you do. the one thing we're going to do -- >> one question? is there one question? >> the one thing we're going on start with immediately are the gangs. and they're real bad ones. do you agree with that or do you think everybody is just perfect? i asked you a question. do you agree with that, we have tremendous crime. we have tremendous problems. i can't deal with. this listen. we have tremendous crime. we have tremendously -- some very bad ones. and i think would you agree with that, right? a lot of bad ones. excuse me. they look at some of the gangs
8:40 pm
in baltimore, some of the gangs in chicago, they looked even in ferguson, they got some rough illegal immigrants in those gangs. they're getting out. do you mind if i send them out? if they're from mexico, do you mind if i send them back to mexico? okay. those people are out. they're going to be out so fast your head will spin, all right? the rest we're going to do. you used the word illegal immigrant. should you use it. that's what the definition is. >> having seen that, let's bring in the panel. amanda, alex castellanos, peter, roger. the interaction between trump and jorge ramos, telling him to sit down. then letting him back in. before you said trump was a unicorn during his speech. what do you call that? >> i call that strength. many will help trump within the primary solidify the vote that he has now. when you think you're losing
8:41 pm
your country, when you think your borders are porous, your economy is falling apart, your system of education doesn't work, health care is out of control and too expensive. when you think the world does not respect you. you want a strong leader. and what we saw there was donald trump not letting the media get the best of him. and that will help him. what we didn't see is, you never see donald trump say we need less power in washington. we need less power in the presidency. donald trump is a bigger government guy. he just thinks the wrong people, losers and stupid people are running it. he is not really republican. and the question for america is, do we think we're in rough enough shape that we'll turn to a strong man? a political strong man? an autocrat like trump or are we going to try to fix our problems by getting money and power out of washington and trusting the
8:42 pm
american people with it? >> if i can take other side of alex' point. i saw a candidate there that looked relatively weak. when i look at other presidential candidates. i'm wonder yerg this interaction is going on so long. it is because donald trump has no communications team around him. he is flailing there with a real seasoned presidential contender, i think you would have saw a team go to the journalist and say can we arrange something off camera, we'll arrange something later. there was no one there helping him. >> that's his strength. donald trump is the most modern political communicator in this field. >> i'll give that you. a great communicator. but a man by himself. >> he is the most modern. he understands the internet. he understands twitter. he understands the casual style of communication you have today. he doesn't stand behind a, and
8:43 pm
read the teleprompters, and give stiff formal speeches. he is the casual friday when everybody else is wearing neck ties. >> peter, jump in. >> here's the problem. when donald trump takes on jorge ramos and speaks to those people who feel like they're losing their country? he said used the term, silent majority in his speech there. he is appealing to the silent majority. that is not a majority of americans. that is older white americans who are deeply unqufl the changes happening in the united states. that's not the majority of the country. it is a declining percentage of the country. in fact, latinos are very optimistic about the united states and donald trump is taking ownership over a cohort of people who are driving the republican party into the ground. that's the problem with what did he today. the problem with his entire
8:44 pm
campaign. >> and as a republican, can i agree with peter only? it isn't even the majority in the republican party. i think it might grow a little and shrink a little, but ultimately the optimistic the reagan party will defeat donald trump party. >> they see the media and the political establishment scratching each other's back. trump was wise to let ramos back in. but then he played off in a banlter. and in all honesty, ramos was making a speech. he wasn't asking a question. he was saying, you can't deport 11 million people. trump's as, he that he can build a wall. trump is a builder. he can build a wall. he's put out a program that is very successful in the controversial elements of it. the nomination politics of that exchange was very strong for donald trump. >> but roger, you quit working for donald trump because he was picking fights with people in
8:45 pm
the media. picking a fight with megyn kelly at the time. we may talk about the new fight he bikd her in a little bit. here he is watching as jorge ramos was in the room. is this a side show? does this distract from the overall message? >> no. that was an exchange about immigration. one of the key issues in this race. what i object to is the banter with megyn kelly who is not running for president. i'm the biggest trump supporter there is and i have been all over this network and others talking about why i think he is the guy to take on a krumtd system. he has the dependence and the boldness to do. that i want to hear him on immigration, trade, job creation. i think american presidential spot about big, sweeping issues. >> all right. thank you all. so. more to talk about next including that war with megyn kelly and fox news. the latest twitter salvo and the
8:46 pm
remarkable fox response.
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tirade against megyn kelly who was back on the air last night after a vacation. you'll remember he took exception with her questions at the first republican debate. a series of remarks, tweets and retweets followed. then he seemed to make peace with fox and megyn kelly went on vacation. she came back last night. mr. trump tweet that she is really off her game and then he tweeted this. i like "the kelly file" much more without megyn kelly. perhaps she can take another 11-day unscheduled vacation. he also retweeted saying she is a bimbo. back in town. i hope not for long. today roger ailes release ad statement saying it was unacceptable, unprovoked, disturbing and said trump should apologize. trump addressed the situation a short time ago. >> i thought her questioning and her attitude was totally inappropriate. so it just, all you have to do
8:51 pm
is look on the internet and you will see who people favor in that one. but i wouldn't -- it is a very small element in my life, megyn kelly. i don't care about megyn kelly. no, i would not apologize. she should probably apologize to me. i just don't care. >> i don't think she is going to apologize. back with us. roger stone joining us. political commentator, margaret hoover, and cnn correspondent brian, there was this cease fire between trump and fox and roger ailes. i guess it is over? >> definitely over. it lasted a funeral days. maybe they'll try to reach a new truce. for now fox is very much speaking out against trump. that means the hosts, the stars, the commentators, some of the reporters and most importantly, as you mentioned, roger ailes. >> who watches the campaign very, very closely, is a king maker to say the least. roger stone, as i said, you quit
8:52 pm
working for donald trump when he first went after megyn kelly and that spat was a big part of it. here he is doing it again. when you saw it happen, these tweepts coming out overnight. what did you do? >> there's no greater supporter of donald trump. i do think this is a distraction. first of all, fox needs trump and trump needs fox. fox is a powerhouse for conservatives in terms of reaching eight out of the ten voters that republicans need to reach. and it is issues that have propelled trump. then side show. >> can he not help himself? why does he keep doing it? >> a question i cannot address. he has a very high regard for roger ailes. the two men made peace and now this. i want to see him get back to issues and talk about the big issue items that had driven him to first place in the polls. >> you see something like this. when it first happened, well, this is going on hurt. we want to see the numbers. let's see the number after this
8:53 pm
debate. the implication being they would suffer. but they haven't suffered. he is winning by more in most polls, despite all this stuff. so do you think it will hurt him? he is leading among women in most polls. >> i think this needs to stop being about when is this going to hurt or help donald trump. i am delighted to see a principled response from fox. i am delighted that roger has seemingly given permission to the entire cast of fox journalists and personalities to defend megyn kelly. this is what i hope will ultimately be, what i have looked for for a long time on the right. a sista soldier moment. whenter 800 pound gorilla in the room, the real people say no. stop. this is enough. this is where donald trump needs to stop being a bully and will force him, not just erroneously throwing people under the bus,
8:54 pm
pointing fingers, calling names. if you're going to be a republican candidate in 2016, you need to stand for something more than hatred, bullying and disparaging people. >> aren't you overstating the valley you've substance in 2016. what you call bullying, i might call a show of strength. retweeting someone that calls megyn kelly a bimbo is out of line. i do wonder if casual viewers who might be flipping channels, if their takeaway is trump is strong, trump is tough. >> i don't know any definition of strength that, you know, is equal. >> i'm with you. and it has been 19 days since this debate. trump is still complaining about a tough question? if he has smart people around him, and i think he does. he must not be listening to them. i'm sure they're saying, stop picking on megyn kelly. >> roger was the smart
8:55 pm
communications strategist. and he is here. >> donald trump is unscripted. he is his own man. he decides what trump will say. he is unhandled, uncoached, he is genuine. that bluntness got him to number one in the polls. i thought in the actual exchange in the debate with kelly, although she was very aggressive, i thought he hand it fine. he flipped it into a response about political correctness. had it ended there, i think it was a trump victory. >> what we know is he is too thin skinned. he can't handle if somebody is going after him. he takes it as personal attack yes. it is early. there are 17 people in the race. trump is leading because he is a celebrity and he cuts through. we don't know how this will end. what i do know about iowa voters, the room he was in. all of them will want to see him over and over and over again. not just stream of consciousness in 45 minutes. they're going to want to know substantively what he will do.
8:56 pm
that's what iowa voters, they are thoughtful when they go to the caucuses. i would like to see trump if he is good, transit. late it into something good. >> attacks on megyn kelly on top of jeb bush. he says he can afford -- >> he is leading in the polls. >> thank you so much for being with us. that does it for us tonight. that does it for us tonight. by belle and sebastiany" ♪ ♪ ♪ such a shame it's labeled a "getaway." life should always feel like this. hampton. we go together. always get the lowest price, only when you book direct at
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we are watching the global markets the tuesday turn around fizz led before the closing bell. >> sit down, you weren't called. sit down. sit down. sit down. >> sit down and go back to univision. donald trump clashes with an anchor from the spanish language tv channel. french prosecutors say there's clear evidence the alleged gunman on a high-speed train wanted to kill everyone on board. >> hello, everybody. great to have you with us. we'd like to welcome our