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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  September 2, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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begin. we take you to baltimore in just a minute. we have to start north of chicago. it's only been daylight there for a couple of hours, but a small army of law enforcement is sweeping through the area on the hunt for suspected cop killers. joseph gliniewicz was a father of four. his friends called him g.i. joe. he was a 32-year veteran who may have been days away from retiring. here's the audio as police swarmed to his aid. >> they were responding to a report of a suspicious, a male plaque a black and a male white. man with a gun. >> too late to save the officer. the lieutenant. cnn's rosa flores is following the manhunt now. she joins us live from fox lake. good morning. >> reporter: good morning,
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carol. cop killers on the loose, the community in mourning. local, state and federal agents looking for the suspects. now, here is what they tell us. it all started yesterday at about 8:00 a.m. when lieutenant gliniewicz was about a mile from where i'm standing now, investigating suspicious activity. he radioed into dispatch. he described the suspects as two white males and a black male. and then that radio conversation went to radio silence. they sent in backup and of course those police officers that went found lieutenant gliniewicz shot and killed. and that unleashed this manhunt for these suspected cop killers. we're also learning more about this lieutenant who's loved in this community, carol. we've learned that he started a program for children who were aspiring to be police officers. it's a program called explorer. and he touched so many lives and
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so many young people that were hoping to be police officers and who looked up to him. here is what one of those individuals had to say. >> it actually makes me want to become a police officer more because of this. truly it's just -- what happened today is unbelievable. when i heard the news i didn't think it was going to be him. i thought it would have been him apprehending the suspect. i didn't think it would be the other way around. when i heard it, i was dws st e devastated. it was heartbreaking for me, my explorers, the community, everyone. >> reporter: these people can't even mourn in peace today, of course because those cop killers still on the loose. they are considered armed and dangerous. >> with those three suspected cop killers still on the loose,
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the fox lake community remains on edge. joining me now on the phone is a long-time resident of fox lake. she was out walking her dog yesterday when police told her she needed to leave her subdivision so they could conduct a search. thank you so much for being with me this morning. >> good morning. how are you? i want to start off by saying my k condolences to the police department and his family. he will be deeply missed. yesterday when i was at my residence, i was walking my dog. i was approached by two police officers telling me that i need to go to my home or get in my vehicle and leave, that there was a shooting two minutes away from my house and that they're unable to find the suspects and that there is a possible motive that they were hiding in our forest preserve behind our house. so i ended up leaving and was
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unable to return to my residence for over nine hours yesterday. >> oh my goodness. i know you have a ten-year-old son and i know several school districts are closed today. what are you telling your kid? >> the school called us around 1:30 yesterday and told us to come pick up our children. the school was on safety lockdown. they required us parents to go on the property, present identification, say who we are, who we're picking up. then the school administration walked the children out one by one with somebody from the administration to make sure they were given to their parents and the car was who they belonged to. right now all hands on deck in addition to help from the fbi, police are using canine units and helicopters to comb through the search zone. however, there are tremendous challenges, including densely wooded areas. joining me now to talk about that aspect of this story, cnn
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law enforcement analyst and former fbi assistant director tom fuentes. and detective sergeant joseph ja jac jackalone. tom, i know police are searching for who white men and a black men. that's all the information police have on the suspects. how do you conduct a search if you don't have any better description of the suspects? >> you're exactly right, carol. you would hope that early in the investigation yesterday that somebody would have seen them together, which would be an identifier in and of itself, the three people together, or that they would have turned up on some security camera in a nearby store or gas station. and then they would have some type of a clothing description, more accurate physical description. so far it sounds like because of the dispatch being abrupt and the officer being killed before
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providing a more detailed description, they don't have a lot to go on. you know, now the case will focus on intelligence also, trying to found out is there a robbery crew they've been pursuing in the greater chicago metro area that consists of two white men and a black men. is there a known group of offenders that might meet the group description? beyond that, this is a difficult investigation. >> the officer was stripped of his gun and maybe his police radio. what does that tell you about the suspects? >> they have at least one firearm and now they have two. i think they took his taser too. maybe some touch dna, they had to grab a hold of this thing. like tom says, surveillance cameras in and around the police. we don't know if the officer had a body cam or if there was a dash cam in his patrol vehicle that might lead to further
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clues. >> there hasn't been an officer shot in this mid-sized town since 1980. could that be one reason why the officer didn't wait for backup? >> it's hard to know. did he see they had a vehicle and didn't have a chance to radio that in? because whatever means of transportation they had to get to that location may have been what they used to get away. without a description, you know, they could be a long way off. they could be in downtown chicago in about an hour, hour and a half of that shooting. normally the situation like this, in a somewhat rural area 50 miles from downtown chicago, it's a recreation area, lot of vacation homes. boating is popular on the chain of lakes up there, fishing. these guys had a great head start also. by the time you get enough officers up there to try to set up a perimeter, they could
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already have been long gone. >> joe, what are the odds of police tracking these people down? >> the odds are going to be -- you know, right now they're really behind the eight ball. they have zero information to work with. this is where you need to get the crime stoppers money out there, the reward money. somebody's got to know something about these guys. like tom says, it could be a burglary crew. you have to look through all the complaint reports and see what's going on, see who matches the description. we're also watching for the start of a pretrial hearing in the freddie gray case. >> freddie gray didn't have to die. tell the truth and stop the lies. >> demonstrators have already gathered in front of the courthouse chanting and carrying signs. a police spokesman says his agency is prepared for these protests but anticipates only peaceful gathers. these men and women are gathering because of these
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individuals, the six police officers facing charges from illegal arrest to the depraved heart murder in the arrest and death of freddie gray back in april. we don't expect to see these officers in court today. but we've going to be hearing from their attorneys. jean casarez is in baltimore following this story. tell us more, jean. >> reporter: hi, carol. the hearing starts in about 30 minutes. i was actually able to go into that courtroom yesterday. you see 11 chairs over on the defense side where the defense attorneys will sit today as they argue these very very important motions. there are protesters outside the courthouse, few in number. and there is definitely an increased law enforcement presence there. this community is really ready for anything, because this hearing is so important to the trial itself. the police telling their staff they cannot take leave today.
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that everyone who is going to be off today needs to be on the force in uniform, ready to go if needed. community activists are encouraging peaceful protests and demonstrations around the community, even going this time to the higher socioeconomic areas. on board first this morning will be whether to dismiss any or all of the charges. the defense is saying there are no basis in fact for these charges. each side will have 15 minutes to argue their point, not that long. the judge already has the written motions. and then a very important issue, should the state attorney be recused because of conflicts of interest? the defense wants to put as witnesses today some of her staff, an assistant medical examiner, who allegedly according to defense documents had a secret meeting with the prosecutor's office the day
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before the charges were announced. the judge said, no, we're not going to have them as witnesses at this point. this afternoon will be will to receiver defense in this trial. and we'll see if the protests continue and if they even increase. this community is ready and they all are aware the decision today -- and we may not know the answers today, but the decisions could be critical for the trial up coming in october. >> so jean, that hearing gets underway in about 20 minutes. we'll check back. still to come in the "newsroom," is carly fiorina heading to the big debate stage? a rules change for the upcoming cnn debate could mean she is. you'll hear her reaction. and we're just about 15 minutes away from the opening bell on wall street. dow futures looking up right now after yesterday's big drop. we take you live to the new york stock exchange, next. it's how i try to live...
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. when the top republican presidential contenders step onto the debate stage in just a few weeks, they could be joined by a new face. that could be carly fiorina. cnn has amended the criteria for that debate to allow any candidate ranking in the top ten between august 7th and september 10 to participate. that changed due to a lack of national polling since the first debate last month. and fiorina, who says she is clearly in the top five, praised the decision. >> they have said that the cause was a lack of national public polling data following the august 6th debate. and that is the truth. there were so many polls prior to august 6th and there have been very few since august 6th. if you just average the polls you come up with an answer that doesn't reflect current reality. >> donald trump had this to say about his republican rival just
6:17 am
a few weeks ago. >> she's a very nice woman. she got fired. she did a terrible job at hewlett-packard. she lost in a landslide. other than that, she's a very nice woman. >> here so jeffrey, i want to s with you. mr. trump tweeted that fiorina has, in his words, zero chance. so should we expect fireworks on that debate stage if fiorina gets in? >> i am sure that's what presidential debates are all about. it should be-- he supported her being in this debate. as did ben carson. she tweeted out a thanks to both of them. the nonpoliticians in the group have sort of stuck together on this. sure, she's a candidate for president. of course she should be on that stage. she has proven her metal here.
6:18 am
he'll dish whatever and she'll dish whatever. that's the way presidential debates work. that's the way they should work. if they can't handle something like this, then they shouldn't be in the oval office in the first place new york ci, no mat is. >> larry, was fiorina have a chance? >> a lot depends on this debate. this is going to be a very different debate than the first one. the first debate the candidates were really tentative. they didn't really want to attack each other for the most part. this time it's katie bar the door. fiorina and six or seven of the other candidates will be going against donald trump and of course he will give it right back to them. it should be an exciting forum. for carly fiorina, this is the opportunity for her to really get in the fight. >> right. >> absolutely. so the big war going on at the moment now is actually between donald trump and jeb bush. in fact, jeb bush fired back
6:19 am
again this morning. he released a quiz. it's titled, which candidate are you. it takes a swipe at donald trump's policy fopositions. one asks would you rather support a candidate who supports the iran deal. another question, would you rather support a candidate who strives to shake every hand everywhere or is a germophobe? you have donald trump, you have clear democratic tendencies. so jeffrey, donald trump was on abc this morning and he said, you know, i was a democrat back in the day because everyone in new york was a democrat. he was an opportunist then. why isn't he an opportunist now? >> the republican establishment in the day in 1976 went after ronald reagan for saying he had
6:20 am
once been a democrat when he was challenging gerald ford. he was extremely liberal in the day. so, you know, the question is where are these people now. winston churchhill, not only as they said in the trade, ratted. he reratted. he left the conservative party in britain and came back. i don't question that donald trump is a conservative. he is where he is. he says what he says. and he'll be on that stage ready to go. >> i guess there's no such thing as a rino anymore? a republican in name only? >> that definition has been scrambled, mainly by donald trump. hypocrisy is the life blood of politics. politicians turn on a dime. we all know that. i can't think of a politician who hasn't flip-flopped on at
6:21 am
least some major issues. that is not what's concerning republicans about donald trump or for that matter jeb bush. i don't think they're concerned about donald trump being a germophobe either. >> no, probably not. i'll have to leave it there. thanks for both of you. be sure to watch wednesday september 16th as condition hosts our first republican presidential debate. still to come in the "newsroom" -- all right. we are in baltimore where in just minutes the pretrial hearing in the freddie gray case is about to begin. small job? no, i'm doing the whole living room. hey you guys should come over later. the exclusive one-coat color collection from behr® marquee interior. every color covers in one coat, guaranteed. turning a two-coat job into an easy marquee® afternoon.
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they want their charges against their clients dropped. and they want marilyn mosby to step aside. jean casarez is live in baltimore this morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. you know, we hear those protesters. we are hearing them now. there is definitely an increased police presence around the courthouse. they are peaceful. they are demonstrating, that issue justice for freddie gray p. that is why they are here. the hearing is getting underway just about now. the defense is saying we think the charges should be dismissed. we don't believe there are facts that constitute that crimes have been committed. some of the charges, all of the charges. that's one reason that some civil people in this community are asking for peaceful
6:27 am
protests, peaceful demonstrations, because of the importance of this hearing. that will be the first issue today up front. next, the judge will consider having the recusal of the state attorney marilyn mosby. the defense has said in a lengthy motion that they believe there are so many conflicts of interest, that there was even prosecutorial misconduct in bringing these charges. the response to that by the prostituti prosecution saying we believe beyond a reasonable doubt that we can prove these charges. we looked at the police investigation and these charges are warranted and based in the facts of the case. and it is a jury of the peers of the defendants that should try this case. so that will go on inside the courthouse. there is no transmission allowed while court is in session. so we won't know if the judge is rendering decisions right now or if he is taking it under advisement for later.
6:28 am
but this afternoon it will be all about receiving the trials. should these defendants be tried together? should they be separated out? meanwhile, the protesters demanding justice for freddie gray. police force saying all officers that were going to be off today, you come into work because we have to have our force in full just to be prepared in case any emergency would happen in this community. all right. we'll get back to you. thanks so much. i'm joined by billy murphy, an attorney for the family of freddie gray in a moment. first i want to bring in rashad anthony turner. he's the lead for black lives matter in minnesota. thanks for being here. protesters are vowing to engage in acts of civil disobedience in wealthy white parts of baltimore and also at the orioles game. i'm thinking that will not
6:29 am
garner much sympathy. is that a good strategy? >> i think it's a heck of a strategy. i mean, you have to disrupt the people who want to ignore it, who want to act like police officers are above the law amid like things are okay. i definitely think you have to hit their pocket. we do the same things up here in minnesota. when you can hit their pocket and get to that money that's when those one percenters and white communities start paying attention. >> i think some of those people in those white communities will just be angry that protests are disrupting things. some of them would say we do care but we don't need disruptions like these in our communities. >> if they did care, carol, they'd be out there protesting with those protesters. they'd be reaching out to their legislators to make changes to keep things like freddie gray's murder from happening. i think there's a lot of people who, if you guys do this or that, we're going to be angry or you're going to lose our
6:30 am
support. those aren't the people we're looking for their support, because obviously they never cared anyways. >> i think that's sort of unfair. you can't like paint a broad brush and just say nobody cares, can you? that's not fair. >> i mean, those people that are going to respond with stay out of our neighborhood, are the exact people we want to reach. our legislators are people in power who sit back and allow things like the murder of freddie gray to happen. these guys are filing a motion as if they did nothing wrong in this case. it's ridiculous that people can't wake up and see that. i hope they protest in those white neighborhoods. i hope that affect every single dollar at that baltimore orioles game. that's what we have to do as protesters. we have to bring attention to our cause, because obviously the systems in place are not in favor of black people. >> as you know, there's been a lot controversy surrounding your
6:31 am
organization. another police officer shot and killed near chicago yesterday. it just seems that the two sides are at war now and nothing really is being accomplished because of the rhetoric out there. >> i think that, you know, the reality for black people in this country is we've always been under attack. we haven't had the support from our justice system. we don't have the support from our local police department. to say that now it's some type of war as if yesterday it was something different, you know, i think we've been treated a certain way. we've been treated like trash for a long time. and now people are come together, they're using their voices. and protest is necessary. >> all right. rashad anthony turner, thank you so much for joining me this morning. i want to bring in the the attorney for freddie gray's family now, billy murphy. >> hi, carol.
6:32 am
how are you? >> i'm good. thank you so much for joining me. you represent the gray family and you're a friend and supporter of the state attorney marilyn mosby. that will be brought new court today because critics say that's a conflict of interest. what do you say? >> it's an absurd allegation that the court will not have any problem kicking it to the curb. when you think about it, look, the police union and i both agree that we needed a new state attorney. the police union and i both agreed that marilyn mosby was an excellent candidate. and so on their end they supported her. and on my end they supported her. the whole notion that this somehow would result in her recusal doesn't have any logical support. no one can articulate why that ought to result in her recusal. our case, the freddie gray civil
6:33 am
case, does no have anything to do with her case, the freddie gray criminal case. >> some people think it might. what would prevent you from feeding her information? she's the prosecutor in this case and you're representing the other side. >> well, there's no proof of any of that. there's no evidence of any of that. that's pure speculation and i categorically deny that it ever happened. i don't want to interfere with her prosecution and she doesn't want to medicdle in my zefcivil. we haven't been able to get information from her or any other city counterpart that she has given to the defense lawyers. they have more information about this case than we do. >> marilyn mosby appeared at that prince concert and that concert and prince was in support of freddie gray.
6:34 am
shouldn't she recuse herself for the good of this case? >> absolutely not. it wouldn't be for the good of the case at all. it's not going to change the evidence. and unless we have a complete lack of faith in the system and its ability to judge in case on the evidence, none of this so-called controversy has anything to do, a, with whether she can prove the case. b, whether she's got the evidence to prove the charges. and c, what the jury is going to do. all of this is a distraction and it's not going to achieve a traction in any court. >> marilyn mosby is also holding a reelection fund-raiser after these hearings. your thoughts? >> the counter argument to that is, she's a public official.
6:35 am
why should she stop fund-raising simply because she has a controversial case? we have to be very careful about whether or not the criticisms that we are leveling against our elected prosecutor withstand the test of fairness. so far they do not. >> thank you so much for joining me this morning. i appreciate it. still to come in the "newsroom," opening bell ringing just moments ago. the dow up after closing down 460 points yesterday. we're live on wall street, next.
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can a a subconscious. mind? a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive? all right. things are getting a little tense in baltimore city.
6:40 am
this happened just a few moments ago. there have been protests outside the courthouse where these pretrial hearings are going on in the freddie gray case. there has already been an arrest. let's watch how it transpired. >> hey, hey, hey. stay back. >> all right. so you see police placing this man under arrest. they're trying the put him into the back of that police van. and he resists their efforts. and you'll see him soon sink to the ground. some witnesses say this is all for show. but i'm not really clear what this all means, because of course i'm not there. we're trying to get jean casarez on the phone. police are out in force. as you can see, they are not wearing riot gear. because they want to allow peaceful protests. that's the local baltimore reporter right there. can we listen once again to hear
6:41 am
what this guy's saying? >> one man into custody after tackling him and tasing him in the middle of the street. they are threatening to arrest anyone who goes near that police van or near these police officers in riot gear. they're shouting for us to clear this area. they're trying to shove this man into the back of this police car. but he is fighting them. he is resisting right now. things quickly went out of control. they were peaceful. we're in front of the courthouse. then they said the protest was going to end. and this man who you can see is resisting arrest right now got on his speakerphone and said we're going to take this from the sidewalks to the streets. he then marched with about two dozen protesters down one side street by the courthouse. then they made their way toward the inner harbor here. they shut down several roads. right now we are at pratt street which is shut down right in
6:42 am
front of the harbor here. within moments police in riot gear came in vans. they jumped out. they cleared the street. the helicopter was over us trying to clear us away. this man got a little bit out of control and they took him down with a taser. you can see he is still resisting. they finally just got him into this police van. tensions are high here. and now -- going to take a second here just to -- they are protecting this police van. >> all right. this is a wjla reporter. that's a local washington, d.c. affiliate. the protest initially starting at the courthouse. the inner harbor in popular is very close to the courthouse and camden yard where the orioles play is not far from that. do we have jean casarez on the phone? we do not. we're going to continue to try and get jean casarez. she's paying attention to what's
6:43 am
happening inside this courtroom. when we get jean casarez on the phone she'll bring us more information. all right. just a few minutes into a new trading day on wall street where investors are nursing some bruises from another ugly day. yesterday the dow closed down 460 points, its third worst day of the year. >> good morning, carol. yet another sharp u-turn for wall street. is the worst over? probably not. just like we saw last week's twists and turns, the same is expected to continue at least in the near future. now, with yesterday's moves on the dow, the dow is back in correction territory. so we are seeing that awful august transition into what you are see right now is a t-- the focus remains on china and
6:44 am
attention will be turning to the timing of wh en or if the fed will hike interest rates in september. also a report on how many people private employers added to payroll last month missing expectations. but the monthly job report from the government comes out on friday. the government will have the last word on those numbers. a few minutes into the trading day so far. the dow up 176 points. >> yay. thank you so much. we needed some good news. still to come in the "newsroom," as the father of a journalist killed by gunfire works to tighten the nation's laws on firearms, an nra host warns him against becoming, quote, emotional. andy parker's response, next. you get a cold. you can't breathe through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. a mouthbreather! how can anyone sleep like that? well, just put on a breathe right strip and pow!
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the debate over guns in this country and the laws that govern then reignited after the shooting of two young journalists. jeb bush addressed the issue head-on. >> the the federal government shouldn't beinvolvedingun laws because the country is very different. if you go to a rural area where guns are part of the culture to impose laws there washington that are going to work from new york city or in a rural area makes no sense. >> bush went on to say that mental illness and not gun control should be the focus. that sentiment shared by a host for the national rifle association news, nra news. and he also had a message for
6:50 am
the parents of alison parker. >> these gun control measures are nothing more than political febreeze. should we be trying do something about the violence in this country? absolutely. guns should be a part of that k and any other weapon. but they shouldn't be the majority of the focus. so take all of the useless gun control laws, tight them up will this a neat e-mail and then delete them because they don't work. and to the parents of alison parker and adam ward, i have no right to tell any parent how to grieve for the loss of their child. gri grief-inspireded a v ed a voadv powerful. however sometimes in a fight we can become so emotional, everyone and thing starts looking at the enemy even if they're there to help us. i'm deeply sorry for your loss.
6:51 am
>> joining me now to talk about this, an ddy parker. welcome and thank you for being with me. >> thanks, carol. i had planned to sort of ratchet down any media interviews that i had been doing nonstop, but i had to do this one for you because alison made her national debut with you a year ago. some she dgl she did and we hav on hand "want to show our viewers. >> from wdbj in roanoke. so it's pretty. >> reporter: it is. it's such a beautiful sight. and what you're seeing right now started out as heavy rain. very early this morning. but clearly a different picture, the snow just coming down. carol. >> all right. everyone be careful please. alison parker, thank you so much from wdbj in roanoke. >> she was a bright warm spot on
6:52 am
a very cold day. so we appreciated her being with us. >> she was. and i remember she was so excited because she texted me, she said dad, i'm going to be on cnn in ten minutes. and she said i'm a nervous wreck. and i said sweetie, you know, it's the same thing you do every day. just that instead of several thousands of people watching, there will be several millions. but she handled it just like she handled everything else in her life. everything she did and touched, she was the consummate pro and the consummate professional. >> she was a wonderful young woman. and you're right to be very proud. i want to ask you about what this nra host said. did you hear that shall ? >> i did. and i had heard that. and to suggest that where he shouldn't be emotional is insulting and disin-again uhe us. i think that the vast majority of nra members are with us. the knee jerk reaction from the
6:53 am
leadership is that any reasonable or common sense approach to gun legislation or, y you know, gun safety, getting guns out of the hands of people that shouldn't have them is met with the knee jerk reaction of you'll take away our guns. guns don't cause the problem, it's mental health. it's a mental issue. and they're absolutely right. it is a mental health issue. but it's also a gun issue. and they're linked together and we're working on that. we have to be able to do something to keep these sgguns t of the hands of people who shouldn't be obtaining them and that is closing gun show loopholes. there was legislation in california that was passed, gun violence rye straining order
6:54 am
that was a similar measure put up for a vote here in virginia. and it was defeated. and i heard the xlepcomments of bush that rural areas are different than urban areas and i think that's completely -- i mean that's reidiculoridiculous. so i want the nation to know, i'm not trying to take away anybody's guns. i'm for the second amendment. but we have to do something to prevent these shootings there happening by crazy people. >> what kind of reaction are you getting from the public? because you've been talking very tough about this issue. >> it's overwhelming. you hear some of the fringe groups and i don't really pay attention to that. you know, some people think -- seriously, they say it's a hoax and he's an actor, tefake tears
6:55 am
and all that. >> people actually said that? >> yeah, i've seen it floating around in the blogosphere. and i've not watched any television. it hasn't been on since -- for a week. so i certainly don't watch anything that i've done. but i can tell you that the outpouring of affection and the response has been -- it's been visceral not just in this country, but all over the world. and the interviews that i've done internationally, they just don't get it. because we don't have the market cornered on people that have mental illness. but we do have the market cornered on people with mental illness that have access to weapons. and that's the thing we have to stop. and again, that's what the -- i don't think the leadership of the nra understands, but i think their membership does. and we want to work with those people, with the reasonable people, to do something about
6:56 am
this. >> well, andy, continue on because you're fighting the good fight. andy parker, thank you so much for being with me this morning. >> thank you, carol. i appreciate the opportunity. next hour of cnn newsroom after a break. ♪ [ male announcer ] he doesn't need your help. until he does. three cylinders, 50 horsepower. go bold. go powerful. go gator.
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go bold. go powerful. i'm a senior field technician for pg&e here in san jose. pg&e is using new technology to improve our system, replacing pipelines throughout the city of san jose, to provide safe and reliable services. raising a family here in the city of san jose has been a wonderful experience. my oldest son now works for pg&e. when i do get a chance, an opportunity to work with him, it's always a pleasure. i love my job and i care about the work i do. i know how hard our crews work for our customers. i want them to know that they do have a safe and reliable system. together, we're building a better california.
7:00 am
good morning. i'm carol costello. we're following breaking news out of baltimore this morning where pretrial hearings are under way in the freddie gray case. protesters out this force. one arrest already. >> stay back. stay back.
7:01 am
back up, please. back up. back up, guys. >> things are getting a little bit out of control here and they have taken -- >> police confirming one arrest. we expect more protests to go on throughout the day. tempers flaring of course because of the pretrial hearings surrounding these six officers facing charges ranging from false imprisonment to involuntary manslaughter in the arrest and ensuing death of 125-year-old freddie fwra thgra. attorneys are arguing several pretrial motions before a judge. ge jean casarez is outside the courthouse. >> reporter: the most serious charge is murder because second-degree murder is one of the police officers is facing.
7:02 am
and outside of these protests, we knew they were going to happen outside. but here is what we understand that led to this arrest. we understand that a number of protesters were linking arms. police officers asked them to get out of the way. apparently police believe they did not. one of them was put into thewag. and baltimore applies departmpo confirming there has been a arrest. and they sent out a tweet saying they were blocking the roadway. they have since been given direction to move out of the roadway. most of them acknowledged that and moved to the sidewalk. there was approximately 50 to 75 people in total. an arrest has been made. so i think that what is as important as the facts of this is the preference of the police, message being sent that we will be proactive in this all of this
7:03 am
because if you remember in may, the police did not do things when there was ransacking and looting and so many crimes being committed saying that they were at the direction to not do anything. but today showing proactively we are going to arrest you if we believe a crime is being committed. even as far as being in the roadway where traffic cannot pass. >> i'm watching the video of police being very proactive. probably not far from you where you're standing at the courthouse. jean, tell us what is going on inside at the moment. and what these pretrial motions involve. >> reporter: well, this is a really important hearing because the defense has filed so many motions that are being argued today. first and foremost, that the charges should be dismissed. they're saying there is no basis of fact. and they explain that by saying that the thursday evening before the friday that the arrest
7:04 am
warrants came about, that there was a secret meeting defense documents say between an assistant medical examiner and some on the prosecution team. and in that meeting, something they believe happened because all of a sudden a cause and manner of death were established and then the next day they say the police department went to the district court commissioner with their investigation, that's to be turned over to the prosecutor, and they say within 13 minutes that the first arrest warrant was issued. so they believe there was prosecutorial misconduct and because of that, not only should charges in part or in all be dismissed, but they are asking the elected state attorney marilyn homosby, who has been t face of this case, we remember her on the steps on that friday may 1 as she was reciting the probable cause statement of what the prosecutors believe was committed, criminal actions by these officers, they think she should be recused and a special
7:05 am
prosecutor should be brought into try this case. both sides have 15 minutes to argue. the judge may not ren dwder his decision or he could render from the bench. this afternoon, it's about the defendants. should they be tried together. and will it proceed to trial in october. >> all right. thanks so much. with me now, joey jackson and bernard kerik. welcome to you both. there are only about 75 protesters out on the streets right now. but as you can see, police are being proactive. >> they're going to be be proactive, they will be very aggressi aggressive. in today's times, based on what has happened in the past, you know, the mayor in the past said give the protesters room to do whatever they wanted to do. it led to a lot of damage.
7:06 am
a lot of destruction in the city. people getting hurt. i don't think the police want to go through that again. they will be very aggressive. hopefully these are peaceful protests. but once they're in the streets, you have instigators that will yell and scream and throw things. once that starts, i could see the police in today's times getting very aggressive to stop it. >> and i notice most police are not wearing riot gear. that was the plan early on. there is a new police chief there, as well. so he's dealing with this, right? >> well, there aren't many people. it's a small protest. if it gets bigger or aggressive, you will see a different response. hopefully it stays the way it is. >> joey, on to what is happening
7:07 am
inside the courthouse. the state's attorney in this case, lawyers for these police officers want her recused. they say she's like, you know, she's weighted to one side, it's pretty obvious and she's doing it for political gain. >> what happens in cases is that, first of all, the defense is doing its job and their job really is to frame the issues and make sure when there is a trial that they discuss whatever the issues, you know, are that are significant there. one of the things that is important to this defense team is getting her removed because she's very hoet vatsed motivate conviction. april 12, the incident occurs. april 19, he dies. may 1, she announces the charges criminally and the 21st, a few weeks later, indictments. so she's motivated to move forward. however, in looking at the issue, think about what a prosecutor's role is. to prosecute. that is no mystery. they're not neutral parties.
7:08 am
they're there to obtain a conviction. but we need to look at the process. there are biare built-in locatp. a 12 member jury. and then we can discuss whether it's the proper venue, but those are the people who will decide guilt or innocence beyond a reasonable doubt. a prosecutor can merely lay out of the facts of the case, make strenuo strenuous arguments. but the jury will have to determine whether the police act the unlawfully. >> this prosecutor happens to be mattered to a city councilman and a lot of the unrest was happening in that city councilman's district. so defense attorneys are alleging that she brought these charges quickly to make his constituents happy. >> and they're doing what they need to be doing and the jury of course feeling the pressures that the judge feels on the
7:09 am
bench will have to weigh the issues and certainly the judge has sifted through the motions. and the judge will make the proper decision. but ultimately people are married to other people. i mean, what can you do. some of those, there are inherent conflicts in them. so do you presented indicate it upon the fact that your city is a city council person, your husband has a relationship with the mayor, whatever it is. and of course there are other issues there, too. they're saying that she's too closely connected to who was the victim's attorney. >> billy murphy. >> exactly. so there are issues there. and the judge will have to evaluate those. but the judge has to be very careful because at the end of the day, it's the people on that jury who make the decision not the prosecutor who merely presents the case. >> joey jackson, bernard kerik, thanks to you both. let's head north of chicago now, a stunning development just moments ago, we learned that police have called off their search for those three suspected cop killers. the victim in this case
7:10 am
lieutenant charles joseph gliniewicz was a 32 year police veteran and just days from retiring. rosa florence joins us with the latest development. >> reporter: i just got off the phone with the commander who is in charge of the investigation here now. and he tells me that that massive munanhunt has been call off and in this point it's in the investigation phase. so what does it mean? let me give you the background here. he says that after gliniewicz was shot and killed, they established a 2 mile perimeter around the scene and they sent hundreds of agents to go this the in there, knock on ever door, go through every single abandoned building because in that area, there is abandoned buildings used by squatters sometimes, overgrown areas, he says that they combed through every inch
7:11 am
again and again to make sure that these three suspects were not in that area. after they finished doing that, he says at that point it goes in to the investigation phase. what they're doing now, they're trying to gather surveillance video which they have recovered he tells me and they have two to three investigators combing through that video. he has some has great video quality, others a little grainy, but they have not found anything that would give the public a clue as to who we're talking about here in these three individuals who have only been described as two white males and a black male. now, again, they are collecting evidence. i asked about witnesses, is there an eyewitness. he tells me this is a remote secluded area. there wasn't anybody that they know of. but of course they are asking anybody if you saw anything for them to come forward and give a description or anything that
7:12 am
they know at this point in time about the time line. he says it could be hours or weeks because we are north of chicago, yes, but it's very connected to the chicago metro area and to chicago transportation. he says they could be out of town, they could be out of state at this point this time. again, the investigation does continue, but it shifts from a search to a digging through evidence, gathering evidence, and figuring out who these people are. not in the sense of sending in k-9s, but using just good old police work to try to find these suspects. >> all right. rosa flores from fox lake, illinois. still to come, opening the door. a change in the rules could allow one gop candidate to allow her place on the main stage. no student's ever photographed mean ms. colegrove.
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feel lighter and more energized. ultimate flora. more power to your gut. carly fiorina's surge in the polls could pay off in a big way with a spot on the main stage at the next republican presidential debate. cnn announced we are revising the debate criteria which could expand the field and that prompted praise from fiorina. >> they have said that the cause was a lack of national public forward data following the august debate. and that is the truth. you know, there were so many polls prior to august 6th and there have been very due since. and so if you're just going to average poll, you come up with an answer that doesn't reflect current reality. >> so let's talk about that with cnn politics editor mark press
7:18 am
top a press tton and athena jones. mark, walk us through the changes. >> i'll try to make it as simple as possible. when we created the criteria, we were looking at national polls as one of the main cry steiteri will continue to do so. you have to hit a minimum threshold to be invited. what we discovered and what we thought is that there would be an abundance of polls from august through september. in fact if you go back to 2011, you saw 15 polls that were conducted during that time and if you go back since, you saw 16 polls. the problem is that right now there are only three national polls that we would be looking at. we decided that wasn't fair and so the amendment says if you rank in the top ten in these national polls from the beginning of august basically
7:19 am
until september 10th, then you would receive an invitation to be on the main stage on september 16th. >> so there was a method to our madness here at cnn. but athena, fiorina praised what they called a grass roots effort for change. so what was she talking about? >> that's right. well, fiorina's campaign and himself a lot of supporters have been pushing for cnn to be more inclusive. obviously in the end cnn decided that it made sense because you have to look at fiorina surging after that first debate. she's talking about celebrating being on the main stage now. well, that first debate at the beginning of august she was in the so-called happy hour debate, some people called it the kiddy table debate. but a lot of people felt like she won that debate. she really stood out. she wasn't afraid to throw some punches. she impressed a lot of people. so ever since, she's been rising in the poll z. before that debate, she was around 1%. now she's hovering around 5%.
7:20 am
clearly in the top ten. and so she and her supporters were really pushing cnn pushing the republican national committee who also has something to do with this to support a change that would allow her to be on that main stage. and so now it looks like she will be. of course i think mark may have mentioned it won't be final until that cut off date of september 10th. but right now, with her standing, it it's looking like she will join the others on the main stage. >> so, mark, couldn't every other candidate make the same argument? >> if you look at statistics, any candidate can make that argument if they reach the threshold. so let's be clear. it's premature to say that anybody will be in that debate. we don't know until the cutoff happens on september 10th. we could actually see some of the people who are polling in the top ten from our original criteria from july 16th to september 10th, they could fall out. but we won't penalize anybody.
7:21 am
if you were in the top ten from july 16 until september 10th, and perhaps somebody like carly fiorina would be in the top ten between august and september 10, then there won't be just ten people on the stage. there would be 11 people. and we should also note that there will be two segments of this debate. so almost all of the presidential candidates will have an opportunity basically in prime time to try to spread their message to republican voters. >> i can't wait. mark preston, athena jones, thanks to both of you. vice president joe biden heads to miami today fueling more speculation of a white house run. biden speaking at a miami-dade college this afternoon about the importance of community colleges teaming up with employers. but that's not all. he'll also be doing a little fund raising tonight. according to reports, he'll be hosting a $10,000 per couple event benefiting the democratic senatorial campaign. the trip to practice is not new, but it comes on the senator of
7:22 am
senator chris coons saying he would support joe by ten fiden president. an update in the shooting death of a man in texas by police. a live report next. wow. sweet new subaru, huh mitch? yep. you're selling the mitchmobile!? man, we had a lot of good times in this baby. what's your dad want for it? a hundred and fifty grand, two hundred if they want that tape deck. you're not going to tell your dad about the time my hamster had babies in the backseat, are you?! that's just normal wear and tear, dude. (vo) subaru has the highest resale value of any brand... ...according to kelley blue book ...and mitch. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. if you struggle you're certainly not alone. fortunately, many have found a different kind of medicine that lowers blood sugar. imagine what it would be like to love your numbers. discover once-daily invokana®.
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7:26 am
christian in a am pour is interviewing john kerry on the heels of very good news. apparently president obama has enough democratic support to get that iran nuclear deal through. let's listen. >> this agreement is not based on hope or trust. this agreement is based on verification and on very specific steps that iran has to
7:27 am
take. for instance, you were just having somebody interviewed about business in iran. business in iran will not be able to take off until iran has done all of the things that it has to do in ordered to expand the breakout time and live up to this agreement. that could take six months to a year. and so again, nothing in this agreement is based on hope or in a signature. it is based on very specific things that have to be verified for the lifetime of this agreement. there is no sun set to this agreement. it is the lifetime of the agreement that must be lived up to. >> and i want to also welcome our viewers in the united states. this interview is being broadcast live around the world and in the usa. so let me just ask you again, you said you wanted to dispel the myths around this deal. one of them even those supporters in congress say they
7:28 am
have a heavy heart about is what about all the billions of dollar ares that will be freed under sanctions relief that many fear not just in the u.s. but in the region will go towards iran funding the kind of terrorism it has been accused of funding in the past. >> to give you tan example of te level of distortion, i keep hearing people talk about hundreds of billions of dollars that will be released. that is not what will happen. the money that has been held back in escrow is money that belongs to iran. but it has not been delivered to iran under the sanctions regime. the real amount is somewhere in the vicinity of 50 to $55 billion. much of that money is already spoken for in iran because of accounts with china, because of bad loan, because of balance of debt payments.
7:29 am
because of is infrastructure projects. and for iran to bring its oil industry back to where it was just five years ago, they would have to invest several hundred billion dollars. so, yes, it is probable fair to say something may find its way to some bad or nefarious activity, but the activities that we have objected to that iran has engaged in are not fueled primarily by money. and much of the terrorism that has been supported in the region is done on the cheap, not because of money. so i do not believe nor does our intelligence community that the money released by this, which is not hundreds of billions but about 50 to 55 billion, that that money will be determinative in any way regarding the security of the region. >> mr. secretary, a lot of attention was paid to the head of the iranian revolutionary guard this week saying that the united states remains and is the
7:30 am
great satan no matter where this deal is approved or not. but just afterwards i spoke to the powerful head of the iran parliament and he said that that was referred to american's past actions and that there may be a more friendly future. just take a listen if you would to what he told me about possible better relations with the united states going forward. >> translator: as i said, if the u.s. chooses to adopt a more realistic approach and attitude towards iran, then those habits and those terms will naturally change. but i think this dreamt can be a beginning for a better understanding on different issues. >> so mr. secretary, do you think that this is an agreement that will do that, have a better understanding and more cooperation on different issues for instance on the syria war?
7:31 am
>> let me emphasize the agreement is not based on that. there is no expectation nor is the agreement promising that that is what will happen. but obviously the united states of america would welcome an iran that wants to join the community of nations in more ways than just living up to its obligations under the nonproliferation treaty. we would like to be able to find a way forward to deal with isil, with da'ash, we would like to see a resolution of the conflict in syria. and there are other issues. but it will be up to iran to clearly make choices that indicate its readiness to move in that direction and in the meantime this agreement is a nuclear agreement, it is focused on the nuclear challenge, and we are not sitting around counting on some other transformation. we can -- it would be welcome, but this fremt is completely
7:32 am
separate and focused exclusively on how do we guarantee that there will not be a provide liver race of nuclear weapons either through iran or otherwise. s >> and let me just ask you as i must the terrible crisis in europe, the flood of refugees. and the war in syria is sparking that to a great extent. we've seen how germany is being j. generous to these refugee, how hungry and even here in the uk governments are not being generous. what would you say to your count ter partsungry and even here in governments are not being generous. what would you say to your count ter parts in europe right now is this. >> well, i just met with a ground of my counterparts and i listened very carefully to them at a conference that we had in alaska regarding climate change. and we had sefven foreign ministers who had come together and they were seized by this challenge of the migration that is taking place.
7:33 am
it's an enormous challenge. it's a very serious issue for all of us. and we in the state department are trying to think through various ways to try to make the contribution to solving it. but one of the key things is resolving syria obviously. and resolving syria requires cooperation with russia, saudi arabia. we've come together, we had a meeting a few days ago trilateral meeting. we're looking at ways to see if it we can find a diplomatic path, a political solution that will have an impact. but the most critical thing is assad himself has got to contribute to that and he cannot contribute to it by sitting there and viewing this as a choice about his future and his longevity as leader of syria. there is no way to find peaceful
7:34 am
tra track is that is the focus. he has to contribute to the vision from geneva. >> and isis has just destroyed a 2,000-year-old edifice in palmyra. a huge and important strategy session in aspen recently concluded that the only way to defeat isis is through a ground force. is there any indication that the united states is moving any closer to gathering some kind of coalition, western, regional or both, to defeat isis as you have said it needs to be defeated? >> well, it does need to be dweets defeated and it has made it more clear putting that explanation point on that reality which we all knew anyway. but with the beheading of the professor and as well as of the
7:35 am
destruction of the antiquities and either own threats and movements within the region, this is a very dangerous group and we need to increase the pressure on them. and we are talking about very specific ways to do that with other countries this the region. you are correct there will need to be people on the ground. i'm convinced there will be at the appropriate moment. and i believe that that pressure will increase and is increasing even as we're talking in many different ways. >> well, you've just raised the idea of a ground force. i have to ask you, you're talk about the pressure, you say it will happen you're convinced. who will take part? the united states? >> well, i think -- no, the president has said that at least for the time being the president has made it very clear that american troops are not part of that equation. and i don't think he has any
7:36 am
plans to change that. but i do know that there are others who are talking about it, there are people in the region who are capable of that. and i believe that everybody understands -- there are also people in syria by the way already who are capable of that and syrian oppositionists who are also capable. so i believe over the next months with our meetings in morning coming up at the united nations general assembly and otherwise, this will be very much a topic of conversation. it already is a top iic of conversation. and there will be be inned focus onramping up the effort with respect to isil. >> secretary of state, thank you so much for joining us just ahead of your big speech to the american people on this iran deal. thanks for joining us. all right. we'll break away. you were hearing the secretary of state john kerry talk a little bit about the iran deal. and i want to go back just a
7:37 am
minute because i want to tell you about this major victory for president obama concerning the iranian nuclear deal. democratic senator barbara mikulski has announced her support for the iran nuclear deal and that would provide the white house the votes it needs to prevent republicans from scuttling that agreement. so let's head to washington and talk about that for a bit. tell us more. >> reporter: that's right. her support means it will become a legacy. the admin station had been trying to get to the magic number 34, that's the amount of support that they needed to potentially sustain a republican veto override if it did come to that. so they have reached that threshold with mikulski's support. the senator saying that no deal is perfect, but she went on to say that she is supporting this deal because she believes it's the best option available to block iran from having a nuclear
7:38 am
bomb. thousand, th this comes after yesterday there was a big boost from two key democrats also coming out in support the deal. senator bob casey of pennsylvania and senator chris coons ever delaware. of delaware. they note that hd that while th supgt the deal, they do have very much races. here is senator coons describing his decision making process. >> i think this was a very close call. coming out in support of this deal doesn't change my unwavering support for israel or my deep it is trust for iran. the core issue for me is can we insure that our vital allies in europe,trust for iran. the core issue for me is can we insure that our vital allies in europe, the folks who ratified it, uk, france, germany, eu, that they will stand with us during the whole lifetime of
7:39 am
this deal. >> reporter: now, congress will be bag from the august recession next week. supporters of the deal will now try to reach another threshold, basically trying to pick up six more votes. so there is basically a new tar get here. if they can reach 41, it would prevent an up or down vote on the floor. so certainly hitting the first target is a lot of breathing sigh of relief here at the white house. >> i bet so. thank you so much. the president is in alaska today. so has word reached president obama, jim? >> reporter: well, they're just waking up here in anchorage. but my guess is that, yes, the president is aware of this. we'll be touching base with officials out here in anchorage shortly. but as someone was just saying, is this a major diplomatic victory for the president. is this the way they want do it?
7:40 am
no. would they like have a majority of members of the senate and house votesing in favor of this? yes. but they know all too well republicans are just not going to get on board with this iran nuclear deal. and so all along the threshold has been i've been hearing from white house officials on this for weeks to get above this magic 34 number to sustain a presidential veto and they have gotten to that point. and as someone was saying, they may get enough votes to everyone prevent this from coming to the floor of the senate. and that will save the president i guess some measure of embarrassment. but make no mistake, this is something that will shape the obama legacy very much like this trip to alaska. and when i was talking to john kerry earlier this week, he was saying that this is not based on trust. trusting the iranians. this is based on verification. well, now that the president has this deal, we'll find out if this verification works. and whether or not the iranians engage in a game of cat and
7:41 am
mouse. and i suspect the secretary of state will address some of these concerns in his speech later on today. i asked him about the notion that at that suspected military site whether the iranians will essentially be involved in self-inspection, whether they will be collecting the soil samples, handing them over to the iaea and is that sufficient. and secretary kerry said that they're comfortable with the system that has been put in place. so we're now all going to find out in real time whether or not this verification process works and to put it bluntly, the obama presidency, the obama legacy, is very much riding so whether or not this nuclear group is a success in the long run. they have bet the whole house from a foreign policy standpoint on this nuclear agreement. >> jim acosta reporting live from anchorage.
7:42 am
on the phone with me now, general mark hurtling. what's the real story? it's so hard to understand who is telling the complete truth and who is not. >> it's very challenging, carol. and thank you for having me this morning. but as you know, it's going back and forth. a lot of debate in this. very tough negotiations by the secretary of state. it is a desire the not only to engage with iran, but to reduce their capability. but also to prevent them there do ing as usual. what do you do if they do continue to build nuclear weapons or have a nuclear capability? and is there a potential to counter that? yes, there is. there is always the military option. the president has said that repeatedly, that this does not take things off the table but the pursuit of a political requirement was at the forefront of the secretary in the
7:43 am
president's hi e's mind. >> and of course we have to talk about israel because i have a notion israel will not be pleased. >> yeah, they definitely will not. i think they wanted to take a harsher approach because of certainly the worded messages coming out of iran about especially from some of the spiritual leaders wanting the destruction of israel. but again, this is an attempt at looking at a political solution before you go to war. and i think there are a lot of people who had their fingers on a hairline trigger that wanted to attack these facilities, but truthfully from a military perspective, that would have been challenging, as well. you certainly could have attacked some, israel could do some of them alone. but with the extent of the capability of iran, remember, iran is twice the size of the state of texas. it has a lot of mountain ranges. so the potential for opening up
7:44 am
for inspection is much greater than attempting to bomb all the facilities throughout that country. >> all right. lieutenant general, thanks so much. i want to go back to washington. any word from republicans as of yet? >> reporter: no word yet. the big question as of now is what congress will do when they get back from their month-long summer recess from august. the leadership and house and senate intend to move on this, but we don't know the deadline. we know that there is a partial deadline for them where they have to make some sort of movement, but the big question, will senators get to actually cast a vote up or down for this deal. there are many that are divided over this issue. notable that senator coons from delaware who came out in support of this deal yesterday he did say that he believes that this deal should get an up or down vote. he said he thinks it's important for senators to go on the record. so that was the next fight.
7:45 am
the administration again needs to secure six more votes, reach the new magic number 41 to get enough support to prevent that from even happening. >> all right. ser fatty oig reporting live from washington. and question, there has been a major victory for president obama this morning. democratic senator barbara mikulski announced support for the iran nuclear deal. that provides the white house the votes it needs to prevent republicans from scuttling this agreement. the announcement means at least 34 senators, number required by the constitution, will uphold a presidential veto of a republican resolution to disapprove of the deal. now, we haven't gotten republican reaction quite yet. but as you know, many, many republicans are vehemently against this deal saying it will endanger israel and ultimately the united states. on the phone right now, i have ceo from more than policy magazine. david, welcome. >> nice to be here. >> nice to have you here.
7:46 am
first off just your reaction to president obama's victory today. >> i think the hand writing was on the wall. these votes were there. i didn't think there was much chance that the opposition would prevail. and i think that everybody starts -- needs to start coming to grips with the fact that this deal will be a reality. >> tell us more about the deal. because so many people are worried about it. especially israel. >> well, look, this is a deal that is going to stop the progress that rairan was makingn their nuclear program. many people prior to this deal felt iran was months away from a nuclear weapon. at worst we know that they are now a decade or a decade and a half away. but the secret of the deal and the way it's ultimately going to be measured by history is are we
7:47 am
going to enforce it or are the iranians going to honor it. and so getting a vote, getting the deal through, is just the beginning of what will be a long difficult haul to make this into something that is meaningful and ultimately contributes to the stability of the region. >> david, stick away. i want to go to philadelphia and check in with elise labott. secretary john kerry just talking to christiane amanpour. he must be relieved today. >> reporter: well, i think the word he used was delighted. and he said we were getting messages that senator mikulski signed off on the deal and he said to me you know what that means, that means 34. and so obviously a very good day. but officials even coming up here said they're not taking any vote for granted. just because senators and congressmen say they will vote for the deal, we still don't know what will happen when they actually cast their vote. so they said they will be fighting for every vote and what
7:48 am
secretary wants to do, you've heard him do many interviews with mifrl, with jim sciutto, with jake tapper, with many. why is he coming here today? and so what he's saying is he wants to layout some of the - ththe -- correct what he calls the myths about the deal, particularly the fear that this could allow iran to develop a nuclear weapon even while the deal is going on. basically what i think oohe'll y out today is to say there is no way that iran will be able to master all the elements of a fuel cycle and develop a nuclear weapon outside of international inspections and kind of lay out the science of the deal. and hoping that the american people will see that this is the kind of deal that will be safe for america and the world. >> all right. stand by. i want to bring in peter bein t
7:49 am
beinart. a lot of people are nervous about this deal. john kerry is about to make this big speech. a lot of people are wondering why not just continue to choke off iran financially and sit back and enjoy its weakness so to speak. >> i think the problem with that argument is that the rest of the world which has a lot of money at stake in doing business with iran was not going to keep sanctions on iran indefinitely. a lot of countries in asia rely on iranian oil. they have been reducing their purchases of iranian oil as part of a strategy to bring pressure on iran to come to a deal. but if the u.s. basically blew up that deal, then i think what the british and germans have said is that sanctions would start to erode anyway. so you have the worst of all worlds which is that iran gets the money flow to go them anyway and we have no restrictions on their nuclear program. >> and i think americans forget there are other countries involved in this deal. it's not just the united states. >> right. in fact the reason that we were able to apply pressure on iran
7:50 am
was precisely because we got other countries to buy into the sanctions. especially other countries that have a history of stronger economic ties to iran than we do. we know historically that sanctions kopdon't work when ju imposed by one country. so the idea that the u.s. could walk away chand increase our ow sanctions is a fantasy. because what the chinese or south koreans or sggermans or french would do is to reduce the pressure because iran would have more economic interaction with those countries and we would have less leverage to make a better deal, not more. >> all right. back to elise labott. i have a question about israel. iran and israel are in the same neighborhood. what do you think benjamin netanyahu's next step will be? >> reporter: well, i think it will be about trying to convince congress to keep up the financial pressure on iran whether it's sanctions, whether
7:51 am
it's other measures. i will say that this morning secretary kerry sent a letter to all lawmakers on capitol hill specifically addressing israel and their concerns about israeli security and the security of u.s. gulf allies and what they're proposing is try and engage in talks in a new ten year memorandum of understanding the administration is with israel on increased military aid, on increased military cooperations. specifically to try to thwart other destabilizing activity by iran. so while they do feel that this deal will stop iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon, i don't think they have any illusions about iran stopping its other type of terrorist activity and its activity against israel. and i think that's what they will focus on. so clearly israel is in their sights right now as lawmakers debate this deal and take their vote. >> i want to go back to washington and ser fatty oig. surely this iran nuclear deal and this -- i mean i won't say
7:52 am
approval, but ultimate approval for lack of a better temp, will playpolitics. >> reporter: absolutely. and the republican candidates are against the deal.olitics. >> reporter: absolutely. and the republican candidates are against the deal.lay into p. >> reporter: absolutely. and the republican candidates are against the deal. it should not be understated how much political capital has been invested to get the deal through. president obama reaching out directly writing personal letters to them trying to answer point by point concerns that they have had. president obama making the case to grass roots supporters over the august recession what would could have been treacherous territory for them, the administration being worried that similar to the health care town halls of years past when there were vocal supporters in the crowd letting congressmen
7:53 am
know how they felt about it, her worried that would happen here and we didn't see that in the august recesses. but nonetheless the administration sending out president obama earlier in august on a conference call, he warned about the really large scale and well-funded grass roots campaign against this deal. and he said people should stand up and make their opinions heard. so certainly the administration, this is definitely a win for the administration, but the fight is not over. just one sigh of relieved and they promise they will continue to persuade members of congress as they try to inch closer to another better threshold for them. >> all right. many thanks. secretary of state john kerry expected to speak in philadelphia this just about ten minutes. what do a nascar® driver... a comedian... and a professional golfer have in common? we talked to our doctors about treatment with xarelto®. xarelto® is proven to treat and help reduce the risk of dvt and pe blood clots.
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we're just moments away from
7:58 am
secretary of state john kerry taking that podium. and he'll talk about the iranian nuclear deal and how it can actually make the middle east a safer place. let's go for philadelphia and check in with elise labott. what will the secretary of state say? >> reporter: well, you know he's being introduced, who flew up with hick senator dick lugar who was really a champion of november proliferation and also served as chairman of senate foreign relations committee. what the secretary wants to do is layout what he's saying are some of the myths of the deal. first that iran will be able to cheat inspections. he will layout the science of why that's not the possible. he will talk about what the administration is prepared to do to beef up the security of israel and gulf allies to stop
7:59 am
some of iran's other destabilizing activity in the region, terrorism. they have no illusions that this deal while they feel it will stop iran from getting a nuclear weapon, that iran isn't going to change its stripes. so basically laying out the science, the strengths of the deal and why this is the only alternative because if congress rejects this deal and it isn't look like they will be able to, but if it they would, not only the security, but the influence and credit amoubility of the un states will be damaged around the world. >> and i want to go to a congressman in favor of the deal. so make americans feel better about this, congressman. >> what this deal does, it gives the united states and rest of the world a chance to can t dipc solutions for what otherwise could be a very dangerous situation going forward. that being iran being able to develop a nuclear weapon.
8:00 am
this deal prevents that. and for the critics -- >> we have a bad connection. i apologize, con happeman. but the secretary of state expected to speak at the top of the hour. so i'll say good-bye. breaking news. first, a major development in the manhunt for three men suspected of killing an officer near chicago. law enforcement had been going door to door. in baltimore, bracing for tension. right now a hearing you said way for the officers accused in freddie gray's death. protests building outside the courthouse. we take you there live. and breaking now, the deal essentially done. president obama securing enough votes to thwart a republican effort to block the nuclear agreement with


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