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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  September 2, 2015 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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right now a judge is getting ready to rule during a pre-trial hearing involving the police officers accused in freddie gray's death. important movement on that story today, and any moment a news conference is set to begin on the death of a man who had at least one of his hands raised up in air when deputies opened fire, but, first, our breaking news from the suburbs of northwest of chicago just shy of that wisconsin border. the ground search there for three suspected cop kellers has closed in on one area, but as authorities just explained in a news conference minutes ago, this man hunt, it's far from over. >> we've been following up on leads since yesterday through now the last night, and still continue following up on leads. we have a lot of social media leads coming in. community has been tan fastic in phoning in tips and cleeds. >> detectives have obtained surveillance video that may help
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them learn how lieutenant joe gliniewicz was killed. he was one month away from retirement after 32 years on force, and while there's much to say about how beloved this officer was, we also know very little about who cut his life so short. the lutd's last calls on police radio revealed he was chasing three individuals. he described them only by race, and when a backup officer arrived on the scene, gliniewicz, a father of two sons, had already been shot. here's how it sounded on dispatch. >> fox lake officer down. they were responding to a report of a suspicious male black and male white. >> responding to officer down fox lake, suspects considered armed and dangerous.
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>> first let's bring in our correspondent deborah feyerick who has been all over this since yesterday. tell me what, if anything, have investigators been able to glean from surveillance from the area? >> reporter: one of the things that they are doing, brooke, is they are trying to get as much surveillance video as they can. they are going to businesses and homes that might have private security systems. they are trying to get any sort of image of these three individuals, but we do know according to the commander of the major crimes task force is in fact they are getting some good leads. there is forensic evidence that was recovered from the scene, the crime scene, specifically as part of the autopsy, and they are expediting lab analysis and anything that they are finding at the scene. the commander referenced fingerprints and dna, that kind of detail that perhaps will help them narrow the identity. >> deb, forgive me for interrupting, juggling a couple of major stories this afternoon. let's go straight to san antonio
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and a news conference being given in the wake of that man shot and killed by a police officer this week. >> and our hearts also go out to the deputies and their families who were involved in this incident. as i mentioned at friday's news conference, the video is just one piece of evidence that we're evaluating in this investigation. there's no doubt that what's shown in that video is of great concern to all of us. but we also want to get this right as is our purpose in every investigative case. we want to emphasize the importance of being calm and patient as we work through all of the evidence, witness statements, audio of 911 and radio calls as well as piecing
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all of this information together. we want everyone who has seen this video to understand that a thorough investigation is taking place. we continue to work closely with the baer county district attorney's office to make sure that they will have anything that they need to ensure that they can make the right decision and the right action that are based on the facts of the case. as you heard this morning, the fbi has opened a case which allows them to ensure the integrity of the investigation as it goes forward. we have already been working jointly with the fbi, and they are seeing everything that we have. they have provided valuable assistance to us, and we have
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welcomed them and welcomed their involvement this investigation. as i've emphasized, we're working this as diligently and expeditiously as we can but also to assure that we consider all of the evidence to determine the facts of the case, and that's what our role is in this process. so the question is what's next? at the conclusion of our investigation all the information will be turned over to the district attorney's office for further review and action, and i will lead further discussion of that part of the process to the district attorney's office, and i'm glad to take your questions. >> do you plan on releasing the
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second video? >> you know, it is part of the investigative process and what i will say is you are aware of this additional video that we have, and it covers a longer period of time prior to the shooting. it also shows it from a different angle. we have submitted that video to the texas department of public safety's crime lab, and we've asked them to review it to determine if it's possible to enlarge and slow down the sequence so that we have a much more clear view of what happened during those minutes. >> does it show whether he was -- whether mr. flores was holding a knife right before he was shot? >> and the -- we believe that mr. flores had a knife in his hand and that video will help us
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have a better idea of exactly what he had in his hand. >> sheriff, have you seen the video yourself, and can you tell us whether or not you saw mr. flores with a knife in his hand or -- >> i have seen the video. it appears that he has something in his hand, and, again, that's why we've asked the texas dps crime lab to review it with an aim to try to enlarge and to slow down that sequence so that we have a better idea of that. >> there are reports about this gentleman possibly looking at suicide by cop. does that support the theory that this person might have been trying to commit suicide? >> i think that you're also aware that separately apart from us an organization called
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broadcastify provided a -- what appears to be audio of multiple scanners which has some information on it. we've not had time to validate that or compare it to 911 and radio calls that we have officially, but certainly that information has been provided to one of the media outlets, and that is out in public domain. >> sheriff, i have a question. request mr. flores was wielding a knife and officers, why did they shoot him in the chest instead of somewhere else when they were trying to arrest him? >> you know, in terms of -- you have to think about one, adrenaline, because this situation had been going on for quite a while, but there's also
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a lot of force science that addresses a lot of those kind of issues, and when individuals qualify, do weapons qualifications, it's pass or fail, and the issue is, and someone could be an expert in handling weapons but under certain conditions they may or may not hit a target, and that's why -- and i can't talk for that individual as well. >> [inaudible question ]. >> you know, off hand i -- i don't recall what's in the -- i don't have that information right now. >> sheriff, did deputies use a
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taser? >> there was -- they used -- attempted to use non-lethal force, a taper, and the probes did not make contact with the individual. >> [inaudible question ]. >> want to comment on that. >> and that's in the investigation, and that information will come out. >> sheriff, the community in the country is really concerned about what's happening. [ inaudible question ] >> and thank you very much for that question. the important thing is to get this right. it's important to get this right for the flores family. it's important to get this right for the deputies involved. it's important that we get this right for all of our community
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and nationally. and that's what we are endeavoring to do to make sure that we're able to get all of the evidence, all of the facts, review those and put those pieces together so that we have a clear view of what happened, and, you know -- >> you've been listening to the sheriff here in bexar county texas, a story we're involving here, something that initially began as a domestic phone call and there's now two, two pieces of video shot from different vantage points of an individual who was ultimately shot and killed by police officers who arrived on the scene. you can see from this one video that one of his hands was up, and according to police he had a knife in his other hand. again, the question what led up to the shooting? what happened during this lengthy confrontation, and why shoot and kill him? a lot to go through. hearing a little bit more from the sheriff. former law enforcement coming on, lawyers to come in and weigh
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you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. you just heard from the bexar county cher any of texas saying a second video of the killing of a man by the name of gilbert flores which police, by the way, have not made public though the sheriff said yes, indeed, she had seen it shows the suspect holding a knife as he then is shot and killed. the video, we're told, shows a different closer angle than the one we're about to see and just to warn you what you're about to see is disturbing. it shows gilbert flores raising at least one of his hands as he's shot.
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>> there's a shot, bro. >> cold-blooded shot that [ bleep ]. >> we're about to hear from the man whose voice you just heard who took that video, by the way. the sheriff in bexar county texas says that man at the time was resisting arrest. we now know the fbi has opened a probe into the case and the sheriff says they welcome that involvement. joining me is michael thomas who used his cell phone to record the video you just saw and have
11:19 am
a private investigator video analy analyst. if you have an officer trying to de-escalate a situation and the individual was resisting arrest and the individual also had a knife on him, you have a gun, why shoot and kill in. >> well, there are reasons to shoot and kill and there are reasons to hold fire, and here are what the general rules of thumb are. if an individual is holding a knife and they are outside of your general kill zone, which is normally three to six feet, you know, if they are threatening you, you can always retreat and if you have the ability to move back and no other civilians are an immediate threat then it would be prudent for police officers to move back a little bit and try and de-escalate the situation. which you can see early in the film occurs. he begins to approach them. the officers step back several
11:20 am
steps, four or five feet and then reapproach him as he moves back so they are maintaining an appropriate distance away from him so that he can't immediately lunge at him. now if he gets within that three to six-foot range, he can effectively lunge at them and even if he's shot he can still kill with the knife. the momentum carries through. the officers have to make a judgment, how aggressive is, how belligerent? is he obeying my orders? do i feel an immediate threat to my life, but hands up or no hands up, if you have a knife in your hands, a hands up motion is an offensive motion. can you strike that knife into someone's head, neck or chest, and it's a terrible, terrible thought, but this is what these officers are faced are, so the hands up position with a knife in it isn't reason for the officers to hold fire. >> okay. >> so this is a far more complex situation than it appears. >> okay, okay.
11:21 am
>> it seems to me he's a bit farther than nine or ten feet away, but it's difficult to tell. >> it is difficult to tell. >> apparently the second video is closer. you heard the sheriff saying now that in the second video it extends much more before the shooting, because apparently there was a lengthy confrontation which, by the way, we know nothing about beyond the fact that it took a little while between the officer and flores. we know police are looking at evidence, talking to witnesses, 911 calls. who are you looking at here is. >> well, let's start with the law because as anthony said you said two words which are really important, immediate threat. we know the supreme court has established you cannot merely shoot as somebody because they are fleeing. you also can't shoot at them simply because they are resisting arrest. can you only shoot and have a justified shooting by the police when there is an immediate thread to the surrounding community like you've got somebody who has just committed a felony and is taking off
11:22 am
through a neighborhood, or you have somebody that is creating an immediate chet to the police officer. >> in this case we know police responded. there was a domestic call, apparently a woman with a gash in her head and the police are there and see this man and that's what we know so far. >> for all we know she could be bleeding out on the kitchen floor and he's blocking access to the house and the ambulances are waiting at bay and having a screaming match back and forth and we'll have to shoot you if you don't drop the knife if you don't get out of the way. we just don't know but those are the questions -- that's the test. >> yeah. >> immediate threat is really critical in terms of testing this legally. >> on that point, michael thomas, you were there, you're the one who, you know, were grabbing a bite at the corner store and saw the commotion and saw the police lights. you picked up i guess your phone and started taking this video. what did you see? what did you hear prior to the shots fired? >> i was too far to actually
11:23 am
hear the conversation and i had the windows up so i couldn't actually hear what they were saying back and forth and i kind of kept watching, going back and forth by the vehicle, away from the vehicle, and he kind of just -- and he stepped back and it looked like he was kind of giving up and surrendering and just stepped back away from him. >> why do you say surrendering because you saw him throw his arms up? >> yes, ma'am. that's the reason because usually that means just surrendering, you give up. >> let me pause when you hear them, by hearing surrendering, that's one person's interpretation, right, anthony, from afar one would think you're putting your hands up, all right, i'm not going to resist anymore, what have you but it could also be it your point to a charge. >> he could have said i'm going to kill you, and at that point we decided we don't want him lunging at us, he's too close. we don't want that momentum
11:24 am
carried through to us and we feel an immediate threat and therefore we're going to fire upon him. >> danny cevallos, let me bring your voice in. you wrote an opinion piece here at cnn about how this evidence, this video evidence, could play out in a courtroom, what's admissible and what's not in. >> well, video evidence is terrific because for the most part it's going to be admissible and probably -- we always hoped it would be better than witness testimony because we know now the science is n.eyewitness testimony and our frail brains are horrible witnesses, and our memories are very feeble, but when video came about we thought oh, now we'll find out what really happened, but it turns out even video might not be reliable because of what's called perspective bias and this is a classic example. you have a video that's shot from a great distance with very important events obscured, and the question we have to answer is do we see enough in this video to conclude one way or other whether or not this was
11:25 am
warranted deadly force or if given more information from a second video might we re-evaluate? and, remember, force experts will tell you that it takes about half a second to draw your weapon, half a second to decide what you're going to do, maybe more. in one or two seconds a suspect can close 20 feet relatively easily, and if he's brandishing a knife, if we find out that that's the case, then that becomes an important factor leaning towards the police in supporting their decision to use deadly force. according to a sheriff he had a knife and according to a source in cnn it's a knife hidden behind the pole he's handing when he has his hands up that you can't see. danny cevallos, stand by. mel stand by as well because any moment now a judge in baltimore getting ready to rule during this pre-trial hearing in the freddie gray death, hear what just happened in the courtroom as protesters gathered outside the courthouse.
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breaking news now out of baltimore. a judge today denied motions to throw out charges against the six police officers accused in the death of freddie gray. those charges range from murder and manslaughter to second-degree assault. none of those officers was in court today. they all waived their right to appear. outside the courthouse emotions running high here. protesters and activists demonstrating and demanding justice. police there lined up and making just one arrest we're told. thus far it has been peaceful. freddie gray died back in april while in police custody, and let's just take a moment to look at how baltimore got here. >> oh, my god. his leg is broken and you're dragging him like that. >> they say his neck broke
11:31 am
during a ride in a police van. >> until his death one week later. >> no one is above the law. >> and ranged from second-degree murder to misconduct in office. >> no justice. >> no peace! >> from the chaos in baltimore. >> you loot it, you stole medicine from old people and everything. guys, we're doing this the wrong way. >> do you turn this into an ugly event and ugly day. for the most part people did what they were supposed to do. >> this is one of our darkest days as a city, and i know that we're much better than that. >> freddie gray would not want this. >> as our investigation has continued, additional information has been discovered. >> this is about getting results and getting answers. >> it's too important not to get this right. >> and now to today, to jean casarez outside of that courthouse and we know the judge heard the two motions and headlines that this trial is going forward. it will be prosecuted by marilyn
11:32 am
mosby. >> that's are the headlines, you're right, the important fact that came out of the hearing this morning. want to let everyone know they are back in session this afternoon behind closed doors, you could say, because the judge is not allowing any e-mail transmissions but the issue being argued right now is whether the six defendants should be tried together? should they be tried separately in, groups? and in that packed courtroom 150 people about are in there, there's over 12 defense lawyers on one side, over seven prosecutors on other side but the defendants are not there. they all waived their appearance. they are not in the courtroom for this very important day in this case, but the attorney for cesar goodson, jr., one of the former police officers charged with murder, his attorney argued that the prosecutor, the state attorney elected by the people was reckless and unprofessional when she stood on the steps on may 1st announcing the charges.
11:33 am
remember, she read the probably cause statement, and the attorney said it was like it was a pep rally and there wasn't an inference of innocent until proven guilty. there was an inference of guilty now, and he said that is not right. a potential jury pool is watching that. the prosecution shot back and said, well, there is every reason in the world for her to read the public probable cause statement, and judge agreed. however, the judge did say that at one point where she was saying no justice, no peace, and marilyn mosby said that several times that day, she said he became an advocate at that point, not the state attorney, but this is not the proper venue in the courtroom to look at that issue. it is the office that deals with attorney complaints and that is where the defense should go. meanwhile out here there were peaceful protests. we heard there would be, and about four blocks away near the
11:34 am
waterfront, which is really a high pressure socioeconomic area, there were protesters arm in arm. one was arrested. furthermore than that it's been rather peaceful. brooke if. >> a good thing to hear. we'll bring you back when we know about those officers and whether they will be tried separately or together. thank you. more on the search now for three suspected cop killers in illinois. this is expanding now, the manhunt. up next we'll talk to the men leading this disparate search. this is sen's special live coverage.
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digestive core.r so choose ultimate flora by renewlife. it has 30 billion probiotic cultures. feel lighter and more energized. ultimate flora. more power to your gut. all right. more breaking news out of bexar county texas. authorities investigating the deadly police shooting of a man near san antonio. we now know that there is a
11:39 am
second video of this incident. according to the sheriff who we just heard from, that video shows the suspect gilbert flores holding a knife in one of his hands. thus far though that video, that second video, has not been made public. joining me now, the bexar county criminal county district attorney nico lahood. thanks so much for taking the time. just heard from the sheriff. she detailed -- well, she didn't detail it. we know she has seen and gave rough details about the second video which is described as being more clear and has much longer bit before the shooting of the couldn't frontation. have you seen it? tell me what it shows. >> yes, ma'am, i have seen the video, and i will agree with her that the second video gives us a better angle and viewpoint of the incident so it's much more helpful in an evaluation on legal standard that we'll be looking at once the case is handed over to us. >> who took that video, nico in.
11:40 am
>> i'm not at liberty to say. i'm telling people it's a lay person, a non-law enforcement person and a non-family member to mr. flores. >> we could call that person a witness, somebody in the neighbor? >> yes, ma'am. can you tell what led to the shooting. there are some details. i don't want to compromise the investigation of the sheriff. they are called out for a family disturbance. it escalated obviously from that point and then at that point in time and when we look at this, we'll look at a snapshot in time of when those officers decided to use force that ended up being deadly force when we make our determination in what the next steps are. >> what has that officer told you all as far as what sort of threat or immediate threat he felt whatsoever in those moments? >> we have not spoken to both
11:41 am
deputies. they gave statements which is part of the sheriff's investigation that will be handed over to us when they finish their investigation. under texas law we're going to make an evaluation of whether it was a reasonable belief that those deputies were in apparent danger, and then there's a third component to that which is called immediacy which means immediately. was their behavior immediate and was the-- and did the behavior them in danger? >> i understand it was a domestic call. what more can you share? >> i think it's been out there by now that there were statements allegedly by mr. flores, deceased there, would be some type of suicide by cop or something of this nature. a volatile situation and you have to look at the snapshot in time and the escalation of force being used by a law enforcement
11:42 am
officer and we've told a lot of people. it's premature for me to make a statement until i get all the evidence -- you are evidence gets all the information from the sheriff and i'm told, i won't hold you to a specific date. if i didn't map by the end of this week, next week we'll be reasonable. nico lahood out of bexar county, texas, appreciate the time. appreciate it. >> thank you, sir. more on breaking news on the three suspected cop killers. up next we'll talk to the man who is leading this desperate hunt. stay with us. can't eat gluten, we found a way to remove pall
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tonight we know that there will be a vigil for police lieutenant joe gliniewicz who was just 52 years of age, one of four police officers killed in the nation just in the past nine days. gliniewicz was murdered early tuesday morning as he was investigating suspicious activity in the fox lake area of illinois. it's about 90 minutes northwest of chicago. moments ago police gave us an update on the search for the lieutenant's killers saying more than 400 officers searched every single structure in this two-mile perimeter, and now we know they are expanding the focus. i have on the phone with me chief george falanco of round lake police, chief of the lake county task force and lake county sheriff detective chris covelli. gentlemen, thanks so much for hopping on the phone.
11:48 am
i'm sorry for the loss in this community of who sounded like an extraordinary man a month away from retiring. chief, let me start with you. i know the perimeter in fox lake is no longer. can you tell me where the search stands right now. >> well, right now we've got over 100 investigators, both task force. we have investigators from the u.s. marshall's office and the atv assisting us us and we're going neighborhood-to-neighborhood doing a canvas/search operation for any potential witness or anybody who may have heard or seen anything the morning of the murder. >> chief, i understand there is a major highway around the fox lake area and saw train tracks as part of the search yesterday. how do you search for three individuals who could have been long gone?
11:49 am
>> well, there's a process in place with any homicide. i mean, unfortunately, this one involves one of our brother officers, but first and foremost, you know, we're going to get a lot of information hopefully from the crime scene itse itself. waiting for some of the autopsy results to come in. as is common practice nowadays, most businesses and even private homes have some enhanced video systems so we're hoping to retrieve, and we've already begun retrieving video from the area. and then also, just as in any situation, not just a home side, but any crime, we rely on general public to provide us information. >> on that last note, detective, let me follow up on that with you, you know, with regard to any potential surveillance video, and these days, you know, this seems to be cameras everywhere which hopefully in this case will serve you all in finding these three, why not release any kind of video?
11:50 am
why not get it out to the public, you know, saturate the airwaves so people can hopefully i.d. these guys? >> we're still going through and analyzing all the video right now, so, i mean, it's a process. it does take time, but as things develop and things progress, you know, we definitely could be looking to the public for help. >> do you have any clear pictures of these three? >> not as of this time, we do not. >> okay. and then, chief, you mentioned the autopsy has been complete on this officer. the scene has been processed with the forensics. what exactly could you all use from those two to determine, to get clues to figure out who these three are? >> well, with regards to the autopsy, obviously that's going to give us some details as to the extent of the injuries. any other -- any other issues or evidence with regards to the clothing the officer was wearing
11:51 am
is with regards to the crime scene itself, that speaks for itself where there's, you know, there's potential for recovery of certain materials that may have been inadvertently dropped by the suspects. there's the potential to recover personal items. this is a fairly vast area, and we have recovered some clothing and specific parts of this area. we're not sure whether it's related to this incident, but, again, forensic evidence is going to be key in telling us at least some of the story of what happened here. >> chief filenko and detective covelli, thank you so much. best of luck. i hope you find these three very soon. coming up next, heart wrenching images here, a family desperate for a better life willing to risk it all for their
11:52 am
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11:56 am
i'm brooke baldwin. here in america police are in the headlines, presidential race, the stock market and rightfully so. i just want to take a moment to shine a spotlight on a crisis unfolding before the world's very eyes, and today the most disturbing reminder that life is so valuable. before i show you this piece of video, an image you will not soon forgot, i want you to know this, half a world away cities lie in ruin, suffering, slaughter is all too common. thousands of innocent people, families, moms, dads, brothers, sisters, grandparents, babies are desperate to escape war. terrorism, crushing poverty, desperate to escape places where
11:57 am
life is uncertain. they are running, tired and hungry and weak. they are heading for western europe, sometimes without knowing where they are going at all. some live to tell their stories of survival and others do not. some escape in trains, others in boats. many of them syrians, called migrance and refugees, which brings me to the picture i'm about to show you. it is an extremely disturbing image, but it's an image that tells the story not of migrants but of people, young ones. this little boy. we don't know his name. we don't know his family, but we know he is one of a dozen people who drowned when two small boats en route to a greek island sank. his body right there washing ashore on the sands of a resort where people vacation. you see him, face down, lifeless. they carried this little boy
11:58 am
away because he didn't live to tell his story, so today we must. our senior international correspondent arwa damon has been following this devastating story and is live in budapest right now. arwa, for those who do survive, what help are they getting? >> reporter: very little at this stage, brooke, and that's really part of the problem. i mean, if the world is not moved by that image of that little child having washed ashore, if they are not moved to try to do something to help the plight of the people, it's hard to see what else is going to. we've been here at the train station in budapest where there are hundreds if not upwards of 1,000 people, mostly from iraq and syria, most who did survive that treacherous journey across the agean or across the mediterranean and then began their trek throughout europe, but they have been stuck here in budapest unable to move forward, unable to reach western europe's
11:59 am
wealthier nations which is where they are trying to go. they are going there because they don't believe that they have a chance at life back home. they are going there, because as so many parents have told us and this is why they do take the risk with their children, they believe if they stayed pack in their respective homelands of syria and iraq they would end up dead anyway so many, yes, make that phenomenally impossible decision to put their children through this very perilous journey because they want to give them a future, any sort of future. now at this stage so many of them unable to move on, ending up living in the streets here in budapest, here in the strain station because the authorities at this stage are not permitting them to board the trains on wards to germany. they are caught in limbo and the mess that is eu law and regulation and so desperate for anyone to help them at this stage, especially all that they have been given through, brooke. >> please continue to shine a light on what is happening there. arwa damon, thank you.
12:00 pm
we continue on. hour two, you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. breaking news from the suburbs in chicago. the ground search for the three suspected killers have closed in one area and the search far from over. lead investigators saying this afternoon that hundreds of tips have come in by phone, through social media. told me 100 investigators are on this. detectives have obtained surveillance video that could help them learn how lieutenant charles "joe" glenwicz was murdered tuesday morning, one month away from retirement after 32 years on force, and while there's so much to say, and we will as far as how beloved he was in this community, we know very little about who killed him. the lieutenant's last calls on police radio revealed he was
12:01 pm
chasing not one, not two but three men and described them by race, that's the only description we have. when the backup officer arrived on the scene, gliniewicz, a 52-year-old father of four sons, had already been shot. >> how do you look for three suspects with such a scant description? >> again, we're going to rely on information and there's processes involved in the initial investigation, canvassing, talking to people in the area, reviewing those videos that somebody had asked a question about and building leads off of that. as always, we're relying on public, too. >> with me private investigator and law enforcement analyst anthony roman but first to you, deborah feyerick. you know, we know the perimeter is no longer around that two-mile radius around fox lake. where are they looking now? >> well, basically what they are doing, the manhunt does continue, but they are not doing the grid searches that they were doing yesterday to try to isolate these individuals who they thought may have holed up somewhere just until the heat
12:02 pm
died down. what they are doing now is detectives are right in the throes of this investigation. they are looking at forensics, potentially taken from the autopsy. evidence technicians have been at the scene of the murder, and they are gathering things, for example, fingerprints, dna, if those exist, sending them to a lab which is expediting the results so that they can get these guys and get them very quickly. they are also following whatever leads, whatever tips are coming in, as you mentioned, and some of those leads, for example, is the commander of the major crimes task force says all you need is one in order to break this case wide open, and they are looking at video, a lot of video from businesses and private security cameras in the area. now, the commander was asked why he initiated the police officer initiateded this stop on his own. here's his answer. >> well, i can't speak for the officer, again, but if you're driving down a roadway that's
12:03 pm
got nothing but open fields, possibly abandoned businesses and you see three individuals there that have no reason for being there, it would be a fundamental police procedure to stop and at least question them as to why they are there. >> and that really paints the first broad picture of what happened in those moments, that he saw three individuals, that they were some place they shouldn't have been and he approached them and that's when the three men ran. he did radio and followed standard operating procedure by all accounts. a lot of people still on the ground, atf, u.s. marshals, sheriffs, police, everybody, hundreds of people there trying to cooperate and trying to find these three individuals. the presumption, they started on foot. not clear where they went afterwards, but really they think if they get one good lead, one good tip, then this case is done. somebody will turn. somebody will tell what happened and somebody will maybe even describe who else was involved. >> as far as descriptions though, i mean, all we have is
12:04 pm
the race of these three suspects and that's really it. we just choke with chief filenko on air and you, anthony, were listening and sort of sitting on his every word and one of my questions was, you know, listen, 2015, there's cameras everywhere, whether it's, you know, toll road, homes, et cetera, why not, you know, saturate the airwaves with pictures of these suspects? and what was your read on that response? >> well, we've seen multiplecations in the last couple of years where grainy video of suspects has been released, and there's not really a good identification view, but the hope was by law enforcement that someone who knew them would recognize the general body figure, the type of clothing, type of movements that they had. that hasn't been done in this case. the police are being very careful during the course of this criminal investigation. i suspect they may have a little bit more than they are telling us. >> mm-hmm. >> they are pursuing these guys. they want them very badly, and
12:05 pm
they are collecting all of this data. they are going to get these guys. >> so hopefully they do have more than they are letting on, and perhaps they are honing in on one if not all of these three, want to catch them by surprise and not tell everyone else who they are looking for. >> it's very difficult to capture somebody in realtime, especially when you've got members of the press and others competing for the exact same information. one thing that could very well happen is that somebody hears something by one of the three that leads them to call police and say we think it's this person. and it's -- >> you mean if one of the three was running their mouths before this happened yesterday morning? >> exactly, exactly, or, you know, i was hanging out with my two buddies, behind a building, going to do this, little things like that. people have to follow their instincts, and when they hear something that just doesn't seem right, those are some of the leads that are coming in, some of the tips that they are looking in to follow so that they can hopefully get them. but you're right, this is not like the prisoners who we knew their names and knew everything
12:06 pm
about them, had pictures of them. this is like chasing ghosts. >> it's very interesting, but the police will not only be looking for residential witnesses and civilian witnesses, they will go to their underworld sources. they will go to organized crime. they will go to the street gangs. they will start putting pressure on their business operations, their illicit business operations and creating all sorts of havoc for them, particularly undercover officers and officers dealing in narcotics, human trafficking and prostitution and that kind of thing. they will put the screws to them, and they will get some information as to who these guys were. >> good. deb feyerick, anthony roman, thank you very much. there will be a vigil for joe gliniewicz, also known as g.i. joe who loved kids on and off the job. >> he would be on our street, and he would always stop and say hi to us.
12:07 pm
and he would give us candy and stuff. he was a really good guy. >> why did you want to come out here today and tell us what you did? >> i came out here with my favorite bear because he's such a great guy. >> well, one student who knew lieutenant gliniewicz personally devon arbay trained under him as part of the fox lake police department explorer post that invites teens to the area to train and ride along with officers and officer gliniewicz led that group and here is devon's interview with cnn. >> what can you tell us about lieutenant gliniewicz. what kind of a guy was he? >> lieutenant gliniewicz was a person who really did care about his community. he was always involved with community events, village events, et cetera. he truly loved his job he loved doing things for the explorers
12:08 pm
and his explorers was a huge part of his life. he really dedicated hundreds of thousands of hours into bettering the fox lake community, the illinois explorers. >> the fox lake police explorers post, what kind of program is it? what kind of things did he do and you do? >> well, all police explorer posts are law enforcement explorer posts throughout the nation. there's a program for youth across the country from ages 14 to 21 when are interested in a career of law enforcement. the program really teaches the explorers anything from law enforcement, be it a traffic stop, first aid training, building searches, domestics, et cetera, everything basically, and it will truly give them the opportunity to see what it's like, and events like this will truly alter the opinions of some, but for me it truly makes myself want to become a police officer more and more and fulfill his important work and continue in doing what he did. >> he was your mentor in the program? >> yes, that's correct. >> it's interesting, i mean, you
12:09 pm
clearly want to be a police officer. this doesn't deter you in any way? >> absolutely not. it actually makes me want to become a police officer more because of this. truly it's just -- what happened today is unbelievable. i heard the news, i didn't think it was going to be him. i thought it would have been him apprehending the suspect. i didn't think it would have been the other way around, and when i heard, it i was devastated. my school was in a lockdown. i immediately burst into tears. i just couldn't believe what i was being told. it was truly heartbreaking for me, my explorers, the community, everyone. >> he had been on the force for a long time. did you get the sense that he -- that he loved being a police officer? >> oh, absolutely. he loved it. he truly loved it. being, going after the ranks, he loved it. he really did. he loved his job, loved what he did. the people loved him. the people love what he did. he's very well known through the communities. truly his job, what he did for the police department, the community, it's -- words cannot
12:10 pm
describe how much he loved that job. >> coming up next, we will take you to baltimore because a judge there getting ready to rule during this pre-trial hearing in the wake of the death of freddie gray. hear what happened in the courtroom as protesters there gathering outside. stay with me. no student's ever photographed mean ms. colegrove.
12:11 pm
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digestive core.r so choose ultimate flora by renewlife. it has 30 billion probiotic cultures. feel lighter and more energized. ultimate flora. more power to your gut. this is cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. to baltimore we go. a judge today denied motions to throw out charges against the six police officers accused in the death of freddie gray. the charges ranging from murder and manslaughter to second-degree assault. not a one of those officers was in court. they all waived their right to appear. meantime, outside that courthouse emotions running high. protesters, activists
12:15 pm
demonstrating, calling for justice. police did make one arrest, we're told, though thus far it has been a peaceful day there. freddie gray died in april while in police custody. jean casarez has been inside that courtroom. the judge we know thus far today hearing these two motions, you know. we know that the trial will go forward and will be prosecuted by the state's attorney marilyn mosby. what can you tell me about what's going on right now? >> well, right now they are in session. this might be a long one because the other motion to be heard today was in regard to the six defendants, the six former police officers, should they be tried together? thud she be split up, get individual trials, tried in groups? and this means more and more juries, right, from this community conceivably, a jury of their peers. the judge is not allowing people to e-mail out, so we tonight know where they are in argument, but we do know the judge was allowing as much time as either side wanted because this is really the right to a fair trial, right?
12:16 pm
and in its fullest definition, but this morning very important arguments, and we do know headline, the trial will go forward. the trial is set at this point in october. the defense arguing that the charges here should be dismissed because of the state attorney, marilyn mosby, because of how she conducted herself and that she should be recused and the judge finding no fault in her, saying that the charges were filed, statement of probable cause was read on the steps by miss mosby and that was perfectly fine. the judge did say she became an advocate at one point saying no justice, no peace, reciting what the protesters had said. judge said that wasn't her place to do that, but at this point trial going forward. she will prosecute along with her team. next week, same time, same place, they are going to argue venue. should this trial or trials take place right here in baltimore, or is the jury pool too tainted?
12:17 pm
were they so much a part of this in may that they can't render a fair and honest decision for the six defendants? brooke, we'll have to wait and see what happens there. >> what happens next week and more importantly in the building behind you. jean casarez for now, thank you. just a note to all of you watching, i'll speak live with a couple of local lawmakers in the middle of the protests there in baltimore and how they expect reaction to look going into this evening and what's happening there in the city. next, breaking news, developments out of san antonio, texas area, the local sheriff responding moments ago to a shooting caught on camera. this video raising serious questions about what led to this man's death, but could a second video not yet released by police shed new light on the story? a live report on that next, and happening right now vice president joe biden is speaking in miami amidst speculation, growing speculation, about a potential presidential run. we'll discuss. stay here with me. i'm ready to crack like nobody's watching. why? because it's red lobster's crabfest.
12:18 pm
and there's so much crab, so many ways. and with dishes like this luscious crab lover's dream or savory snow crab bake. i'm just getting started so hurry in and get crackin'
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12:22 pm
authorities investigating the deadly officer-involved shooting of a man near san antonio, texas, say there is a second video of the incident. the sheriff in bexar county says the second tape shows the suspect, gilbert flores, holding the knife in his hand. that video has not been made public but the sheriff spoke out saying a thorough investigation is indeed under way. >> the important thing is to get this right. it's important to get this right for the flores family. it's important to get this right for the deputies involved. it's important that we get this right for all of our community and nationally. and that's what we are endeavoring to do to make sure that we're able to get all of the evidence, all of the facts,
12:23 pm
review those, put those pieces together so that we have a clear view of what happened. >> we reference that second video was seconds ago. we have all seen the initial video seen and taken across the street by a man who happened to be in the neighborhood grabbing a bite to eat. in that video it shows flores with at least one hand, this is the freeze-frame, one hand raised up in the air, so we'll show you that particular video right now and just want to warn you the images are disturbing.
12:24 pm
>> that is that one video again. the second video not yet release. we can also tell you that the fbi is weighing in. they are investigating with the civil rights probe now open. let me go to my colleague sara sydner live in san antonio. what can you tell me about the second video, the one that hasn't been released? how does it differ from the one we just showed? >> we have not been privy to see that video, but we have talked to both the district attorney and we heard from the sheriff today about that video. we also talked to a source about the video. everyone has said it is from a different angle, and when we asked directly to the district attorney, he said, yes, you can actually see where both hands were, so we now know from the sheriff herself of bexar county
12:25 pm
that the suspect's hands were up at the time that he was shot. what she says in looking that video herself, we asked her did you view the video yourself and she said yes and she believes, not in certainty, but believes that the certainty that the suspect did have a knife in his hand. there seemed to be an object in his hand. now that video, brooke, is being sent to the texas department of public safety so that it can be enhanced. they will zoom on it and also so it a it can be slowed down. as you heard the sheriff say, we want to get this right. we now know that the fbi is also investigating in this case, looking to see if there's any civil rights violations. they talk about this video, all of the people we've talked to who looked at the video all saying that the videos are very disturbing and when we asked the sheriff what disturbed you the most, what bothered you and she talked about the fact that his hands were up, and that is a very, very big sign that somebody may be surrendering.
12:26 pm
we do not yet know that in this case. we do not yet know what was being said by the officers and the suspect in the case. we do know that there was a long drawn out scenario that happened before this with police, chasing after the suspect and playing a bit of a cat and mouse game and one more nugget we got from the sheriff today is that, in fact, one of the officers did use a taser, but it turned out the taser, the probes on the taser did not connect with the suspect. that's why the non-lethal force didn't work because the probes didn't touch the suspect and that explains why it didn't work on the suspect. >> had not realized that. thank you for that. what about this lengthy confrontation that apparently is part of the second video? what was confrontation over? do we know as far as language what kind of threats were made. do we know anything of that nature in. >> we do not know what was being
12:27 pm
said but police came out early on saying he had some sort of a weapon in his hand at some point during the beginning of all of this. called out to the house because of a domestic dispute that involved him and his wife and their newborn child, and so the child, we understand, is actually 18 to 20 days old, not 18 mose old. they said they were called out to the house and also heard the dispatch video when actually called police out to the house and perhaps they were worried that he was trying to do suicide by coop. the cnn to term if there was any wrongdoing on the part of the officer saying that the decision he and his team will make will be swift buns they have all of the vestive tools and we're not
12:28 pm
sure exactly when that's going to happen. brooke? >> thank you very much reporting live from san antonio, texas. coming up next, mending the criteria for the highly anticipated republican debate in a couple of weeks which may open the door for one candidate, in particular. we'll bring in jake tapper who is monitoring that debate at the reagan library. a chat with jake coming up. also ahead, vice president joe biden speaking in the battleground state of florida fueling speculation about a possible presidential run. we'll get tapper to weigh in on that as well.
12:29 pm
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12:33 pm
huge milestone for the obama administration. a much needed 34th senator for the agreement, democratic senator barb ma mikulski giving the president enough support. here's secretary of state kerry supporting it. >> without this agreement the united states would to the have access to undeclared locations in iran where suspicious activities might be taking place. the agency could seek access, but if iran objected, there would be no sure method for resolving a dispute in a finite period which is exactly what has led us to where we are today. that's standoff. with this agreement the iaea can go wherever the evidence leads, no facility, declared or undeclared, will be off limits, and there is a time certain for
12:34 pm
ensuring access. >> jake tapper joins me from washington. jake tapper, i'm more interested in asking you actually not how this is resonate being among democrats but republicans, because you, sir, are moderating the debate in two weeks at the reagan library and this news will be adding fresh fuel to that race and to that debate. >> that's right. they all -- all of the candidates are against the deal with iran, and they are all eager to talk about that. marco rubio, donald trump, senator ted cruz tweeted, the greatest national security threat facing america is a nuclear iran, lindsey graham out there talking about the only reason the ayatollahs aren't dancing in the streets of tehran is because they don't believe in dancing, so this is something that they all want to talk about. it's certainly an issue for them. i think one of the challenges for us doing the debate though, brooke, is we want to talk about policy differences that they have, so -- well, i was going to say where i think some of the
12:35 pm
differences are, but maybe they are watching cnn right now so i'm not going to talk about that. >> don't give away the whole show with the questions you have there. reading tweets from the vice president, the harbor tunnel iran deal is the best option to block iran from a bomb and in our national security interest and that tweet, of course, comes as he's in the battleground state of florida and delivering the first major speech since all this speculation began. will he or will he not challenge the other democrats and particularly hillary clinton when it comes to the primaries? we just pulled a little bit of what the vice president has just said. take a listen. >> and, by the way, it's amazing how good this school s.look at all the press you've attracted. their interest in community colleges impress me greatly, and i hope that's what they are going to write about. the middle class is not back yet. the middle class is not back
12:36 pm
yet. a strong, vibrant middle class, a growing middle class has provided the political and social stability in this country for the last 100 years. it's the reason why unlike any country in the world when we've gone through even our allies and friends in europe, when there's been serious economic or social turmoil, we have been able to move forward because -- because people believe that there is an american promise. there is an american dream, that if in fact you do all you can, you do all you can and play by the rules that you can get ahead. >> that's a fired up vice president, tapper, and let me also mention your bowedy stephen colbert is having him on his very first show next week. don't know if that's where an announcement could be made. how are you seeing all of this? >> well, i think he's
12:37 pm
legitimately torn, and the sources i've spoken to say that that's the case. i mean, look, first of all, this is a guy who has already run for president twice. >> right. >> back in 1988 he thought hi could do the job. it's not as though he's less experienced and less seasoned now. he's more prepared than he was back in 1988, and obviously his beloved late son beau wanted him to run, but there are lots of other questions about it. first of all, the vice president is a practical guy. is there a path for him? you heard him exploring one path, this idea of the middle class, something he's always talked about. could he be a better spokesman for articulating that than the former secretary of state hillary clinton? perhaps, that's what his supporters think anyway, but then there's also, and i don't think this is talked about enough, the vice president, i'm told, feels a tremendous sense of responsibility for beau's widow and two children, financial responsibility in addition to emotional
12:38 pm
responsibility, and beau who, you know, was the attorney general of delaware does not leave behind some largesse, some huge trust fund to take care of them and how much does that factor into the vice president's decision? >> moving past the vice president for now and back to this debate. it's been a big deal all over the headlines in the last 24 hours, cnn amending the criteria for who can participate in the upcoming debate, moderating, you know, many questions will carly fiorina potentially be on big stage or not? and why the change? >> well, the change was made because when cnn made the criteria in may, they were basing the fact -- basing the rules on what had happened in 2008 and 2012 when there were a bunch of polls done during this time period so that it would reflected state of the race, but this time there have only been three polls, so to take all the polls since july and there are only three since the fox news debate you are basically unfairly weighting the pre-fox
12:39 pm
news debate polls because there were more of them than there have been since and that doesn't adequately reflect the state of the race today. the people who came up with the rules want to reflect the state of the race today so because all these other news organizations haven't polled for whatever reason, that does not include cnn, we're going to amend it to better reflect what's going on right now. >> mm-hmm. okay. you ready for this? >> i hope so. we'll see. you'll tell me afterwards. >> i will indeed tell you afterwards and will see you there at the reagan library. make sure you watch jake at the top of the hour on "the lead" and you'll be watching him moderate the debates on september 16 right here on cnn. coming up next, a judge in baltimore getting ready to rule during the pre-trial hearing on the freddie gray death. hear what happened in the courtroom and with protesters. we'll speak with local lawmakers live in that community next.
12:40 pm
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12:44 pm
we are following breaking news out of baltimore. today a judge has denied two key defense motions in the death of freddie gray. lawyers for six police officers charged in this case failed to get the state's attorney marilyn mosby recused due to prosecutorial misconduct and the judge refused to toss out charges against the six officers in freddie gray's death. the charges range from murder to assault. freddie gray died pack in february while in police custody. i want to take a look back at how the city of ballot m got here. >> that boy's leg is broke and
12:45 pm
you're dragging him like had a. >> investigators say his neck broke during a ride in a baltimore police van. >> until his death one week later. >> we will fight for freddie gray. >> no one is above the law. >> and ranged from second-degree murder to misconduct in office. >> no justice. no peace! >> no justice. no peace! >> from the chaos in baltimore. >> you loot it, you stole medicine from old people and everything. guys, we're doing this the wrong way. >> turned this into an ugly event, ugly day. for most part people did what they were supposed to do. >> this is one of our darkest days as a city, and i know that we're much better than this. >> please, please stop the violence. freddie gray would not want this. >> as our investigation has continued, additional information has been discovered. >> this is about getting results and getting answers. >> it's too important not to get this right. >> let's go to baltimore now to two leaders there, two members
12:46 pm
of city council. i have with me calls stokes and helen holton. wonderful having both of you on. welcome back to the program, and, carl, let me just ask you first, just reacting to the news of the day, when we just went over the fact that, a, we now know that this trial is happening and that marilyn mosby is prosecuting it. >> yes, we do, and i think that that's the fair verdict. i think that as best as i could tell from other legal analysts that the defense motion which came in was devoid of any real legal precedence or fact-based information so i think the judge made the right decision to move forward with the trouble so that there is a justifiable outcome here. >> all right. helen, as far as what's happening right now, and we're told this could go on for a little while, we n.o.w. know the defense attorneys want the six officers tried separately. do you think they should be tried separately which would mean multiple jury pools?
12:47 pm
what do you think? >> i think either way. each separate because each man or woman should stand on their own accord about what they have done or not done. the thing about trying them all together, if it's a verdict that applies to them all, but that's a choice that the state's attorney's office has made and i'm in the going to second guess their reasoning for doing so. i'm going to leave it in their hands because they would know best. >> that's what's being determined in the building behind you. waiting for the judge to issue a ruling on that. in terms of activists or protesters right now, i know there's been one arrest and thus far it's been entirely peaceful today. given what we've just been talking about, how do you think it will evolve into the evening? >> you know what, i think it's going to continue to remain relatively peaceful, and i think that part of what the media does is put things out there to incite people or entice them to gain media attention, but i
12:48 pm
think that -- i'm glad that the protesters are out there because i'm glad that people in baltimore are waking up to a reality, a reality that we all need to be mindful of and, you know, some of what disturbs me today, you know, it's a given all lives matter, but i think it's important to understand that black lives matter, and since blacks came to america there has not been the respect, the regard, civility. we could go back 50 years ago and bull conor hosing children in alabama but until black lives matter no lives are really going to matter so i think the protesters have it right. let their voice be heard. >> so on your point and knowing the city as well as you do, do you think this trial should be held in the city of baltimore? >> absolutely. >> yeah. >> and if you understand historically trials of police officers in baltimore, more have
12:49 pm
been acquitted than not so i do think they will get a fair trial. what happened happened in baltimore and they should be tried in baltimore. too often, you know, we have people wanting to take it outside of the venue. this is where it happened. >> right. >> absolutely correct, brooke. i think that it obviously should be tried here in baltimore. i'm pretty sure that it will be tried here in baltimore. let me go back to a point earlier if i can just take a second. remember, in april when freddie gray was killed, that we had two weeks of peaceful protests, demonstrations. with just a few hours, few hours is the scene that we've seen over and over and over again, but we are two weeks of peaceful demonstration and protests in our city. and that will continue. it will continue, as it has today and as it will tomorrow and going forward. >> well, one big change, wait, if i may, let me stay with carl's point. let me stay with you. one big change since that happened there is now, you know,
12:50 pm
a new chief at the top of baltimore police, interim baltimore police chief kevin davis. >> sure. >> been in place for just about two months. >> and i'm wondering in that time that you describe from april till now, can you give me one tangible example of something that has changed and improved the city? >> well, i think that what we have is a better relationship between the police and the command of the police. that had broken down quite frankly, and i think also we're seeing more of the community police coming back. now, let me just say that police and community in baltimore have police in baltimore have always been good. it just in the last couple months, to be honest with you, and since kevin davis has been the interim, that rapport has gotten better. >> i don't share carl's sentiments, but that's another story. >> right. >> in 30 seconds, helen, i would love to hear your voice. go ahead.
12:51 pm
>> my voice is we've always struggled with police and community relations, and we throw and banny around the words of community policing, but we have not come to a viable place to have real community policing, where the community feels that the police are on their side and active and engaged in being with them. that's what we have to get to. >> helen -- >> and we could go on with that. >> i'm sure you can, and i'm sure we'll have you back, because it's so important to tell the story of baltimore. >> thank you, brooke. >> thank you. next, back to the suburbs northwest of chicago, a and the search for tli accused cop killers, police now expanding the search area, the status of the search, where it is now, also, we are nine minutes away from the closing bell. my goodness what a difference a day makes. stocks back in positive territory here at the moment, up 224 points, we'll be right back. no student's ever photographed mean ms. colegrove.
12:52 pm
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12:56 pm
just into cnn, shots reportedly fired at a police cruiser in massachusetts. the car from millis county. we are told there's a search under way for the suspect. we're told the cruiser crashed, then caught on fire. no word of any injuries. police are looking for a dark truck, possibly maroon in color, updates as we get them here. meantime tonight, 9:00 eastern, the focus of an hour-long cnn special. at the center of this is this woman, shirley rainey. she was murdered in her cape cod home. no one has been convicted, a trial last year ended in an acquittal. here's a sneak preview of tonight's special. >> december 2011, after a
12:57 pm
six-year investigation, john rams jr. was arraigned for the 2005 murder of shirley reine. >> mr. ramsey, did you kill shirley reine? >> no! a drama that plays out like a hollywood script. the reine family, once run by a notorious arsonist, later divided over the family fortune. and then destroyed by the murder of one of their own. the d.a. said this man pulled the trigger. >> they always told me that they believed that rams did it. did he do it? i'm not 100% convinced. was he asked to do it? i believe he was. >> by whom? >> by todd. >> todd reine, shirley's stepson, also some john rams has
12:58 pm
said over and over. >> he repeatedly told investigators that todd reine wanted shirley dead, and he was willing to pay someone to do it, he was willing to pay him to do it. >> the question is -- did he follow through with it? >> never once was i like, i'm going to solidly do this for you. never once did i tell him, yes, i would do this. >> randi kaye is here with me. randi, if not john rams, then who? >> that's a good question. we know her stepsons, in that clip and also melvin reine jr., neither of them were every named a suspect or charged. rams tolls us that he had gone to authorities and warned authorities that she was going to be killed. authorities said they had no report of him telling them that, but the d.a. during the trial
12:59 pm
sort of alleged to the fact that maybe todd reine was the guy who wanted to pay john rams to kill shirley reine, and todd was at the trial, he sat in the balcony, which certainly turned heads. again, never officially named as a suspect, todd reine, and never officially charged. >> so the husband here, he was also something that made a lot of people wonder, but the problem is that he was in a facility at the time. he was in an institution, because he had dementia, really bad dementia. that's really the crux of this whole case. when he had started to develop this dementia is when he did this will that cut out his stepsons and gave shirley everything. they were suing her to try to get some of the estate back. meanwhile, he didn't die until november in 2013. so she was killed ten days before they were supposed to show up in court to handle this
1:00 pm
lawsuit. >> a lot of twists and turns. >> you took the words out of my mouth. we'll be watching this evening, "murder on cape cod, who shot shirley reine?" thank you for being with me "the lead" with jake tapper starts now. \s that's the low energy tortoise with the hair, h-a-i-r, get it? no love lost between donald trump and jeb bush, as the two contenter fight over who used to love hillary clinton more. that's not the only thing promising fireworks at cnn's upcoming debate. the national lead. manhunt, houses cleared, schools closed, police using every bit of technology possible as he thunder for three cop killers who could be hiding in plain sight. also in national -- when are you going to do