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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  August 31, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. joint pain and damage... can go side by side. ask how enbrel can help relieve joint pain and help stop joint damage. enbrel, the number one rheumatologist-prescribed biologic. breaking news out of washington, state department put out a batch of hillary clinton e-mails. kept at the clinton home while sunny was secretary of state. and they factored heavily into her presidential campaign. our reporter at the state department has gotten her first look at them. she joins us now. exactly what are you looking for with the new batch? >> anderson, looking at the time period.
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2 2009-2010, the obama administration, between the clinton camp. who is going to get nominate ford positions. that was 2010, beginning of the wikileaks scandal. lacki i looking how secretary clinton handled that. and 150 e mails, marked classified. not at the time, not marked classified. retroactively classified now because information is being released to the public. i will be looking to see what has been redacted, which issues are related to this. there has been a lot of criticism about secretary clinton sunny was handling classified information. >> it may be premature, have you seen anything so far? >> haven't seen anything so far. literally as well were on break the information from the e-mails just posted. we are going through them as quickly as we can. we will have information. 7,000 pages we are told, 12% have been redacted. >> going to be a long night. appreciate you doing that.
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check back shortly. in houston breaking news of a sheriff's deputy. about the alleged killer's mental health history and the facts are terrible, tear blow sad. friday night someone came up behind this man, the sheriff's deputy, opened fire with a 40 caliber semiautomatic pistol. the deputy was a ten-year veteran, the father of a young son and daughter to. night a suspect is in custody. the case has become rightlyr not, part of a larger deeply polarizing debate over the deaths of african-american men, women, teenagers, at the hand of police and treatment of police. we will ex-mrr some plore after breaking news. we are jind nooined now. what have we learned, ed? >> we learned that in october, 2012, shannon miles was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. before it want to trial, a judge and psychiatrist determined he
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was not mentally capable of going to trial. he was sent to a state mental hospital for six months. this news comes as people are trying to get a better understanding of this man accused of murdering a beloved sheriff's deputy and they got their first lack at him in court today. it was so quiet when shannon miles walked into the houston courtroom, you could only hear the sound of the shackles around his ankles and waist. a show of force looking on as several dozen sheriffs deputies stared down the man accused of killing their fellow officer. >> he unloaded the entire weapon into the deputy. >> reporter: prosecutors gave the most detailed account yet of how shannon miles allegedly ambushed the deputy as he was walking back to his patrol car at pump number 8. >> he runs up behind deputy and puts a gun to the back of his head and shoots. the deputy hits the ground and then he continues to unload his
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gun shooting repeatly into the back of the deputy. >> reporter: the prosecutor says miles emptied all the round from his 40 caliber handguns. 15 shots in all before walking to his truck and driving away from the scene. deputy left deaden a pool of his own blood, shell casings on the ground around him. on this spot now, a memorial of teddy bears and flowers has blossomed in the deputy's honor. investigators say ballistics test link the shell casings at the crime scene to a handgun found in shannon miles home garage. investigators are trying to determine a motive for a shooting, investigators describe as cowardly and cold-blooded. but the sheriff says the deputy was targeted because he wore a uniform. >> this rhetoric has gotten out of control. we heard black lives matter. all lives matter. cops lives matter too. why don't we drop the qualifier and say lives matter and take that to the bank. >> reporter: according to miles'
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facebook page he bounced around houston area colleges including the university where sandra bland was supposed to work. >> don't touch me. i am not under arrest. >> you are and unrest. >> reporter: bland's case garnered intense scrutiny this summer when found dead in her jail cell after beg arrested in a traffic stop. all this happened a few miles down the road from where miles lives and where he allegedly shot and killed the deputy. >> bland any death determined to be a suicide. >> go ahead, ed. >> sorry. sorry, we also learned from prosecutors that, they have issued a subpoena for mental health record from a low cull mental health hospital here in the houston area as well. a defense attorney, attorney for shannon miles tells us one of the first things they will do is order psychological e val waegs of shannon miles. clearly all indication appears that much of what will happen in this investigation from here on out is an evaluation and an examination of shannon miles'
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mental state when he was accused of murdering the deputy here in houston. >> i mean there is questions about his mental state. but his criminal record is already known? >> this aggravated assault charge, 2012. other charges. not as serious, date back to 2005 and 2009. there is a hot of history there for prosecutor and defense attorneys to pour over. >> perspective from cnn legal analyst, former prosecutor, sonny hostin. chuck, i am sorry, you are here under these circumstances. do you believe, chuck that the killing of this deputy, deputy goforth should be kiddconsidere
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hate crime. and the fact that the suspect has been found mentally incapable of standing trial. does that change anything? >> all of these kcases have to e investigated before you can make a determination. the justice department will do an investigation if we qualify for hate crime protection they would do an investigation and determine if there was a personal bias and bias against a class involved in the hate crime. in this particular case i think the investigation is still at the early stage. but from the circumstances that we know, it was an assassination of a police officer for no other reason than the fact that he was wearing a uniform. >> sonny, do you think police should be in a protected class in that killing a police officer would be a hate crime? >> historically when you lack at hate crimes are really reserved for people that are targeted because of their race or sexual orientation or disability. >> religion. >> national origin. so i don't know that it appropriate for officers to be
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labeled sort of as a group under that particular statute. but to be clear any one that shoots an officer typically in each and every state that is a first degree murder charge. and so officers do get special protection under the law there is no question about that. i don't think it is appropriate to sort of ex-tetend that to ha crimes. >> would it be a deterrent? or just send a messmessage? >> send a message as hate crime legislation was originally designed to to do was to allow people the understanding that there are certain classes of individuals that are protected because of status for ethnic sexual preference, in these particular cases, the assassination of police officers is on the rise. nine last year. four this year. they're a protected class the they need to be protected. our police officers are out protecting the citizens of the
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country. enough is enough. 60,000 police office ears salt aid year. that's not what they sign on to do. they soon to protect life and property. and they're, not out there to be assaulted by the general public. hate crime legislation to add us to that protected class would allow the american people to understand that the asass nation of a police officer is a biased event. and that -- they deserve that protection. >> sheriff, sorry, sonny, the sheriff in houston raised a lot of eyebrows, got a lot of support as well for saying that sort of heated rhetoric from members, some members of black lives matter movement has made it more difficult for police officers and linked it to the killing of this deputy though the sheriff admits we don't know exact low whly what the motive person was. that is being investigated do. you think a linkage can be made? inappropriate to make it so quickly? >> i do.
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i was disappointed that the sheriff made that link especially so early on in an investigation any one that dealt with law enforcement especially a sheriff knows you don't make that linkage so early. it was quite inflammatory. and so i was surprised at that. i also think, bottom line, we have the first amendment. people are allowed to voice their frustrations even inartfully the way some in the black lives matter movement have. i think it is really inappropriate to make that sort of link. it is just not there right now. and what we do know in terms of motive is this a man who has a significant mental health, history. when you are talking about some one not being found compa tent to stand trial, someone being placed against his her will for six months an indication of a significant mental disease or defect. i think this is really more about mental health. anderson. i know i talk about it all the time. when are we going to start talking about mental health and gun control. why are people that have that kind of mental history able to
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get guns to shoot a police officer 15 times is just beyond me. >> we should point out -- talk about that. >> we should point out actually this guy was, actually shot off a gun years ago in public. served time in jail for that. had the gun confiscated for that. but chuck, do you believe that there is a linkage between rhetoric, spoken by some, rhetoric on social media, and -- violence against police officers in particular this, this, what you term an assassination, cold-blooded murder. >> anderson, i believe there are people in this country that are willing and able to commit violent crimes at any time. the rhetoric and calling for assassination and the calling for pigs in a blanket let them fry, that's like screaming fire in a movie theater. the police officers in this country are protected, and the first amendment rights of
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everybody. and add ve skate fvocate for pr constitutional rights. whb you add ve kate v when you add ve kavocate for vi it is a crime. should be treated like a crime. thank you. >> details from a new batch of hillary clinton e-mails. they're trying to speed read them as much as possible right now. we will check in shortly. awhat what she is finding. the later, a piece of wing so much hope is riding on, seems to be for the 777 flight 370. the spanish company that made the part is weighing in. we will tell you what they had to say about it and why more need how to be done before it can be deter menned when we continue. -- scan be determined when we continue. zzzquil. the non-habit forming sleep aid that helps you sleep easily, and wake refreshed. because sleep is a beautiful thing.
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our foreign affairs correspondent going through the latest e-mails from hillary clinton's private server. there are 7,000 of them. reading as quickly as she can. details from her shortly. as she read. we wait. i want to look at the drag this story sccould be putting on the clinton campaign and appeal of anti-establishment candidates lake donald trump, ben carson, and on the democratic side, vermont senator bernie sanders. new plg olling tonight in the se of the race from iowa. our correspondent john king has the numbers. john, bernie sanders within striking distance of hillary clinton. show us the details? >> bernie anders has to be encourages by the numbers. start in iowa. bernie sanders, second place in
6:19 pm
the new iowa poll. 30%. hillary clinton 37%. bernie sanders within 7 points. the first time hillary clinton is below 50. a third of her support evaporated in iowa. bernie sanders has to be encouraged. bernie sanders within striking distance in iowa. latest new hampshire poll has bernie sanders in the lead by seven points. hillary clinton trailing in one state. competitive in iowa. just a fascinating race. can he build on this? we will see. in great shape the summer end and we turn to september. >> sanders, momentum in the polls. drawing huge crowds. in terms of actually getting the nomination what hurdles would he have to takele? >> the defining question for sanders. message candidate. protest candidate. or a candidate to win the democratic nomination. let's asasume he does well in iowa. does well in new hampshire. then in a race with hillary clinton. the race goes out next to nevada. february 20. labor support key. organizing voters here.
6:20 pm
sanders has labor support. political career in vermont. not a lot of track record going after latinos. then from there, the race would come to south carolina. this is the first state you have a majority of the democrat prik marry electorate. african-americans. and bernie sanders in vermont all his life. hasn't compete ford the black vote much. a hillary clinton constituency with obama not in the race. another big question. and a challenge. here's the biggest one. anderson. after the contests. nevada, south carolina. march 1. a dozen states are going to vote. sanders home state of vermont votes. massachusetts votes that day. minnesota might be friendly off to the liberal sanders. then you get into a number of states. alabama, georgia, majority of the democratic electorate. african-americans. north carolina. virginia. tennessee. about a third, 30% to a third of the electorate will be african-americans. texas. 20%, african-american. 30%. latino. not only does he have to have a diverse coalition. bernie sanders, built and organized that. with a dozen states.
6:21 pm
you have to do your delegate. state work. money for television ad. this will be a test of whether bernie sanders is a message candidate or national campaign. >> john, stay with us. bring in gloria borger. cleave mr chief political analyst. when you are talking to people in ooh iowa, do they see this a protest vote. or do people you talk to in iowa, new hampshire. feel like he could get the nomination? >> i think that what voters are doing in the two early states right now is they're kind of dating bernie sanders a little bit. they're not sure they want to marry him yet. it's not that they deon't like hillary clinton. 77% favorability. he has favorability at 73%. so, they're taking a look at some one new. and they like what they see. but here's something also to keep in mind. 2/3 of the democrats in those early states, believe that hillary clinton could actually win a general election.
6:22 pm
democrats want to win. they don't necessarily feel the same way about bernie sanders. you are going to have to see how this deaf ups. they want to nominate a candida candidate. they think can beat the republicans. >> how big a prb loblem. bernie sanders, identified as a socialist. if he gets hillary clinton's thunder. would she ever use that against him. >> you just asked what potentially could become the, the, the, underline it again and write it out. defining question. bernie sanders is a friend the we have no intention of attacking him, through direct mail, e-mail, television ad. conventional weapons of politics. hillary clinton's friend in the super pac, say bernie sanders is part of the family. we have no intention of inning tiff adinning -- negative ad against bernie sanders. if he was in a dead heat as the contest moves on. they would have to revisit the competition. when you move south you have conservative democrats.
6:23 pm
liberals the base of the party. move into the southern states. the socialist label would hurt bernie sanders without a dut. the question, will secretary clinton herself or friend in the super pac community will it come to that pin the when the democratic race turns in from a friendly competition into a battle. >> gloria, look at the age factor on bernie sanders. he would be 75 when he would be entering the white house. ronald reagan was 77 when he was leaving. >> right. look, you know bernie sanders is not a spring chicken as they say. hillary clinton, hillary clinton is 67. donald trump is 69 years old. joe biden is 72 years old. it seems to me that voters right now aren't talking about age. they're talking about where you are on the spectrum. they want to see you as an outsider. they dent caon't care how old y. if somebody older gets nominated you. know this. will that person have a single term? who will that person's vice president be? that was very important with john mccain.
6:24 pm
if you will recall. but right now it is a little too early to start talking about whether they would nominate somebody who is 60-plus. >> cabele news, never too early. >> oh, okay. >> thank you. >> newly released clinton e mails, what they're finding. we'll check back in in a moment. looks like we have some sort of sea monster in the water hazard here. i believe that's a "kraken", bruce. it looks like he's going to go with a nine iron. that may not be enough club... well he's definitely going to lose a stroke on this hole. if you're a golf commentator, you whisper. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. this golf course is electric...
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we are joined with early findings, anything jump out? >> no big bombshells, anderson. a few interesting things. secretary clinton talking about needing a teleprompter for a speech giving on iran at the time her aide were having secret talks with iran. i want to look at some of the e-mails to show you how they run the gamut. in one ten-day period. june 2010, secretary clinton's ipad arriving. she is looking forward, your ipad has arrived. she says exciting news. can you teach me to to it on the flight to kiev. pretty mundane.
6:29 pm
then just a few days later an e-mail entitled, the russian foreign minister, all it says from one of her aide. can you run the traps? and the rest of it here is redacted. so it just shows from the mundane to the pretty sensitive. and there is an e-mail here from sydney bloomenthal, a three-page e-mail talks about the crisis in kyrgyzstan, a very close adviser to clinton never made it to the state department staff over objections from the white house. still sending her intelligence gleaning from sources. it shows the relationship between clinton and bloomenthal that has really been a focus particularly of the benghazi committee. that's how this all started anderson. >> just stto be clear, e-mails marked classified were not classified at the time. correct? >> not classified at the time or marked classified. they have been upgraded to
6:30 pm
classified. i am told by sources that the vast majority had the lowest level of classification. that's because this all started from what we call, a freedom of information act lawsuit to get some of the documents released to the public. so while they don't necessarily have to be on a classified system, at the same time they dent want this information released to the public. that's why they're redacting a lot. in previous batches they had information that was since leveled to top secret. i think you have 150 e-mails now. about 13% -- of the e-mails. about, you know double -- the amount of e-mail that were upgraded from the previous batch. i think it reflects the state department kind of erring on the side of classifying more. they have been under a lot of criticism from the intelligence community that they weren't classifying enough and taking the sensitive materials seriously enough. >> elise appreciate it. joining us democratic strategist paul begala, co-chairs a pro
6:31 pm
hillary clinton super pac long-time adviser to president bill clinton. gop strategist, anna navaro, jeb bush supporter, good friend of marco rubio's. >> paul, the idea that the e-mails weren't classified at the time. do you think voters care about the caveat, i am guessing you don't think voters care at all about this? >> we know from des moines register poll, bad news for hillary, she is down to 37%. and bernie sanders spitting distance. in that poll, bad news poll for hillary. is they asked people do you care about the e-mails. 17% said they care about the e-mails. congress cares a lot about it. god bless them. controlled by the republican they can dig in. we in the press, i'm not really in the press, press seems to care about it. we will just grind through all this. where we are today is where we have been for months. which is she didn't break any rules. she didn't send or receive anything that was marked classified. how are you going to know?
6:32 pm
what is happening from elise's reporting post facto people are looking back saying, gee, we should have classified this, classify this now, lest our readers and viewers and listeners know what their government is doing. terrific article. matthew miller former justice department spokesman wrote saying the scandal here is how we overclassify things. miller's job at justice was trying to get information out. he talks how it completely nuts our system is. how we overclassify so many things? >> anna, do you agree with paul? this know it a big deal, among democratic voters or do you think it is. >> i think it is a big deal. i give all sorts of kudos to paul. when you are on tv having to explain the minutia of the classification process it is not something you would look to be doing. i live in miami florida. where it rain is a lot. when you have a leak and it drips, drips, drips. maybe one time it doesn't do
6:33 pm
anything. maybe two times it doesn't do anything. if you don't take care of the leak, the next thing, the ceiling is going to fall right on top of you. that is the frob leproblem. hillary clinton has. drip, drip, drip. doesn't go away. new revelations coming out every week. when you ask voters what the first word they associate with her. >> they said liar. >> dishonest. liar. untrustworthy. it's a problem already. not in the future. it is now. >> paul what about the poll, first word people are using to describe hillary clinton, liar. >> the only other politician whose numbers on trust worthiness are as high is donald trump. he hasn't had months and months of congressional attacks. i want what is fair is fair. >> untrustworthy numbers have radically changed? >> they have among republicans. i don't believe they have. i will check. check on it. you may be entirely right. my point though is i want fair
6:34 pm
treatment across the board. why haven't jeb's taken a dive. nobody points out for example that jeb bush had a private e-mail account as governor as well as well as governmental one. 280,000 e-mails. >> he doesn't have classified information? >> classified -- he helped rig and steal the 2000 election. he hasn't released one e-mail from that one. a lot more important. than what she had with lunch with the mayor of kiev. >> hasn't released an e-mail, of terry schiavo, the wife was in a chronic vegetative state. he invaded the family's privacy. no e-mails has he released about that. i want fair is fair. look at beth sidoth side. >> is that fair? >> i don't think it is fair ooh. think a wonderful attempt and distraction tactic. let's face it. jeb was governor of the state of
6:35 pm
florida. hillary clinton was secretary of state. sunny wasn't secretary of yoga. she was sending and receiving 50,000 e-mails on yoga routines. some of the e-mails she was sending and receiving were very sensitive information that other governments and spies would look to get their hand on. and she made a mistake doing this. because she wanted to have absolute control of everything. her paranoia and her victim syndrome led her to want to have control. and it has led to this entire problem. also look at the way she handled it. it gets under her skin. she has been flippant. she tried unsuccessfully to use humor. this is a serious thing. not a laughing matter. the national security of the united states. >> the drip continues. leave it there. paul, good to have you here. anna. as well. hillary clinton's call to help the middle class is being muddled by where she is
6:36 pm
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joe biden, still the big wild card in the democratic primary. polling better against hillary
6:40 pm
clinton and better favorability ratings than mrs. clinton. if he decide to run his blue-collar background say supporters could give him powerful leverage. last night sunny was back in the hamptons for a fund raiser, guests reportedly paid $2,700 to get in. days earlier she cut short her vacation there to campaign in the midwest. more now to night from randi kaye. >> i am going to do everything i can to try to get that deck reshuffled so being middle-class means something again. >> reporter: middle-class two word hillary clinton would like voters to associate with her campaign. but it may take a whole lot more than a campaign ad called reshuffle the deck and rebuild the middle-class for what she calls everyday americans to buy in. >> when you see that you have got ceo's making 300 times what the average worker is making, the deck is stacked in favor of those at the top. >> reporter: that is precisely where she and her husband find themselves. they're once again summering in the hampton's on long island's
6:41 pm
eastern shore reportedly renting this seven bedroom house with a lap pool by the beach that costs $100,000 for two weeks. so if she really is trying to reshuffle the deck for the middle-class why rub elbows with so many 1%ers, especially in a swanky spot where a listers like jerry seinfeld and steven spielberg hang out. when asked why the hamptons, clinton said simply it's where her friend are. it is also where the money is. in addition to palling around with a listers, hillary is hitting them up for money at this fund raiser where the guest list included supermodel christie brinkley. targeting the super rich to fund political campaigns may not be unusual. at a speech in july in new york city, hillary clinton made this promise. t . >> i will get up every day thinking about the families of america like the family that i came from. with a hard working dad who started a small business and
6:42 pm
scrimped and saved and gave us a good middle-class life. >> reporter: moments like this at the iowa state fair may help hammer that message home. >> really good. >> reporter: after iowa hillary hopped on a private jet to martha's vineyard to attend a party where she and bill danced to stevie wonder's i wish. earlier in the summer, hillary attended a fund raiser thrown by justin bieber's manager, posing for selfies with kim and kanye and mingling with john travolta and jeffrey katzenberg. then there is the question of clinton's own net worth. remember when hillary took heat for telling diane sawyer this after leaving the white house. >> we came out of the white house not only dead broke but in debt. >> reporter: they're certainly doing better now. in july the clintons released their last eight tax returns showing they earned $139 million in adjusted gross income for the time. she earned nearly $10 million in speaking fees in 2013 alone.
6:43 pm
it is a lifestyle everyday americans may not be able to relet's to. no matter how many times hillary clinton promises to turn the tide. randi kaye, cnn, new york. >> former vice president dick cheney weighing in on hillary clinton. he describes her handling of her e-mail as "sloppy and unprofessional." those comments part of a wide ranging conversation he had, he and his daughter had with cnn special correspondent, jamie gangel, covered a number of themes, mr. cheney's new book "exceptional why the world need a powerful america." here is a preview. >> you in the book blame the spread of isis on president obama. he says, it is your fault that bush-cheney left the region unstable. >> well, i think he is wrong. look at the record. we had a situation in which by the time we got through the surge in '07, '08, president
6:44 pm
bush made a courageous correct decision. iraq was in good shape when we left office. and barack obama said as much. what happened basically was they failed to follow through. they withdrew as quickly as possible. and left no stay-behind force there. they created a vacuum. the vacuum was filled by isis. >> that's one interpretation. tune in for more of the interview tomorrow night here on 360. meantime, tonight after all the hopes that small part of an airliner wing may be part of the missing mh370, a significant new development tonight. tuners... rs and eveno were just as simple? thanks to angie's list, now it is. start shopping online... ...from a list of top rated providers. visit today. rubut then i got ap domain and built my website all at godaddy. now i look so professional, i just got my first customer who isn't related to me.
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. a possible dead-end in the world's biggest unsolved aviation mystery. the part of a wing that washed ashore on an island in the indian ocean. today the spanish manufacturer weighed in. it's not hopeful news. lauren martin savidge has the latest from paris. why where french investigators not able to tell whether or not this part is from mh370. >> they have run up against a number of factors they didn't anticipate. initially i think many people
6:49 pm
thought we would have an answer within 24 hours. the french thought they would find inside the flaperon a cereal number and boeing would say, oh, yes, mh370. but according to all the sources we've spoken to, there is no cereal number inside. either it was torn off in the accident or fell off when it was floating in the ocean or wasn't there to begin with. but it's not there now. so then they have had to dig deeper inside the flaperon itself. they have found interior parts that have numbers. they apparently belong to a spanish contractor. they reached out to that company. they had to weight and they got back to them last week. and the company said, no, we have not been through our records been able to track that back to mh370. two strikes already. and lastly, we've heard they had paint samples that the french have even tried to match those. and the results there have been
6:50 pm
inconclusive. >> so they can't match the paint and they can't get this information from the spanish company with their records. where do investigators turn? >> you know, this is really what is so frustrating because of course the french do believe this is from mh370. it makes all that logic. of course there is only one missing 777, and a flaperon washes up. it makes logical sense. they want more than that, especially for the victims' families who need closure. they need this kind of finality. so far they haven't found and it they are running out of options. >> do they have any kind of a time line for when they can know with a degree of certainty? >> no, they don't. this -- this is being done by the paris prosecutor's office. they are looking at this as if it was some sort of crime. under the rules and the laws under which they operate. there is no deadline. it's not within a month or six
6:51 pm
months. there is no exact time frame in which he report. however, it is expected -- of course the world is waiting. it's been a month. so it's anticipated and we're hearing there could be something coming out perhaps as early as this week. but it's not expected to be the revelation that everyone thought, which was this part came from mh370. it appears just to be another frustrating dead-end. >> martin, i'm glad you are there. thanks. just ahead tonight, a remarkable katrina rescue and the two boys who are alive today because of it. when i lay in my tempur-pedic contour, then i slowly feel it start to kind of wrap itself around me... my mind just goes kind of blank- and the next thing i know it's morning. with tempur-flex you've got the spring and bounce of a traditional mattress and it also adjusts to my body.
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with pg&e's business energy check-up. ten years ago tonight, two days after katrina made land fall, 80% of new orleans was floodsed. thousands of people who stayed behind or were left behind were stranded in the city without power. horrific conditions in hospitals
6:56 pm
where critically ill patients waited without power. tonight a remarkable rescue story that saved one family's dream to have more children. >> oh, gosh. those seven years that we -- man, it was bad. we cried and prayed, and cried. and i was angry, and i didn't know why? why? they said nothing is wrong with you guys. there is no reason why you can have babies. >> andrea and her husband tried everything to get pregnant, but nothing worked. nothing until an experimental invitro fert fization process gave them two boys. another embryo remained frozen in a clinic near their new orleans home. >> we had lost power, i had no clue what was happening. and it hit me, oh, my gosh, my babies. they are in the same predicament as all these people at the super
6:57 pm
dome that we are seeing on tv. >> reporter: she called the clinic. but no one antianswered. before katrina, the canisters containing her embryos were moved to the second floor. now that building was flooding and without power. but a rescue mission was underway. >> i was a sergeant with the illinois conservation police. illinois put together task force illinois and offered up services to louisiana for whatever they were in need of. they told us that we have doctors and a couple nurses that we need to transport out there to get into the flooded hospital. and we need to try and recover these canisters that have frozen embryos in them. the a. liquid nitrogen that was deeping them frozen is quickly depleting, especially in this heat. and we have to get them to a facility and get them back into that cold storage. when we got to the hospital, we got to the canisters and the doctors basically looked at them and said okay they haven't been breached.
6:58 pm
they are security. so we carried them down the stairs, out through the flood waters, loaded them in our boats. and it starts to hit you. okay, we didn't just come here and pick up canisters. we came up here and picked up lives. this is 1200 potential children in our tour of being down there, we had seen a lot of death. we had seen a lot of destruction. and now, we've given back. we've given new life, no hope to those families that thought their hope was deteriorated when katrina hit. >> the rescue occurred on september 11, 2005. in december, 2006, andrea will had twins, ben and sam, the first of the recovered embryos brought to full term. >> i just thank the people that rescued our children. i would introduce them to those men and i would tell them for believing that these embryos
6:59 pm
were people. because i know not everybody believes that. but they are. those are babies. and i would say, look what you did. and my children are alive today because you did that. and i would hug they neck and i'd probably cry. and i would just -- i would just thank them. >> i would just thank them to tell them that they are the heros, most definitely, for doing that. do you have reaction to that? >> yeah. excuse me. that makes a -- it's amazing to
7:00 pm
think how much we impacted them. >> that's sam and ben. >> that is awesome. that is fantastic. >> awesome indeed i want to thank our colleagues at cnn money for collaborating on that story. that does it for us. we'll see you an hour from now at 11:00 p.m. eastern. cnn tonight with don lemon starts now. it is the battle of theout outsiders in iowa, and this may not go the way everybody thinks. this is cnn tonight. aim don lemon. while donald trump has been busy blasting jeb bush and hillary clinton, stealth rival dr. ben carson running neck-and-neck with the $10 million man in the battle state of iowa. trump and carson, tied. carly fiorina in third place. bernie sanders gaining on hillary clinton. and w


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