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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  August 31, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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eastern only on cnn. that's it for me. thank you so much for watching. i am brianna keilar. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. trump tied up. a new poll shows he is surging ben carson, tieing donald trump for first place in iowa. the first time trump hasn't led the field in weeks. trump saying he doesn't want to run attack ads s on tv. has he turned twitter into a new political weapon. a sheriff's deputy ambushed and killed in what's being called an execution. a black suspect now under arrest. was the officer targeted because he wore a badge? let's go "outfront." good evening. i'm pamela brown in for erin burnett. "outfront" tonight, gaining on
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trump. ben carson now tied with donald trump for first place in iowa among likely republican caucus goers. both with 23% of the vote in a new poll. it marks the first time since july that trump has not been the leader in any of the first four nominating states. another problem, carson rating through the roof on the favorability factor. he's at 81% compared with 52% po for trump. fiorina with 10% of the vote. trump, carson and fiorina the top three finishers in the poll. all three outside the washington establishment. in fact, the poll asked that question. with 66% responding they favo r favorered a president from outside of government. sara murray is "outfront" tonight. ben carson surged to the top in the poll. you have been talking to people in iowa. what's driving this?
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>> reporter: pam, when you talk to voters in iowa, they say they really like donald trump because he's blunt, he says what he is thinking. when it comes to ben carson, they see a guy who aligns with their values, who is closer to their moral compass. ben carson, suddenly threatening to dethrown donald trump. >> we shouldn't let the professional class pick our president. >> reporter: the receipt tired neurosurgeon ties the billionaire with 23% support in iowa. according to a new poll. carly fiorina follows at 10%. trump offering only compliments for carson. >> he's a nice guy. i can't hit him. it's true. i cannot hit him. >> reporter: will an emerging carson threat turn trump's praises into attacks? >> thank you. >> reporter: like the ones he has been firing at his top competitors. >> he has drifted very much to the middle of the pack. he is rapidly disappearing.
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we will have to start looking at somebody else. >> reporter: he has been focused on hammering jeb bush. >> they broke the law. but it's not a felony. it's an act of love. >> reporter: now the new poll showing jeb bush at just 5% in the hawkeye state. trump's opponent hillary clinton the subject of many trump attacks. trump directing his fire toward a top clinton aide calling it a major security risk because of her husband who resigned amid a sensation as sexting scandal. >> who is she married to? one of the great sleaze bags of our time. anthony wiener. did you know that? >> reporter: an attack clinton spokesman calls disgraceful tweeting, there's no place for false personal attacks towards a
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staff member. trump's latest swipe comes as she struggles to keep control of her supporters. just seven points ahead of sanders. you can see ben carson's surge highlighting some of the weaknesses that donald trump is having. when you look at women and evangelicals, ben carson leads donald trump with both groups. >> thank you so much. to discuss this, jeffrey lord. the former chief of staff for mitch mcconnell, josh holmes and ben ferguson. great to have you with us. ben, i'm going to start with you. here we see ben carson now tied with donald trump, surging in the polls there. do you think that carson can take this race away from donald
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trump? >> i think he actually is going to form his own race. not necessarily take away from donald trump this early on. but we're seeing a big theme here. one, two and three are all people -- carly fiorina, carson, trump, who have never held office in any capacity. this is a bigger i think narrative here is really, there are people that are sick and tired of the gop establishment or career politicians, and they're willing to back people that they are being told have no chance. people have been saying for a long time that ben carson doesn't have a chance. carly fiorina doesn't have a chance. donald trump doesn't have a chance. i think that donald trump's people are different than ben carson's supporters. we see that some in the polls. i think he is able to really find his own niche here and will be able to challenge donald trump, especially in conservative early primary states. >> no doubt about it you point out this does send a strong message about how people feel about the establishment. we're going to get to that in a
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second with josh. jeff, i'm going to ask you about how trump should feel about how carson is doing. he said, carson is a nice guy. he said he's not going to attack carson. now that they are tied, do you think trump should change his tune? >> well, this is one poll. there's another that -- where he is ahead 23 to 18 over dr. carson. they are tied in this one. i have one that came in where he is ahead. i think he's still doing perfectly fine. ben's point and the point in the polls are absolutely correct here. people are absolutely -- no matter which poll you look at, they're absolutely furious at the republican establishment. 75% in one poll are just -- have had it with the republican leadership in congress. 66% don't want another politician. i mean, whether it's donald trump or ben carson or ted cruz or carly fiorina, when you add
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them together, you get 65% of the republican electoral that says, no. i think there's a real story here on this. >> i know josh is biting at the bit to jump in here. i want to hear what josh's take is on this. josh? what does the establishment need to do? >> i think the basic premise here is that we're overreading this a lot. summer polls typically the year before the election have very little to do with the eventual outcome of the election itself. we have given it more importance this time around than maybe previous cycles in large part because of how the candidates qualify for debates. in reality, these numbers are fluctuating all over the place. jeffrey gave you three different numbers with donald trump in four spots. the bottom line is, these things are going to move a lot because voters aren't tuned in to the same questions that they are when it comes to time to vote. >> ben what do you think? is the establishment in good shape?
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>> look, i are to dihave to add. you have a theme here. you are seeing a theme, i do not want another establishment gop endorsed or appointed candidate here. to not notice this or how -- i was one of the first people to say, i thought donald trump early on was going to be a flash in the pan. you have to look at the consistency. you have to look at ben carson, what he has been able to do with literally nothing. you cannot overlook that the top three people in the early primary states -- it's not just one guy doing it. if it was one, i would agree. it's the top three. they're beating big names like jeb bush out. and they're beating them now badly. this is a new time in the conservative movement. i think that's the biggest thing here that people are -- i think some it's arrogance. the gop establishment is so arrogant and so cocky that they think they can control this. >> pam -- >> they are not going to be able
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to control it. >> you know, i think pam -- >> the most interesting part about this is that we're reading or over reading three weeks in august. the consistency of three weeks in august, that may well be true. we may be looking at what is a very anti-establishment, anti-political viewpoint. but that's consistent with every other election cycle we have seen in every other year. >> you never had three non-elected officials do this well. >> sure we have. >> go ahead, jeff. jeff. >> hold on. >> hold on one second. name three candidates -- >> wait, wait, wait. >> that have never been elected. >> steve forbes, gary bower. that's 2000. 2012 you want to talk about herman -- >> when -- when donald trump favorability numbers soar to 63%, that's a huge story here.
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>> look, if you want me to respond, i think donald trump is echoing concerns that people have out there. right now, they want somebody who is going to be a fighter and he will be in there. there's two questions that people look at. one, can they do the job? two, are they electable? those two things have not come into place. >> one other thing i would add, cnn had a story yesterday, i believe, that the republican establishment, the headline on the cnn website was republican establishment is plotting or whatever to take down trump after september. i can only say -- number one, i believe it's totally accurate. number two, i believe it's totally stupid. if that kind of a move goes on here, that's going to inflap the kind of up ins that we have seen here. that will cause more of a surge for donald trump or whoever is the outsider candidate that they try and attack.
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>> we will see if that happens. we will leave it there. ben ferguson, i know you have a lot to say. we appreciate it so much. we have to leave it there. thank you so much. ben, josh, jeffrey, we appreciate it. "outfront" next, donald trump says he doesn't want to put attack ads on television, even as he turned twitter into a platform to launch attacks for free. a special report. this man right here suspected in the execution-style shooting death of a houston deputy who was filling his car at a gas station. is the black lives matter movement to blame? trump says he is close to a decision, just days away on a third-party run. could he win as an independent? we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] we know they're out there.
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i can offer you no interest sittifor 24 months.oday thanks to the tools and help at, i know i have an 812 fico score, so i definitely qualify. so what else can you give me? same day delivery. the ottoman? thank you. fico scores are used in 90% of credit decisions. so get your credit swagger on. go to, become a member of experian credit tracker, and take charge of your score. tonight, donald trump launching a blistering new attack on his rival jeb bush. take a look.
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>> yes, they broke the law. but it's not a felony. it's kind -- it's an act of love. >> less than 48 hours ago, trump told cnn he wants to run a positive campaign. >> i just want to talk about my accomplishments. i'm not looking to attack anybody. i would rather have positive tv ads. >> is trump breaking his word? that latest attack was not a tv ad. he posted it on soerl immediaci. tonight's "money and power." >> reporter: donald trump seems to have elevated political trolling to an art form. his preferred medium, twitter. day and night he baits and an
4:17 pm
t tag niezs his opponents. you are only 26 points behind me. takes on conservative anchors. megyn kelly the bimbo back in town. even potential voters. so many politically correct fools in our country. all in 140 characters or less. >> you do a couple of tweets. >> reporter: he picks the fight -- >> because when people treat me unfairly, i don't alet them forget. maybe we should have more of that. unbelievable. >> reporter: his tweets are often retweeted to his followers like the message about fox news anchor megyn kelly and another that called bush crazy and asked, who cares that he speaks mexican? both messages were part of a recent late night trump tweet storm. he says he endorses his retweets. >> to a certain extent i do. i think that's right. you want me to say no?
4:18 pm
i retweet. i retweet for a reason. >> reporter: what about trump's original tweets? >> i do a lot of things by myself. people would be surprised. people are shocked at how smart i am. right? >> reporter: he has been tangling with jeb bush calling him weak on immigration. jeb bush never uses his last name. he is ashamed of the name bush? a sad situation. go jeb. bush has tweeted back calling trump among other things a tax hiking democrat, fighting words. he has gone old school taking it back to the soapbox with this swipe. >> they think that volume in their language is a version of leadership. talking is not leadership. doing is leadership. >> reporter: trump's twitter steel pre-dade hpredates his pr
4:19 pm
run. ♪ i have never seen a thin person drinking diet coke ♪ ♪ barak obama's birth certificate ♪ >> reporter: you don't see the tweets of most politicians being spoofed on national tv. people seem to like it. since the republican debate, trump has gotten more followers and mentions than jeb bush or hillary clinton combined. pam? >> that puts it in perspective. thank you so much. "outfront" tonight, andy dean, a trump supporter who works for trump for seven years and van jones, a former advisor to president obama. great to have you here with us. andy, i'm going to start with you. we heard trump say he's not going to use tv attack ads. what do you think he means by that? he sends out videos, tweets attacking his opponents on twitter. isn't that the same thing?
4:20 pm
>> i think he is being smart because he's not spending money on it. it's not attack ads. if you look at jeb bush, he is a disaster on immigration. plus he is a low energy guy. maybe he has low t. we're not sure. you can't put him up against hillary clinton. even though jeb bush raised $114 million, he is poling close to zero now. trump is making the distinctions and doing a good job without having to spend money. >> van, we hear trump repeatedly call not only politicians but celebrities morons, losers, dumb, boring, overrated. do you think these attacks are part of his draw? do people like this? after all, he has something like four million volufollowers. >> i mean, justin bieber probably has 20 million. maybe he should be president. at a certain point this is good entertainment. but it's dangerous for us to
4:21 pm
imagine the best way to figure out who should lead our country in a time of war, economic challenge, climate challenge, based on who has the funniest one liners. what we need to be doing at this point is asking ourselves a question. if a guy says on one day, i want to lead a positive campaign and the next day puts out a despicable racist ad like he did attacking jeb bush because he said one kind thing about latinos, do you want this guy in the white house? at some point we have to go beyond is this guy entertaining and saying, is this able to lead the country. he is not. >> this is van jones, teak him 30 seconds to call donald trump a racist. this is outrageous. >> i said the ad is racist. >> we know what you are implying. >> if you take one -- here is the deal. if you take one or two or three people from a community of 11 million who are horrible people, who are murderers, who are awful and use them to define 11 million people, there's a word
4:22 pm
for that. it's call eed scop eed scapegoa. >> how is is it incorrect? >> you are saying of the 11 million illegals only one or two or three criminals, then you don't know the facts. >> that's not what i'm saying. >> they are protected by liberals. do you want murderers to be in the united states? >> absolutely not. but here is the point. >> thank you. trump agrees with you. >> if we want -- if you want to have a discussion about safety in urban america, let's have that discussion. to make that be the single way we talk about 11 million people here is wrong. you know it's wrong. if i -- he has a very strange way of showing it. >> i worked with him for seven years. he loves hispanics. >> i would love for him -- >> andy -- he loves hispanics.
4:23 pm
he loves women. we heard him say this. now he is attacking not only one of his opponents but against a staff member, hillary clinton's top aide, who is married to former congressman anthony wiener who left congress as we know in scandal. let's look at this tweet that trump put out. the top aide to hillary clinton and the wife of sleazebag. he claimed she passed along information to wiener. why is he singling her out? >> he is not claiming that. he is mentioning facts which are -- >> what is it based on? >> we know -- hold on. hillary clinton today we learned had another 150 e-mails that were marked classified that ended up on a personal server. she's married to a complete sexual degenerate who can't control himselves when it comes to technology. that's a national security concern. >> how does that mean she's passing on information?
4:24 pm
how thdoes that translate? >> it's a concern that hillary clinton treats classified information as if it's a joke. she talked to hillary on this private e-mail server. she's married to a man who can't control himself online. what if hillary becomes president? it's very in bounds for donald to make this distinction. >> van, do you think trump needs to apologize? >> i don't think there's any point in asking him to apologize. he hasn't apologized for any other offensive things he has done. it's something we have to look at seriously. here is a guy who says this guy is a pervert. i don't think there's any person in public life, besides donald trump, in the history of country who has said i would date my own daughter if she weren't my own daughter. if you want to go down the long list of crazy, strange, bizarre things he has said and done, here is a guy married multiple times. attacking someone else for
4:25 pm
staying married through a tough time. i think the entertainment factor here has to go away. we have to look, is this the man with the character -- if he is concerned about american safety and security, for him to go in this direction with this tone is not presidential. that's the problem we have right now. he is driving down the standard for the country in discussing who should be president of the united states. that's dangerous. >> the bottom line is he is top the polls. he is resonating with people. van jones, andy dean, we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> thank you. "outfront," up next, a houston deputy shot from behind and killed execution style. the alleged shooter in court today. was an anti-police climate behind this vicious attack? militants blowing up historic sites. can these ruins be recovered? look like this.
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4:30 pm
motive, the accusations that the deputy was targeted because he wore a uniform are sparking new tensions between the black lives matter movement and law enforcement. the suspect, 30-year-old shannon miles made his first court appearance as the prosecutor detailed the brutal murder. the suspect allegedly unloaded his entire pistol into the father of two. >> reporter: it was so quiet when shannon miles walked into the courtroom, you could only hear the sound of the shackles around his ankles and waist. a show of force looking on as several dozen sheriff's deputies staired do e stared him down. >> he unloaded the entire weapon. >> reporter: prosecutors gave a detaile ed ed account of how he ambushed deputy goforth as he was walking back to his patrol
4:31 pm
car. >> he runs up behind the deputy and puts a gun to the back of his head and shoots. deputy goforth hits the ground and then he continues to unload his gun, shooting repeatedly into the back of deputy goforth. >> reporter: the prosecutor says miles emptied all the rounds from his handgun, 15 shots in all, before walking to his truck and driving away from the scene. deputy goforth left dead in a pool of his own blood, shell casings on the ground around him. on this spot now, a memorial of teddy bears and flowers has blossomed. investigators say ballistics test link the shell casings to a hadn't gun found in shannon miles' home garage. investigators are trying to determine a motive for a shooting investigators describe as cowardly and cold-blooded. the sheriff says deputy goforth was targeted because he wore a uniform. >> this rhetoric has gotten out of control.
4:32 pm
we have heard black lives matter. all lives matter. cops' lives matter, too. why don't we drop the qualifier and say lives matter and take that to the bank. >> reporter: according to miles' facebook page, he bounced around various colleges, including the university where sandra bland was supposed to work. >> don't touch me. i'm not under arrest. >> you are under arrest. >> reporter: bland's case garnered scrutiny when she was found dead after being arrested during a traffic stop. all of this happened a few miles down the road from where miles lives and where he allegedly shot and killed deputy goforth. tonight one of the lawyers for shannon miles tells me that one of the first things they will be doing is working on a psychological exam to determine whether or not their client will be fit to stand trial. that is a process that's starting here in harris county. >> thank you so much for that. "outfront," mark lamont hill
4:33 pm
and david clark. thanks for coming on. sheriff clark, this is horrific what happened, obviously. do you think it's fair to link this murder to the black lives matter movement when we still don't know the suspect's motive? >> i think it's very fair. in light of the anti-cop rhetoric that is sweeping the united states of america, fuelled by this group, some of the vulgar, vile rhetoric coming out talking about killing cops. that's some of the nice stuff. some of the stuff i can't even say here on tv. there's no doubt in my mind that the two new york officers, ramos and lu, were gunned down by an individual who made facebook postings about wanting to kill pigs. he was going to go out and hunt officers down. there have been officers across the united states who had their cruisers shot at and struck while they patrolled.
4:34 pm
st. louis, the same thing. this is part of a pattern. you would have to stick your head in the sand to think this wasn't fuelled by this vile, vulgar, slimy movement. >> mark? >> i disagree with your characterization. i would be curious to ask you, do you think every cop who has been killed this year is connected somehow -- the death is connected to blm? >> no. but there's an increase in assaults on police officers, killings of police officers. it may not be directly related to this movement. there's no fear anymore about assaulting or attacking, fighting, disarming or generally -- like i said assaulting law enforcement officers. you know what? if the shoe fits, wear it. dylann roof slaughtered church goers. he was indicted. and other people talked about dis -- slavery, discrimination
4:35 pm
alive and well in the united states. that's why if the shoe fits, wear it. >> i'm glad you are saying if the shoe fits. as a police officer, i would hope you would want to emphasize probable cause, due suspicion, investigation. the police -- >> darren wilson didn't get that. >> sheriff, sheriff -- >> assumption of innocence. for to you -- >> sheriff -- >> it's -- >> i haven't said -- >> it's hypocritical. it's hypocritical. the police officers in the freddie gray case didn't get that presumption of innocence. >> i have let you talk. let me respond. please, let me respond. even if you think those people didn't get what they deserves, as a police officer, i hope you wouldn't say two wrongs make a wrong. we should be emphasizing due process and investigation here. in this case, the people handling the case in texas themselves have said, they clearly -- we don't know the motive. you are saying that your
4:36 pm
colleagues in law enforcement who say we don't know the motive are wrong and you know the motive. your characterization of black lives matter is incorrect. the argument of black lives matter is not to say that police officers should be killed, that police officers should be demonized, that police officers should be marginalized. the argument is that police officers should be held to standards of accountability like everybody else. the increased number of black bodies, which die at the hands of state violence needs to end. while we regard all lives, we cannot exclude black lives. >> what about the black victims that die at the hands of other black people? that doesn't seem to matter. they're dieing -- >> matter to who? >> the few rare instances of the police use of force. >> sheriff clark, looking at the numbers here, if we are going to bring that up, there were 24 unarmed african-americans killed by police this year. so when you take that into account, sheriff clark, do you think that african-americans,
4:37 pm
people part of this protest, have a right to have their voices heard and to protest? >> it's not a matter of whether they have a right. it's a matter wof whether it's legitimate. there are 104 homicides in milwaukee right now. i think there were 79 last year. baltimore, 214. they have matched all of 2014. when you want to take that -- i'm not saying that none of that was is legitimate in terms of taking a look at them. but how many of them were ruled justifiable? how many of the uses of force were determined to be reasonable and justifiable? let's compare that 24 to the number of stops made by police officers during that time period. you will find that's a very, very fractional percentage of deaths that occur at the hands of police officers. that's what the data shows. >> i've been active following, covering and as a protester. i have never seen anyone in the black lives matter movement or
4:38 pm
any other principal movement against police violence say that most police stops result in unlawful executions or unlawful shootings or unlawful violence. the argument is that it happens too often and we don't have -- >> what's too often? >> any time someone gets killed unlawfully, it's too many. i would hope you agree one is too many. >> that's a mischaracterization right there that every tomb a law enforcement officer has to use force they're acting as judge, jury and executioner. >> i did not say that. >> let's apply the facts of the case to the rule of law. if the rule of law -- >> i didn't say that. you are making -- you are making arguments. i didn't say that. what i said is under the circumstances when that's the case, one is too many. i didn't say every time that's the case. under the circumstances -- >> it's not facts. >> they're not anecdotes. there's strong evidence. police officers are the overseers. you decide what cases are legitimate and what aren't.
4:39 pm
that is a problem. that's what we're trying to deal with. >> just to give the other side of the stats, sheriff goforth is the 25th officer, person in uniform killed just this year. 24 unarmed black men. he is the 25th officer to be killed. way too many on both sides. >> that's not the same thing. being black and outside of presents the same danger as being a police officer who signs up for a dangerous job, that's scary. just being black is. >> that's justification -- >> mark i think it's -- >> we all agree nobody should die. >> you are -- >> thank you for this lively discussion. >> to serve their communities to end up with that as a result. >> thank you. we appreciate it. up next, a religious site is blown up by isis. why is a terror group destroying history? donald trump, the republican frontrunner in virtually every
4:40 pm
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tonight, the clock is ticking for donald trump to rule out a third-party run. trump says a decision will be coming soon. if it doesn't, could it jeopardize his chances in the race for the white house? tom foreman is "outfront." >> reporter: even donald trump admits the clock is ticking on a tough question. will he run as an independent? we will make a decision very soon. i think a lot of people are going to be very happy. >> reporter: south carolina's republican party is squeezing trump with a deadline of september 30 to pledge that he will support their eventual nominee or be booted from the primary.
4:44 pm
north carolina, virginia and tennessee are threatening the same. after trump was the only candidate unwilling to make that promise in the first debate. >> you are not going to make the pledge? >> i will not make the pledge at this time. >> with this threat, he is saying to the republican party, you know, it's a nice little party you've got there. it would be a shame to see something happen to it. >> reporter: there are several factors to consider if an independent trump appears. first, the votes. in the past five presidential elections, the average margin of victory in the popular vote has been 4.5%. any independent who siphons off that much could make a difference. it has happened. >> i would only run as an independent. >> reporter: in 1992, ross perot captured 19% of the vote. they argue over how that affected bill clinton's win. trump has made his thoughts clear. i think every single vote that
4:45 pm
went to ross perot came from bush. second, the money. obama, romney and their supporters spent close to a billion dollars in 2012 so trump without a party behind him might have to pony up close to a half billion. as a point of reference, perot spent $119 million inflation adjusted dollars and remember, he lost. there's this. republicans hold a go governor's chair in 31 states, both chambers of the legislature in 30 and they control the house and senate, which means they could throw up many legal roadblocks if trump goes rogue and goes independent. >> tom foreman, thank you so much. david gergig joins us to discuss. in order to compete in the south carolina primary, he needs to rule out a third-party run by september 30th.
4:46 pm
that's the hard deadline. could he win the nomination without competing in south carolina? >> he could. he could. but it would slow him down, especially if there's other southern states like north carolina and tennessee moved in the same direction. he will declare he will support the republican nominee. the campaign is more serious for him. given his status now, given the fact he's ahead in almost all the polls, this is -- he has a shot at nomination. he would blow that shot probably if he took -- if he sits this out and doesn't say. my second -- i think when he said i'm going to make a lot of people happy, that's a hint he's going to declare he will be loyal. the other point is, i think the real deadline is the cnn debate on september 16. i just can't imagine he will want to go into a second debate, get beaten up by the other candidates and then make a decision to be loyal. it will look like he got hustled into it, he got pressured into
4:47 pm
it. he will want to make this independently of the cnn debate. >> why is he drawing this out? he is topping nearly every republican poll. is this part of a calculus? part of a plan that when he does declare, perhaps it will help him in the polls saying he will run as a republican? >> well, i would think that he is almost played out this hand on whether he's going to be loyal or not to the republican nominee. but he will do it -- he will do this in his own way. what we have seen in this whole campaign is, he is an original. he has a lot of imagination about how he does things. he will find some way to make his loyalty pledge. not something he whispers. something he is very forthright about it. i have been in it long enough. have i si i have sized up the candidates. i hope to lead. i think he is going to this in a way that makes him continue --
4:48 pm
he exudes masculinity and strength. that's what he wants to continue. he is partly making progress because he's this outspoken opponent of the establishment. now you have two voices anti-establishment with ben carson rising the way he is. he knows he is on to something. i think he wants to ride it. i think he's going to do it in his own way to match miximize h political impact. >> what would the benefit be to run independent? >> the people who have looked at this -- take mike bloomberg who could have been a third-party independent candidate. his friends told me he looked at the numbers. he thought he could win. he did not see how a third-party independent candidate could win 270 electoral votes. it would go into the house of representatives where he had no chance. he didn't represent either party. it's decided by the parties. so it didn't seem to be a viable
4:49 pm
option. i think the more donald trump looks at this, he will see, kint win the presidency and i hand it over to the other guys. >> a third-party candidate has never won the white house. thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> good to talk to you. "outfront" up next, jeanne moos on kanye west running for president. what a possible donald trump kanye west matchup on the debate stage might look like. you won't want to miss it. you tuck here...
4:50 pm
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kanye west says he is running for president in 2020. but how would he fare in the debates? particularly if he were to face donald trump. here's jeanne moos. >> reporter: as the words rolled off his tongue. >> i have decided in 2020 to run for president. >> reporter: yoiz rolleeyes rol.
4:54 pm
no ifs, ans, but plenty of butt about it. you could buy the shirt. wear the speech. ponder kanye west on mount rushmore. the kardashian clan chimed in social media with kourtney suggested a white house edition. some proposed possible runningmates. as for who the rapper could run against, the dream match up had kanye crowned with trump-like hair. without no further adieu, the imaginary donald vs. kanye debate. the clash of the narcissists. >> politicians are all talk no action. >> i'm not no politician, brah. >> i will be the greatest jobs president that god ever created. >> i am the number one most impactful artist of our generation. i am shakespeare in the flesh.
4:55 pm
>> i don't care. i am really rich. >> listen to the kids. >> sit down. sit down. >> i will die for the art. >> no, no, you are finished. a >> reporter: there is no question, kanye took the high road. >> did he smoke something before he came out. yeah, i rolled up a little something. i knocked the edge off. >> they're saying it is having damaging effects to the mind and brain. >> it isn't about me it's about idea, bro. >> reporter: trump may not compete as a rapper, but he knows when to cut the music. just don't expect kanye to be addressing my fellow americans. >> bro. bro, i don't understand it, bro. >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn. new york. >> sit down. >> wow. we'll be right back.
4:56 pm
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big day? ah, the usual. moved some new cars. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern.
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thank you for joining us on this monday. "ac 360" starts now. good evening. thank you for joining us tonight. another sign political outsiders are in and insiders are in trouble. there is donald trump and carson. on the democratic side, vermont senator bernie sanders. big news tonight. he has been drawing big crowds, bernie sanders has in his race with hillary clinton. fresh evidence in the form of new polling tonight. cnn's john king lays out the state of the race on both side by the numbers. bernie sanders within striking distance of hillary


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