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tv   New Day Saturday  CNN  August 29, 2015 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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morning. a texas deputy is killed while pumping gas now, there is a manhunt happening this morning to find his killer. also breaking. an arrest in bangkok for a man believed to be behind a bomb shine killing that wounded 120. so grateful to have you on board with us this morning. i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. >> reporter: in texas, a sheriff's deputy has been gunned down. >> officials are calling deputy darren goforth's death
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unprovoked and cowardly saying he was returning to his patrol car after pumping gas in harris county and someone apparently then walked up behind him and just shot him. >> an active manhunt is happening right now to find this man. this is surveillance still from the surveillance video and have more on the suspected killer in a moment. the greater houston area is on high alert and there is a lot of emotion. this is the sheriff you're about to hear from. this is the first press conference after this killing a few hours ago. >> deputy darren h. goforth, 47-year-old, ten-year veteran of the harris county sheriff's department was literally gunned down at a service station just down the road in what appears to be an unprovoked execution-style killing of a police officer.
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it strikes us all at the heart of public service so i think it's important to ask for the prayers of our community for this deputy, his family, and our department family. we will hunt this person down and do our best to bring that person to justice. >> here is, again, that wanted suspected killer. officials say that he left the scene in this red pickup truck. nick valencia is following the latest developments for us this morning. nick, get us up-to-speed on the suspect and the search. >> reporter: we got off the phone with the harris county sheriff's office. they can kvert confi-- cannot c
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suspect has been arrested. this man here, described as a black male about 5'10" to six feet tall between 20 and 25 years old' this all stems of a fatal shooting of a sheriff's deputy in the late hours of the night. sheriff's deputy is pumping gas and goes into gas station and comes out and seemingly unprovoked the man you're looking at there comes up behind the sheriff and shoots him in the back of the head and continues to shoot as this sheriff's deputy is on the ground. the deputy leaves behind a wife and two children. he is described as a terrific office in harris county in the houston area there. people, right now, their local affiliates, i should say, local authorities are looking for this suspect. they describe him as armed and possibly armed and dangerous. we should mention that local affiliates in houston are saying that the suspect has been arrested. we just cannot confirm that to
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you guys right now. >> it was so frightening to read that when the deputy fell to the ground, the gunman, they said, just stood over him and kept shooting as you mentioned that he kept shooting him. you have to wonder what was going on in this person's mind to continue shooting after he had, obviously, seriously wounded the deputy. >> sheriff's deputies don't know what could have compelled to do this, whether or not the men knew each other. part of the line of the investigation is 30 minutes before this shooting, the sheriff's deputy darren goforth was investigating an accident and they want to know if there was any connection between the fatal shooting at the gas station and what happened 30 minutes before. we have been hearing the last couple of weeks deputies scared in the line of duty. the case in alabama an officer said he hesitated pulling over a suspect and now seeing another case of a deputy in the line of fire being gunned down. >> nick valencia, thank you very
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much. this marks the first texas law enforcement killing this year. with me now is cnn law enforcement analyst tom fuentes. tom, before we get to the specifics of this, you and i have been in this position starting a show several times this year. several times this summer, starting off with the killing of a law enforcement officer. is there some broader national theme, or do you believe that these are isolated unforced incidents? >> i think, victor, you know, there could be some commentary the narrative out there negative against the police officers may contribute to someone just ifg in their own mind assassinating a police officer. this kind of reminds me of the incident where two officers in new york city were killed last december and the individual there, a member of a gang from baltimore, drove to new york and posted several items saying he was going to give wings to pigs
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and make them angels and assassinated two officers sitting in their squad car. here you have a situation where an officer is not involved in an enforcement action. it's not during a traffic stop or interrupting a robbery or a burglary. he's filled his car with gas, was returning to it and then was clearly assassinated. especially by the multiple shots once he was on the ground. when i looked into this incident, i figured that the police officers would have a pretty good description and witness account of what had occurred because there were reports that the gunman said nothing, stood over him, continued to shoot, shot more shots into his body as he was on the ground. so that would indicate that somebody had to be close enough to hear whether or not the shooter made any statements while he was shooting him. so i think between the -- with the photographs, the description of the vehicle, i'm sure that somebody in the greater houston
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area is familiar with who this is and may already know and, as nick mentioned, may already have taken him into custody. >> harris county sheriff ron hickman says this gunman shot and killed deputy goforth for no apparent reason and it seemed to be unprovoked. in your experience, are killings like this typically as random as this one appears to be? or do you believe as time goes on throughout the morning or maybe the week, we will learn there is something more here? >> we don't know. we may learn there is something more to this but this year already in the country, we are averaging almost three police officers per month shot and killed at the line of duty. now, again, many of them are in enforcement actions trying to arrest somebody, trying to make a traffic stop or interrupt a crime. but in this case, again, like the new york case, you clearly have someone who had no other encounter, initiated the encounter with the police
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officer for the purpose of killing him and did so. so i think that this type of assassination is what really, you know, makes officers that much more edgy out on the street. as nick mentioned, you had the case a couple of weeks ago in birmingham where the officer later stated that he hesitated because of all the narrative in the media of police officers shooting unarmed people. well, they are not unarmed for long if they are able to jump on the police officer, take his gun and then in that case, beat him into unconsciousness. >> deputy darren goforth, husband and father, killed while pumping gas. tom fuentes, thank you so much. >> thank you, victor. we are also following breaking news this morning out of bangkok, thailand. new pictures coming into cnn here as you see them. thai place say they have arrested a man who they say is the main suspect in the bomb attack that killed 20 people at a popular shrine earlier this
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month. the man is described as a turkish national and the evidence of linking him to the bomb was found in the apartment where they found him. saima mohsin is joining us on the phone. what other information do you have about this suspect in particular? >> reporter: police have sealed off the area and not letting anyone in or close to this apartment now. they are now searching. as you say, they have arrested the man and the police spokesman told cnn they believe this is the man they are looking for. you'll remember that cctv picture was released at the time. they said the man was wanted and he was scene leaving that backpack underneath a bench inside the shrine and then exiting the shrine. this man who they have arrested they say is a turkish national and this is all yet to be verified but once they take him away, they will have to carry out further identification.
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of course, we have had a few false starts in the past, but they are saying, christi, they have found ball bearings inside this apartment this man has been arrested from. ball bearings exactly the same as the ones found at the shrine bombing site so these are the ball bearingings that people were killed by and left even the shrine statue of the center of the shrine damaged and scarred permanently. they say they have found evidence already that links this man to the bombing. they will need to question him further and we will keep you posted. >> this is 12 days since this bombing happened. any indication how it was they were able to get to this man? >> reporter: that is exactly what i was referring to, christi, when i said we have had a lot of false starts. police have released some information, but not all.
3:11 am
you'll remember they had told me at the time they identified who other suspects in the footage and they turn out to be tourists and tour guides and they didn't tell us how they eliminated another woman in a black t-shirt as simply being a witness and passer-by rather than involved who they also named as a suspect. they have not giving away much information as to how they are getting to the conclusion they are getting to. there are a lot of confused signals coming out of the thai police. they say they know this man they were searching for, the main suspect, was likely to be a foreign national. now, of course, cnn had also interviewed that motorbike taxi driver and the taxi driver who took him to and from the shrine, both saying he did not seem to speak thai or english so they believe him to be a foreigner. so we don't know how they got to it, but right now, they are searching inside the apartment.
3:12 am
christi? >> saima mohsin, thank you for keeping us updated on that. another big story breaking this morning. an egyptian court convicts three journalists from al jazeera related to terrorism. tropical storm erika heading for the u.s. after leaving a mess in the caribbean. more than a dozen people are dead because of erika. also ahead, donald trump verbally attacks a former congressman and his wife. >> who is uma married to? one of the great sleeze bags of our time. anthony weiner, do you know that? you know the little bing, bing, bing? bong. i love you very much.
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this morning, three al jazeera journalists have been sentenced to three years in prison. one they were charged with aiding the muslim brotherhood who is considered as a terrorist organization. this case has been called an attack on the freedom of the press worldwide. let's go to cnn correspondent ian lee in cairo. ian, explain exactly how these journalists were found to have aided the muslim brotherhood. >> reporter: victor, in the judge's statement during the trial, he said that they were
3:17 am
not journalists that they were operating without permits, without licenses. also that they were airing false news in order to harm the country. now, that verdict coming out, despite the fact that it has been widely condemned around the world. you have the neweunited nationse united states and candidaada an many countries coming out saying this is a sham trial and not a trial that these journalists were acting and working ago journalists and has been seen wildly as a political case. also here in egypt, we have had, in the past, egypt's president say that he regrets that this trial went forward. we also have, get this, the court's only attack committee, the appeals court that issued the ruling that this case could be appealed, said that there was no evidence that these journalists supported the muslim brotherhood. despite all of that, today, a
3:18 am
judge came out and said they were guilty of trying to harm egypt's image, of not operating with the proper credentials and he gave two of them three years in prison and mohammed was given 3 1/2 years in prison. i talked to malclooney after the trial and she expressed outrage saying their next step is to go to egypt's president and see if he will intervene to get mohammed fatame deported to canada. we saw the correspondent for al jazeera who was here, to see if he can be deported. the third al jazeera journalist has 3 1/2 prison sentence and they will be appealing. >> ian lee in al jazeera saying this whole case has been heavily politicized and not conducted in a free and fair matter.
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♪ > [ screaming ]
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don't let the categorization of a tropical storm fool you. this is still a dangerous storm. tropical storm erika ripping through the tiny island in the caribbean of dominica. 20 people killed there and dumped a foot of rain in fewer than two hours. mudslides and homes were wiped away and it's churning its way toward florida. florida governor rick scott has declared a state of emergency. allison is with us. this storm has strengedethened weakened. >> we have seen that tropical storms end up causing big flooding than the hurricanes do because they don't move as fast and they can dump a lot of rain in a short amount of time. here is the latest on tropical storm erika now down to
3:24 am
40-mile-per-hour winds and barely holding on to tropical storm status and likely because it hit a lot of those higher elevations over haiti and the dominican republic. the latest track has shifted just a little bit farther west so now it's going to slide over cuba, weaken even a little bit more but then as it starts to just get past the florida keys, it will reintensify back to a tropical storm and sliding right along the western coast near naples and tampa and up near the panhandle of florida. again, that is even if it maintains on its current track. the reason we are kind of all over the place, these are the models that estimate where they think this storm will go. and notice they are all over the place. that's why it's been a very hard storm to really get a grasp on exactly where it's going to go. here is the exact time line. should slide over cuba late this evening and sunday night and up to naples early monday more than. if it sticks with this particular track, it should end up sliding up towards panama
3:25 am
city by early wednesday morning. but, again, the flooding is really going to be the big concern with this storm even if it does get back up to tropical storm strength. >> let's hope it just continues to move through and doesn't just sit over one community. that can cause a lot of damage there. allison chinchar, thank you. wonder if you remember images like this. >> power went out at the superdome where 30,000 people are holed up. >> who was at your house with you? >> my wife. >> where is she now? >> she gone. >> brownie, you're doing a heck of a job! >> put it down, damn it! >> today marks ten years since hurricane katrina made landfall in the gulf coast. the storm and disaster response afterwards killed at least 1,800 people and those are the images you just don't forget. a special task force is
3:26 am
investigating possible sniper attacks in michigan along a freeway here. the calhoun county sheriff's office say several driver's vehicles were hit by gunshots late last month and happened between i-94 and i-69 between battle creek and the indiana border. breaking news we are following this morning. a texas deputy is dead. shot from behind as he walked to his patrol car early this morning. this is that deputy. what is happening now as authorities try to pin down a suspect. also, the virginia station whose journalists were killed on live television, it's holding its first live report since the shooting. a pretty emotional moment and we are going to share that with you. and donald trump attends an event, charging a hundred dollars a head but he says it's not a fund-raiser. >> no fund-raiser. ♪ ♪
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>> i have been in law enforcement 45 years. . i don't recall another incident this cold-blooded and cowardly. >> continuing following that breaking news out of texas this morning, where a sheriff's deputy has been shot dead. officials say deputy darren goforth was simply pumping gas when someone came up behind him and opened fire, killing him in an instant. an active manhunt is under way right now we understand in the greater houston area to find
3:32 am
this man. you see him there. this was seen in the surveillance video and this is the truck he was seen leaving in, a red forty ranger. local affiliate reporting that the suspect has been caught, but police are not confirming that yet to cnn. we do continue to make calls this morning. goforth was a ten-year veteran in the department, just 47 years old, and he had a wife and two children now this morning are trying to reconcile all of this. we are also watching breaking news out of thailand. local police say they have arrested a suspect in the bombing that killed 20 people and injured 120 others earlier this month. the man is described as a turkish national and police say they found ball bearings linking him to the blast and the same kind of ball bearings found at the seecene, apparently. we will have a live report for you at the top of the hour. let's turn now to the 2016
3:33 am
race and donald trump is heading to nashville today. this comes after he spoke at an event in massachusetts which trump made sure that he at least told everyone was not a fund-raiser. we will get to that in a few minutes. first, let's talk about the event. trump renewed attacks and now he's spreading the love around, taking aim at a top aide for hillary clinton. listen. >> you look at trade pacts. china, eating our lunch. japan, like we're children. mexico, both in trade and at the border, what they are doing to us is terrible. and i have great respect for china, for japan. i love the people. i love the people of mexico. i love hispanics. nobody loves hispanics like i do. i probably have more than almost anybody working for me. we have some low energy people.
3:34 am
they are really low. i'm not going to say jeb is low energy, but he is pretty low. who would you rather have negotiate with iran? trump or jeb? >> you! >> how about this? trump or hillary? who is huma married to? one of the great sleeze bags of our time. anthony weiner. did you know that? she is married to anthony weiner. you know the little bing, bing, bing? bong. i love you very much. so, no, think of it. so huma is getting classified secrets. she is married to anthony weiner, who is a -- no, he is.
3:35 am
>> shortly after those comments, clinton spokesman tweeted this out. donald trump has spent the summer saying offensive things about women but there is no place for patently false personal attacks toward a staff member. he should be ashamed of himself and others in his party should stand up to him and draw the line for once. it's embarrassing to watch, frankly, that from nick merril of the clinton campaign. bus is ben thomas and aral lewis. one could argue there are strategic advantages to many of the attacks. what is the strategy of going after huma abedin? >> i think he is pushing the narrative that hillary clinton cannot be trusted and one word, people don't trust her and associate her with the words li liar. i think his point you can't trust her and rely on the people
3:36 am
surrounding her. they have access to the top secret e-mails and who they are married to. can you trust huma and hillary? a lot of people will say it was not very classy or tactful but he was telling the truth. she did have access to this information, she was around hillary clinton. i definitely wouldn't trust her husband knowing what we know about him. so i think for him, this is probably going to be one of the situations where the blunt talk, people are going to like it. >> so, ariel, the room certainly ate it up but any reason to think that huma abedin is married to the former congressman she is sharing this information and let's say huma abedin is not any clinton staffer. >> anthony weiner appears on my show every week. we talk about new york city politics. he and a number of other exofficials. for your viewers who don't know what went on by anthony weiner.
3:37 am
we should be clear he was caught up in a sexting scandal and no laws were broken and nothing like that. for donald trump to sort of i guess run this line, it's a great talking point on right wing radio as my friend ben knows very much it's sort of a punch line that doesn't need an introduction. i think donald trump was really playing for laughs for the crowd. there is nothing at all serious there as far as a serious allegation. if he has a serious allegation to make, that would be one thing, but it doesn't sound like it was meant to be taken seriously. >> huma abedin has worked with secretary clinton for many, many years and trusted and confidant staffer there. let's talk about the event that was held. a hundred dollars a head to get in. do we have the sign that was outside this event? yeah, let's read this. please have checks made payable
3:38 am
to donald j. trump for president incorporated, or cash ready on entry. now that sign is outside. but this is what trump said about the event. apparently, we don't have it. so trump has said that this is not a fund-raiser. not a fund-raiser. checks are being made payable to the campaign, ben, looks like a fund-raiser and sounds like a fund-raiser. what is it? >> yeah, it's a fund-raiser and these are those little things that i think what can get any candidate in trouble. if you go out there and every day on the campaign trail you tell people how rich you are and that you're so rich that you don't have to beholding the donors and you're turning down million dollar checks left and right and getting off plane and someone is trying to hand you 3 million and you say you don't want it.
3:39 am
he wants little donations, not the big money and i'm going to turn it all down. then you have a fund-raiser and try to tell people it's not a fund-raiser. a $100 is probably not making money for his campaign. it's expensive to put these things on. i'm assuming the food was probably pretty good. the argument, all right, i can see it, but at the end of the day when you say you're a multimillionaire and you're not doing fund-raisers and someone has to write a check for a hundred bucks to get in, he says people came for free too. i understand that, but it's either fund-raising and you're going to take money or not going to do it. you can't mingle the two together in these big, you know, huge statements that he makes, i turn down millions every day from prospective donors. >> is he getting any big checks, any indication? there has been no release or disclosure from the other groups set up, making america great again and we know there is a nonprofit. he has the 5 million up to 15
3:40 am
million dollar checks and 700 people at a hundred is making 7 grand. >> it costs all in about a billion dollars for mitt romney and barack obama. donald trump, while he is a billionaire, i don't think anybody -- this is how they get to be rich, right? they don't really just spend money blindly and the reality he is look at jeb bush he has been attacking every day. jeb bush has a super pact at a million dollar ready to go. if it's aimed at donald trump and reason to believe it will be, he has fight back. donald trump made his fortune as a real estate developer. real estate development at least in new york is based on other people's money. you don't spend your own money. you get somebody else to put up the money. i think as a business model and practical necessity the days of donald trump saying i'm not taking money from anybody is coming to an end.
3:41 am
he has one super pact backing him. >> he has more than one. he says there are pacts forming because they love what we are doing here. donald trump has to play the traditional game of raising money when you're running a national campaign at some point. in fact, i think it's already started to happen. it's just this is a big promise that you're not going to take money, you're not going to fund-raise, and then when you start doing it, i think people start to say, maybe you -- >> what made him so attractive to supporters he is the unconventional candidate and maybe that is changing. thank you both. >> thank you, victor. >> thanks. new details this morning about the one person who survived that virginia shooting that was captured live on television. we will take you to roanoke. nfl player michael vick, he has a new job. the same old controversy, though, is following him it seems. find out what fans of his new team are saying about their new quarterback.
3:42 am
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3:46 am
colleagues were shot and killed on live television. the team covered a high school football game last night. the number 7. this is station's channel number. painted on the 30 yard lines of the football field and fans from this community, they observed a moment of silence before the game. >> just can't imagine what it had to be like standing there, the first one. we are getting some new details on the condition of vicki gardner, she is the one person who survived that horrific on-air shooting. she stood in the back as she stood and talked to adam ward. polo sandoval is live in roanoke. what have you learned about her condition? >> reporter: she is doing very well, according to her family. her road to survival and on this journey is offering and adding hope for a community that really
3:47 am
needs it. behind me, a reminder this community is still rallying together to try to cope with the loss of those two journalists and they were a major staple of this community here. gardner was the head of the chamber of commerce was being interviewed at the time of the shooting and she has to undergo two surgeries and losing one kidney and upper colon. at the time of the shooting, her husband saying that he was actually able to make that phone call and call right after the shooting itself. here is a bit of the interview with abc news. >> she walked up and walked to the ambulance after she had been shot but she didn't know the stept of her injuries at that point. a surgeon told me a couple of
3:48 am
centimeters she would not be walking today. >> reporter: we expect at least a bit of normalcy at the scene of the shooting as the chamber of commerce is expected to reopen later today at 10:30. >> thank you. appreciate it. a major break in the investigation into a deadly bangkok bombing. police say they have their man and evidence linking him to the crime. plus, a missed verdict for a former prep school student cleared of rape charges. could the family of the victim, though, pursue a civil lawsuit against the school? we are going to talk about that. an activist associated with the black lives matter movement have unveiled a public policy agenda. find out their plans for ending what they call or at least limiting police intervention and improving their plan. we will talk about it coming up.
3:49 am
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a poformer student is facin up to 11 years in prison in a split verdict what is called the st. paul's prep school rape. owen labrie the jury handed down five counts including a felony. >> reporter: owen labrie was convicted five of the nine charges against him but not convicted on the more serious felony charges against him with aggravated sexual assault. it was very tense inside the courtroom even before we went inside. the victim was visibly and
3:53 am
anxiously shaken as she went in there and scold by her mom and sister several times as she sat next to them in court. there wasn't a clear visceral response from the first verdict was read. the fact he lured a minor with a computer. owen labrie started crying after that. the more response came later when the jury decided not to convict him on the aggravated sexual assault charges. the victim came very emotional and you could hear her crying. owen labrie hunched over and became emotional when the missed sexual assault were read. he had to be consulted by his attorney jay carney. after the verdicts were read he turned to his father overcome with emotion. he did not expect to be convicted and his mother was also weeping. his sentencing is set for october 29th. he faces a maximum of 11 years in prison. there was also some debate as to whether or not he might be a flight risk but ultimately the judge decided to let him off on $15,000 bond.
3:54 am
one note, he will have to register as a sex offender. something that will follow him for the rest of his life. though, he can appeal the decision after 15 years. his attorney says this is something that has altered his future forever. in the meantime, a family spokesperson for the victim says that she can, quote, now walk out of here with her head held high. christi, victor? >> thank you so much. hln legal analyst and defense attorney joey jackson is watching this along bus. this verdict, as we look at it split, it almost seems as though the jury didn't completely believe either the accuser or the defendant in this case? >> that's right. good morning. you see that based upon what they did here because remember what he was cleared of. he was cleared of the issues relating to forcible rape, or we should say rape without consent because it need not be forcible but the forcible implies that the victim said no. so the jury apparently believed that there was sexual
3:55 am
intercourse but that sexual intercourse was consensual. however, it's still a crime, based upon the age of the victim and the age of the defendant in the case. absolutely a mixed verdict. of course, the most compelling charge is the enticement by computer charge he was found guilty of and that requires sex offender registry and the defense we expect will appeal. >> in 15 years he can try to repeal that or get that reduced or gone. he can't get it completely removed from his record, though, can he? that has to be -- to get off the sex register, that can't be easy. >> it can't be at all. i'll tell you what the defense is going to do here, and they have been eluding to it by their statements, they are attacking the conviction itself. not based on the jury's findings. the jury have a difficult job. they weigh the issues and the facts and circumstances and
3:56 am
render a verdict based upon what they believe happened beyond a reasonable doubt. but i think the legal argument to be had here by the defense, christi, is the statute into ut enticement -- it was meant for more the defense will argue predatory conduct, meant for adults who don't know minors who are going after them. i think what the defense will do is they will file legal papers arguing that it was overreaching in this case to bring forth a charge against a teenager predicated upon that. that's going to be their argument and if they are successful, then the whole issue of sex offense registry falls off also. >> i want to read a part of a family statement. they felt betrayed that st. paul school allowed a toxic culture that left our daughter and other
3:57 am
students at risk to sexual violence. we trusted the school to protect the students. >> i think they will say the school knew or should have known about this whole senior salute which was getting together with, of course, underage or young females, and the school should have taken precautionary steps to prevent this time of behavior. in the future i see a civil suit but not that it gives the victim anything back but it goes a long way of preventing anything in the future. >> joey jackson, appreciate your insight. a bit of sports. michael vick is officially a part of the steelers nation. this week, pittsburgh signed vick to be the backup for ben roethlisberger. roethlisberger says he is all right with this as long as it helps the team. not everybody is happy about this. online petition to get him off the team. more than 28,000 signatures so
3:58 am
far. andy scholes joins us with more. >> people still get upset when michael vick is mentioned in nfl circles. let's not forget he has been in the league six years since he went to prison for dog fighting. five years with the eagles and last year with the jets. the eagles thought so highly of him they gave him oanother 100 million dollar contract. since serving in prison he has been a model citizen. he played with the eagles and the jets and now he's coming to the steelers and people signing this petition, obviously, a lot of dog lovers who will be signing this petition. i love my dog just as much as anybody else so, you know -- but i'm in the camp that believes michael vick definitely should get these second chances and people shouldn't think he doesn't deserve a job. who cares what i think. i want to know what people are thinking at home. use the #newdaycnn or leave a message on our facebook page at
3:59 am and we will read some of those the next hour. >> andy, why do you hate dogs? >> i love dogs. my dog is my best friend and i spend hours upon hours with her every day. >> just kidding. >> thanks for putting me on the spot, victor! >> quick break. we will be right back.
4:00 am
this is cnn breaking news. i have been in law enforcement 45 years. i don't recall another incident this cold blooded and cowardly. >> the first of two breaking news stories. the manhunt for a killer in texas. police looking for the shooter who executed a sheriff's deputy outside a convenience store. we will hunt this person down and do our best to bring that person to justice. also this morning, bangkok police say they have nabbed the suspect in that deadly bombing attack. this morning, an arrest in the shrine bombing that killed 20
4:01 am
people and left more than 100 hurt. always so grateful to have your company. thank you for being with us. i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. good to be with you. we start in texas where the sheriff's deputy has been gunned down. investigators say deputy darren goforth was assassinated. that is the word they are using. moments after filling up his cruiser at a convenience store gas station. the sheriff calling goforth's death unprovoked and cowardly. right now, there is a manhunt to find this man seen in the surveillance image. . a local affiliate is reporting that the suspect has been caught. but police have not confirmed that to cnn. we are, of course, continuing to make calls. you understand that the greater houston area right now must be on high alert. emotions are running high. let's bring in nick valencia following the latest for us this morning. give us some clarity about this person who may be in custody, is this a suspect? what do we know? >> reporter: a tragic incident that happened there in houston overnight about 8:30 p.m. on friday night.
4:02 am
you mentioned ktrk is reporting a suspect was taken into custody early this morning. another affiliate kprc is reporting a person of interest in this shooting has voluntarily turning themselves in. as far as we can report we believe an active manhunt under way in houston. the sheriff's deputies are grieving over the loss of one of their own. >> reporter: a manhunt is under way in harris county, texas, after a suspect gunned down a sheriff's deputy at a houston area gas station. police say it appears to be an unprovoked execution-style killing. >> a witness called 911 and let us know that one of our deputies had been shot. multiple units arrived. arrived on the scene. unfortunately, the deputy passed. >> reporter: the deputy is identified as 47-year-old darren
4:03 am
goforth, a ten-year veteran, who was married with two children. >> i have been in law enforcement 45 years. i don't recall another incident this cold-blooded and cowardly. >> reporter: authorities say the uniformed deputy was refueling his patrol car friday evening when this man, caught on surveillance camera, came up behind him and opened fire. >> the deputy then fell to the ground and the suspect then continued over to him and shot the deputy again multiple times as he lay on the ground. >> reporter: the suspect fled in this maroon or red pickup truck and also caught on surveillance camera. >> people understand it's tough enough being a deputy and being a law enforcement in this country right now. but for people, the way that they are right now, i have no words for what this type of person did. >> reporter: there is no apparent motive in the case. the deputy had investigated an accident about half an hour before the attack. police are looking into whether
4:04 am
there is any connection. >> i think it's important to ask for the prayers of our community for this deputy, his family, and our department family. >> reporter: and the local office of the fbi texas department of public safety, as well as the u.s. marshal service are all involved in this active manhunt and asking for the public's help to catch this alleged cop killer. >> thank you, nick. let's talk about cnn law enforcement analyst tom fuentes. the latest reporting we heard from nick one affiliate saying a person is taken into custody and another affiliate saying the suspect turned themselves in voluntarily. what is happening if this person has not been taken into custody? >> if it's not true, then, you know, the manhunt going forward is going to be looking at every kind of description that they could have, looking at social
4:05 am
media, did somebody post something like we had in the new york city case back in december bragging about it? you know, it sounds like we have pretty good witness in the first place to have the vehicle description, the person description, and the fact that the witness told the police that the individual doing the shooting didn't say anything, just gunned down the officer and then fired more bullets into him while he was on the ground, not saying a word. so the fact that there is a witness close enough to call the police and make those kind of statements regarding what happened would indicate that under if they do get a person into custody, that they should have a pretty good way to identify them, at least from a witness account and then, of course, you'll have the ballistic examinations later with the bullets and the firearm. if that happens. also, if they caught somebody this morning, they should still have gun powder residue on the hand that fired the weapon. so if that is true that they have the suspect, a lot of
4:06 am
things will come together very quickly if that is true. >> harris county sheriff is saying this is unprovoked, appeared to happen for no apparent reason. that sounds like what we are hearing the description from witnesses, shooting him and then standing over this deputy and shooting him several times more. that sounds like passion, like there is some reason that you are shooting this person specifically. do you agree with that or could this, indeed, just be shooting a person who is wearing the uniform? >> it could be either one. you're right. that could be a passion of killing in and of itself just the mere fact he is police officer and i think that people lose track of the idea. this is the only profession somebody might take your life just because you're a police officer. there are many dangerous jobs, whether firefight or coal miner or sky diver, whatever, but being a police officer is one where you might get killed just for the fact that you're wearing the uniform.
4:07 am
>> what is the impact on this department this morning? >> it's a huge impact and, again,, you know, what they don't know until they get the person into custody is, you know, this type of killing -- now was it personal? was it something that this individual had against this particular officer for whatever reason? or was it somebody just wanting to gun down an officer? now they have to worry about copycat killers. you don't have to be pulled over and kill an officer on a traffic stop or during another crime. just, you know, when you see somebody getting gas at a gas station or doing some other leisurely thing, you know, we did have officers gunned down, i think, in washington state a year or so ago where they were sitting at a coffee shop. that is another fear that they have, that the second they go out the door with that uniform on, you know, it's a big
4:08 am
bull's-eye on their back and they know it. >> yeah. let's also remember, tom fuentes, so much, that darren goforth, 47 years old, was not just a deputy, but also a husband and a father. tom, thanks. also following breaking news out of thailand this morning. bangkok police say they have made an arrest in that deadly bomb attack at a popular shine. we want to show you new pictures we are getting in from earlier today. this is outside the apartment where that suspect was arrested. we should point out. now police are describing this man as a turkish national who is connected to the crime. saima mohsin is following this story and joining us on the phone. how confidence are police that this is the main suspect they have been looking for? >> reporter: christi, things are moving fast and changing fast. now, of course, when we spoke in the last hour, we were told by the thai police this was the main suspect they were searching for that was a quote directly
4:09 am
from the police spokesman. you now tells cnn that they believe this is the man that is part of the one that carried out this attack. they don't know what precise involvement he has with the bombing. they are saying he is not the man in that yellow t-shirt or in the sketch. that's what they think so far. of course, that may change yet again. and they are saying that they believe that this man had something to do with the bombings because of the property they found on his property and mainly what they tell us being the ball bearings of the investigation that was conducted at the erawan shrine. another major development we are hearing from the police is that part of what they found with the photograph in it is fake so they are now saying that although they believed him to be a british national, he may not be.
4:10 am
they said they found several fake passports there. they didn't tell us what nationality they had but they said they have found several passports there, whether they all belong to this man or perhaps other men, this network that kaerds out tcarried out th don't know. a lot of things are happening here. the thai police have come under a lot of criticism for not doing enough so far, for not tracking this main suspect down or, indeed, any of the team members that they believe that they were searching for. they said they were looking for ten men and found nobody until today, 12 days on. perhaps they keep misspeaking because they are keen to saying they are found their guy but, so far, they are saying this is not a turkish national or at least the passport is fake that they found on him and this man is connected to not just the erawan shrine bombings but the second
4:11 am
bombing when nobody was injured the second day. >> thank you for keeping us apprised. another breaking story tell you about out of cairo, egypt, this morning. three al jazeera journalists have been sentenced to three years in prison. one of them was sentenced. they were charged with aiding the muslim brotherhood which is considered -- al gentlemjazeera releasing this statement this morning. gop presidential front-runner donald trump is suggesting that one of hillary clinton's closest aides shared classified information with her husband. >> who is huma married to? one of the great sleeze bags of our time. >> still to come, why moments like that one, beyond the ideas
4:12 am
about policy in china and negotiating, moments like that are resonating with voters and bolstering of support. plus, tropical storm erika is churning toward florida. look at the destruction erika left behind and when it could hit our shores. plus now ten years ago, hurricane katrina made landfall in new orleans. what happened next. one of the greatest disasters of our time. dr. sanjay gupta looks back at out hope faded quickly at a place called charity. no sixth grader's ever sat with the eighth grade girls. but your jansport backpack is permission to park it wherever you please. hey. that's that new gear feeling. this week, these folders just one cent.
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4:16 am
island of dominica. mudslides and homes and roads washed away. at least 20 people have been killed. now erika is heading to the united states. florida governor rick scott has declared a state of emergency. allison chinchar is with us now. what is ahead? >> the storm is starting to weaken and a good sign in term of the winds strength bull not necessarily in terms of flooding potential. here winds about 40 miles per hour right now. as it continues its track it is expected to continue to weaken over cuba but as we start get closer to florida it is expected to tense slightly back up to tropical storm strength. the main threat for florida is really going to be the amount of rain. so here is a look at the time line. we expect it to start to slide into the keys and up around naples early monday morning and gradually up towards tampa by tuesday morning and panama city
4:17 am
and mobile depending on where the track goes up around wednesday morning. in terms of rainfall totals let's take a look at some of these areas. most areas, if they are in the main section of the storm, will likely get between 2 to 4 inches but we have got some pockets, especially along ft. myers, down towards naples that could pick up as much as 6 inches of rain and possibly even higher in some of those thunderstorms embedded within the storms. again, we will have to keep a close eye on the actual track but one thing is for certain, wherever the storm does end up going, it is going to dump a lot of rain and cause some flooding and even possibly mudslides in some areas over the next couple of days. >> so trouble ahead. allison chinchar, thank you so much. ten years ago, hurricane katrina slammed into the gulf coast. you, along bus, we were all transfixed with our televisions watching some of the scenes that were coming in the area. the lives that were being
4:18 am
destroyed. the ruined businesses. the wrecked buildings. you might think you've seen everything but i don't know if you've seen this. one of those buildings was charity hospital in new orleans and cnn's chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta has this story of this korge courageous medical staff that helped save so many people. ♪ >> reporter: they were deplorable conditions i'll never forget. >> here, we were up on our ankles in water. >> reporter: doctors, nurses, patients, making the most of an unfolding disaster inside the hospital called charity. >> we don't have electricity. we don't have water. we can't run labs and can't take x-rays. we are basically back to primitive medicine. >> we have no showers or toilets at all. >> reporter: for days after hurricane katrina first hit, the staff and patients at charity waited, hoped, and prayed. ♪ i love you
4:19 am
i need you to survive ♪ >> i didn't realize how intimately connected tour patients we would be. before that, i assumed i had a personal relationship to my patients but i couldn't tell you what their names were prior to katrina. >> reporter: communication with the outside world was mostly impossible. many news organization are reported charity was safely evacuated but then a doctor called into the situation room from inside the hospital to tell the world, we are stranded, please help. >> initially, we lost power in different parts of the hospital had trouble getting the backup generators to work. >> reporter: but, still, nothing. so determined to take matters in their own hands, the team at charity paddled critically ill patients down the street to a nearby parking deck. the roof served as a make-shift helipad. time had run out.
4:20 am
>> we are their only hope and we are trying as hard as we can to get them some help! what is going to happen to some of these patient if you don't get them out of here? >> two of them have already died on this ramp waiting to get out in this very spot! >> reporter: it was nearly a week after katrina first made landfall that the last patient was finally evacuated. ♪ >> reporter: but the hospital that had never shut its doors for nearly 300 years never survived and charity never reopened and the long-term impact of that remains to be scene. i would dare say that in the next ten years, our cancer rates will be higher, our cardiovascular death rates will be higher and stroke and heart attack will all be higher. >> reporter: ten years to the months, lsu did finally open its brand-new billion dollar megahospital and it's certainly not too little but the people of
4:21 am
new orleans are hoping it's just not too late. dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, new orleans. >> talk about watching heroics in action the medical team. >> ten years later watching the video it jogs your memory on the residual impacts. the children who were stranded and people in hospital. we will go live to new orleans later this morning. we want to take you to virginia. this small town tv station trying to get back to normal. we are going to show you how that news team handled its first live shot just days after a reporter and photographer on their team were killed on live television. plus, some call him outrageous. others say he is just keeping it real. a look at why donald trump's behavior is helping him lead the polls. ♪
4:22 am
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4:25 am
i'm live in roanoke. stevan anderson, wdbj 7. >> you must imagine what it feels like for those two. emotional embrace there between that wdbj reporting and the cameraman after they wrapped the station's first live event after two of their leagues were shot and killed on live television. that is the news director i believe there. the team was covering a high school football game last night. number 7 for the station's channel number were painted on the 30 yard lines of this football field.
4:26 am
lots of hugs there for that reporter that had to be so emotional to get in front of that camera after what they had witnessed throughout the week. we are also learning new details about the condition of the one person who survived. vicki gardner who was shot in the back, nearly killed, as she was speaking with reporting alison parker and kacameraman am ward. polo sandoval is live with us now. what are you learning about vicki's recovery? >> reporter: her quick road to recovery is providing some hope for this community and do they need it. behind me a reminder people still continue to really come together in one large show of support, not only for the families of these two murdered journalists but as you mentioned for vicki gardner who continues to recover on thois morning. they are being interviewed by these two journalists at the time of the shooting, she did suffer one gunshot wound to the
4:27 am
back and her family is setting up a facebook page to try to keep the community up-to-speed with really the latest on her condition. we are told she has already undergone two surgeries and lost her right kid nen'ney and a por of her colon. her husband tim saying she has exhibited tremendous strength and courage. keep in mind she was injured herself and had witnessed two murders and still had the strength to walk to the ambulance and call her husband tim. have a listen. >> she got up and walked to the ambulance after being shot, but she didn't know the extent of her injuries at that point. but the surgeon told me that a couple of cent meters she wouldn't be walking or still live. >> she is talking and on that long road to recovery. she has plenty of support this morning. back to you. >> no doubt. polo sandoval, we appreciate it. thank you. donald trump leading in the polls and he is doing it his
4:28 am
way, obviously, with controversial statements and a lot of bravado. is this the new way to win a nom nomination? that's next. you tuck there. if you're a toe tucker... because of toenail fungus, ask your doctor now about prescription kerydin. used daily, kerydin drops may kill the fungus at the site of infection and get to the root of your toe tucking. kerydin may cause irritation at the treated site. most common side effects include skin peeling... ...ingrown toenail, redness, itching, and swelling. tell your doctor if you have any side effect that bothers you or does not go away. stop toe tucking... and get the drop on toenail fungus. ask your doctor today about kerydin. every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. those who have served our nation. have earned the very best service in return. ♪
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4:32 am
i think it's important to ask for the prayers for our community, for this deputy, his family, and our department family. >> really tough morning for the harris county texas sheriff's department. a fellow deputy was shot and killed overnight. they say darren goforth was pumping gas when someone came up behind him and opened fire. as he fell to the ground, the gunman stood over him and shot some more. is there an active manhunt for this man as well as this red ford ranger that he left in. this is surveillance video obviously. a local affiliate reporting the suspect has been caught. police have not confirmed that to cnn. we want to point out. we know that goforth was a ten-year veteran in the department and he has a wife and two children.
4:33 am
donald trump continues now to dominate the campaign trail. he heads to tennessee today. check out the latest quinnipiac poll showing tump horump holdin double digit lead over his next opponent ben carson at 12%. he makes a stop in massachusetts where he sparked new controversy. trump is taking aim at top aide for hillary clinton huma abedin. listen. >> who is huma married to? one of the great sleeze bags of our time. anthony weiner, do you know that? she is married to anthony weiner. you know the little bing, bing, bing? bong. i love you very much. so, no, think of it.
4:34 am
so huma is getting classified secrets. she is married to anthony weiner, who is a -- no, he is. we have got with us cnn political commentator jeffrey lord and steven collinson. jeffrey, i have to start with you. what does this get him? what does he get out of attacking huma abedin? >> actually, i do think there is a serious point here. i think she is involved in some fashion or, you know, with the e-mail situation. so, i mean, there's a serious point to this. you know, in terms of the rest of it, i have to say donald trump is a new yorker and i would be willing to bet you that somewhere along the line, he has crossed paths with anthony weiner who has probably come in and asked for campaign
4:35 am
contributions and suffice it to say, he was not impressed. and with the scandal he was in and sexting and all of the thing. he basically married the two issues together here but is there a serious issue with huma abedin, without doubt. >> i'm sure there will be serious questions as we continue throughout the day continue. he donated $2,000 to the campaign back in 2010. let me come to you, steven collinson. this seems to be something the trump supporters like. they talk a lot about his different ideas, his different approach, but they seem to like the attacks too. why? >> i think that is the center of donald trump's appeal. he says things that other genuine real politicians are afraid to say and he goes to places that they -- i was in a rally that he did this week and it was exactly the kind of thing. i don't think there is often a lot of forethought about what he says.
4:36 am
it seems to me he says things as they come to him and that is the key to his appeal. now, the question is -- can he condition doing this? does it get to a point where he says something so outrageous and inflammatory it harms him in the election? this is exactly, what people, when you speak to people that trump says at his events, they say this is the exactly same thing that attracts me to donald trump in the first place. >> a quinnipiac poll was released this week and a word association cloud. i want to put up trump's first and then we will talk about hillary clinton. let's start with trump. question 20 here is what is the first word that comes to your mind when you think of donald trump? 58 people said arrogant. 38 said blow-hard. 35 said idiot. businessman was 34 and clown 34. put up hillary clinton's cloud. we don't have that. but let me read it. 178 people said liar.
4:37 am
123 people said dishonest. 93 said untrustworthy. 82, experience. 59, strong. i'm going to come to you first with this, jeffrey. this is even before the ad wars had begun and opinions crafted of these two candidates. what does that tell us? >> in truth, you know, people have opinions of everybody who runs for office, particularly for president. i honestly -- and in donald trump's case, i don't think it matters that much. if people really believe the country is in trouble and they see him as the guy to get them out of the trouble, they are going to vote for him irrespective. frankly, i'd apply that to hillary clinton. i think she's got a problem with these things as well, but, you know, if you get to november of next year, she is seen as the savior for some reason, people aren't going to pay much attention to those things either. >> that is not the direction the numbers are going now. poll found 51% of respondents
4:38 am
believe that secretary clot is not honest and trustworthy. 51% have an unfavorable opinion of her and also a record low. steven, which is more difficult to gain, trust for clinton, or what appears to be humility and credibility for trump? >> that's a good question. i don't think donald trump is trying to gain humility any time soon. his whole shtick he is out there and a boastful bombastic character. when you talk to senior members of the party and they won't say this publicly in this cases but there is a real concern about the trust and integrity issues surrounding hillary clinton. at this point, it's starting to hurt her in the polls. it's not a real sort of disqualifying issue for her campaign but you saw a change of behavior on this this week by hillary clinton. she started to address these issues about her e-mail in a
4:39 am
less flippant sense and i think that reflects perhaps some of the concern among democratic elites that is filtering through to the hillary clinton campaign. so she has a tough job to do, but as jeffrey said, this is a polarized election. if people -- enough people, maybe 51% of the people in the country believe hillary clinton is a savior, those trust numbers perhaps won't matter as much. >> even with these challenges she is still far ahead, racing toward that democratic nomination. thank you both. >> thanks, victor. >> sure. another controversial police shooting of an unarmed teen. police say shots were fired during a struggle, but the autopsy results are revealing something else. now the family wants some answers about the death of their 18-year-old. also, black lives matter, a movement focused on a lot of the shootings such as the one we just mentioned. however, there are a lot of people that question the group's direction. now, they say, listen, we have
4:40 am
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4:43 am
43 minutes fast the hour. officials in -- troubling here is the fact that the officer in question was allegedly involved in a previous fatal shooting of an unarmed man. here is cnn's jason carroll. >> reporter: an attorney for the teenager's family says they now feel they have taken one more step towards justice. it will now be up to a grand jury to decide if that officer should face criminal charges for
4:44 am
william chapman's death. what happened at this walmart parking lot in port smith, virginia, has become a point of controversy and a continued source of pain for the family of william chapman. >> that's my baby. nobody has the right to do anything like that. >> reporter: chapman's mother speaking out after her 18-year-old son was killed by a port smith police officer. it happened on april 22nd. ch chapman's family attorney says they responded to call of shop-lifting and one officer approached chapman who says was unarmed in the parking lot and a c c confrontation enskewued and the the shooting. they say chapman appeared to turn toward the officer rankin during the struggle. >> the guy charged at him and took two steps toward him to come fight him so the cop opened
4:45 am
fire. >> reporter: the attorney representing the family says not so. >> the police officer had the ability to step back, step aside and there is no evidence of lunging. >> i feel like with something that should have never happened. >> reporter: cnn could not reach officer rankin. his department and the police union declined to comment. an autopsy confirms chapman died from two gunshots. one to the head and another to the chest. manner of death? a homicide. the coroner confirming the body showed no evidence of close-range fire. >> this notion that william lunged at the police officer within the area that the police officer may feel threatened, i think, may be largely disproven by the sentence. >> reporter: a forensic expert who reviewed the autopsy report for cnn agreed with the coroner's discussion that shots were not fired at close range. but a distant shot in forensic terms, is not what one may seem.
4:46 am
it's 30 inches or greater. thirty inches is, what? i'm standing to you, that is still pretty close. >> it is, but it's ruffle 30 inches. there are many factors that will determine the absolute exact range. >> reporter: also troubling for the chapman family, officer rankin was involved in a previous fatal shooting of an unarmed man in 2011. later a grand jury cleared him of wrongdoing, so too did the jury during a civil trial. as for chapman's case, his family just wants the truth. >> something was wrong with this picture. i am totally troubled by this situation that happened to this officer. >> reporter: the family attorney says chapman turned out his pockets before the shooting and nothing was found. they say he was not shop-lifting and does not have a history of shoplifting or being violent. police are not commenting on the case. the hearing will be presented to the grand jury on september 3rd.
4:47 am
>> after the break, black lives matter activists have taken to the streets. now they have a policy agenda to outline specific steps to their concerns. the hunt to catch a killer. a deputy shot multiple times and killed seemingly without any warning, any clear reason. we will continue to bring you the very latest developments happening there in texas. no sixth grader's ever sat with the eighth grade girls. but your jansport backpack is permission to park it wherever you please. hey. that's that new gear feeling. this week, these folders just one cent. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. the one on your right is made out of high strength steel and the other is made of aluminum. now i'm gonna release a 700 pound grizzly bear. so pick a cage and get in it. well i'm glad i picked this cage. why did you pick the steel cage? that's a big animal right there. you want to see something else made with high strength steel? that's the chevy silverado.
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4:51 am
. this has always been a problem of violence. there's not much that we can do to stop the violence against us. and in the conversation and pushback -- >> i understand what you're saying. respectfully, if that's your position, then i will talk to white people about how we are going to deal with the real probl problems. >> that's not what i mean. what you mean is a form of victim blaming. that was everywhere. activists associated with movement said we are already doing that. and now we are getting a look at it, it is called campaign zero, providing policy solutions to police violence in america.
4:52 am
let's talk to britney here with more on this. thank you for being on the show. >> thank you for having me. >> we have a list of ten. we'll put them on the screen. because we are limited on time, can you tell us what is the single most priority, if you can choose, of the policy prescription? >> actually, i think it is really important not to choose. that's the reason campaign zero is comprehensive. the movement had demands for over the last year, but we wanted to at campaign zero make sure we were connecting the dots between community and activist voices and directly to candidates. and we wanted to make sure we do that in a way to honor the fact that it can't be a single solution to address police violence. we are really a comprehensive policy. >> you can't do this with body cameras alone without addressing training. i get the point. you get the support there in st. louis. we'll put up on the screen from what we get from the op-ed,
4:53 am
quote, the ideas obtained in campaign zero help our nation and our community and help close the deadly divide. kind words are nice but now we need legislation. what's the strategy to get this sponsored in bills across the country? >> well, we are having a series of calls with people on the ground because we want to equip communities and activists with this tool. and we have been updating campaign zero as our platform, given kind of crowd-source ideas and ideas from other activist communities. but we are really looking to folks saying, what is relevant in your community and how can we support you in pushing people at the local state and quite frankly federal level to enact this kind of change. >> one of the elements here, number two, fair police union contract. i think some people might be surprised to see that that's part of the proposal. why is it? >> so it's important to look really closely and read the
4:54 am
detail. what we are actually talking about are police contracts fair to the citizen. so many police contracts we discovered an employer request actually provides a lot of barriers to truth coming out to making sure that accountable and citizen protection is centered. so issues of -- excuse me, the kinds of breaks officers are allowed to take after being involved in an officer-involved shooting, it would be the amount of time before you can interrogate them to get their side of the story. we want to make sure there are no barriers to truth and no barriers to accountability in the contracts. >> we learned after the shooting, correction, after the death of freddie gray in baltimore, those officers involved had several days before they could be questioned much less if they could publicly speak about it. which we still haven't heard from them. finally, is there a national element here or is this state by state? >> there's absolutely a national element. if you look at the site, we have platforms and for the local state and federal level.
4:55 am
and we've also got a 2016 presidential tracker. so currently democratic and gop and very soon the independent candidate will be listed on there to show how their currently stated ideas correspond with this. the tracker shows many people need to get into the conversation. and when they get into the conversation, we are looking for an urgent plan to save our lives. >> britney, campaign zero, thank you. >> thank you. unprovoked execution-style killing is how a texas sheriff is characterizing the murder of a deputy overnight. what we are learning about the suspect is at the top of the hour. you tuck there. if you're a toe tucker... because of toenail fungus, ask your doctor now about prescription kerydin. used daily, kerydin drops may kill the fungus at the site of infection and get to the root of your toe tucking. kerydin may cause irritation at the treated site.
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4:59 am
and the breaking news this morning, a texas deputy gunned down while pumping gas at a service station. there's a manhunt happening right now to find his killer. >> i have been in law enforcement 45 years. i don't recall another incident
5:00 am
this cold-blooded and cowardly. >> good morning to you. i'm victor blackwell. >> i'm christi paul. grateful for your company. a sheriff's deputy shot and killed overnight. officials this morning are calling deputy darren goforth's death unprovoked and cowardly. he was returning to his patrol car after pumping gas when someone walked up behind him and just shot him. >> police tell us this is the killer. this is the still from the surveillance video there. there are now reports from affiliates in houston that this man has been either taken into custody or someone has turned themselves in. cnn has not been able to confirm either of the reports, but we are making calls. what we do know is deputy goforth was a ten-year veteran of the department. he leaves behind a wife and two
5:01 am
children. the department, the community and his family are mourning his loss. nick valencia is here now with us. nick, we have done this many times. >> many times. >> many saturday mornings we are talking about a deputy shot and killed. >> and this according to the sheriff seems unprovoked. >> unprovoked. they are using the attack assassination on the sheriff's deputy. he did not see it coming according to what police are saying. you are talking about local affiliate reporting, ktrk says a suspect has been taken into custody earlier this morning at his mother's house. a separate station saying a person of interest has voluntarily turned themselves in. cnn cannot confirm either one of those. we have been on the phone all morning long and cannot independently confirm the information. but they do say they are grieving and mourning the loss of their own. >> reporter: a manhunt is underway after a suspect gunned down a sheriff's deputy at a houston area gas station. police say it appears to be an unprovoked execution-style killing. >> the witness called 911 to let
5:02 am
us know one of our deputies had been shot. ems arrived on scene -- unfortunately, the deputy passed. >> reporter: the deputy is identified as 47-year-old darren goforth. a ten-year veteran who was married with two children. >> i have been in law enforcement 45 years and don't recall another incident this cold-blooded and cowardly. >> reporter: authorities say the uniformed deputy was refueling his patrol car friday evening when this man caught on surveillance camera came up behind him and opened fire. >> the deputy then fell to the ground. the suspect then continued over to him and shot the deputy again multiple times as he lay on the ground. >> reporter: the suspect then fled the scene in a red or maroon-colored ford ranger pickup truck also caught on surveillance camera. >> it's a very bizarre incident. you know, people understand, you know, that it's tough enough
5:03 am
being a deputy and being law enforcement in this country right now. but for people the way that they are right now, i have no words for what this type of person did. >> reporter: there's no apparent motive in the case. the deputy had investigated an accident about a half hour before the attack. police are looking into whether there's any connection. >> i think it's important to ask for the prayers of our community, for this deputy, his family and our department family. >> you can see the emotion on the deputies' faces. very difficult to watch them overcome with emotion. the fbi local field office there in houston as well as the texas department of public safety and the u.s. marshall service are all involved in this investigation. and this deputy that was ambushed and killed in harris county, texas. victor and christi? >> the deputy fell and then he stood over him and kept shooting
5:04 am
at him when he was still down. >> without warning he comes out and unseemingly had no idea that the gunman was there. >> and you have to think that the incident itself may be on surveillance video as well. >> hopefully that will offer an insight to catch this guy. >> nick, thank you. we'll bring in law enforcement tom fuentes. i want to start with conflicting reports we get from two cnn affiliates, the locals there. one saying that the suspect is in custody. the other saying that a person of interest has turned himself or herself in voluntarily. we'll let you expound on this. in the minutes and hours after something like this, there is a bit of fog of the moment. >> well, i think, victor, the media is in a rush to get a story as quickly as they can get it. and oftentimes we don't know if it is accurate right away. so i think there's time for the police to confirm that, but i would like to make a comment. i no e the sheriff used the term
5:05 am
unprovoked attack. look where we are at in our society when a police officer trying to arrest a criminal, if the criminal kills him, is that a provoked attack? if a police officer stops a motorist for a violation and the motorist shoots him, is that a provoked attack? you know, i think that's where we are at. the police officer is unprovoked because he was absolutely not engaged with another person, wasn't trying to do an enforcement action. what a sad state of affairs for our country that any other kind of action of a police officer somehow provokes an attack from an assailant. >> yeah, and i think probably hours later if that sheriff were part of this conversation, he might agree with you. that maybe the use of the word unprovoked was not the one they should have used. let me ask you about the person of interest, who in this case would you be interested in speaking with beyond the obvious witnesses there? >> well, i think obviously the persons of interest, you know, if they do have somebody that they are interviewing or
5:06 am
interrogating right now, that obviously would be critical. but, you know, as i mentioned earlier, i think they had a very good witness account. a witness that was close enough to say that the gunman was shooting but never said a word. so that means that the witness was very close at hand to know that the person didn't speak when shooting the bullets into this police officer. >> we've got this still of this suspect. i understand the decision not to are e lease the full vid eo of the murder. but what goes into the decision to release more than they have? >> well, i think there's a concern of possibly the witness is in the video somehow. because of a security camera. there could be other concerns. i personally would like to see as much as possible put out because sometimes you can tell someone that knows another person can tell by the way they walk or the way they stand or the way they hold that gun. it may tell them a lot about who
5:07 am
that is and recognize them just from that alone. i know during the boston marathon bombing people called in because they would recognize the baseball hats that the brothers were wearing knowing if them. and that helped identify them. i would personally like to see more. i know there's sensitivity about it as well as sensitivity of the officer and his poor family, his widow and two children now that have to endure this tragedy. >> all right. tom fuentes, cnn law enforcement analyst, thank you so much. >> thank you, victor. also breaking this morning, an egyptian court convicts three journalists from al jazeera on charged related to terrorism. we'll have a live report next. and tropical storm erika headed for the u.s. but look what it did to the caribbean. it killed more than a dozen people at this point. we'll give you that fact as well. and speaking of storms, ten years ago today the disaster of
5:08 am
hurricane katrina claimed the lives of 1800 people. we have a live report for you from new orleans. stay close. i brought in some protein to help rearrange the fridge and get us energized! i'm new ensure active high protein. i help you recharge with nutritious energy and strength to keep you active. come on pear, it's only a half gallon. i'll take that. yeeeeeah! new ensure active high protein. 16 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals. all in 160 calories. ensure. take life in.
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5:11 am
we are tracking a story out of bangkok this morning. we have new pictures of an arrest they made there earlier today. this happened a few hours ago. thai police take a man into custody they say is connected to the bombing of the popular shrine. the one that killed 20 people a couple weeks ago. we have just learned that police said they found ball bearings in his apartment where they found him that are similar to the ones used in that blast. they also found several fake passports. we are following the moves from bangkok here and we are joined on the phone.
5:12 am
we are hearing backtrack on reports from earlier, what has changed? >> reporter: i think it's the difference between wanting to find their man and showing the country and the world that they have their guy. and perhaps speaking a little too soon. they have now clarified that they believe this man is definitely involved in the two bombings, both at the shrine that killed, as you say, 20 foreigners and thai local people. it's a hugely popular place amongst international tourists. and there was a second bombing where thankfully no one was injured the next morning near the taxi pier. now i'm standing outside the apartment where this man was arrested. it's a small apartment on the third floor of a building in the southern of bangkok. i'm surrounded by police vans, ambulances that are called in to be on standby.
5:13 am
there are dozens and dozens of forensic analysts, police teams and military accord. there's the military in charge of the government here in thailand. after that coup last may, they are now conducting their forensic examination still well into the evening here. we understand that they have been here since early morning saturday morning. they are still here in bangkok, it is evening time, and they are taking things away piece by piece. they found four bearings, they found metal canisters, similar to the bomb that was planted at the shrine. they found dozens and dozens of fake passports. it's a huge pile. it's astonishing. they thought this man was a turkish national at first because they found a turkish passport on him. it turned out to be fake and
5:14 am
they found many more passports. it's a big mystery as to who is actually behind this attack. >> boy, a very active scene there. thank you for bringing us the latest. now we'll go to another breaking story out of egypt this morning. three al-jazeera journalists have been charged with helping out al qaeda. one of the journalists was sentenced earlier and now we are joined from sydney, australia. i've read your reaction on twit earn, but 140 characters is limiting. express your reaction to this decision in. >> it is absolutely devastating. we always suspected that there may be a possibility of a guilty verdict only because we felt
5:15 am
that the trial needed so save some facing this. but we never really expected there to be a custodial sentence. every single independent observer didn't see any evidence that we were guilty of anything, much less responsible for anything moral or unethical. >> i hate to interrupt, but for people who don't know the fuller story, explain how you were arrested in the first place. >> well, i was in egypt only for a couple of weeks before the agent, security agent burst into the hotel at the marriott where we were staying and hauled me out and my colleague was in another room. and they also went to my other colleague's home in cairo.
5:16 am
and they threw us into some police cells and accused us of collaborating with the muslim brotherhood and broadcasting false news to support the muslim brotherhood. now we were working as journalists covering a very difficult time in egypt's history. very tumultuous political period, but at the time we were working there, the brotherhood had not been declared as a terrorist organization. with cues back to terrorism, it was not declared a terrorist organization. the brotherhood six months earlier headed for the first legitimately elected government. it was overthrown in a popular uprising. there was a lot of turmoil around the time, but any responsible foreign correspondent would do what we were doing, and that's sparked the brotherhood to comment for reactions with the changes taking place in egypt at the time. >> so there was a trial last year, the three of you were convicted. and then you were granted a
5:17 am
retrial. are there appeals that are still available? >> well, there are -- there is a possibility for appeal to what is called -- egypt's higher court. but there is also the possibility of a pardon from the president. the president said in the past if it comes to this, he will give pardons to those involved. people around the world have been watching this very closely to see just what egypt's commitment to principles like the rule of law, due process, freedom of speech, freedom of the press and so on. and what we have seen is a grave injustice. a failure in the commitment to those very principles.
5:18 am
so president sisi has the chance to correct this and to show respect for those principles. we hope he will do that. >> what is your message to the other two journalists that were sentenced in sydney. but what is your message to them this morning? >> well, my heart goes out to them and their families. i know very well what the conditions are like in prison. i know what they have to go back to. believe me, it's no cake walk. this is not a fun place to be. and i know what it's going to be for their families, too. i know one of the families, they have two young children and a baby boy. in fact, his first birthday was yesterday. and the other was married only a month or so ago, so he leaves a new wife behind. and this is absolutely devastating for all of them. and let's get back to the first principles here, they are innocent men, pure and simple
5:19 am
and shouldn't be in prison. they never should have been arrested in the first place. none of us should have to carry convictions as terrorists. it's an injustice whichever way you look at it. >> indeed. and the people from around the u.n. to the u.s. and to the u.k. have called this a tragedy, an attack on freedom of the press across the globe. peter, we thank you for your time this morning. >> certainly. thank you for talking to me. >> sure. tropical storm erika is barreling through the island nation of domenica. look at this. the tropical storm is still frightening. the power that it packs and is now headed toward florida. we'll tell you what we know. also, remembering hurricane katrina ten years later, the lives destroyed. i know these images you remember. we're going to take you to new orleans and see what's changed.
5:20 am
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5:22 am
5:23 am
tropical storm erika ripped through this country, this is the island of domenica here. this dumped a foot of rain in fewer than ten hours causing mudslides, floods here. you can see the homes here wiped away. roads wiped away, too, and there could be more to come.
5:24 am
erika is now turning to florida and governor rick scott is issuing a state of emergency. we have more now with allison chinchar. >> it is quite obvious when you look at it on the radar, it's a shrunken size that has weakened. the question is whether it can reintensify and what track did it ultimately take. the national hurricane center is saying it will go across naples, the keys and tampa, and eventually up to pensacola. again, it could not make it to the keys until early monday morning and likely up to the panhandle not until wednesday morning. and here's more of an exact track of that. again, hit right around naples, 2:00 a.m. early monday morning. hitting around tampa just shortly by mid-tuesday morning.
5:25 am
again, if the track holds together, it should slide up to panama city by early wednesday morning. rain will still be the biggest issue we have with this storm. the winds not necessarily a factor but it's the wind. we're talking estimates near the to 6 inches in some places. but they could exceed over 8 inches of rain. the question is, where does the storm go? but the end result is no matter where you are in florida, you want to be prepared for this. now, they have had folks in miami that have been sandbagging and taking some precautions along the area just in case, even though now the track looks like it may end up going a little bit further west. everybody does need to be on guard just in case the storm slides up there. >> all right. allison, thank you so much. we all have those images that we remember from hurricane katrina. look at this. >> the power went out at the
5:26 am
superdome where 30,000 people are holed up. >> who was at your house with you? >> my wife. she gone. >> i'm in the water. >> let me see you where i can see you. >> what are the images now? we'll take you live to new orleans to see what has changed and maybe what hasn't.
5:27 am
i brought in some protein to help rearrange the fridge and get us energized! i'm new ensure active high protein. i help you recharge
5:28 am
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5:29 am
ten years ago today we were all transfixed, weren't we, in front of our tvs watchingi what
5:30 am
was happening in new orleans. hurricane katrina devastated the area, it destroyed lives and businesses, it wrecked buildings. but the city has made progress since then. and really, you can attribute that to the resilience of the people who made it possible. cnn national correspondent suzanne malvo is there. one of the ways to get normalcy back to people is when you get them back into school. tell us what you saw at one of the schools you visited. >> reporter: that's an excellent point when you talk about it. because we talk about restoration and resilience of the city and the community and the people. and you mentioned the levees and coming back to your homes, but one of the things so important was for families to get their kids back to school to get that routine to feel that sense of
5:31 am
normalcy and really that there was a place for them in this city where their children could grow and have a future. what has happened here in new orleans is a dramatic shift in the public school system. take a look. first day of school. >> ya yay! first day of school. a hug, i'll take it. what are you most looking forward to? >> math. >> awesome. i love that. >> reporter: this is already a popular charter school in the city. >> i leave my babies here because i know they will be taken care of. >> reporter: debra stevenson says she has seen a remarkable change in her kids since starting here. sky is a wonder woman. she can do anything. she tries because they give them that courage. >> reporter: for melissa b.'s
5:32 am
innovation and creativity, that's what her son triston needed. >> i'm glad we could choose a school tailored to my child. $t >> reporter: the student body is 50/50 in black and white families. >> we believe a diverse background is a great way to increase equity, to increase empathy and to categorize creativity. >> reporter: after hurricane katrina this building was abandoned for ten years. the city of new orleans abandoned several buildings and had to turn them over to
5:33 am
charters but some community leaders say this experiment has destroyed community schooling and disproportionally benefited whites over blacks. >> this brand of reform employed in new orleans and touted across the nation as some type of miracle is simply not working. >> reporter: but a study by tulane university shows under the charter student achievement is up with 60% of the students passing tests in 2013. a 30% increase since 2005. and graduation rates are up from 56% to 73%. >> can everybody do that? it's time for calendar. >> reporter: initially the charter schools recruited the most desirable students. now parents can write their choices and go through a centralized lottery process. >> we have no influence over who attends at all. >> reporter: when a spot up expectedly opens up at a good
5:34 am
school, they run. >> when we got in, there were two spots left. and i said, thank you, lord. this one is for my baby. >> reporter: but some students do not like any of their choices leaving the parents to wonder if the program really works. >> i don't know that we are succeeding necessarily in that the same type of quality education is available for everyone. >> reporter: ten years now after the storm -- >> we have gone from a school district in an "f" that is about at a "c" level. >> new orleans is trying and won't stop until they get that "a." >> and one thing that is happening is that the teachers, the 7500 public schoolteachers that were fired are bringing their case to the u.s. supreme court. that's part of a battle of education reform. i want to bring in the head of the national urban league who is joining us this morning. mark, great to have you here. first of all, talk about the charter school to me because i talked to a lot of people in the
5:35 am
community and there's 90% of the public school students who are african-american. there's a real sense among some in new orleans that the black children are losing out. they are not doing as well as the white children under the charter school system. is that what you're seeing? >> i think we should judge the school reform effort in this city by whether it gets results for kids. and i do see higher high school graduation rates. i do see a higher college enrollment rate. but that's not to suggest that there's some miracle here. a miracle would be a 100% high school graduation rate. a miracle would be the end to economic educational disadvantage. but secondly, and your piece sort of identified this, but the way in which school reform was birthed in this city has left a deep scar, particularly on the
5:36 am
middle class and the black middle class. but we unceremoniously dealt with 7500 teachers when their homes were destroyed and they were exiled to louisiana and baton rouge. >> how do you bring them back to the fold? and how important is it that they are a part of this community? >> i think that the teachers now ten years later need to be compensated for the loss of their jobs. i think it's the best result. but i don't think we have to evaluate whether it's a charter school, a public school, a non-union school. are they getting results for all the kids. the education with this disadvantage still remains, but
5:37 am
the other truth is there are new school buildings and a lot of changes are yielding benefits. so it's really, if you will, a mixed, if you will picture. >> we have seen some beautiful schools there, but even in your organization's statistics, talk about the fact that half of the african-american kids are in poverty and half the black men are unemployed. how do you bring the black community into this wonderful resilience and this recovery? >> in the second half, and i think this recovery is at half-time, in the second half there's got to be a commitment to equity in inclusion in every element. for the recovery going forward. i do not say celebrate but let's commemorate and continue. that's what this community needs. and inclusion, for those that remain locked out and left out,
5:38 am
has to be the new principal of the next phase in this. >> thank you for that report. anderson cooper has a special report tonight called "katrina: the storm that never stopped." that's at 7:00 p.m. eastern tonight. and for information on how to support new orleans, go to now, we have heard donald trump go after the u.s.'s approach to china. but the gop frontrunner renewed his rhetoric and now his rivals are stepping up their criticism. they did it in dueling events just miles apart. next, we'll pull out more on trump but also the others and how he's affect iing their approach to foreign policy.
5:39 am
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pushing forward on this breaking news out of texas, the deputy that was shot and killed late yesterday at a gas station. we're getting new information about the search for that killer. >> yeah. vi nick valencia has been talking to authorities and they have given you new information? >> yes, we just got off the phone with sergeant william canard says the person believed to be the gunman has been taken into custody. we are told that the mother of this person taken into custody
5:43 am
had information that led her to believe that her son was somehow involved in this shooting. so she called the sheriff's department and had them according to the spokesman i spoke to come talk to her son. that person has now been taken into custody. the quote from sergeant william canard with the texas public department of safety said i believe he's the alleged gunman, yes, according to the information that i have. we'll be continuing to monitor this story and get you the latest information. but that's the latest from the texas department of public corrections. >> the image of what happened is also on that surveillance tape. and that's part of what is so disturbing here. as we understand it, the deputy was simply walking back to his car and shot in the back of the head and the suspect stood over his body and continued shooting? >> the description of this is just -- there's no other way to put it, just ruthless. he's standing over the sheriff deputy and continued to fire at him after he ambushes the
5:44 am
deputy. the deputy darren goforth had just come from an accident 30 minutes before. earlier they were trying to piece together whether or not that accident investigation had anything to do with this shooting. but this man that you're looking at there on your screen, a ten-year veteran with a wife and two children goes inside the gas station while he's fueling up his patrol car. he's in uniform. and he exits that gas station to be assassinated. we are learning now from the texas gps that a person of interest believed to be the alleged gunman is in custody. >> nick valencia, thank you. >> we'll be right back. so at gnc, why do we do it? why do we include key ingredients found in fruits and vegetables to create the world's best multivitamin programs? why do we do over 150 quality checks before putting them on the shelf? well, here's why... ♪ celebrating 80 years of quality life and quality products.
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the race for 2016 now, donald trump heading to nashville today. he spoke at a big event in massachusetts and trump made sure to note it was not a fund-raiser. one of the talking points concerned his views on china. >> you look at trade pacts, china eating our lunch, japan like we're children. mexico both in trade and at the border, what they're doing to us is terrible. and i have great respect for china, for japan. i love the people. i love the people of mexico. i love hispanics.
5:49 am
nobody, nobody loves hispanics like i do. i probably have more than almost anybody working for me. they come in, they buy apartments, they give me a fortune, i love them. i love them. >> all right. we'll bring in cnn politics executive editor mark brestein and josh rogan. first, before we get to trump, i want to start with two foreign policy statements made. two important addresses in south carolina. we heard from governor scott walker, also from marco rubio. let's listen to a bit of those. >> when the cyber attacks took place, why would we be giving one of our highest honors, an official state visit to a cou country that's been involved in attacking our country. >> president obama hoped by
5:50 am
being more open to china we would be a more responsible nation, but it has not worked. we can no longer succumb to this illusion that more dialogue alone with china and its current rulers will narrow the gap in valleys and interests that separate us. and that's why while i do not believe that we should cancel xi xinping's visit next month, we should not treat him to a state dinner. >> josh, i want to start with you and governor walker. he controversially cited his rank as eagle scout as a qualification to be president and said if i can handle a 100,000-unit of protestors i can take on isis. did he say anything yesterday that would win over some of the skeptics? >> right. governor walker's past in his
5:51 am
speech yesterday was the task of most of the gop primary candidates. which is to convince the voters he's capable to be the commander in chief and leader of the free world. now all the candidates are governors, were senators or businessmen. none of them have the experience of president or secretary of state. so what they have to do is basically portray themselves as feasible as commanders in chief. to say to put forth a general broad position that criticizes the obama/clinton foreign policy as weak to promote a more assertive foreign policy and to spell out broad outlines. governor walker is not trying to get into nuance. china bashing is something that all the candidates on the john side can put forth pretty plausibly without facing a lot of criticism in their own caucus. the -- nobody really votes for president on china or foreign
5:52 am
policy. you can't win on foreign policy but you can lose on foreign policy. >> what we heard from governor walker, there was red meat there, but mark, to you, we heard specifics directed and pointedly at china. and he did end some nuances there. >> no doubt. as josh said, it's envogue to be critical of china. they are in many ways one of the biggest threats. when you look at the united states, when it comes to dealing with the currency and what have you, when you look at marco rubio and scott walker, what is interesting about the two gentlemen is two things. one, they are considered very serious candidates and are very much at risk right now of losing oxygen to donald trump. he has sucked out all the life
5:53 am
of this race. and when you have scott walker and marco rubio losing in the polls, they need to get back on track. we have this dynamic. and back in the spring where marco rubio made a comment about governors not being ready to lead the nation when it comes to foreign policy, but yet someone like him is a senator who sat on the foreign relations committee did have. when you had this play out yesterday, it ended up being an interesting narrative. >> josh, backing to you, have we heard a foreign policy statement more than just what we heard? >> well, talking a lot about it in contradictory terms, trump's
5:54 am
plan was to surround the oil by u.s. troops and sell it to the open market. on tuesday his plan was to bomb the oil field and send in excxo to repair them quickly. it is great red meat for the base and forces the other candidates to get into the discussion. and he's been big on bashing jeb bush for seemingly shifting positions on the war in iraq. and for not being tough enough and having enough on foreign policy. in a gop political upsaid, there's very little side to cautious policy. it's a chance for them to get to the right of hillary clinton and reestablish their aggressive daddy party. that's the stance they should go through in the general election. the fact that donald trump keeps
5:55 am
talking about this, his policies don't make a lot of sense. >> we have run out of time. thank you to both of you. >> thank you. following breaking news, this texas deputy shot and killed. police now say they have somebody in custody. the details are still unfolding straight ahead. ♪ i'm the biggest threat your business will ever face. your size, your reputation mean nothing. because tomorrow, i'll be your competitor. and i was born to disrupt everything you think your business is about. see you soon. the next wave of the internet is bringing the next wave of competition. we're ready. are you? no sixth grader's ever sat with but your jansport backpack is permission to park it wherever you please. hey. that's that new gear feeling. this week, these folders just one cent.
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5:59 am
breaking news out of texas. a sheriff's deputy was shot and killed in excuse-style while pumping gas. i want to show you here on surveillance video, he took off from the scene. authorities confirming just moments ago a person of interest is now in custody. and here's video from that arrest. they say that he is believed to be the gunman. and a new york tsa screener has been charged with sexually abusing a female passenger. this officer at laguardia airport is accused of telling a college student that she needed to go into the bathroom for a secondary screening. and that's where he allegedly touched her inappropriately. the screener has been fired and faces a year in jail. and he resigned.
6:00 am
the man who ran the adult website ashley madison steps down from his post as ceo of avid life media. >> that's it for us. see you back here at 10:00 eastern for newsroom. i'm michael smerconish. we have lots of ground to cover. what's going to happen when two of the world's most powerful people face-off on immigration? i'm talking about the pope and donald trump. and is hillary clinton the victim of a witchhunt? that's the belief of a prominent female democratic senator, claire mccaskill is here. also, people take selfies everywhere, including inside the ballot booth. should that be legal? well, meet the man who got called in for questioning by the authorities because of a ballot selfie. but first, donald trump took his road show to massachusetts last night at a friday night presser before a fund-raiser. he praised quarterback tom


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