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tv   CNN Newsroom With Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul  CNN  August 29, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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and that's not what the hat says. it is more than a semantic difference. follow me if you can smell smerconish. see you here next weekend. thanks. it is 10:00 a.m. eastern. ten years ago at this moment, water flooded new orleans. cnn is in new orleans today. the city and nation remember the most catastrophic natural disaster in u.s. history. also following breaking news. a texas deputy gunned down pumping gas at a service station. cnn learned police have a person of interest in custody. and donald trump kicking off an event in nashville this hour. can he keep up the momentum in his campaign? you are in the cnn newsroom. and we're always glad to have you with us, i am christi paul.
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>> i am victor blackwell. let's get to that breaking news in texas. police say they have a man in custody, the man they believe shot and killed a sheriff deputy. we have video for you in a moment. the hunt for the killer sparked by this surveillance image you see here. the gunman was seen driving off from a gas station after the shooting. we are told the deputy killed is this man, darren goforth. a ten year veteran at the department. deputies gathered in prayer overnight as they took in this news, they call the death unprovoked and cowardly event. >> nick valencia is with us. you have been making calls all morning. what have you learned about the person in custody? >> texas department of public safety believe this is the gunman, believe they have the man. described as a blackmail, between 20 to 25 years old. they were looking for him in the overnight hours after the fatal shooting happened in houston
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after 8:30 p.m. local last night. deputies with harris county sheriff's office grieving and mourning the loss of one of their own. captured at his mother's house, the man believed to be the gunman who fatally shot a sheriff's deputy as a houston gas station has been taken into custody. texas department of public safety tells cnn the man's mother called harris county sheriff's department after learning her son may have been involved in the shooting. police say it appears to be an unprovoked execution style killing. >> multiple units arrived, ems arrived on scene, unfortunately the deputy passed. >> the deputy identified as 47-year-old darren goforth, a ten year veteran who was married with two children. >> i have been in law enforcement 45 years. i don't recall another incident this cold-blooded and cowardly.
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>> authorities say the uniformed deputy was refueling his patrol car friday evening when this man caught on surveillance camera came up behind him and opened fire. >> the deputy then fell to the ground. the suspect continued over to him and shot the deputy again multiple times as he laid on the ground. >> the suspect then fled the scene in a red or marine ford ranger pickup truck, also caught on surveillance camera. >> it is a bizarre incident. you know, people understand that it is tough enough being a deputy and being a law enforcement in this country now. but for people the way they are now, i have no words for what this type of person did. >> there's no apparent motive in the case. the deputy investigated an accident about a half hour before the attack. police are looking into whether there's any connection. >> i think it is important to ask for prayers of our community, for this deputy, his
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family, and our department family. >> the local field office and texas department of public safety and u.s. marshalls all involved in the investigation. what we still don't know is the motive for the attack, guys. >> one thing i heard reported that i think is interesting is that his mother called him in essentially. >> this person of interest they believe that's the gunman in custody was at his mother's house. his mother apparently learned details her son may have had involvement, may have been involved in the shooting. picks up the phone, called the sheriff's deputies, they question him and take him into custody. police believe they have their man, guys. >> here's the video. >> this is video outside the house of that arrest this morning. you can see that the community, that neighborhood flooded with sheriff's deputies as one of their own taken down. that's the red truck or a red truck. we know there was a red truck, a
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still from surveillance that was supplied overnight as they looked for this. nick, i want to come back to you. as we learn more about what happened here, the sheriff says unprovoked, no warning, apparently for no reason. but seems there was some passion behind this. the idea that you go up to him, and continue to shoot. >> you were having that conversation earlier, the manner in which this was done. witnesses say the first shots were fired, came from behind. this deputy seemingly had no idea the alleged gunman was there. then the ruthless nature, stand over the deputy and continue to open fire on the deputy, a man who has a wife, two children, ten year veteran of the force. looking at overnight video from the gas station where it happened. this deputy you're looking at now, darren goforth, shot execution style, ambushed while pumping gas. he was in uniform. had the patrol car, was refueling it after investigating
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an accident. as you heard in that report, investigators are looking to see if there's any connection between the accident 30 minutes before the shooting and this incident at the gas station. but we were reporting earlier, ktrk saying the suspect was taken into custody at his mother's house about 2:30 a.m. we didn't get details from texas dps. all we know is they call this person a person of interest. this is a red pickup, a similar car was spotted leaving the scene of the crime. so you're looking at video outside this home where this person of interest was said to have taken into custody. >> nick valencia on top of this for us. >> thanks, nick. want to go to egypt now where this morning three al jazeera journalists were sentenced to three years in prison. they were charged with aiding the muslim brotherhood, now considered a terrorist organization in egypt. al jazeera calls it heavily publicized, unfair process. one of them was freed earlier,
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he was sentenced and spoke to us from australia a bit ago. >> there is a possibility for appeal to what's called the highest court available to my colleagues in particular. but there's also the possibility of a pardon from the president. the president said in the past if it comes to conviction, he is prepared to grant pardons to everyone involved. now, the fact is that people around the world have been watching this case closely. to see what egypt's commitment is, freedom of speech and freedom of the press and so on. what we are seeing is a grave injustice and failure of commitment to those principles. president cici has chance to
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correct that injustice, that egypt has respect for the principles. we hope he will do that. >> australia's foreign minister has said they're dismayed at the decision of the egyptian court. also following news out of bangkok. new video into cnn. this is the first glimpse of the man arrested in connection with the deadly bombing at a popular shrine two weeks ago. that's that brief look you get of him. he has some sort of cover over his head. wearing a yellow shirt. >> that man being taken into custody because of his alleged connection to that bombing there. left 20 dead, almost 20 others injured. >> we are following this from bangkok. what do we know about the suspect that they do have? >> saima, can you hear us?
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these are pictures. >> reporter: hi, can you hear me? >> yes. we have you now. we are looking at this picture of this man in a yellow shirt. what can you tell us about the man in custody? >> reporter: right now, they're questioning him. they took him in a military convoy. he is an important suspect in this. they say he is connected to the bombings but not the main suspect. originally they thought he was a kurdish national, then they found a pile of fake passports, dozens and dozens of them. from what i could see, turkish. they have been sifting through his apartment, and taking evidence throughout the day. everything. they're stripping the apartment down. even furniture being removed,
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too. >> you mentioned passports and ball bearings found in that apartment. obviously they're searching for the main suspect. what do you know about the investigation and do they have a radar on anyone else? >> reporter: they are really grabbing in the dark in the investigation. they have no leads. i think that's why they were quick to say they have their man, the main suspect, initially when they spoke to cnn. they're anxious that they're not getting leads, they haven't had any claim of responsibility yet, any major terrorist group would always claim responsibility. they want that feeling of authority. without any claim of responsibility and without the rest of this, this is the biggest lead so far, this man that potentially could be the bomb making factory that led to
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that attack. but this man could well reveal more details, crucial details to lead to a wider network. >> appreciate the update. thank you so much. you know, it is hard to believe it has been ten years. we have seen the pictures that we remember, the images, the screams and little faces of children separated from families after hurricane katrina slammed the gulf coast. today from the big easy, all the way to mississippi, people are coming together to give thanks to people who worked to save lives and to those who helped rebuild them. and coming off a major event in massachusetts last night, donald trump brings his campaign back to the south, this time nashville. toenail fungus? seriously? smash it with jublia! jublia is a prescription medicine proven to treat toenail fungus. use jublia as instructed by your doctor.
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we are tracking two major storms that could effect the u.s. hurricane ignacio is packing winds up to 90 miles per hour, expected to get stronger in the next 24 to 48 hours. >> and erika, before it lost steam, killed 20 people, causing mud slides, washing away homes and roads. erika is headed to florida. let's talk about this. erika has weakened. what does this mean for florida governor rick scott and the state of emergency. let's go to allison. tropical storms, category one to
7:16 am
five refer to winds only. this can still dump a lot of rain. >> i was going to say yeah, just because it is not necessarily a tropical storm any more, you can scale back worry some, but you're still not to let the guard down completely. the flooding threat is still there. here are remnants of erika. on radar it doesn't look impressi impressive, but it is dropping significant amounts of rain. we want to keep an eye as it moves to the north and west. here's the forecast rainfall amounts. most areas of the western coast of florida are expected to pick up three to five inches of rain. however, in some embedded thunderstorms we could see an excess of five to six inches. again, keep in mind it is also in short time spans, they get all of this in 24 hours. yes, the threat for flooding rains and even mud slides are still very likely with the storm, even if it no longer gets
7:17 am
back to tropical storm strength. and again, you can see the radar, it is expected to slide into parts of florida starting monday, victor. >> allison chinchar, thanks so much. ♪ right now, there's a memorial under way in saint bernard parish paying tribute not only to people that died, to emergency workers who responded, to the region, it has been ten years ago today that hurricane katrina slammed into the gulf coast. it devastated so many areas, including new orleans, as you know. it destroyed people's lives, ruined businesses, wrecked buildings. you can't forget the images.
7:18 am
>> some are emblazened on your heart. the city has made progress since then. resilience of the people made that possible. let's bring in cnn national correspondent suzanne malveaux. there's a lot happening today. people in small ways and large events are thinking back ten years ago. and along that path, how they have been able to rebuild. >> reporter: such a touching moment when you see her singing there. that's one of the many things taking place in the city. there's a replay, memorial, prayer service for 80 people unidentified who died in flood waters and were never identified. that's how hard and tough it was when we remember ten years ago people, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, bodies floating in the water.
7:19 am
that was the level of incompetence from federal, state and local officials to the community. there's a sense today there's a resilience, that there has been progress made. a brand new levee system and new school system in place. it is a grand experiment at this moment. a lot of people think at least it is a beginning to helping children, the next generation of this city. take a listen. first day of school at this academy. >> yay, first grade. did you have a great summer? >> yes. >> hug, high five. hug, i'll take it. >> what are you looking forward to most? >> math. >> awesome. love that. >> reporter: now in the third year, brick lodge is one of the most sought after charter schools in the city. >> when i drop my babies off, i leave with peace of mind because i know they're going to be taken
7:20 am
care of. >> reporter: debra stephenson has seen remarkable change in two granddaughters, journey and sky. >> last year journey won top reader award. sky is a wonder woman. she can do anything. she tries. they give them that courage. >> reporter: for melissa, innovation is what her son needed. >> i am thrilled we could choose the school that would be tailored to my child. >> reporter: josh den son, founder, says the student body is 50/50 black and white from affluent and disadvantaged families. >> we believe bringing kids together from diverse backgrounds is a great way to increase equity, to increase empathy and cat a liez creativity. >> reporter: when katrina hit in 2005, public schools in new orleans were considered among the worst in the country. the storm damaged and destroyed most schools, including ones like this. abandoned for ten years.
7:21 am
the state of louisiana seized more than 100 schools, fired about 7500 teachers, and turned the buildings over to independent school operators or charters. >> there was a narrative created that somehow everything and everyone here was broken. >> reporter: some community leaders say the experiment has destroyed community schooling and has disproportionately benefitted whites over blacks. >> this brand of reform that has been employed in new orleans and touted across the nation as some kind of miracle is simply not working. >> reporter: a study by tulane university shows under the charter school system, student achievement is up with 63% of students passing state assessment tests in 2014. a 30% increase since 2005. graduation rates up from 56% to
7:22 am
73%. initially charter schools were able to recruit the most desirable students. parents can write school choices and go through a centralized lottery process. >> we have no influence over who attends bridgelodge hall. >> parents say when an opening comes at a good school, people run. >> when we got in, there were two spots left. i said thank you, lord. this is for my baby. >> reporter: some students don't get any of their choices, leaving parents to question whether the program works. >> i don't know that we're succeeding necessarily in that the same quality education is available for everyone. >> reporter: ten years after the storm. >> we have gone from a school district that was an f to a district about c level. >> reporter: new orleans is still trying and won't stop until they get that a. >> they're still trying, and the battle over the education reform system in the city continues.
7:23 am
7500 teachers, fired public teachers i mentioned, they're now taking their case to the u.s. supreme court for being wrongfully terminated. a lot of people want to be part of revitalization, that's part of something they're doing as well. victor, christi? >> good to see the city coming back. as you acknowledged, still a distance to go. suzanne malveaux, thanks so much. tonight, anderson cooper returns to the gulf coast for a special report, katrina, the storm that never stopped. see it here on cnn at 7:00 p.m. eastern. donald trump has two new targets. anthony weiner and his wife, aide to hillary clinton. what he is accusing the top aide of doing. and live in virginia with the latest on the condition of the sole survivor of the shooting on live television,
7:24 am
vicki gardner. we will get to the latest in a moment. ♪ is man kind? ♪ are we good? ♪ go see. ♪ go look through their windows so you can understand their views. ♪ sit at their table so you can share their tastes. ♪ sleep in their beds so you may know their dreams. ♪ go see... and find out just how kind the hes and shes of this mankind are. ♪
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we remember these two young people, alison parker and adam ward cruelly taken too soon. please join me and reflect on their passing with a moment of silence. >> they're standing there in silence. that's how they kicked off an emotional high school football in roanoke, virginia, days after the local news team was shot and killed on live television. look at all of those folks as they honor them. number seven, the channel number, painted on the football field in memory of the victims and the wbdj produced their first live event, here it is, since two colleagues were killed. a lot of emotion still there today. and we're talking about the condition of vicki gardner, the
7:28 am
one person that survived that horrific on air shooting, she was shot in the back and nearly killed as she was talking to alison parker and adam ward. i see behind you, people are still coming to give respects there. >> reporter: christi, it is incredible, three days since the shooting. there's plenty of interest in the community. so many people have been stopping by the studios to show support and now as we get word that really vicki gardner's condition continues to improve, we know her family continues to post updates online. as we mentioned, there's so much interest as i step out of the shot, these are folks stopping by, leaving a flower, a note, or perhaps lighting a candle. it is a testament of support from the entire roanoke community and the entire country. people have been sending in letters, sending in well wishes, not only for the victims in this, alison parker and adam
7:29 am
ward, but vicki gardner. we are told her condition continues to be listed as good. she has undergone several surgeries, at least two of them. lost her right kidney and portion of her colon. right now she's awake, talking, and is on that long but very steady path to recovery. we did hear from her husband who says he is extremely proud of her, tremendous display of courage and something he hopes the community can take in, christi. >> polo sandoval, appreciate it. thank you. we're going to talk about the presidential candidates now, including donald trump getting ready to take the stage coming up at an event in a couple hours. but is his verbal attack of a former congressman and his wife going to resonate with the party? >> who is huma married to?
7:30 am
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. i have been in law enforcement 45 years, i don't recall an incident this cold-blooded and cowardly. >> update on breaking news we have been following out of texas where a sheriff's deputy was shot and killed. deputy darren goforth was pumping gas when someone came up behind him and opened fire, killing him instantly. police have a man in custody they believe is the gunman. this is video from that arrest that happened hours ago. the hunt for the killer was sparked by this surveillance image. there it is. goforth was a ten year veteran, has a wife and two children. right now there's an event happening in nashville, tennessee where donald trump will speak to a pretty big crowd soon. this is coming after an event in massachusetts.
7:35 am
there was a sign out front that said, you know, make all checks payable to donald j. trump for president. he is renewing rhetoric on china and mexico and adding to that line. a top aide for hillary clinton. listen. >> you look at trade pacts. china eating our lunch. japan like we're children. mexico both in trade and at the border, what they're doing to us is terrible. and i have great respect for china, for japan. i love the people. i love the people of mexico. i love hispanics. nobody, nobody loves hispanics like i do. i probably have more than almost anybody working for me. we have some low energy people, they're really low. i'm not going to say jeb is low energy, but he's pretty low.
7:36 am
who would you rather have negotiate with iran? trump or jeb? how about this? trump or hillary. who is huma married to? one of the great sleeze bags of our time. anthony weiner. did you know that? she's married to anthony weiner, you know, the little bing bing bing, i love you very much. think of it. so huma is getting classified secrets. she's married to anthony weiner, who's a perv. no, he is! >> hillary clinton's campaign responded to that with this. donald trump has spent the
7:37 am
summer saying offensive things about women but there's no place for pat environmentally false personal attacks. he should be ashamed and other party members should stand up to him and draw the line. it is embarrassing to watch frankly. let's talk about this with mark preston. why go after huma abedin. nobody knows who she's except those in the political landscape. by doing so, tying her to her husband who of course had that terrible scandal where he had to leave congress because of his sexting with women across the country, it allows donald trump to put a new line of attack on the clintons and folks that don't like the clintons will eat it up. >> trump made news this week when he talked about economic policy, saying he would tax the
7:38 am
rich more and middle class less in a way if you talk about it gets into hedge funds and carried interest, but is that going to work for his supporters raising taxes on anybody? >> you know who it works for, it works for blue collar democrats who tend to be conservative, call them reagan republicans so to speak, particularly in the midwest. folks frustrated by where the economy is going, maybe not happy with the way barack obama has been leading the country. but when you have somebody who certainly is in the 1%, certainly in the 0.1% class talking in such a populous theme, it plays into his narrative of being anti-establishment politician and somebody who is willing to try to shake things up or at least he says for the good of everybody. >> mark, ten seconds. significance of this audience in nashville today? >> what this is, this is an organization, national organization that has been around since basically the '30s.
7:39 am
nationally since the '90s. the tea party before there was the tea party. these are the kind of folks backing donald trump candidacy. >> mark preston, thanks so much. >> thanks. the democratic candidates are busy today as well. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, martin o'malley all have events. it is the person that hasn't announced yet, though, that people are talking about. vice president joe biden of course. we're also going to take you live to hungary where officials made arrests in connection with a horrifying discovery in austria. ♪ we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop. because you believe in go. onward. today's the day. carpe diem. tylenol® 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you.
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the democratic national committee meetings going on have made some headlines, certainly we heard from hillary clinton, bernie sanders, martin o'malley speaking at the event. joining us to talk about it, cnn political analyst ron brownstein. welcome back. >> good morning. >> good morning. hello. clinton is struggling in the latest quinnipiac poll. favorability is down, record low. honest and trustworthy down, record low. put up the word cloud we saw. top responses from people when asked what comes to mind when you think of clinton, liar. 178 people said that. 123 said dishonest, untrustworthy. experience came in and strong to round out the top five.
7:44 am
despite that, she had a pretty strong showing at this meeting. >> yeah. well look, if you look through that quinnipiac poll, they measured the leaders in both parties on five dimensions, honesty, strong leadership, temperament in crisis, cares about people like me, ability to deal with the problems of women. among democrats, she scored overwhelmingly well on four of them, really high. 85% plus. well ahead of joe biden on most of them, but there is that big achilles heel, questions of honesty and integrity with the e-mail controversy. that has not historically been fatal. in bill clinton's re-election, on the day reelected, majority of people in the exit poll did not consider him honest and trustworthy. having said that, clear the e-mail scandal and controversy is weighing her down.
7:45 am
i think that's why you saw a different tone from her this week for the first time when she kind of said it might not have been the best decision. >> let's talk about joe biden, the vice president that did not attend the meeting. representatives of the draft biden campaign were there, asking people to keep an open mind. is there any indication people are keeping an open mind, waiting for joe biden to get into the race? >> i think people are keeping an open mind. i think the open mind has more to do with hillary clinton than joe biden. there are reasons why joe biden did not move to enter the race initially. he is beloved as vice president, very successful senator, but older than ronald reagan on inaugural day in 2017, ran for president twice before without great impact. i think his course in the race is determined more by what happens to hillary clinton than it does by what happened to joe biden, so keeping an open mind is the precise message, precisely right message. democrats with a biden candidacy
7:46 am
will be shaped by a large extent what happens to hillary clinton, particularly over the e-mail controversy. >> want to play something that former governor martin o'malley said and talk about it. let's play it. >> think about it. the republicans stand before the nation, they malign our president's record of achievement. they denigrate women and immigrant families, double down on trickle down and tell their false story. and we respond with crickets. tumble weeds. cynical move to delay and limit our own party debate. >> after this, there's a moment in which he goes up to try to shake the hand of the dnc chair, debbie wasserman schultz, in which he went to try to i believe hug her and she firmly shook his hand and said thanks for coming. how is that being received, this o'malley call for more debates. one party said we are the
7:47 am
democratic party, not the undemocratic party. what's the reception? >> seeing a forum on immigration two hours north of here. i think democratic national committee by and large like most democrats expected this to be a fairly smooth path to the nomination for hillary clinton and did not go out of their way to open the door or create platforms for alternative candidate. i think democratic candidates have a legitimate beef that there's need for debates before the first four states vote. now dealing with a different circumstance, whether she can put to bed or behind her controversy with the e-mails created a more open field than anybody in the party expected a year ago, and they're kind of caught with a structure that's more like a coronation than true contest. >> we will continue to watch it develop. thanks so much. >> thank you. thousands of people fran kickly trying to escape syria
7:48 am
died in their attempt. the possibility of death has not deterred them trying to cross the border. we go live to hungary where arrests are made after 70 refugees were found dead in a car. talking charges of human trafficking and even murder. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. those who have served our nation. have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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we figure you probably don't have time to wait on hold. that's why at xfinity we're hard at work, building new apps like this one that lets you choose a time for us to call you. so instead of waiting on hold, we'll call you when things are just as wonderful... [phone ringing] but a little less crazy. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. it is a horrifying story
7:52 am
from near the austria, hungary border. four suspects in hungarian court arrested after 71 people, including three small children found dead in a truck abandoned on the side of the highway. >> officials believe they were refugees fleeing from war ravaged syria, like these people camping in a rail station. >> our correspondent is at the railway station. a arwa, do they know how the 71 died? >> reporter: they believe they suffocated to death. these people are so desperate, they're resorting to criminal gangs and smugglers try to carry them through the last leg of their journey, one they believe would lead to the end of their misery, beginning of a new life. instead it led to the very thing so many people are fleeing from, that's death in their home land.
7:53 am
they believe they suffocated to death because the back of this cooler truck was found according to reuters shut with wires. that means those inside were not able to get away. a lot of questions asked why they were in the cooler truck, why not take the train or bus. the answer to that is they cannot. the crowd that's here at the budapest station want to make it to western europe. nobody wants to stay here living in these types of conditions, but they can't get on the train. those we spoke to who have tried bought train tickets, some managed to board, but then removed because they don't have a passport or visa, and they're not allowed to travel. something they can't comprehend. germany said they will host and take on hundreds of thousands of refugees and asylum seekers. here in hungary, they're
7:54 am
prevented from leaving, why they're resorting to smugglers and criminal gangs who certainly don't have their best interest or their safety in mind. >> so arwa, do they have any gauge if they arrested four people how many others there might be trying to smuggle people and what are the charges for those four? >> reporter: well, at this stage we don't know if anyone else was directly involved in this particular smuggling and criminal ring. it does seem as if it spans across more than one country and they will presumably once they are charged and gone through the process be charged with human trafficking. this is where it gets to be very complicated and what perhaps a lot of people don't understand. these criminal gangs, these smugglers right now are these people's only option to reach safety. so one cannot eliminate the
7:55 am
networks and go after these networks because then these people turn to other ones, turn to other individuals, they all got here pretty much through use of smugglers. initially smuggle from turkey to greece and move on wards. they're now vulnerable to these organizations. yes, one needs to crackdown on human trafficking and exploitation of the most vulnerable. one can't do that without providing alternative means to reach western europe. >> good point and that kind of desperation they're facing is unfathomable. thank you arwa damon for that story. back in a moment. t quality, clinically proven nutrition isn't easy, so at gnc, why do we do it? why do we include key ingredients found in fruits and vegetables to create the world's best multivitamin programs? why do we do over 150 quality checks before putting them on the shelf? well, here's why... ♪ celebrating 80 years of quality life
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please take a look at your screen. london metropolitan police are looking for this woman and those four kids. a family contacted authorities, they believe she left the city with her children tuesday and was headed to syria, they're obviously very concerned. police say there's no information suggesting yet that she has arrived in syria. a special taskforce is investigating possible sniper attacks on michigan freeways. authorities say several drivers reported vehicles were hit by something, they didn't know what then. deputies say the damages in some cases were consistent with firearms, bullets. the attacks happened on i-94 and
8:00 am
i-69, between battle creek and the border. so far no injuries reported. we are grateful for your company. hope you make great memories today. >> there's more news from the newsroom. for that, you have to see fredricka whitfield. because we're done. >> don't put it like that, you're never done. you're taking a break. >> yes, a 20 hour break. >> we look forward to see you when you're off your break and back. thanks, guys. have a great one. >> you too. it is 11:00 eastern. i am fredricka whitfield. the newsroom starts right now. we are following breaking news out of texas where police have arrested a man following the execution style killing of a deputy. police believe this man allegedly shot and killed deputy darren goforth while he was gassing up his patrol car. cnn's nick valencia has been following this since it broke.


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