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tv   Wolf  CNN  August 31, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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place tomorrow. thanks for watching, everyone. it's been nice to have you with us this hour. brianna keilar will step in for wolf. she gets started right now. hi there, i'm brianna keilar in for wolf blitzer. it's 1:00 p.m. in washington, 6:00 p.m. in london and 7:00 p.m. in budapest. wherever you're watching from around the world, thanks so much for joining us. up first, donald trump gets company in first place, a brand new poll just released today shows retired neurosurgeon ben carson tied with trump in iowa. this is a monmouth university poll of likely republican caucus goers and it shows carson and trump both at 23%. then they're followed by carly fiorina, she's at 10%. you have ted cruz at 9% and scott walker at 7%.
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jeb bush is at 5% while john kasich and marco rubio are tied at 4%. i want to bring in our political panel now. we have chris moody, senior digital correspondent for cnn politics. cnn chief political correspondent dana bash and cnn political reporter sara murray. so you look at that, dana, what do you make of where you see ben carson? he's tying trump in iowa. >> okay, if you are a senator, if you are a governor, if you are a former senator, if you're a former governor, if you are a congressman, if you are any elected office, maybe even dog catcher you are not going to do as well as somebody who wasn't this year. it's just the way it is. even ted cruz, who has worked so hard in his two and a half years in the senate to be the outsider from within, he's a senator so it's even tough for him. people are desperate for somebody who is not only anti-establishment but not a politician. >> take a look at this poll, chris. this reinforces the idea that political outsiders are shaping
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the race. when you look at the next president, these are likely gop caucus goers who said they need someone who is outside of government 2-1. that's what they said. it is fascinating when you look at carly fiorina, ben carson, donald trump, these are the people who are kind of catching fire, right? >> polls show there is evidence that people are so fed up with washington they're willing to pick someone who may have never had any opportunity or background in politics. but honestly this is nothing new for iowa caucus goers. if you dig back to 1996, the iowa caucus results, in 1996, 42% voted for so-called outsiders. in the year 2000 it was even more, 53% voted for the outsiders. and, of course, last year we saw hints -- in 2008 -- 2012 we saw hints of this as well as the rise of michele bachmann, herman cain and others. so i think iowa caucus goers are a group that for a very long time have called for this and
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shown it not only in polls months before the caucus but in the caucus states. so we're five months out from the iowa caucuses. should we be looking at this and think this is going to be determining the future? >> i think it matters in a sense that you need to know where the electorate stands. where their heads are at. there isn't much more of an anti-establishment sentiment than a lot of people were expecting and to be honest that came from early stories that said "this could be a hillary clinton and jeb bush mashup" and i think voters looked at and that and were like, "ugh, really, this?" now we're seeing retaliation from that on bhooth sides of th ail because it's not just remembers, it's the summer surge of bernie sanders. >> you have a "des moines register"/bloomberg politics poll and it shows bernie sanders is gaining on hillary. this has been the trajectory we have seen for some time. is she still leads bernie sanders but he's taking on
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hillary clinton by name and that's key. let's listen. >> i believe as opposed to my republican colleagues who want to cut social security i believe we should expand social security by lifting the cap on taxable income. that's not hillary clinton's position. i believe we have to raise the minimum wage over several years to $15 an hour, not hillary clinton's position. i voted against the war in iraq, hillary clinton voted for it. >> this is a change for bernie sanders because he was being this nice competitor before when he first got in. this is very different. >> it's because he sees -- >> he's got a chance, right? >> he's not just way far back only seeing the dust and not her heels. her heels are right here. why not go after her and be more aggressive. it's kind of what you do. now remember when i said if you have a senator in front of your
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name you have no chance, that's obviously much more so on the republican side. he has been in elected political office forever. he was mayor of burlington eons ago. >> he doesn't look like your average politician. >> he looks like your average professor. doesn't talk like your average politician. >> self-professed democratic socialist puts anymore a different category. >> and he's saying everybody who is disgusted with hillary clinton or anybody who's been in national politics for a long time want to hear. >> real quick, how worried should hillary clinton be about bernie sanders? >> i think they should be worried because this speaks more broadly to problems with hillary clinton more so than people just falling head over heels in love with bernie sanders. i think they're interests but i think if you're hillary you're looking at why aren't the faithful staying with me and what do i need to do about that? >> were you watching the vmas last night, chris moody? >> when president kanye made his announcement? [ laughter ] what hath donald trump wrought? >> we have to show our viewers. this is another case of reality
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tv, like you said, politics intersecting here. listen to what kanye west said at the mtv video music awards last night. >> and, yes as you probably could have guessed by this moment, i have decided in 2020 to run for president. [ cheers and applause ] >> okay, now we should preface this by saying kanye prefaced that announcement at the end of his rather long speech by saying he'd smoked a littling. >> he wouldn't be the first president who smoked something before being elected to office. so there's precedent for kanye getting into the white house having consumed those drugs. >> first lady kim kardashian? >> it would be the very first lady, the first first lady with a sex tape. >> that's true. >> right? >> and if you think people pay attention to what michelle obama wear, get ready for first lady kim kardashian. >> or doesn't wear.
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>> that's right. a lot showing there at the vmas. but this was funny. you take it with a grain of salt, obviously. >> you know what -- >> i don't. >> exactly. i was saying this is the c kardashianization of the caucuses. >> kanye west flies over iowa we'll keep an eye on it. >> thanks so much chris, danna, sarah, thanks, guys. cnn will be hosting the next republican debate on september 16. the candidates will gather at the regulagan library in simi valley, california. and cnn will host the first of six democratic debates. the october debate comes live from nevada right here on cnn. coming up, the man accused of shooting a texas deputy execution style appearing in court for the first time. we'll have the latest on what his motive may have been. also, new developments in the search for malaysia airlines
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flight 370. what french investigators have been told about the piece of debris found last month. no student's ever photographed mean ms. colegrove.
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a suspected cop killer in texas appeared in court for the first time this morning. shannon miles is accused of deputy darren goforth in cold blood friday night. police in houston say it was an unprovoked execution. miles is facing capital murder charges. in court, the harris county district attorney said authorities found the murder weapon in the suspect's garage. >> deputies went and got a search warrant for the garage and inside found the white cooler and a .40 caliber smith & wesson pistol. alongside was a box of aguila .40 caliber bullets, the same brand of casings that was at the scene. they took the gun to the firearms lab, ballistics testing was done on the weapon and it
10:13 am
was determined that it was the gun fired the cartridges at the scene. the 15 cartridges, the gun magazine holds 14 rounds and there was one in the chamber so he unloaded the entire weapon into deputy goforth. when the deputies recovered the pistol in the garage it was loaded again. >> nick valencia is following the story from atlanta. did we learn anything here about the knowive the at today's court appearance. do we know if the two men knew each other? >> that's what makes this case more bizarre. they say these two gentlemen, shannon j. miles and darren goforth didn't have any prior interaction, they didn't know each other, that's what's led them to call this an unprovoked execution-style killing. we heard in the first appearance, probable cause hearing for miles, some of the ruthless details of this shooting. you heard devon anderson the district attorney in harris county talk about the 15 shell
10:14 am
casings found at the scene. this handgun recovered from the suspect's garage holds 14 bullets in the clip and one in the chamber, 15 shell casings found there surrounding the body of guerin of darren goforth. meaning this suspect loaded the entire rounds of the gun into the back of this officer. he was for all intents and purposes blindsided. this killing, captured on surveillance video, also a witness saw what happened and phoned into police. we're learning more about how they were able to track down that ford pickup truck he was driving. according to investigators there was distinctive markings on that car including a white cooler in the back of the flat bed, an after-market hitch attached to that red ford pickup truck. they did a background search on it brianna and were able to track it nearby the shooting where this happened. when investigators showed up, miles was not there. he showed up inside the home, he was questioned, brought into custody and later charged with the deputy's murder. brianna? >> do we know anything about his criminal history? about shannon miles' criminal
10:15 am
history? >> absolutely and it's a lengthy one. it includes arrests and offenses dating back to 2005 including two physical confrontations with police, two times he was arrested for resisting arrest, once in 2005, another time in 2007. some of these other charges include treg passing, a misdemeanor, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and in 2012 another case they're investigating in travis county, another aggravated assault charge. prosecutors ands investigators made it very clear. they believe all the evidence points to the man you're looking at on your screen 30-year-old shannon j. miles. he gunned down the ten-year veteran, a veteran said to be blindsided by the attack. the family still grieving and mourning the loss of one of their own. >> nick, thank you so much. up next, we're taking you live to alaska where president obama is drawing some criticism for
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president obama is getting closer to having enough ducks in a row -- ducks being senators -- to ensure the nuclear deal with iran doesn't die. at last count the white house is less than a handful of votes shy in the senate of the deal being veto-proof. the president has been pressuring democrats to get on board and later this week secretary of state john kerry will try his hand at persuading the undecideds. senior white house correspondent jim acosta is joining me live. he's joining us from anchorage, alaska, traveling with the president there. i want to talk to you about that in just a moment, jim. but first you actually had a chance to talk to secretary kerry about the iran deal and this need to gather more support. tell us about your conversation
10:21 am
with him. >> that's right, brianna. secretary of state john kerry is here in alaska for a conference of arctic nations to focus on the issue of climate change. but kerry told us he'll return to hiss sales job of pitching the iran nuclear deal with a major speech in philadelphia on wednesday and we asked herry about that controversial agreement wean the international nuclear inspectors in iran that l allow the iranians to handle much of the inspection process at one suspicious military site known as par sheen. republicans in congress have seized on this. here's what secretary kerry had to say. how do you refute the notion that this is a little like tom brady inspecting his own footballs? >> well, it's not -- look, you're going to get a sore point there with me because a lot of us in new england are not very happy with that process. we are satisfied that we will be able to have a process which can get us the answers and maintain
10:22 am
its integrity in the process. >> you trust the iranians? >> there's nothing in here that's reliant on trust, there's not one element of this agreement that relies on trust. it's all a matter of appropriate process, verification, access. if they are not accountable in the way we expect them to be with appropriate access then they would be in material breach of the agreement and subject to any and all of the options available to the united states. >> now, president obama is on his way to alaska right now to deliver what the white house believed to be an urgent message on climate change. kerry will be previewing that in his own remarks later today in anchorage, he will be oak co-ing what many alaskans are already seeing -- glaciers are melt, the state is experiencing record high temperatures, they've had one of their worst wildfire seasons in years. and the president will see this firsthand later this week. he'll be the first president to
10:23 am
visit arctic this weekend in a couple days. it's something the white house is very much looking forward to. >> there's been an announcement that has roiled ohioans for sure, jim akas a. >> that's right. to make waves, make a big splash with the president's trip they led out of the bag yesterday that the interior department renamed mount mckinley, the tallest mountain in north america, denali, in honor of native alaskans. here in alaska this is not a controversy, both republican senators wanted to see this happen. it's something the alaskan people have been working to see happen for many, many years but hoe wans and congress have been blocking it every step of the way because president mckinley hails from ohio. and so house speaker john boehner, not surprisingly, released a statement saying he's disappointed in the decision. but to give you history in this,
10:24 am
brianna. a gold prospector named mt. mckinley mt. mckinley and alaskans have been trying to change it but they've been blocked so the administration did one of those executive actions in renaming the mountain. >> it will be well received there in alaska. i know this is certainly some of this trip has to do with business but the president is going to have fun. he's going on a tv show. tell us about that. >> that's right. he's going to be appearing on that reality show with bear grills where they run out into the wild and do all sorts of crazy things. i don't think the president will get two crazy in alaska. i suppose the secret service will be keeping the gris ing ti away. during the glacier tour the president embarks on, tomorrow he'll do taping with bear grylls for a special that will air later this year focusing on the issue of climate change. that's the big thrust of this
10:25 am
trip. the president really wants to focus in on this issue. they consider alaska to be the canary in the climate coal mine because of all the varying affecting taking place everyday here in alaska as a result of climate change and the president will be seeing that firsthand with bear grylls to get a unique perspective on the subject and hopefully they'll survive their time in the wild. hopefully it will be close by -- hopefully the secret service will be close by with the grizzlies being there. >> jim acosta, what a trip for the president. thank you. up next, tracking undocumented immigrants like fedex packages? building a wall between the u.s. and canada? those are the immigration solutions and considerations coming from the 2016 republican candidates. we'll take a closer look. i hate cleaning the gutters. have you touched the stuff? it's evil. and ladders. sfx: [screams]
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it has 30 billion probiotic cultures. feel lighter and more energized. ultimate flora. more power to your gut. donald trump takes credit for putting illegal immigration on the agenda in the presidential race and now some of his rivals may be taking a page from trump's playbook. new jersey governor chris christie says if we can track packages, if the u.s. can track packages the u.s. should be able to keep track of people. >> we let people come into this country with visas and the minute they come in we lose track of them. we can't -- so here's what i'm going to do as president. i'm going ask fred smith, the founder of fedex, come work for the government for three months. [ laughter ] >> i want to bring in alex castellan castellanos, the founder of, chairman of purple strategies and donna brazile, democratic strategist and cnn political commentator. so you have, donna, chris christie saying he wasn't
10:31 am
comparing people to packages but he's trying to steal some of donald trump's thunder, perhaps, as he does lag in the polls, chris christie does, by focusing on immigration. is that the right read? >> i think what's happening in the republican party right now many of these candidates don't know how to catch the wind so they have following what i call tropical storm donald trump to see if they can get some ability to connect with voters. i think it's the wrong way to hand this will issue. you have two presidential candidates who helped write a bill with the gang of eight in the senate, senator graham and senator rubio. that's the bipartisan plan that i think is realistic and feasible and i think republicans should embrace. >> i think right now it's donald trump's world and all the other candidates are just barely existing in it. the thing about trump is he looks big and he's fun when he's talking about this stuff. when chris christie does that he looks small and mean and petty
10:32 am
so, no, i think donna is right, this is not something that works for them, trying to outtrump trump. >> so maybe playing into the hands of hillary clinton who said a couple of months ago that republicans are on -- what did she call it -- a spectrum of hostility towards immigrants. this is something she wants to has been, isn't it? >> if you're hillary clinton, anything that takes attention away from hillary clinton is a good thing. she has her own problems right now. she's created such a big vacuum in the democratic party that bernie sanders can't fill it. now somebody else will get in this race, i think, on the democratic side. >> well, i don't know if anybody else will get into the race, i do know joe biden is considering it. he said he would, we'll know sometime within the next two to three weeks but hillary clinton is right. republicans are going so far to the right that the mainstream in this country, whether democrats, republicans 0, or independents, they won't buy donald trump's vision of building a so-called
10:33 am
wall. it's not feasible, it's expensive and what we should focus on is common sense immigration reform most americans believe would get us back to where we need to making sure our borders are secure but those who are in this country, yes, undocuments, we have a pathway to citizenship. >> the issue of the wall isn't just donald trump's. he's taken flak for proposing to build a wall between the u.s. and mexico and make mexico pay for it but you had scott walker who is saying the idea of building the wall along the canadian border isn't out of the question. let's listen. >> people have asked us about that in new hampshire. they've raised legitimate concerns, including law enforcement folks that brought that to up me at one of our town hall meetings a week and a half ago. so that's a legitimate issue for us to look at. >> a legitimate issue to look at? what do you think of that? >> well, i wasn't aware of the invasion of illegal alien beaver pelts that are threatening this country and taking jobs away
10:34 am
from american beavers. it's a real crisis. i think that's nuts. again, they're trying to outtrump trump, move to the right but instead of getting bigger it makes them look smaller and tactical and scott walker has had a couple instances like this on immigration, that he's going to deport native born citizens then he had to clarify that. now this. is you're looking more like tactical politician than a big presidential leader when you do these things. >> he's had three different positions on birth right citizenship over the last seven days now he's going to put forward a position that will hurt the dairy farmers in wisconsin. i was at the iowa state fair, minnesota state fair, wisconsin cheese is one of the fine nest the country. i have to say that. >> you have, for instance, senator lahey of vath vaermont, said this is scoring points. of course he's on the opposite side of the aisle from scott walker but he's making a point that the commerce is very important and this is silliness.
10:35 am
>> there's a better way to deal with, this don't get smaller than trump, get bigger. remind mr. trump you're living in the 21st century and that a wall is a nice thing if you live 3,000 years ago, now you not only need a wall, you need technology, drones, a north american energy alliance with mexico that helps resuscitate their economy so they won't want to send people here. get bigger, not smaller. >> talking of taking on trump: let's listen to what really has been transpiring between donald trump and jeb bush. they traded jabs over imgraigs again today. trump posted an instagram message accusing bush of being soft on undocumented immigrants who commit crimes. take a listen. >> it's not a felony, it's a -- it's an act of love. >> well, there you go. the bush campaign fired back and
10:36 am
i will say hastily because this is a statement that i noticed lacks some commas and has an extra word but here's what it says. "jeb bush has a record of tracking down on violent criminals as governor of florida while donald trump has up until it was convenient supported liberal soft on crime politicians. his immigration plan is not conservative, would violate the constitution and cost hundreds of billions of dollars which he will attempt to pay for with massive tax hikes." what do you think of that strategy, alex? >> i think donald trump is smart tactically and politically. he has good instincts. especially if you are unconstrained by reality like donald trump and you can feel free to say anything because you know you won't be judged on it. you're seen as half entertainment and half presidential candidate. but these are alpha dog battles. you want your next president to be a strong guy and republicans need to see a jeb bush or scott walker. anybody who gets hit by donald trump, they need to see them
10:37 am
stand up and fight back and set the record straight. >> this is amazing, i never thought i could use my instagram to come up with a quick ad. alex, you didn't teach me that. >> way before my time. >> jeb bush talking about sinking in the polls. jeb bush is having a terrible summer and i think the fact that he is willing to take on donald trump on these issues, that may help him in the long term. whether or not he survives the rest of the summer. >> this may be trump summer but we vote in the winter. >> that's right. we are five months out from the iowa caucuses. alex, don, that thank you so much. for the latest in politics and the presidential contenders, head over to still ahead, crisis on the borders of europe. the flood of migrants keeps on growing. why e.u. leaders can't agree on a plan next. no student's ever photographed mean ms. colegrove.
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just last month what was believed to be a part of malaysia airlines flight 370 was washed ashore. experts are now saying they can't confirm that debris found was from 370. investigators know the piece is from a boeing 777, but more testing is needed to say with certainty it's from mh-370 and i'm joined now by cnn's martin savidge, he covered the plane's disappearance, and mary schiavo, she is a cnn aviation analyst, a former inspector general at the u.s. department of transportation. so martin you sort of think of the deducing here, right? there's only one boeing 777 missing anywhere in the world, why can't officials just say this has to be the piece? >> well, logically the french authorities say it does make
10:43 am
sense. that this is a piece of mh-370 because of the things you brought up. but the investigation at least from the french perspective requires more than just logically deducting that. you have to produce some kind of proof and you need some kind of documentation, especially when it. s do the fate of those who may have been on board and the families waiting for some specific word. as yet, according to sources we have talked to, despite a month of intensive investigation, the french haven't been able to do that. they did not find inside the flaperon what was expected, which was a kind of serial number that would have been able to be tracked by a bogue and identified with mh-370. it either fell off, it was either ripped off or somehow it's not there. then they began looking deeper inside the flaperon and what they were finding were other pieces that were manufactured by a subcontractor if space. that had markings. they went to that subcontractor, dug through their records and
10:44 am
said they were unable through their records to determine those parts belong directly to mh-370. that was a huge blow because without the serial number and secondary numbers coming through they're running out of options one is to analyze paint and according to one family member, french authorities have told him they did a paint analysis, it was inconclusive. right now it appears the french, despite their best efforts, haven't been able to come up with this kind of tangible proof. >> so frustrating for those families, martin. mary, i wonder what you think about the coordination following the discovery of the flaperon. you've had many conflicting reports initially when the plane disappeared but even when we've heard claims from different governments about this degree. what do you think of how this investigation has been handled? >> i think in this case it's too many cooks in stew.
10:45 am
for the french bea to be reticent and take their time and to be -- frankly, when the rest of the world, especially boeing saying it's the flaperon, it has to be from mh-370 because no other 777s are missing, under ntsb standards, under our investigation standards, which is a civil investigation, that would be enough for us to conclude this is most likely 370 but the french bea, and i've worked three previous case, the concorde crash, the west caribbean 708 and air transport and i worked on some matters and the bea took a long time and they will repeat again and again that they do a criminal investigation not civil. so the french are in, and they have a right to be because it was found on reunion but there needs to be a powerful central figure directing a first class investigation. >> do you think there will be other debris that washes ashore?
10:46 am
>> i certainly hope so because while i believe boeing -- and with our ntsb, that's what they do. they look to the manufacturer to tell them is this or is this not the flaperon from 777. i'm also intrigued by the marine life growth. there are some reports that perhaps the marine life was from a different area. no one has concluded that but that would help as well to know if it's in the right area of the indian ocean where they are searching because anything, even the smallest shred of evidence or information is vitally important to these families. they hang on every word. >> that's a really interesting point, mary, thanks so much. mary schiavo with us, martin savidge with us from paris. thank you. the female suspect being sought in connection with the bangkok bombing had left thailand two months ago according to her mother. over the weekend, police arrested a man in connection with the bombing but they said he isn't the main suspect, he is apparently denying any
10:47 am
involvement, but authorities also said they found bomb-making equipment in his apartment when police moved in to capture him. for nearly 2,000 years the temple of baal has been considered the center of religious life near the syrian city of pal miremyrapalmyra, is are trying to destroy what's left of it. the syrian antic we t antiquitiy there was an explosion but witnesses say the temples iconic columns are still standing. last week, isis published photos of the destruction of another ancient temple in palmyra. isis' reign of terror are forcing people flee from their lives. they're not the only ones. freedom the middle east and africa are trying to escape their situations. this year alone, nearly 2500 people, many of them kids, have died trying to make the journey to your honor. case in point, nearly 200
10:48 am
drowned and dozens are missing off the coast of libya after two boats capsized last week the same day austrian officials discovered an abandoned truck with bodies of 71 migrants. several people are being held in connection with the deaths but for those who are -- who make it to hungary, there's another horrible obstacle -- tens of thousands are stranded at the gateway into europe. cnn international correspondent atika shubert joining us now from berlin. atika, you have so many people who are stranded there in hungary. what's the holdup? >> well, the holdup is basically that it's illegally for so many of these refugees and migrants to cross over the borders to the country they want to get to so they're in hungary. they need to get through austria and their destination is germany. now germany has said we will accept these refugees, we will speed up their registration. and they don't have to register in the first country in europe they get to which was the rule before.
10:49 am
the problem is germany is the only one that has said this. so austria still has to follow its old rule, so does hungary. and that's what the hold ump is. what we see now is trains completely packed, hundreds of people on board who are trying to get to germany. but hungarian and austrian officials are overwhelmed, checking each of their uds and registrations. they're hope that can the next few hours and days that will be able to be straightened out and in germany they'll accept more and more of these refugees. >> what's the concern in austria, atika? why not expedite the process like germany would like to see? >> the problem here is that there is basically an e.u. rule called the dublin protocol and it says that any refugee or migrant seeking asylum must reg stir in the first country they step foot in. for many, that's greece, for some it's hungary, but rarely is it germany or sweeten where so many of them are trying to get to. that means they have to cross borders illegally.
10:50 am
and what we find is that refugees are taking incredible risks to get there. for example, you mentioned that van filled with refugees. 71 people died of asphyxiation inside just cross over into austria. they are saying we don't want people smuggled across the border and dying like this. it's going to require more than one state or two states to agree to open up for refugees. it really requires all of the eu to agree to one policy. that's going to be difficult to do. >> how are germans reacting to the migrants, since germany seems to have more of an open door here? >> reporter: it's a mixed reaction. the fact is, we've seen over the weekend football crowds holding up signs saying "refugees, welcome." so there is certainly this feeling that germany is taking
10:51 am
more refugees and should take more refugees. an estimated 800,000, four times as many as they have taken in previous years and more than any other country in the eu. there is, however, a small minority that is anti-migration, that has come out sometimes in violent protests. so there are tensions here and, of course, down the line, the big question, how is the country going to manage to pay for all of this, brianna? >> always a big question. atika shubert, thank you. still to come, another batch of hillary clinton's e-mails are to be released today. we'll hear what former vice president dick cheney has to say about clinton's private server. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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from and the people whought you underwhelbrought youet speeds. temperamental satellite television. introducing... underwhelming internet speeds and temperamental television... in one. welcome to the moment no one's been waiting for. the fastest internet and the best tv experience is already here with x1. only from xfinity. i think she should have known better. that's what former vice
10:56 am
president dick cheney has said about hillary clinton's decision to use a private e-mail server as secretary of state. why the world needs a powerful america co-written with his daughter liz. cheney weighed in on the controversy. >> i found it surprising that somebody as high ranking as secretary of state is dealing with classified and sensitive information all the time would think it's okay to have a private server in your home where you put information and so forth, where you send e-mails. >> so how would you describe her handling her e-mails this way, in a word? >> i think it was sloppy and unprofessional. >> you can see the full interview with the former vice president and his daughter, liz cheney, a former state department official in the bush administration tomorrow night on "anderson cooper 360." the controversy could get even bigger today because later today they will publicly release the
10:57 am
largest batch of her messages so far. let's bring in elise labott. she's our correspondent. you have more than 6,000 or so pages that are set to be released. anything that we can expect? do you know? >> this is 10% of the e-mails. there's been a backlog and the state department is trying to clear that up. the e-mails are from 2009 and 2010. we're still getting up to speed with it and there was a lot of back and forth between the clinton folks and the white house about who to nominate. clinton wanted a lot of power over that. you also have the start of the iran nuclear talks, the underwear bomber and haiti earthquake and then at the end of 2010, wikileaks. we don't know how much of that period will be covered in that e-mail. certainly we're going to be looking for that. we're going to be looking for kind of interesting tidbits and also how much of the e-mails are redacted. there's been talk about sensitive and even classified
10:58 am
information that might have been in those e-mails and the state department and intelligent agencies have been working hard to make sure nothing gets out there. >> will we find out why these e-mails were classified either specifically or i guess generally? we don't find out exactly what's in them so you don't know. but they give us a clue as to why they have been classified, right? >> there's a code. this is from the freedom of information act. it's a foya request. if there's a redaction, secret information or sensitive information that can't be released, there could be a code. so it could be classified, it could be privileged information between government agencies. we'll have a general idea but we still don't know what is in those e-mails.
10:59 am
>> but what's interesting is the former prosecutor who the guy against david petraeus in that case is actually taking issue in an op-ed in usa today. she's taking issue with this op-ed. what did we learn? >> ann tompkins, she oversaw the general petraeus prosecution. he pled guilty to a misdemeanor of leaking classified documents. she said, based on the fact the comparison has no merit. let me read a little bit. the key issue that distinguishes the e-mail retention practices from petraeus' sharing of classified information is that petraeus knowingly engaged in unlawful conduct, and that was the basis of his criminal liability." if you remember, he was taking a lot of classified information, putting it in journals and shared that knowingly with paula broadwell and that's why he was found guilty of charges. people i've spoke to said, look,
11:00 am
secretary clinton practiced bad habit but it was not criminal. >> that's it for me. i'll be back at 5:00 p.m. in "the situation room." "newsroom" with brooke baldwin starts right now. brianna keilar, thank you so much, my friend. i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn. thank you for being here with me on this monday. we have to begin with this accused cop killer stepping before the judge breaking the court silence with his shackles. was this man, 30-year-old shannon miles motivated by an anti police