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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  August 29, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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♪ happening right now in the news room a texas deputy is shot and killed while kbasing up the patrol car. now one man is being questioned,
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and it's his mother that called police. plus. >> who is uma married to? one of the great sleez bags of our town. >> donald trump suggesting that one of hillary clinton's aide shared classified information with her husband. and florida bracing for the floods as erika goes to the sunshine state. you're live in the cnn news room. all right. hello again and thanks for joining me. we're folk breaking news out of texas where police have arrested a man or we should say they're actually questioning a man now following the execution style killing of a deputy. police are saying that they have not taken him under arrest. no charges are are filed. they do believe that this man shot or killed or knows
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something on what happened to sheriff deputy darren as he was filing up the patrol car. we're following the story since it broke last night. we're talking of someone that's now in the presence of police and being questioned. we understand according to the police that it's his mother that made the phone call. >> we got off the foep earlier and they have a person of interest. the spokesperson there say that they believe that this is the gun approximate man thousand they have not filed formal charges. meanwhile deadly weapon you ides are believing. >> captured at miz mother's house. he has been taken into custody. the man's mother called the
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sheriff's department after learning her son may have been involved in the shooting. police say that it appears to be an unprovoked execution style killing. >> the witness called 911 and told us that a deputy was shot. multiple units arrive. ems arrived on the scene. unfortunately is deputy passed. >> he is identified as 47-year-old darren go forth. he was married with two children. >> i have been in law enforcement 457 years, and i don't recall another incident this cold bloody and cowardly. >> the uniform deputy was refuelling when this man caught on surveillance camera came up behind him and opened fire. >> the deputy then fell to the ground and then he headed over to him and shot him multiple times as he laid on the ground. >> then the suspect fled in a
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red or that ruin pick up people. >> how weird is this? >> well, it's tough enough being a deputy is and law enforcement in this country, but for the way people now there's no words. >> the deputy had investigated an accident about a half hour before the attack. police are looking into whether there's any connection. >> i think that it's important to ask for the requires of your community for this deputy, his family, and our department family. >> local office with the fbi and texas and u.s. marshall's all n involved in this. it seems that we're talking every weekend of another officer being killed in the line of duty. >> we're going talk more about this and bring in a law
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enforcement analyst and former assistant director tom we have been warned of things like because of publish sentiment over the last few years. so in your view does this sound like something so random. does this sound targeted? how do you look like this and investigate this? >> well, i think that and the accessive force and many circumstances where it's not justified and then get away with it, so there's been a very strong sentiment and narrative
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in the public domain over the last year. there's no denying that. police officers that i talk to today realize it. you just had this came in birmingham a week ago where the detective said that i did not shoot my gun because i did not want to be a suspect. the person took the gun and beat him unconscious. you have them using force now, and there are people that roam the streets that there's no other alternative but ffr tor t officer to take their life. >> how do you suppose that the investigators will look sliinto this. this officer had responded to a vehicle accident just 30 minutes prior. how will they try to see if there's a relationship with the response to that or followed or someone that came out of the blue or what?
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>> what does that mean to you. if he says that i have had enough of them and i am going home. if he is free to walk out the door, then he is not under arrest. if the police say that you're not going anywhere, you're staying here that's an arrest, and at this point the police would be trying to see if there's still -- if there's gun poud ner the clothing that he was wearing last night. that's part of it.
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with the accident, they're looking to everything that the officer did. was there an encounter while on the street or on or off duty with someone with this person in particular that might have caused this person to want to come back and secret vera bugs on him personally, or was he driving around and saw a police officer in a well light gas station and decided that i am going to go and kill him? >> okay. we're going keep it there and talk to you on this. we're in the beginning of the investigation. thank you so much. all right. meantime officials in europe are meeting today to discuss the terror threats on trains after three americans helped stop an american terror attack just last weekend. now the transport are deciding thousand prevent this from happening gain. joining me right now is martin salvation that's live in paris.
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mar rin, wh martin, what are you hearing? >> reporter: well, in light of the tragedy and remember no one was killed, but it could have been far worse. thanks to the efforts of four americans on the high speed train was deported. it was over the eyes of the public and government officials say to say that we need to figure out how to in crease the security measures and one of the poplar ways to get around europe and that's train. that's what you have got. you have them from nine different countries and it was called by the minuistry of frane and discussing the ideas. maybe they go to something else like the airplane security and it's tough for the people on the plane. maybe they do something like putting more armed guards on the trains or maybe more intelligent sharing. whatever they come out with today is not the final answer. what it does show you is that given what happened a week ago, add it to the public and
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government officials have changed significantly. they feel that they're going have to adapt in same way. >> yeah, rail travel is for common there across europe. how about the u.s. are there new examinations about the security on the trains and subways here? >> well subways, that's the real issue. massive amounts of people take the subways for the daily commute. just imagine if you say that everybody is going to line up, it would almost make the kind of transportation impossible. twhas they're trying to do in the u.s. and europe. balance security and the need of people to easily gain access. in the u.s. they're looking at the intelligence and trying to spot the person before they get on the train. if it's a loan wolf, and they do not have any connection to a
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group, that's extremely tough to do. it's got everyone worried on both sides of the atlantic. >> thank you martin savidge. thank you very much. florida braces for potential flooding from what was tropical storm erika and killing 20 people in the car ribbean. more on that coming up.
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florida bracing for flooding. in from what was tropical storm erika. dumped ten inches in ten hours' time. so far 20 people are dead and dozens are missing in other parts. meteorologist allison chinchar has more on what's left of the storm and its track. allison?
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a lot of times they pack a bigger punch and the bigger hurricane storms. here is a look at the remanence of erika and there are heavy areas of showers and thunderstorms over cuba and the bahamas. over the last ten years or so we have not seen that many storms. the reality is that we have been a little jaded. the number of storms than there. they have not been that far off. it's the number in the u.s. of the land fall that's lower. we talk about the numbers in the u.s. mexico and a lot of the islands and a lot of storms this is all of them. there's a lot of color on that map skpin de dating that there's a lot of storms out there. this is a map of 2010. this is the most active year that we had since 2005.
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there were 19 named storms. 12 of them were hurricanes and five of them major hurricanes. a lot of us in the u.s. recall it because we had zero make land fall in the u.s. it's one of the things that we forget that the systems themselves have had plenty of storms but our perception is jaded because they have not hit the united states. >> yeah, here we are almost september and by now we have gotten into further down the alphabet, so it seems like there's a slow down for this year. >> yes, keep in mind that september is the most active month. this is the time to come. >> okay. allison, thank you so much for the continued morning on all of that. coming up donald trump is pointing fingers again. why he says that they're to blame for gun violence in
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right now a live look and what i is saying. jeremy is in washington and mj
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lee is live for us in nashville. so mj you're there in nashville and he talked about the issue of undocumented immigrants in the u.s. as it relates to crime and he adjusted this and say specifically. >> reporter: hey, they is wrapping up the spaeeech right w and it's a pretty conservative and it's a friction and illegal immaterial grants in the country and topics that he has topped a lot about so far. take a listen to what he said. he did take a shot at one of the rivals lynn de grahindsey graha >> i won the hispanic poll. i love the people. in credible energy. i love the people. i have thousands that work for me and thousands and thousands over the years that have worked for me. they're great people, and i said that i am going to win.
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a lot of the hispanics that are here legally do not want people to come in here illegally. >> so a familiar line that he loves the hispanic people, and they love him. something that we will continue to hear for the coming months. >> he has talked about this before and saying that they're treated better than veterans. he goes from the topic that he usually talks about and then he goes into the veterans issue, so that's a segway. he says that he get the benefits, it's unclear what benefits that he is talking act. he talks about the vetd rans issue and how the va scandals they have had to wait hours and hours for medical attention and days and weeks.
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that's the way that he atlanta situations between the two. >> last night before nashville, he met people in massachusetts. this group is called the remembrance project. you caught up with donald trump after the event. what was that conversation like? >> reporter: the event was festive and rowdy. the one moment that was serious is before trump got back into the motorcade, he had a brief meeting from the families and victims that were killed by illegal immigrants. i did get to ask trump after wards to get the reaction to the meeting. take a listen at what he said. >> they're in credible people who have been devastated by the crime waive of the illegal immigrants. these are in credible people, the lives that are lost are
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going to certain an important fact. what's happened to these people is a shame. these are great great people. we're not going allow it to continue. there's a crime wave like nobody has seen before. we're going take care of it. thank you. >> reporter: now, we were able to speak to some of the family members after trump left the event as well. they all told us that there are vote is for trump because of the strong stains on the immigration issues. >> all right mj lee and jeremy diamo diamond, appreciate that. live pictures of what is taking place in nashville. looks like someone was excited about that moment and wants to take a selfie. family and friends remembering now two virginia journalists gunned down by a former colleague. we will have a live report next. plus the legal guys weigh in on what businesses can and cannot do to find out more about
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all right. hello and thank you for joining maine a difficult morning for the staff at wdbj in virginia. they carried out the first live feed since two were gunned down live on-air. explain why it was difficult and so long the station did not have any of the reporters out in the field because of the large part of mourning and very fearful. >> reporter: absolutely fred.
9:30 am
we're standing outside of the place that was considered a second home for allison and adam. it's the site of the memorial that continued to grow and the last tlae days we have seen people come and go and those that did not know the two journalists to show up and walk up the line of bushes. these flowers placed here only seconds ago and they're able to some here and show the support. now what we're seeing sheer a sea of it. this is a picture and photograph of alison and adam. you see them in a sport's car and both giving a thumb's up. i think that this tells the story too. work nothing the news business we respond more time with the people that we work with opposed to our families.
9:31 am
clearly these two young journalists that lead short lives had a very strong professional bond, and that's very evident here. i will tell you why. mostly autop mostly all of the letters are addressed not just to alison and adam, but both of them because they worked as a team for a long time. that's what we're seeing. one of the reasons that this has hit is that we get the local news from out of town ers. people come and go from different television regions and markets. what's different here is that alison and adam are from here. they are from the community and planned to marry here. this is not just the memorial. you will see one off in the distance just beyond the police patrol unit that's been here and a constant reminder of the concern and also one that's set up in place about 457 minutes from here and that's the site of that terrible shooting fred, so three days already have gone by and the pain does not seem to go
9:32 am
away. not for the families but also for the communities as well. >> the only survivor remains hospitalized. what do we know about her condition? >> that's a bit of positive news and that's offering hope for healing. vickie gardener the woman that was being interviewed during the time we're told that her condition is improving. they're trying to keep her posted on the progress. there's some promising rehopes to recover fully. it's the emotional scars that are going to take a long time to heal. we need to remind ourself that she witnessed a shooting of these two individuals and it's something that she cannot unsee. >> okay. thank you so much. appreciate that. we're going talk further now about this. there's a concern in so many workplaces that want to know how much should be known about the employees. red flags involving the gunman
9:33 am
go back as far as the year 200 and that's when he was fire from a station in 2000 in tallahassee and he was fired with performance and use of profanity at work. well, 13 years later he is fired from wdbj in virginia. the station say that is he had multiple run ins with many coworkers and was a poor performer. let's bring in the legal guys. good to see both of you gentlemen. this is a little bit different because you have you in front of skype. we're glad to have your none the less. okay. this week wdbj's general manager told reporters when screening employees it's difficult to get an honest answer, and in fact they said that flanagan had a
9:34 am
positive reference, so avery what is a former employer allowed to disclose of an employee to a perspective employer? >> yeah, we don't even know what they knew. when there's behavior with violence, i know that a lot are reluctant to say when he started and left and what the job was. there's a responsibility to let the future employers know what the truth is if for example someone is sending to an assistance program. well, they say that it's confidential. it isn't. this information maybe the failure to pass that information along to a future employer. that's what may have happened here. >> isn't the flip side of that richard that that's a protection in place so that anyone who
9:35 am
wants to work should be able to have an equal opportunity to find work at a new place because perhaps things just did not work out at that former employer, but that they do have the potential to be a good employee elsewhere. >> yeah, fred that's the fear of a employer being sued for defamation or for interfering with the employee and the rights in the sfu chfuture and the fea litigation when they fill out the reports. it you hope that you get a jury that's honest with you. there are plenty that lie, and here when you're trying to research and understand the employee, you don't always get the truth because former employers are going to be afraid to tell you everything. look at the report that they have received. how would you know from that report that this guy had the
9:36 am
propensity to snap off, get a gun and shoot people. it's impossile fred. >> okay. go avery. >> the answer is if i am an employer, i am going to say to a former employer to hire this guy. would you hire this guy. i think if the answer is well i don't know that's the information that you need. don't make the higher especially where there's violence. >> in the case of, you know, someone is i guess characterized as being problematic and they say that they need professional help. we know that one of the employers in the case of mr. flanagan that they did impress upon him that he needed to get assistance. to what extent richard can employer do that and say we identify that there's a problem and we can not act as doctors but we do need to seek help.
9:37 am
can that backfire on an employer that feels that that's a condition that the employee will say that's a condition of the employment? >> yeah, each state regulates the rules differently. virginia has a liberal policy there. as long as the employer can back up what they're saying, that's a safe guard. fred, this case and tragedy was a hate crime. everybody is denying this or closing the eyes to this. this was a racially motivated shooting. this guy had some serious mental health issues that the employer either prior employers or current employer or previous, would not know it based on his performance. this was a very very sick individual, and these the types of people fred that commit these heinous crimes like the church killings a few months ago. you can not predict what they're
9:38 am
going do. >> cannot predict it. >> impossible. >> at this point this is a tragedy. this is impacted so many lives. in your view richard, do you see that employers might try to make some adjustments based on information they have about this particular case. >> you know fred, we would all hope so and in a beautiful and perfect world, they would. they don't want to rucffle the feathers. they're going do the minimal to get by on a formal evaluation. if they terminate someone, they're not going give full disclosure to protect themselves. that's a tragedy. that's sad. even if they had had how could you have come templated that he
9:39 am
would go out and buy a block and shot people. >> all right. all of those things under consideration i am sure and employees various employers across the country e especially after what happened a few days ago. thank you very much guys. good to see you. a north carolina police officer will not be retried for the shooting death of an unarmed college football player. we will tell you why next. to a mouthwash had to then i went pro with crest pro-health mouthwash. go pro with crest pro-health. it's formulated to target and kill 99% of germs without the burn of alcohol. so you move to a healthier mouth from day one. i started with pills. and now i take a long-acting insulin at night. i take mine in the morning. i was trying to eat right, stay active. but i wasn't reaching my a1c goal anymore. man: my doctor says diabetes changes over time. it gets harder to control blood sugar spikes
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prosecutors in north carolina will not be seeking a retrial for a north carolina police officer randall. he was charged with voluntary manslaughter after he shot and killed unarmed former college football player back in 2013. they declared a mistrail after the jury could not reach a verdict. joining me now with the latest on this. what are we learning and what happened now? >> well, they were deadlocked and eight to four. because there was not a unanimous decision, there's a miss trail. now the attorney general saying that the charges will be dropped and not be seeking a retrail. the family of jonathan say that they do not understand why. >> i thought that i was going die. >> why? >> because nothing i would do
9:44 am
would stop him. >> after three weeks of testimony and deliberation with the north carolina jurors deadlock in the voluntary manslaughter charge of a police officer, the judge declares a miss trial. t protests erupt. now the state's attorney general says that all charges against the while police officer accused of firing 12 shots have been dropped. >> our prosecutors believe unanimously that a retrial will not yield a different result. >> get on the ground! . get on the ground! . >> it shows jonathan in the tragic seconds before his death. it was just before 3:00 a.m. on september 14th 2013 in a subdivision of charlotte, north carolina. a former college football player
9:45 am
crashes his car and looking for help. knocking on a neighbors door he is miss taken for a robber. >> he is in the front yard yelling. oh my god. please. >> officer is one of three officers that respond to the breaking and entering 911 call. watch as the dash cam footage captures an unarmed walk to the officers and then apparently out of nowhere ge begins to run at them. within seconds he uses a gun and then he fires multiple shots. ten of them hit the 24-year-old killing him. during the three week trial, he takes the stand in his own defense. >> it happened so fast. i don't know. >> what was the reason for shooting and continuing to fire your weapon. >> because he would not stop. he kept trying to get to my gun. >> he goes on to talk about the injuries on him that was
9:46 am
aggressi aggressive. the family and juror say that justice was not certained. >> what did jonathan ferrell do to warrant death? >> jonathan was an innocent bystander looking for help and was killed, so we have to stop them from killing our children. >> the conversation with cnn jonathan ferrell's mother said that she was disapointed with the outcome and that they would not pursue the charges. she is going to be vocal about this and saying that she believes that her son did not have to die that night. >> okay. thank you so much. still to come i will talk to the man that was in charge of helping to get new orleans back on it's feet in the day of hurricane katrina. you recognize him right there. we will be right back.
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power went out at the super dome. >> who was at your house with you? >> my wife. >> where is she now? >> i can't find her body. she is gone. >> you're doing a he can of a job. >> let us down. put the weapons down. >> those were scenes from hurricane katrina, and you also saw the face and you heard the voices that recognizable person and general russell that tried to do the calm there. this morning in new orleans a replaying ceremony was held to commemorate the people that died as a result of the storm, and there are tributes through the weekend in the city including the annual katrina march this afternoon and we understand that former president clinton will be there as well. with me now is lieutenant
9:51 am
general russell. you remember seeing him in the video, and he is with me live now in new orleans. describe what it's like to be in that city on this day ten years to the day of what katrina did there? >> well, it's a lot different and much of the business district and the french quarter is up and opened for business with more hotel rooms and more restaurants that we have had before katrina. on the other side of that we're a city with 100,000 less people. that's what has been rebuilt has been rebuilt and redone well. now we have to get the rest of the work done and it will take another ten to 12 years to reach the vulnerable population and most of those people standing out in front of the super dome
9:52 am
and convention center they have not been recovered well. it's been recognized by the president of the united states and president bush that came to town. both of them recognize the fact that there's more work to be done than louisiana. >> you're from louisiana but every time that you come to new or leans, what are the memories and approximate moments that replay in your mind? >> well, i have been here twice a week and every time that i pass the super dome or go into the airport traveling out, those from katrina play well in my mind and to remind me that we have to work harder to make sure this we don't allow another katrina to happen. it was a big devastating storm and reminds us that mother nature can break anything and remind us that it's time to evacuate and we need to evacuate and speaking of that, i hope that the people in florida are paying attention to the governor who is encouraging them to be prepared and evacuate as required based on the lessons
9:53 am
learned from katrina. >> yeah and now the tropical storm has been downgraded and none the less it's still dangers that come and a great point on that general. you mentioned thing s that have been done and lessons learned ten years. are we satisfied that enough has been done to better prepare and not new orleans but there's a low line area of the gulf coast if another storm were to come. >> yes. i think the government here is the state, federal, local is a lot better prepared, but data shows from the red cross and fema only about 20 percent of the people have done the requirements to be actually prepared to be the fist respond er. so we still have an issue of making sure the general public is prepared and that people will evacuate when they're told to
9:54 am
evacuate as in the case of florida right now people talking about it's not a hurricane. remember when sandy came a shore, it was not a hurricane. we have got make sure that people stay away. if you live in a flood zone, how to you know it. if you can see water from the house, you can flood. >> what are some of the areas when you visit on a regular basis and you say when you see the dome you get the images. what about the ninth ward? what about the areas that you visited and wish more could be dup or more improvements made. >> there's hope, but we need more than hope. we need them to be fully funded and affordable housing. we need to finish building the schools there and redo the roads. most of the wards on the ninth ward look like the third world country.
9:55 am
the roads and you suer system and the rest of the city needs to be done. all of this was to the flooding that happen in the ward. and then the thousands of people that want to come back that were not able to come back and then the 55 percent unemployment rate, and we need to in vest in the ward if we're going to make it better. >> okay. we're going to leave it there. always great to see you. thank you so much. >> thanks to all of the volunteers fred and to the armed forces that showed up and did a great job here in new orleans. >> wonderful. congratulations to them in deed. thank you so much. look tonight cnn's anderson cooper returns to the gulf coast. the storm that never stopped. you can see it here 7:00 p.m. eastern time. we will be right back.
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all right. checking the top stories and authorities in southern michigan are looking for a sniper. they believe that someone is targeting the drivers near the battle creek area. since july six vehicles have been damaged and tests confirm that one car was hit by a bullet. thoracic outl no one has been injured. the airport strks sa officer is accused of telling a college student that she needed to go into the bathroom for a
10:00 am
secondary screening. that's where he touched her inappropriately. the screen er has been fired and faces up to a year in jail. okay. we have so much more straight ahead in the news room, and it starts right now. >> okay. happening right now in the news room a texas sheriff deputy is shot and killed while gassing up the pa trtrol car. his mother actually made the call to the police. who is uma? one of the great sleez bags of our town. >> gop donald trump now suggesting one of hillary clinton's aides shared cls identified information with her husband and florida bracing for florida as remanence of tropical storm area take i am . you're live in if cnn news


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