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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  September 2, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. this golf course is electric... a. i'm ashleigh banfield, welcome to "legal view." somewhere out there either running or hiding are three people police believe either shot to death a police lieutenant or certainly know who did that. this is the scene outside of chicago, the frantic, immediate ground and air search has ended but police are not giving up on finding those three suspicious people who were being chased by lieutenant joe gliniewicz yesterday. other cops found the body of lieutenant gliniewicz a short time later. he'd been shot to death with his own weapon missing. so far they have no witnesses in
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this case. joe gliniewicz had been a police officer for 32 years. the next voice you hear is the police dispatcher calling for help. >> fox lake, officer down, 128 honing road. they're reporting to a suspicious, male black and male white, it appears the officer's gun is missing. >> all units responding to officers down, subjects should be considered armed and dangerous. >> rosa flores is in fox lake live. we're hearing there may be surveillance video. do we know anything about that? >> well, the commander tells me, ashlei ashleigh, that they do have surveillance video and they have investigators going through that video trying to figure out if there is anything good they can release to the public that will help them find these individuals but i want to make something
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very clear. while that perimeter, that door to door search has ended of course they want to find these guys, they are still trying to serge and investigate and they are following every lead. the commander tells me they have received more than 100 tips and they are following those leads trying to find these three men. but like i said, that perimeter where they went door to door and cleared abandoned buildings because they tell me in this particular area the abandoned buildings, there are squatters, overgrown marshes as well and it's surrounded by a subdivision with homes and people and that was the big concern. but that search does continue, ashleigh, like you mentioned, in a different way. they are trying to figure out where these men are and they are trying to find them. the latest will come in about 45 minutes. we're expecting a new briefing by the commander who's now in charge of these investigation
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because he tells me, rosa, the immediate search, the door-to-doorman hundredth is ov over. we are a second phase of this investigation and they of course want to find the three men, the three suspects in this case that they believe are responsible for the death of this police officer. >> from the outsider's perspective, it appears they are chasing ghosts. without really any names or faces to go on and simply a description of two white males and an african-american male or a black male, are they perhaps holding information? do we know if they have anything better to go on than just that. >> i asked them that question about witnesses, someone around there there that something something. any information and he said this is a sparse area where there's nothing around there. that's why they're trying to use surveillance video from around the area to see if they saw these three men walking or a
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police officer approaching or the short foot chase. anything that they can use to go on. he also said at this point we don't know if we'll have a development in hours or weeks, ashleigh, because he said while they're following every lead, not every lead is great. he says "a lot of the tips we're getting are people that have second or third hand information that say oh, we saw three men walking down the streets." and they told somebody at the bar and the person at the bar called so while they're following every lead, it says they have limited information and i should be clear, too, they have a lot of resources on their local, state, and federal. u.s. marshals, atf, fbi are all providing resources but they have different resources available because, as you know, ashleigh, these federal agencies have cyber units and so the cyber units are focusing on that surveillance video, making sure they look at every frame to see
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if they have any sight of these three individuals. >> sometimes it's hard to tell who it is we're seeing on the ground with those aerial shots but there is a mass dispatch out to that area, has been for the last 24 hours. rosa flores, thank you. the place where this long-time veteran police lieutenant died is a nightmare for anyone searching for the killer, whatever the search entails. we can tell you this, there are heavy woods, a swamp, abandoned buildings, railroad tracks, you name it. officials running the search for these suspects say all three of them could very well be in another state by now. ron martinelli is a former street cop, detective and educator. ron, the question for you is this, perhaps the best news in all of this is that these three fugitives had no chance to pre-plan. no efforts in the offings to help them get through what they're going through. this that has to be a major help to police who seemingly have
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nothing else to go on. >> i agree. this looks like a spontaneous crime precipitated after a foot pursuit by officer glen wits. is problem is that the suspects have gotten outside of the perimeter of the containment search area so now the investigation takes on a different paradigm. we don't the suspects at the scene so we need to look at some of these thing. in the search within the crime scene, the first thing we have to establish was was the officer shot with his own gun or was he shot with a gun the suspects might have? fairly easy to determine this even though neither gun was at the crime scene. the cartridges will be the same types of cartridges that the police officers use in that department if it's the officer's gun and that's easy to determine. if they're not the cartridges, we're talking about an outside gun and talking about chasing three ghosts with an outside
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ghost gun. there is one notion. at least one of them murdered a police officer and maybe two others did not. >> we have to determine issues of p of proprietary interest. we have to determine what was left or taken from the crime scene. my understanding is they took some of the officers' equipment besides his handgun, which is unusual. whoever shot the officer, i would agree with you, there's going to be some dissension in the ranks. i think law enforcement will eventually find these people. of course, they're going over forensically the video even though it's poor quality, is officers have labs where they can enhance it. we do in my firm. >> i want to ask you something. it occurred to me, when a child goes missing those first few moments and hours are critical.
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is when you're looking for fugitives is that the same situation? with that in mind, is a small community like fox lake and its small force equipped to put the kind of resources you need to put right away to do the best work at the very first moment? >> you know, those are good questions. first of all, i think we all understand the officers are behind the curve here in their investigation because they're reacting to an officer down. this isn't the same type of search as we look for with a child because we expect to find the child. we're looking for persons that are trying to evade us. so that's a completely different issue. but i believe that -- and by the way, they're using multiagency approach here which is the only way you can do it, because a small town like fox lake is not prepared at all to conduct any type of wide scale search. >> they certainly do have the resources of the federal government and more that's descended upon them.
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ron martinelli, thank you. we appreciate that. coming up this hour, we'll hear from fox lake police on this manhunt and we'll bring you that live as well. and we have this breaking news as well in the freddie gray death case. there is a judge in that case who has just made some very key rulings even before this case goes to trial. addressing the calls for the prosecutor to be recused, taken off that case. a very public prosecutor, a very public case. we'll take you live to maryland and tell you what that judge said next.
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breaking news comes to us from baltimore. a judge there has just refused to throw out all of those charges up to and including the murder charges that six police officers there are facing after being implicated in the death of freddie gray. you may remember, freddie gray was arrested in april. he had a knife that was allegedly illegal. there is argument about that. ultimately freddie gray died of a severed spinal cord while in custody. so today lawyers for the so-called freddie gray six, the six officers charged in his death, well, they all went to court with allegations of their own. of prosecutor misconduct and of conflict of interest and they
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did not prevail in that courtroom. at least not yet. because there's certainly more to come. i want to go to live to miguel marquez. he was in the courtroom when that came down. jean casarez is also with us. but, first, to the reporting. miguel marquez, if you could, give me a sense of what happened in court where all six of those officer there is with all of their attorneys at defense table? >> you had over 12 attorneys for the defense at present there. you had about seven lawyers for the prosecution, including the state's attorney, marilyn mosby, in that courtroom. everybody focused very much on this very first day of this hearing. the absent people very loudly not there were the defendants themselves. they waved their rights to appear in court today. the judge denying both motions, the motion to dismiss and the motion to recuse the entire state's attorneys office.
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at one point the prosecution -- the defense arguing that it was marilyn mosby's own words on may 1 when she talked about no justice no peace and made those words and said those words that the entire word said, that those words tainted the jury pool, that she took aside, that she was giving her opinion on whether or not those police officers were guilty or innocent. the judge threw all that out saying that was a probable cause statement, it was public knowledge and that is something that the state's attorney certainly had the right to say. the one thing the judge did take issue with was the state's attorney during the question-and-and period of that press conference saying that all the police officers had given statements during the course of the investigation. that, he said, she should have known better on. with regard to the motion to recu recuse, the defense lawyers had a litany of issues that her husband represents the district that was affected by the riots
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here, that billy murphy, a well known attorney gave to her campaign. that her own investigators looked into the case and might have to serve as witnesses on this case as well. the judge threw that out saying that these are coincidences, basically, not conflicts of interest and this trial will go ahead saying that any evidentiary issues the court will be able to deal with -- whether it's this court or whatever court this goes to -- this afternoon we will hear whether or not all the trial -- all the lawyers or all the defendants, all those police officers will be heard individually or as separate cases. that may take some time to get to. next week will be the big hearing which will be whether or not that trial will take place here in baltimore. one thing the judge did say today, though, is that he did believe whether it was here in baltimore or any other jurisdiction he thought they could get a jury. >> a couple things i was reading
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and trying to process as you were talk so forgive me if i'm asking a question you answered, but there was the issue of severance. the legal term for saying "give me my own case, my own courtroom, my own trial, i don't want to be tied to these five other people." i know that was on the agenda. did you already tell me whether she's ruled on that. will they be severed in groups? >> that's coming up this afternoon. that has not been argued yet. the defense lawyers want all of their clients to have separate trial, six separate trials. it's not clear how the prosecution wants this divided up, whether or not it's the two arresting officers for instance or other officers tried as a separate case, mr. gray tried in a separate case. that's not clear. we'll go through that this afternoon. we'll go through time limits so this may take longer. >> miguel marquez, thank you for that. stand by, if i want to go to jean cassarez standing by at tht very busy courthouse. i wasn't sure marilyn mosby, the
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state attorney herself, would be first chair trying that case but it appears that way. jean, walk me through the critical elements of these first appearances. they don't make news, these first hearings, but this is big and very important. why? >> it is huge, ashleigh, because the headline, this trial is going forward and number two it is going to be prosecuted by marilyn mosby and the state attorney's office right here in baltimore. and there is a change of venue motion last week but the state attorney's office is in this city. she is the one that came out and was the face of this case on those steps on may 1 talking about the probable cause statement which was the main thing the defense used in trying to dismiss all or some of these charges. we have with us right now attorney andrew applestine who is a defense lawyer, cnn contributor. you've seen it from both sides. i think the first question i want to ask you is a big win for the defense so far today all the
9:19 am
way around. can the prosecutor win, can the defense appeal this decision? >> there won't be appeals right now. >> not even to the court of appeal, an interlocutory appeal, an appeal before the trial? >> that's not going to happen. the law doesn't provide for in the this case in maryland. what's interesting is that the judge left out the tidbit of the allegations against ms. mosby that those would be heard in another place if they were going to be heard. that is the ethics allegations related to her statement that we all saw on may 1 right near here, a very powerful speech she gave. he said it's not within his power to rule and this context and that will be dealt with elsewhere. as to the other allegations, he denied them, the defense lost all those motions today. i don't think a lot of people thought they were going to win those motions today, at least the one this is morning. this afternoon we'll hear about joinder and severance where as miguel said we'll hear about whether or not the defendants
9:20 am
are successful in having the cases severed. then probably the biggest of all these motions will be this change of venue motion which is scheduled for next thursday where the defense is drying to have this case removed from baltimore all together. >> how strong was their argument today? >> they laid out many, many pages of motions in regard to dismissing the charges that the prosecutor had really become a witness, her office became witnesses because of the investigation that they were holding at the very same time. >> it was a lot of mudslinging but the judge found no merit in any of it. that's the short answer. >> ashleigh, i want to tell you that there were some protests, they were peaceful, one arrest, we'll see what happens the rest of the day. ashleigh, back to you. >> that's a big part of the change of venue issue as well if you have protesters showing up in court: this is the jury pool so this will be a critical hearing we hear about. jean casarez doing the job. we also have big news with the iran nuclear deal. guess what? sword looks like a done deal,
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as far as the united states was concerned, negotiating a comprehensive multinational agreement to prevent iran from building nuclear weapons was only half the battle. selling that agreement to
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congress was the other half and maybe even the tougher half. but today it appears that that battle for all practical purposes is over. as a 34th senator went on the record in support, the obama administration gained enough votes to block any move by that deal's opponents. most, but not all of them, republicans. you know, the ones who wanted to kill the deal. in a speech that amounted to a victory lap of sorts and in philadelphia, the secretary of state john kerry insisted this deal doesn't depend on trust. >> without the this agreement the iaea would not have assured access to undeclared locations in iran where suspicious activities might be taking place. the agency could seek access but if iran objected there could be no sure method for resolving a dispute in a finite period,
9:26 am
which is exactly what has led us to where we are today. that standoff. this w this agreement. the iaea can go wherever the evidence leads. no facility declared or undeclared will be off limits and there is a time certain for assuring access. global affairs correspondent elise labott has been following this process from the very first genesis of this deal. i don't need to explain how much healthy skepticism, criticism, opposition there is to this deal, the lobby efforts, the commercials on television and yet here we are saying it's a done deal. two questions. is it really? and what about the implementation of it if it's a done deal. >> it's a done deal in theory, right? everyone is saying these 34 senators are saying they will support the deal but, you know, the secretary came here with the
9:27 am
knowledge that they were probably going to get there but officials say they're not taking any vote for granted so he wants to come here and lay out the deal. so they're not just hoping for 34, they're hoping to get really a lot more of a consensus on this deal. the implementation will take a long time. congress signing off is not enough. now comes the part of the making sure iran holds up to its end of the bargain. the secretary said in the speech that they've had this interim agreement going on for 19 months and he said iran has not violated any of it. so -- but what he's saying is this is not based on trust. this is based on science and the idea that when they sat down and negotiated this they also sat down with experts to make sure that the verification, the implementation would be as good on paper as it would be in theory. >> elise labott, doing a great job of following this arcane
9:28 am
business that you have been and making it sound simple. coming up at the top of the hour, you'll hear more from the secretary himself. john kerry in a one-on-one interview with cnn so stay tuned for that. and also back to our top story, the search for the suspects in the shooting death of an illinois police officer. we are minutes away by a live briefing and we'll bring it to you as soon as it happens. then a video show ing ting the shooting of a man in texas. it appall sod many but a new detail has been shared with cnn from a law enforcement source that could explain why those officers saw that man as a legitimate threat. it's the story you perhaps have not yet heard. when i started at the shelter, i noticed benny right away. i just had to adopt him. he's older so he needs my help all day. when my back pain flared up
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it's this hour's breaking news on cnn. three men on the run for more than 24 hours suspected of killing a chicago ya police lieutenant. we're expecting a live news conference at any moment now at the fox lake police department. we're watching the developments, too, because right now the manhunt is under way in parts of rural illinois. they were searching areas that were heavily wooded and full of swamp s and marshes. they have scaled back the massive manhunt but they are still directing it in certain locations. one theory, though, is that those suspects may already be out of state. the policeman shot dead yesterday, lieutenant joe gliniewicz, radioed in he was
9:33 am
chasing three suspicious men and then his communications went silent. the fellow officers came as backup and they found his body a short time later. today the fbi is involved. today the atf is involved. searchers spent the last day searching on foot, on horseback, with dogs and also aircraft from the sky. and helicopters. we're going to continue to watch this for you and we'll let you know what they say as soon as they give us their live news conference. in the meantime, in another story, a new detail is shedding some very important light on why two sheriff's deputies may have opened fire on a man in texas, killing him. all of this began when police responded to a domestic violence call outside of san antonio. here's the video. dispatchers say a man may have injured a woman and a baby. police say the suspect, gilbert flores, resisted arrest and that they made non-lethal attempts to
9:34 am
subdue him. flores had a history of run ins with law enforcement, but what happened next stunned a lot of people when they saw the initial video and we want to warn you the video is disturbing. so reaction was swift because it went out on television and a bear county judge where this happened actually told the "new york times" "i've been in this position for 14 years and i've never seen anything like it." the sheriff says her deputies only pulled the trigger after "lengthy confrontation." but now we're learning there's another detail. in one hand flores was apparently holding a knife and this's from a source close to the investigation. paul callan is a cnn legal analyst and a senior trial counsel for kalan legal and tom
9:35 am
verney is a former independent detective. i want to talk about that detail. there are two videos. one has been widely distributed throughout the media and there is that utility pole that obstructs a partial view of what happened. especially the left hand. now comes word from close to the investigation that that obstructed view, that left hand, may have been holding a knife. is this a game changer in the way the police responded? >> oh, yeah, without a doubt. i would always ask the public would have a leap of faith in that the police are doing their job the way they were trained to do and everything is happening for a legitimate and legal reason. and playing devil's advocate, if the police did use deadly physical force without any reason or cause their feet will be held to the fire for that and they'll be dealt with accordingly. none of us would have law enforcement if they didn't fact a lawful manner.
9:36 am
now, given what we do know of this incident, it's a domestic violence incident which is one of the top two or three jobs police can go on. the offender here hurt his wife and child and there was some reporting he was allegedly potentially suicidal. suicide by cop is not uncommon, either. >> so let me jump in there with the reporting that flores harmed this 18-month-old child. apparently the child was found with a cut on her head. i don't know the condition of the woman in this domestic incident but i also know he had quite a rap sheet, aggravated assault in 1999, aggravated robbery in 2003, criminal trespassing, possession of marijuana, et cetera. paul callan, weigh in on this. i see quite a distance between the officers and flores and the distance is disquieting for the layperson like me. can you see something else i'm not seeing?
9:37 am
>> a lot of these cases where you have deadly force used involved mentally deranged individuals who police believe pose a threat of physical danger sand we know by reporting that he may have cut his own baby, he may have hurt somebody seriously before the police arrive on the scene and i can't -- it's very difficult, ashleigh, to judge from this perspective how close he was to the officer. but assuming hypothetically he had a knife in his hand and the cop perceive add motion in her or his direction that could place them in fear of physical injury and justify the use of force. there may be another video that will turn up that will provide a different angle on this. certainly as you sit here and look at it, it's shocking. even the chief judge of the county said "i've never seen anything like it, it looks horrible." but i have to agree with tom that in these shooting cases we
9:38 am
have to have all the information before we jump to a conclusion. >> and that second video will be critical. there's a lot of people calling for release of that video so we'll stay tuned on this story. paul, tom, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> any time. everybody knows that you cannot yell "fire" in a crowded theater despite your first amendment rights. but here's a tough question. can you coax and cajole and badger someone into committing suicide? is when we come back, that young woman says yes, she has a first amendment right. you'll hear her texts, you'll hear what she said to her friend that ultimately may have led to his suicide. is she going to face manslaughter and beat this rap? that's next.
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9:43 am
out of killing himself or notifying someone who possibly could have intervened and helped out, carter seemingly encouraged instead. encouraged that 18-year-old to overcome his doubts and go through with suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning. in one of their hundreds of disturbing conversations, carter wrote this "when are you going to do it? stop ignoring the question." and then went on to say "do you have any other generators that work that you can go and get?" "yes, probably" conrad says, ha ha. and in bold she says "go get one." and then carter says "you're fine, it's going to be okay. you just have to do it, you can't think about it." "okay, okay, i got this." he says. carter responds "yes, i believe in you. did you delete the messages?" joseph cataldo joins me for newton, massachusetts, the attorney for michelle carter. it's hard for me to look at that and see that this is not assisting suicide. i get it, courts have weighed in
9:44 am
that advising or encouraging is actually first amendment but assisting is something that is not legal. how do you see this as different? >> thank you, ashleigh, for having me. i see this as, i think the courts will see it, as an encouragement case. massachusetts does not have a law like some states have making it a criminal act to assist or encourage suicide. massachusetts has no such law. our legislature has decided not to enact such legislation. so this is a case where somebody planned his own death over a lengthy period of time, had previously tried to kill himself with acetaminophen, almost needed a liver transplant and planned this all out. what you're leaving out, if i may, on these text messages, is the month of june. you just read a few excerpts from july. but back in june, ashleigh, conrad roy tried to get michelle
9:45 am
to endorse his plan that he was going to kill himself. she refused, she said "don't kill yourself, you need help, get assistance." she went so far as saying that he should join her at mclean hospital to see the doctors there, they can help. he refused any treatment. he said "i have a plan, i'm going to take my own life." he went even further. he asked her to do a romeo and juliet, those are his words, with him. she said no, we are not going to die. she said those words. a week later, he again said -- ten days before he took his own life -- join me, won't you kill yourself with me? and she said no. so factually this was a long-term plan he had. she took no participation other than speech. she took no physical actions whatsoever she didn't drive to
9:46 am
try and purchase a generator, she didn't do those things, he did. in fact, he sent her a link of how to kill yourself by carbon monoxide. he did that weeks and weeks prior so he thought this plan out for a very long period of time. ultimately michelle carter then began to text him as you've recited saying okay, you've been talking about this for months and months, when are you going to do it? so he even went so far as to tell michelle a couple days before that he was in the process of doing it but the generator failed. so michelle kind of didn't even know because they hadn't seen each other physically in over a year, this was a texting relationship. so she didn't even really know what was going on on the other end and ultimately he took his own life. he got into that car and over a lengthy period of time, whether it be -- it had to be at least over 30 minutes -- he succumbed to the carbon monoxide.
9:47 am
the plan he had hatched. so that's the way i see it and i think the courts will see it that way, too. >> so what about the fraud aspect? because fraud has worked its way into precedent-setting cases before as well and she clearly tried to cover her tracks. you saw that message "did you delete the messages" she asks him. she didn't tell full truths to those who she was in touch with after the fact. this is very disquieting to jurors. again, you may know the law but jurors are like me, they get upset with this sort of thing. >> yes. on one point they're deleting the text messages. at one point there is conversation that she says did you delete the text messages. but prior to her saying that he had told her in a prior text message to delete the text messages. so factually he put that idea out there that text messages should be deleted. but in any event, after the fact -- i don't think there's a fraud issue. the courts have said first amendment doesn't protect fraud,
9:48 am
obviously for financial gain, you can't lie to get somebody to part with their money. so i don't see this as a fraud type exception to the first amendment so -- >> joseph, she actually said her to a friend "if the police read my messages with him, i'm done, my family will wait me and i can go to jail." it's almost as if she foresaw this. >> well, i mean, obviously she's not a lawyer. she doesn't know the laws. most people in massachusetts would not have thought that this was a crime, just speech alone would equal a homicide. so i don't think that her words after the fact that, oh, no, people will hate me i could go to jail for this amount to much when you analyze this through the court system and whether or not a law was broken. again, we do not have in massachusetts a law that criminalizes suicide or criminalizes encouragement of suicide. and she took no physical actions whatsoever. she was not present when he went
9:49 am
and parked his automobile and got the generator started. >> we will watch this case. i find it fascinating. i hope i got your name right, sir, cataldo, off the top. i think i mixed up some letters. if i did, i apologize. >> you did. you did fine. >> i hope you come back and join us and i'll be fascinated to see how this case results. >> thank you. >> up next, you probably saw we are still waiting on this live news conference in illinois, the fox lake police. . they'll update us in the manhunt for three people, three ghost-like suspects, one black, two white and that's all we have to go on. you tuck here... you tuck there. if you're a toe tucker... because of toenail fungus, ask your doctor now about prescription kerydin. used daily, kerydin drops may kill the fungus at the site of infection and get to the root of your toe tucking. kerydin may cause irritation at the treated site. most common side effects include skin peeling... ...ingrown toenail, redness, itching, and swelling. tell your doctor if you have any side effect that bothers you
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insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, it could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call now to request your free decision guide. breaking news, i want to get you to fox lake on the search for those three missing men who allegedly killed a police officer. >> last night, after 14-hour intensive manhunt for these individuals which allocated nearly 400 police officers from across the area, federal agents from across the area, it allocated over 45 canine units. at least six aircraft searching a two-mile square radius. the perimeter was pulled last night at approximately 10:30 as the individuals were not located within that perimeter after being extensively checked.
9:52 am
following that, the lake county sheriff's office and the illinois state police allocate add number of deputies and troopers to assist the fox lake police department in saturation patrols across the area. the purpose of the saturation patrols is two pronged -- to continue looking for these individuals and, number two, follow up on any leads that come in of suspicious people and forward leads to the major crimes task force. additionally, it's to advise residents of fox lake that law enforce system here to support them, we're here to keep the community safe and we'll go hand in hand with the residents of fox lake to ensure their security at this time. when an incident like this happens it victimizes not just the police department but the whole community, we are here for them. the schools in the area decided to close today for a couple reasons. obviously primarily to keep the
9:53 am
children safe a lot of children in this area walk to school and the schools made the determination to cancel today for the safety. i'll turn the microphone over to the chief. >> thank you, i'd like to start off by thanking all of the resources that have come together, offered their support to the task force. currently we're utilizing the fbi, atf, and united states marshal's office as well as the sheriff's office. alongside our investigators. this is an ongoing investigation. we've been following up on leads since yesterday throughout tonight -- last night and still continue following up on leads we have a lot of social media leads coming in. the community has been fantastic and phoning in tips and leads. we're going through data and information. the state police has offered to provide us data, intel resource specialist that will vet some of
9:54 am
that information because it's being replicated and tripoli kated in some cases i'll be open for any questions. of course, i'll caveat this by telling her that this is an on going criminal investigation so i'll be limited into giving you specific types of information yes, sir? >> reporter: two white men, one black men, that's the extent of the description your men and women are operating on? >> that's correct. there was the initial radio traffic given out by the officer when he called in the suspicious persons and that was the only description provided by. >> no dash cam video, no surveillance video as of yet? >> we're going through local video systems. that's part of the process that we do when we canvas. of course, yesterday the sheriff's office is coordinating a perimeter search in a specific area. until that was concluded, we could not get our officers into
9:55 am
the area to process the crime scene or start gathering that video information and right now we are reviewing what we have and still collecting. >> reporter: you don't know -- >> we don't have anything that we have found on that video yet but we here in the early stages of reviewing this. >> >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> the autopsy was performed yesterday at the lake county coroner's office at approximately 7:00 p.m. concluded about 9:30 p.m. last night. we've got preliminary results from that. i'm not at liberty to reveal any of that because it's crucial to our investigation. but in any autopsy there is always forensics that there that are going to assist us. >> reporter: commander, in light of the fact that it's been reported that one or two of these individuals had some physical contact with the body
9:56 am
of lieutenant gliniewicz, my question is were you able to get any fingerprints or any dna from that crime scene. >> i'm not sure where you obtained that information but i can tell you that our evidence technicians did process the crime scene. everything collected at that crime scene has now been turned over to the northern illinois crime lab they're currently expediting, processing any type of evidence, whether it be fingerprint evidence, dna transfer and we probably won't have those reports for at least a day or so. >> reporter: you can confirm his gun was taken? >> reporter: can you say whether or not there was -- did the officer fire his gun and can you say what made them suspicious? why did he want to stop them? >> you know, again, i can't reveal that information related to the firing of any weapon.
9:57 am
as far as suspicious persons, i can't speak for the officer. whatever the case was, his on description was that he was going to be after those three suspects and it was a suspicious circumstance call. >> reporter: can you confirm his gun was taken? >> reporter: how do you look for three suspects with such a scant description? >> again, we're going to rely on information and there's processes involved in the investigation canvassing, talking to people in the area, reviewing those videos that somebody asked the question about and building leads off of that. as always, we're relying on the public, too. many of these cases, not just officer-involved homicides but cases of homicides in general are greatly assisted by public information. and all it takes is one tip or good lead to break a case wide open. so we're vetting through those right now. we've got hundreds of those coming in.
9:58 am
>> reporter: do you have any indication the suspects crossed state lines? >> we don't have any indication. >> reporter: there s there a reward being offered? will there be? >> we're in preliminary discussion with some of our federal partners related to a reward. we haven't got on the that point yet. when we do we'll issue either a press release. >> reporter: can you confirm the lieutenant's gun was taken? >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] aga >> again, i'm not going to confirm any of that information because it is relevant to the course of this investigation and that's key information that will help us along the way once we -- and i'm being optimistic -- apprehend the murderers of this officer. >> did you say there was surveillance video you're going through? >> there's video throughout the area. as you know, it's pretty common now days not only for businesses but private residents to have a
9:59 am
fairly sophisticated video system so we have canvassing throughout the area and trying to identify specific locations and dlaekt video. there's an evidentiary way of collecting that so it's not tainted down the road so it's a bit of a long process and then review of the video itself. there may be hours or just minutes. >> reporter: what's the plan for school tomorrow? >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> not to my knowledge. >> reporter: what's the plan for school tomorrow? >> reporter: can you give us a bit of a ticktock? like 8:00 he calls in for suspicious people, 8:10 backup arrives, 8:20, his body was found. i know your times are approximate but can you give us a sense of that? >> i can give you that off line. i don't want to go into generalities but we can give you a timeline. >> because there are three different people, one of them is
10:00 am
bound to tell somebody and somebody may be able to help you out? >> generally that's the case. we're being optimistic that that may well be the case. if they don't tell us, usually if there's three or more or even two or more involved it's difficult to keep those types of secrets to yourself so even if they don't tell us they may tell somebody else. so even if we get it from a reliable source it's good. >> reporter: was there dash cam video? >> there are dash cams in some of the vehicles and, again, we're reviewing that as well. >> reporter: but in the officer's car? >> i haven't confirmed that yet. >> reporter: was he shot with his own gun? >> i can't -- again, i'm going to be limited as to what i can confirm. >> reporter: have you ruled out the possible that the lieutenant was deliberately targeted in these hundreds of tips that you're vetting? have you seen any messages that point to the possibility that he mighav


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